How to Check your Estimated SSS Pension Online


If you have an online SSS account, you can check your estimated SSS pension online.

This estimate is not final; it will change as you continue to pay your contributions to SSS.

To check your estimated pension, you will use your online SSS account, so if you have not yet registered with the SSS online system, this is how to register to get your online SSS account.

Use Internet Explorer SSS Internet Explorer as this is the best browser to use the SSS website:


Steps to see your estimated SSS pension online:

1. Login.

2. Select E-Services, then click Inquiry

3. Select Eligibility, then click Benefit Claims

4.  You will see Date of Contingency. Enter the date you will turn 60 years old: MM-DD-YYYY
Example:  11-08-2021

When will you turn 60 years old? Add 60 to your year of birth.

Hayaan mo lang na “No” yong E.C. Benefit Computation. This is for those injured at work.

5.  Click Submit

6. You will see your Benefits Eligibility



Sa lower portion, you can now see your Estimated SSS Pension:

Average Monthly Salary Credit
Type of Benefit
Amount of Benefit
Additional Benefit
Total Amount of Benefit –> Your estimated monthly SSS pension

8.  Sa upper portion, you can see these:

    • Earliest Retirement Date
    • Total Number of Posted Contributions
    • Total Number of Lumped Contributions
    • Total Number of Deemed Paid Contributions
    • Date of Contingency considered
    • Total Number of Contributions Prior to Semester of Contingency

You can also see your Credited Years of Service (CYS) Computation

(You can check here if your 1985 to 1989 contributions
are already counted and included in your total CYS)


For those who have not yet accumulated 120 contributions, you will see that your Retirement Benefit is a Lump Sum, computed for age 60.

Your pension computation will appear after you have accumulated 120 contributions.

Ano yong Additional Benefit?

Ito yong 1,000 pesos na idinagdag sa pension of all main SSS pensioners under the Duterte administration. Meron pang 1,000 pesos na additional to complete the proposed 2,000 pesos, pero hindi pa na-decide kung kelan ito i-implement.


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