SSS Pension for 65 Years Old with Less Than 120 Contributions

Updated February 1, 2018

Question on SSS pension for 65 years old who have not accumulated the required 120 monthly contributions.

Will I qualify for SSS pension if I’m now 65 years old and my total number of SSS monthly contributions is still less than 120?

No. You will not yet qualify. You will need to continue paying to accumulate a total of 120 monthly contributions.

Can I pay in advance to complete the required 120 so I can claim my SSS pension now?

No, that is not allowed.

Advance payments are accepted and recorded, but they will NOT be posted and credited to your SSS account in advance. This means that if you will pay for one year in advance, your advance payments will be posted and credited to your SSS account from month to month over a period of 12 months.

What then are my options?

Option 1: You can continue paying from month to month until you accumulate 120 contributions to be able to qualify for SSS pension.

Once you reach your goal of 120 contributions, file your claim. If you plan to pay more so you can increase your pension amount, you are NO longer allowed to do so because you’re already past age 65.

Option 2: You can file your retirement claim now and get your lump sum (total of all your SSS monthly contributions plus interest).

For SSS members who are 60 years old with less than 120 SSS monthly contributions:

You also have 2 options:

1. continue paying to accumulate 120 contributions

2. file and claim your retirement benefit, which is a lump sum. The amount will be your total contributions plus interest.

For SSS members who are 60 years old with 120 contributions but would like to have a higher pension amount:

You can choose to continue paying contributions, up to age 65, so you will get a higher pension amount.

From the SSS Guidebook
Updated May 15, 2017A member filing for optional retirement (60 years old) and who has paid at least 120 monthly contributions shall be given the option to continue paying voluntary contributions up to 65 years old to avail of higher retirement benefit upon reaching 65.

Meanwhile, a member who is already 65 years old or older shall be given the option to pay voluntary contributions ONLY IF he/she has not yet attained the required 120 monthly contributions to be eligible for monthly pension. However, payment of contributions shall be
allowed only up to 120 months.


SSS has suspended the implementation of SSS Circular No. 2013 – 003,  which is the source of our article below.  

Kaya yong mga nakasulat na changes at instructions dito ay hindi VALID at hindi muna ipinapatupad.  We will wait for further updates.

If you’re now nearing 65 years old
and you know that you will not be able to accumulate the 120 monthly contributions required for SSS pension,
and you want to continue paying after age 65 to accumulate 120 contributions,
there are new rules now:

1. You need to submit to SSS your Application for Voluntary Payment of Contributions for Members Aged 65 Years Old or Over.

2. Dapat nakapagsimula kang nagbayad sa SSS at age 55 or younger.

3. Dapat din na sa age 65, nakapagbayad ka na ng at least 80 contributions.

When should you submit your application?

Within the month following your 65th birth month

Para hindi ka magahol sa oras, at para hindi mo makalimutan, mag-submit ka na agad pagkatapos ng 65th birthday mo.

How much would be the monthly contribution?
It should be the same amount as your monthly contribution at age 65.

Can you decrease your monthly contribution?

No. You will pay the same amount all throughout until you complete 120 contributions.
If you decrease your contribution, you will instructed to claim your lump sum, and you will lose your chance to qualify for pension.

Can you have gaps in monthly payments?

No. If you miss 1 month, you will be instructed to claim your lump sum.
Late payments will not be accepted.

Can you pay more than 120 contributions to get a higher pension?

No. You will stop paying as soon as you accumulate exactly 120 contributins. Any excess will be refunded to you.

How About Those Who Are Already 65 Years Old or Older before the signing of this circular?

SSS members who have turned 65 years old before April 1, 2013 and who have not accumulated 120 contributions can continue paying. But they must file with the SSS their Application for Voluntary Payment of Contributions for Members Aged 65 Years Old or Over.

They are exempted from the No. 2 and No. 3 requirements above. This is because they turned 65 years old before the new rule was created.

Deadline for application is July 1, 2013.

If they miss this deadline, they will be instructed to claim their lump sum benefit.

Source: SSS Circular No. 2013 – 003, effective April 1, 2013, signed by SSS President and CEO Emilio S. De Quiros Jr. 

SSS pension for 65 years old


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  1. Hi Cheryl, kung hindi niya nakuha yong lump sum niya when he turned 60, puede niong i-claim ito after receiving his funeral benefit. Ang lump sum ay yong total contributions niya plus interest. Mas mauna ang funeral benefit. Kung na-claim niya na ang lump sum niya noon, funeral benefit na lang ang makukuha nio. About SSS not informing you options: When he turned 60 at nakita nang SSS na 36 to 40 contributions lang ang na-contribute niya, they figured na it will take him 80 to 84 months more to complete 120 contributions. That would be about 7 more years. Sorry I don’t know what the policy was during that time, and why they didn’t offer the option to continue paying in order to qualify.

