SSS Payment Deadlines for SSS Contributions and Loans

Updated Feb 2013:

Here are the new SSS payment deadlines for contributions and salary loans:

SSS Payment Deadlines for Voluntary and Self-Employed Members

Your payment deadline for a particular month or quarter is the 10th,
15th, 20th, 25th or last day of the following month, depending on the last digit of your
SSS no.

If the last digit of your SSS no. is:

1 or 2 — your deadline is the 10th day of the following month
3 or 4 15th day of the following month
5 or 6 20th day of the following month
7 or 8 25th day of the following month
9 or 0 —Β last day of the following month

For example, your SSS no. is 08-7878780-5, your last digit is 5, so your payment deadline is the 20th day of the following month.

If you’re paying for the month of June, your deadline is July 20.
If you want to pay for the 1st quarter (Jan, Feb, Mar), your deadline is April 20.
If you’re paying for the 2nd quarter (April, May, June), your deadline is July 20.

If the payment deadline falls on a holiday, Sunday or Saturday, you can still pay on the next working day, but not later.

SSS Form for Paying

Use the SSS RS-5 form — Contributions Payment Return. You can ask for this form at any SSS branch. You can pay over-the-counter at SSS cashier counters, Bayad Centers, SM Business Centers and accredited banks. Most of the time, there are RS5 forms available at Bayad Centers and SM Business Centers.
Payment Deadlines for OFWs

If you’re an OFW, you’re special. You have extended deadlines.

Anytime from January to December of the current year, you can pay for any month or months of the current year.

For example, we’re in the month of June, and you want to pay for the months of Jan to June, you can.

Another example: if it’s already September, and you have not paid for the months of Jan to June, you can still pay these months.

For the months of October, November and December (4th quarter): you can still pay these months until January 31 of the following year.

Note about using retroactive payments for benefit claims:

You CANNOT use retroactive payments for sickness, disability or maternity benefits if these events already occurred BEFORE YOU PAID.

Example: You gave birth in November. You learned that as an OFW, you can still pay for January to June, so you pay for these months to be able to file a maternity claim. This is not allowed. Your payments will be posted, but you will not be eligible for maternity benefit.

But if you paid January to June BEFORE you gave birth, you are qualified for maternity claim, even if you paid retroactively, as long as you paid BEFORE giving birth.

SSS Circular No. 32-P, signed by SSS President and CEO Corazon S. De La Paz, Nov 15, 2006:

…No contribution paid retroactively shall be used in the computation of any benefit arising from a contingency that preceded the date of payment of the retroactive contribution…

SSS Educational Loan, College and Vocational, 2012

Chart of SSS Contributions

Updated: January 3, 2017 — 12:21 pm


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  1. Hello Ms. Nora, May I ask your opinion regarding below illustrations, if which is better / correct:

    Cut off Date Payment Date Deduction Date Deadline of Remittance
    July 1 – 15 July 20 July 20 August 10
    July 16 – 31 August 5

    Cut off Date Payment Date Deduction Date Deadline of Remittance
    July 1 – 15 July 20 August 5 August 10
    July 16 – 31 August 5

    Thank you in advance.

  2. hi po Ms Nora

    Employed po ako pero nagbayad po ako ng SSS loans through Bayad Center LBC. Informed naman po si employer na OTC ako magbabayad kasi they are having issues with their system. Nakapagbayad na po ako sa Bayad Center about 7 days ago pero hindi pa rin po posted yung payment ko online? Ano po ba ang best advice dyan? Should I wait or should I go to the nearest SSS branch along with my receipt? Any advice po. Thank you

  3. Hi! Ms. Nora may tanong po ako pano po na imbes yong condonation loan ang nabayaran q eh contribution yong nabayaran ko pwede pa ba yong mapatransfer sa condonation loan ko? Kase yong company ko po ang nagbabayad sa sa contribution ko nagstart po akong magkamali sa pagbayad nung month pa ng november hanggang febuary, ilanf araw po ang transfer process?

  4. Hi Rosalie, you can pay every month. At Bayad Center, payment deadline is the last day of the current month. You can also pay for several months in advance. At SSS, payment deadline is extended, depending on the last digit of your SSS number. Please see the chart above. If you pay quarterly, payment deadline is last day of the quarter. For example, for Jan to March 2018, at Bayad Center, payment deadline is March 31, 2018.

  5. How Many months is required to pay for our contribution?

  6. Hello mam, di po kc ako nakabayad ng salary loan ko nitong due date (dec. 10), bale sa loan reconstruction program po iyun. Ask ko lng po kung magkano po kaya ang penalty kung babayaran ko din po within this month. Salamat po.

  7. I want to verify if I can personally pay for my monthly contribution? I work before in private company but i resigned. Now I’m working together with friends company. I want to continue my contribution? should I change it for self employed or just continue the payments monthly?
    The range of my salary is just 12,000.00. How much should i pay directly on the counter?

  8. Hi ask ko lng po’ my last payment sss contributions as a voluntary is on July2017, pwde ko po bng maisa yung hulog ang bayad august to october 2017. Pls reply tnx

  9. Hi steph, pa-xerox mo yong 2 receipts mo for October 2016 then go to your SSS branch and request for correction of posting of contributions. Para sure, magsulat ka na rin sa isang bond paper ng iyong request. Write the receipts numbers, amounts paid and dates paid and your request na maipost sa November 2016 yong isa mong October 2016 payment.

  10. Hi po! na double po yong payment ko noong october 2016 na dapat november 2016 po yong applicable date ng payment kaya naging dalawa na yong payment ko ng october at wala po akong payment ng november. ano po gagawin ko para maitama po ito?

  11. Hello. It seems that I just missed the deadline for my quarterly payment (April-June by two days(?). Money was (still is) really tight. And I am no OFW. I am classified as a voluntary payer. Is there no way really that I can still pay for those months or the past quarter? I can, at least, make the payment now. Thank you.

  12. Hi Joan, yes, surely mababawasan ang interest if you pay more in less time. Hindi na flat rate ang gamit ng SSS; they now use the reducing balance formula. Yong natitirang balance na ang kino-compute nila, so less balance, less interest. Para makita mo yong outstanding balance mo as you pay more, enroll in SSS online. You can check when your loan payments are posted, and their effect on your balance.

  13. Hi Ms Nora, nagloan ako sa SSS last Feb. First monthly amortization ko na this month. I am just wondering kung halimbawa matapos ko yung paghuhulog ng mas maaga sa 24 months (by paying more than the computed monthly amortization), mababawasan kaya yung interest? One more thing, OFW ako, alam ko na yung paghulog ng contribution pwede lump sum. Does it apply to loan payment too? Para sana makatipid sa charges. Like bayaran ko na yung April-Dec 2017 monthly loan payment.
    Thanks in advance!

  14. Hi Rowena, puede pa, dapat magbayad ka na sa Monday. Sa SSS branch dapat. Monday is your deadline if the last digit of your SSS number is 1 or 2. If 3 or 4, puede pa up to 15th. Pag 5 or 6, puede pa up to 20th. Pag 7 or 8, puede pa up to 25th. Pag 9 0r 0, puede pa up to end of April.

  15. if i missed to pay march will it be possible for me to pay it this april?

  16. Ask ko lng meron bng mku2hang tulong ang family kung yung anak ng isang ofw nmatay yung anak.pnu at san pedeng mg apply anu mga kylangan tnks.

  17. hi mam .. ask lang po bakit ganun ang baba po ata ng salary loan ko 2900 lang? tapos nagpaestimate ako ng MAternity benefits ko 6k lng dw? 330 po contribution ko., naghulog naman ako before ako magbuntis.. tnx

  18. Hi mel, yes, but look at your deadline, depending on the last digit of your SSS no., and look for an SSS branch that accepts payments. Bayad Center does not accept payments if they need to look at SSS digits. Here are SSS payment deadlines. Yes, according to SSS policy, your loan balance should be deducted from your maternity benefit. But there have been cases when the loan balance was not deducted (maybe there was a system glitch).

  19. Hi ms nora. Can I pay quarterly month of july aug sept? This october? I have remaining loan balance. If I file mat1, will my maternity benefit be reduced by my loan? Thanks

  20. Hi Tin, sad to say, you’ll not be allowed to pay for those months. There are payment deadlines. Anyway, you have lots of time to accumulate 120 or more contributions to qualify for pension.

  21. Hi! I just wanna ask if I can still pay the months were i don’t have the contribution because i stopped working between Feb-Aug 2013. Is there a way I can pay those months so ill have the complete monthly payments appearing on my contributions? Thank you!

  22. Hi sally, the deadlines stayed the same even after the USB submission was launched. Companies remit employees’ loan payments to SSS every month (only the total amount and name of company appear), but the loan collection list, where the employees’ names appear, is submitted to SSS every quarter, not every month, per SSS rules, so SSS is able to know the names of employees who paid only after every quarter.

  23. Hi Ms Nora, I’m paying my salary loan in time through my company but the sss is superlate in posting. I thought if USb is used, posting will be faster, but still it takes 3 months. what are the rules in paying through USB?

  24. Hi Edwin, if you don’t have cutoffs for payroll computation, and you paid your new employee his 3-day work on July 31, then your employer pays the new employee’s SSS for July. But if you have cutoffs, like paying employees on the 30th their work from 11th to 25th of the month, then you don’t need to pay for July because your new employee will get his first salary on August 15, meaning your new employee did not receive any income in July.

  25. Hi michelle, there is no SSS maternity loan. There’s maternity benefit. If you paid 3 or more contributions within July 2014 to June 2015, you’re qualified for maternity benefit. File asap your maternity notification at SSS (MAT1) with your ultrasound report or cert of pregnancy from your OB. MAT1 should be filed before delivery. File your MAT2 after giving birth. Pay at least 1 contribution to SSS so your status will change from Employed to Voluntary, and so SSS will not require you documents from your former employer when you file MAT2.

  26. If a new employee started work on July 29, and the payroll dates of the company are August 15 and Aug. 30, does the employer need to pay SSS contribution for the month of July?

  27. Good afternoon can I apply for a maternity loan even if I have an existing loan. feb was my last contribution as I resigned. Need to have bed rest. due is october. It’s been 5 months I have not contributed. Pls help me. thanks

  28. Hi Grace, sorry, you’re already late. You could have paid in July, with the deadline depending on the last digit of your SSS no. If your SSS no. ends in 1 or 2, your deadline was July 10, if it ends in 9 or 0, your deadline was July 31. But ask SSS.

  29. Hi Grace, sorry, you’re already late. You could have paid in July, with the deadline depending on the last digit of your SSS no. If your SSS no. ends in 1 or 2, your deadline was July 10, if it ends in 9 or 0, your deadline was July 31.

  30. Hi Mrs Nora. I haven’t paid my april.may.june. 2015 for my quarterly sss contributions, can I pay it this August 2015?

  31. Hi Tr, you need to remit loan payments on or before your monthly SSS remittance deadline (depends on the 10th digit of your employer SSS no.), the same deadline with your contribution remittance deadline. Then submit your collection list on or before your quarterly deadline. You can see this rule at the back of the SSS salary loan form, and on the lower portion of the loan payment form.

  32. Hi mrs Nora good morning! about sss salary loan po, as an employer how do I do amortization for employees once I have started the deductions? Shall I remit the payment immediately to sss or is it until I have collected all, then remit the total to sss?

  33. Hi Melanie, yes, wait for your June payment to get posted before you reapply, and if this is your first time to apply for an SSS salary loan, make sure you have at least 36 posted contributions, with 6 contributions paid within the past 12 months.

  34. Hi Melanie, payment made at SSS cashier counters and Bayad Centers are posted the fastest.

  35. Ms nora when i checked my loan eligibility, it showed july 2015 but came july and I was told I’m not yet allowed to file my loan application because my June payment through my employer has not yet been posted. Can i still reapply for new loan? Thank you’

  36. Ms nora if i pay over the counter when can i expect the payment to post? Which channel or bank will post the soonest? Turn around time for the payment to post? Thank you!

