Home Sonic Appliances Using PLDT in Their Deceitful Marketing Scheme

This morning, someone who identified herself as Patricia Aguilar called me through my PLDT

landline number and told me that PLDT is celebrating its 80th or (83rd?) anniversary. Immediately, my mind said “Here’s another marketing scheme.”  The woman didn’t mention Home Sonic in her first statements; she was always talking about PLDT.

Just the other day, someone called me about a FREE health care card from Mastercard, but in the latter part of her spiel, she said I was awarded a 50-percent discount, and that I had to pay ONLY about 6,000 pesos.

Going back to the claimed PLDT promo — I wonder where they get the numbers, and why they know my number is a new subscription. They must be buying these numbers.  I must have put my landline number in a raffle coupon, or an application for something, or a purchase receipt duplicate, or an agent must have made a list.  Cell phone number na nga lang ang isusulat ko sa mga slips kung kelangan — gagasto sila para tawagan ako.

Similar to the spiel of many other marketers, this ‘PLDT’ woman said I was a lucky PLDT subscriber, and that I can claim my rewards from Home Sonic at Metropolis Alabang.  I just need to bring two valid IDs, and my latest PLDT bill.
Of course, most of us know what usually happens when people go to Home Sonic, as told many times over by victims of these schemes. They’re presented with their prizes, but they could not get out of the store with these prizes. They’re pressured to buy costly appliances that are not needed to live. Kelangan ba natin ang massage chair? Ang foot massager? Ang microwave na may radio at orasan? Sa totoo lang, lumalamon ng kuryente ang microwave.

Pero sa galing nilang magsalita, mapapa-believe ka at maiisip mo:

  • Oo nga, kelangan ko ang mga ito.
  • Oo nga, deserve ng family ko ang mga ito.
  • Oo, kawawa naman itong seller na ito, walang kita pag hindi ako bumili.
  • Oo nga, napakamura na nga ito.
  • Oo nga, nakakahiya pag di man lang ako bumili eh may bigay sila sa aking libre.
  • Oo, bibili na ako kasi na-massage na ako nang matagal.
  • Oo, bibilhin ko na kasi kikita naman ako dito pag mabenta ko kay mare/pare.
  • Oo, kasi ang dami na ring bumili, ang daming masaya, ang saya-saya nila.

Shaming or flattering prospective buyers, and making them believe they’re getting the best deals of their lives are techniques that play on human nature, and specifically the respectful, understanding, maawain and gentle nature of many Pinoys.

I would have shamed the Home Sonic ‘PLDT’ caller by telling her how she was deceiving people, but I don’t know why I didn’t.  Siguro nagsawa na ako. O kasi Pinoy nga ako.

Akala ko wala na yong mga ganito. Marami pa rin pala.

Totoo pa rin yong Number 1 sign ng SCAM — TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Libre at walang bayad? Bakit? Hindi puedeng walang dahilan.  Malaki daw ang kita? Bakit? There’s a reason.

Legitimate promos are well-publicized. Ang mga promos ng mga Legitimate and Big Companies ay well-advertised. Nasa official websites nila, nasa one-page or half-page ads sa newspapers,at announced by reliable TV personalities.

Nakakapanghinayang na merong mga napapabili in CASH ng 25K to 54K ng mga appliances na later they realize are Not Really Needed.  Surf the Internet; nagkalat ang mga complaints from Home Sonic or Greentop victims.


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