  2. Hi ms nora! Yung father ko po namatay at the age of 77. He’s an sss member, he contibuted more than 36 months pero hindi po siya nakaclaim ng pension nya when he reached 60 till he died dahil lang po sa maling info ng sss. Ano pong effect nito sa pgclaim namin ng death benefits nya?

  3. Hi po. My father is now 65 years old. Di niya naicontinue ang sss niya. Pwede pa rin po ba siyang magcontinue ng sss contribution para makakuha ng pension?

  4. Hi po, ask ko lang po, ung father ko po ay 67yrs old n po, this year lang po namin nakumpleto ang contribution nya.Saan po b magsisimula ang computation ng pension nya? sa age na 60yrs old or kung kailan nakumpleto ang contribution nya? Thnx in advance po.

  5. Rebecca Panganiban Matias

    ask lang po, mayroon na po akong hulog na 129, qualified napo ba ito para sa pension, 51 palang po ako

  6. Burial plang po nakukuha namin .ano pb dapat gawin para maiaaply ng pension.?andito p kc AQ Saudi.cmula po b ng pagkamatay ng Member .qualiefid n AQ s Pension at Lump sum? Makukuha q po b lahat yan kung sakaling matagalan AQ bago maayos…kelan po b AQ dpat mag start ng Pension?

  7. Hi Madam Nora..
    Ask q lang po .kung pwed mag cla8m ng pension and 2nd beneficiary..namatay po ang asawa q ng June 2017..kaso AQ po ang asawa Out country p AQ…kung do QNP b agd maayos ang pension .makukuha q po b lahat sakaling maayos q cmula mamatay sya?/at ask q lang po kung qualified sya s Lump sum n 146months contribution?/meron po b AQ lumpsum makukuha?/thank u.

  8. Hi po, paano po pag mag 60 na po ang mother ko next year. Pwede po ba na hulugan na lang namin yung contributions niya para makatanggap siya ng pension?

  9. Hi rogelio, ngayon ka lang mag-start maghulog sa SSS? Kung never kang nag-contribute as employed or self-employed or OFW, dapat mag-register ka muna as self-employed para maging valid ang contributions nio. Go to the nearest SSS with your proof of source of income and ID. Here’s how to register as self-employed

  10. hi po. 56 years old na ako at gustong mag – magbayad lang ba ako agad sa bank!

  11. Hi Maam Nora,

    Thank you po sa feedback niyo. Now I know po kung ano ang gagawin ng father ko kasi yung nag inquire kami sa ibang branch, iba po yung sabi tapos nag inquire kami sa kabilang branch, kailangan po talagang antayin ang 3 years para maka file. Salamat po Maam for making it much clearer.

  12. Hi Gladys, sorry, hindi ganon ang process. Kelangan niong bayaran yong monthly contribution ng father mo from month to month until 2020 na mabuo niya yong 120 contributions. Kahit i-advance nio ang payments, kelangan pa rin na antayin ang the year 2020 to file his pension claim. I-increase nio na lang by one level yong contribution this year, kung hindi pa na-increase this year, and then another one-level increase in 2018, another one-level increase in 2019, and another in 2020 para tumaas ang pension amount. Only one-level increase per year is allowed kapag 55 or older na.

  13. Hi Mrs Nora, My father is already 60 years old and he wants to continue his SSS contribution. As we inquire about his lacking years, he should pay the remaining 3 years to complete the 10 year SSS contribution to avail the pension. He started paying this year. Is it okay to pay in advance the remaining 3 years? If so, if he can pay all the remaining years, can he apply for retirement without waiting the 3rd year for his contribution payment? Thank you in advance for your assistance po.

  14. Hi Jep, are these 9 contributions valid? When did he register? And what member category? If his membership is valid, his family can claim funeral benefit in the far far future when he passes away. You can file a retirement claim now, so he can get back all that he contributed plus some interest.

  15. Hi Mrs Nora. My father is already 65yrs old. He has only contributed equivalent 9 month contribution. Is he entitled to any benefit from sss?

  16. Hi Carlito, where did you read that the excess will be refunded to you? Can you give me the link? It’s not true. The only contributions refunded by SSS are those that were found out to be invalid (example: contributions paid by a member not properly registered or reported). Because you contributed 219 months, your CYS will be higher, which means you get a higher pension than those who paid only 120 contributions. Have you been paying the maximum monthly contributions?

