SSS Membership — Start with 110 Pesos for Your Family

Updated August 2014:

Are you earning money every month? At least 1,000 pesos every month? And you’re NOT YET an SSS MEMBER?

Be an SSS member. This is for you and your family.

In early 2011 in Makati, 10 construction workers fell to their death, and when their families were interviewed on TV, and the issue of benefits came up, they said their husbands did not have SSS.

If these workers had SSS, their wives and small children could have been helped by pensions. They could also have claimed funeral benefits.

You can be an SSS member if you are a farmer, fisherman, sari-sari store owner, direct seller of products, vendor, tricycle driver, jeepney driver, sales agent, etc.

Your category would be SELF-EMPLOYED because you don’t have an employer.


1.  Prepare your birth certificate (original and xerox), if you do not yet have an SSS no.

2.  Prepare at least one PROOF of source of income (original and xerox).
What are valid proofs of source of income?

– Notarized Affidavit of Source of Income
– Receipts of Sales Commissions
– Direct Marketing ID or certificate
– Business Permit
– PRC License
– DTI Registration
– Mayor’s Permit
– SEC Registration
– Franchise Permit as Transportation Operator, with Vehicle Registration Certificate
– Others

Be ready to answer questions about what you do to earn money. The SSS officers want to be sure you’re really earning money, and not just receiving money from someone else.

3.  Go to the SSS branch nearest your house or your work/business.

4.  If you don’t have yet your SSS no., fill-up E1 Form.

Submit your filled-up E1 form together with your birth or baptismal certificate (original and xerox).

5.  After getting your SSS no., fill up RS1 Form (Self-Employed Data Record), the form for Self-Employed applicants.

This is a sample RS1 SELF-EMPLOYED DATA RECORD form.

6.  Submit filled-up form. Answer questions, such as what do you do to earn money? How much?

7.  You will receive a stamped/approved copy of your RS1 form.

8.  After your RS1 form is approved and stamped by SSS, you can start paying your first SSS contribution. Use RS5 form.


The minimum SSS monthly contribution is 110 pesos. This is for those earning between 1,000 to 1,249.99 per month.
The next contributions are 165, 220, 275, 330, 385, and so on.

Here’s the new Table of SSS Contributions.

Do not worry that you cannot pay your contributions every month. Just do your best to contribute every month.

Become an SSS member. You and Your Family Will Benefit. 


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  1. Paano pag personal service, yung naglilinis lang ng 3 rooms or 4 rooms every weekends ,every month meron akong P1600, kasi hindi naman nawawalan ng nagpapalinis dito sa sa apartment.
    Pasok ba yan as self employed, gusto ko na kasi mahulog. May sss e1 na ako. Ano pedeng proofs

  2. Ano pong pwede maging proof na kumikita ako? If nag benta lang ako ng mga basic instant food coffees and loading, inside dormitory? Ayaw kasi sagutin ng sss, puro link sagot nila, yan lang naman tinatanong ko.sana po masagot nyo po, wala kasi talaga akong mapakita na proof of income.

  3. Hi Jean, kung mother mo ang owner of your store as shown in the business permit, your mother can register as self-employed (SSS R-1 form) and report you as employee. Meron ba siyang TIN? Kung meron na siyang SSS, she can report you as her employee (SSS R-1A form). Kung hindi pa siya member and she’s still less than 55, there’s still time for her to accumulate 10 years of contributions to qualify for pension at age 65 or earlier. Kausapin mo muna ang mother mo kung gusto niya.

  4. pd ko po bang gamitin as proof of source of income ung business permit n nkapangalan sa mama ko kht ako po ung nagpapalakad n ng sari sari store? Sya po kasi nagrenew ulit. Nd po kasi nahulugan ung sss ko nung ngtatrabaho p ako.

  5. hi.. good day..ask q lang po qng mgkano po kya macclaim q sa maternity benefits q if ever na cs or normal? ang monthly contribution q po ay 880.. december po ang due date ng labor q.. salamat po..

  6. Hi Mam Nora. may nabasa kasi ako na pwede daw po na late mag claim ng sss maternity benefit? totoo po b aito? salamat po

  7. hello po, gusto ko lng I.ask na self employed nilagay ko (vendor), pero hndi aq vendor tindera lng aq sa store eh wla nman aqng business, tska ang problem ko talaga eh buwan2x ba aqng mgbabayad 550 kc monthly ss contribution ko tas may 5000 , this June 14 lng aq ngstart sa sss,

  8. Hi angelica, yong lump sum nio is yong ibinigay in advance na monthly pension for the first 18 months, so starting from 19th month after death, magsimula na yong monthly pension nio. Meron ba kayong nakita diyan sa voucher na computation na ___ x 18 months?

  9. hellow po tanong ko lng po kc po nung nkuhanamin ung death claim nung papa ang nkalagay po ay initail ddr payment for pension and lum sum my mkukuha pa po ba kami ulit? salamat po sa sagot.

  10. Hi Iza, puede nang magbayad diretso as Voluntary, kasi you were Employed before, as long as you’re sure your employer remitted your payments to SSS noon. Important kasi na your first payments to SSS were valid. Wala nang additional process to change member category from Employed to Voluntary. Pag na-post na ng SSS yong payment mo as Voluntary, automatic na magiging Voluntary na ang member category mo.

  11. Hi Lolita, 5,000 ang salary credit ng 550-peso contribution. Kung meron ka nang 36 or more contributions but less than 72 contributions, one-month loan pa lang ang puede mong i-loan, meaning makaka-loan ka ng 5k pesos.

  12. Hi ms nora,gud evening po ask ko lang po magkano ang 1st loan sa sss ng ofw 550 pesos ang buwan na hulog.salamat po mam.

  13. Hi Shammy, it’s great that you started paying in 2012. Sayang nga naman yong panahon. Did you apply using RS-1? And was it stamped-approved before you paid? And have you enrolled in SSS online service? I hope so. About self-employed to employed: Ok nang wala kang gagawin. It will be your employer who will report you to SSS within 30 days of your employment. After your first contribution as employee is remitted, dapat yong member category mo is automatically changed to Employed. Pero sometimes immediate ang change; sometimes after several contributions as Employed.

  14. Hi Mrs.Nora naging Self Employed SSS member po ako noong March 2012 (unang apply ko sa sss) nagdecide po ako na mag.apply as self employed sa SSS dahil naging Private Duty Nurse po ako for 3 years at nasasayangan naman ako sa panahon kung wala akong SSS until now naman okay ang hulog ko but i decided na mag.apply na sa iba so my question is if ever matanggap po ako sa pinag aaplyan ko ano na pong mangyayari sa hinulugan ko as a self employed sss kasi pag sa company na po diba cayegorize na EMPLOYED na po ang huhulugan? So ano po ang mangyayari papalitan ko po ba ang SSS ko from self employed to employed or okay na syang ganyan …salamat po at God Bless

  15. Hi Lorna, sorry not yet. Pension-claimants under 65 are required to submit a certification of separation from employment. Look at this Retirement Claim Application form

  16. Hi Mrs Nora. My friend is a government employee and also a member of SSS ? She’s now 61 yrs old and completed her 120 months SSS contributions but still employed with the government. Can she now apply for her retirement claim with the SSS although still employed?

  17. Hi Mylaine, do you mean your new company did not pay for your SSS while you were on probation? To qualify for the loan, SSS requires that you have paid at least 6 months within the last 12 months prior to loan application. Enroll in online SSS so you can check if you’re eligible to apply for a salary loan. You can also apply online if your employer has an online SSS account.

  18. Hi Po, almost 16 years that I’ve been a member of sss. and have loaned 2x. I’m new in this company and was just regularized. Can I file a loan? they’ll just started paying for my sss contribution this month. thanks po

  19. Hi aileen, basically, yes. If you’re an independent worker or contractor, you’re not an employee, so you can register as self-employed. SSS does not want employees to register as self-employed; they want the employers to report their employees to SSS.

  20. Hi aileen, after your SSS RS1 form is stamped and signed by SSS, you can pay your first monthly contribution (for May 2016). If you write 5,000 as your monthly income on the RS1 form, your monthly SSS contribution will be 550. If you write 3,000, your contribution will be 330 pesos. Pay again in June and every month thereafter. You can try applying for your SSS ID maybe in July or August when you are given your Date of Coverage.

  21. Hi aileen, here’s a sample affidavit of source of income. Yes, you can write it, but since this is to be notarized, it should be typed on a typewriter or printed.

  22. self employed member and independent are the same? thanks mrs nora

  23. hi mrs nora, thanks for your response.does sss honor if im going to write personally our certificates and then i will bring it to the public attorney’s office for notarization?

  24. im turning 37 of age this year. im planning to start paying my contribution in sss. how many months i would pay the contribution to become completely my contribution?

  25. Hi aileen, your husband’s affidavit should state that he’s working as an independent construction worker, not an employee. He states that he works on contracts in different construction projects. If the SSS officer senses that he’s an employee, the officer will tell him to ask his employer to report him as employee. It’s the same with your situation. SSS requires household employers to report and pay for their helpers/caregivers. If you have other sources of income, mention them, making it appear that you earn from babysitting per agreement, and buy-and-sell. Sometimes SSS officers prefer certification from your barangay about your sources of income. Ask for 2 certificates, one for you and one for your husband. I’m glad that you’re making efforts to become active SSS members.

  26. Hi aileen, if you have the copies of the affidavit, find a notary that charges only 100 or 150 pesos. Ask around if there’s a lawyer-councilor in your city hall offering free notary service.

  27. i have a additional question if you dont mind. how much is notarized the affidavit of source of income?

  28. my husband is a construction worker.we were same situation about our sss number. he decided to pay his contribution now.his payroll weekly is enough to bring it to sss branch as a proof of his income?we’re planning to be a self-employed member of sss.

  29. i have an sss number since 1998. but as of now i did not pay my contribution. i decided to pay it now. it is possible when im applying as a self employed? coz i have monthly income 5000.00, to take care my nephew,his mother work in dubai. i want to pay my contribution on my own.i bring my affidavit of source of income.

  30. Hi Wills, you said your wife is a voluntary member since 2007. Did she work previously? I mean, was her first SSS contribution paid as employee? Does she have an SSS ID? I asked because a member cannot start paying as a voluntary member. Or did she file RS1 as self-employed in 2007? If not sure or if she does not have an SSS ID, she should go to SSS with her ID (any ID) and fill up a verification slip to verify her Date of coverage (DOC) and to make sure all her contributions are valid.
    About increase in contributions, SSS had changed its policy — now, any member less than 55 years old can increase his/her monthly contributions to any amount, by any number of brackets, by any number of times. By age 55, one can increase by only one bracket per year. Your wife is now past 55 so here’s the SSS circular about increase in SSS monthly contributions.
    About continuing to pay past age 60: yes, because she started paying when she was younger than 55.

  31. My wife was born in feb 1960. She’s sss voluntary member po since 2007. Her monthly contribution is around 110. This apr-jun 2016 she increased po her contribution to 550 monthly and she plans to increase further to 990 and increase again in the next years. She increased by 8 brackets. Is that allowed? Can she claim after 60 so she can increase her pension?

  32. Hi dheng, what I know is that SSS posts the total of the monthly contributions from both employers. The problem arises when the total exceeds 1,760 (current maximum). I’m not sure now if SSS still puts the contributions on hold for the month, or puts on hold only the excess. I hope you already have your online SSS account, so you can observe how SSS now posts dual/multiple contributions. You should be able to see how your contributions in 2015 were posted. If your contributions were not posted because they exceeded 1,760, or only one was posted, but it was less than 1,760, you can file for consolidation of your contributions due to multiple employers (maybe you can do this yearly).
    For Pag-ibig, there’s no problem because there’s no maximum limit for P1 contributions. Keep your records so you can check later on if your total contributions were correctly posted. When you have time, you can go to your Pag-ibig branch and ask for a copy of your TAV so you can check. For Philhealth, I think there’s no problem because if ever there’s a need to use it, you just ask for a cert of applicable premium payments from your full time employer.

  33. hello ms nora, ask ko lang if i have two employers (1 full time, 1 consultant/part time), both paying my sss contributions for me. Is there a conflict with my total contributions monthly? same thing with my pagibig and philhealth. thank u po

  34. Hi Ayessa, thanks a lot! That’s awesome! I’m below the level of an angel though hehe 🙂

  35. Got it! Thanks Nora,you’re an angel!

  36. Hi Ayessa, no. It’s only when a member has a delinquent loan that SSS deducts the delinquent loan from maternity benefit.

  37. Thanks Nora! This really helps. I have another question though, If salary loan and maternity benefit will be applied at the same time, will my maternity benefit be reduced by the loan?

  38. Hi Ayessa, yes, as long as you qualify for both. For salary loan, you should have at least 36 contributions, including 6 contributions within the last 12 months. For maternity benefit, you should have at least 3 contributions within the 12 months before your semester of delivery.

  39. Hi Nora,will it be possible to apply salary loan and maternity benefits at the same time?

  40. Hi maryrose, if he decides so, he can continue paying for 3 more years so he will complete the required 120 contributions and claim for his pension after 3 years. He can go to SSS and ask how much he can increase his contributions. But if he likes to get his SSS benefit now, he can file for his lump sum, which is equal to the total of all his SSS contributions plus interest.

  41. Hi gud morning po, my father lacks 36 mos to complete the required 120. this year 60 he will turn 60. Can he claim for pension?

  42. Hi Merille, was there a time that your husband’s employer reported him to SSS, and he had contributions remitted by this previous employer? If yes, then he can continue paying as Voluntary. But if he was never reported by an employer, he must register as Self-Employed using RS1 form and get approval before paying. If he is not sure, he should go to the nearest SSS with his ID and verify his status and previous contributions. He should ask if he has a Date of Coverage — this means he was reported to SSS correctly. If he needs to register as Self-Employed, he should bring some proof that he is earning money from construction as Independent Contractor, and not Employed. Proof can be payment of construction service.

  43. Hi Ms. Nora, my husband is a construction worker but there are times that they have no project, meaning it is not regular, is he eligible for Self Employed? Previously he works as a riceman in one of the fastfood chain when he was single, does that mean he will continue as voluntary automatically?
    please enlighten us since we would like to continue the sss payments with the lowest amount(that is what we can afford).

  44. Hi Amira, the SSS officer should not have flatly said that the PESO is not available to OFWs. PESO has no restrictions on membership type. What the officer should have done is to explain to you that for OFWs, the Flexi-Fund is much better than the PESO fund. So now I suggest to you that the Flexi-Fund is a better choice for you as an OFW. This Flexi is available only to OFWs, so you are privileged. Why is Flexi-Fund better for you? It’s more flexible, meaning you can get your savings in partial or in full, and have the rest for later years. Flexi also earns more as aside from the regular dividends, there’s an annual incentive. Registration and payment is also simpler. While here in the Phils, you can file OW-1 form with your OEC or any proof you’re OFW. If already abroad, you can mail or email the OW1 form from abroad. Payment is done at the same time with the regular SSS. Pay for example 3000, and automatically, 1,760 will go to your regular SSS, and then 1,240 (3,000-1,760) will go to your Flexi. If you pay 5k, 3,240 will go to your Flexi. You can increase/decrease your payments, as long as your payment is at least 1,960 (1,760 + the 200 minimum Flexi payment). If you also want to save with PESO, just say you’re already a Flexi member, and you want the features of PESO. Just comment again if I missed some things. Some Flexi-Fund info

  45. Dear Ate Noors, I am an OFW present working in Singapore, I just read about the SSS peso fund, it quite good and interesting, so during my last vacation in the Philippines, I tried to register as a member of this SSS peso fund, but when I talked to one of the desk staff inside the SSS office, he told me that SSS peso fund is not applicable to OFW, instead he offered me the SSS flexi fund. I just read in one of your previous topic, that OFW can also join this SSS peso fund? by the way I applied in Baliuag Bulacan Branch. Regards, Amira

  46. Hi Chi, were you employed before? and your employer remitted your contributions to SSS? If yes, your status is Voluntary. Yes, you can change from 220 to 110 or 165 without going to SSS. You can directly pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. If not employed before, you should register as self-employed using an RS1 form and proof of source of income, like barangay certificate of source of income. After SSS approves your RS1 form, you can continue paying at Bayad Center/SM Business Center. You can also change from 220 to 110 or 165. When your income increases, it’s good to increase your contributions to increase your benefits.

