How to Compute SSS Pension, Philippines

Updated Jan 2017

To compute your SSS pension in the Philippines, you need to know 2 values:

—  your AMSC, which means Average Monthly Salary Credit

—  your CYS, which means Credited Years of Service


What is AMSC?

AMSC is the average of your last 60 monthly salary credits immediately prior to your semester of retirement.*   How do you compute your AMSC? You add your last 60 monthly salary credits prior to your retirement, and then divide by 60.

You can see the latest monthly salary credits in this latest  Table of SSS Contributions, made effective in January 2014

You can see the older tables of SSS contributions here (will put the link later).

What is CYS?

CYS is the number of years that you paid contributions to SSS.

How do you calculate your CYS?  Based on your contributions.

For January 2002 to present:

CYS = Total number of contributions divided by 12

For January 1985 to December 2001:

CYS = Number of calendar years that you have 6 or more contributions

For years before January 1985:

CYS = 1985 minus the year you started paying to SSS


SSS uses 2  formulas and 2 conditions to COMPUTE your SSS PENSION.  

The highest result will be your SSS pension.


Formula 1: 

40% of AMSC = your SSS pension


0.40 x AMSC = your SSS pension


Formula 2:  

300 pesos

plus 20% of AMSC

plus 2% of AMSC x CYS in excess of 10

= your SSS pension



+ 0.20 x AMSC

+ 0.02 x AMSC x (CYS minus 10)

= your SSS pension


Condition 1:

If the result of Formula 1 or 2 is lower than 1,200 pesos, and you have 10 to 19.99 years of contributions, your pension is 1,200 pesos.


Condition 2:

If the result of Formula 1 or 2 is lower than 2,000 pesos, and you have  20 or more years of contributions, your pension is 2,000 pesos.



Pensioner 1:   He paid SSS contributions from 1970 to 2012.  He paid 1,760 for each of the last 60 months before his semester of retirement.  The monthly salary credit for 1,760 is 16,000 pesos. His AMSC is 16,000 pesos.

Formula 1:

0.40 x 16,000 pesos  = 6,400 pesos

Formula 2:

300 + 0.20 x 16,000 pesos + 0.02 x 16,000 pesos x (42 – 10)

300 + 3,200 + 10,240 = 13,740 pesos

Between the 2 results, 13,740 is higher than 6,400, so his pension is 13,740 pesos.


Pensioner 2:  He worked from 1980 to 2012.  But he was not able to pay the maximum contributions for the last 60 months before his semester of retirement.  His AMSC is  8,000.

Formula 1:

0.40 x 8,000 = 3,200 pesos

Formula 2:

300 + 0.20 x 8,000 + 0.02 x 8,000 x (32 – 10)

300 +  1,600 +  3,520 =  5,420 pesos

Again, between the 2 results, 5,420 is higher than 3,200, so his pension is 5,420 pesos.


* AMSC  Explanation

Above, I wrote only one definition for AMSC.  This definition is usually the one being applied because for most members, if not all, the last 60 MSCs are the highest ones, and therefore the last 60 MSCs will result to the highest AMSC.

Based on SSS policies, SSS uses 2 formulas to calculate AMSC. Between the 2 results, SSS chooses the higher result as AMSC for pension computation:

1.  AMSC for the entire period of membership

— Overall total of all monthly salary credits divided by Total number of monthly contributions

2.  AMSC for the last 60 months paid for immediately prior to the semester of retirement

— Total of the last 60 monthly salary credits immediately prior to the semester of retirement divided by 60

Usually, the 2nd formula gives the higher result because for most members, their highest monthly salary credits are in their last years before retirement.

In the 1970s and 1980s, monthly salary credits were only in the hundreds, with the maximum increasing to only 3,000 in 1993, compared to recent years when the maximum monthly salary credit was increased to 12,000 in 1999, to 15,000 in 2002, and then to 16,000 in 2014, so obviously, the last monthly salary credits will give the higher AMSC.

What is the 1985-1989 pension adjustment all about?


I am not employed by SSS.  Although I based my computations on the SSS Guidebook, my computations might have errors.  For accuracy, please visit the nearest SSS branch.  Please comment if you see errors.

Updated: January 5, 2018 — 9:38 am


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  1. Good evening Nora, I am glad that your mom is doing well. Give God the glory! I have a question and I hope you can answer it. As far as I remember I contributed SSS for three years before I came to USA in 1995. Can I continue or am I even allowed to continue my contributions since it has been at least 24 years that I stopped. I am an American citizen. I am 53 years old now.
    Thank you for all the information you put out there to help people like me.

    God bless you and your family.


  2. Hi Evangelina, ang maximum contribution noon is 1,760. I hope mali lang yong pagkasulat mo na 1,720. Starting April 2019, naging 2,400 na ang maximum. Tingnan mo yong new table of contributions para makapamili ka ng gusto mong mong monthly contributions. Anong age mo after one year na paghuhulog? Puede ka lang mag-claim ng pension at age 60. Kahit meron ka nang 120 monthly contributions kung younger than 60 ka pa, hindi ka pa puedeng mag-file ng pension claim. You need to wait until you are 60 years old bago ka puedeng mag-file ng pension claim.

  3. Evangelina Austria

    goodevening po sss itatanong ko Lang may sss mo ako sa pinas at ang hulog ko po ung 1.720 every month malapit ko na ring pong matapos ung 120 moths ko sa paghuhulog…… Dito po ako nakatira sa japan at nagtatrabaho ako po ba ay matatawag na ofw or self employed ?? ?? maari rin po akong mag loan at hanggang magkano po ? 1 year na Lang po at matatapos na po akong maghulog makakakuha na po ako ng pension every moths magkano po ba ang magiging pension ko ? Lump sum .? Sana po ay matugunan ninyo ang aking mga katanungan thank you po

  4. Hello po..mag ask lang po ako monthly contibution ko po ay 1,100..magkano po kaya pension ko pag nakumpleto ko po ung 20 years..sana may sumagot po..

  5. Hi Oliver, thank you very much for replying to Liza. Idagdag ko lang na puede ring mag-enroll ang husband ni Liza sa SSS Online at makikita niya doon ang Simulated Retirement Calculator (projected pension amount).
    Oliver, if you see a question that you like to reply to, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks a lot again.

  6. Hi, liza

    Estimate ito,

    = P300 + 20% X P16000 + 2% X P16000 X (23-10)

    = P300 + P3200 + P4160

    = P7660 + P1000 (yung dagdag na pinang pogi points ng ating mga politiko na papasanin ng mga kasalukuyang nag babayad ng monthly premium.

    = P8660 (ito ay estimate base sa mga sinabi mo, pero yung mananaig ay ang actual na computation ng SSS), thanks

  7. Hello po, Kung ang asawa ko ay mag retire na at ang contribution ay umabot ng 276 months at ang contribution ng huling 120 months na paghulog niya ay maximum contribution po (1760) mga magkano po ang magiging pension niya monthly?liza

  8. Hi ms nora ask ko lang po completo ng requirements ko sa sss na raspa po kc ako mag 5months na yung tyan ko kaso hinahanapan pa ako ng Ng Histopathological result. Kaso tinanung ko asawa ko di daw nila npa biopsy paano po yun??? My makukuha pa po ba ako sa sss???

  9. Hi jolins, kapag meron kayong sahod every payroll during your maternity leave of 60 days or 78 days, yes, sa kanila mapupunta yong galing sa SSS. Kaya ang tawag ng SSS sa maternity claim form for employees ay Maternity Benefit Reimbursement Claim – ire-reimburse ng SSS yong employer na nag-advance ng benefit sa employee. Bihira ang company na merong sariling maternity benefit na ibinibigay sa employees. Karamihan, ang maternity leave payment ay galing sa SSS at walang benefit galing sa employer during your 60-day or 78-day leave. Ang icheck nio is kung tama yong total amount na natanggap nio. Yong mga sumasahod ng more than 16k a month na matagal na, dapat 32k pesos ang total benefit if normal delivery at 41,600 pag CS.

  10. Hello po,i would like to ask this question regarding my SSS claim ,during delivery wether CS or normal delivery kinukuha po nila yong mga SSS claims namin because sinasahuran po kami ng employer namin sa rest ng maternity leaves namin.tama po ba yon na sa kanila mapupunta yong mga SSS claims namin?