  17. Carlito t. Jagocoy

    Hi mrs nora, my age now is 51 years old, and my contribution to sss is 219 months, i have already excess in 120 months to qualified for sss pension, i have read the rules that if you excess in 120 monthly contributions the excess will be refunded to you. I’m a seaman,

  18. Hi Carlito, are you OFW? How old are you now? Do you mean you want to reduce your monthly contribution? Or do you plan to stop contributing? You’re already qualified for pension, so if you want to stop contributing, you can. But if you like to have a higher pension, you can continue contributing, so you will increase your Number of Credited Years of Service (CYS), but your monthly contribution should also be the same or higher than your last contributions.
    If you’re asking if you can withdraw your contributions in excess of 120 contributions anytime, sorry no, you cannot. SSS is for pension and other benefits, not for withdrawal. Ask again if I misunderstood what you were asking about.

  19. Carlito t. Jagocoy

    Hi, mrs nora, i have been already contribute 219 months, i can take the excess of my sss remmitance anytime?

  20. maam Nora
    58 months lang po maxim 1,760 contribution ko bfr retirement of 60 yrs old.Voluntary po ako .Tanong po do I qualified sa higher pension if going to file lump sum at retirement pension?

  21. maam Nora
    58 months lang po maxim 1,760 contribution ko bfr retirement of 60 yrs old.Voluntary po ako .Tanong po dp I qualified sa higher pension if going to file lump sum at retirement pension?

  22. Dati PO akung member ng SSS noong my work p ako pero matagal n PO Yun..About Less than year lang po..Gusto sanang mag contribute ulit as self employed KC wala akung work..Para PO may may pension akung matatanggap when I turn 65…Thanks

  23. Hello, ask ko lang kung pwede akung mag hulog ulit as SSS as self employed, KC matagal n akung Hindi nkapagcontrebute pwede ko bang ipagpatuloy as self employed…Thanks meldy

  24. Hi! Thank you very much Nora! For the requirements, yung sa Certificate of Separation of last employer, paano kapag hindi na existing yung last employer? And ano ang DDR signature card at DDR savings account form? Gaano din katagal ang process? Thanks!

  25. Hi Rey, meron lang pension kapag nakaipon ka ng 120 monthly contributions at age 60. Kapag kulang pa sa 120, halimbawa, kulang pa ng 10 months or more or less, at gusto mong mag-pension, puedeng ituloy mo pang magbayad para ma-complete mo yong 120 contributions, kahit 60 years old ka na, kasi konting months na lang naman. Kapag naman matagal pa at malayo pa ang buuuin at ayaw mo nang mag-antay at magpatuloy na magbayad, at gusto mo nang kunin yong contributions mo, kahit wala nang pension, puede naman – just file your retirement claim and you will get your money in lump sum. Hindi po separation ang tawag kundi SSS retirement benefit in lump sum.
    Pag currently employed at age 60, up to 64.9 years old, hindi pa puedeng makuha ang retirement benefit.

  26. Hi! Kapag hindi nakumpleto ang contribution and 60 years old na ngayon, may makukuha pa rin bang pension? May nakausap kasi ang mama ko na nakakuha daw sya ng pera sa sss. Separation po ata ang tawag. Meron po bang ganun? Thank you!!!

  27. Would like to inquire kng pwede kna lg po bang ma withdraw yung 64 months contribution ng mother ko she’s already 70 at no chance na ma continue pa po nya. How much po kaya ang lump sum na matatanggap nya?

  28. Napaka Informative naman po ng site na ito.????

  29. good day ms nora,

    my father is 73 years old,right now he had monthly pension.
    if ever he died,as his son and 47 years old alredy,can we received lumpsum or burial?thank you and more power.thanks

  30. good day ms nora,

    my father is 73 years old,right now he had mthly pesion.
    if ever he died,as his son and 47 years old alredy,can we received lumpsum or burial?thank you and more power.thanks

  31. Hi Nora,
    My mother is turning 65 this December but she only have a credited 83 months contribution (Her previous employer have not paid the 4 years deducted benefits from her). Anyhow, do we still have an option of paying off her remaining 37months for the next 3 years or the only option is for us to just claim her total contributions plus interest? Thank you!

  32. Hi DORIA, sorry SSS does not allow lump-sum payment of contributions. Puede ang advance payments, pero napo-post lang ang mga contributions at nava-validate lang as months arrive in REAL TIME. For example, if you pay in lump sum for 110 months, you’ll need to wait for about 9 years for all these contributions to be validated and posted. You’ll be around 70 years old by then. By the way, you said you paid as Voluntary. Did you mean you never contributed as Employed? If not, you should have registered first as Self-Employed before paying. To be sure about your membership status, you can visit the nearest SSS branch with your ID, and fill up a verification slip. You check if you have a Date of Coverage — this will show if your contributions are valid.

  33. I had voluntary contribution less than a year, I’m 61 this december, what will I do to complete the 120 months. I want still to complete the 230 months. Can I pay lumpsum to complete the 120 months?

