Live-In Relationship Also Stops SSS Pension

It’s not only remarriage that will stop the SSS pension of an SSS death pensioner.  Cohabitation or living together with another person like husband and wife will also stop the SSS pension.
A lot of people think only remarriage will stop the SSS pension, based on the SSS law that defines the beneficiary spouse as “the dependent spouse until he or she remarries.”
But it is not so, according to the  Social Security Commission (SSC).
The SSS stated in a Supreme Court decision that the word “remarry” in the SSS law also includes a spouse who cohabits with a person other than his or her deceased spouse or a spouse in an illicit relationship.
Cohabitation is defined as living together as husband and wife while being unmarried.
There have already been cases where a death pensioner lost his/her SSS pension because SSS found out that he/she has been living with another person like husband and wife.
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