  47. good day. last week po I was paying at SSS as voluntary member. I asked po how much should I pay monthly. I was told to pay how much I can — 220 or 330. so i decided 220 as it’s affordable. After that, I was told to pay at bayad center to pay for month of september. I was given a list for monthly contributions and I saw there’s an amount lower than 220. there’s 110 and 165. Can I pay 110 as my monthly contribution without going to SSS to update my account with SSS office? Direct payment to bayad center?

  48. Hi Olga, in the SSS RS1 form, you need to write your TIN. You can now get your TIN online free of charge. It’s called eTIN. Just go here: . You will enter your: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Extension Name, Birth Date, Email, Civil Status, Gender. Make sure your email address is valid — this is where BIR will send your eTIN. I’m glad you’re registering with SSS.

  49. Hi Cesar, there’s a post I’ve written about PESO, comparing it to Pag-ibig’s MP2 savings program. This is about SSS PESO Fund. PESO requires that you have paid at least 6 consecutive months within the past 12 months, and if you’re Voluntary or Self-Employed or OFW, you’re required to pay the maximum regular SSS contribution (1,760 pesos), as you save with PESO. Minimum monthly PESO savings is 1,000 pesos. If employed, your regular SSS contribution need not be maximum; it will depend on your monthly income. To start with PESO, you need to register at these branches: Alabang, Diliman, Cubao, San Francisco Del Monte, Pasig-Shaw, Makati-Gil Puyat, Taguig, Pasay-Roxas Boulevard, Legarda. PESO will be offered at other branches later on.

  50. hi, is it possible for me and my spouse to register as self-employed, even if we don’t have tin? We’re both vendors/merchants at the wet market and were instructed to get a barangay certificate as proof of our business/source of income. thanks

  51. Ms, what’s the SSS peso fund? How do we save with it?

  52. Hi Sihayleen, the best way is to find a job, so your employer can report you to SSS, and your employer can remit your contributions. But if you want, you can start your small business (buy and sell, sarisari store, Avon, insurance, real estate, tricycle) then register as Self-Employed. Show proofs to SSS that you’re earning income. Fill up the RS1 form and have it approved, stamped and signed by SSS. After your RS1 form is approved, you can start contributing. Keep your RS1 form for future use.

  53. How is it if previously I have an sss no. but I wasn’t able to contribute. What will happen? I wish to activate. What’s the process?

  54. Hi yu arerreh, you’re right that your health is more important. Have you tried looking for a job that’s less stressful than your BPO job? The advantage of having a job is your HMO, Philhealth, SSS and Pag-ibig. Living in the province is a good option only if you can be sure you can start a viable business there. You need capital, even for a very small business. But you can survive well in the province if you have a house, some land and if you know how to plant vegetables for your own consumption, or how to raise goats, chickens, pigs or cows. Actually, you can be healthier in the province if you enjoy living there, and you know how to use available resources. If you decide to resign, try your best to continue paying your SSS contributions as Voluntary so you can avail of sickness benefit or salary loan or partial disability, and to pay your Philhealth premiums for some coverage. About your SSS loan: if your company is complying with SSS rules, your total loan balance will be deducted in full from your last payment. If your company does not deduct, try to pay off your loan as Voluntary, as the interests and penalties will accumulate and will become bigger. Loan balances will be deducted from monthly pensions if unpaid. I hope you’re also reading about health foods that can help you heal. Pray always. I’ll get back if I have something more to add.

  55. Ms Nora, I am 52 years old male and presently working in a bpo company, last year I had a heart attack and now I still have hypertension and i am on medication for my coronary heart disease. Because of the nature the business of the bpo, we have different work schedules every week so we wake up at different times, adding to our stress, as sometimes we lack sleep due to the environment in the house. It’s made worse for someone like me with heart condition. Our company’s policy of prohibiting bathroom breaks — we cannot just go to relieve ourselves — I feel is giving me uncomfortable situation and pushing up my blood pressure. Lately I got absent but not consecutive. Lately my company is implementing a policy related to disciplinary measures for transgressions in which one is employee adherence aside from performance etc. For every transgressions, one earns demerit points up to 4 but you can earn it back if your status is perfect every month. if im not mistaken. in my case, I got absent for 2 days considered critical days so I earned 4 points which resulted in written warning. even if you submit a medical cert they dont honor it, you’re still absent, unless you’re confined in a hospital. Since I can’t be sure if I can work without getting abset due to my illness, I’ve been planning to resign this december. My sss contribution po has exceeded the required minimum sss contribution to be eligible for pension. My questions:
    1. If I’m no longer working, can I avail of the benefits while an inactive member.
    2. I’ll still have my sss loan balance until next year, what if I can no longer pay it as I no longer have a job and have made my health now more important
    3. I plan to go back to our province and sell whatever I can earn from. Can I be a voluntary member even if there’s no certain source of income.
    4. My retirement age is still years away, is there a way I can benefit from what I worked hard for? I am single and alone here in manila. I hope you can answer my questions and give me advice for my own good. Thanks a lot. I hope you don’t get tired of answering questions from your fellowmen. Sincerely, Julius H.

  56. Hi jane, a voucher accompanying a check usually explains what is the check for. Are there other info details? Is the total amount on the voucher the same as the amount of your check? If they’re the same, then the 51 months is part of the items paid for by the check. Please ask others too, as I’m not able to see the voucher and check. You can also go to the nearest SSS branch and ask.

  57. tnx for d reply. what is the 51 months written on the voucher for?

  58. Hi Jane, I searched old SSS rules and found out that the maximum salary credit in the 1980s is 3,000 pesos and the maximum contribution for employees is 252. If your mother paid 22 contributions totalling 42k salary credits, it could be that her monthly salary credit that time was 2,000 pesos. The monthly contribution for members earning around 2,000 pesos that time was 168 pesos (employee contribution was 66.70 and employer’s contribution was 101.30).
    If we are correct, this means that the total benefit you got (including the funeral benefit received by your lolo) is higher than your mom’s total contributions.
    About your question related to the “51 months,” I think you already received the lump sum, as your period for receiving the pension has already passed (child beneficiaries get their pensions only up to just before age 21; pensions stop at age 21). Please ask others too

  59. gud eve po ms nors. my mom died 23 years ago. my lolo got 7 thousand worth of burial in 1992. it’s only last january that my brother and I were able to prepare the documents required to claim our lumpsum benefits. papa wasn’t able to fix the documents because he was not married to my mom before. my dad now is married to someone else, so my brother and I are the beneficiaries. we got 8 thousand each. we received an initial ddr pension and lumpsum check and voucher. there was a total of 51 months and gross lump sum worth 16k. what’s that 51 months for? will there be a monthly check for us or is the lump sum all that we get? my mom have 22 salary credits worth 42k in total. why was her total contributions even higher than what we received?

  60. Hi riza, you can apply for your UMID only if you have a Date of Coverage (DOC). You can have a DOC if you have a valid and posted contribution. What to do? Get employed so your employer will report you to SSS and pay your contribution. Or sell Avon, Natasha, insurance, real estate, or health/beauty products so you can get IDs or sales commission receipts, then register at SSS using RS1 form together with your IDs and receipts (proof of your source of income). After approval by SSS, you can start paying, and then hope that your DOC will get posted within a few months.

  61. Hello po, I have sss no. But I have not paid because I don’t have work yet. I like to apply for a umid id but cannot apply because I have not made a payment. What should I do to get a umid id. Plz reply thanks po

  62. Hi Sha, sorry the non-working spouse category is for the spouses of locally employed members only. What you can do is to find your own source of income, like buy and sell, or direct marketing like Avon, or sari-sari store, and then register as self-employed. Fill up SSS RS-1 form and show proof of income.

  63. Hi good day po. I just want to ask if it is possible for me to have an sss if i’m unemployed but my husband is a member of sss and working abroad? Thank you po.

  64. Hi lyn, did your employer deduct SSS contributions from your salary and did not remit to SSS? If yes, you can go to your former employer and ask them to remit your contributions immediately. You can also file your complaint at SSS Diliman. Bring your payslips and employment papers. If you worked for this employer only for a short time, then it might be better to just move on and find a better employer.

  65. Hi Sharmaine, fishermen are allowed to register and pay as SSS members. You and your partner should first apply for your SSS no. by going to the nearest SSS branch with your birth certificate or baptismal certificate. You use the E1 form to apply for your SSS no. To save time, before going to SSS, it’s wise to first request your barangay or your fishing association for a certificate that you are a fisherman. If you have this certificate, you can apply to be a self-employed member immediately after getting your SSS no. (isang lakaran na lang). You use the RS1 form to apply for membership as self-employed. After your RS1 form is approved, you can start paying your contribution.

  66. Hi Sharmaine, will you be a new member? Meaning you were not an employed SSS member previously? If not employed before, register first as self-employed. Fill up SSS RS1 form and show proof of your source of income (sales commission receipt or direct marketing ID). You will not be allowed to apply as a non-working spouse member (if your partner is an employed SSS member) because you’re not yet married.

  67. Hi rubielyn, yes, your mother can apply. But she needs to present proof that she has a source of income, like sari-sari store, or buy-and-sell, or independent work like insurance agent or real estate agent. Use SSS RS1 form.

  68. Hi good am.I want to register my mother who is 50 years old to apply sss membership. Can she still register even if she’s already 50 years old?

  69. Good Day po! I’m living in with someone and we have a child! He’s not sss member. He wants to pay for my sss contributions. Is it allowed?

  70. Good Day po. I have a live-in partner and we have a child. He does not have SSS No. or E1. Fishing is our livelihood. We wish to pay my SSS for our child. Can we apply?

  71. I worked last year but my employer did not pay for my sss. What should I do?

  72. lalyn dupitas aquino

    hi po ma’am…tanung quh lng po kung panu po mag apply sa SSS first time quh lng po kc mg aapply…anu po b ang mga kailangan dalhin…txtback asap…kc bkas na po sna aq mg aayus pra sa SSS…

  73. Hi pacita, sorry no. It’s only the original pensioner who can request for an advance of the first 18 monthly pensions. And the pension advance option is offered only once — only for the first 18 pensions.

  74. Ms.nora can my mother apply for a pension loan? or an advance of pension? It’s my father’s pension that was transferred to my mother. Thanks

  75. Hi Jannil, sorry I’m not sure, but usually SSS considers the doctor’s recommendation

  76. Hi good pm. As of now I have chickenpox and my doctor said I have 2 weeks leave. How many days does sss approve for this case? Thanks

  77. Hi glaisa, yes, you can. If you don’t have yet an SSS no., get first your SSS no. Go to the nearest SSS branch with your birth certificate, local registry or NSO (original and photocopy) and apply for your SSS no. (E4 form) After getting your SSS no., fill up RS-1 form, and submit together with your ID and your store’s business permit. Check this table of SSS contributions, and decide how much you’ll contribute every month. See the corresponding salary credit, and that’s what you write as your monthly income (multiply by 12 to get annual income). I hope your husband is already an SSS member. You can process E4 and RS1 the same day if you have complete papers.

  78. I wish to register with sss. I don’t have a job but I have a small sari sari store and my husband is abroad. what are the requirements

  79. Hi Edsel, did you submit an RS1 form plus proof of source of income in 2012 before you paid your contributions for Jan to March? And was it approved? If not, your contributions in 2012 were not valid, and this is the reason SSS cannot post your Date of Coverage (DOC). DOC is important for an SSS member. This is the date you were formally registered with SSS. Now that you’re employed, your DOC will be the date your employer first reported you to SSS and paid your first contribution as their employee. But SSS cannot post your DOC in your record because there’s the Jan to March 2012 issue. What to do? You write a letter to SSS requesting them to delete your Jan to March 2012 contributions because you did not know you need to register using RS1 form before paying and to refund them to you. List the 3 amounts, months paid and applicable months. Explain that you cannot attach ORs because your ORs were burned when your house got burned on __. Request SSS also to post your DOC as employee of __ since ___. Submit your letter to SSS.
    Then register online at so you can check if your DOC is already posted. If you have already a DOC, you can apply for your ID. Always remember your online SSS username and password and change it every 6 months before expiry date.

  80. Hello good morning, can i ask? last year 2012, i was self-employed and paid from January to March. After January and March, I wasn’t able to pay, as my livelihood was farming. Last year po 2014 I worked at a company and the company continued my SSS payable. This year 2015 I want to have my SSS ID. The problem is I had contributions in 2012 from January-March as self-employed and they need my receipt of my payable from January-March 2012. But our house got burned, including the receipts of my SSS payable. What should i do now; the teller told me to have my SSS payments in 2012 deleted, and I did not agree because I worked hard for those payments. What should I do so I can get my ID? This is my SSS no. 09-3405322-0
    Thank you po and more power!

  81. Hi Cessprin, if you’re already working or self-employed, yes, you can register with SSS. First, apply for your SSS no. using your birth certificate. After getting your SSS no., if you’re self-employed, present proof of your self-employment or source of income.

  82. Cessprin Lynnyje Rezultay

    Hello good morning., may I ask if 16 years old it is okey to apply the sss?

  83. Hi Ms Nora,69 years old na po ako at tumatangap na po ng pension sa sss,pwede po ba akong mag invest sa Flexy Fund.Ano po ang mga requirements?

  84. Hi vei, yes, you can still claim if you have paid your contributions for the required months. See this chart: Another requirement is that you should have filed your MAT1 form before giving birth, but if you have your ultrasound report or cert of pregnancy from your ob-gyne, you can try. Include a letter of explanation. Sometimes they accept; other times they don’t. Documents required

  85. hi. Can I avail of maternity benefit for my 2 kids, 8 yrs old and 3 yrs old. Before, I wasn’t able to apply for maternity because my e1 was missing, then I saw it yesterday while I was cleaning…after 8 yrs. Can I still avail?

  86. Hi Cheng, you’re right that your mother cannot apply as a non-working spouse because your father is no longer employed or self-employed. Your mother should think of a way to earn income (sari-sari store, Avon, buy-and-sell, etc) so she can apply as self-employed.

  87. Hi I want to register my mother who is 50 years old with sss but she has no work. My father is an sss member but he is no longer employed so it’s most likely my mother can not qualify as non working spouse, am I right?

  88. Hi Ronel, I’m glad that you’re an active SSS member. You can apply for a loan if you’ve been actively paying SSS for the past years. Have you paid 36 monthly contributions? Are these already posted? You can go to SSS and ask. Or register at, so you can check your contributions and your salary loan eligibility. You can also apply online for a loan. The check is processed within 2 weeks and the delivery by registered mail takes another 2 weeks. Can be faster in some cases.
    How much is your first loan? If your total no. of monthly contributions is less than 76, your first loan is the same as your average salary credit for the past 12 months. For example, if you’ve been paying 660 for the past 12 months, your average salary credit is 6000 — this means your first loan amount is 6000.

  89. This is ronel, how can a self employed jeepney driver apply for an SSS loan> What are the requirements? How long is the processing and how much can I get for my first loan?

  90. Hi Maria, if you plan to receive pension after you turn 60, pay at least 120 contributions. If less than 120, you won’t qualify for pension, you get a lump sum.

  91. good day. may i ask how many years are we going to pay our SSS contributions. I started last year as self employed. tnx

  92. Hi Rose, yes, you can pay in advance for 1 year.

  93. Hi, can I pay my contributions good for 1 year? Thanks, Rose

  94. Hi maria, you should start as self-employed. You cannot pay as Voluntary because you did not pay SSS previously employed. Submit RS1 form and proof of income to SSS. Please read the instructions above. You can sell beauty products (Avon or Personal Collection) while studying so you can present proof of income. You can apply for a Unified ID after at least 3 contributions are posted and after you get a Date of Coverage.

  95. maria rowena c. dinulos

    hi good morning. may i ask, i have sss # but i have not contributed because i don’t have a job yet kc. can i pay even if i don’t have work? voluntary? how do i get an sss id unified because i plan to work abroad after graduating. need your answer please. thanks.have a nice day.

  96. Hi esperanza, you can ask a certification from your barangay that you are a vegetable vendor, then go to SSS with your ID and fill up RS1 form.