  34. Hello po, I just want to tell you that I had voluntary contribution of 500pesos,less than a year,I will be 61 this December,can I still contribute to catch up for the remaining months lost ? I need your advice please. Gigina

  35. Hi po. My father has turned 65 last april but his contribution is just 52mos. Can he still get a lump sum? And if so, what are the papera needed and where to file for it? And if ever we fike for lump sum. My burial p din b yun khit nka lump sum na? Thanks po in advance.

  36. Hi Maybelline, do you mean she was not able to accumulate 120 contributions? If she had less than 120, what she will get is the total of all her contributions plus interest. She needs to file her claim to receive this. When she passes away in the future, her beneficiaries can claim the funeral benefit.

  37. Hi ms.nora 70 na po ang tita ko single sya and she was not able to continue her sss contribution,ano po ang magiging benefit nya?tnx

  38. Primo C. Juntilla

    hi ms. nora, my father just turned 65 years old this month. His total premium is only 110 months. We went to our nearest sss branch to submit the application to continue paying his monthly contributions until feb next year to reach the 120 months total premium requirement to avail of the pension. Application was not honored because SSS suspended the implementation of the application. My question is, can we still apply for pension come next year? after completing the 120 months? please enlighten us. Thank you so much.

  39. Hi Andrew, yes, your loan will be deducted from your pension. You’ll start getting your pension only after your loan is fully paid. There’s a new loan restructuring offered — you might want to ask about it, so you can pay off your loan. It will continue to balloon into a big amount if you wait for your pension to pay for it. You can check your outstanding loan balance on your online SSS account.

  40. Andrew R. Esguerra

    Hi, Mrs Nora I have 145 months of contribution of sss still I am capable to work I am 51 years of do I have to stop contributing my ss account? I have a withstanding loan of 10k since 1997, so it will be automatically deducted on my pension?

  41. Hi alexander, did you mean your overall total no. of contributions ever since you started is less than 36? Or did you mean you already have at least 120 contributions, but the SSS told you to have 36 continuous contributions, without gaps? If they told you this, I don’t know that they have a policy requiring 36 continuous contributions for self-employed. If they told you this, I’ll say huh? I should also ask SSS about it.
    But if you meant you have less than 36 contributions overall, sorry but the requirement for SSS pension is at least 120 monthly contributions (10 years), not 36 only. 36 is the no. of contributions required if it’s a death pension, meaning it’s the spouse or children who will get the pension after the member passed away.
    You can continue paying until you’re 65 or 66 so you can accumulate 120 contributions, so you can apply for pension later on. But before you continue, I suggest that you first go to the nearest SSS with your ID and SSS no. and verify your coverage and contributions — this is to make sure you have a date of coverage. Take care

  42. hi nora,i am already 58 years old and i have a gap on my contribution and didn’t complete 36 months simultaneous contribution.can i still continue my contribution till im 61 just to complete the 36 months required by sss so i can get the regular pension for self employed? thanks

  43. Hi Kit, you can save with Flexi-Fund if you’ll pay the maximum monthly contribution, which is 1,760 pesos. But since you’re already more than 55, you’re not allowed to increase your monthly contribution by more than one bracket per year. See the SSS circular here. What you can do is to increase your Pag-ibig 1 savings or save with Pag-ibig MP2. P1 and MP2 also give higher dividend rates. About start of retirement: You can file for your retirement benefit after you turn 60 and if you’ll stop working or earning income when you turn 60. When you turn 65, SSS no longer considers whether you’re employed or not.

  44. I am now 59 years old and and will be turning 60 next year. Am I still qualified to apply and submit my application for FLEXI-FUND.Second question is that, I had been regularly updated of my SSS contribution (even I am working overseas)but i felt the regular contribution is small therefore I WANTED TO INCREASE MY CONTRIBUTION UP TO 1500 PESOS INSTEAD OF 1000 PESOS only. What will I do? 3rd question is, when is the start of my retirement? Is it when I am going to turn 60 by next year of 2016?

  45. Hi Malu, sorry you’re not allowed to withdraw your SSS contributions. You can only get back your contributions plus interest after you turn 60 years old. If you decide not to accumulate 120 contributions in order to qualify for pension, I hope you save in another pension fund there in Canada.

  46. Hi Ms. Nora. I’m here in Canada. My concern is I wish to get back my SSS contributions, but I’m still young and I have only around 84 monthly contributions. My plan is to withdraw my contributions and stop contributing. Can I claim it quickly when I get back there in Pinas and how do I apply? Thanks po 🙂

  47. Hi Irish, how many monthly contributions does he have at present? Is he nearing 120 monthly contributions? This is the total no. of contributions that he should have to qualify for pension. If he has paid for only a few years, can he wait for many more years to complete 10 years? If it’s only around a year or several months, maybe yes, he can continue paying to qualify for pension. But you should go to SSS with your father’s authorization letter, his SSS ID and your ID and ask about this because the mandatory age for retirement is 65, and he’s way past 65.