  11. Hi jean ann, wala pang 60 ang father mo? Kung wala pang 60, hindi pa siya puedeng mag-file for pension (yong lump sum is advance of the first 18 pension months). Mag-retire lang ang member kung age 60 na. Sa retirement, kung more than 120 ang contributions, pension ang ibibigay, hindi lump sum ng lahat; merong lump sum, pero lump sum or advance ng 1st 18 monthly pensions, then mag-start yong monthly pension sa 19th month.
    If younger than 60, ang i-file niya is disability benefit. Kumpletuhin nio lang ang documents para ma-process ng SSS: 1. Disability Claim Application Form
    2. Member’s/Claimant’s Photo and Signature Form
    3. SSS Medical Certificate Form, accomplished by attending physician within six (6) months
    from date of filing
    4. SSS UMID or valid primary ID
    5. Certified true copy of any of the following:
    . Record of Consultation, or
    . Hospital Abstract/Discharge Summary, or
    . Record of Operation (if operated), or
    . Recent CT Scan/MRI Result

  12. hi Ms. Nora. i’d like to ask. may father is a private employee from 1986-2004 and i think he has a total of 224 months contribution to sss but i can not point out the amount of his contribution. and last year he had mild stroke which resulted to paralysis of his left body but he is still able to walk and talk though had some difficulty. he wanted to get his sss lump sum… can you please give us an estimated amount on how much is his lump sum? he was having hard time filling for his disability pension and he wanted his lump sum but sss keep on telling him to come back and it has a lot of documents to process which my father don’t understand their policies or guidelines…

  13. Hi Nora…if my contributions are less than 120 about 90 as of this writing, upon reaching 60 which is nov. 2019, can i file pension when i reach the 120 contributions when im 61 yrs old? kailangan bang maging 65 pa para makatanggap ako ng pension? thank you

  14. Hi ms Nora. Wala pong UMID id tatay ko. He passed away 2 years ago already po.

  15. Hi Fg, may UMID naman siguro ang father mo? Try enrolling to access SSS online para makita mo ang estimated pension amount niya.

  16. Hi ms nora. Is it ok to ask how much will be my mother’s pension po if my father started his contributions from 1968 til 1978 then stopped and continued contributions again from 1992 to 2014? With max contibutions for the last 5 years before he retired. Thank you so much po. Nahihirapan po akong mag compute ng cys nya.

  17. Hi Ms. Nora, Ask ko lang po re: CYS as nag start po ako ng Oct. 1, 1998 til May 2002 (44 monthly contributions)+ nakapaghulog po ako ng maximum amount of 1,500/month for 12 months in 2013 overall total= 57months of contributions.Mag iiba po ba ung computation ng CYS in my case dahil po sa bracket ng January 1985 to December 2001 ung starting contribution ko? I’m planning to do an overall 120 months of contribution just like oval. Thank you po:)

  18. Good day po mam Nora..magkano po ba ang magiging pension po ng isang disability person sa SSS,.naka 60 monthly contribution na po siya saka ang binabawas po sa kanya at 1760 isa po siyang OFW na brother ko po..waiting for your reply mam

  19. Hi Ms. Nora. Tanong po. Kung ang isang asawa ay tumatanggap na ng pension ng kanyang yumaong asawa, maaari pa rin po ba syang tumanggap ng pension para sa sarili nya? Ganito po kasi currently ang case sa nanay ko. Tumatanggap po sya ng pension ng yumao kong tatay. Pero in 7 years time, magre-retire na rin po sya. Pagdating po nung time na yun, may matatanggap pa po ba sya na 2 pension (sa kanya at kay tatay)? Maraming salamat po.

  20. Hi Ramil, I replied to your question via a blogpost, so more people can see. Estimate of SSS Pension

  21. Hi, I’ve paid more than 280 months at maximum. How much will be my lump sum for 18 months

  22. reyes, janeth cruz

    I was operated for total hysterectomy last June 2010 which resulted my partial disability bec of the radiation side effect which affected my leg nerves. had filed with sss partial disability and considered a 50% of my claims for sss pension. my AMSS is P9,966.67. maximum CYS 60.17.. how do you compute my first 12 months lumpsum and the monthly pension.

  23. Hi miss nora…may i ask po ..ung monthly contribution ko ay hindi pare pareho kada taon…then this year po im planning to increase my m0nthly contribution of 1,760.. ofw po aq at 7 years pa lng.po aq nakabayad ng sss…paano ang calculation po?… thnx

  24. Hi Nelly, magpe-pension ang kapatid mo kasi minor siya. Yong father nio, hindi mo na-mention. Kung married sila, ang father ay pensioner also. Merong 5-year guarantee ang pension. Kung yong minor mong kapatid lang ang magiging pensioner o beneficiary, dapat maka-receive ng not less than 5 years of pensions. Ibibigay na lump sum yong balance kung hindi ma-complete ang 5 years. Ask the SSS officer when you file your claim

  25. hi nora

    Namatay kasi si Mama q this april 14, 2017. may 132 contributions siya, beneficiary nia ung kapatid ko na 20 yrs.old nung april 21, 2017. tanong ko lang ms.Nora kung mag pepension ba ung kapatid ko kahit after niya mag 21 or ibibigay nalang ng sss as Lump sum. Self employed hulog ni mama, ung 335 ata un.

    Thank you po

  26. Hi oval, yes, you will get the maximum average monthly salary credit (AMSC), which is 16,000 pesos. But there is another factor for the computation of your pension, and this is the number of credited years — the total number of years that you contributed to SSS. If you started contributing to SSS in Jan 2002 or after, and your total no. of contributions is 120, then your total number of credited years is 10 years. Your pension amount will be the higher of 2 results:
    40% of AMSC = 40% x 16,000 pesos = 6,400 pesos or
    300 pesos + 20% of AMSC + 2% of AMSC x (total number of years – 10) = 300 + 3200 + 0 = 3500 pesos
    So ang most likely amount of your pension is 6,400 pesos.
    To be sure, enroll in SSS online, so you can check your pension. computation. This is how to check your pension computation online. Thank you very much for appreciating my blog. Ask ka na lang uli if I missed something.

  27. hello Ms. Nora, my deep appreciation for your efforts in making this blog/forum.

    i have 60 successive monthly contributions (max bracket) while working in philippines, then i go overseas and continued paying for another 60 successive months (max bracket)… (no contribution gaps in-between) then i retired immediately.. 60 yrs old .. does this means i can get the maximum bracket of pension for the time being?

  28. Hi Ms Nora, ask ko lang po kung how much pwede makuha sa retirement if 550 lang po ang contribution ng employer ko. Please help me

  29. Hi Ms Nora,

    Ask ko lang po kung magkano po ang retirement if 560 lang po ang binabayad ng employer?

  30. Hi pj, hindi bibilangin yong months or years na walang hulog. Ang basis ay yong last 60 hulog. Halimbawa nag-contribute siya 1990 to 2010, ang basis ng average monthly salary credit ay yong last 60 hulog (2006 to 2010). Kung gusto niong increase ang Number of Years of Service niya at ang pension, puede. This 2017, you can increase her monthly contribution amount by one level, then increase by another level in 2018. How much was her last 3 monthly contribution in 2010?

  31. Hi. Ask ko lang po panu kung in 2 years, magkakapension na si mama kaso antagal niyang walang hulog, 2010 pa po ata. sinubukan niya kasi magvoluntary kaso hndi niya natuloy. kung huhulugan po ba namin ung contribution niya, may chance pa umangat makukuha niya upon retirement? saka po dun sa mga months n wala siyang hulog, ibinibilang po ba yun as 0? o lahat lang ng amounts yung binibilang?

  32. Hi Pablito, are you currently employed locally and still paying SSS contributions? If yes, sorry, hindi mo makukuha yong 2 years (for ages 61 and 62) kasi you were employed during those years.
    About the 1k pension increase, sorry hindi ako sure, kasi hindi ko makita yong complete bill na pinirmahan ni Pres Duterte. Ang alam ko, yong mga pensioners lang as of effectivity date ng increase law ang merong 1k increase, kasi ganon ang nangyari sa lahat ng increases in the past. Ang meron lang increase ay yong current pensioners noong time na merong increase, at yong mga nag-start mag-pension after the increase ay hindi nabigyan. Kagaya yong 5% increase in 2014. Yong mga nag-start mag-pension after, wala silang 5% increase.
    Kaya nga ayoko sana yang increase na yan (kahit my pensioner-mother will benefit) kasi simultaneous with the increase ay merong increase in SSS contributions — so parang ang mangyayari, yong mga members na hindi pa pensioners will help fund the 1k-increase na hindi naman nila mae-enjoy later on.

  33. Hi Ms. Nora
    I am Pablito, 61, still employed. If I decide to apply for
    SSS pension/retirement on my 62nd birthday on nov. 12 this year will i get the 2 years as retroactive cash pay. My estimated pension computation is php8500.00. Will i also get the php1000 pension increase?

    Thank you

  34. Hi esperanza, puedeng meron dapat siya adjustment. Depende rin sa kung anong average salary credit niya for the last 60 months up to 1993. You can go to SSS and ask. Bring his SSS no., your marriage cert, and his death cert and request for recomputation or adjustment of his pension.

