ACOP No Longer Required from SSS Retiree Pensioners Living in the Philippines

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If you’re an SSS retiree pensioner living in the Philippines, you are no longer required to go to an SSS branch to file your ACOP form. This change took effect last October 30, 2017ACOP means Annual Confirmation of Pensioners Program.



Nagsimula ang pagbabago na ito last October 30, 2017, kaya yong mga retiree pensioners na nasa Pilipinas at tumigil ang pension dahil hindi nakapag-file ng ACOP form ay kelangan pa ring mag-file kasi nag-effect lang yong pagbabago last October 30, 2017.

Effective October 30, 2017

Compliance with ACOP is no longer required from SSS Retiree Pensioners residing in the Philippines, effective October 30, 2017. These pensioners are no longer required to go to an SSS branch to present themselves and their IDs to prove that they are still alive. It will now be the SSS officers who will conduct their own verification procedures to confirm these pensioners are still alive.

For retiree pensioners aged 85 and older, SSS officers will make a home visit.

The types of pensioners who will still accomplish the ACOP requirement are the following:

  1. Retirees residing abroad
  2. Total disability pensioners
  3. Survivor pensioners
  4. Dependent children (Minor children or incapacitated children)
  5. Guardians of dependent children

These 5 types of pensioners are required to accomplish their ACOP within the following months:

Schedule of ACOP Compliance

Type of Pensioner Month of ACOP Filing
Retiree Pensioner residing abroad Retiree’s Month of Birth
Total disability pensioner Pensioner’s Month of Birth
Survivor pensioner Deceased Member’s Month of Birth
Dependent child Deceased Member’s Month of Birth
Guardian of dependent child Deceased Member’s Month of Birth

Pensioners can file their ACOP within 6 months before their scheduled date of compliance.

Are you an SSS Retiree Pensioner Residing Abroad?

This is how to file your ACOP form while you are abroad.


SSS Circular No. 2017-012, entitled Consolidated Guidelines on the Annual Confirmation of Pensioners Program (ACOP), signed on November 28, 2017 by SSS President and CEO Emmanuel F. Dooc

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