SSS Membership — Start with 110 Pesos for Your Family

Updated August 2014:

Are you earning money every month? At least 1,000 pesos every month? And you’re NOT YET an SSS MEMBER?

Be an SSS member. This is for you and your family.

In early 2011 in Makati, 10 construction workers fell to their death, and when their families were interviewed on TV, and the issue of benefits came up, they said their husbands did not have SSS.

If these workers had SSS, their wives and small children could have been helped by pensions. They could also have claimed funeral benefits.

You can be an SSS member if you are a farmer, fisherman, sari-sari store owner, direct seller of products, vendor, tricycle driver, jeepney driver, sales agent, etc.

Your category would be SELF-EMPLOYED because you don’t have an employer.


1.  Prepare your birth certificate (original and xerox), if you do not yet have an SSS no.

2.  Prepare at least one PROOF of source of income (original and xerox).
What are valid proofs of source of income?

– Notarized Affidavit of Source of Income
– Receipts of Sales Commissions
– Direct Marketing ID or certificate
– Business Permit
– PRC License
– DTI Registration
– Mayor’s Permit
– SEC Registration
– Franchise Permit as Transportation Operator, with Vehicle Registration Certificate
– Others

Be ready to answer questions about what you do to earn money. The SSS officers want to be sure you’re really earning money, and not just receiving money from someone else.

3.  Go to the SSS branch nearest your house or your work/business.

4.  If you don’t have yet your SSS no., fill-up E1 Form.

Submit your filled-up E1 form together with your birth or baptismal certificate (original and xerox).

5.  After getting your SSS no., fill up RS1 Form (Self-Employed Data Record), the form for Self-Employed applicants.

This is a sample RS1 SELF-EMPLOYED DATA RECORD form.

6.  Submit filled-up form. Answer questions, such as what do you do to earn money? How much?

7.  You will receive a stamped/approved copy of your RS1 form.

8.  After your RS1 form is approved and stamped by SSS, you can start paying your first SSS contribution. Use RS5 form.


The minimum SSS monthly contribution is 110 pesos. This is for those earning between 1,000 to 1,249.99 per month.
The next contributions are 165, 220, 275, 330, 385, and so on.

Here’s the new Table of SSS Contributions.

Do not worry that you cannot pay your contributions every month. Just do your best to contribute every month.

Become an SSS member. You and Your Family Will Benefit. 


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