  35. hi mrs nora. tanong lang po ako, ako po ay nagtataka bakit 1,200.lang ang pension ng yumao kong asawa, he had contributed from 1971 up to 1993, pero 16 years lang ang cys nya . . hindi ko po matatangap. ano po ang gawin ko .nagretire sya noong 2002 . dahilan ba yan sa 1985 to 1989 upgrade sa computer please i ned your opinion. thanks

  36. Hi Ma’am Nora,

    Naoperahan po ako last Oct 19, 2016 for TABHSO at sabay po ang appendix.Magtanong lang po ako kung pano po ang computation at kung magkano ang magiging pension po sa partial disability. Since 1989 po ay member na po ako ng SSS.Ang total month contribution ko po ay 258.Thank you and God Bless po.

  37. Hi ulysses, 6,400 pesos.

  38. Have a pleasant day po sa inyo mam Nora.

    Sana masagot mo po ito ng simply. Halimbawa 50 year old ako ngayon, at contribution ko po ay 1,760 monthly for 120 months.

    Ang tanong ko po . Magkano ba ang monthly pension ko at the age of 60

    Salamat po

  39. Hi ms.nora ask ko lang po kung may adjustment pa ako marerecieve?namatay yung husband ko ng aug.2012 at nagstart ako magpension nung may 2013.

  40. Hi ms.nora ask ko lang po kung may adjustment pa ako marerecieve?namatay yung husband ko ng aug.2012 at nagstart ako magpension nung may 2013

  41. Hi Imelda, I’m very sorry I missed your question. Siguro that time, nagkataon na I went somewhere na walang Internet. About your pension computation, I tried computing, at mas mababa nga yong computation ko kesa 9,700. Hindi lang 25 years yong bilang nila na years of service kundi 29.375 years. Para mas accurate ang mga numbers, sana macheck mo ang data mo online. Naka-enroll ka ba sa SSS online? If not, here is how to enroll to get your online SSS account and later on, pag enrolled ka na, here is how to check your SSS pension data. Puedeng paki-print screen mo yong page at email mo sa and I’ll check. God bless too, Imelda

  42. Hi, Nora, why I didn’t received any reply from you. Please send me the correct computation of my pension. Thank you and more power. God bless us.

  43. Carmelita D. Dela cruz

    Please let me know about my pension how to claim

  44. Hi Ms. Nora I would just like to inquire if my mother who is 68 now is entitled to filendisability pension since she only contrubuitedblike 6 months as self employed. She has diabetes andbhigh blood for almost 20 years

  45. Hi ask ko lang pomagkano ang sss pension ng 172 month ang monthly contribution ko 1760 monthly

  46. Hi po.. Ask ko lang po kung magkano makukuha ng mother ko sa sss pension nya. Saktong 120 contribution sya… Self-employed po sya mula 2014… 990.00 quarterly.. Thanks po.

  47. Hi medilyn, is your mother married to your father? Was she living with you and your father when your father died? If yes, she is the one who is entitled to monthly pension, if you are sure your father accumulated at least 36 contributions. If your father was not married to anyone, the beneficiaries are your father’s parents. Are they still alive? What they will get is the total of your father’s 38 contributions plus interest.

  48. Hi Ms. Nora, just want to ask if how much can I claim my father died last may 2016. His monthly contribution is 38mos. Am I entitled to received monthly pension, I am 33yrs old. Thanks

  49. Hi. What do you mean by this…And if for example, your total premiums paid is 250k, you will get this amount back in about 3 pension years, and the rest of your pension years will be your “profit” years.

    Please explain. Thank you.

  50. Hi Ms. Nora, Just want to ask po if how much can we claim for the lump sum of my deceased relative. Was able to pay 22 times. Sorry, but I’ve been looking for a sample computation po online but I don’t see anything. I’ll give you a good discount po on my online shop for answering my question. Sincerely, Lance

  51. Helo Ms. Nora. My mother died Sept.2014. We don’t know if she still has a backlog sss pension from the 1985-89 pension adjustment. Is there a deadline? How to go about the procedure? Thanks so much.

  52. Hi Ms. Nora. Tanong KO lang po kung magkano ang dapat matanggap Kong pension? Nagsimula po ako 1988 hangang 2013. Bale 25 yrs in service. Naghuhulog ng 1,790 monthly contributions kasama na sa employer ko. Nasa 271 monthly contribution po naibigay Kong contributions as SSS. Please pa solve po magkano dapat pension KO? Maraming salamat po. God bless

  53. Hi, Ma’am Nora. Nag retiro po ako 2013.Tuloy- tuloy po ang hulog ng sss KO mula 1988 hanggang 2013. Bale 25 yrs. in service po ako. Nkapaghulog po ng 1,790 for 60 months bago ako mag retiro. Ang contributions KO po at 271 monthly contribution (more than 120 monthly). Ang pension ko po at 9,700. Tama po ba ito? Bale young 1988 to 1989 Hindi p po kasali rito? Magkano po ang dapat n pension KO sa 271 monthly contribution KO for 25 yes on service.

  54. Hi Jun, very sorry I missed your question. You have a lot of time to make your last 60 monthly contributions maximum, so let’s assume that your AMSC will be 16,000 pesos. Your CYS for June 1990 to Dec 1998 is 9. Let’s say your CYS from Jan 2014 to 2031 when you turn 60 is 18. Your total CYS is 27.
    300 + 20% x 16k + 2%x16k x 27-10
    300 + 3200 + 5440 = 8,940 Your estimated pension is 8,940

  55. Hi Marlyn, about your SSS pension, you can claim your SSS pension without getting any document from your former shipping company, as long as your maritime agency and other former employers remitted to SSS all your contributions. For pension claimants younger than 65, SSS requires a cert, affidavit or proof that you are no longer employed or earning income. You can file your disability claim if you can get your medical documents. I hope you got the lists that I emailed you.

  56. Hi Josephine, yes, many pensioners are really disappointed. But compared to the average pension as of Nov 2015, which is 3,615 pesos, your pension is almost double. And if for example, your total premiums paid is 250k, you will get this amount back in about 3 pension years, and the rest of your pension years will be your “profit” years. Inflation will erode the value, but at least you’ll have something every month. It’s the lower contributors that have bigger gains, as they can get up to 90 times their total contributions while the higher contributors can get only about 13 times, based on a 20-year pension period.
    By the way, I browsed your wordpress blog, and I was inspired/blessed by your posts, although I haven’t read all. I’ll get back to read later on. You write very well.

  57. Yes, that’s the one I saw on the website. That was too small, I couldn’t believed. I thought there was another computation which one is higher. If that is so ,which means that is the highest of the other computation? It was so disappointing. thank you.

  58. Hi Nora, I was diagnosed abroad, but I was treated here. My medical records were with the lawyer who helped me filed the case against the shipping company so I can obtained my insurance. My problem was, since I had filed against the company, can I still secure from them the documents that I need to get my SSS benefits like medical and pension. I’m turning 59 this year. Thank you for help.

  59. Hi Marlyn, if your disability is work-related, SSS will require you to obtain employment data from your former employer, but if your diagnosis and hospitalization/treatment can stand alone as an illness separate from your work, then you can file, as long as you have complete medical records. Were you hospitalized here in the Philippines? Then it would be easier. If you were treated abroad, you need to have your medical papers authenticated by the Philippine consulate where you were treated. I’ll email you some info.

  60. Hi Josephine: Very sorry if I missed your question. Do you mean your online SSS account shows “Type of Benefit: Retirement – Pension” and “Amount of Benefit” is 7,061.63? If so, then yes, that’s your estimated pension as of the date you checked your online account.
    About your loan: SSS will deduct 32,000 plus interests and penalties from your monthly pension. If your monthly pension will be 7,062, you will start receiving your pension after about 4 to 6 months, when your loan will have been totally paid by your first 4 to 6 monthly pensions.
    If you will check the option to receive a lump sum of your first 18 monthly pensions, your total loan amount will be deducted from your lump sum.

    How did SSS compute your pension?
    We’ll use this SSS pension formula: 300 + 20% of AMSC + (2% of AMSC x extra years, meaning in excess of 10)
    300 + 20% x 15,366.60 + 2% x 15,366.60 x 12.001
    300 + 3073.32 + 307.332 x 12.001
    3373.32 + 3688.31

  61. Hi Nora,

    You have not replied to my message, so I’m writing you again. I want to clarify about my pension, because I will be turning 60 this year. I started 1993 and have had 252 contributions. I have more than 10 years of maximum contributions. I checked the AMS on the website and I got P15366.6 and P7061.63.Does this means that my monthly SSS pension would be P7061.63? Just want to confirm.
    I have a loan with them which I got last year for 32000.00, but have not paid any amount yet. Will this be deducted or do I have to pay it first before giving me the pension?

    Thank you for reply.

