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  1. dear sir/madam,
    i am planning to live in the philippines next year for good, because i am getting married to my filipino lady there. my question to you is can i open an account with you, and get a dispenser card for me to withdraw money in the philippines when i have my vacation there? also i want to know about my pension money that will be going straight into this account each month, how much will the fees be from you.
    yours faithfully, mr. adrian dickens.

  2. Hi Des, an online transfer from your BPI London account to your BPI Mactan account will still incur transfer fees, but cheaper. See this table: BPI Europe Remittance Fees. Transfer is instant. Enroll your BPI London account into your existing BPI online account. I think, based on my dollar experiences with BDO here in Manila, withdrawing your pounds over the counter won’t incur a charge; just inform them in advance (by phone) so you can be sure GBP bills are available when you go to the bank to withdraw.

  3. I have a BPI GBP Sterling account in Mactan Cebu. Can I transfer my pension from my UK halifax account to BPI London and then to my mactan account without transfer fees, and how long does it take.? At present i transfer from UK account-(9.50 GBP charge) and access within 24 hours in Mactan-cost 5 GBP

  4. Hi Joy, sorry BPI does not allow account opening at its remittance partners, and BPI doesn’t have a partner in Denmark. If you like BDO, it has a remittance partner there: Tavexwise — Central Station Office, Bernstorffsgade 16-22, 1577 Copenhagen. Ask them if they’re assisting in opening a BDO Kabayan account. If they are, note that your passbook and atm card will be given to you after about a month, and that your atm card will not work there in Denmark until you come home for a visit and change your PIN at a BDO machine here.

  5. Hi , is it possible for me to apply a bpi account even if I am living here in Denmark? London is the closest country where I can be able to apply to have a philippines bank account. Thank you

  6. Hi Lesley, yes. After opening a BPI Europe account, enroll in BPI Online. Print, sign and mail your online application to the Earl’s Court address and wait for an emailed approval, about 5 days. After approval, enroll your sister’s BPI account. Online transfer from your account (pounds) to your sister’s account (peso) will have a remittance fee of 5 pounds (for remittances less than 1k pounds)

  7. I am a British national and my sister is a Philippine national living in Mindanao.

    Can I open a BPI account and transfer funds from it online into my sister’s BPI account in Mindano?

  8. Hi can I activate my BPI account in London so I can transfer money to other accounts in the Philippines even if I’m in UK?

  9. Can we open a BPI phil. account to one of your uk branch


  11. Hi, can we open a peso based acct here in the UK?

  12. Hi Mal, yes, you can open a joint account. I have not asked them about it, but in their info sheet, individual account and joint account are printed as options. Required documents: passport, proof of address and national insurance card.

  13. My wife is dual nationality Filipina and Uk. I am from the UK. We are in London. Can we open a joint account? Would be most grateful for a reply. Thanks.

  14. Hi i would like to ask, i have bpi account in the phils. can i use it in uk? and also my Amore Bpi prepaid card. can i reload it in bpi in london??? Thank u so much

  15. Im buying a condo in Cebu. Im a UK citizen and spend most of my time in the Ph. I have paid a 25000 holding deposit. I have a balance of 2.500000 to pay. I have a bpi account in London and a bpi account in Cebu. Is it best for me to transfer 2.500000 from my uk bank ( lloyds ) to my bpi account in London. Then transfer that to my bpi account in Cebu. Then to get the branch in Cebu where my account is to do a direct transfer of the balance to the company I am buying the condo from. I do have the companies bank details?

  16. Meron ba kayo savings bpi dto sa israel

  17. This is an excellent service. I cannot praise it too much. The exchange rates are very competitive and when you do an F/X transaction online from your UK BPI account, the funds are in your account in BPI Philippines instantaneously. If you have set up enrolled accounts on your BPI Philippines accounts, you can get money to them immediately and all F/X deals and transfers are confirmed by email to you pretty much at once. I also pay most of my utilities on line too. If you transfer funds from a UK bank to BPI London, they are almost always there the same day, but you may have to wait until the afternoon for processing. It is by far the best option and service I have yet to discover.

  18. Hi Melani, sorry no. Transfer money from your BPI UK account to your enrolled Philippine-based BPI account ( From FUNDS TRANSFER & EXCHANGE dropdown, click Foreign Exchange, BPI Europe Accounts, Transfer Now — Click FX Rates to see current exchange rate), and then pay your Philippine bills using your Philippine-based BPI account.

  19. Can I pay philippine utility bills from BPI Uk acct?

  20. Hi Lhea, if your account in the Philippines was already closed, you need to reactivate it in person, and you’ll pay below-maintenance fees. Yes, you can open your BPI Europe account in London (in pounds). Ask them if they can help you open a Philippine-based BPI account.

  21. Hi I want to open an account of bpi here in London because my bpi account in Philippines I think it was already closed. If I use my bpi account in Philippines is there a charge?…

  22. hi, i am rudy and currently living in the philippines, may i know, if i could open a saving account, when i will arrived LONDON. but my problem is i donot have an address in LONDON, except the address of my cousin, whom i am staying while in LONDON.

