Can Filipino Immigrants Register to be Philippine SSS Members?

Can a Filipino immigrant register to be a member of the Philippine SSS?

Someone asked this question again today, and since I often see similar questions, I decided to make a post to answer it.

I’m 40 years old, migrated from the Philippines to the US when I was younger, and now a US citizen. I plan to register with SSS when I vacation there. Is this possible? What are the requirements? Can I make my wife and child as beneficiaries even if they’re US citizens?

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Yes, you can register to become a Philippine SSS member when you get here.

You’ll register as OFW, meaning ang membership type or category mo ay OFW. The SSS has grouped overseas Filipinos with OFWs.

Republic Act No. 11199 known as the Social Security Act of 2018
SEC. 9-B. Compulsory Coverage of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)(g) Filipino permanent migrants, including Filipino immigrants, permanent residents and naturalized citizens of their host countries may be covered by the SSS on a voluntary basis.


*Meron ding nagtanong nito, kaya i-explain ko lang na yong “voluntary” na word sa statement above ay ibig sabihin na hindi compulsory ang SSS membership sa mga overseas Filipinos na permanent residents or citizens ng ibang bansa. Hindi ibig sabihin na “Voluntary” ang membership category nila. Ang membership type nila is OFW, kasi naigrupo sila sa mga OFWs.


SSS opens another office in Canada
08 August 2017More than 250,000 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) residing in the western provinces of Canada may now visit the newly opened Social Security System (SSS) foreign extension office located at the office of the Philippine Consulate General (PCG) in Calgary to inquire, file, or avail themselves of the services offered by the pension fund.The services cater to Filipino migrant workers and overseas Filipinos, including former Filipinos who are now Canadian citizens, with or without dual-citizenship


From an SSS brochure titled:
Overseas Filipino Workers SSS Coverage ProgramWho are covered under this program?
All overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are not over 60 years old (up to 60th birthday) with the following types:
. Recruited in the Philippines by a foreign-based employers for employment abroad;
. Having a source of income in a foreign country; or
. Residing permanently in a foreign country


What are the requirements for SSS registration?

  1.  Birth certificate, issued by a Philippine local civil registrar or by the PSA (formerly NSO)
  2.  Valid ID (puede ang US-government-issued ID) or passport

Present original and photocopy.

If you don’t have above documents, merong supporting documents listed in the SSS Personal Record Form that you will fill up.

Here’s a copy of the SSS Personal Record Form, which you will accomplish and sign.

Can I register my wife and child, who are US citizens, as my beneficiaries?

Yes. Present your marriage certificate and your child’s birth certificate. (Original and photocopy)

If above marriage certificate and birth certificate are issued in the U.S. because you got married there and your child was born there, you need to have these authenticated at the Philippine consulate that has jurisdiction over the place where you live in the USA or at any SSS Foreign Office in the US.

Philippine Embassy and Consulates in the USA

Philippine Consulates in the USA

You can visit the website of the Philippine consulate that covers your residence and look for instructions on how to process the authentication of your documents.

For example or reference, see the Los Angeles Consulate’s instructions on document authentication.

For personal documents that you yourself have written, like affidavits, authentication is done in person.

For public documents or those issued by federal, state, county or city governments, these can be sent to the Consulate that has jurisdiction over your area through the USPS for authentication. But you need to visit your consulate’s websites to know their instructions and procedures or call your consulate.

Here’s another link to see the SSS brochure titled: Overseas Filipino Workers SSS Coverage Program


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