  62. Hi Nora, I used to be an overseas employee in a cruising ship. I was repatriated due to job related diseases for carrying too much heavy things at work. I filed a case against my employer regarding the benefit that was due for me. I got it after 3 months. The problem, I haven’t have the SSS benefits for this case. My question is, can I still have the benefits from SSS. Is there any alternative procedure that I can do in order to get my SSS disability benefits without going back to my previous employer to secure documents? Thank you for response.

  63. Hi im Imelda Catacutan with Sss # 3334768963. How can I avail the highest pension 17,480 pesos a month. I have paid 120 months. I think I have not contributed enough. let me know po how much should I pay or how many more months and how much the amount per month. And can I file my retirement benefit claim without going back there to the Philippines later on?
    Thank you po

  64. Salamat po s inyong previous reply.ngayon ay nauunawaan ko n.ang start ng sss coverage ko ay jul 1976.mula ng sss coverage ko hanggang ako ay magretire ay tuloy tuloy ang hulog magverify ako s sss ay kulang dw ako ng 6 n buwang hulog.hindi nman po nila msabi kung anong buwan ang mga ito.sinubukan ko po n hingin ang aking sss contributuion mula s pinasukan ko pero mahirap dw po kc iisa isahin p rw ang record.pwede po b n certification n lng mula s pinasukang trabho n tuloy tuloy ang nging hulog ko mula july 1976 gang s ako ay magretire?bgo mag 1976 ay meron n rin akong pinasukang ibang trbaho.paano ko po b malalaman kung ako po ay nagkaroon sss contribution?s ngayon po ay sarado n ang nturang companya.itinanong ko n rin ito s sss pero wla akong mkuhang sagot.maraming slamat po nd more power

  65. Hi Nora, Just want to ask if how much will be my monthly pension when I reach the age of 60. I’ve start my SSS on June,1990 to Dec1998. Then I start again on Jan,2014- present by this time my monthly contribution is Php1,760. by the way I’m already 45yo right now. thanks

  66. Hi Wills, your questions are good. I’ll post longer answers in an article later on so more people can read.
    1. There’s a schedule of contributions so we will know the amount we’ll contribute monthly. Of course, for us, voluntary members, we can choose the amount because SSS does not have the capability to monitor our actual income and contributions (although SSS has rules for increasing contributions from age 55 and up). For employed members, they can’t choose their contributions because employers are mandated to base contribution amounts on actual salaries.
    2. Monthly salary credit is used as basis for computing monthly contributions, loan amounts and sickness, maternity, disability, funeral and pension benefits. The monthly salary credits represents actual salaries but they’re rounded off as exact amounts in increments of 500, starting from 1k, 1,500, 2k, 2,500 and so on, up to 16k.
    3. In the pension formula, there’s a deduction of 10; why so? Note that only those who have contributed for 10 years or more are qualified for pension. If you contributed less, you’ll only get back your money plus interest. So if you contributed for 10 years, you’ll get a pension — that’s your benefit. Now, if you contributed for more than 10 years, you should get more benefit than those who contributed for only 10 years. That’s why in the formula, aside from the benefit arising from the 10-year contribution, you should also get benefit arising from the extra years. How do you compute the number of extra years? It will be Total Years minus 10.
    4. Pension formula for contributions of exactly 10 years: the highest of these:
    1,200 pesos
    or 40% of average monthly salary credit (AMSC)
    or 300 pesos + 20% of AMSC
    5. Pension formula for contributions of more than 10 years: the highest of these:
    40% of AMSC
    or 300 pesos + 20% of AMSC + (2% of AMSC x no. of extra years)
    6. Biggest pension we can get? As of March 2015, according to SSS, the biggest pension is 17,480 and the average pension is 3,540. I think some of those getting the biggest pensions are the spouses of high-salaried employees who died due to work-related causes (meaning the spouses also get additional benefits from the Employees’ Compensation Commission).
    7. You can get a big pension if your last 60 monthly contributions before your semester of retirement are all maximum, and you have contributed for around 40 or more years.

  67. In the schedule of computation what is meant by range of computation, all the while we can contribute any amount we want? what is meant by monthly salary credit? Why is it that in the computation of pention, there’s a deduction of 10 yrs from cys? we contributed for a long time, and the years get wasted. What’s the biggest pension that we can avail?

  68. Hi carla, yes, if she has retired from work, she can file her claim now with SSS. She’s qualified for SSS pension because she has paid more than 120 monthly contributions. If still working, she can file with SSSS when she retires or stops being an employee.

  69. by th3 way ms. nora she is 62 yrs.old now…

  70. hi ms. nora just want to ask my aunt is a govt employee and she has her sss from her past private employer and has accumulated 130mnths of posted contribution is she legible for retirement claim?thanx

  71. Hello po this is leah….how much my monthly pension if my payments 550 a month can u explain to me…thank u

  72. Hi levi, in your 2 scenarios, the pension amount will be the same. Can you then lower your contributions till you get to near 55? Yes, if you decide so, yes, it’s your decision, “but in no case shall it be lower than the prevailing minimum MSC for SE/VM/OFW members,” according to the new SSS circular. The minimum for OFWs is 550. I can’t find any published minimum for SE and VM. If you go on with your plan, start paying the maximum about 6 months after your 54th birthday, since SSS considers semester of retirement.
    I also suggest that you put whatever you save from your contributions to Pag-ibig MP2.
    For members planning this route, who have young families, they need also to consider and plan for the unexpected.

  73. Hi Nora,whats the difference in pension let say 40years of contribution like for 1. I pay the 40 years of maximum contribution and 2. i pay lesser amount then jack up my contribution for the last 60 month to retirement to maximum contribution will be?

    Also if theres no difference can i lower my contribution after the 10year and just go for lesser contribution until i get near 55? By the way im only 35 and already paid 10years of maximum contribution as an voluntary. Cheers

  74. Hi Nora, I still cannot understand how to calculate pension. I’m OFW, and my total contribution is 187, but the maximum premium that I paid (1760) was only for two years. When I called SSS, if I stop today, my pension at 60 will be 5500 pesos only but if I continue to pay the maximum premium until I am 60 my pension will be 9900. how this SSS employee calculate the 9900 pesos? what’s the table on the SSS website that they use to compute pension? Thank you po

  75. Hi Ms. Nora. Apologies, hindi ko agad nakita yung link mo just above my message. I think it answered my doubts. so basically there is no difference between the two as long as ma maintain mo yung CYS at 60 Months max contribution before your target retirement.

    Maraming salamat 🙂

  76. Hi Ms. Nora, hope you’re fine. I already sent you clarification back in April of last year and here I am again to ask some more clarification. 🙂

    I didn’t have a chance na maituloy yung plan ko na pag huhulog ulit. because gusto ko sana malaman if active pa yung SSS number/account ko from my last work jan sa pinas 8+ years back before ko ituloy ang paghuhulog. Finally after many try, naka pag register na din ako online kanina lang. so na verify ko na na active pa pala yung SSS number/account ko. so now I am determine na simulan na ito as early as possible.

    Now gusto ko lang sana itanong if ano ba ang benefits ng pag babayad ng max at earlier stage compare sa pag babayad ng max 60 Months before target retirements (60 years old). lets just say na mag start ako ngayun at age of 32. Based kase computation na ginawa ko using the formula 300 + (20% x AMSC) + (2% x AMSC x CYS) ay wala naman pag kakaiba dahil ang AMSC naman na gagamitin ay both 16,000 at same CYS din.

    So please paki explain naman to clear my doubts.

    maraming salamat ulit and more power sa blog mo:)

  77. Hi russel, thanks again for your comments. Here’s my post about it. Please comment again.

  78. Hi russel, thanks for your analysis. You’re right in most of what you’ve written. I’d just like to give some thoughts about some points. I’ve been wanting to write a post about this issue, so we can reply to similar questions too, and might be able to write today. I’ll give you the link as soon as I finish my post. 🙂

  79. Hi Nora,

    Russel again. Just to correct a mistake. I mean MSC not AMC.

  80. Hi Nora, pls. correct me if I’m wrong on this. To get a higher pension somebody should have the highest AMC. And to get that, one have to pay the maximum of 1760 for the last 60 months before the availment of pension at the age of 60. So it’s safe to say that it doesn’t matter if someone would start paying the maximum when he/she reach the age of 55 only. I mean why pay the maximum when you’re still below 55? It could happen that you’re paying for the maximum for years until that age and lost your job and ending up paying the last 60 months paying the minimum which will adversely affect the pension you’re getting. I am an OFW and I am paying the maximum but if this is the case then I should better pay the maximum only when I reached 55.

  81. Hi maricar, your monthly contribution depends on your gross monthly salary. Maybe you had a 300-peso contribution for that month because you were newly employed and you worked for only a few days that month.