  37. hi Mam ask ko lng panu kinocompute ang penalty for regular employers for the late submission of contributions. like ang due date is may 10 pero nabayad ng may 15? panu po ang computation?

  38. Hi gloria, your semester of contingency is Oct 2014 to March 2015, so SSS will look for 3 contributions within Oct 2013 to Sep 2014. If you have 3, then you can file your claim. If none, you are no longer allowed to pay contributions for 2014. There are deadlines for paying SSS contributions.

  39. hi mrs nora i Just wanna ask if i can still get my SSS maternity benefit. my last contribution is march 2015 And in 2014 I stopped working. I gave birth march 2015. prΓ©maturΓ©. Can I still get my maternity? tell me what to do, if I need to pay for 2014. thanks

  40. Hi rodelio, you can pay your SSS at Skyfreight, Ventaja, IRemit, Telemoney and their remittance partners. Write your name, SSS no., amount and months to be paid. Some of the partners there are Enjaz, Al Rajhi, NCB Quick Pay, ABS CBN E-Money Plus Inc. or TFCMyRemit, Citi Express, Kapamilya, APEX Forwarders
    After 3 to 5 days, register at so you can check your payments from time to time:

  41. Dito po ako sa Jeddah KSA,sanpo ako pwedeng hulugan yung SSS KO.?

  42. Ms, i’m here in Jeddah, can i pay my contributions at remittance shops here? i don’t know whom i will address for sss pilipinas.

  43. Hi Rachelle, you can ask BPI EUrope to help you open an account with BPI Philippines.

  44. Hi! i want to open a peso savings account but I am in UK. I am going to use it for my SSS maternity claim. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

  45. Hi Nic, if the last digit of your SSS no. is 0 or 9, you can still pay for July to Sep, until today only (Oct 31). And pay at SSS; bayad centers do not accept payments like these.
    If you give birth in May or June 2015, SSS will look for at least 3 contributions within Jan to Dec 2014 and your 6 highest salary credits. You said you’re Voluntary — do you have a Date of Coverage? Or did you contribute as employed before?

  46. hello ms. nors, good morning. I’m a vouluntary member and just found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant. my last contribution was Feb.2014. I intend to pay this qtr (oct – nov.2014) to update my contributions. i just would like to ask if i can still pay for the previous qtr (july-sept 2014)or the months I missed (march, april, may, june). If yes, can i do this at a bayad center? or do i have to pay directly at sss? thanks in advance for your assistance.

  47. Hi Ms. Nora thank you very much for your great help. God bless πŸ™‚

  48. Hi cha, file your MAT1 asap, even if you haven’t paid your loan yet.
    Yes, pay off your delinquent salary loan because if not paid, your loan balance will be deducted from your maternity benefit.
    Yes, you can borrow again after you pay off your delinquent balance. You can check if you’re eligible for a new loan through your online SSS account.

  49. Hi Ms. Nora, would just like to ask, delinquent payer for ako ng aking salary loan. pero babayaran ko po sna partially. tapos mag file po ako ng Mat 1 since im pregnant. Pwede po kaya yun? and pwede din po kaya ako na pagkabayad ko ng balance ko mag loan po ulit ako then file ng mat 1 ko? pls. answer.. salamat po πŸ™‚

  50. Hi may-ann, you’re already late for April to June 2014. For July 2014, you can still pay it if the last digit of your SSS no. is 7. 8, 9 or 0. Check the deadlines above.

  51. is it possible to pay my april-july 2014 contributions as voluntary? tnx

  52. Hi anne, your employer can remit past payments to SSS by paying penalties. You and your fellow employees should ask your employer to remit your contributions. I hope there are employees there who are able to risk getting harassed and losing their jobs so they can report your employer to SSS.

  53. hala we’ll no longer get back the contributions our employer has been deducting from our salaries since 2012. They’re just deducting and deducting but not remitting. It’s only now I came to know that there are payment deadlines

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  55. Hi chayette, yes, you’re eligible for SSS maternity benefit. Have you filed your MAT1?

  56. hi po ms nora…last contribution ko po october 2013…kumpleto po hulog ko from jaunary to october 2013…nag stop po ako s work november…ngaun po EDD ko sa september…nagbayad po ako sss april may june as voluntary, availk ko po ba maternity benefits ko?salamat po

  57. Hi Aldwin, sorry but you’re already past your payment deadline. Bayad Center/SM Business Center will no longer accept your payment. I’m not sure if it’s viable, but if you like, you can try paying at an SSS branch today or tomorrow.

  58. Hi Maam, namiss ko kasi ung quarterly deadline ng sss contributions ko (voluntary) last July 15. Is there any way para mabayaran ko pa yung april,may, and june? Thanks!

  59. Hi ask ko lng po wat po need n requirement if im gonna pay it tru bayad center ng sss loan? Delingquet payer po ako. And meron po b cut off date o deadline wen it comes to sss loan since delingquet payer po ako like every 20th o 10th? I plan it to pay it half and renew after posting pde po b un since 2011 p po un cheque ko? Un po tnks po and more power God bless

  60. Hi jinny, I responded to you here:

  61. Can i avail of maternity benefit even if i am a delinquent payer? I became a member in 2007. I paid diligently from 2007 to 2011. On 2011 i stopped working & enrolled in masteral studies. Last 2012 i was employed again in a local government unit, however i was employed on a contractual basis only thus no contributions for Sss were made..or can i just pay retroactively to avail?

  62. Hi maf, yes, you can pay at Bayad Center and check Voluntary. When your payment is posted, your status will automatically change to “From Employed to Voluntary”. Register at so you can track your status

  63. Mam good day po ask ko po sana uf i want to continue paying for my contribution as a vluntary member klangan pa po ba punta ako sa sss office pra mgpachange from employed to voluntary or can i just pay sa mga bayad centers and check the voluntary box. Salamat po.sana mareply nyo ako.

  64. Hi rhoann, are you with HR or accounting? Are you referring to the SSS R3 or LMS program. If yes, sorry I’m not very familier with that program. Check your manual again.

  65. morning ask q lng po bakit d aq mka post ng payment namin,snasbi out of bracket daw ang contibution nmin,,bkit po gnun???

  66. Hi MJ, yes, you can pay at Bayad Center for your aunt. Was she employed before? And did her employer remitted her contributions? I asked because I want to be sure she’s properly registered before you pay. She can check this SSS contributions table. What was her last SSS contribution when she was employed?

  67. Good day mam cora.. pwede ba mag hulog sa bayad center ng SSS voluntary member.. sa tita ko kasi ung huhulugan ko. pwede ba ako ang mag hulog para sa kanya??? at pano malalaman kung mag kano ang hulog nia per month.. salamat po..

  68. Hi brigitte, if you paid at least 3 contributions within Oct 2012 to Sep 2013, you’re eligible and you can try filing. Include in your MAT2 docs your MAT1 and ultrasound report and include a letter explaining why you were unable to file your MAT1 before your delivery. And then pray that it will be approved.

  69. Hello mam nora,
    Just wanna ask if i can still avail of my sss benefit.i have paid my sss contribution for almost 3 years but then i have resigned last april 2013 then i did not continue to pay for my sss contribution for almost 1 year. I gave birth via CS on january 2014. Tanung ko po if i can still aply for my maternity sss benefit kahit sobrang late due to some personal reason.

  70. @mam nora thanks for your reponse..oct 2012 pa po ung last loan ko sa sss im hoping mk renew ak pndagdag po sa panganganak ni misis more power po mam nore will keep you posted pr narin sa mga readers nyo…

  71. Hi Gene, thanks a lot for appreciating my blog. Makes me happy. About your loan payment, I’ve observed that it takes time, about 1 to 2 weeks, before the payment is deducted from the outstanding balance. There’s a 2nd requirement for loan renewal — at least 1 year should have passed since the check was issued. Has 1 year passed since your loan check date?
    About loan amount, we have a better answer here: SSS Loan Amount Thanks again, Gene.

  72. Hi po Maam Nor,
    Nag sign up po ako sa at successful po ang pag sign up ko.

    Nang mag log in po ako sa ay invalid daw po ang user id at password ko..

    Nang nag try nako sa forget my user Id, pina type ang email ad ko,
    nang tinype ko ang email ad ko, not existing daw po.

    Ang ginawa ko nag sign up po ako ulit pero hindi na tatangapin dahil existing na daw po ang sss number, name ko at ang email add ko…

    Ano po ba ang dapat komg gawin?
    Thank you maam..

  73. Hi Ms. Nora

    This will be one of my favorite blog hehe..I would suggest if you can create an FB page as well i mean if you have time po..I want to appreciate you mam nora for helping others thank you!

    Now my question is i have pad my salary directly to SSS para ma renew ko ung loan ko as per SSS pwede mo na irenew ung loan mo as long as nbayaran mo na ung half now yung binayad ko po will complete only half of the remaining balance, ngappear po xa sa online as loan OTC payment kelan po kaya xa mcrecredit sa salary loan balance ko para po mkrenew na ako?? Also How much po kaya ang amount for a 2nd time loan??

    Thanks po mam nora

  74. Hi shiela, I wish you started Apr 2014. Your semester of contingency is July to Dec 2014, so this means you should have at least 3 monthly contributions within the prior 12-month period of July 2013 to June 2014. You had only 2 contributions (May and June 2014) so you don’t qualify. Ask others too

  75. Hi po! Ask ko lng po kung pwede ako mag apply for Maternity, May 2014 po ako nag start mg hulog until June 2014. Self employed po ako.
    December 15, 2014 pa po ako manganganak.

  76. Hi Jezzylle, here’s a list of SSS collectors in UAE. Since your loan is already delinquent, you can pay any amount, but it should be higher than your monthly amortization. The higher amount, the better. You can track your loan payments and their effect on your loan balance if you have an online SSS account. Register at

  77. Hi Ms.Nora,

    Im currently working po dito sa UAE need your help with regards to my pending loan,i left the company last 2012 po,tapos nagloan ako.. It’s been 2 years now po na hindi ko sya nababayaran.. Please help me kung paano ko sya mbbayaran?salamat po

  78. Hi valeriano, since you’re delinquent already, you can pay any amount every month. The bigger amount, the better. To see your balance, you can go to SSS and ask. Or you can register online at and check your loan balance and payment posting from time to time.

  79. mam loan po ng 10,000 peso s SSS last 2007 p so till now hindi p po ako nakakapaghulog so ask ko lng po if mgkno nba ang bbyaran ko in total pra mkpaghulog ulit ako.

  80. Hi Gigi, at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. No, you don’t need to bring a copy of your receipt to SSS. These payment centers remit quickly to SSS, but posting of loan payments takes several days.

  81. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Good Day! Would like to inquire if where I can pay my SSS Salary loan aside from SSS Office. Second, after payment, do I have to bring it to SSS office for them to receive the payment return or no need na po.

    Thank you and hoping for your kind assistance. God bless!

  82. Hi helen, sad to say, but SSS needs your cert of separation, cert of non-advancement of mat benefit and L501 sheets. Affidavits are accepted if the company is no longer existing. Think of a friend still working in your company who might be able to help you ask HR about the papers, and so she can send you those papers through postal mail. Or you call your former HR and ask if you can send a relative to go there and ask your papers in your behalf. God bless too

  83. good day!. ask ko lang po if i would be entitled for maternity benefit? i was employed from april-september 2013..then nag voluntary npo ako starting february 2014 up to present..i gave birth this may 26, 2014 with twins, i already filled the mat1 and mat2 po but theyre asking me for separation certificate from my previous there any other way po..kasi sa manila pa ung employer ko and nsa province ako. i cannot travel pa po advive ng o.b ko kasi cs ako..hope you could help..thnx..godbless!!