  48. Hi Ms. Nors My father is turning 70 yrs old this year. Can we continue paying his contributions? thanks. Irish

  49. Hi Hermie, if let’s say your pension started April 2015, the 18-month pension you advanced will cover April 2015 to Sep 2016. Your next monthly pension will be in October 2016.

  50. Hi! ms nora, My birth month is april and i received my 18 mos pension in august. When shall i receive the next monthly pension? Thank you.

  51. I’m already retired at 48 years old. I have been paying continuously for my SSS since I was hired in 1987,so that’s more than 120 contributions. My friends advised me that I could already stop remitting my sss voluntary contribution and I could just resume it when I reached 55.
    a. What would be the effect on the pension that I will receive if I follow their advise? Please provide me the pros and cons of not remitting my sss payment until i reach 55.
    b. My contribution for SSS when I was employed was P1760 per month (combined employee and employer), do i need to maintain paying this amount. Thank you.

  52. Hi Ben, what I’ve read is that if your father completed his 120 contributions only now, his pension will start only now, meaning after he completed his 120 contributions. He cannot get back pay for the years he was 60 to 77 because during those years, he did not yet complete the required 120 contributions. Ask others too

  53. gud pm po. My father will start having his pension because we have completed paying 120 contributions, but his age now is 78. Is there back pay? Isn’t it that the start of pension is at age 60 or 65? thanks

  54. Hi roseane, the instruction is to call SSS, but their line is always busy. Try calling at midnight or dawn hours. Or go to the nearest SSS branch.

  55. Gud pm ate nors i just wanna ask where can i retrieve my account on sss online i forgot my username and password even the email add that i used before upon registering

  56. Hi Jose, you can claim your pension when you turn 65 and at the same time, you can continue working if you like without violating any SSS law (pensioners aged 60 to 64.9 are prohibited from working). Based on this SSS pension information here (see last sentence), you can inform your employer you’re no longer subject to compulsory SSS deduction. Your total no. of contributions should be much much more than 120, as you started working at a young age. Later on after you’ve started getting your pension, ask if your pension already included the 1985-1989 records, and if not, file for manual verification of your 1985 to 1989 contributions.

  57. Jose S. San Agustin, Jr.

    I am an SSS member and shall be 65 years old next week. I am still employed and still paying my SSS monthly contributions? When will I stop paying my SSS monthly contributions? Am i entitled already to a pension? I have been working ever since as a young age, and must have paid more than 120 contributions to SSS in my life time.

    Shall i continue to pay my SSS contribution even after 65 years of age? When do i stop paying?

  58. Hi carmen, you visit the SSS website to look at the claim forms. There are also forms here:

  59. carmen deveza martinez

    I’d like to apply for my pension with SSS because I turned 66 on Feb 7 2014. Which website should I visit?

  60. hi ate nora my father died last march lng. ask ko lng po how much pension will my mother recieve to my father if he had 110 contribution only but he had a maximum 1560 contribution monthly or kung lump sum po magkano nman po… panu po ba ang computation sa ganito para my idea kami kahit papano… salamat po..

  61. Hi Grace, yes, I think so. The member can still file. The usual prescription period for claims is 10 years. But file asap, of course. Yes, SSS will give in lump sum the member’s pension for the years after he turned 65 years old.

  62. HI Nora, do you have info about late application for pension (8 years after) because the member was abroad. Will SSS give backpay for the time the member turned 65? Will they give in lump sum the 8 years worth of pension? Thanks!

  63. Hi bobby, sorry there’s no way you can get your lump sum from SSS if you’re less than 60. Only the permanently disabled can get theirs if younger than 60. You can apply for a salary loan if you’re an active member.

  64. hi mam nors how can i avail of my lump sum even if i’m not yet 65 years old; i’m only 42 years old

  65. Hi brian, he cannot yet get his pension because he’s still working. He can get his pension if he stops working (ages between 60 and 65). When he turns 65, he can get his pension while still working.

  66. hi po pwede na bang mag pension ang tatay ko na 63yrs old na kahit nagwowork pa siya o dapat magretired muna sya bago pension

  67. Hi Arthur, try your best to start paying your SSS loan, as the penalties are accumulating. Your delinquent loan amount plus interests/penalties will be deducted from your retirement benefits. You will have pension if you’ve paid 120 contributions or more by age 60 to 65. You can continue paying your contributions as Voluntary. Check the SSS contributions table and then decide your monthly contributions based on your income and how much you can pay every month. For your first payment as Voluntary, fill up the Declaration of Income portion of the RS5 form in 2 copies (keep this copy in your files).