  82. Hi have a good day, i just want to ask my sss monthly contribution is 1200 why other is 300 because i’m new in sss can u tel me why have different thank u so much god bless….

  83. Hi Froilan, if you continue but pay less than maximum, your average MSC will not be 16,000. There are 2 formulas to get average MSC. SSS will use the higher average MSC result. 1. Add all monthly contributions then divide by no. of contributions. 2. Add the last 60 contributions prior to retirement, then divide by 60. Whichever is the higher average MSC, SSS will use it in their pension computation.
    For voluntary members, OFWs and self-employed, they can increase their contribution to any amount by any no. of times before age 55. But at age 55, they can increase by only one level once every year.

  84. Hello and good day! I’m 49yo, OFW working in Saudi Arabia. If I was able to pay more than 60 months maximum before, then for some reasons, like suddenly coming home for good to Pilipinas, I wasn’t able to continue and pay much less, prior to my retirement at 60. Is 16,000 still my MSC?

  85. Hi Nora,

    Josephine here, again. I will turned 60 this year. I have more than 10 years maximum contribution. It range from P1260,1410,1560 and now 1760 with 11 years total of maximum contribution.I have a total contribution of 222 months as of today and I’m still working. In case, I choose to resign from my job this year, how long will it take if I file my pension and how much would I get as my monthly pension. I don’t understand where you got the constant amount in your computation above like the 20% or the 30%. You said that I can have also a lumpsum for the 1st 18 months of pension. How much would I get as my monthly pension. When I tried to compute it based on Monthly Salary Credit, it brings me to P12plus.Can you give me the applicable computation for my monthly pension?

    Thank you so much for this.

  86. Hi Wilma, yes, you should receive your 13th month this Dec 2015. There might be a delay though, based on comments on our blogs. About the increase: if the proposed pension increase is approved and signed into law by Pres Aquino, and made effective in 2016, yes, you can request for the difference or adjustment

  87. I was 60 yrs old last june 25, 2015. I received my lumpsum good until dec 2016. My question is can i still avail of dec 2015 13th month? for th increase effective jan 2016, can i still avail of it? thank you. WILMA SENO

  88. Hi Mailyn, did your father check his contributions with the help of an SSS officer? Did the officer advise your father to pay 6 more monthly contributions so he can apply for pension? He should ask SSS if he can pay for 6 more months so he can get his pension. If your father has less than 120 monthly contributions, he will not get his pension. What he will get is just the total of all that he and his employer paid to SSS plus interest. So your father should visit SSS and ask about paying 6 more contributions in order to qualify for pension.

  89. My father retired last year of november 2014. When he check his contribution he has only 114 months contribution. what benefits he can get?

  90. Hi samson, SSS says has suspended the filing of requests for the adjustment. It has advised pensioners to wait for their notices this Dec. If your father does not get a notice or adjustment this Dec or Jan 2016, your father can go to his branch and ask about his adjustment. Or you can you can inquire on his behalf with an authorization letter, his ID and your ID.

  91. Hi gene, the proposed 2k increase has not yet been approved. It’s possible that they advanced the 13th month and the December pension. I doubt a little bit if the extra 3,700 represents the monthly 1985-to-1989 adjustment because it’s too big, and if it’s the lump sum adjustment, then it’s too small (but I can be wrong), so just wait for a notice from SSS, or wait for Dec and Jan.

  92. hi mrs Nora. my mother is confused on her pension this November. she said her pension is 1,800.. but on this month it was 5,500.. she heard that there is 2k increase but she’s not sure about it.. is it possible that they already include the 13th month and the December pension but it was too early..or her pension has been increased starting this November? she doesn’t receive any notices.

  93. Hi Edna, yes, you’re eligible for pension, as you accumulated more than 120 contributions, which is the minimum requirement. If you’re still working, you’re not yet allowed to claim your pension, until age 65 when one can receive pension whether working or not. About your loan, I wish you’d paid your 2k loan earlier. You can email SSS (email address for overseas Filipinos) and ask your loan balance amount. You can pay the amount in full or in several installments (but you have to ask again the additional interest amount). Attach a scan or photo of your 2 IDs in your email.

  94. Hi Nora, pls help. I worked with non-profits orgs. in Manila and contributed to SSS for more than 11 yrs.(May 1976 to May 1989) I did not continue contributing when I left for Canada in June 1989. I also had a loan with SSS in the amount of P2,000.00. Pls advise me, how much I have to pay back the loan I owe the SSS and if I am still qualify to apply for SSS pension, I am now 62 yrs old.

    Thank you, hoping to hear for your response.

  95. Hi France, I think there’s no birthday gift from SSS for pensioners. I haven’t heard or read about it. What I know is the 13th month, which is sent every December. I’ll email you if I read something about it. There are city governments/mayors that give birthday gifts to seniors.

  96. Hi Ms Nora, is there a birthday gift for pensioners? ex. 1 month pension credit during birthday? Is that true? Thank you for your time.

  97. Hi Wacky, it’s called pension adjustment for 1985-1989. SSS announced it will complete their adjustment program this Dec 2015 for all pensioners who deserve the adjustment, regardless of whether the pensioner requested adjustment or not, and will send notices to all pensioners getting adjustments. Wait for the notice maybe Dec or early next year. If none, you can inquire at SSS in February. Bring your father’s ID and your ID and letter of authorization to inquire from your father.

  98. Are all pensioners who worked and paid contributions from 1985 – 1989 eligible for this credit back. My father worked from 1976 – 1996 in a company and he heard this problem with SSS. I guess what my question supposed to be is, How would you know if a member is eligible for this return? or credit back? not sure what to call this though. Thanks in advance to any reply.

  99. Hi janet, we wrote here how to compute SSS maternity benefit. Choose and add your 6 highest salary credits within the 12-month period prior to your semester of miscarriage. Divide your total salary credits by 180 days, then multiple by 60 days.
    Processing might take 1 month to 2 months.

  100. how to compute maternity reimbursement for long and processing ng check? thanks

  101. Hi Josephine, you’re right. An SSS member at retirement age, gets either a lump sum or pension. It’s lump sum if the member contributed less than 120 contributions (not qualified for pension). But if qualified for pension, the new pensioner can check the option (in the claim form) to get his first 18 monthly pensions in advance (but discounted) and then start to receive his pension on the 19th month. GSIS members receive much more because GSIS offers more savings and insurance options. Thanks for appreciating my efforts. Means a lot 🙂

  102. Josephine B. Ciruela

    Hi Nora, is there any lumpsum retirement pay with SSS because GSIS has. When I checked the website, it seems there is none. BTW, thank you for helping people find the information. I appreciate it.

  103. Hi Armand, I think I know why you’re thinking of this. I also computed, compared, and it’s so disappointing. But ask others too. I can’t give yet a definite reply because I’m not yet sure of one thing — I have been asking several people, even at SSS, and they can’t give me an answer. Also searched online and can’t find anything, or maybe I have not searched enough. I don’t have yet time to go to Main SSS, and I don’t know if I can go directly to the one computing pensions.
    My question is about this SSS Law’s definition of Average Monthly Salary Credit, which is “The result obtained by dividing the sum of the last sixty (60) monthly salary credits immediately preceding the semester of contingency by sixty (60), or the result obtained by dividing the sum of all the monthly salary credits paid prior to the semester of contingency by the number of monthly contributions paid in the same period, whichever is greater.”
    I’m asking if it’s the last 60 MSCs before retirement, whether the last 60 MSCs were spread out in the last 5 or 6 or 7 or more years, or only the MSCs in the last 60-month period immediately before retirement.
    Because in your case, or my case, if all MSCs will be added to get the average, the average won’t be 16k as there were low MSCs in your first years. I’ll get back if I find something, or maybe you’ll find something. And thanks.

  104. Hi. I am an OFW and paid more than 5 years minimum contribution and 10 years maximum contribution. If I am not interested with other SSS benefits, can I stop paying the contribution and just wait for my retirement age 5 years from now and get the P6,400 monthly pension?

  105. Hi Kaye, sorry my response is delayed, because I had to search for the latest circular regarding change of contributions that I’ve read previously. I found it (SSS circular 2015-007), and yes, your father can change his MSC to 16k even if he’s now older than 55 because he’s changing to the OFW category. Yes, the average MSC computation formula is the same. To get the average MSC, the 60 latest monthly contributions will be considered.

  106. Hi Ms. Nora, Good day! This is regarding the SSS of my father. He is an ofw po. His last contribution was July 2007. And he decided to continue paying contributions this august 2015.
    He is turning 60 on June 2019. Will this be considered for the 60 monthly salary credits even if he will pay the maximum contributions? Or how will his pension be computed po if ever? Another question is can he change his MSC to 16k even if he is 56 y/o right now? Thanks.