  97. hello po,tanong ko lng,gusto ko po sana hulugan sss ko kasi never pa po syang nahulugan,ang trabaho ko po ay nagtitinda ng gulay sa bangketa lng po,pwd po ko mag-apply na self employed?

  98. Hi annie, your sister can continue paying as Voluntary starting this August. No need to register as self-employed since she started contributing as Employed. After paying as Voluntary, she registers at so she can file her MAT1 notification and track her records.

  99. hi ..just wanna ask about my sister..she resigned because she got pregnant. She likes to continue her SSS contributions so she can file for her maternity benefits. july 2014 was her last she self employed? She has no proof of self employment. thanks

  100. hi good day mam/sir magtatanong lang po ako kung paano gagain ko dati na pong akong naghulog sa sss ko i think 6months continues.pero nahinto ng i think 8-9years.gusto ko pong ituloy na un ngayon nakakapagtrabaho na ko dito sa ibang bansa.paano po ba gagawin ko.meron napo akong sss number.tulong naman po
    eto po ang aking email address

  101. Hi Myrna, yes, both your parents can file their retirement claims to get their benefits. But it would be lump sum amounts, and not pension because they didn’t reach the required 120 contributions. Their money should have earned interest because they could have claimed their benefits when they turned 60. Here’s the retirement claim form.

  102. Hello po, ask ko lang po. May makukuha bang benepisyo ang mama ko nagwork siya sa Dole ng 4yrs at 4yrs din contribution niya. 2x lang niya nagamit ang maternity niya.never nakapgloan si mama ko po. After 4yrs ngstop na cinttibuiin kasi umalais na sa Dole. 66 na po mama ko now. Tapos c papa ko din 5~6yrs nagtrabho sa DOLE after that nagstop na contribution never po siya nakapagloan with in 5~6yrs na conttibution niya nong nasa DOLE po siya.edad ni papa ko now is 65. Salamat po sana masagot niyo po katanungan ko.

  103. Hi catleya, if complaining to your former employer is no longer feasible, you can start as self-employed.

  104. I’ve worked for 4 to 5 month, but I found out our employer didn’t remit our contributions. I want to pay my contributions. thanks

  105. hi po,gud day!mam,2007-2009 active po ang pagbabayad ko ng sss sa dati kong company..nahinto po after ng trabaho ko bale 5yrs po ngayon,pwede ko pa po ba hulugan yun ulit o magreregister po ako ng voluntary o ofw?ma avail ko din po b dun yung maternity benefits?

    isa pa po mam..

    yung bf ko 1st job nia s sm,3mons lng po xa dun pero kinuhaan sila ng e1 di daw po siya sure kung nahulugan tlg..e1 lng po un,pwede p din po b nia un hulugan?

    we r currently here in taiwan..

    Thank you..

  106. Good morning. this is about sa salary loan. I loaned in 2011 and since then I haven’t paid. I verified and found that my loan has become so big. Am not working, only my husband. How can I pay?
    About sickness benefit. My husband had chicken pox in May for 12 days. His employer had advanced 70% of his benefit. We asked SSS about our total benefit and they said there’s no current claim. The check issuer is BPI and not PNB.

  107. hi Charmaine, if your father is working, your mother can apply as non-working spouse. If not, your mother must think of a small business, like Avon, sari-sari store, buy-and-sell, insurance, etc. She cannot be an SSS member if she does not have a source of income. She must register as self-employed, and then start paying.
    About your maternity benefit, your HR should be able to compute your benefit. There are examples in our other blog:

  108. I’m just wondering and wanted to ask.. What if not employed at all.. how is the process of it?.. what’s the minumum contribution. I want to register my mom, she’s 53 years old. Plan to pay 1 year. For her security. She never worked.. Does it have the same process?
    and then, what about maternity benefits?.. I mean I have contributions for a year through my company. I am wondering how much is my benefit. I’ve passed by MAT1.
    The company will shoulder my 2 months basic pay and they’ll be reimbursed later on. But I worry about paying the company more than the benefits from SSS. How much is the benefit for normal? I hope you understand. Thank you so much! 🙂

  109. Hi Grace, yes, you can continue paying even if you missed some months. This June, you can pay for Apr May Jun 2014. You can no longer pay for months before Apr 2014. Were you employed before? Or were you self-employed? Did you register correctly?

  110. Hi good day! What if I paid only 4 months and then I stopped, can I continue paying? Can I pay for the months I missed? thank you!

  111. Hi clang, sorry you can no longer be eligible for your current pregnancy. Your semester of contingency is Apr to Sep 2014, so SSS will see if you have at least 3 contributions within Apr 2013 to Mar 2014. Ask others too

  112. Hi Ms. Nora! If I apply for SSS now and then I’ll give birth in August 2014, can I claim maternity benefits if I pay annual or semi annual? thanks!

  113. Hi jeenkee, sabi mo “ipagpatuloy”, so that means he’s already a paying SSS member. Did he work here in the Phils before? If yes, you can continue paying for him. You can pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. Check Voluntary. Later on, if he likes to pay as OFW, send him an OW1 form or he can download it from, so he can email it to SSS Diliman (SSS address in the form). You can tell him to register at so he can see his SSS records online (send him your payment receipt’s transaction no.).

  114. Good day can i ask if can i register my boyfriend as self employed….or does he need to register on his own..he’s abroad

  115. Hi Rodger, go to the nearest SSS and ask. You can also register at so you can see your loan balance. If you’re voluntary now, pay 1 voluntary payment first so you can get a transaction no., from which you’ll get a 6-digit no. for online registration. If employed, use your employer’s SSS no.

  116. Hi sss ask ko lang po kung mgkano n balance ko now sa sss loan ko ang principal ko po dati 2,500 since 1999 up to now

  117. Hi Jielo, did the member register correctly as self-employed, employed or OFW? Does he have a Date of Coverage? If he has, his beneficiaries can claim the single contribution, plus funeral benefit. Go to SSS and ask for SSS death and funeral claim forms. Some of the documents are original receipts of funeral expenses and death certificate.

  118. Can a beneficiary make a death claim when the member paid only 1 contribution?

  119. Hi Danny, I think so yes, because the instruction is to pay more than the maximum 1760, and then the excess of more than 200 pesos is automatically credited to Flexi-Fund. So if the next month you pay 1650, none will be credited to Flexi, so it should be okay. I can’t see any rule that SSS will remove your savings from Flexi if you don’t pay maximum later on. It should continue to earn Flexi rates.

  120. Ate Nors,
    I want to ask regarding the Flexi fund paano po if halimbawa maghulog ako ng one time payment after that I reduce my contribution from maximum down to two bracket, kasi nakalagay dun dapat or mandatory na nasa maximum ka when you join the flexi fund.

  121. Hi chello, they’re evaluating if your father registered correctly. He should have a Date of Coverage. A member should register correctly as employed or as self-employed using RS1 form before one pays contributions

  122. nag file po kmi ng funeral claim sa SSS.1 buwan na po nung april 7,2014 pero wla p din po linaw.wla daw po kse employer na nkalagay pero may contribution po ang tatay ko.makukuha po kya nmin ung funeral?pls reply po,tnx

  123. Hi jhannet, yes, sa SSS, counted lahat ang contributions kahit merong mga long gaps in payments, basta nag-umpisa ka na tama. Were you employed before at sa company ka na-start magbayad sa SSS? Or did you start as self-employed using RS1 form? Kung hindi ka sure, go to the nearest SSS branch and verify your contributions and your Date of Coverage. Kung meron kang Date of Coverage, you can continue contributing. Kung napili mo na ang monthly contribution mo, yan na ang babayaran mo. If you like to increase or decrease, increase or decrease only by 1 or 2 brackets from month to month, so you don’t need to declare your income. Enroll at so you can track your contributions and other records online.

  124. Hi raymond, depende rin kasi ang processing sa pagkaayos ng records ng member at sa dami ng claims. Wala bang ibinigay sa iyo na phone no. to call for follow-up? Puede ring mag-inquire ka sa branch where you filed your claim.

  125. jhannet A. Garcia

    good evening po…mag voluntary po ako.counted p din po ung hulog ko dati khit nag stop ako ng paghulog? and housewife lng po ako, ung contribution po ba pwede i-base sa kung how much lng ang gusto or kaya or may bracket p din po? thankyou..

  126. ask ko lang po how many months bago makuha ang death benefits? nakapagfile na po ako ng death benefits ng mrs. ko this feb. 20 and up to still now di pa sya naka pending sa computer?

  127. Hi Jhannet, yes, continue as Voluntary. Choose the contribution amount you want here: For your first Voluntary payment, use RS5 form so you can fill up the Declaration of Earnings portion. I-match mo yong earnings mo doon sa contribution na gusto mo. Sa next payments mo, puede na sa Bayad Center or SM Business Center, at huwag nang i-fill-up yang Earnings portion. Puede na ring form nila ang gamitin kung walang RS5 form.
    You can increase or decrease by 1 level or by 2 levels from month to month. Kapag more than 2 levels, sulatan mo uli yang Earnings portion. God bless din

  128. jhannet A. Garcia

    Good afternoon po…member n po ako ng SSS since 2005, 31contributions plng po ako kc nag stop n ako mag work ng November 2009, gus2 ko po sna ituloy ang paghulog as ano po un Voluntary? counted p nmn po ung dati kong contributions diba? paano po and how much ang ihuhulog ko? thankyou po.Godbless…

  129. Wife ko po mam ang nagbabayad dyan sa pilipinas, pinagawa ko na kasi sa kanya na 1,760 agad from 1,300. pero okey naman po when I visited my SSS account on line pumasok naman po sya, bale binyaran po namen ay drom Jan. to June na for 1,760. ano po ba magiging problema nun kung di namen pinaalam sa SSS management na bigla kaming nagtaas ng hulog?

  130. Hi paulette, puede pa this March 31, today, basta ma-approve ka, kasi puede mo pang bayaran ang Jan to Mar 2014. Mag-register ka as self-employed. Fill up RS1 form and bring proof of your source of income, like Natasha or Personnel Collection ID or receipt of sales commission. Tatanungin ka kung anong ginagawa mo to earn income, and how much. Pag April 1 na, try mo lang din. Pero kung April and onward na ang pababayaran sa iyo ng contributions, sorry, hindi na mabilang for maternity benefit. Ask others too.

  131. Good day po. I’m on my 6th month of pregnancy at due ko po sa july. I have my sss number though never ko pa po ito nahulugan. Pwde pa po ba humabol nyan sa paghulog for me to avail maternity benefit? thank you in advance.

  132. Hi darwin, ang dapat talaga na process if a member increases by more than 2 brackets ay sulatan yong Declaration of Earnings sa lower portion ng RS5 payment form. Kaya lang sa abroad, wala namang RS5 form, kundi remittance form ng remittance company, so paano mo masusulatan? at tinatanggap din naman ng SSS yong form ng company — So ina-assume ko na okay lang. If you’re not at ease about it, mag-increase ka na lang by 2: this month you pay 1430, then 1540 in April, 1650 in May and then 1760 in June.

  133. Mom pwede po ba na ang saing OFW ay bigla na lang tumalon from 1,300 to 1,760 kahit walang notification po pasabi?

  134. Hi leo, puede pang mag-register ang 55 years old; ang age limit ay 60. Pero magco-contribute hanggang 65 years old para makaipon ng 10 years — 10 years and requirement para mag-pension. Kung less than 10, lump sum ang ibibigay (total contributions plus interest). To register as self-employed, dapat merong proof of source of income, like business registration or sales commission receipts.

  135. good day po. itanong ko lang po kung ppwde pang magpa-member sa SSS kung 55 years old na po? or kung may age limit man eh bayaran nlng po ung contribution mula sa age limit up to now? thanks po sa sasagot. Godbless. 🙂

  136. Hi Aaliah, sori hindi na puedeng mag-claim kasi pang-5th mo na, kahit hindi ka nakapag-claim sa first 2 deliveries mo. Kung qualified ka noon sa first 2 deliveries mo, at hindi ka lang nakapag-claim, at wala pang 10 years, you can try filing your claim. Puedeng mareject ka dahil you did not file your MAT1 before delivery, but sometimes SSS considers valid reasons. Ask others too

  137. Hi gina, if you’re one-month pregnant this March, then your delivery month is probably Oct or Nov or Dec. Your semester of delivery is July to Dec 2014, so meron ka pang time to pay so you can be eligible for maternity benefit. If you like, para tataas ang benefit mo, puedeng taasan mo ang contribution mo, pero up to 2 levels lang every month. Example, you pay 385 for March, and 440 for April, then for 495 for May and then 550 for June. Or 440 for Mar, 550 for Apr, 660 for May and 770 for June. Kung mag-decrease ka later on, dapat by 1 or 2 levels din lang ang pag-decrease mo every month. File your MAT1 asap.
    Register online sa so you can track your contributions and records. Ask others too.

  138. Buntis ako sa panglimang anak sa unang dalawang panganganak lang ako nag claim ng maternity benefit my makukuha paba ako sa ngayon sa 5th delivery?

  139. good morning po buti nalang at nakita ko ang forum na to kase po hirap intindihin yung nasa mismong website ng sss. regarding din po sa maternity bebefit gusto ko po sana itanong sa inyo kung entitled po ako sa benefit na to kase po huli pong nahulugan ang sss ko is march 2011 pa.(employed pa po ako nun.) then ngaun feb 2014 nalang po ako nakapag hulog as voluntary.. nasa braket po ako ng 330 monthly. nagbayad po ako last feb 15 ng 660 para sa month ng jan-feb 2014..ngaun po i just found out buntis po pala ako 1 month. pwede ko pa po kaya ako makakuha ng benefit ko kahit 2 months palang yung contribution ko ngayong taon na to? medyo confusing lang po kase yung rules sabi po kase dapat mag file ng mat1 60 days from the date of conception. maraming salamat po sana po matulungaqn nyo rin ako na maintindihan yung maternity benefits ko..

  140. Hi laine, sori hindi na puedeng bayaran ang 2013. Lampas na sa deadline. Magtanong ka rin sa iba.

  141. Hi po,pano po yun naging member po ako nung december 2013 palang and un din po yung start ng hulog ko sa sss,and 6months pregnant na po ako ngayon.pwede q po kaya hulugan yung october-november 2013 pra makaavail ng maternity benefit?thank you po.

  142. Hi Evol, register at so you can see your online account and check your loan and loan payments, at para ma-check mo if your 2011 to 2013 payments were credited. If your loan was in 2008, dapat nabayaran in full in 2010, so dumami ang interest/penalties. I-list mo yong loan amount, and payments mo and dates, then puede kang magtanong sa accountant ninyo kung tama ba na 17k plus pa rin ang balance mo. Ang monthly penalty is 1% of unpaid amount due; annual interest for the first 2 years is 10% per year; annual interest after 2nd year is 10% of unpaid amount due.

  143. Hi laine, will you give birth in May or June? If yes, dapat meron kang at least 3 contributions within Jan to Dec 2013. Kung meron, you’re eligible. File your MAT1 asap.

  144. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    good day po! My fist loan was 2008, nakapag bayad pa po ang previous employer ko ng 7 months (Oct-April 2009) para sa loan ko. Na lay off po ako, then I got my new job and pina continue ko po sa current employer ko. nag start po ako ng Sept 2011.-February 2013. I was expecting na tapos na po un loan ko and ganun din po sinabi ng employer ko kaya tinigil na nila ang pagkaltas. Nag try po ako mag loan last Jan (2014). Then sabi skin is my Obligation pa daw ako na P17k+ . Pero ang loan ko lang po is 15k? Ganun po ba kalaki ang interest ng SSS? Nanghihingi po ako ng computation pero wala po sila maibigay? Ganun po ba kalaki pa po yun Balance ko kesa sa na bayaran ko.. Need ko po talaga ng HELP.. Maraming salamat po..

  145. Hi po.ask lang po.bago lng po ako member ng sss nitong december 2013 and im 6 months pregnant my 4 months plng po ang hulog q sa sss.tanong lng po kung my makukuha po kea akong benefit kapag ng apply aq ng maternity benefit?tnxs po.