  84. Hi leslie, sorry, you cannot pay for past years. There are deadlines for contribution payments.

  85. good day maam, just wanna ask kung pwedi ba ibackpay ung mga previous years na hindi nabayaran sa sss contributions? bale voluntary member na po status ko tnx maam

  86. Hi Ms. Nora! If now pa lang ako mag aapply ng SSS and manganganak ako sa August 2014, pwede ko po bang magamit yun benefits ko sa maternity kung magbabayad ako ng annual or semi annual? thanks po! sana matulungan nyo po ako.

  87. Hi RM, yes, you can pay at Bayad Center in installments. Then monitor your online account. By the way, did you check your last pay slip? Was there really no deduction for your loan? I asked because posting of your loan payment and updating of your loan balance could have been delayed.

  88. Hi Freedom, it’s better if you pay at the nearest SSS branch since you’re paying a relatively big amount. But if you’re very busy, you can pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. Double check your name, SSS no. and amount in your receipt. If your receipt is the kind whose ink disappears after a while, xerox your receipt.

  89. good day.

    nag loan po kasi ako dati sa company ko, then I resigned last January.

    apparently akala ko deducted na sa backpay ko ung loan ko, pero nung tiningnan ko ung account ko (papagawa po kasi ako ng card) eh may 10,000+ pa ako na loan.

    I am now currently working sidelines, pwede ko ba bayaran ng pakonti konti ung loan ko sa mga bayad center?


  90. Hi Po ask ko lng po pwede po ba ako mgbyad over the counter tru bayad centers? may loan po kse ako then ang laki na ng interest kse recently ko lng nlaman na yung previous employer ko hnde xa kinaltas sa last pay ko.

    so im planning to pay it na lng, do i need to pay directly ba sa sss or khit bayad centers will do na?

  91. Hi,

    Ask ko lng po may loan ako from my previous job way back 2009 and i recently found out na hnde pla nila kinaltas sa last pay ko yung niloan ko, so ngayon ang laki na ng penalty. Can I just pay it over the counter even sa mga Business/Bayad centers? From 15k kse na loan ko ngyon almost 30k na sya πŸ™ so pra hnde na lumaki ng lumaki interest bayaran ko na lng xa, pero kelangan ba sa SSS mismo ako mgbayad?

  92. Hi Gie, puedeng Affidavit of Income. Monthly income should not be more than 25k

  93. Hi po ulit .. Nkabayad npo ako ng april at may premuim.. Myron n din po school assestment at subsequent form un brother ko.. Natsek ko n din po yon status ko as voluntary memeber.. Last year po di ko problema ang payslip kc m work at m sweldo ako ..Ask ko lng po as voluntary member ano ang pde kong iPasa itr or affidavit of income ? thanks at god bless

  94. Hi mitch, na-check nio rin ba yong loan eligibility online? Kulang pa ba siya sa requirement na 36 contributions para sa 1-month loan? or 72 contributions for 2-month loan? Basta eligible na, kahit hindi pa na-post yong 3 months ay puedeng mag-loan, basta merong 6 contributions for the past 12 months.

  95. Hi Ms. Nors ask ko lang po…mag -aavail kasi ng loan asawa ko kaso nung nagtsek kami online we found out na almost 3months na di nakakpagpost ang company nila…pumunta sya sa hr nila at ang sabi may problem daw po sa bagong software at dipa alam when maayos…so ibig sabihin mag aantay kmi kung kelan nila mapost yun…wala pang kasiguraduhan kelan…ano po kaya remedy pede namin gawin to push them

  96. Hi Gie, when you said subsequent loan, naka-avail na ang brother mo ng SSS educ loan last school year? If you apply in June for a subsequent loan, you must pay your April or May premium (or April and May). Puedeng 550 pa rin ang bayaran mo na monthly premium. I don’t know bakit 1700 ang sinabi ng SSS sa iyo. Puede sa Bayad Center. Write or check Voluntary. Have you registered at — so you can track your loan and other data. Make sure your new payment is already posted before you apply for your subsequent loan. Update your loan payment, if you have a loan.

  97. Hi maam nora ask ko lang bkakitang laking monthly contribution ko dahil po b s subsequent loan? Dati po kc 580 lng po contribution ko monthly nung m trabaho ako thanks po

  98. Hi maam nora ngresign po ako s work as call center agent jan 2014 at jan jan din last contribution ko s ss feb march di nko nkpghulog .may 2 ngpunta po s ss branch april dw pde kong hulugan 1700 dw monthly contribution ko starting april ..pde npo b ako mgbayad sa bayad center at mgswitch as voluntary? Ngaalala poako s brother ko 2013 first year college xa Nkasubsequent loan ..2nd year college n xa ngaun Makakavail p po ba ako ng subsequent loan for my younger brtother enrollment npo nxt week..ano po dapat kong gawin pra mkaavail na po ulit ng subsequent loan.. Thanks po

  99. Hi Krizia, yes, you’re eligible. File your MAT1 asap. Register online at so you can check your records. Request for your cert of separation with date of separation, cert of non-advancement of sss maternity benefit and 2 sheets of L501 from your former employer. The same signature in all certs.

  100. Hi narlyn, you can continue paying as Voluntary at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. Wait for your ID to be delivered by your postman. Kung years na ang nakaraan when you applied for your ID, baka nasa Returned to Sender na sa SSS main sa Diliman. Check if your name is here:

  101. Hi po. I had been employed for 6months (July 2013-January 2014). Unfortunately, I filed a resignation because I was pregnant. Ask ko lang po if marereceive pa rin po ba akong maternity benefits? July 2014 po due date ko. I am planning to pay my contribution as volunteer kaya lng lampas n pala ako if 1 semster babayran ko. Ty po

  102. Magandang araw po.
    gusto ko lng po snang malamn one year npo kc ako hindi nkakapagbayad ng sss fee ko. Self emplyed po ako ang last payment ko po april pa 2013. Papanu po kya ang dapat ko gqin pede ko po ba byaran lhat un by this month? Atsaka gaanu po ba katagal bago ko mkuha ung id ko sa sss last dun po ako ngifile for id. Thanks un advance

  103. Hi Hannah, yes, dapat iremit nila, with penalties. Write a letter to them requesting them to correct your SSS contribution posting or to remit your payments if not remitted. List the total amounts, amounts of employee and employer share and applicable months. Attach your payslips (xerox). Keep your orig payslips. Patatakan mo ng Received yong copy mo ng letter, at nang sa ganon, seryosohin nila.

  104. Hi, Ma’am Nora ask lng po ako kung pwede ba ako remitan ng employer ko kahit wala na ako sa company niya? Ganito po kasi, Employed po ako sa kanila January 2013 – June 2013, tapos pag check ko sa employment history and contribution ko sa sss online wala pong nag appear. pano po ba yan? ano pong date ang lalabas sa reporting date, if ever pwede pa po nila akong bayaran? thank you.

  105. Hi Mase, it took me time to digest what you said that Diliman did not entertain your concern and what Makati branch told you. I think that some people on the front desk cannot or don’t have the authority to compute or don’t know how to compute or don’t have enough time to compute. So write a letter stating your request for recomputation of your loan balance, as you have already completed your payments. Write your total loan, check date, check no., first payment, condonation date, amortization amount. Then list all your payments: payment date, applicable month, OR no., and amount. Include a xerox of your receipts, condonation agreement. Xerox your letter para yon ang tatakan ng SSS ng “Received” with date and signature. Then i-submit mo sa Makati branch, if you work or live in Makati.

  106. Hi Madam,
    Ask kong po kung sino ang puwede ko po malapitan sa sss para maicancel yun condonation loan program, since nabayaran ko nmn po xa at natapos last January 2013, pero sa online ko po may outstanding balance p a din po ako, nasa akin po lahat ng receipt. Galing po ako as Diliman, pero tinaggihan po ako, Sabi sa makati branch daw ko po ayusin, Pero bago po ako pumunta dun sabi ng Makati Branch Mag Email daw ako sa sss email, pero hanggang ngayon wala po reply. Sana po matulungan nio po ako.. Salamat po

  107. Hi Riz, ipunin mo ang mga payslips mo, and then list all your payments, then compare with the posted payments in your online SSS account mo. Kung merong discrepancy, ask your HR/accounting department to make the corrections. Yong Jan to Mar 2014 payments, puedeng hindi pa na-post kasi quarterly ang submission of collection lists to SSS.

  108. Hi Helen, have your friend availed of the SSS educational loan previously? Because SSS has put all first-time educational loan applicants on a long long waiting list. If your friend is applying for a subsequent educational loan, she can still apply by updating her salary loan payments. She should not be delinquent by more than 3 months. She can pay using ML1 form.

  109. hi, I have an existing loan and when I check my eligibility it is April 1, 2014. nagtry ako to submit a loan request but was given an error that outstanding balance should be equal or less than 7200, yung current loan is Jan 2013 and nagstart yung salary deduction ko ng march, when I checked yung loan statement ko April ang first payment posted where in submitted date of payment is July, San napunta hung payment ko ng march and prior that loan, meron along overpayment since late hung posting ng payment when I renew the loan and the remaining balance was deducted sa new loan already. what should I do?

  110. Thought I wont catch up coz today is my last day but since I’m paying quarterly this means I can pay not later than end of April. Whew!

    Thank you for posting!

  111. Hello..My friend is seeking some help. She was not able to pay her salary loan because she resigned from the company after getting her salary loan. So it means she can’t avail the educational loan anymore right? She just started her work this month.thank you so much.

  112. Good day! I’m on my 6th month of pregnancy at due ko po this coming july. Presently, unemployed din po ako. Nakapagmember po ako before sa sss though never ko pa po nahulugan. I just want to ask kung pwde pa po ako humabol ng payment ngayon for me to become eligible for sss maternity benefit. Thank you in advance.

  113. Hi Bianca, SSS requires employers to deduct your total loan balance from your last pay. Depende na sa employer kung susunod o hindi, or kung alam ng HR/accounting nila ang rule na ito o hindi.

  114. Hi good am! I just want to clarify if it is possible for me to make voluntary payments towards my sss loan? My loan got approved in february and im about to resign come april. Or will my last paycheck from my employer get deducted the whole loan amount?

  115. Hi Ellen, yes, you can file your maternity claim. But SSS will deduct your total loan balance of 9k+ from your maternity benefit. Sad to say, SSS will not cancel your penalties.

  116. Hi vincent / salouel, puede namang 394 pa rin ang bayaran mo, pero kung kaya mo ang 500 a month na hulog, mas maganda para mabayaran mo na rin ang penalties. Enroll with SSS online so you can track your balance. About contribution, yes, pay as Voluntary. Use RS5 form.

  117. Hi, would like to ask about my case. i had a salary loan last 2010 for 13500, online shows my previous employer was not able to deduct my remaining balance from my back pay. i recently found out about it i have a total of 9004 to pay including interest and charges (principal is just 5400). Im pregnant and about to file maternity notification will this be affected? Im willing to pay naman but sana mabawas ung penalty since i continued paying my regular monthly fee. I was not informed of the balance. is this possible as well? thank you in advance

  118. hello Good Morning po, tanong sana ako meron ako Salary Loan for 1 Month. kaso hindi ko na na hulugan sa SSS. Last Posted Contribution ko June 2012 pa. balak ko sana hulugan next month April 2014. Ang Monthly Amortization ko 393.75. ito kasi nakalagay sa Loan Application Details 393.75.. Ganito rin ba ang babayarin ko sakaling hulugan ko next month? salamat po…… wala pa kasi akong trabaho ngayon na end kasi contract ko noong May 2012 so hanggang ngayon hindi pa ako naka contribute sa SSS. mag voluntary ba ako sir/ma’am para makabayad sa contribution? salamat…

  119. hello Good Day po, tanong sana ako meron ako Salary Loan for 1 Month. kaso hindi ko na na hulugan sa SSS Last Posted Contribution ko June 2012 pa. balak ko sana hulugan next month April 2014. Ang Monthly Amortization ko 393.75. ito kasi nakalagay sa Loan Application Details 393.75.. Ganito rin ba ang babayarin ko sakaling hulugan ko next month? salamat po…… wala pa kasi akong trabaho ngayon na end kasi contract ko noong May 2012 so hanggang ngayon hindi pa ako naka contribute sa SSS. thanks.