  68. Hi maam nors natigil po monthly hulog ko s sss 24 years old ako at hindi ko din nbayaran yon niloan ko … 50 year old ako ngaun pde kba tuloy yon monthly contribution ko para mkavail ng sss pension? Ngpunta po ako sss branch 26k dw po,utang ko dahil s loan tagal at penalty ..mkkavail po ba ako ng pension khit m utang ako.? Mgkano po pde monthly contri ko ..thanks po

  69. Hi michael, sad to say, no, your uncle cannot get his pensions in advance as a lumpsum. This can only be done when he’s a NEW pensioner (lumpsum for the first 18 months). Ask others too

  70. morning po mam nors.puedi poba kuhanin ang lumpsum yung tito ko 84 yrs old na sya .habang nabubuhay pa sya.yung kahit hindi na sya kukuha ng monthley pensin? puedi po yun.? paano po ang gagwin

  71. Hi Abby, what I know is that SSS offers the 18-month advance pension only for new pensioners (only for the first 16 monthly pensions).

  72. Pwede po ba n if ever pang twice n nyang lump sum ‘to? First po kc yung yung 61 yrs. old sya. Now 64 yrs. old n sya. Pwd kaya po nya iadvance yun for the second time? Thank you po.

  73. Hi Abby, yes. In the Retirement Claim Application form, check Yes under “Do you want to receive the first 18 monthly pension in advance?”

  74. Hi Ma’am Nors!!!

    Ask ko lang po kung pwede ilump sum ng tatay ko yung pension nya for 1 1/2 yr.? Thank u po.

  75. Hi Agtnes, yes, puede na siyang mag-claim kahit this month, pero kung less than 120 contributions, hindi siya magpe-pension; lump sum lang ang makukuha niya. Go to SSS and ask for claim forms and list of documents. Among the documents would be birth certificate. Claim form:

  76. Agtnes A. De Sagun

    Good day po Ms. Nors. Ang father ko po ay 74 years old na this coming August. Naka pag contribute lang po sya ng more than 36 mos noon pong employed pa sya. Hindi na po nya pinagpatuloy ang pagbabayad. Ask ko lang po kung pwede na po kaya sya mag avail ng retirements benefits nya.. ano ano po mga requirements.

    Salamat po ng marami..

  77. Hi Angel, meron bang at least 120 posted contributions ang father mo? I-verify nio nga via verification slip, your father’s ID, your ID and his authorization letter authorizing you to inquire. I’m puzzled na hinahanapan siya ng BIR clearance sa company niya. Hindi naman ito kasama sa requirements na listed sa retirement claim form at sa SSS guidebook. At ano kaya ang relasyon ng SSS pension niya sa tax status ng former company niya? Ikaw ba ang nag-follow-up? Yon nga ba talaga ang dahilan?

  78. Angel Del Rosario

    Hello po mam… kanino po ako pwede mag ask ng assistance kasi un father ko 65 years old na di pa rin binibigay sa kanya un pension nya, actually un 60 yrs old pa lng sya hinihingi na nya kaso kelangan daw nila un clearance ng BIR sa company nya at closure ng company… Hindi po maprovide ng tatay ko kasi wala na yung mga papeles sa kanya at tinakbo na ng assistant nya… Sana po matulungan nyo kami.

  79. Hi Mike, 1 – Assuming she will have 5 years to enjoy her pension of the minimum, which is 1200, she will get in total 1200 x 12 x 5 = 72k plus 6k (5 13th month) = 78k. Plus 20k funeral benefit later on. 78k + 20k = 98k. Mas higher ba ang total pensions niya kesa na-contribute niya? Did she gain something? 2 – Lump sum = total of actual contributions plus interest 3 – Her spouse will have pension because she has paid at least 36 contributions. If there’s no longer a spouse, her children will get lumpsum (total contributions plus dividends); not pension because the children are already over 21 years old. Plus funeral benefit. 4 – Yes, but you need to fill out the Declaration of Earnings in the lower portion of the RS5 form (kasi she’s decreasing from more than 5k salary credit to lower than 5k).

  80. Hi Madam Nors and All,

    First of all nice and informative website…

    My questions lang po ako.

    My mom which is now age 73 have 56 contribution on SSS which amounting to less than 1K Php.

    1. Ask ko lang po advisable pa bang i enroll pa sya as voluntary member since 5+ years plus pa bagosya makaka tanggap ng pension which is around 79/80 na sya.

    2. If mag avail kami ng lumpsum mga how much kaya makukuha namin since almost 4 years lang sya nag contribute?

    3. Anu po mangyayari just in case kinuha na si inay bago pa matapos yung 120 contribution nya?

    4. if mag contribute ulit sya as voluntary ok lang ba yung monthly na 110? as of 2014 contribution table?