  146. Hi Kim, yes, puede yong plan mo so you can have proof of source of income. Kelangang meron kang RS1 form na approved and stamped by SSS para properly registered ka at para meron kang Date of Coverage. Keep this SSS-stamped RS1 form in your records. God bless din.

  147. Hi Mam gudpm .want ko po sana mag apply as a self employed member sa SSS , may sss ko kc nkapagwork na ko kso d ko natapos less than one month lng me nagwork so wala pang contribution sss ko. nabasa ko kasi ung iabng queries and answers u po, kung pamember ako sa avon as a dealer ngaun month then magka commission ng 1000 above ,pwede ko ba gamitin un as a proof of source of income ,then makakapag aaply ba ko dis month din? thank u Mam and God bless..

  148. Hi Lady, nabasa ko sa Family Code na puedeng hindi magpalit ng surname ang woman after marriage. She can continue to use her maiden surname. Pero once na ginamit na niya ang surname ng husband, for example, sa passport, hindi na niya puedeng gamitin ang maiden surname niya, unless magpresent ng court order ng separation or annulment or divorce abroad. Sabi mo, ever since, gamit mo na ang maiden name mo, so you’re free to continue to use your maiden name. Yes, ipa-cancel mo ang SSS no. na married surname, lalo na kung yong ibang mga data like birthday, birthplace, etc ay pareho sa new SSS no. mo. Teka nga pala, sure mo ba na ikaw yon. Pareho ang birthdate, birthplace, parents, etc? Kung merong contributions doon, write a letter of request transferring those contributions to your SSS no. under your maiden surname. Maganda na icancel mo na ngayon para ma-advise ka kung meron pang ibang problems related sa 2 SSS nos. Tell SSS that you never used your husband’s surname in other legal documents.
    For future needs, I suggest din na meron kang notarized affidavit na matagal na kayong hiwalay ng husband mo, in case something happens and your estranged husband files a beneficiary claim with SSS.

  149. good day po mam nors.10 years na po akong hiwalay sa asawa ko eversince po lahat po ng legal documents ko ay apilyedo ko po sa pagkadalaga ang ginagamit ko kumuha po ako ng sss nung nakaraang linggo gamit po ung single name ko nareleasan naman po ako ng bagong hanggang sa nagkakuetuhan po kami ng nanay ko na dapat daw ipa verify ko ung pangalan ko baka daw po dati eh may sss no.ako na ang gamit ay ung married name ko..pumunta po ako uli sa sss para mag verify may lumabas po na sss no.po sa married name ko ..saka po mam nors meron po akong maliit na pinagkakaitaan at may dineklara na din po akong tauhan gamit po ung single name ko binigyan na din po ako ng employer id anu po ba ang dapat kong gawin kung ipapacancel ko po ung married sss no.bali magkaiba po nag apilyedo at mag kaiba din po ng pero isang tao lng po anu po ba man nors ang dapat kong gawin gayong ayaw ko naman na po gamitin ung married sss no.ko

  150. Hi lhyn, yes, kung merong stamp, ibig sabihin approved na ng SSS. Check your online account; dapat merong Date of Coverage. Kung lampas na sa deadline ang payment, hindi na puedeng bayaran. Ang mga employers lang ang puedeng magbayad ng late and they pay penalties.

  151. Hi Ma’am Nors. Thank you so much po your response. Meron pong stamp yung RS1 ko yung date kung kelan po nila nareceived. Does it mean po ba na approved na po ang RS1 ko? Another query po. Sa 2nd payment ko po ba P330 na po ba ang babayaran ko? May sinasabi po kasi sila na dapat daw po gradual po ang pagbaba. Bale two steps down po every month. And ano po pala mangyayari kapag nadelay po ang pagbayad ng monthly contribution? Is there an interest po? Thank you po ulit.

  152. Hi lhyn, yes, kelangang gradual ang increase or decrease, by not more than 2 levels; pero kung gusto mong biglaan, just fill up the Declaration of Earnings sa lower portion of the RS5 form. Pero kung ayaw mong ganon, sige, 990 muna this Jan, then 880 sa Feb, then 770 sa Mar until you reach 330. God bless din.

  153. Hi Ms. Nors. Thank you so much for your response. Nakastamp po was the date kung kelan po nila nareceived. Does it mean po ba na approved na ang RS1 ko? Sa next payment po ba nun P330 na po ang babayaran ko? Ano po yung sinasabi nila na hindi daw po pwede magbaba agad into P330? Kailangan daw po gradual ang pagbababa. Bale two (2) steps at a time daw po. Thank you po ulit. God bless po.

  154. Hi lhyn, na-approve ba ang RS1 form mo? At merong SSS stamp? At inilagay don ang monthly income mo? At ang amount na na-approve is 990 pesos? If yes, dapat bayaran mo muna yong 990 pesos, kasi pinirmahan mo yon. Sa next payment, puede mo nang babaan, pero sulatan mo yong Declaration of Earnings sa lower portion of RS5 form. Kung gusto mong 330, ilagay mo na 3200 ang monthly income mo. Sa 3rd payment, puede nang hindi sulatan itong Earnings portion. Keep your stamped RS1 form and this RS5 form with Earnings declaration. Kung hindi mo talaga kaya ang 990 pesos sa una pa lang, sulatan mo yong Declaration of Earnings ng lower income. Parang ang nangyari eh bumaba agad income mo after your registration.

  155. Hi po Ms. Nors. Kaka-apply ko lang po sa sss last Jan. 16 as self-employed po since wala pong employee to employer relationship. I chose po yung P990 as my monthly contribution. Ang concern ko po kasi ngayon baka hindi ko na po makayanan ang ganung amount pag wala na po akong work since contractual po ang work ko. Pwede ko pa po kaya ipapalit into P330 na lang yung payment? Hindi pa din naman po ako nakakapagbayad. and the deadline of my payment for the first contribution is on Jan. 20. Hoping for your reply. Thank you so much po.

  156. Hi jiemar, sabi sa SSS website, kahit isang contribution lang, qualified na for burial benefit. Basta merong Date of Coverage yong deceased.

  157. Ilang hulog ba ng sss member na patay na, para maka avail ang family ng funeral benefits na 20,000? Please reply. Thank you

  158. Happy new year din darwin!

  159. Thanks ate Noors,
    By the way, Happy New Year 2014!!

  160. Hi darwin, about your friend’s wife, nag-register ba siya as self-employed? Meron siyang RS1 form na stamped by SSS? Kung meron, she can continue paying as Voluntary, hindi na self-employed kasi hindi siya nagbayad consistently. Wala siyang penalty. She can enroll in online SSS so she can check if she has a Date of Coverage (this means she registered correctly in 2008).
    About Flexi-fund, yes, you can invest a one-time contribution of more than 100k. But you should be OFW, and you should be paying the maximum monthly regular contribution of 1560 or 1760 (starting in Jan 2014).

  161. Ate Noors,
    Another questions po, sitwasyon po kasi ito ng barkada ko, yung wife nya kasi ay nag aaply ng SSS nung October 2008, naghulog lang sya ng isang beses, then after that ay di na nya hinulugan pa, then lately nag umpisa na naman sya mag hulog nung 2010, kapag ganun sitwasyon po ba ay may penalty na po ba na i-impose sa kanya? another question for Flexi fund naman, yun po bang 1 time contribtuion sa Flexi fund ay 100,000 lang po ba talaga yun or pwede taasan kahit gaano kalaki?

  162. Hi darwin, thank you very much for sharing with us what SSS told you to do to have your Date of Coverage. You’re lucky because there are several people who commented here who did not have a Date of Coverage and who were instructed by SSS to start all over again and to refund their past payments or use their past payments as future payments. Meron pa ngang hindi naka-avail ng maternity benefit.
    And it was good for you na ang hinanap ng SSS sa inyo ay yon lang original copy of your first payment. Ang hinanap ng SSS sa mga naunang nag-comment dito ay yong RS1 form na approved and stamped by SSS at hindi yong orig OR.
    To update your beneficiary list, just fill up E4 form (Member Data Change Request) and then present it to SSS together with your child’s birth certificate (orig and xerox; SSS will get the xerox copy)

  163. Ate Noors, tanong ko lang po , paano po ba mag update ng benefiaciary sa SSS ano po ang dapat ko na dalhin at gawin, kasi lately lang kami nag kaanak at yung anak namen ay di nakasama sa list of beneficiary namen sa SSS.

  164. Ate Noors
    Yung ni attached po namen na reciept ay yun yung kauna-unahang payment nya sa SSS. Buti na lang at na -itago ng wife ko ang orginal recipet nung first payment nya.

  165. Ate Noors,

    Regarding my Query last Sept. tungkol po ito sa kaso ng wife ko na walang date of coverage, ang pinagawa lang po sa amin ay pinadala sa amin ang original receipt na validated by SSS, then pinagawa kame ng waiver na pinatotohanan namen na nagbayad ang wife ko nung date na yun, then attacehd namen yung xerox copy ng orginal reciept afetr that naghintay kame ng 6 months, ngayon ay mayroon na po syang date of coverage sa account nya.

  166. Hi Maria, walang penalty kasi OFW ka, pero dapat bayaran mo this year 2013. Is your second question about SSS maternity benefit? Yes, you can still file your claim (within 10 years, pero siempre it’s better if soon). Ang possible cause of rejection lang is hindi mo na-submit ang MAT1 mo before your delivery. Hindi ko alam kung anong reason ang nakakalusot sa SSS. Ihanda mo na lang ang docs mo and then go to SSS when you have your vacation in the Phils.

  167. Maria Christine sanchez

    Hi.ask ko lng po if may penalty po ba if na stop ko ng 1 month ang contribution ko kasi Ive decided na dito nalang sana ako sa Qatar ako magbabayad hindi ko na pinadala sa pinas pra sa kapatid ko kasi siya ang ngbabayad ever since.At ask ko din po kasi last February ay nanganak ako ditto sa Qatar,may makukuha ba ako?since 2011 pa ako member.

  168. Hi janette, kausapin nio na lang na iregister siya with SSS as employee, pero kayo ang magbabayad at magsa-submit ng R5 form and collection list, kasi hindi puedeng Voluntary member agad. Dapat employed muna, and then Voluntary kapag hindi na employed.
    Kung ayaw pa rin ng employer, mag-register as self-employed using RS1 form, pero kelangan ng proof of source of income na self-employment o sariling business o sariling pinagkakakitaan. Puedeng machine contracting at commission ang income, so mag-present ng receipt of sales commission. Kapag approved na ang RS1 form, puede nang magbayad. Kayo ang magsabi kung magkano ang gusto niong contribution. Ito yong new contribution table: Kung halimbawa gusto niong 330 pesos a month ang contribution, sabihin niong 3k a month ang income nio. God bless din.

  169. Hi joanna, meron ba siyang work? Or source of income? Puede pa siya kasi younger than 60 years pa naman siya, pero hahanapan siya ng proof of source of income.

  170. Hi po gud pm inquire ko lng po ang husband ko po ksi nagwowork sa isang machine shop since 1998, di po hinuhulugan ng Boss nya ang kanyang sss nagreklamo na po siya noon pa pero wala pong nangyari, ngayun po nagdecide sya na mag voluntary na lng. Ask lang po namin if how much total ibbayad nya na contribution since wala pang hulog ang SSS nya. Thanks ti reply and God bless

  171. pwede pa po ba kumuha ng sss number ang tatay ko para maging member ng sss , ang edad nya po ngaun ay 58 years old na. thank you po for any reply.

  172. Hi aye, hindi ka ba nag-start as Employed? Nag-start ka as individual payor? Did you register using RS1 form before? If no, you need to register as Self-Employed using RS1 form, plus your ID and proof of source of income. Hindi puedeng magbayad agad na hindi properly registered. Ipa-approve mo itong RS1 form, and then submit a letter to SSS asking them to post your previous payment (write OR no., amount and date) for the month of Nov 2013.

  173. hello ms.nors ask ko po sana ang opinion nyo regarding sa sss id application ko po pumunta po ako ng sss kahapon para mag apply ng id ang sabi po di daw ako nila mapagbigyan kasi di daw po na encode ung date ng unang payment ko sa sss.. pero ang hulog ko natanggap nila wala pong pala monthly ako nag huhulog simula last year. di ko kasi maintindihan bakit di na encode e may reciept naman at may date na nakalagay don..possible po pa na di nga encode ung date of coverage daw? aaasahan ko po ang sagot ninyo. maraming salamt, aye

  174. Going back po sa kasambahay, do they check the employer if that person is actually working for them?

  175. Hi. How do I register my kasambahay and how much contribution should I pay? Ilan kasambahay po ang allowed iparegister per household? Pano po kaya yun labandera na iba’t iba ang pinaglalabahan na gusto magcontribute?

  176. Hi Tin, if his total contributions is more than 120, mas okay kasi hindi na mag-aantay ng semester of retirement, ma-process na agad. If his records are in order, madaling ma-process. Follow up after 2 months. If he worked in many different firms at magulo ang records, mas matagal. By the way, this is not a blog of SSS. It’s a personal blog. God bless

  177. Hi SSS.. would like to ask kelan po makukuha ng papa ko yung pension nya if nagfile po sya for pension right after ng 60th bday nya? thank you. sept po bday nya and nagfile na po kami.. Godbless

  178. Hi avhie, list of required documents — Sorry I can’t compute your benefit because you did not write your 6 highest salary credits within July 2012 to June 2013

  179. Hi, good afternoon. I apply for maternity last june 2013 and the date of my miscarriage was october 10, 2013. may i know the requirments for the mat 2? i was seperated on my last employer on october 24, 2012 and continue my payment last july to october 2013. how much can i get???

  180. Hi Ivy, yes, okay na yong RS1 mo, kasi merong Received ng SSS at merong monthly contribution at merong date of receipt. Before you register online, pay at least 1 contribution using RS5 form (Bayad Center or SSS or SM Business Center). Then wait for about 3 days for it to get posted. You will be asked to enter 6 digits from your RS5 transaction no. to continue your online registration.

  181. ms. nor i have another question regarding po sa E4 ko,pag naipasa n po b ung form at may recvd date stamp n nakalagay ay automatically updated n po un?kc po every time na mgtry po akong mgregster sa ss online ayaw po mgregstr nkalagay po descrpancy of name

  182. hi ms. nor
    ask ko lng po ,kung pano po malalaman kung naaproved n ang application for RS1 as self employed,kc wla naman pong stamp n nkalgay n approved..basta po nung ibinigay ku po ung 2copies ng pinil-upan kong form ibinalic po sakin ung isa at may nkalagy n amount for monthly payments at ung stamp n recvd date..okey n po kaya un? thank u

  183. Hi cherry, since employed member ka naman noon, at na-register ka nang tama, ang gawin mo lang is to choose your contribution amount and then pay using RS5 form. To update your data, go to the nearest SSS and fill up E4 and present your marriage cert and children’s birth certs (xerox and orig). Enroll in online SSS so you can track your data.

  184. Hi cherry, do you mean the mother was not an SSS member and was a beneficiary or survivor pensioner? If yes, sori, wala nang ibang benefit. Pero kung itong mother ay nagpension ng less than 5 years lang at yong husband ay hindi rin nakatikim ng pension noon, magtanong na lang sa SSS diyan, kasi merong rule about minimum pension na 5 years, pero sa member pensioner mismo itong rule na ito; hindi ko sure kung applicable din sa beneficiary pensioner.

  185. hi maam,gud day, last payment ko po is 2006 i was employed at that time at single ngayon i want to continue as self employed or voluntaty,paano ko gawin ito at e transfer yong last name ko sa bago upang mailagay ko ang mga benefeciary ano ang mga requirements.

  186. maam. tanong ko lang, ang mother ng kaibigan ko is an sss benefeciary or survivor,pensioner cya na father ika nga, now that she’s died may makukuha pa ba sila sa sss?

  187. Hi joeyml, yes, she can apply as nonworking spouse (SSS NW1 form). Her salary credit is half of your latest salary credit. You’ll sign the form. Register asap baka puede pa niyang mabayaran ang July to Sep. Bring marriage certificate (orig and xerox) and her ID

  188. Tnx pro mam. Last question pro.pnu pro pg housewife Lang pro cya.wla pro sang source of income. Pwede pro Kata nya bayaran ung minimum contribution nlng? Tnx pro and more power

  189. Hi joeyml, dapat ang wife mo ang paying sss member para maka-maternity benefit. Puede pa siyang mag-qualify. Magregister dapat siya as self-employed asap and pay contributions. Ito ang SSS Self-Employed RS1 form. Show proof of source of income like income from Avon or other direct marketing, etc. Tatanungin siya ng annual earnings and monthly earnings, kasi dito ibe-based ang contributions niya.