  107. Hi Romeo, welcome and thanks too. I have to say though that, up to now, I’ve been asking how they really compute AMSC and not getting any answer. The SSS law says AMSC is the result obtained by dividing the sum of the last 60 monthly salary credits immediately preceding the semester of contingency (retirement) by 60, but some websites, even organizations, define it as the result of dividing the sum of the monthly salary credits for the last 60 months immediately preceding the semester of contingency by 60. (Others say “in the last 60-month period immediately preceding”) They’re different, right? I think the SSS definition considers cases wherein the last 60 monthly salary credits might have been paid in 7 years (there were gaps in payments) while the 2nd considers only the payments made for the last 5 years. But I’ll continue researching when I have time.

  108. Dear Nora, Thanks for the quick response, appreciate it much. Now really crystal clear to me the so called last 60 mo MSC. Now I can compute roughly for my pension continuing my contribution till last Q next year ( thanks for the advice). I started my contribution on 1975-1983 (local employment) and 1983-present (as OFW). Again thank you. Romy

  109. Hi Romeo, it’s good that you made efforts to maximize your pension. To help you decide whether to continue paying 1,760 from July to June 2016, let’s multiply 1760 x 12 months = 21,120 pesos. Will you be able to recoup this amount from the increase in your pension? Let’s say you stop paying: your AMSC will be (15k x 42 months) plus (16k x 18 months) = 918k / 60 months = 15,300 . If you continue paying the last 12 months to June 2016, your AMSC will be (15k x 30 months) plus (16k x 30 months) = 930,000 / 60 months = 15,500. I don’t know your credited no. of years, so let’s just assume you have 20 years. Using formula 2 above, your pension would be 6,420 if you stop paying, and if you continue paying your pension would be 6,810 (credited years is 21). The difference is 390. You will recoup your 21,120 in 4.6 years. The difference would be bigger if you have higher credited no. of years. Romeo, please recompute, as I did not cross-check. And please ask others too. Please comment again, as I might have made an error

  110. I am 60 years old last Jan9 and an OFW since 1983, when I went on vacation last June I tried to applied for the SSS pension but since I am still contracted until June 2016, SSs valenzuela refuse to process my claim since said I am still employed and may continue to pay my contribution if I opted to. I am a little bit confuse on the the computation where I could have the max pension based on the 60-mo MSC. Since I work abroad I always contributed the max contribution thus my last 60-mo max contribution that can be credited will be the MSC =15,500 only because the last max MSC= 16,000 was only started on Jan 2014 and I could not fullfill the required 60 mo to receive the max MSC=16,000 since I already stop paying may contribution when I turned 60 meaning only up to the 2nd qaurter of 2015 payment I made and stop. I am back here in Saudi and having thought of what should I do to maximixe my pension when I get home on June 2016. Please advice. many thanks.

  111. Hi Romeo, yes, your monthly pensions that you should have received since you turned 60 will be given to you in lump sum

  112. Romeo g . Libongco

    I am 65 years old . Will i get the 5 years which i should have gotten if i filed my retirement/ pension this year . Tnx

  113. Hi edna, the 2,000 increase is still a proposal and is not yet approved by Congress. The SSS has also opposed the proposal. If there’s an across-the-board pension increase, the increase will be given to all pensioners, whether they were employed or voluntary members before they retired.

  114. hello .i would like to inquire about the sss pension increase from 1,200 – 3,200.if i’ll be included of the inceased ? i’m not a retiree of a company,i’m contibuted in a voluntary contribution category.

  115. Hi ella, do you mean SSS Zamboanga is not allowing you to file your claim yet because they need to see records from Manila? Comment at or email

  116. ella villaescusa lapuz

    im 60 years old now i have problem about my SSS from manila and 4 months from now its not yet here in SSS Zamboanga branch if not i cant file my pension they are always saying come back after a week come back after a week when i come back its till not there

  117. Hi Ervin, processing time depends on the state of your mother’s SSS records. It can take from 2 months to 6 months or more.

  118. Hi mrs Nora, when can I claim my mother’s death pension. we filed april 7. thanks po

  119. Hi ma’am.My father was a pensioner who died last year, September. May nakuha pa ang mother ko na pension ng father ko worth 3,500 last September but from October to January, wala. nadeposit ang pension last February 2015 worth 22,000 including bonus for December. sabi sa letter, May 2015 na ang sunod n deposit ng pension. so if kukwentahin, kulang ang natanggap na pension ng mother ko. Don’t know if pano computation ng SSS sa months na natigil ang pension dahil s pagkamatay ng father ko…

  120. Hi Japs, thanks a lot for appreciating my blog. I’m so glad you’re planning your future while you’re there abroad and at an age younger than most. I can also see you’re wise because you want to maximize your contributions. Your contribution plan is good — starting with 880 at age 49 or 50 and then paying the maximum at around age 55. Yes, you can do that. But if you weren’t an Employed SSS member before in the Phils, I suggest you start now, even with only the minimum for OFWs, which is 550 monthly, so you can get your Date of Coverage (DOC), and be covered (important especially if you already have a family of your own). File SSS OW-1 form at an SSS desk at the consulate there, or you can send it to SSS (instructions on the form). Pay continuously until you see your DOC (register at, and then you can have gaps in payments, if there are other priorities. There’s also additional pension amount if you contributed for more than 10 years. Look at Formula 2 above.
    About your pension computation: Your steps are correct, but change your TOTAL AMOUNT OF CONTRIBUTION DIVIDED BY TOTAL NUMBER OF CONTRIBUTION to Total amount of Monthly Salary Credits Divided by Total No. of Contributions. The result will be your average monthly salary credit. Please comment again if there’s something vague in my response. Thanks again.

  121. Hi Ms. Nora, first of all thanks for your blog as my questions about SSS pension were answered. But still there’s confusion at this time. I am a 31 years old OFW, and I thought this is the time to start my contributions now until my retirement. my question is you said in your EXAMPLE 1 if continue paying for next 60 Months before retirement (let say max 1760) it’s automatic that the AMSC is 16,000. But what if like your 2nd example that the member failed to pay continuously, is this the right way to compute: total amount of contribution divided by total number of contribution? if what I mentioned is correct, is there a chance that your resulting AMSC using formula TOTAL AMOUNT OF CONTRIBUTION DIVIDED BY TOTAL NUMBER OF CONTRIBUTION does not match any amount in the SSS Schedule of contribution (example is I got 1,711 which is higher than 1705 but lesser than 1760), in that case what is the AMSC that I consider to compute pension?
    2nd since the minimum No of contribution is 120 Months. what if I will start exactly 10 years (120 Months) from my retirement let say I contribute 880 for 53 Months and gradually increase (2 step) for 7 Months until I reached 1760 monthly contribution and continue my contributions of 1760 for the next 60 Months, will my AMSC be 16,000? because based on the formula Total Sum of Contribution divided by Total No of Contribution, the result is 1345.67.
    Please bear with me if I’ve losts of questions and thank you in advance for your response 🙂

  122. Hi ma dulce, was your father employed or was he an OFW before he became voluntary? Assuming that your father’s average salary credit was 5,000 (the salary credit for 520 based on the 2013 table is 5k), his estimated pension using this formula (40 per cent of the average monthly salary credit) is 2,000 pesos. There’s another formula (the sum of P300 plus 20 percent of the average monthly salary credit plus 2 per cent of the average monthly salary credit for each accredited year of service (CYS) in excess of ten years), but the result is lower, 1,400 pesos, so the other formula with the 2,000-peso result will be the one to be used.

  123. Hi Isabelita, sorry I don’t work with SSS. I only write about SSS based on my experiences, on comments of people on our blogs and on research. Did your aunt accumulate at least 120 contributions? Was her first SSS contributions through an employer? I ask this to make sure she was registered properly. Did she submit a complete set of claim documents?

  124. Isabelita G. Paranada

    Please help my cousin ERLA G.LOPEZ she is now 62 years old and yet did not yet claim her pension..Thanks

  125. Isabelita G. Paranada

    I am very much thankful to encounter a very good adviser and supportive person..Very much enlightened basing all the examples given above..I have been writing to SSS department asking about the SSS Computation pension but were ignored..Last August 2014,,my cousin ERLA G, LOPEZ (married) would I think be a pensioner already at her age 62 but up to now she is not receiving..I accompanied her to inquire but then keeping her to get back again and again..Would you mind helping her my cousin,,she only had been in grade II elememtary education? Thanks and more Power to you mrs Nora.

  126. Hi Nora! How do we compute the monthly pension of my mom from my deceased father. I know my father had almost 130 voluntary contributions amounting to P530 per contribution. Thank you. Hope you could help me.

  127. Hi mariefe, if you had contributions from 1985 to 1989, you can file for recomputation of your pension.

  128. hi,im feves m.enerio.i heard about the manual verifecation.can i claim this payment back?