    Thanks you in advance sa pag reply

  81. Hi Alfredo, ang retirement age for all, OFW or not, ay 60. Eligible ka na for pension, so if you like to stop contributing, puede na. Pero meron good effect kapag ang last contributions mo ay maximum (1560 this 2013 or 1760 in 2014). Declare your income in the RS5 form if you increase your contribution by more than 2 brackets. The pension formula applicable to you would be: will be back

  82. Hello mam Nors,

    I Started paying SSS since 1991 hanggang sa kasalukuyan at I’m already 59 yeras old na. According to my contribution I already have a total of 366 months contributions, sa mga contributions kong ito ay may mga months na di ako nakapagbayad. I am an OFW and paying a voluntary contribution. Ang tanong ko ay pwede na ba akong tumigil sa pagbabayad at wait ko na lang ang aking pension age? Ano po ba ang age retirement ng OFW.


  83. Hi Jenneth, sorry you cannot yet claim your retirement benefit because you’re not yet 60 years old. And since you have more than 120 contributions, you will not get a lump sum benefit; what you will receive is pension. If you don’t have a primary beneficiary, your siblings will be your secondary beneficiaries.

  84. Hi

    Im 46 years old, currently employed. Based on my SSS record I already have 224 premium contributions. My question is If can file/claim my lump sum pension so I enjoin my benefit since I have no eligible beneficiary(Orphan and youngest amongst siblings). And just continue my contribution.
    Thank you

  85. Hi rosalie, tama yong nakausap mo sa SSS na dapat self-employed ka kasi magsisimula ka pa lang na magbayad. Pareho din naman ang contribution ng self-employed at voluntary, depende lang sa i-declare mo na income. Kung gusto mo yong lowest contribution, yong 104, sabihin mo 1k to 1200 lang a month ang income mo. Ito yong table of SSS contribution
    Ang Voluntary ay yong dati nang nagbabayad as Employed or OFW, so hindi ka puedeng Voluntary kasi ngayon ka pa lang magsisimula to pay. Kelangang meron kang RS1 form (self-employed form) na approved and stamped by SSS para tama ang start mo with SSS. God bless din

  86. hi nor,matagal na akong nakakuha ng SSS no.i think 1997 pero hindi ko pa ito nahuhulugan now 2013 n naisip ko na ituloy,nagpachange muna ako ng surname bec.i have a husband and 3 ng nag fill up nko ask ni la kung my pinagkikitaan ako sabi ko small store lang and then sabi nila self employed pla my voluntary pa kasi sobrang liit lang talaga ng store nayun bka hindi kodin makaya ang totoo plain housewife lang din normally ako,pwede ko bang ibahin na maging voluntary ako dahil ipapamember ko din yung kuya ko wala din syang sapat na kinikita dahil nagkasakit sya sa pagiisip non at sure kong ako din ang magbbayad ng contribution nya thanks sa time mo GOD BLESS

  87. Good pm po mam nors, ako po ay 65 years old na po at nka tpos na po ako, at nka 120 na po akong hulog sa sss, ako po ay natapos mag hulog nung May 2013, gusto ko pong mag avail nang pension pero hindi ko po alam kung ano ang dpat kong ihanda at kailan ko pwedeng ipasa ang file ko sa SSS, sana po ay mabigyan nio po ako nang ipormasyon…Marami pong salamat..

  88. Hi Glenn, your contributions are in your record, as long as you’re using the same SSS no. About 3 days after paying using RS5 form at an SSS coounter or Bayad Center, enroll in My.SSS so you can track your contributions. See if you have a Date of Coverage. Use your active email address.

  89. Hi Ms. Nors,

    I just want to ask if my previous contributions are included because I stopped from paying for a couple of years and now I started to pay my contributions again?

  90. Hi Iyam, sorry hindi puede. Your father needs to wait for the 40th month to pass in real time before he can file a claim for his pension. This means he can file in late 2016 or early 2017. Please ask others too.

  91. Hi. ask ko lang, yung father ko nag file siya ng form to continue his contributon kase may 80mos contribution sya. Ask ko lang kung bayaran nya agad yung 40mos remaining pwede na po ba siya mag file ng pension? salamat po. =)

  92. Hi gwyneth, yes, you can stop contributing if you’re voluntary. But if you’re employed, it’s best to continue paying…sayang naman yong share ng employer. Also employers are mandated to deduct and pay SSS. will get back to give a link…

  93. Hi! Just few inquiries about 120 contributions in SSS. What if I already have 127 contributions at the age of 38.. Can I stop paying the contributions na po? or I still need to continue paying SSS monthly until I reach the age of 60?
    Any advantages po if my contributions will be more than 120?
    Thanks po 🙂

  94. Hi Gemma, the SSS officer should have explained that paying the total amount computed means paying the premiums IN ADVANCE…that your parents will reach their 120th contribution in 2017 and in 2019, respectively, so doon lang sila puedeng mag-file ng claim for their pension. Siguro nag-advise ng advance payments para siguro wala na kayong iisiping babayaran monthly. But many SSS officers do not advise advance payments, kasi may possibility na mag-increase pa ang mga premiums, so magkakaroon ng underpayment or overpayment and these payments will be put on hold, and not posted.
    Also, advance payments cannot be counted when computing pensions, kasi kung ganon…lahat na mag-advance payments para magpension na agad, which is not feasible for any public pension program.