  190. hi mam.good day. ask lng po. may makukuha po bang benefits ung wife ko pag nanganak siya kasi sss member po ako.? saka tanong ko rin po, 1 month pregnant po wife ko. may sss po siya kaso hindi siya nkapaghulog dati kahit isa. puwede pa po kaya siya maghulog para ma avail niya ung maternity benefits? tnx and more power.

  191. Hi leah, ganon nga mag-antay na lang, kasi iba-iba ang processing time. Depende sa records at current workload. Sana naman hindi na abutin ng 6 months.

  192. ask ko lang mga ilang months ba mAghihintaY NG cheke para sa lumpsump..nai pass n namin lahat ng requirments n hinihingi nla. sabi sa amin mghintay daw ng six months bago makuha yung cheke.

  193. Hi Michelle, yes, puede ka, kasi declared calamity area ang Cavite, pero kung recently ka lang nag-salary loan, baka konti lang ang malo-loan mo kasi your salary loan balance will be deducted from your new loan amount. You use the SLERP form for calamity loan
    What’s your average salary credit for the past 6 months? Yang average na yan, times 2 kung meron ka nang 72 SSS contributions in all…times 1 lang kung wala pang 72. Then i-minus mo ang current loan balance mo, yan ang malo-loan mo.

  194. hi i’m from molino bacoor city..pwede ba ko mag avail ng calamity loan and how much po equivalent nun pag may sa salary loan..thank you

  195. Hi eka, nag-register ka ba as self-employed or NW1? At meron kang RS1 or NW1 form na stamped ng SSS? Importante ito para maka-avail ka ng benefits. March2014 ka ba magde-deliver? If yes, pay for July also also so you can avail of your full maternity benefit (Nabayaran mo ba ang Feb to June?). Enroll in online SSS so you can track your maternity benefit. You can also file your MAT1 online.

  196. Hi May, puede naman, pero kapag malaman ng SSS, babawiin din ng SSS sa inyo yong mga nawidro ninyo after your mother’s death at puede rin silang mag-file ng case (pero not all the time naman na merong case filing, depende lang sa situation). Pero yong pension niya when she was still alive and hindi nio pa nawidro ay puede pang kunin. Ang alam ko ay kapag namatay ang retiree pensioner na wala pang 5 years na nagpe-pension ay makukuha ng beneficiaries niya ang the rest of the 5 years worth of pension. Pero hindi ko sure kung ganito rin kapag sa kaso ng dependent pensioner. Bale ang mother nio ay hindi naman retiree pensioner kundi dependent pensioner. I’ll get back if I see something

  197. Hello po ask ko lang po kc nung feb2013 po ako ng pa register ng sss ko po and im pregnant for almost 3 months last na hulog ko po is nung june 2013pano po ba makukuha ung maternity benefits po

  198. Hi po, yung mama ko po ang SSS benificiary ng papa ko kaso namatay xia last month due to chronic kidney disease.Yung papa ko 20 yrs member kaso 1 year lang nagamit ni mama yung pension niya kasi namatay xia 1 and a half year after my papa died.Apat po kaming magkakapatid kaso independents na po kami,pwede po ba naming gamitin yung pension ni mama through ATM kasi.Ang problema daming bayarin mula ng pagkasakit nya hanggang sa paglibing ng mama ko.

  199. Hi Jane, yes, you can. Meron ka na bang SSS no.? I checked the SSS list, at wala pa yatang SSS desk sa Phil embassy diyan sa Japan. Download mo na lang itong SSS OW1 form, print and sign, and then send mo sa SSS together with a copy of your passport or birth/baptismal certificate:
    SSS Diliman
    International Affairs and Branch Expansion Office
    SSS, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
    Medyo matagal ang process na ito, so magtanung-tanong kung merong SSS campaign diyan sa Japan, or ito ang una mong gawin if you take your vacation in the Phils.

  200. hello po. nagfile po ako ng sss maternity para sa 2nd baby ko through online then nanganak po ako last month, august 2, 2013. kaso ang last sss contribution ko po ay noong sept.2012 pa, may maku2ha pa po ba akong maternity benefits kahit hindi ako nakapagbayad ng sss contributions during my pregnancy period?

  201. Hi po..gusto ko sana kumuha ng SSS kaso nasa ibang bansa po kasi ako (japan). im 24 yrs old po, working. first time ko kukuha..paano ang dapat kong gawin at requirements po? and also from what age pwede kumuha sa SSS? nagpaplano narin kse para sa future ni baby.

  202. Hi melanie, nasagot ko na ito sa other post mo. Yes, you can continue dahil employee ka before. Ang status mo is Voluntary. Use RS5 form. Tingnan mo ito para makita mo kung makahabol ka pa sa mga months na kelangang dapat nabayaran para you can avail of SSS maternity benefit.

  203. good day sir and mam ask ko lang po kung pwede ko ituloy ang hulog as self employed na ang alam ko po kc may contribution ako dati nung nagwork ako dati as fbctory worker way back 2007 po yta paano po ang dapat ko gawin lalo na preggy po ako ngaun.

  204. Hi ives, yes, you can avail by paying at least 6 months of the period Jan 2013 to Sep 2013, or you can pay all months. Were you paying the maximum or near maximum before when you were employed? If not and if you like to pay the maximum 1560 to maximize your maternity benefit, declare your income in the RS5 form — at least 15k per month. Pay as OFW so your payments will be accepted — payment deadline for OFWs is more flexible. Then enroll in online SSS, so you can track your records.

  205. hi ms nors! i was employed last 2009-2011 in the Philippines so my last sss contribution was early 2011. I then went to Qatar to work and no contribution was paid. I am now pregnant and due on january 2014. Can I still pay and change as a voluntary member and avail of maternity benefits? thank you.

  206. Hi kris, you can continue as Voluntary, hindi self-employed, kasi Employed member ka na dati. Use RS5 form at Bayad Center, SSS or SM Business Center. Enroll later on at so you can track your payments. Your RS5 contributions will be posted as your contributions.
    Use ML1 form to pay your loan. Write your name and address below your SSS no. Make sure to pay your loan when you’re able to pay (any amount) because the interest accumulates fast.

  207. employed po ako since 97-2005, at may sss id ,nakapgloan n po ako ng 24k last sept2005 na -stop po work jan.2006,at nde na po ako nkapag hulog since 2013 ask lang po gusto po sanang mag self-employed , paano ko po maicocontinue , paano ko po mababayaran din ang nailoan ko,nag hulog po ba ako mapupunta ba yon sa iniloan ko ? sana po masagot nu po , slamat po

  208. Hi Jeysan, sori hindi na puedeng bayaran ang mga past years. Merong SSS payment deadlines. This August, puede mong bayaran ang July to Sep, then pay the next quarter later on. Kahit isa, hindi ka nakapagbayad when you were employed in 2011? If not, you should register as self-employed before you start contributing. Bring proof of your source of income na hindi employment. Pero if you’re employed, sasabihin ng SSS na dapat iregister ka ng employer mo.
    1,040 ang contribution for salary credit na 10k. SSS contributions table

  209. 2011 employed po ako ndi po ako naka pag hulog pede po ba ako mag bayad pa?.. babayaran ko sana mula 2011 to 2013 mag kanu kaya yung 2011 if sumusweldo ako ng 10,894 a month?, tsaka 2012, to 2013 sana thnk u po

  210. Hi Mary, ang legal husband mo ay primary beneficiary mo at puede siyang mag-claim. Pero kung merong proof na hindi mo na siya dependent, he will not get his claim. Kasama ang children under 21 na primary beneficiaries. Sila ang maka-claim as primary beneficiaries. If no minor children, and you want to remove your husband as your dependent, your children 21 and older can claim. If no adult children, your parents and your siblings (if no more parents) can claim. Pero dapat ang adult children or parents or siblings or other beneficiaries ay patunayan na itong husband mo ay matagal nang hiwalay sa iyo at matagal nang hindi dependent sa iyo, at mas valid ang claim nila. Examples are letters, affidavits, photos. Isulat mo lang yong gusto mong beneficiary sa SSS records mo para kung walang qualified beneficiary according to the family code, ang puedeng mag-claim ay yong nakasulat na beneficiary sa records mo, kahit sino. God bless din.

  211. Hello, Good day! I want to ask kasi kung matagal na kaming hiwalay ng asawa ko pero kasal po kami pa rin naghuhulog ako ng sss maari ko bang ialis sa beneficiary ang asawa ko o may makukuha ba siya once namatay ako . Paano po ba pag asawa mo tunay at namatay may makukuha ba ang asawa kahit di nakalagay na siya ang beneficiary rin.

    thank you po and God bless, Mary 🙂

  212. Hi aida, ang mister mo ba ay employed o self-employed bago naging voluntary? Kung hindi at nag-voluntary agad, baka hindi siya properly registered. Ask your husband to email you an authorization letter to transact with SSS on his behalf and a copy of his ID/passport. Then you go to SSS with your marriage certificate, your ID and your husband’s papers and verify your husband’s membership. Para makita kung properly registered siya. Kung hindi, tanungin mo na rin if you can register him (OW1 form) on his behalf. Puede ring magregister ang husband mo sa SSS desk sa Phil embassy.
    If he’s properly registered, you can pay for your husband using RS5 form.

  213. Hi Ms. Nors, Mag-tanong lang po ako dati po voluntary nag-huhulog ang mister ko kaso nahinto na po iyong pag-huhulog niya noong April 2012, ngaun po nakaalis na po siya papuntang abroad as OFW gusto po niyang ituloy ang pag-huhulog. Paano po ang dapat gawin para maituloy niya ang paghulog as OFW balak ko pong ako na lang ang mag-hulog, ano po ang dapat kong gawin? Maraming salamat po at God Bless!!!

  214. Hi rose, sori hindi pa puede. Dapat meron ka munang at least 1 posted contribution before you can apply for your SSS ID. Kung SSS member ang asawa mo, puede kang mag-member as non-working spouse. Pero dapat pirmahan niya yong NW1 form. Sabi ng SSS, ang salary credit mo ay one-half ng latest SSS salary credit ng husband mo. Doon ibe-base ng SSS ang contribution mo. Bring NW1 form, your marriage certificate (xerox and orig) and ID.

  215. hi po,tan0ng qlng po kung pede b q kumuha ng sss id, , ,wala po ako work,my sss n0. Po aq ,pero wala pa po aq contribution sa sss, , ,sa house lang po ako at umaasa sa padala ng asawa q nasa abroad po kc sya.

  216. Hi Dominador, kung meron kang maipakita na receipts ng sales commission mo, or receipts ng bayad ng serbisyo mo, puede nang walang Affidavit. Pero depende rin sa SSS officer na kakausap sa iyo. Sagutin mo nang maayos at maliwanag ang mga tanong niya about your source of income, para apprubahan ka agad. Pag wala kang receipts, oo, ang affidavit ay ginagawa ng attorney, pero mahal pag diretro sa attorney. Tingin ka ng mga Notary Public malapit sa munisipyo, SSS, school, PRC. Mas mura kapag i-print mo na at papirmahan at pa-stamp na lang. Kapag sila ang gagawa, more than 150 or 200 pesos ang singil nila. Google ka ng sample online.

  217. Dominador D. Bonquin Jr.

    Hi po uli… so pag as self-employed and freelance po ako…. requirements is to have first po is yung Affidavit of Source of Income and have it notarized about P100 to P150 po?… sa atty. po ba yun kinukuha Sir / Ma’am?…. thanks po uli

  218. Hi vhangie, sori, hindi pa puede, at hindi puedeng Voluntary agad ang membership. Pero kung meron kang sideline o pinagkakakitaan, for example, selling goods on the Internet, or selling Avon or Natasha products, puedeng mag-register ka as self-employed using RS1 form and your Avon or Natasha sales commission receipts and ID. You can start paying your contribution after your RS1 form has been approved by SSS.

  219. hi po! pwede po ba mag tanong? pwede po ba ko mg bayad ng sss kung wla po ako trabaho? at student lng ako?? pwede po ba ako mg voluntary contribution?? tnx???

  220. Hi Dominador, kelangang magregister ka using RS1 form. Before you pay your first contribution, dapat ma-approve at ma-stamp muna ng SSS ang RS1 form mo. Kung freelancer ka, gumawa ka ng Affidavit of Source of Income and have it notarized (hanap ka ng mga 100 pesos or 150 lang). Describe in your affidavit what you’re doing to earn money. It’s good also if you bring a receipt of earnings, example, komisyon mo.

  221. Dominador D. Bonquin Jr.

    Sir paano po for me as a self-employed iba’t iba yung ginagawa ko…meron na po ako E1… eh ano po requirements na kailangan for that…and then pwede na po ba sa banko or sa bayad center ihulog yung SSS contribution? thanks po

  222. Hi Anne, yes, you can use your husband’s Philhealth as your delivery date is within his validity dates. But since you were employed before, you might still be considered a Philhealth member even if you’ve not been paying. One cannot be a dependent and at the same time a member. Write a letter to Philhealth requesting your membership to be cancelled because you’re no longer working and to be registered as your husband’s dependent. Bring marriage certificate and a copy of your husband’s OEC or any ID. To be sure, bring also a copy of an email from your husband asking Philhealth to register you as his dependent. Get your updated MDR.
    About SSS, yes, you can pay 520 as Voluntary. About your Apr to Aug 2012 contributions, SSS will count only these 5 months for your benefit computation. Before your submit MAT2 as Voluntary, check online if your status is already Voluntary.

  223. Ms. Nors , as you’ve said maternity benifit computation will be based on my 12-month period (Apr 2012 – Mar 2013) sss contributions but I have only from Apr 2012 to Aug 2012 with P1,352./month as Private Employed. This July 2013 , I will resume to pay my sss contrbutions with the amount of P520./month only covering from (Apr 2013 – Dec 2013) as Voluntary member.

  224. Yes , Ms. Nors.. I filed it(MAT 1)last June 25, 2013. Can I pay this July my sss contribution from Apr 2013 to Dec 2013 with the amount of P520./month as Voluntary member?
    And is it possible to use my Husband (OFW) Philhealth at the same time for my hospital bill upon birthing ? His active contribution covered Jul 2013 – Jul 2014. Thanks a lot ! , anne

  225. Hi Dora, okay lang na magbayad while they’re still debating the premium increase. Pay at Bayad Center or SSS cashier kasi napo-post naman in 3 days. If they go through with the increase, I assume na merong lead time after the announcement para maka-prepare ang mga members, specially employers, kasi kung agad-agad ang implementation, magiging magulo ang mga thousands of postings dahil quarterly (delayed) ang submission ng collection lists ng mga employers.

  226. Good Day po ate noors, kelan po kaya ma-implement ang SSS contribution increase?Kasi po sa nababalitaan ko ay by july or august daw, kasi kung magtataas sila ay di muna ako magbabayad, baka kasi magbayad ako eh ma-under payment pa ako.

  227. Hi anne, yes, you’re eligible for maternity benefit. Your semester of contingency is Apr to Sep 2013, and your prior 12-month period ay Apr 2012 to Mar 2013. Sa 12-month period titingnan if you have 3 months contributions. Diyan din kukunin yong 6 highest salary credits mo for benefit computation. Nag-file ka na ba ng MAT1? If not yet, file asap; file before delivery. Puede kang magbayad for this July as Voluntary sa Bayad Center or SSS cashier (use RS5 form) para maka-enroll ka sa My.SSS para ma-track mo ang maternity benefit mo.

  228. Hi gina, sure mo ba na naremit ng Dunkin ang SSS contributions mo? Kung hindi mo sure, you can visit SSS with your ID and verify your contributions. Kung sure ka, ibig sabihin nairegister ka nang tama, so you can continue as Voluntary member immediately. Hindi ka na kelangang magregister as self-employed. Just choose your contribution amount
    and then pay at Bayad Center or SSS cashier using RS5 form. After 3 days, enroll at My.SSS sa so you can check your SSS records. Check if you have a Date of Coverage.