  120. Hi helen, that’s right, you need to pay your March and subsequent loan payments.

  121. Yes thank you so much. Na approve ung first educational loan ko last year.Nagwoworry ako kasi matatapos na school year at malapit na uli enrollment so I have to ready to file new educ loan again pra sa pasukan. So I really have to update the payment for my salary loan right?thank you.

  122. Hi helen, you must pay your March loan amortization, kasi nakasulat sa educational loan rules na dapat hindi more than 3 months ang unpaid loan amortization. Okay lang yong sa contribution, kasi 1 month contribution within 3 months prior to loan application ay puede na, basta meron ka nang dating 12 contributions noon. Na-approve ka na ng first educational loan? Kasi yong subsequent educational loan na lang ang sure ngayon; yong first-time applicants ay nasa waiting list.

  123. Hi! I resigned from my job last December 30 2013 so na stop na hulog ko. I just started my job this February and I want to be self employed or volunteer since it’s only a part time job.Na stop din payment ko sa salary loan so gusto ko bayarin din un. Need ko po makabyad baka kasi ma apektuhan ung educational loan ng daughter ko. Can I still have the educational loan kahit nagdeliquent ako sa payment ng salary loan? I plan to start volunteer contribution and payment for salary loan this April. Thank you.

  124. Hi joesilyn, sorry I don’t know if SSS offers another condonation program this year or next year. You can start saving for payments so you have money to pay later on. You can comment on the Facebook page of SSS and ask.

  125. hi nors ask ko po kelan mgkkaroon ng condonation for 2014 anlaki na kc na interest ng salary loan q dati nwlan kc q work for about 2years …

  126. Hi Maam. OFW po ako. I availed of the SSS loan last May but I haven’t started paying it. I paid my monthly contributions through the Exchange here in Qatar but when I tried paying my loan(through the Exchange, they did not accept my payment, only my contributions. Paano po ba ako magbayad ng loan ko sa SSS?

  127. Hi Maam. I am an OFW. Last May, I availed the SSS Loan and enjoyed it. But I haven’t paid my loan since then cause I don’t know where to pay the loan. Last time, when I paid my monthly contribution, I also wanted to pay my loan but the teller did not accept my payment. Sa Exchange po ako nagbayad. They just accepted my contribution. San po ba pwede akong magbayad sa loan ko while in Qatar? Please Help. Thanks

  128. Hi Ritchel, kung tanggapin ng SSS ang payment at reason for late remittance, mapo-post ang contributions mo for 2013. Tingnan mo itong form na ito: Meron diyang “Add penalty”. 3% per month ang penalty, starting from the payment deadline. Yong 1st quarter payment ay dapat naremit last April 2013 (ang date depende sa SSS no. ng employer). Magpa-compute muna ang messenger nio or SSS rep nio sa SSS branch ninyo para accurate ang penalty computation. Puede sigurong reason kung new company pa lang kayo at nangangapa pa sa government regulations.

  129. Yes ma’am, my employer willing to pay for the penalties and the sss contribution. I just want to know ma’am yong sss contribution ko pwede ba mapost doon sa HISTORY OF MY SSS CONTRIBUTION na same ang date kung kailan ako nagstart paying my contribution o kailan ako kinaltasan ng employer ko? Last year 2013 ako kinaltasan ng employer ko, pwede ba kung bayaran ng employer ko ngayon ang pinalties and contribution ko nakasulat sa history of my sss contribution is last year 2013 din ang date ng payment ko? Thanks ma’am Nors for the quick response.

  130. Hi Ritchel, have you talked with your employer? Your company can still remit your contributions to SSS, but it must explain to SSS why they’re late in remitting, and they must pay penalties. Pag former employer na ito, kausapin mo muna, then pag ayaw, file a complaint at SSS Diliman. Present payslips, cert of employment if you have and other docs proving your association with the company, plus a notarized complaint letter, or Sinumpaang Salaysay.

  131. Good day! Ms. Nors ask lang ako kung anong tamang gawin na mapost yong SSS contibution ko na di na remit ng employer ko for 1 year? Gusto ko sana mapost yon kung kailan ako nag start paying my contribution.

  132. Hi alexis, did you submit the loan check voucher to your HR? Baka na-overlook nila; tanungin mo ang HR. Meanwhile, yes, you can pay a bigger amount to cover your overdue payments using ML1 form — perhaps your monthly amortization x 10. If you pay for the past 10 months, then inform your HR to deduct only for the next 14 months. Register at so you can track your loan payments and balance and penalties, if there are

  133. Hi Ma’am good day. may loan po ako supposed to be start payment of amort last june 2013. till now wala pa po na deduct from my salary to pay the amortization. can i just pay months na di ko nabayaran? need advice.


  134. Hi Riza, try again the Bayad Center receipt. Choose only 6 digits from the SBR no. Remove the letters and some zeros. If you use your online receipt, choose 6 digits from the transaction no.

  135. Hi Ms. Nors, nagttry po ako magregister ng SSS online account since last month pero lagi po failed dahil wala daw po sa SSS records yun SBR no. Bale Oct-Dec2013 po thru Bayad center ang payment ko. Lahat ng nos. dun sa receipt natry ko na iinput pero failed pa rin.
    Then this time nag-online payment na po ako for Jan2014. Pano ko po malalaman yun receiptno./SBR no. sa transaction receipt ko online?
    Ang nsa receipt po ay 17-Digit “Transaction reference no.”, 5-digit “Host sequence no.” and 16-digit “Subscriber no.” Thank you.

  136. Hi rein, ang alam ko hindi puede, kasi supposed to be naka-leave ka, at dapat hindi ka nagwo-work, so dapat wala kang contribution as Employed, kasi nga yong leave ang reason kung bakit babayaran ka ng SSS ng maternity benefit. Makaka-loan ka naman kahit wala kang contributions for the 2 months that you’re on leave, basta meron ka nang at least 36 contributions in all, at meron kang 6 contributions within the past 12 months (meaning hindi kelangang the past 6 months).

  137. Ms. Nors ask ko po kung pwede magbayad ng contribution sa month n nkamaternity leave? Gusto ko po sana n continous yung hulog ko kasi i’m planning din po magreloan need po din kasi ng 6 months posted contribution. Actually po ngrequest ako sa manager ko na i under kay company yung payment ko (sarili ko pong bayad) pwede po b yun?

  138. Hi Cris, did you file your loan as Employed? If yes, then your check will be delivered to your employer. I don’t know if your employer will give you the check or will apply the SSS policy for separated employees with SSS salary loan, which is to deduct the total loan balance from the last pay of the employee. Your employer might give you the check but will deduct the full loan amount from your last pay from the company. If you don’t get your check, or if the full amount is deducted from your last pay, track your account and make sure that the full loan payment is recorded and your loan balance is zero.

  139. Hi miss Nora,
    Ask ko lang po.. I file online sss loan last December 13, 2013.
    My resignation was effective last January 20, 2014. My online status says that my check has already been generated. When I asked HR after my resignation effictivity day, they said that I am no longer active in the company. can i still get my check? I want to ow the process and my rights. Will I be charged for the interest?

  140. Hi Angie, sometimes SSS is able to see the error and posts the duplicate payments to the months following. The problem in this case is that the premiums starting Jan 2014 have been increased, so your 2013 payments will be underpayments — not enough for 2014 premiums. But several groups have petitioned the Supreme Court about the increase, so we’re not very sure if the premium increase pushes through. Although I think it will still push through. You can wait till Feb. Or you can check the new sss contribution table, compute the deficiency and pay the total deficiency (write on the underpayment portion of the form), and then email SSS and request your duplicate payments for the months of Sep to Dec 2013 and additional payments be used as payments for Jan to March 2014. List each of the payment so SSS can easily see it (date paid, amount, transaction nos.) Group them by First Payment, Duplicate Payment and Correction of Underpayment. Write in the Subject portion: OFW contribution correction request — your name and SSS no. You can also write the same reason for paying twice as you wrote here. Keep your receipts so you can follow this up later on in the Phils if it’s not corrected.

  141. HI,we pay our monthly contribution here in Singapore through Metrobank. As they do not have our previous records on the months we paid, I forgot that I already remitted payment for months of Sep2013-Dec2013, so I paid twice for these months. What can we do to amend these payments? Thanks in advance.

  142. Hi Jasmin, you can still pay Oct to Dec 2013 if the last digit of your SSS no. is not 1 or 2. Pay at SSS if Bayad Center or SM Business Center does not accept your payment. If you aren’t able to pay these months, it’s okay — paying these months becomes important only if you’re expecting to file your maternity benefit claim soon.

  143. Goodevening! I failed to pay my sss contribution from june 2012 to dec 2013. Do i need to pay it? What will happen if i never pay? I need advise which month i need to pay? I want to continue. Thanks, waiting for your respond πŸ™‚

  144. Hi Jennifer, yes, hiwalay ang amortization from contribution. Hindi sila puedeng magkahalo. I checked the Allied Bank bill payment list and it only has SSS contribution; no SSS loan payment on the list — this means you cannot pay your loan via online Allied banking. You can pay your loan at Bahrain Financing, Bahrain India International Exchange, Dalil Exchange, National Finance and Exchange Co. Make sure your payment is noted as loan payment. To track your payments, enroll in online SSS.

  145. Hi po ms. nors,
    ofw po ako at may loan ako sa sss. Ask ko lng po kung magkano ang magiging monthly due ko? Hiwalay po ba yun monthly contribution ko sa monthly amortization ko sa loan ko? For example po ang monthly contribution ko po 1,196 tapos yun monthly amortization ko sa loan ko is 560.67. Magkano po monthly due ko? Nagbabayad po kasi ako thru online banking – allied bank. Paano po ang bayad? Paano po malaman na nababayaran ko yun loan ko?

  146. Hi, mam Nors!

    Good day po! Dati po akong ofw pero ngayon ay tumigil po ako mag-work at nasa bahay po ako para alagaan ang baby namin mabigat na po kasi sa akin ang P1560 per month na contribution.. Naka-tag pa po ako ofw at hindi ko pa po naayos.

    Paano ko po ma-decrease ang monthly contribution ko? Kailangan ko po ba ng form para mapalitan ng ibang category from ofw to a simple voluntary member nalang?

    Btw, nasa abroad pa rin po ako.
    Salamat po at Maligayang Bagong taon!

  147. Hi Levi, you start paying this Dec 2013 (the rule is 2nd month after loan date). Flexible ang deadline for OFWs, kasi nga merong remittance fees at special kayo. You can pay for Dec 2013 this month, or you can pay both for Dec 2013 and Jan 2014 in Jan 2014. You can pay every month at any day of the month (walang specific deadline) or every 2 months or every quarter, as long as you pay regularly so you can pay off your loan easily. At basta you’re able to pay half of your loan within the 1st year and then pay the balance within the 2nd year.

  148. hi mam Nors, i’m an OFW, nagsalary loan po ako. date issued po ng check ay october 02,2013. Kelan po ba ang exact start ng paymnet ko for my salary laon kasi po medyo nalilito ako sa paymnent deadline for OFW. My SSS last digit no. is 7. Thanks.

  149. Hi penny, you can still file within 1 year, kaya lang you should have notified your employer within 5 days of the start of your illness, and your employer should have notified the SSS within 5 days of receipt of your notification. Ask your HR too.

  150. hi, Nors! ask ko lang po, pede pa po ba ako magfile ng sickness benefit claim kahit 2 weeks nako nagwo work ule from a one month home confinement due to illness? nagamit napo lahat ng leave credits ko sa company. ok lang po ba kahit hindi ako nakapag notify agad sa sss? thank you po…

  151. Hi Rose Ann, yes, that’s the SSS policy. Employers are mandated to deduct SSS loan balances from the last salaries of separated employees. Wait for your payment to get posted and then check your salary loan eligibility online if or when you can renew your loan.

