SSS Pension for 65 Years Old with Less Than 120 Contributions

Updated February 1, 2018

Question on SSS pension for 65 years old who have not accumulated the required 120 monthly contributions.

Will I qualify for SSS pension if I’m now 65 years old and my total number of SSS monthly contributions is still less than 120?

No. You will not yet qualify. You will need to continue paying to accumulate a total of 120 monthly contributions.

Can I pay in advance to complete the required 120 so I can claim my SSS pension now?

No, that is not allowed.

Advance payments are accepted and recorded, but they will NOT be posted and credited to your SSS account in advance. This means that if you will pay for one year in advance, your advance payments will be posted and credited to your SSS account from month to month over a period of 12 months.

What then are my options?

Option 1: You can continue paying from month to month until you accumulate 120 contributions to be able to qualify for SSS pension.

Once you reach your goal of 120 contributions, file your claim. If you plan to pay more so you can increase your pension amount, you are NO longer allowed to do so because you’re already past age 65.

Option 2: You can file your retirement claim now and get your lump sum (total of all your SSS monthly contributions plus interest).

For SSS members who are 60 years old with less than 120 SSS monthly contributions:

You also have 2 options:

1. continue paying to accumulate 120 contributions

2. file and claim your retirement benefit, which is a lump sum. The amount will be your total contributions plus interest.

For SSS members who are 60 years old with 120 contributions but would like to have a higher pension amount:

You can choose to continue paying contributions, up to age 65, so you will get a higher pension amount.

From the SSS Guidebook
Updated May 15, 2017A member filing for optional retirement (60 years old) and who has paid at least 120 monthly contributions shall be given the option to continue paying voluntary contributions up to 65 years old to avail of higher retirement benefit upon reaching 65.

Meanwhile, a member who is already 65 years old or older shall be given the option to pay voluntary contributions ONLY IF he/she has not yet attained the required 120 monthly contributions to be eligible for monthly pension. However, payment of contributions shall be
allowed only up to 120 months.


SSS has suspended the implementation of SSS Circular No. 2013 – 003,  which is the source of our article below.  

Kaya yong mga nakasulat na changes at instructions dito ay hindi VALID at hindi muna ipinapatupad.  We will wait for further updates.

If you’re now nearing 65 years old
and you know that you will not be able to accumulate the 120 monthly contributions required for SSS pension,
and you want to continue paying after age 65 to accumulate 120 contributions,
there are new rules now:

1. You need to submit to SSS your Application for Voluntary Payment of Contributions for Members Aged 65 Years Old or Over.

2. Dapat nakapagsimula kang nagbayad sa SSS at age 55 or younger.

3. Dapat din na sa age 65, nakapagbayad ka na ng at least 80 contributions.

When should you submit your application?

Within the month following your 65th birth month

Para hindi ka magahol sa oras, at para hindi mo makalimutan, mag-submit ka na agad pagkatapos ng 65th birthday mo.

How much would be the monthly contribution?
It should be the same amount as your monthly contribution at age 65.

Can you decrease your monthly contribution?

No. You will pay the same amount all throughout until you complete 120 contributions.
If you decrease your contribution, you will instructed to claim your lump sum, and you will lose your chance to qualify for pension.

Can you have gaps in monthly payments?

No. If you miss 1 month, you will be instructed to claim your lump sum.
Late payments will not be accepted.

Can you pay more than 120 contributions to get a higher pension?

No. You will stop paying as soon as you accumulate exactly 120 contributins. Any excess will be refunded to you.

How About Those Who Are Already 65 Years Old or Older before the signing of this circular?

SSS members who have turned 65 years old before April 1, 2013 and who have not accumulated 120 contributions can continue paying. But they must file with the SSS their Application for Voluntary Payment of Contributions for Members Aged 65 Years Old or Over.

They are exempted from the No. 2 and No. 3 requirements above. This is because they turned 65 years old before the new rule was created.

Deadline for application is July 1, 2013.

If they miss this deadline, they will be instructed to claim their lump sum benefit.

Source: SSS Circular No. 2013 – 003, effective April 1, 2013, signed by SSS President and CEO Emilio S. De Quiros Jr. 

SSS pension for 65 years old


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