  229. Hi .. Ask if I can avail of maternity benifit , my last contribution posted was August 2012 and not followed as Private Employed. I am pregnant now for 8 months and due on Sept 2013. I want to transfer as voluntary since i finished my work last Aug 2012. Do I have something to pay for and when to pay , please help.

  230. hi maam , i just want to ask if rs5 po ang kukunin ko form sa sss, kelangan pa po ba na may source of income ako? dati po kc ako nagwork sa dunkin donuts 5 months lang po ako dun 2011 pa po last contribution ko ,, gusto ko po mag voluntary nagyon para matuloy ko po contribution ko .. medyo nagaalangan lang po ako kc baka hanapan pa nila ako source of income nasa bahay lang po kc ako ngayon.. tnx po

  231. Hi Jobel, I hope SSS will launch another loan penalty condonation program. There was one last year, ended Sep 2012. You can continue paying your contributions using RS5 form; puede sa Bayad Center, meron silang form. About your loan, you can start paying, using your original monthly amortization, or a higher amount, and then pray/hope another condonation program comes, and when it comes, avail immediately. Yong program last year, one of the requirements to avail is nakabayad ng at least 3 amortizations. Hope you’ve already enrolled in My.SSS

  232. Hello po! Ask ko lang po wala na po ako work last 2008 ang last payments ko po 2007 pa..then until now wala po ako hulog ng contributions at ngloan po ako ng salary loan last 2007 din at dko po nbayaran kaya tumubo sya ng malaki.. Paano po ba byaran yun gusto ko po kc mgbayad ng salary loan ko ng installment pwede kya yun.. at saan po pwede byaran at anu po nid requirements.. Gnon din po sa contributions ko gusto ko hulugan. Pls.reply po thanks!

  233. Hi tess, if your due is September, sorry, but you’re not eligible. If your due is Oct, you’re eligible pero half of your maternity benefit lang kasi 3 months lang ang makikita nilang paid. Why? Tingnan mo ang semester of contingency. If your due is Oct, file your maternity notification asap. Ask others too, baka lang I missed something.

  234. hi ms.nors, good evening ung last na hulog ko ay 2009 voluntary po ako,then im 6 months pregnant now, then this year naghulog po ako for the month of april upto sept of this year..may makukuha po akong maternity benefits?

  235. Hi Eugenio, yes, you can increase your contribution to 1560 immediately. Since you’re paying from abroad, it will be understood that you’re overseas, and that your income has increased. I’m saying this because in the RS5 payment form, which I think is not available at remittance centers abroad, there’s a portion there where you’re asked to declare your income if you increase your contributions by more than 2 salary brackets. But since there are no RS5 forms there, and SSS have accredited these payment centers, then increasing by more than 2 brackets should be allowed. In fact, the minimum for OFWs is 520.

  236. Eugenio P. Velasquez

    Good Day Mam,

    I would like to continue my monthly contributions but i would like to maximize to P1560,because i am now working here in Canada.Is it automatic to pay this amount? If not, what will i do?

  237. and pwede po bang yung employer ang magbabayad ng jan-feb, tatanggapin po ba ng SSS yun??? para po maka pag maternity loan ako????

  238. hi good afternoon. Magtatanong lang po ako, im almost 7 mos. pregnant, due date ko po sa September 2013 and gusto ko po mag apply para sa Maternity loan ko, ang kaso po nitong March 2013 po nagstart yung company namin na hulugan ako dahil kakaregular ko lang po nun, and nalate pa po ng hulog, ngayon lang po nila hinulugan yung March-June 2013 na contribution ko. So ang Semester of Contingency ko po ay April to Sept 2013. So yung 12 mos. po na titignan ng SSS before Contingency is April 2012 to March 2013. At least 3 mos. po dapat ang nabayaran sa loob ng 12 months na yan, ang problema is March lang yung may hulog, Pwede ko po bang punuan yung Jan-Feb 2013? Para po makakuha ako kahit 3 mos. lang yung hulog ko? Please reply po.

  239. Hi jesa, based on comments here, I hope you get it by July 4 or 5.

  240. ms nors.ask ko lang po pag nakalagay sa settled date sakin is june 20. mga kelan po kaya dadating ung sss check sakin?tnx

  241. Okey po Ate Nors, i will let you know,tungkol sa desisyon ng SSS sa kaso ng wife ko,thanks po ulet ate Noors.

  242. Darwin, by the way, if you have time, puedeng pa-share kung anong naging desisyon ng SSS and your decision about refund, so we can learn from your experience, thanks too!

  243. Hi Darwin, if SSS will tell her that she does not have a Date of Coverage and that it will not accept her late registration as self-employed, then mas mabuti (sa opinion ko lang; siempre sa inyo pa rin kung ano ang mas maigi) na you request for refund of all your past contributions (make a complete list, including applicable months, payment dates and OR nos if you have). Kasi wala namang discount kung mag-advance payments ng many months or years. So widrohin na lang at ideposit sa bank.
    Sabihin ang reason for refund, na you did not know she needs to register first before paying and because your late registration was not accepted. And then register properly as self-employed, and then start paying again.

  244. Salamat po ate Nors, nag punta na po ang wife ko sa SSS sa branch sa lugar namen, isa pa po na problema nya ay ang double entry po yata sa account nya, kung mapapansin nyo po ang month of March naging dalawa po ang amount isang maximum at isang medyo mababa paano po kaya mangyayari, at yung 2010 naman po ay nawala ang marso 2010.
    Jan.2011 1,560
    Feb.2011 1,560
    Mar.2011 1,560
    Mar.2011 1,456
    Apr.2011 1,560
    May 2011 1,560
    Jun.2011 1,560
    Jul.2011 1,560
    Aug.2011 1,560
    Sep.2011 1,560
    Oct.2011 1,560
    Nov.2011 1,560
    Dec.2011 1,560

    Jan.2010 1,456
    Feb.2010 1,456
    Apr.2010 1,456
    May 2010 1,456
    Jun.2010 1,456
    Jul.2010 1,456
    Aug.2010 1,456

  245. Hi Darwin, maganda sana kung maretro, pero based sa mga nag-comment dito, ang ginawa ng SSS ay make the member register properly, then papipiliin ang member kung ike-credit in advance yong mga contributions, or request for refund, habang nagko-contribute nang panibago monthly.

  246. Hi Darwin, if she cannot show any proof of source of income, can she apply as a non-working wife of an SSS member? The only disadvantage of a non-working wife member is that her contribution amount is limited, based on half of her husband’s last salary credit. It’s good if she can go to SSS asap so she can repair her record — there’s a possibility that she’ll start over, based on similar comments on our blogs.

  247. Ate Nors paano po mangyayari dun at ano po ang maaring gawin ng SSS management, sa date of coverage ng wife ko, ma retroactive po kaya yung mga dati nyang hulog, o gagawing na lang as advance payment?

  248. Mayroon po kami na maliit na Motorcycle shop mom nuon, after i went abroad, pinaupahan na lang namen ang pwesto namen kasi di na rin nya kaya pagsabayin business at mga bata. Currently she has no works, stay lang sya sa bahay and alaga ng mga anak namen. ano po kaya ilalagay nya dun sa form.

  249. Hi Darwin, if your wife has no Date of Coverage, and if this is because she did not register properly, then she will not get her benefits. Was she employed before? If she was not, she should have registered as non-working wife of an SSS member (SSS NW1 form) or self-employed (RS1 form). If self-employed, she should show proof of source of income such as business permit or receipts of sales commission such as from Avon, etc. If she did not file an NW1 form or RS1 form before, you can go to SSS and ask if you can submit a late NW1 registration (if you as husband is an SSS member) or a late RS1 registration.

  250. MOM Noors, thank you very much for answeriong my query, my wife has an account, we discovered that she has no date of coverage, ano po ang magiging problema nun kung wala po syang date of coverage? ano po ang da[pat namen gawin para ma-ipost ang date of coverage nya?

  251. Hi Darwin, puede naman, pero dahil 624 to 1040 is an increase of more than 2 brackets, dapat your wife should fill up the Declaration of Earnings sa RS5 form. Dapat i-declare niya na she’s earning 10k pesos a month. Kung hindi mag-declare, puedeng you pay 728 this June, then 832 in July and so on until you reach 1040. Tanong ko lang if your wife’s online SSS account has a Date of Coverage, to make sure that she registered properly.

  252. Hi ZoePV, sorry mukhang hindi ka eligible. If your due is Sep, then your semester of contingency is Apr to Sep, and the 12-month period na titingnan ng SSS kung meron kang at least 3 contributions ay Apr 2012 to Mar 2013. March lang or 1 month lang ang meron kang contribution, so kulang. But don’t believe me immediately; ask others too para sure. Take care

  253. Mom, tanong ko lang po, kasi yung asawa ko which is Voluntary Member currently she pays php624 monthly, pwede po ba sya lumundag sa gusto nya na contribution na php1,040? from 624 to 1,040?

  254. Good day po! medyo naguguluhan ako. pls help…
    I started working again this feb 27 2013, then on March 4 i found out pregnant pala ako for 14 weeks na, di ko naman kasi alam since irregular ako kaya medyo dedma ako sa signs na walang period etc. so ayun, september due date ko. wala ako contributions for the whole 2012 kai stop ako magwork during that time pero ngayon na i am on my 6th month, still working pa din ako, so from March up to now na June, may hulog ako sa sss kasi kinakaltasan ako ng company and plan to take an early maternity leave on my 7th or 8th month. may makukuha pa ba kaya ako na maternity benefit? kasi yun na lang nagpapa-stay sa akin sa company muna, yung ma-secure na may makukuha akong maternity benefit kasi sayang eh. PLS RESPOND po..nai-stress na ako sa kakaisip. di ko talaga masyado maintindihan..Thanks po ng maraming marami…
    ZoeV xoxo

  255. Hi windle, have you paid at least 3 contributions within Apr 2012 to Mar 2013? If yes, eligible ka sa maternity benefit. Magpa-stamp ka asap ng MAT1 form sa SSS (dapat before delivery); bring your ultrasound report and your SSS ID. After giving birth, submit that stamped MAT1 form together with other requirements. SSS maternity benefit claim requirements

  256. Im 7 month pregnant,due ko na po sa august 14,more than two years akng employed and I resigned last january. May mkukuha pa kaya akng maternity benefits,if meron,how?

  257. Hi almira, requirement na napa-stamp yong MAT1. If you like, puede mong subukang mag-file for your first child kahit kulang ka ng isang requirement. Puedeng maglagay ka ng letter kung bakit hindi ka nakapagpa-stamp ng MAT1, at tingnan mo na lang kung tatanggapin ng SSS. For your 2nd child due in August, ang titingnan ng SSS sa pag-compute ng benefit mo ay yong contributions mo from Apr 2012 to Mar 2013 — hindi na puedeng dagdagan o palitan ang naibayad mo sa mga months na yan. Magtanong din sa iba.

  258. panu po u s 1rst child ko d ko napastamp mat 1 ko kc d p alm n pwde ako makakuha nian yup ngwork ako ng 5 mos. nung 2008 jan-may 2008 tpos 2009 ako buntis ngaun k lng nlaman pwede k pa mclaim ung s una kong baby kung naitgo ko ung ultra ko s knya?for the 2nd baby pewde po bng mghulog p ako util aug pra mas mlki mkuha k pgkpganak sv kc 15 dw mgeget ko pnu kung mghulog p ako lalaki p b un?

  259. Hi almira, for your first child, meron ka ba noong at least 3 months contribution sa loob ng 12 months before your semester of delivery? Napa-stamp mo ba ang MAT1 form mo noon bago manganak? Dapat kasi mapa-stamp ito BEFORE delivery. For your 2nd child, kung August 2013 ang delivery mo, ang 6 highest salary credits na titingnan for benefit computation ay yong 6 highest sa loob ng April 2012 to March 2013

  260. Hi marie, first, get an SSS number at the nearest branch. Fill up E1 form and present your birth or baptismal certificate (orig and xerox). Kapag walang work, dapat mag-register as self-employed. Fill up RS1 form, at kelangang magpresent ng document to prove your source of income. Puedeng business permit, resibo ng komisyon from sales of Avon, Natasha or other direct marketing products, sari-sari store visit, etc.

  261. ask ko pa po yung nagwork ako may 6 mos. contribution ako tapos dis january 2013 nag voluntary ako 500 every month last bayad ko is april itutuloy ko pa po ba yung hulog ko 15 daw makukuha ko pag naghulog pa ako lalaki p lalo yung matatanggap ko d lang 15 kc mg huhulog pa sana ako tnx

  262. panu po un d ko ngmit ung sss mternity k sa una ong anak dhl d ko p alm yan ngaun i have 2nd baby on aug pwede ko po pa dw ma claim yung pra sa una kong anak n d ko nkuha naitago k nmn ung ultra sound niya almost goin to 4 yrs n xa

  263. Good pm ms.nors , ask ko Lang po kung what po any requirements para magpamember sa sss. Wala po akong work, gusto ko pro sana mgpamember in mother ko pro any mgbabayad ng monthly contribution ko. Wala n pro ba hihingin build sao birth certificate? Thanks in advance po.

  264. Hi rachelle, yes, maganda yan na maghulog as OFW ang brother mo. Meron na ba siyang SSS no.? If yes, ask him to download OW1 form from, print it, fill up and then send to you including a copy of his IDs, OEC and work visa and authorization letter authorizing you to process his OFW-member registration. Bring also your ID. Minimum contribution for OFW is 500 pesos. Use RS5 form to pay. If your brother is in Taipei, puede ring magregister siya sa SSS sa Manila Economic & Cultural Office, 11th Floor #176 Chang Chun Road, Chungshan District, Taipei City

  265. Hi ask ko lng po if pde mag hulog ng contribution ung mga ofw , ung brother ko nsa taiwan ok lng po b na ako nlng magbayad sa sss if ever pde sila mag contribution kahit abroad.. at magkanu po kaya dapat nila i contribute na hulog?.thanks po

  266. Hi louie, yes, it depends on how much you decide to contribute. About filling up the earnings declaration portion, sorry, hindi rin ako masyadong sure kapag immediately From Employed to Voluntary, kasi naturally the contribution amount will decrease drastically because of unemployment. At saka wala naman talagang earnings to declare, di ba? Sa akin noon, di na ako nag-fill-up sa earnings portion, lalo na there was a 1-year gap between my separation date and voluntary membership.

  267. Hi Jo, yes, you can enrol as self-employed. First, fill up E1 form and then present your birth certificate (orig and xerox) to get your SSS no. and then fill up RS1 form and show proof that you are into direct selling (ID, or commission receipts) to register properly as self-employed. When approved, you can start paying. When in the US, you can pay your SSS through Lucky Money or if you have a Bancnet-linked bank account.

  268. I have resigned from work and i am planning to continue paying voluntarily.depende lng po ba sa kin kung mgkano ibbayad ko?wala po akong work as of now po.and one more thing po do i need to foll up the declaration of earnings sa rs-5 po?

  269. Hello ma’am, may tanong po ako. I am planning to get an SSS number, kakagraduate ko pa lng po and never pa ako nakawork but nagadeal po ako ng direct selling products. At this month po kukunin ako ng fiancee ko from US. Ano ba pwede gawin ko para makakuha ako ng SSS number, self – emplyed po ba. If nasa US na ako, i really planned to work. Ok lng ba na self employed kunin ko to get SSS number? Thank you po sa response. 🙂

  270. Hi jovet, if you’re sure your latest contributions are already posted, yes, you can apply for a salary loan. How to Enroll in online SSS

  271. hello po maam may total contribution na po ako na 36 months last april 2013 pwidi na po ba akong mag loan ngayong may 2013 tnx po.

  272. Hi jayson, yes, puede siya. Kumuha muna siya ng SSS no. (use E1 form) with his birth or baptismal certificate (orig and xerox). Pagkakuha ng SSS no., fill up the RS1 form (Self-Employed), then present proof of source of income or of his being a fisherman (barangay certification na fisherman siya at resident siya doon, plus receipt ng benta ng mga isda, or certification ng fishing association, or proof of ownership of fishing boat kung owner siya).