  129. Hi Rosita, it will be SSS that will choose. SSS will compute your pension using all the 4 formulas, and the highest result from these computations will be your pension. Usually, for those who contributed for exactly 10 years or a bit more, the formula with the highest result will be 40% of average monthly salary credit (AMSC). For those who contributed for more than 10 years, usually the formula giving the highest result is 300 plus 20% of AMSC plus 2% of AMSC multiplied by credited no. of years in excess of 10.
    Thank you so much for appreciating my efforts and for wishing me well. God bless you and your family too. Later on, if you find that your no. of credited years is lacking the years 1985 to 1989, request for pension adjustment

  130. Dearest Nora, First thank you for all your help in answering our questions regarding SSS issues. I am enjoying reading it and learning a bit of it! My question is what would be the best FORMULA should I choose in order to get better pension with my retirement ??? at present I am age 60. Thank you again and again God bless you and most of all I pray for your good health to serve more people and to have fun and boundless joy with your family !

  131. Hi mildred, yes, you can file. You should have filed when she turned 60. But before you spend for NSO birth cert, etc. for filing your claim, go first to SSS and verify your mother’s contributions and loan, and check which is the higher amount. There are cases when the loan amount has increased due to penalties and interests and has become bigger than the total amount of contributions. If a member did not complete 120 contributions, the member will get back the total of all monthly contributions paid. But the delinquent loan will be deducted from the total contributions. Bring your ID, your mother’s ID and authorization letter from your mother.

  132. hi ms. My mother is 63 years old. Can she get something from SSS even if she paid only for about 90 months? The problem is he has an existing loan before her former company closed. What should we do? Should we file for retirement even if she did not complete 120 months?

  133. Hi Leah, sorry that I’m not sure. In the SSS retirement claim form, there’s this rule: Re-computation or adjustment and filing of petition assailing settled claims shall not be allowed after ten years from the date of initial settlement of claim. But you can try at the nearest SSS, since the adjustment is about the common 1985-1989 issue. Bring your birth certificate, your ID and your father’s pension papers and ask SSS.

  134. Hi Ms Nora, am I eligible to file for manual adjustment in behalf of my Papa who passed away 1997, and my mom also passed away 2012. I mean my aunt received a manual adjustment, and they worked with the same company. She told me to file for my papa, just wondering if I can file? Please enlighten me. Thank you

  135. Hi Josephine, the answer to your question is long, so I made a post about it to respond also to others with the same question:

  136. Ms Nora may I ask what is pension adjustment? My mother is a retired pensioner in 2013, with 40 years of service. 463 is the monthly contribution. She filed for pension adjustment April 2014 and she was able to receive last june. My question is if the pension adjustment computation covers only 1985-1989? Or should it cover all the years she paid sss?

  137. Hi laine, yes, your father is entitled to get a pension. Here are the requirements:

  138. Hi. My father is 60 years old. He has inquired at SSS. He paid for 15years equivalent to 187 months. Is he entitled to pension or retirement benefits? He wasn’t able to pay since 1996 because he resigned. If he’s entitled, what are the requirements to claim his benefits? thanks. good day

  139. Irineo A Sahagun, Jr.

    Hello ate Nora. Na interest akong sumulat sa iyo dahil maganda itong topic na nai post mo tungkol sa sss pension. Isa po akong ofw seabased. Since 1977 member na po ako ng sss at active na nagbabayad ng aking sss contribution thru my employer kung may sakay.Ngunit ng magpag alaman kong kapag tuloy tuloy ang pag babayad ng sss contribution kahit na on vacation ay mas malaking retirement benefit ang aking makukuha. Kaya nga po mag mula ng taong 2005 nag umpisa na akong mag bayad ng voluntary kahit na on vacation ako pero sa minimum contribution lang ito para lang walang maging patlang ang aking pagbabayad. Pero ng taong 2007 sa advice din ng mga kaibigan ginawa ko na pong maximum contribution ang aking inihuhulog sa sss kahit na po ako ay on vacation and still paying the max contribution amount of PHP 1760.Ngyn po dumating na po ako sa retiring age of 60. Parehas pa rin po ba ang retirement computation ng tulad ng nakalathala dito? Ibig ko pong sabihn mas malaki po ba ang aking magiging pension kaysa sa mga tulad kong seabased din na nag babayad ng maximum pero di sila nag tutuloy ng pagbabayad kapag on vacation sila. May malaking pag kakaiba po ba ito? Salamat po sa inyong pag papaliwanag.

  140. Hi Seb, yes, you can increase your contributions to the maximum 1760. But since you’re voluntary, increase by only 2 levels one month at a time. For example, this month, pay 660, then pay 770 for Dec, 880 for Jan 2015, 990 for Feb 2015 and so on. If you’re already 55, increase by only 1 bracket after reaching 1,100.
    About your pension estimate: Let’s say your total credited years is 27 and you’ll be able to pay 1760 for the last 60 months. Your AMSC will be 16k and your extra credited years will be 17 (27-10). One formula is 40% x 16k = 6400. The other formula is 300 plus 20% of AMSC plus 2% of AMSC x 17 years = 300 + 3200 + 5440 = 8940.
    8940 is obviously higher than 6400, so 8940 will be your pension. Please check my math. This is only an estimate. The maximum MSC might also increase within the next 5 years.

  141. Hi barb, I’m not connected with the SSS, but I think they have stored hard documents for those years somewhere. I think they decided not to encode contribution amounts for those early years when they started computerizing SSS member records because for most members, specific monthly contributions for these early years will not be used for pension computation. How so? If we look at the formulas for pension, there are 2 important factors: one is the average salary credit and the other is credited no. of years. Average salary credit will be computed in 2 ways, and the higher result will be the average salary credit that will be used in pension computation. Which would be the higher average salary credit? — Total salary credits for the entire membership divided by total no. of contributions OR total salary credits for the last 60 months immediately prior to retirement divided by 60? Surely, the latter computation will be higher, as the maximum salary credits in earlier years were much lower than the 16k maximum salary credit of today. So the specific monthly amounts in earlier years will no longer matter in most cases. Only the date of coverage will matter, for the computation of the no. of credited years up to 1985. See this Inquirer article:

  142. Ms Nora, 1993 to aug 2011 I worked for 17 years. I resigned aug 2011 and my sss contributions were the maximum that time which was 1056 at 15000 salary/AMSC. Then I stopped until dec 2011 when I paid as voluntary, but I paid for only 5000 AMSC at 520 contribution, from jan 2012 until dec 2014. I realized that my pension will be low if I continue to pay 550 as my monthly contribution at 5000 MSC for 60 months. Can I change my contribution to maximum for another 6 years until I can, after that time before i reach my retirement age? So the base will be the maximum for my pension as i retire? until now my status is still voluntary as i pay my sss contributions. Can I have a sample computation for my pension?

  143. i have asked for manual verification for contributions for the years 1973-1981 .their search only included the same data(from the mid 80’s up) they display online under my sss no. which i already am aware of. do you have info as to what happened to the 1973-1981 sss data file? thank you.

  144. hi nora, ask ko lang po kung kailan ko po malalaman ang manual varification sa pension 1985-1989. nag apply na po ako noong pang aug.2013. panay follow kpo sa sss main. nang mag follow up nitong sept. 2014. sbi nila nasa pasay branch na ang papes ko. kaya d2 nanam ako nag follow up.ang ask ko po ilang taon o buwan po para malaman mo ang resulta nang nilalakad kng papales. salamat po.

  145. Hi Tess, I hope you alreadt went to an SSS branch and had your problems solved. I think you can still pay for Aug and update your Sep contribution, depending on the last digit of your SSS no.: SSS contribution payment deadlines By the way, pay only at Bayad or SM if you’re paying for the current month or quarter — their system does not consider the after-month or after-quarter payment deadlines.