  152. hi po questipon po I recently had my first salary loan on July of 2013 I resigned frommy prev job last september. And what happened was I waited for my backpay for a month and when I am supposed to claim it I was surprised the company I worked they have given all my last pay to SSS and pay my existing loan where in I signed that it will be deducted evry month on my salary I just transferred to another company after a week.
    Is that legal? Thanks

  153. Hi Thess, pag individual ang magbayad sa SSS, hindi puede ang late, so walang penalty. Kung i-decide ng SSS na late ka, ipo-post niya ang pate payment mo for the following month. Employers lang ang puedeng ma-late, so sila ang merong late penalties. Register in online SSS so you can check if your payment was posted for the correct month ( Yes, you can pay in advance, pero wait until Jan 2014 para ma-sure natin kung i-implement na yong higher premiums. New premkiums

  154. Pwede po b magbayad ng mas maaga s due date mo s SSS? Para maiwasan po ang penalty if any?

  155. Pano po ang gagawin kung gusto mo n magbayad for the whole year ng SSS?

  156. Nkpag start n po ko magbayad s SSS ng 3 mos. tapos nung ika 4th mos ko ay instead n 10 th of Nov. Eh 13 th of Nov po ako n nkbayad. May penalty po b un. My nabasa po kc ako article n 3 percent daw po ang dapat idagdag. Is it true?

  157. I mean my penalty po b?

  158. Ask ko lang po kung nklagpas ung due date n byad ko s SSS ng 3 days. May additional dagdag po b un.

  159. Hi Matz, kahit nagpakita ka ang proof na OFW ka, ayaw tanggapin ng Bayad Center? Kung ganon, sa SSS branch ka na lang magbayad. Bring proof na OFW ka. Yes, puedeng Jan to June muna. Pay July to Sep anytime before Dec holidays.

  160. hi po…
    ask lang po ulit,pwede po ba bayaran ang jan-june lang muna as ofw kahit hindi muna isama ang july-sept?saka bakit hindi po tinatanggap sa bayad center,san po b pwede magbayad as ofw?thank you po….. πŸ™‚

  161. Hi Ivy, yes, if you pay Oct to Dec 2013, eligible ka for maternity benefit, pero half lang ng benefit mo kasi 3 months lang ang mabibilang, itong Oct to Dec.

  162. Hi Ivy, sori late ka na, kasi up to 10th lang for those with last digits of 1 and 2. Bayaran mo na lang ang Oct only or Oct to Dec. Pede na sa Bayad Center or SM Business Center.

  163. ms. nor ,i want to ask another question about maternity benefits..if i start my contribution this oct. may makukuha po kaya ako,ang expected date ng panganganak ko ay may 2014..thanks again sana masagot nyo po

  164. hi ms. nor
    i applied self employed nito lang oct.10,2013,i want to know if it is possible to pay the month of[july,aug,sept 2013] since my ss last # is 2,?thanks.

  165. Hi Matz, ang minimum contribution for OFWs is 520 (ang salary credit nito is 5k), pero up to Dec 2013 lang ito. Starting Jan 2014, the minimum for OFWs is 550. If you’re paying for Jan to June 2013 and July to Sep 2013 (if his deadline for 3rd quarter is already past), you need to ask your cousin to send you any proof of his being an OFW (copy of OEC, work visa or foreign ID) so your payments will be accepted. Other member types can no longer pay for Jan to June.

  166. gud day po..
    ask ko lang po may minimum contributions po b f ofw,magkano po b?ask ko na rin po f pwde pb bayaran ung mga nkalipas n month,saka meron po b na kailangan pa n mga proof of ofw kasi cousin ko ung ipagbabayad ko.. tnx po!

  167. Hi yneaj, yes, kinokorek yan kahit matagal na. Puede dapat sa any branch, pero preferably the branch nearest your work or home. Write a letter to SSS asking them to post your payments, kahit in Tagalog and handwritten; include your name, address, SSS no., applicable months, amount, date paid and OR no. Attach receipt. Keep your copy.

  168. good day mam.. yung august at september 2012 pa po mam yung me skip..kahit saang branch po ba ng sss pwede dalhin yung copy ng pinagbayadan yung r-5 at r-3? mapopost po kaya nila yun kahit ganun na katagal? sinabi po kase namin sa employer namin na me hindi nga po naipost tapus yun nga po pinakita naman samen yung pinagbayadan..

  169. Hi karen, if your cousin is OFW, yes, you can still pay Jan to June. Present proof that he/she is OFW. But if your cousin is Voluntary or Self-employed, you’re already late. You can pay only July to Sep.

  170. Hi yneaj, Aug and Sep 2013 ba? Usually nahuhuli ang posting kapag employed. Yes, puede mong i-submit sa branch pero hindi ko sure kung mapo-post nila the same day. Xerox mo para may copy ka.

  171. Greetings!!!

    Maam, I just want to ask if I can still pay the sss contribution of my cousin even if it lapse last January 2013 up to this month? It is possible for me to pay it this month the lapses from January 2013? Thank You.

  172. Hi mam..
    Ask ko lang po, me skip kase dun sa contribution ko august at september hindi nakapost..sinabi ko ngayon sa employer ko binigay naman nya yung copy ng pinagbayadan yung r-5 at r-3.
    pwede ko ba yun dalhin sa sss branch para ma-ipost? thanks po in advance..

  173. Hi diana, sori what I meant above was yong late lang ng mga months, hindi years, kasi kapag 2011 o 2012 na yong applicable date, maaaring mapansin na ng bank teller. Kasi super late na talaga ang 2011 at 2012. Pero example lang makalusot sa teller, I think what SSS will do is to post your payments as payments for 2013 and the years ahead. It’s not good na mag-advance ng years ahead, kasi baka matuloy yong increase ng premiums, and that will put some of your advance payments as underpayments or overpayments, which will be put on hold.

  174. Hi Joy, I’m also puzzled why Bayad Center did not accept your payment. They accept loan payments; they even have ML1 forms. Did the Bayad Center clerk say “update your status”? Are you enrolled online? Check if your status is Employed. Maybe they were instructed to accept only payments by voluntary members, and your status is still Employed. I’m not sure though. Try paying at another Bayad Center branch. If you like, you can pay at least one contribution using RS5 form so your status will be changed to Voluntary after posting.

  175. Hi, I want to pay my SSS Loan at Bayad Center. Sabi ng agent I need to go to SSS pa daw po to update something? Is that true? I am already a voluntary member.

  176. can i try to do that too? so there will be no lapses in my contribution. im planning to pay it in full from 2011 to 2013.

  177. Hi diana, yes, usually ang bank tellers, tanggap lang ng tanggap, tapos bahala na ang SSS kung sa anong month nila ike-credit based on date of bank receipt and deadline.

  178. hi nors. i noticed kc before sa bdo they accept late contributions. but im not sure how it was posted in sss. ty

  179. Hi diana, sori hindi tinatanggap ang late contribution payments. But since you’re OFW, you can still pay Jan 2013 to June 2013, plus the 3rd and 4th quarters if you like. You can pay through Iremit, Skyfreight, PNB, Lucky Money. You can pay your loan in full, or in partial payments of any amount. I hope you’ve already enrolled in My.SSS so you can track your SSS records.

  180. ofw po ako. pwede ko po ba bayaran ung contribution ko from 2011 to current? my loan din po ako at gusto ko ifully pay. i was sending money to a trusted family member to find out na hindi pala nya nababayad sa sss yung pinapadala ko. pwede ko pa po mahabol ung previous 2 yrs na hindi ako nakapagcontribute? thank u

  181. Hi Donald, pinag-file ka ba nila ng OW1 form for OFWs sa SSS Diliman? If not, it’s better to re-start right. You can visit the SSS desk office at the Dubai consulate to fill up your OW1 form, and then start contributing; minimum for OFWs is 520 per month. So you can enroll at My.SSS ( and track your SSS records online, you need a transaction no., so ask your relative/friend in the Philippines to pay for you for one month at Bayad Center or SM Business Center or SSS branch. Ask for the transaction no. (machine no. on the RS5 form receipt), choose 6 digits and use this to enroll online. Wait for 3 to 5 days for posting before you enroll online. Kung tama ang SSS no. mo, dapat yong payments mo before 1990 ay mag-apir sa online accountmo.

  182., 20 years na po akong hindi nakapag contribute sa sss..but i was a member before 1990 and i lost my i.d and i visited diliman in main office of sss, to get my sss no. on my last record at na block po ang file ko ’cause of wrong birth date information..but they gave new sss no. via mail and i have it now. i’m here in dubai as ofw at i want to start paying monthly contribution, but i don’t know how…pls..advise…sigurado po kaya na ok na yung new sss no. ko mam? thenk you so much.

  183. Hi Lynn, the R5 form says it’s 3% per month delayed, so that would be 3% x unpaid contributions x 5 or 6, depending on your payment deadline. Please ask others too

  184. Hi Isabelle, POEA is correct; that rule is in the RS5 form. You try at an SSS branch. Ask first before you fill up the form. Or you can pay monthly, not the whole 2013, so your payment is accepted immediately. Just increase the amount by 2 brackets from month to month. Actually, your nephew can immediately increase to 1560, he just needs to declare his monthly income (15k or higher) and sign on the RS5 form. This form must be kept for future use, plus proof of income, in case of questions later on.

  185. Hi! We have been paying religously our employees’ monthly contribution but unfortunately we discovered that the January 2013 wasn’t paid. How much penalty should we add if we pay it today? Thanks

  186. Hi shermaine, puedeng ibang branch, kasi kasama naman sa MAT2 docs mo yong stamped MAT1. Pero ang advice ng SSS ay file sa branch nearest your residence or place of work.

  187. gud afternoon mam. nagpaaproved po kasi ako ng mat1 dito s sss rosario branch. ask ko lang if pwede ba na sa ibang branch ko ipasa un mat2?
    or dapat same branch lng kung san pinasa yung mat1?

  188. aww thank you..:)

  189. hi, my nephew is an ofw in italy and pays contribution of 520/mo, poea told me that my nephew can increase his contributions up to 2 brackets each month until it reached the highest bracket which is 1560, so i filled up the form RS-5 to pay for 2013, but SM Centerpoint didnt accept the payment because of the monthly increase in contributions, what shall i do, where shall i pay?

  190. Hi eda, old form na yan. Pag sa Bayad Center or sa SSS branch, meron nang RS5 form doon

  191. hi, my husband is an ofw.. just want to ask how can i get that rs-5 form?

  192. Hi anne,if you paid on July 30 the penalty as of July 30, then you should not pay additional penalties arising from delayed balance updating. You can record the penalties since July 31 and check if they’re removed after updating. If not, email SSS again attaching a scan of your ML1 receipt and request for correct updating.

  193. thank you miss nors. it helps me a lot πŸ™‚

  194. Thank you Ms Nors… Ahm , the amount of obligation (loan penalty) I paid is based on the statement of amount of obligation as of July 30, 2013 . But since it was not yet updated ,the amount continues to increase , do I have to pay again for the excess. Do I have to make follow up to update or just wait.

  195. Hi anne, your maternity benefit is not affected by your loan. Your July 30, 2013 loan payment should have been posted already. But I assume your balance is still not updated — updating of loan balances really takes a long time. Maybe there are still a lot of SSS processes that are not yet fully automated. Check from time to time your loan, but don’t worry, it will soon be updated.

  196. Hi shermaine, tingnan mo yong 6 highest salary credits mo from Apr 2012 to March 2013. Tingnan mo ang salary credits from this SSS contributions table. Add these 6 salary credits. Divide by 180. Multiply by 78 days kasi CS ka. That’s your benefit. God bless din.