  273. hellow po, pwede po bang makapag self employed ang tatay kong mangingisda, kumikita po at least 5k-10k per month depende sa huli ,, tnx,,=)

  274. Hi jesa, if your documents are complete and correct, yes, you will receive your check via registered mail, hopefully this week or next month. You can check if your filing is already approved via your online SSS account. How to Enroll in online SSS

  275. good pm ms.nors, ask ko lang po kase nag file po ako ng mat.2 nung april 26, kelan po kaya ddating sakin un? kase po sabe i memail na lang daw po..tnx

  276. Hi shiela, ang Voluntary membership ay para lang sa mga dati nang na-approve na members, katulad ng mga dati nang SSS-paying employees, SSS-registered OFWs and SSS-registered self-employed members.

  277. thank you, hindi po ba ako pwede mag apply ng voluntary membership?

  278. Hi shiela, you need to have at least one posted SSS contribution before you can apply for an SSS ID. So you need to get employed first. Or you can apply as self-employed if you derive income from other sources such as Avon, Natasha, sari-sari store, insurance agent, etc. Show proof of source of income to be registered as self-employed.

  279. I am still job hunting (first job) but I already have an SS number. Pwede na ba akong magapply for SSS ID as early as now? Or do I need to wait to actually have a job before applying for an SSS ID?then need ko rin po papuntang taiwan requirements po kase help me plssss!

  280. Hi mila, I wish you had filed an OW1 form before when you were an OFW. What you don’t have now is Date of Coverage because you failed to register correctly before your aunt paid your contributions. That’s why you can’t apply for an SSS ID yet. You can submit a notarized affidavit of source of income — ano ba ang puedeng source of income mo? Natasha, Avon, St. Peter, etc. By the way, I’m not sure if SSS ID issuance is fast now. It might take months.

  281. Hi, I went to sss diliman this morning to apply for an sss unified id but the employee there said that I don’t have documents when they check it on the computer they ask me to fill out an RS-1 form… I have my first contribution covered oct2011-mar2012 as self employed.. I’m an ofw before I just ask my auntie to help me pay my contribution. What will I do to have a sss id and how will I declare my source of income now that I no longer working…please help me because I need that sss id for my visa application in taiwan…thank you

  282. Hi Septis, the SSS 2010 guidebook says that the basis of voluntary contribution amount is the member’s declared earnings — this means it would depend on how much you declare, with the RS5 form having this portion “under the penalties of perjury, that this declaration has been made in good faith, and to the best of my knowledge and belief, is true and correct.”
    If you plan well, you can get some gains — the maternity benefit for the 1560-bracket is 30k, more than the six 1560 that you’re going to pay (1560 x 6= 9360 pesos) to qualify for the 30k maternity benefit. Here’s about SSS semester of contingency and here’s about maternity benefit computation

  283. Good day, Ma’am!
    I taught in a private school for 2 and 1/2 years. Then, I was hired in a public school so my SSS contribution was stopped for 2 years and 8 months now. I learned that I can still continue my contribution to SSS. I saw in the table of SSS contribution that I fall under the 1560 monthly contribution. I think that’s too much for me to pay. What are my other options? I don’t know if you have answered this in your previous discussions but please do advise me. I also recently got married and is very soon planning to get pregnant. I would really want to avail the maternity benefits of SSS. Salamat po!

  284. Hi Anastasia, you need to have at least one posted contribution before you can apply for an SSS ID. Your employer can register you, or you can apply as a self-employed member so you can pay your first contribution.

  285. Hi Ma’am… I just want to ask, if do you need to be an SSS member in order to get an SSS ID or a Unified Multipurpose ID? I already have an SSS #…

  286. Hi Girlie, the process is to go to the SSS main branch in QC, ask for a complaint form and fill it up and submit together with copies of your payslips and notarized affidavit of complaint for non-payment of SSS contributions. It’s much better if there are many of you filing the complaint.

  287. I want to know what to do if the employer is npt paying the SSS of his employees? And where can i report this kind of employer?

  288. Thank you so much for answering my questions 🙂 You are a big help. God bless.

  289. Hi Carla, I think your employer will ask only your SSS no., and once your employer has remitted your first contributions to SSS and once these are posted, your membership status or type becomes Employed. No, you can no longer pay for 2012 and for Jan to Mar 2013. And I think there are no consequences of not contributing as self-employed or voluntary — other than yong hindi ka nakadami ng no. of contributions. After your first contribution is posted, enroll in My.SSS so you can monitor your SSS account.

  290. Hi! Good afternoon. I filed as self-employed sss contributor last June 2012. Pero hindi ako nakapagremit ng contribution since then. Mahuhulugan ko pa ba yung mga buwan na hindi ko nahulugan? Ano po ang mga consequences kapag di nakapaghulog? May epekto ba yun kapag naging employed ako. And pano po magchange from self-employed to employed? Kasi magwork na ako this month. And regarding the place, nagfile ako sa batangas, pwede ba ko maghulog or magchange from self-employed to employed dito sa cavite? Thank you! Good Bless 🙂

  291. Hi Khing, you should have only 1 SSS no. Go to any SSS branch with your ID and fill up a verification slip to verify your SSS no.

  292. Hi, Good day.. ask ko lang po about my sss no.. nagkaroon po ako ng SSS No. since 2009 pa. Requirements po sya para sa magiging next work ko., do i need to renew it or fill up again a new E1 form? d ko alam kung ok pa kasi ung dating SSS No ko..Tnx for the advise.

  293. Hi bamban, sorry, you must have work before you can be an SSS member. You can work online, get paid, and then show your payment to receipt to SSS as proof of your source of income. If you can write, there are many writing jobs online. You can check out You must practice writing so you can overcome this speech challenge that you say you have. Hope you can comment again.

  294. Hi jovs, yes, you can register with SSS. Ask nicely your uncle if he can kindly enroll you with SSS, and that you’ll pay your contribution. You are receiving a salary, so you must be registered as an employee. You can register by yourself as voluntary if you’re earning money through sales commission (Avon or Natasha seller, etc) I admire you for pursuing your studies while working. Keep reaching for your goals.

  295. hi po.ask ko lang kung pwede akong kumuha ng sss kahit wala akong trabaho.naasa lang ako sa padala ng kapatid ko sa japan kasi may speech defect po ako

  296. good evening po, ask ko lang po if pwede akong maka avail ng sss, working student po ako sa uncle ko po,
    how can i get proof of income? 5000 po yung salary ko monthly, im 18years old a highschool student.

  297. roxanne s.calungsod

    thanks po sa info. godbless po. gov.employee po ako.

  298. Hi roxanne, sayang you inquired late. SSS uses the rule of semester of contingency — you should paid at least 3 months within Apr 2012 to Mar 2013. But you can continue your SSS for future benefits. If you mean you’re getting employed, just give your SSS no. to your employer. If you’re working as freelancer, you continue as Voluntary. Just pay at SSS cashier, Bayad Center or SM Business Center (fill up the RS5 form; usually they have forms). God bless too. Choose from this table of SSS contributions.

  299. roxanne  s.calungsod

    Good afternoon po,i am a sss member,may hulog po ako
    last june 2006 lang po sa dati ko work,now i am 6months pregnant.Ask ko lang po if my maternity benefits po ba yun? Now i have a work again,gusto ko po sana ulit ituloy yung contributions ko, ano po ang mga dapat ko gawin? Thanks and Godbless…..

  300. ask ko lng po,gusto ituloy hulog na kumare ko n nasa us n ngaun,ano po gagawin mo?para malaman ung sss id nya kc eh nawala na.tnx po

  301. Hi Leah, were you an employed SSS member before? Did your employer pay your contributions? If yes, your membership type is Voluntary. Pay using the RS5 form; check Voluntary. After your payment is posted, your membership type will be changed to Voluntary. Enroll online so you can check your records. How to enroll in My.SSS
    If this is your first time to be an SSS member, you should apply for Self-Employed. Fill-up RS1 form and bring proof of your source of income. You said you’re just receiving remittance from your husband in Korea; you can join Avon or Natasha or other direct marketing firms so you will have something to show to SSS as proof of your income. You need the RS1 form to be approved and stamped by SSS before you can start paying your contributions.

  302. Hi Mareessel, yes, you can use those IDs or your sales receipts or your payment receipts to Natasha or Avon — just to show that you have actual transactions with these direct marketing companies. Your approval depends on the SSS branch or the SSS officer who will ask questions; some are stricter than others. The officer might ask for other documents if she is not satisfied with your answers. So answer clearly and nicely. How much is your average monthly earnings? How do you get your commission? How much can you pay SSS per month? Choose from this table, depending on your earnings and what you can pay monthly to SSS. This is how the Self-Employed form looks like RS-1 form

  303. Hi po naka apply na po ako ng sss di ko alam na mali po yung na applyan ko instead of voluntary nailagay ko po ay self employed paano ko po yun baguhin to voluntary gusto ko po kasing hulugan yung sss ko… is it possible mag apply ulit ng sss?

  304. Saan ko po ma’am makukuha ung commission receipt na minention nyo kay po ako ng natasha at may id po ako na natasha..pwede po ba iyong id magamit at proof of source of income if hindi po ano po advice nyo gawin ko?

  305. Hello po..salamat po sa information..ask ko lang po maaari po bang gamitin ang mg avon Id/ natasha ID as a proof of income?

  306. Hi erickson, you need a source of income before you can apply for SSS membership. Do you already have an SSS no.? Get your no. first by bringing your birth cert (orig and xerox). Are you self-employed? Then fill up the RS1 form. Bring proof of source of income like receipt of commissions, or affidavit of source of income, or business permit. SSS benefits are pension, disability benefit, funeral benefit, death benefit, salary loan, sickness benefit.

  307. madali lng po ba ang pag pa member s SSS at marami po bang benipisyong makukuha dito??

  308. Hi China, I think there’d be no problem, because giving birth earlier or later than expected happens from time to time, and SSS doctors and policymakers know that. I think your friends are referring to name, address, date of birth, etc. See also that your MAT-2 data details are the same with your current data online, such as your membership status, so enroll online if you’re not yet enrolled.

  309. Mam pano po kapag napaaga yung panganganak from expected due date? Imbis na May2013, sa April2013 nanganak and May 2013 yung nakalagay sa Maternity Notification. Magkaka-problema po ba yung ganun? Dapat daw po kasi same ang Mat-1 and 2 details. Thank you.

  310. Hi Babylyn, I suggest you email an authorization letter to your representative, including a scan of your passport and ID, so these can be printed. Your rep (bringing his own IDs too) goes to SSS, and fill out a verification slip from the guard or the front office clerk. Your rep should know your birthday, birthplace, name of father, maiden name of mother, home address, names of former employers and dates of work. After getting your SSS no., you can ask him/her to pay 1 monthly contribution, using an RS5 form, so he/she can send you the SBR no. or receipt no. You will use 6 digits of this receipt no. to enroll in online SSS so you can track your contributions. Enroll after about 3 to 5 days (after the payment has been posted). This is how to enroll in online SSS

  311. Good day,please help me about my sss number.i am a member since 2004. After two years my work stop and i forgot my sss number. Now 2007 im here abroad until now, i really want to continue my sss but i dont know my sss number.please help me.can i register again if its possible?. And if you have a online registration. Please help me.thanks.

  312. Hi China, the SSS rule is that if your date of separation and date of delivery are within a period of 6 months, you need to submit a Certificate of Separation with date of separation and statement that they did not give you any maternity benefit plus signature specimen card (get a form from SSS; your former employer might not have this form). But based on comments here, even if the gap is already 7 months or 8 months or 12 months, SSS still requires the certificate of separation. So it’s not really whether you are Voluntary or you have paid Jan to March, it is the dates that are important. By the way, your member status online and on your claim form should be the same. God bless din.

  313. Hi Ms Nors, what if i changed my status to Voluntary RS5 and pay Jan-March do i still need a certificate of separation? Ang hirap po kasi kausap ng mga tao sa agency na pinasukan ko before. Thank you and Godbless.

  314. Hi China, yes, you get your certificate from your employer prior to your one-week employer. This is because that employer was the one that last remitted your SSS contributions. Get your Certificate of Separation,with date of separation and statement that they did not advance any maternity benefit to you plus specimen signature card. God bless din.

  315. Good Day Ms Nors, nakapag-file na ko ng Mat-1 and napa-stamp ko na at sabi bumalik ako after ng delivery with Mat-2, Certificate of Separation sa work ko dati and 2 valid ID’s. Tanong ko lang po, yung pinaka-last ko po kasing work tumagal lang po ako ng 1week tapos di na po ako pinabalik (buffer lang po kasi ako nun) at di po ako binigyan ng Certificate of separation kasi ilang days lang naman daw ako pumasok. Bale ang hihingan ko po ng Certificate e yung work ko po na nauna mas matagal po kasi ako dun. Ok lang po ba na yun ang ipasa ko? Thank you and Godbless.

  316. thank you po Ms. Nors… sana marami pa po kayong matulungan. God Bless!!!

  317. Hi aida, with SSS, parents are only secondary beneficiaries, so what they get are lump sums, and not pensions. Pensions are only for spouses and children under 21. From the numbers you mentioned, SSS computed the lump sum, and they got 118,559.88, minus the loan 20,255.36 =
    98,304.52. Then they divided it by 2, for your ma and pa, so they each got 49,152.26. How did they compute the lump sum? They first computed the monthly pension, and then multiplied it by 36. Why only 36? I don’t know. I don’t know why their policy is only 3 years. You can read about death benefits here: God bless din.

  318. Hi Ms. Nors, salamat po sa pag-sagot sa aking katanungan kanina. May ask po uli ako ito po iyong naitanong ko na dati regarding sa kapatid kong namatay. Ask ko po kung may makukuha po bang pension ang mga magulang ko. May nakuha po silang burial na 20k tapos po noong mag-file sila ng burial sabi ng taga-SSS mag-antay lang daw po ng 45days at may darating daw pong cheke sa kanila hindi naman nila sinabi kung para saan iyon at saka hindi naman po sila tinanong kung lumpsum o pension ang pag-claim ng benefits ng kuya ko po. Ang dumating na cheke po 2 tig-isa po sila ng tatay at nanay ko. Ang nakalagay na details INITIAL DDR PENSION AND LUMPSUM CHECK AND VOUCHER na may halagang 49,152.26 bawat isa sa knila. Tapos po ang months na total na nahulog ng kuya ko po 146 months, E/S Loan 20,255.36 at Gross Lump-sum na 118,559.88… Marami po kasi ang nagsasabi at nakaka-usap na may pension daw po dapat sila kasi matagal pong naghuhulog ang kuya ko. Sana po matulungan po ninyo at maliwanagan sa mga sabi-sabi. Maraming salamat po ulit at God Bless!!!

  319. Hi aida, you can pay Jan to Mar ASAP (check your deadline), so you can claim, but your benefit computation will be based only on 4 months (Apr 2012 and Jan to Mar 2013) God bless din

  320. ask ko lang po kung may chance po ba ulit akong makakuha ng maternity benefits? ang last na hulog ko po nung april 2012 pa po pero nung june 2012 nanganak ako may nakuha po akong maternity benefits nakakapaghulog naman po kasi ako ng monthly contribution noon kaso noong nakapanganak na ako nahinto na po kasi nahinto ako sa trabaho tsaka nawalan din po ng work ang asawa ko. Ngaun naman po hindi naman po inaasahan na mabuntis ulit ako by september 2013 ang kabuwanan ko. ano po ang dapat gawin? may chance po ba kaya kung maghuhulog ako, balak ko rin po kasing magpatuloy ng paghulog ng monthly contribution ko sa SSS. Sana po masagot po ninyo ang katanungan ko, maraming salamat at God Bless!!!

  321. Hi cherwyne, for SSS sickness benefit, the requirement is the same as for maternity benefit – at least 3 months paid within the 12-month period before semester of sickness. This benefit is not much too, as it’s just a daily salary for the days you’re in the hospital.
    You can try filing for a disability benefit (this requires only at least one contribution), but it would depend on the SSS doctor, if your case is considered a disability. Regarding your civil status, retain your current status with SSS. Take care

  322. Hi cherwyne, I wish you have asked this question months ago. Your due is probably June? The requirement to qualify for the SSS benefit is you should have paid at least 3 months last year (12-month period before your semester of delivery). If your due is July, you can pay your contributions for Jan to Mar 2013 asap, before your payment deadline, and you can avail. But the benefit will not be much, as the benefit will be based on only these 3 months.