  146. maam nora, tanung ko lang po. pag natapos ang 10 year of contribution base sa formula 1 po,last 5 years ang babasehan sa parang baliwala yung past 5 years kung mababa o mataas ang amount ng contribution. halimbawa after ng 5 years OF CONTRIBUTION .itataas ko na ang monthly contribution ko para malaki makuha ko sa pension…diba po ba? thanks

  147. hi ms nora good day, may i ask if we can update my payment last aug and sept 2014 because there was an error in payment at the payment center at robinsons. I i was paying for the salary loan for the month of sept and contribution for the month of aug. but she interchanged it and after knowing the error and the shortage in contribution, she advised us to go to other payment center to pay the balance of 330… went to sm to pay 330 for the month of aug. On 10/6/1 we went again to robinson to pay our loan and sept contribution, she informed us that it was already paid. To our dismay we found out that what we paid last month was posted this month sept. my question is can we update our contribution since it was short. If ever, where and what form should we accomplish? thanks

  148. hi ate nora thanks for the reply… i just file for the death benefit claims of my father and ive been dissapointed on their kind of processing. i just give them all the requirments legal identification of beneficary even an authorization letter with sign of my brothers to sign any documents to sss to claim the death benefits of our father. and this are the requirments that they want me to submit to them death certificate of my father parents, affidavit of legal heirs (relatives)marriage contract of his parents. i dont know what is connection of this requirments of claiming the benefits of my father kahit na kami na ung primary legal beneficiary nya and ito pa even that i have my NSO original birth certificate kylangan pa nila tingnan sa E1 ng father ko kung kami ang nakalagay na beneficiary nya and for everybody information pinbabalik nila ako ng 1 to 2months just to check the E1 of my father. my question is ganito po ba tlaga ang pagprocess ng death benefits claim lalo ng kung legal primary dependent naman ang nagfile at my mga proof of legal documents nman e kaylangan pa po ng documnets ng mga secondary benefeciary? thank u and more power po ate nora.

  149. Hi paula, I’m puzzled that you found only 98 contributions when you said he started teaching in 1985. Did he stop working for some years? Or did he work later on in public schools? So you will claim more from GSIS? The SSS online records go back only up to 1990, so you should request for manual verification of contributions starting 1985. Yes, if you and your siblings are all older than 21, and because your mother is already married to another person, then what you’ll get as death benefit is a lump sum. You’ll also file a separate claim for the funeral benefit (usually processing for this claim is faster).

  150. hi ate nora my father is a teacher and he just passed away this year… based on his resume my father started teaching 1985 til 2014 and when we last checked with sss, he had 98 contributions. my question is how much death benefits can we get? can we get it as lump sum because it’s been 12 yrs that he and my mother were separated and my mother is already married. thank you

  151. Hi Bartolome, sorry I’m not with SSS so I don’t have access to your records. You can register at so you can check your contributions. But online records go back only up to 1990. To register, you need 6 digits from your recent contribution payment OR no. You can ask someone in the Phils to pay 1 contribution for you using the RS5 form so you can get a transaction no. Or if there’s IRemit or PNB near you, you can pay through them. It’s also good if you pay the maximum contribution to increase you average salary credit (one major basis of your pension amount). Keep your receipts. But if the gap between your previous contribution and the maximum contribution (1760) is more than 2 levels, your or your rep should fill up the Declaration of Earnings in the lower portion of RS5 form (should be 16k pesos or more a month).
    I hope you have your certificates of premium payments for your contributions before 1990 so your claim processing will not undergo manual verification of records which usually takes many months. Thanks, mabuhay ka rin 🙂

  152. Hi Miss Nora,

    1)Could you please let me know the total number of years of my contributions since I was a member of SSS in 1975

    2)The company i connected since i’m member of SSS:

    2.1) Permaline Inc
    2.3) Hercules Metal Products-2yrs
    2.3) Delta Motor Corp.-6yrs
    2.4) Moldtech Inc-1yr
    2.5) Toyota Motor Phils.-9 yrs
    2.6) Roberts Automotive Corp.-1 yr
    2.7) Aries Technologies Inc. -1yr
    2.8) MIRDC / DOST-6 months

    My employment records in the philippine is almost 20yrs, could you please give me the figure before i go to calculate my monthly pensions, if all of this company remitted my deductions, and how much is the total years of my contributions,next year August 2015 I turn to 60’s, so I just want to know this time prior to file my pension.

    Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay ka NORA!

  153. Hi jake, the formula that would be used for your case is Formula 2, as seen above,
    300 pesos plus 20% of AMSC plus 2% of AMSC x CYS in excess of 10.
    Your AMSC would be the maximum which is 16k.
    plus 0.20 x 16k
    plus (0.02 x 16k) x 20 years

    300 + 3200 + (320 x 20)
    300 + 3200 + 6400

    Your pension will be 9,900.
    But it’s most likely that in the next 20 years, the maximum salary credit will increase, so your AMSC will increase, and your pension will increase.

  154. Hi po Ms.nora ako po c jake ofw 40 yrs.old ask ko lang nakapagbayad na po ako sa sss contribution ng halos 10 yrs the amount of P1760, kong ipagpapatuloy ko po hanggang sa edad na 60yrs sabibin na natin 30 yrs of contribution paying the maximum amount,magkano naman po ang makukuha ko na pension at the age of 60..thanks po

  155. Hi harold, if the same calendar years and the same ages (meaning the same amount of maximum salary credits), and barring any other factor that I might have missed at the moment, there’s no difference. They’ll get the same pension amount.
    Note however that if we have young families, if we’re able, it’s always good to be on the maximum or near the maximum in case something unexpected happens to us (the breadwinners). Ask others too

  156. hi po, miss nora, ask ko lang po, naghuhulog po ako as voluntary, isa po akong kasambahay, 2011 po ako nagumpisa maghulog, at hindi ko nahuhulugan ng every month, pag may napasukan akong trabaho saka lang po ako nakakapaghulog, counted pa po ba ang hulog ko, nung pinaverify ko s sss ay 6 beses plang nahulugan. kasama pa rin po ba s counting iyun. salamat po

  157. Hi po.
    Tanong ko lng po sa pag compute ng pension.
    Eto po yung scenario.
    Person 1.
    Pays maximum for 10 straight years.
    Person 2.
    Pays amount less than maximum for 5 years then pays maximum for the last 5 years.

    May kaibahan po ba sa pension na matatanggap ng bawat isa?

  158. Hi fhamela, she might be late already. At the back of the SSS Retirement Claim Application Form, there is this note:
    1. Re-computation or adjustment and filing of petition assailing settled claims shall not be allowed aften ten (10) years from the date of initial settlement of claim.
    Ask others too

  159. I mean pwede po bang mag claim yung mama ko sa death claim? Papa died FEB 2002

  160. Pwede din po bang maka claim yung mama ko? Feb.2002 pa namatay yung papa ko

    Thanx po

  161. Hi miss nora pwede pa po bang mag manual verification yung mother ko? 12 years na yung pension nya kaso ngayon lang nya nakita yung employment certificate nang papa ko for his last remittance which is not included in her monthly pension

    Thank you po

  162. Hi Precious, your father writes a letter to SSS requesting for manual verification of his contributions from 1966 to 1989. In the letter, list his employment history from 1966 to 1989 (dates, name of company and address). If he has old papers proving his employment, bring copies (SSS might want to see them). Bring an authorization letter from your father, his ID, and your ID. Xerox your father’s letter and other papers, and have these stamped “Received” and dated/signed by SSS so you have proof that they have accepted your request.

  163. Good pm po Ms. Nora. Ask ko lang po ano ba ung requirements para makapagfile ng manual verification sa sss kasi sabi ng father ko hindi naisama ung hulog nya simula ng 1966-1989 hindi na kasi makita sa computer. He 69 and suffering from prostate pwede bang ako po ang lumakad ng papers nya. maraming salamat po

  164. Hi Maritess, here’s my answer — Is Paying SSS Contributions Worth It?. I wrote a post so more people can read.


    Hi Ms. Nors ask ko lng po kung magbabayad po ako ng maximum amount 1760pesos for 20 years mgkno nman po makukuha ko na pension at age of 60 years old..ofw po ako pero nakabayad na ako 7 years na pero hindi maximum kc nasa pilipinas pa ako noon pwede po ba mahingi ung sample computation..Db po 10 years lang ung kinucompute ninyo how about na other years like po sa akin before sa pinas ako i am paying 7 years na siguro pero natigil un ngayon gusto ko ituloy pero maximum na hanggang 20 bali magiging 27 years na po how about po the remaining years na 17 years i llump sum po ba yon ng SSS sa pensioner..thanks po sana po masagot mo mga tanong ko..

  166. Hi Reynaldo, yes, you can pay 12 months in advance. Kung sa akin lang, mas okay ang 6 months in advance. In the RS5 payment form, you can write the amounts of your monthly contributions beside the months you’re paying for and the total payments. If the remittance company abroad does not use this RS5 form, make sure they write on the receipt the monthly payment plus the months you are paying. For example: 1,760 pesos per month from January 2014 to June 2014 = 10,560 pesos or 1045 pesos per month from January 2014 to June 2014 = 6,270 pesos, so that the SSS encoder will know how to post your payments. Enroll in online SSS so you can track your payments, and how they are posted.

  167. Reynaldo Gonzales Arellano

    Good Day!!! My question is: If for ex. I paid for the whole year in one time; meaning to say instead of monthly contribution, I paid it 1 whole year, is it counted as part of SSS contribution? Why I make it this way, due for sometime facing difficulties and long way to reach remittance center and no available service of the company here in abroad.

    Please enlighten me your best possible advice..

    Thanking you in advance.

    Reynaldo G. Arellano

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