  197. Hi Ms. Nors , I have salary loan penalty balance as of August 2012 and I pay it at SSS Antipolo Branch last July 30, 2013 . I always checked online about any changes in loan balance record but until today , Aug 6 , 2013 ,the amount of obligation indicated never change nor decreases but increases. I have sent an email about my concern thru member relations and email address of sss antipolo but there’s no response.

    I have submitted my also MAT 1 last June 22 2013 and accepted online by SSS Antipolo.

    Any help of what I am going to do for SSS to update my record and clear my balance . Does having loan balance uncleared may affect my application for Maternity Benifit .

    The hospital doctor told me that I may give birth end of this month or first week of September.

    Pls help.

  198. and mam . employed po ako from may 2012 to oct 2012, and then i start as voluntary member this november 2012

  199. hello po mam . how much is my maternity benefits if im paying 312 a month as voluntary member? i gave birth via c-section last july 27,2013 . thank you & godbless

  200. Hi leree, sorry you’re already late for May to June. What you can pay is 3rd quarter (July to Sep) and the next months/quarters.

  201. Hi Nors! I have 32 posted contributions until the month of April on my sss. I was separated from my company since April and was planning to apply for SSS loan for this month. Could i still pay for a voluntary monthly contribution for the month of May to August so that I could have a 36 posted payments and be qualified for the loan? By the way 9 was the last digit of my SSS number and I just filed my maternity claim last month and expecting the cheque to arrive within this week,I hope it won’t affect my loan application. Thanks:)

  202. Hi Sid, basta na-submit naman na ng employer mo ang R3 collection list and R5 payment receipts, I think antayin na lang ang posting, kasi I’m sure palaging tambak ang SSS ng R3 and R5 from many other companies waiting to get posted. Hope na lang na nasa posting queu na ang R3/R5 ng company ninyo. Of course, if you like you can call SSS about it.

  203. Hi Nors!my concern is my June contribution for 2013 is nott showing posted thru ny online SSS account I already asked my employer about it and they said already submitted last July 10th pa.I want to renew my loan and avail my two month eligibility but my 72th contributions should be June but is not updated.Can I call SSS to have it checked.I really need it badly.thanks!

  204. Hi Jeff, sa loan payment, puedeng any amount, kasi diminishing balance formula na ang ginagamit nila ngayon, meaning kino-compute monthly kung ano ang natitirang balance. To pay your loan, use ML1 form. Write your SSS no., name and address.
    Kapag contributions, hindi puedeng any amount; you need to choose an amount from the table of sss contributions Yes, you can pay your loan (ML1 form) and contribution (RS5 form) sa Bayad Center.
    About advance payments: Yes, you can pay in advance your loan; mas maganda nga para madaling matapos, at baka matagal pa bago magkaroon ng condonation program (hindi rin naman total condonation). About contribution, puedeng advance payments, pero personally, mas preferred ko na huwag masyadong advance…siguro pay every quarter at the start of the quarter, not after the quarter.

  205. Mam nors ok lang po ba yung mag advance ng bayad sa contributions and installment loan ng SSS? Now palang po ako ngbayad ang last digit po ng SSS ko po is 9.. paid po ako july to Dec 2013, contributions lang po loan ko po pwrde po rin advance at khit mgkano pwde pong mgbayad sa Bayad center?Thanks po in advance?

  206. Mam nors,Ask ko lang po may loan po ako 11k last 2007 hinde ko po sya nabayaran tumubo sya ng malaki naging 15k something.. Hinde ko po alam pano ko uumpisahan kasi wala na ako work last 2007.gnoon din po sa contribution ko ng stop na po.. Ngpunta ako ng Branch SSS ng Voluntary n po ako.. I have 94 months contributions ng fill up po ako ng RS5 ngbayad ng 1k for installment kasi pwede daw sv ng employee ng SSS, then i continue my contribution july to december 2013 inadvance ko na po ang bayad ng contributions ko.. Pwede po ba ako mg avail ng loan condonation?if pwede po paano po ba?

  207. Hi Jenn, yes, you’re eligible for maternity benefit. This is a benefit, and not a loan. You can still pay Apr to June because your last digit is 9, but these months will not be counted for benefit computation. SSS maternity benefit

  208. Hi Ms. Nors,
    Ask ko lang po if pwde aq sa maternity loan. Employed po aq for 6yrs from July 2003-March 2009. Tapos po nag VOLUNTARY member ako nung January 10, 2013, at nagfile ng MAT-1 nung January 11, 2013. Nakapaghulog na po ako ng Jan-Feb-Mar 2013. EDD ko po ay July 22, 2013 kaso napaaga po at nanganak ako ng July 9, 2013, CS po. Balak ko po sana ihabol ung April-May-June na hulog kung may makukuha po ako. Or kahit hindi ko na hulugan, may makukuha po ba ako? Ano po sa tingin nyo? 9 po ung last digit ng SSS number ko. Thanks po.. πŸ™‚

  209. Hi Erika, sorry you can no longer pay for those years. There are payment deadlines for SSS contributions. regards

  210. hi mis nors. employed locally po ako since july 2003 until july 2007 and then from august 2007 to april 2008 i worked abroad so i failed to pay those months na nasa abroad ako. then i started working again locally from may 2008 to present . . can i still pay those months na nasa abroad ako?lls relply thanks

  211. Hi praymshan, pay at least 1 contribution at Bayad Center to get a transaction no. Fill up RS5 form; check Overseas Worker. Wait for about 2 to 3 days to allow posting time, then enroll online. Choose the last or first 6 digits (numbers only) from the transaction no. While here in the Philippines, submit an OW1 form at any SSS branch, so you can register formally as OFW, and so you can join SSS Flexi-Fund, if you like

  212. hi,good day can i registered if i don’t have the latest OTC(one of the portion to be sign up)..5 yrs that i don’t have any transaction at sss due to working at other countries…thank you.

  213. hi po, formerly employed po ako and when I inquired my loan balance online, there are payments na hindi pa po napost from the employer. If I apply for a renewal of loan they will deduct the remaining balance on record. which means kasali pa po sa loan balance na idededuct ung pending payments na di pa napost.paano po un if i apply for the loan and afterwards pa mapost ung unposted loan payments? pwede po ba marefund kasi kasali na un sa nadeduct from the new loan proceeds. lalabas na overpaid na ung old loan

  214. Hi zaiden, you can pay April to June asap, so you can qualify for maternity benefit. Pero you get only 1/2 of what you should get kasi itong 3 months lang na ito ang maco-consider sa computation. Before you started paying SSS, did you register as self-employed using RS1 form? And was it approved?

  215. Hello po gud morning. self employed po ako and hindi po ako nakabayad ng sss contri. for the last one year. my question is pwede ko ba bayaran ung 2nd quarter as self employed then makaka avail na ba ako ng maternity claim kc manganganak ako sa

  216. Hi Don, yes, you can continue as OFW member. Sorry pero walang retroactive or late payments sa SSS. Pero dahil OFW ka, puede mo pang bayaran ang 1st quarter of 2013. For voluntary members, hindi na. And definitely, you can no longer pay for 2012. OFWs can pay for any month of the current year at any time during the current year.
    So you can pay as OFW, download, print and sign the OW1 form and send/fax/email to SSS QC, email:, or register at the consulate/embassy there. Enroll also in My.SSS so you can track your records.

  217. Hi po, me and my husband were now living overseas as resident.. We are now both voluntary members of SSS after being employed for years from Philippines. Can we still continue our payment contribution as voluntary member.For may case, i think my last year of contribution as a voluntary member was last 2008. How if i want to increase my contribution from previous 520php to other contribution amount based from the given table of contribution from sss? Also, my husband last contribution was last 2007 or 2008 i can’t fully recall from the 520php bracket also.. Can he still continue to pay and can he be able to increase his contribution now to1560, or the max amount as stated from the table? As overseas, where and how we can do the payment of our contributions?? Many thanks.

  218. Hi Po! Employed po ako sa Pinas from Jan. 2008-July 2012 bago po ako nag OFW. Dahil hindi ko po naasikaso ang SSS ko, starting from Aug. 2012 hanggang ngayon po ay wala akong contribution. Balak ko pong iupdate ang SSS ko at magswitch as voluntary, tanong ko lang po kung pwede ko pa rin bang bayaran yung halos 1 year po na wala akong contribution? Paano po kaya ito?

    Salamat po!

  219. Hi Liz, were you employed before? or dating OFW? Kasi kung dati kang employed or dating OFW, magiging Voluntary ka, hindi ka self-employed. But if you were never employed or not an ex-OFW, and you started as self-employed and your current status is self-employed, you can email SSS and ask that your contribution for April 2013 posted under Self-employed.

  220. Hi ask ko lang po about my payment sa bayad center, kc po nag bayad po ako for month of april nang tingnan ko po sa online payment ko di ko po nakita ang bayad ko for that month sa self-employed portion at ito ay nakita ko po sa voluntary portion nagtaka lang po ako kc sa RS5 form ko po self-employed po ang inilagay ko, bali po ang bayad center po ang nagkamali, pwede po ba maibalik ang status ko sa self-employed kc di ko po kasalanan na nailagay sa voluntary contribution ang payment ko. salamat po

  221. Hi Cads, yes, puede ang Landbank, but I suggest you pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center or PNB or Bank of Commerce because their payment systems are linked to the SSS e-payment system — posting is faster.

  222. Hi! Can I pay my SSS contribution in Landbank? What are the accredited banks for SSS? Thank you.

  223. Hi beckster27, if you mean salary loan payment, there’s a penalty of 1% of amount due. Halimbawa, 1000 ang due mo, 1% x 1000 = 10 pesos ang penalty sa first month. Nag-iincrease kasi lumalaki rin ang amount due mo.
    There’s no penalty for contribution kasi hindi tinatanggap ang late contributions for self-employed, OFWs and voluntary members.

  224. hi po ask lang po sana kung what if hindi ka nakapaghulog for two months magkano po yung penalty nun? panu po yung computation nun? thanks po ng marami..

  225. Hi Kathy, thank you also very much for coming back to share your experiences. There’s joy in my heart if I’m able to help a bit. Kudos also to you for pursuing your claim. Indeed, based on comments here, I feel that the Alabang branch is better than other branches. God bless you too! Thanks again for the appreciation.

  226. Hi Mam Nors,

    I would just like to express my deepest gratitude to you and to your site. You’ve been very helpful not only to me but to many others. I am just so happy receiving my Maternity Benefit from SSS. Kung hindi dahil sa mga answers mo sa mga questions ko, I would’ve not pursue claiming my MB. Months ago I was very hesitant to process my claim, because I got AWOLed from my company, and thinking SSS would need me to have documents of separation etc. which I can’t provide and I didn’t paid my contribution 3rd quarter last year. But because you’re here giving advise, I pursued and had my claim.

    Really thank you is not enough, to show how grateful I am. I just wish you goodluck and more power. May God bless you even more. Mabuhay ka Mam Nors! Kudos din to SSS-Alabang Muntinlupa!

  227. Hi Kris, you can increase your monthly contribution immediately by more than 2 brackets — just fill up the Declaration of Earnings on the RS5 form. You can also register as OFW by mailing your accomplished OW1 form so your payment deadlines are more flexible and you can register later on for the SSS Flexi-Fund, if you like.

  228. Another question mam, I have an existing loan and my first loan amortization should have been paid April 2013. Im planning to pay quarterly but when I pay at remittance center, we dont fill up SSS payment form po. They just give us receipt. Paano ko po maseseparate yung payment ko para sa loan at payment para sa contribution? Kung magbayad po ba ko sa July for 2nd quarter, pwede po bang after 6 months na yung next payment ko for a total of 6 months contribution? salamat po πŸ™‚

  229. Hi Mam. I just want to ask I started paying contribution of P312 for first quarter of 2013 (since I lost my job and started paying voluntarily). I am now an overseas worker and wants to resume paying as voluntary member for the 2nd quarter. About increment of 2 brackets, does it mean I can pay only up to P416 bracket and then increase again 2 brackets for the 3rd quarter? Thanks po πŸ™‚

  230. Hi maja, you’re one fortunate woman! Your xoom receipts were enough, and your contribution was posted on the same day! SSS is super efficient based on your case, and I’m glad. Thanks for your appreciation, and more power to you too.