  323. Hi sophie, you should register first in Online SSS before you can check your records online. You can also go to an SSS branch and verify your SSS no. and contributions.

  324. ask ko po din sana baka po pagkapanganak ko po ay maoperahan din po ako me polyph po kasi ako sa cervix ko kaya doble po tiyak ang mgagastos ko po para sa panganaganak at pra sa operasyon sa pagtanggal ng polyph separated na po ako 3 years na po pero di pa po annulled kaya po need ko po na makakuha po sana ng maternity benefits?ano pong requirements?member po ako sss since dalaga pa ako nakapagpalit na din po ako ng status ko as married po.nakapagcontribute na po ako sa sss ng mhigit year na po need advise po thanks

  325. Hi China, I suggest you change your status asap to Voluntary (not self-employed, because you were employed previously), so your status online will be the same as your status when you file your MAT2 claim. You might be required to get a certification of separation from your employer with date of separation and statement that they did not give you any advance maternity benefit. Plus specimen signature card. The SSS rule is to have these employer’s documents if the separation date and delivery date are within 6 months, but sometimes SSS requires these docs even if the gap is already more than 6 months. Usually also, SSS wants to see your SSS ID application stub, if you don’t have yet your ID. Hope you already have checked your maternity eligibility online. God bless too.

  326. ask ko lang po sana im 6 months pregnant po now huling hulog ko po sa sss ay 2009 pa sa huling work ko pa now im working pero ung employer ko po now nilalakad pa po nila mbigyan kami ng sss benefits pwede pa po ba ako makakuha ng maternity benefits ko?its my 4th child now hindi pa ako nkapagavail ng maternity benefits ko sa 3 kids ko.ano pong dapat ko po gawin?

  327. pano ko po msearch kung member parin aq ng sss?

  328. sophie caye de guzman

    pano po mlalaman kung member parin po aq ? san ko po masearch ?

  329. Hi Ms Nors. Yung contribution ko po nung 2012 are

    January 2012
    March 2012
    April 2012
    May 2012
    June 2012
    July 2012
    August 2012
    and October 2012

    Wala pa po akong ID and di ko pa po napapalitan yung status ko from employed to self-employed. Need ko pa po bang mag-palit ng status? Naguguluhan po kasi ako. Nakapagregister na rin po ako sa Thank you so much Ms Nors. Godbless.

  330. Hi China, have you paid at least 3 monthly contributions in 2012? If yes, you’re eligible for the SSS benefit. Have your MAT1 form stamped and approved by SSS asap … BEFORE May 2013. Enroll in online SSS – you can also check your eligibility there. Apply for your SSS ID — you will need the ID or the application acknowledgment stub. God bless too

  331. Hi Ms Nors. Im 7mos pregnant po ngayon and gusto ko din po sana ma-avail yung sa maternity. Last contribution ko po ay nung September2012 nung may work pa po ako kaso nagresign na po ako dahil maselan po ang condition ko and yung due date ko po is May2013. Magkano naman po sakali ang ihuhulog ko sa para ma-avail ko po iyon as self-employed. Sana matulungan nyo po ako. Thank you and Godbless.

  332. Maraming salamat po sa mga sinabi nyo.. Khit papano po guminhawa ang aking kalooban.. sobra po kasi ako nag alala. dahil ang sabi po ng SSS compulsary ako magmember, sa ayaw at sa gusto ko, no choice daw po ako. dapat daw po ideclare ang mananahi at bayaran ko ang 70% ng contirbution nila.

    kaya po naisip ko baka naman po kung hindi ko gawin ung sinabi nila, mgreport sila sa mayor o DTI para magbayad ako ng permit, tax o kung anu anong dokumento. at sa huli eh talagang obligahin nilang sumapi kami sa kanila sa SSS. eh maliit lang naman po ang aking pinagkaka kitaan sa aming bahay. halos png subaybay lang po sa pangangailangan at pagkain sa araw araw…

  333. Hi april, don’t worry too much. Mai-stress ka lang. Buti nga meron kang patahian at merong pinagkakakitaan ang mga taong walang trabaho. Puede namang hindi mo employees ang mga mananahi mo; mga independent contractors mo sila. Ang daming companies that do not remit SSS premiums, nag-deduct sila ng SSS contributions sa payroll, so nagbayad na yong mga employees ng share nila, pero itong mga companies do not remit these payments to SSS — mga yon ang mga dapat nilang habulin. No, I don’t think SSS will do something against you. I think the SSS employee was just making a suggestion. Best regards

  334. Hi shella, wow, I didn’t know that SSS is that strict now for membership — even going to your place to inspect! just for one person! I just wish they spend those resources to go after companies that don’t remit contributions. I wished your mother accepted — membership as self-employed employer — just to give you a start with SSS. Then later on, you can convert to voluntary. Puede pa naman sigurong ireconsider. Or I hope you take this as a personal challenge to start your own business or to get employed soon. best regards and thanks for sharing the reason for membership rejection

  335. hi po. ask ko lang po kasi my nagpuntang taga SSS sa bahay namin. Ngfill up kasi ng Rs1 ang anak ko as self employed, nananahi po cya. dahil my maliit akong patahian. nang malaman ng taga SSS na ako pala ang mismo may ari, nireject nya ung application ng anak ko as self employed.

    Sabi nya kailangan ako mismo ang mag member ng SSS as self employed. at imember ko pati ang mananahi ko as my employees. eh maliit lang naman po ang aking patahi, konti lang ang kita, dun ko pa knukuha ang lahat ng gastusin sa bahay tulad ng electric bill, allowance ng anak ko na nag aaral, pagkain abtp. kung magmemember po ako wala naman ako sapat na pera pra ihulog sa sarili ko at sa mananahi ko. wala din po ako business permit o mayor’s permit kasi maliit lang naman po ang aking patahi. minsan wala ng tubo, nababawasan pa ang capital.

    kung hindi po ba ako magpupunta ng SSS para magmember, may pupunta pa rin bang tao ng SSS sa bahay namin pra mag investigate?.. gaya po kc ng nasabi ko, wala naman ako mayors permit dahil maliit lng naman ang aking patahi. Nag aalala po ako ngayon na baka kung hndi naman ako mag member, bumalik ulit sila sa bahay. lalo na po at may record ang anak ko sa kanila. at baka po nakagawa na din sila ng report tungkol sa nakita nilang maliit na patahian. Nagaalala po ako na baka maapektuhan ang aking maliit na pinag kkakitaan. dito lang po kasi kami umaasa ng buong pamilya ko sa pang araw araw na pgkain at pangangailangan. Sana po ay matulungan nyo ako.. Marami pong salamat!!!

  336. Self employed po kasi ang inilagay ko sa RS1 ko.. at may business kami.. nang pumunta ang employee ng SSS sa house namin, nalaman nya na mother ko pala talaga ang may ari. kahit sabi ng mother ko na parang ako din naman ang may ari dahil anak nya ako, hndi pumayag.. sabi ko po ung employee din naman ng SSS na nakausap ko ang nagsabi saken noon na ganun ang ilagay ko.. ang sabi niya dapat daw ang mother ko ang mag apply as self employed. at ako pwede nya ilagay as her employee. pero hindi po interested ang mother ko na maging member kasi maliit lang naman ang business namin..

  337. Hi shella, you will get your refund in check. Sorry I don’t know how long — maybe 1 or 2 months? I’m curious why you were rejected? What document did you present?

  338. Hi, ask ko lng po kc nareject ung application ko pra sa self employed.. My form daw po na ibibigay saken sa SSS para daw po mairefund ung naihulog ko dati.. more or less 1 thousand po ung naihulog ko noon.. mga gaano po kaya katagal bago ko makuha ung refund ko?.. and cash po ba nila ibibigay saken un?.. thanks po!

  339. Hi beng, is your child younger than 21 years old? Does his birth certificate show the name of the SSS member as his father? If challenged, do you have other proof that the SSS member is his father? If yes, you can go to the SSS and ask how you can file a claim for your child’s pension (if his father paid more than 36 contributions).

  340. beng in bulacan,ask ko lng po kng may habol ba ang anak ko sa ss ng asawa ko n namatay.anak po xa sa labas d po kami kasal ng mister ko,,may habol po ba xa

  341. Hi gracy, your benefits will depend on your monthly salary credits for the 12 months before your semester of delivery. For example, you’ll deliver in April 2015, you should have at least 3 months paid within the year 2014 to qualify. SSS will select your 6 highest monthly salary credits in 2014.

  342. Ok thank you very much po for your time… ask ko na rin po, if maapproved na nila ang RS1 ko and i would pay my monthly contribution starting next month until i get pregnant at manganak ako, let’s say po after two years, how much po ang pwede kong maclaim na benefits?.. pasensya na po i’m not aware po kasi about sa benefits.. Thanks po!

  343. Hi ed, sorry, you can no longer pay your contributions for 2012. If today were still Jan 2013, you could have paid Oct to Dec 2012. What you can pay are Jan 2013 and onwards. About SSS maternity benefit, this is only for women, so ask your fiancee to continue paying her SSS contributions asap. She should also make sure that she registered using RS1 form and it was approved by SSS before paying. Without stamped approved RS1 form, she could not get benefits later on.

  344. Hi gracy, the right process to become an SSS member if you’re self-employed is to fill up an RS1 form and have it approved before you pay your premium. I’m not sure why they got your house sketch, but it was perhaps for possible investigation if your source of income is really true. You can apply for your SSS ID only after your RS1 form is approved, and your 2010 payments are posted properly. So wait for your approval. If you need a valid ID asap, apply for a postal ID. best regards

  345. Hi! I was employed po before ako nag abroad last year. Then last week nag verify ang aking kapatid sa SSS. and found out po na hanggang april 2012 lang po pala ang aking contributions. Akala ko po kasi hinulugan ng agency ko for 1 year.. kasi po ung philhealth ko hinulugan ng agency ko for 1 year. and then yung kapatid ko po sa pinas, pinagpatuloy na lang hulog ko sa philhealth as OFW… Ask ko lang po kung pwede ko pa hulugan yung may 2012 hngng ngayon?.. According po sa verification slip, may 30 months na akong contribution until april 2012.. kung ipagpapatuloy po ba ng kapatid ko ang paghuhulog sa aking SSS, paano po ang magiging computation ng aking benefits?.. at kung magpapakasal po ba ako next year at magiging beneficiary ko ang magiging asawa ko, magkanu po ang makukuha naming benefits kapag nanganak siya?.. May SSS number din po ang aking mapapangasawa pero isang beses lang po nya nahulugan as self employed.. Maraming Salamat po!!!

  346. Hi po… I got my SSS number po nung 2004. pero hindi ko po nahulugan the following years kasi po student pa lang ako that time. Then 2010, nagbayad po ako ng 312 each month for 2nd quarter.. bale 936 po.. That was my first and last payment. Then, in 2011 nung kukuha sana ako ng SSS ID sa diliman branch, unauthorized daw po ang payment ko. kaya i needed to go back to the branch where i paid the 936 in 2010. Hindi po pala ako naka pag fill up ng RS1 kaya naging invalid ang payment ko. Pinagawa po nla ako ng affidavit ng declaration of source of income.. Ang sabi po nila mag follow up ako after 1 month.. kung pwede na din ako mag pa ID. Kasi daw po Tarlac pa ang mgdedecide?.. Pinagawa din po nila ako ng sketch ng bahay namin. Tanong ko lang po kung para saan yung sketch?.. and paano po ang magiging proseso ng SSS ko?… Sana po ay matulungan nyo ko… Salamat po..

  347. Hi aida, I checked the guidelines for EC, and 2 of the 3 requirements are 1– that the member should be in the workplace, and 2– should be doing official function at the time of the accident. Maybe he was not working during that time, so your claim was rejected.
    Do you mean your parents received 20k for burial benefit plus lumpsum? The lump sum should be the total of your brother’s contributions for 12 years plus interest. You and one of your parents (or you with an authorization letter from them with their Ids and your Ids) can go to your SSS branch and inquire.
    About your brother’s child, was the child born before your brother died? Is your brother written as the father in the child’s birth certificate? If the child was born before your brother died, and if it will be proven that the child is your brother’s, and that he’s the primary beneficiary, and if the mother files a claim for the child and her claim is approved, the child will be the sole beneficiary. He’ll get a pension until he turns 21 years old. Your parents are only secondary beneficiary, so they won’t get any, except the funeral benefits. But you should not rely only on what I said (because I’m not sure how SSS defines “dependent illegitimate child”; please ask others too.

  348. Hi angee, if your due is July, yes, you can avail, but only Jan to Mar will be counted for benefit computation. Sorry you can no longer pay premiums for 2012. File MAT1 BEFORE delivery. Enroll online so you can check your records.
    Benefit amount? depends on salary credit. The salary credit of 520 is 5k, so your maternity benefit is 5k if normal, 6500 if CS. If there were 6 months that could be counted, your benefit (for normal) would have been 10k. best regards

  349. Hi virginia, some SSS branches accept a notarized Affidavit of Source of Income together with a Barangay Certificate certifying you’re earning your income as a freelance manicurist. Tell them you’re working independently, and not working at a parlor (that would make you an employee). Ask the San Mateo branch kung okay sa kanila yong 2 documents.

  350. Hi! ask ko lang po kasi ang kuya ko 3 year ng patay at ang kanyang beneficiary ang mga magulang namin. Na-claim po namin ang burial niya tapos nung i-claim naman po namin ang EC nia hindi daw pwede kasi po 12:45pm breaktime daw po samantalang sa mismong pinagtatrabauhan siya naaksidente hindi po ba ma-ikokonsider ang oras kumpleto naman po sa mga requirements at ipinasa na po namin iyon sa oras lang po na reject. Tsaka ang isa pa po may nakuha pong cheke ang magulang ko within 45 days ng mag-sbumit kami ng burial sa SSS ang naka-lagay po sa voucher initial DDR and lumpsum, ano po ba ang ibig sabihin nun? may makukuha pa po ba ang mga magulang ko? more than 12 years na rin po kasi nakakahulog ang kuya ko sa SSS at kung mayroon man ano po ba ang dapat gawin para makuha ung kakulangan sa unang nakuha nila? At may isa pa po may naka-live ang kuya ko nung namatay po siya kelan po namin nalaman na nabuntis po ang ka-live in niya, may habol pa po ba ang anak ng kuya ko kasi po nakapangalan sa babae iyong anak niya. Sana po masagot niyo ang katanungan ko maraming salamat po… Gob Bless!!!

  351. Hi, OFW po ako ngyon year na toh and since 2001 member na po ako ng SSS kaya lng po napatigil ang paghuhulog ko mula pa nuong 0ct 2009. I am 5 months pregnant kaya naisipan ko hulugan ngyon lng ang JANUARY- December 2013 ng 520 per month, July 19 po ang due ko…ask ko lng po makakaavail ba ako ng MAT1 and how much ang makukuha ko if in case na possible? And i also want to ask po kung even if nahulugan ko na whole 2013 ko pede ko pa ba hulugan ung 2012 contribution ko?

    thanks and regards,

  352. HI po ask ko po,kasi ilang beses na po ako pabalik balik sa SSS dito sa san mateo,rizal,kasi gusto ko pong magself employed nalang,ang kaso hinihingian po ako ng business permit,ang mahal ng business permit sa barangay namin,nag mamanicure lang po ako.wala na po bang ibang option maliban sa BUSINESS PERMIT? kasi belong na daw sa parlor yung pagmamanicure,kaya hanggang ngayon hindi aq makapagself employed. help me naman po.

  353. Hi Iza, ask the BPI branch there if they have RS5 form: Just check Voluntary in the form, and pay 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. When your payment is posted, your status is automatically changed from Employed to Voluntary. After posting, you can enroll in online SSS, so you can check your records online.
    Choose your contribution:
    You can print 3 copies of the RS5 form, if BPI doesn’t have this form.

  354. hi im already separated sa employer & currently wala work and living here in Coron, pano kaya ang procedure para ilipat ng voluntary, wla kasi sss office dito, i can pay sana via BPI

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