  95. Hello Sir/Madam:

    My mother and father are both over 65 years with less than 120 contributions. I went to asked for the computations of how much would be the total amount for each of them to complete their 120 months contributions. I got the amount and I am willing to pay for this amount. Its over 12,000 pesos. They told us that if we pay this amount, then my parents can have their ss pension monthly benefits: 2017 for my father and 2019 for my mother. My question is: why do they need to wait for that long if we can complete the 120 months required payments and they are on their 75 and 73 respectively. Please clarify this matter for me.

    Thank you so much. I would appreciate if u can give me a feedback asap.


  96. Hi jesa, it’s sad that the branch where you filed is not efficient. But it’s good that SSS emailed you back. There were some who commented here that they didn’t receive a reply to their emails.

  97. hay nako ms nors, alam nio po ba nag email ako sa sss and nagreply nman po sila, kaso ang sabe wala pa daw po sa records nila. dpa daw na file ng branch. nakakalungkot lang kase inexpect ko na dadating na.un pala kelangan ko pa ulit pumunta sa branch na un at i followup, e sila na nagsabi na 30 days lang ang process, grabe talaga.

  98. Hi jesa, puedeng call SSS, pero sabi ng mga tumatawag lagi raw busy kahit non-peak hours. Puede ring pumunta ka sa branch where you filed

  99. mam nors, san ko po pwede i follow up ung claim ko?

  100. Hi jesa, I think that means hindi pa encoded ang claim mo. Baka mahaba ang pila ng papers. Kasi kung na-evaluate na, dapat nakalagay Denied due to…. or meron nang check details….or For evaluation.

  101. good am, ms. nors ang nakalagay po dun no maternity benefits. pano po un?

  102. Hi jesa, click Online Inquiry, then Benefit, then Maternity Benefit– makikita mo claim no., delivery date, days, amount paid, status, status date

  103. ms nors san po mkikita kung settled na po ung benefits/ nka enrol npo ko online,tnx!

  104. Hi jesa, have you enrolled in online SSS (My.SSS)? Enroll so you can check your maternity benefit. How to enroll in online SSS Nakalagay don kung Settled na ang benefit mo (so just wait for your registered mail), or wala pang na-encode. Or Denied due to….. (so wait for your documents via postal mail, correct defect and re-file). Or puede mong i-follow-up sa branch, dalhin mo lang acknowledgment stub mo and ID mo.

  105. pwede ko po ba ifollow up sa branch kung naprocess na ung mat.2?

  106. ms.nors, ano po ba ung mga possible na reason bakit dpa processed ung papers ko? nung nagfile po ko according to them 1month lang ung process and they didn’t tell me naman kung may kulang sa docs na pina sa ko.

  107. Hi jesa, I think if your MAT2 is not yet encoded in your online account, it means your papers are yet to be processed. You can call SSS 920-6446 to 55 during non-peak hours.

  108. ms. nors, ask ko lang kung san ko pwede i follow up kung na approve ba ung mat.2 ko? kase ung sa online registration ko hindi nman po updated e,tnx po!

  109. Hi sonny, yes, you should continue paying. Sayang naman yong SSS share ng employer mo kung irereject mo. The more years you contribute, the higher would be your pension. You can file your your pension claim when you turn 60. Do you have to continue paying your SSS contribution?

  110. Hi po itatanung kolang po kung pwedi mag apply ng sss yung kapatid ko nag drive po sya ng tricycle at pwedi po ba one year fullpaid kisa buwanan ang hulog??? pano po ba mag bayad ng sss buwan buwan?

  111. HI do i had to continue paying my SSS contribution even do i complete 120 contribution i am 41 yrs only and still working when can i have my sss pension

  112. Hi Mae, yes, that’s how I understood the SSS circular, and also the application form rules at the back. But you need to file the Application form on or before July 1, 2013. Please check the application form for 65 years old and above.

  113. They are exempted from the No. 2 and No. 3 requirements above. This is because they turned 65 years old before the new rule was created.

    Miss Nors does this mean even if my tita is 68 yrs old and less than 50+ pa lang yung months ng contributions nya, she can continue paying until she reach 120?

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