  231. thank you so much for your help ms nors. kareregister lang kanina as self employed, glad the officer accepted my enrollment with only xoom receipts. successfuly enrolled din online right away when i came home, my contribution was posted na. i can apply na bukas for id. mabuhay ka ms nors! more power to you!

  232. Hi maja, yes, xerox at least 2 of your xoom payout receipts. Bring your ID. Write your monthly and yearly earnings on the RS1 form — would be the basis of your monthly contributions. Some SSS officers will accept your enrollment outright with only the xoom receipts; but some may require an additional Affidavit of Source of Income.

  233. i really appreciate your response ms nors. i have an online job, i work as a virtual assistant. can i register po ba as self-employed? for proof of source of income pwede po ba yung mga receipts via xoom money transfer? this is how my boss would pay me online.
    thank you!

  234. Hi maja, I wish you registered with SSS when you were an OFW. You need proof you’re a current OFW to register as OFW such as OEC or job contract or work visa. You can register as Self-Employed but you need to show proof of your source of income such as business permit, or receipts of sales commission (for insurance agents, Avon or Natasha direct marketer, etc).

  235. hi ms nors. i used to be an ofw years ago but went back to philippines to study again. im not a sss member yet. wondering if i can register as ofw member though i’m no longer an ofw? but im planning to work abroad again by next year.
    thank you! God bless!

  236. Hi Cams, yes, your firm is liable, if the employee complains, although the employee has a part in the reason for the glitch — resigning and then postponing. Also, the employee might complain if that 1 month of March will be crucial for a benefit in the future, such as maternity benefit. Companies can pay premiums late; so pay for this employee for March asap, with 3% monthly penalty. But you might still be on time if your company deadline is every last day of the following month.

  237. Hi Ms. Nors,

    Thanks for your kind reply.
    What if the resigned employee decided to extend her stay for three months? For instance, her last day should be April 5,thus, her salary for March 30 pay-out is already on hold. The company deducts SSS every 30th, therefore, the company fails to include her on the March remittance. Will the company be liable in case she checked that no remittance was made on her behalf for the month of March only? Or is it allowed to pay for previous month even if it’s already beyond the deadline? Thank you very much!

  238. Hi Mils, sorry I’ve been thinking of how you can retrieve a copy minutes ago, and I still can’t think of a remedy. Did you pay at a bank? You have to do your best to persuade the bank to give you a copy. You should have gone back to the bank immediately before the teller filed her/his documents for the day.

  239. Hi nors we lost the official receipt of our contribution payment of our employees for the month of march. What can we do to be able to post the contributions? Or how can we secure a copy of our lost OR? Thanks!

  240. Hi Cams, until the last monthly salary of the employee that’s at least 1k pesos, because the basis of SSS premium is the total of actual monthly earnings. But some firms that deduct SSS every 30th might fail to pay the SSS premium on a certain month for an employee resigning on or before the 15th.

  241. Hi Ms. Nors,

    Until when an employer be required to remit SSS contribution for a resigned employee?

    Many Thanks.

  242. Hi Joe, sorry I’m not sure if the SSS-Landbank tie-up is already working, but based on those commenting here, the loans are still being released via checks. “Check generated” is still the response of those inquiring via their SSS online accounts. The most recent SSS borrower who commented here said he got his loan check via registered mail in 11 days from check generation. The borrower before him got his check in 13 days.

  243. Hi emma, sorry I’m not very sure, because I don’t know if SSS considers your loan as delinquent even after paying 10k. You’d be okay already with the 50%-of-term and 50%-of-principal rules, but you’d be questionable regarding the delinquency rule. I suggest that you click your Salary Loan Eligibility (enroll at My.SSS if not yet enrolled) — it will tell you how you can be eligible for renewal.
    Or if you can pay 7k and not fall into tight budget if you’re still not eligible for renewal, you can try this option.

  244. hi Ms.Nors
    Im planning to file my salary loan next week.,ask ko lang sana kung gaano katagal ang release ng check non??and dun poh sa salary loan form may nakita ako na “preferred mode of payment”..pwede na poh sila mag release tru saving account o atm card??land bank nga lang poh ba accredited bank nila para sa releasing ng sss loan?

  245. emma again here madam, ask ko lang po.supposedly ung loan ko end sya ng FEB 2013 with 13k balances. Ask ko lang can i pay 10k only with remaining balance of 3k kasi baka kulangin budget ko,if ever pwede ako magrenew ng loan even with 3k remaining bal?THanks po

  246. Hi emma, pay at an SSS branch or Bayad Center so it will get posted faster. Might take 3 to 5 days or a month, depending on the current queu. My friend’s loan payment was posted after 3 days, but there were some here complaining that their payment has not been posted after a month.

  247. Hi Ms. Nors,

    I have an upaid loan amounting to 13k that should be fully paid by Feb 2013-That wasn’t transfered to my current company, I wanted to pay that in 13k in full para makapagrenew ako ng loan ulit. Just would like to ask gano katagal ang posting?My plan is to pay the whole costs tom april 25, any estimated length of time before mapost sa online?para makarenew ako kagad?let me know please.thanks

  248. Hi Kathy, crl could be an internal code for their claim evaluation. If your documents are complete and you are eligible, you can receive your check in about a month or 6 weeks.

  249. Hi melanie, pay Jan to Mar today if you can. I hope they’ll accept it because your deadline is every 15th of the following month. And then check later on in your online SSS account if this payment was credited for Jan to Mar 2013. Pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. If you have credited payments for Jan to Mar, you’re eligible for maternity benefit. Your payment for Jan to Mar 2012 is not considered because it is beyond the counting period. Semester of contingency in maternity claims

  250. Ms. Nors due date ko aug 10 my hulog aq last year jan to march tas month of june.pwde pa ba aq s maternity benefit..3 po last digit ng sss number ko.can i still pay for my jan,feb and march contribution this year.tnx

  251. Hi edz, you can pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center — usually they have RS5 forms. Check “Voluntary”. After your payment is posted, your status is changed from Employed to Voluntary. Enroll in My.SSS at so you can track your records. No, you don’t have to pay the maximum rate. You decide what amount you can pay regularly. Then pay. Later on if you like, you can change the amount, but not by more than 2 brackets at a time. If more than 2 brackets, you fill up the Declaration of Earnings portion of the form.

  252. Gud pm ask ko lang po 1 yr napo ako unemployed. my last contrubtion was nov 2011.can i still continue my contributions? my sss last digit is 9. do i need to submit or change my status from employed to voluntary? where can i pay may contribution aside from sss branch? and how much should i contribute? my last contribution was 1560, now i am unemployed do I still pay the maximum rate? appreciate your reply thanks a lot=)

  253. Hi jho, yes, you can pay through bancnetonline — there’s a Voluntary category in this system. Yes, the category will change to Voluntary after posting.

  254. Hi Jen, yes, you can pay for this Apr to June quarter at Bayad Center or SM Business Center.
    If your bank is Bancnet-linked, you can pay your SSS at

  255. Ms na search ako na my online payment(bancnet) for sss pwede po ba un na im starting to pay for my husband contribution as voluntary through online?and automatic na lng poh ba un mag changed ang status nia from employed to voluntary??or need ko pa tlga mag fill up RS5?

  256. Hello… I failed to pay my sss contribution from oct-nov- dec 2012 and jan-feb-march 2013… I had been very busy and totally forgot about it. My question is I would like to pay for this quarter ( april may june2013)- will I be able to pay this thru SM bayad center? i have been paying thru sm in the past. Im very busy and I only do it during lunch break so sss branch sometimes is not an option because it is quite far from my place. thank you very much

  257. Hi Jho, yes, you can pay for your husband, just check Voluntary in the RS5 form. After this payment will get posted, your husband’s status will be changed from Employed to Voluntary. After about a week after payment (pay at SSS, Bayad Center or SM Business Center) and your payment has been posted, you can enroll your husband in My.SSS How to Enroll in Online SSS Later on, if your husband wants to change to OFW so he can contribute to SSS Flexi-Fund, let him fill up the SSS OW1 form in 2 copies, send them to you, so you can submit to SSS, together with your ID, his authorization letter and copy of his ID.

  258. Hi ms Nors,ask ko lng poh anu pwede gawin ng husband ko..kasi dati sya employed and nag resign na kasi nag work na sya abroad gusto nia sana ipag patuloy contribution nia sa sss,,pwede poh ba ako na lang maghulog para sa kanya?ang need pa poh ba nia mag update from employed to voluntary kc nag resign na xa?

  259. Hi Mae, you pay your Jan to June contributions on or before the 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th or end of April, depending on the last digit of your SSS no., as described in the article. You pay your Jul to Dec contributions on or before 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th or end of October (the date depends again on your last digit; see above)

  260. Hi Miss Nors! If I want to pay my SSS twice a year, kelan po ang deadline? Thanks!

  261. I will. Thank you so much. God bless =]

  262. Hi Nikka, the applicable month is April, so pay your first amortization on or before May 15. But ask others too para sure.

  263. Hi po. The last digit po of my SSS number is 3, so my deadline po for salary loan payment is every 15th tama po? First amortization ko po kasi is ngayon April, so kelan po ang deadline ko April 15 or May 15? medyo nalilito po, please help, first timer. Thank you

  264. Hi August, posting would depend on where your company is remitting your contributions. If the company is remitting through a bank that does not have an e-payment link with SSS, then posting takes months. It also depends on whether your company is remitting on time, and submitting the collection list (where employee names are written) on time.

  265. Hi joe, yes, but make sure at least 36 contributions are already posted. Enroll in online SSS so you can check your loan eligibility:
    How to enroll in My.SSS

  266. Hi! I’m an employee right now, when I check my contribution on line, I found out that my contribution is not yet posted till now. I ask our admin and they told me that it is already paid but not yet forwarded to SSS. My question is, how many months could allow by the SSS for those months that is not yet posted but already paid? Oct to Dec last year were my skips. Thanks for your answer.

  267. gud aft..ask ko lng poh if pwede na nga poh ba mag ako mag apply salary loan?nka 39 contribution na poh ako..

  268. Hi Abby, for employers, it’s NOT the last digit; it’s the 10th digit.
    If the 10th digit is 1 or 2, deadline is 10th day of the FOLLOWING month or quarter; for 3 or 4, deadline is 15th; if 5 or 6, deadline is 20th; if 7 or 8, deadline is 25th; if 9 or 0, deadline is last day of the month.

  269. Hi,gud eve! What day po pwede iparecieve the contribution collection? My employer last digit number is 5.thank you!

  270. Hi Debbie, sorry, no you cannot pay retroactively. The only remedy is for you to continue paying for the next 28 months, so she can accumulate the required 120 months.

  271. Hi. My mother is already 60 y/o this year but her SSS contribution is only 92 months at present. I know you need to have at least 120 months contribution to claim the benefit. Can we do retroactive payment to pay for the remaining 28 months? Thanks in advance.

  272. Hi Betchay, I think you’re still within the 10-year period for filing claims. But the problem is about the MAT1 pregnancy notification requirement which should have been submitted BEFORE delivery and stamped approved BEFORE delivery date. Also, you should have paid at least 3 monthly contributions within the 12-month period before your semester of delivery. Ask others too.

  273. I am an OFW with regular SSS contribution since about 10 years now except 2012 which I regret I missed. I gave birth to my son in 2004 but never filed for maternity benefit. Is it too late to file for one now? Thank you.

  274. Hi kyle, yes, your loan should have been paid within 24 months. If your scheduled first payment was Dec 2011, then the 24-period ends in Nov 2013. Enroll online so you can check your loan balance. After you have paid 50% of your loan (I think including the interests), you can already renew your loan. Your old loan balance will be deducted from your new loan proceeds. You can also check your loan eligibility online.

  275. Correction…check was ussued dated oct.7 2011 and his first payment supposed to be dec 2011..when is his 24 months,,is it oct 2013,depend on his last sss no,or dec 2013.thx.

  276. Good day!my husband had salary loan,check issued last oct. 2011,and wasnt able to pay monthly / not yet pay any amount until now because we need a lot to prioritize.our plan is to fully paid/cash the total amount on or before the 24 months.can we pay like that?how much/ percent will be the interest?after he fully paid that existing loan,is he can file or avail salary loan again immediately?we are confused,when is his 24 months,check issued oct 7 2012, dec,his first payment supposed to be.thank you.

  277. Hi jovy, you should have paid at least 3 months of the 12 months BEFORE your semester of delivery. Apply for your SSS ID if you don’t have it yet.

  278. Hi mam, is their any requirements to bring in filing a MAT-1 form? i am voluntary member.

  279. Hi jovan, sorry I can’t tell you when — you just have to wait. Usually payments at SSS cashiers, Bayad Centers and SM Business Centers get posted faster than those paid through banks. These can get posted within 3 to 7days.

  280. Good Day! maam ask ko lang po .. im a casual employee and for now i have 35 Total contribution which is updated last january. tanong ko lang po kailan pa lalabas yung contribution ko for january or february para maka avail na ako ng loan? TNX po!

  281. Hi dre, you can try Bayad Center. But even if your payment is accepted and the SSS system is already applying the new deadlines, then your payment will be posted as payment for April. Bayad Center and SM Business centers usually have RS5 forms available.
    By the way, are you paying for March? It’s still March, so you’re not yet late. But if you’re paying for Feb, yes, you’re late already, and your payment would be posted as payment for March, if the SSS system is already applying the new deadlines.

  282. Hi, I’m self employed and paying 1,560 pesos monthly premium. What happens when I mistakenly paid my monthly premium twice?

  283. Hi! I want to pay our contribution ds month, hindi ko kasi alam na may bagong policy na pala s deadlines, my due is on the 10th..pero last week (nagpunta ako first ng monday since 10 fell on sunday) n ngpupunta aq s bank (i wen to 2branches ng bank) pra mgbayad wala silang SBR, eh hindi naman ako pede mgpabalik-balik everyday dahil s work. But then last wednesday bmlik uli aq bank, wala pring SBR..So nung pinakisuyo ko s father ko s ibang branch hnd tinanggap ng bank ung pambayad ko..san n ko magbabayad nun?

  284. I really hope so too.. thanks Mam Nors, God bless..

  285. Hi Kathy, I think you can see it online later on if your filing has been approved and the check generated or if it was denied. Just check your online SSS from time to time. About contacting you, I’m not sure. I think what they do is to send back the documents to your address with refiling instructions. hope your claim would be approved soon.

  286. Hi Philip, yes, higher premiums and higher salary credits would convert to higher pensions, since pension would be based on the average monthly salary credit. SSS will choose from the higher of these 2: average monthly salary credit for the entire membership or average for the last 60 months before retirement. She might want to explore also Pag-ibig 2, so she’ll have some money saved before retirement.

  287. Hi Angelo, sorry, it’s my first time to encounter a question about lost SSS loan check, so I’m not sure how to respond. But I think it’s the check that should have been stopped for payment first so that it won’t get encashed in case somebody presents it for encashment. And then later on request for cancellation of the loan. Unless you’re 100% sure no one else got your check. I think you go back again to your branch and ask why your loan was not yet canceled after 2 months of asking it to be canceled.

  288. No Ms. Nors, I didn’t submit those papers, because they didn’t tell me to do so. That’s my worry, they might be asking for those docs which I cant produce coz Im far from my company right now. They already accepted my Mat2, and the only requirements they asked, was the Mat1, birthcertificate of my daughter and my IDs. Do you think they would contact me to submit those docs?

  289. Hi Ms Nors.
    We’re OFW. My wife already had contributed more than five years on a PHP 520 bracket. She’s planning to pay advance again for one year for the Maximum Bracket to be able to get the highest pension. Will this benefit her better?


  290. Hello Miss Nors,

    I would like to ask what will happen if my salary loan check with SSS lapse its validity period. I had a salary loan with SSS last January and I received the check 2 weeks after. However, I lost the check and went to an SSS branch. They told me that the best way is to cancel the loan and reapply. Two months after, my loan is still active and thus I can’t apply online. My check will become stale in a month and would like to know if they can immediately omit it from their records quickly so I can reapply ASAP or it would take another 3 months? Your response is great appreciated.

    Thank you and more power.


  291. Hi Kathy, do you mean you did not submit a certification of separation from your former company? And a certification that they did not advance you any maternity benefit? And a signature specimen card?
    I’m asking because several who commented here said that they were required to submit these documents even if 1 year has passed after they left the company. But anyway, if SSS evaluated your documents and accepted them, then your claim must be okay. The SSS rule says that if the date of separation and date of delivery is within a 6-month period, the member must submit the papers I mentioned. Your case is already outside the 6-month period so your claim must be okay.

  292. im already registered na po online.. eligible naman daw po. baka lang po kasi kako may iba pa silang hanapin na requirements like letter from the company? Jan-June 2012 has been paid by my company, then i stopped working, i missed Jul-Aug-Sept. then i paid the last quarter as voluntary member, and bayad ako now 2013 first quarter. I gave birth po last feb4. Do you think po may hahanapin pa silang ibang documents? or sure na po na makukuwa ko na yung matbenefit? sorry po dami questions..gusto ko lang po ng clarifications para hindi na ko magworry, pambinyag lang po kasi ng baby ko, badly needed..

  293. Hi Kathy, automatic approved? Yes, as long as you are eligible. Your check will be delivered to your home (to the address you wrote in your claim form) via registered mail, by your postman. Enroll in online SSS so you can see when your check is generated.

  294. hi Mam Nors, ask ko lang po, kapag po ba nakapagsubmit na ng MAT-2 automatic na po yun na approved at maibibigay na ang maternity benefit? sabi kasi nung pinagsubmitan ko, “two months” yun lang po sabi nya..haha tinanong ko po kung pano ko makukuwa, imemail daw po sa home address. kailangan ko po bang magfollow-up? or umasa na ko na makukuwa ko talaga xa within two months?

    thanks po as always, God bless po.

  295. .thank you po ms.nors for the info .god bless po .

  296. Hi Beth, yes, you can avail as dependent of your husband. He needs to update his MDR using your marriage certificate and ID.

  297. Hi Beth, yes, for maternity benefit, at least 3 monthly contributions within the 12 months before semester of delivery. For example, payment for Jan to Feb 2013 is counted if your delivery month is July, or Aug or Sep. Payment for Jan to June is counted if your delivery month is Oct or Nov or Dec. Please ask others too

  298. Wla po kasi akong philhealth ,pero ung aswa ko po meron newly wed po kami ma aavail ko na po ba agd ung philhealth benefits nya ?

  299. .ahm even if mag advance aq nang payment q before my due date ?.kz ang sabi mkpag maternity loan atleast my 3 mos. contribution .

  300. Hi Beth, sad to say that 2 contributions are not enough. You should go to Philhealth with your IDs and ask about Individual Policy Contract so you can avail. You might be required to pay 1 year in advance.

  301. Hi po!.ask ko lang po kung pwde po ba ako mka avail nang maternity benifit? self employed twice plang po ako nkpag hulog sa july po ang due date q .?thnx

  302. Hi aini, I’m puzzled that they ask for a loan no. because there’s no loan no. Here, we pay using ML1 form and what we write are just the SSS no., name, address, type of loan, amount and month. Maybe if it’s an SSS housing loan, there’s a loan no. Perhaps just ask your mother to pay in the meantime. She can pay at a Bayad Center or SM Business Center — usually there are ML1 forms in these payment centers. God bless too.

  303. hi tanong ko lang po kung pano magbayad ng loan, im an OFW, hinihingi nila loan number, pano ko malalaman ang loan number ko? nakapagbayad na po mother ko last november sa pinas, gusto ko sana bayran na lahat dito but,they’re asking for my loan number. thanks and Godbless

  304. When is the right time to stop paying the SSS contributions? What is the difference of pension to receive if you pay more than the minimum number months of contribution? What is the computation done to get the amount of pension?

  305. When is the right time to pay SSS contributions? What is the difference of pension to receive if you pay more than the minimum number months of contribution(is it 120 months)? What is the computation done to get the amount of pension?

  306. Hi novy, what’s the total of your double contributions? If the total does not exceed 1560, it’s okay, they could combine these 2 as one contribution for the same month. In some cases, they post the second payment for the following month. Enroll in online SSS so you can see what SSS will do.
    You’re self-employed; do you have an approved stamped RS1 form? I asked to make sure you’re registered as self-employed.
    About your father: He can download the OW1 form, sign it and send it to SSS (address is on the form), or he can register at the SSS desk of the Philippine consulate.

  307. hello po!, it just happend that im double my contribution for this month what gonna happen?, and im self employed and i want to increase my contribution as well as the contribution of my father who is now voluntary payor and now want to shift as OFW payor… there any requirement for these changes?, looking forward to your reply and thank you in advance.

  308. thanks for the immediate and helpful response Ms. Nors.

    God bless!

  309. Hi jheng, you start paying this month, March, on or before your deadline (based on the last digit of your SSS no. or your employer’s no. if you’re employed). Your service fee (1% of your loan) was already paid, already deducted from your loan proceeds. You pay your loan amortization for 24 months. best regards

  310. Hi Roger, yes, you can continue paying your SSS contributions. Use RS5 form. Sorry you can no longer pay past years. Enroll online so you can check your records:

  311. good day ms. nors,

    I would like to ask po about salary loan.

    1st time po nag loan ng husband ko, it was a Salary Loan, based po sa salary loan voucher nya ang issued date was Jan. 14, 2013, the Monthly Amortization and Service Fee was also indicated in the voucher.

    my questions po are:

    1. when should start the monthly payment of the loan?

    2. is the service fee should also be paid monthly?

    3. how many months to pay the salary loan?

    thank u in advance po, im looking forward for ur help.

  312. Hi arminda, yes, you can register online in behalf of your sister if you know all her personal data. I suggest she be the one to enroll online herself. Here’s the process: But before she enrolls, she needs a no. from the RS5 form receipt, so pay 1 month for her. Pay for March 2013. Use RS5 form. Check OFW. Then email her the SBR no. from the RS5 receipt. Tell her to choose 6 digits from the SBR no. In her SSS online account, she can click Eligibility to check if she’s qualified for a loan. By the way, maternity is a benefit. It’s not a loan. There’s a salary loan.

  313. Hi Nikki, you can pay only as Voluntary if you’ve paid before as Employee, OFW or Self-employed. If not, you must first register as Self-employed. Please read these:

  314. Can I continue paying SSS contribution even If i missed 10 years of payment?
    Can I pay the missed years of payment ?

    Please reply…

  315. my kapatid po ako sa abraod.hndi po sya nk pgloan para maternity.pwede po b sya mag loan at paano ko malaman kpag completo yng hulog nya sss.pwede po mag register sa online po. at kung hndi cmpleto yng hulog pwede po hulugan po.

    thank you.

  316. Good day! I just want to clarify things with your hepl. I got my SSS no.last January 2011 but this month will be the first time I will pay for my SSS as voluntary. Will I just fill up the rs5 form? My due is tomorrow because my last digit is 3 so I really hope I can get a response from you Ms. Nors. Thanks and God bless!

  317. hi po ask ko po sana if may chance ako makapag loan.employed po ako at may sss contribution.last contribution ko po sa employer ko is april-aug 2012 nag resign po kc ako,wala po ako contirbution sep-dec 2012.january 2013 po may work na po ako up to present..ano po kaya pwd ko gawin pra maka pag loan ako..meron n po ako 39 months contirbution..thanks po

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