  23. Hi
    My husband and myself have a joint saving account in BPI RP he just did a transfer of 5,000 Po nds last Friday 21/04/2017 time 05:32 am UK Time how long does it take before it reach on his BPI Europe Account? It is Sunday now and we’re viewing our BPI savings account the money doesn’t reach his Europe Account. We will be grateful at your earliest reply. Thank you

  24. Hi Leila, it’s required that you appear in person with your valid IDs at the bank to reactivate your dormant account. Has it been dormant for more than 10 years? or nearly 10 years? Because if it’s more than 10 years, it’s possible that your money has been surrendered to the National Treasury. BPI could have mailed a notice to the address you wrote in your account. How much was your balance? If it’s a big amount, you need to call BPI right away: 632-89-10000. You can also call BPI London and ask if they can help you reactivate your dormant account. The problem is if you’re transacting through phone, BPI needs you to know your account number.
    If your account balance is a small amount, and it does not hurt if you lose it, and you just want to have a Philippine-based account, you can also ask BPI London if they can help you open a Philippine-based BPI account.
    If BPI London does not offer assistance in helping open a Philippine-based account, you can try asking the remittance partners of BDO in the UK, such as CBN or GEMR: BDO Remittance partners in the UK

  25. Hi I have an account in the Philippines and It’s been 10 yrs since the last transaction I had. Can you help me to reactivate it so I can use it again for sending money and savings too? I lost my atm card and I don’t know my account details. It’s in bpi muntinlupa branch. Pls let me know what are the requirements. Pls help. Thanks and God bless.

  26. Hi Tony
    How long will it take for me to receive my BPI atm card after opening an account?
    Thank you

  27. Hi Tony, it’s better that you open a Philippine-based account at a branch here when you get here. BPI London used to offer that service, but I heard they stopped it, most likely due to the RCBC-linked money laundering. They even closed their offices in Rome after the scandal. After opening your account, enroll in BPI online banking here, as you need to activate your online banking at a BPI machine here.

  28. Can I open a Manila-based account from the UK e.g. by visiting the London Office of BPI. I visit Manila every year and this would be useful for me. Or can I only do this when next over there?

  29. Hi Melani, BPI online banking is free, so you can access your UK account online with no charge. But if you transfer money from your UK GBP account to your peso account, there’s a remittance fee of 5 to 15 pounds for a remittance amount of less than 1k to 50k GBP. You can enroll your UK account first, then enroll your Philippine BPI account into your UK account after it’s activated.

  30. If I open a BPI acct here in UK,can I access that account whilst in the Philippines with no charge?

  31. Hi Marie, are you in the UK at present? If yes, sorry you cannot transfer online from your Baguio account to your UK account. This is not yet offered by BPI. What’s possible online is remitting online from your registered UK BPI account to your registered Philippine BPI account. About your 2M transfer plan, you can transfer your money via a wire transfer. It’s done in person at a Philippine BPI branch. Based on the BPI website, the charge for 2M pesos will be 600 pesos for service charge and 3k for documentary stamps (.30 for every 200) and any fee that will be charged by your UK bank. You can email Lea Cheriz Dimayuga at lcrdimayuga@bpi.com.ph or call (02) 790-2160

  32. Hello. I have a BPI account in Baguio. And I would like to transfer P2million to my UK account. How much is the charge for this. Do I have to pay any taxes here? Many thanks

  33. Hi Nora
    I am currently in the Philippines with my wife but still live in UK at the moment. I wish to know do i still need an ACR1 card to open account at BPI bank,so i can transfer my state and private pensions via BPI in London so i can retire in PH. Thanks.9

  34. Hi Nora,

    I am planning to open a passbook sterling account with BPI here in the Philippines however I was told that whenever I want to make a withdrawal they cannot guarantee that they have the sterling right there and then so I might have to wait and that kinda made me have a second thought.
    My purpose of opening the account is for safekeeping while the exchange rate is low and also I might it need for when we are in the UK. Can I make an over-the-counter withdrawal in the their London branch? Or do you think I should just open a BPI Europe account? Would a BPI europe account allow you to make deposits though or only bank transfer? Thank you and I hope you can enlighten me on this.

  35. Hi tammy, here are the remittance fees if you’ll use a BPI Europe account. An online remittance from a BPI Europe account to a BPI Philippines account takes only minutes. Online remittance to another bank takes up to 24 hours, depending on the other bank’s schedules.
    May I ask some questions so I can give a more relevant reply: Are you paying a condo loan to Bank of Commerce? Or are you paying directly your condo developer through Bank of Commerce? If paying directly to real estate developer, what’s the name of your developer? Here’s a list of developers that you can pay through BPI online banking.
    Before opening a BPI Europe account, ask them if they can help you open a Philippine-based BPI account while in London. When the RCBC money-laundering scandal did not yet happen, BPI Europe was open in giving this kind of assistance, but I’ve noticed that BPI became a bit strict about this now, but try asking.

  36. Hi Nora,
    I have a Bank of commerce account in the Philippines and I use Kabayan remits to transfer money each months in to my Bank of commerce account,is there anyway I can transfer my Philippines bank of commerce acount to BPI in Philippines,I have a condo and I normally send around 75,000 pesos to cover the repayments.also how long does it take to be deposited in to the Bank of copmmerce if I use BPI here in
    uk and what are the cost?

    Thank you

  37. Hi Nora I would like to open BPI bank in U.K. As I’m planning to start savings for planning to comeback and settled back to Philip in 5 years time I am allow to start savings at BPI bank as I am settled in here in the U.K.

    Thank you
    Rochie Beatty

  38. Hi nilda, sorry that they’ve stopped offering assistance in the opening of Philippine-based accounts. In the past, they’ve assisted in opening Philippine-based accounts. It was even posted on their website. The accounts are opened in the Philippines, with BPI Europe sending the documents to the Philippines. Maybe they’ve stopped offering this service after the RCBC money-laundering scandal, as I’ve noticed they’ve also stopped the opening of BPI Direct accounts online in the 5 countries where they previously offered opening of Phil-based accounts. Anyway, thank you very much for informing me, so I can put a warning to the note I posted, or maybe just delete it. And it’s good you called BPI before traveling to London. Sorry again, and thank you.

  39. hi i rang the Bpi Europe i been told they dont open account Philippine based accound it need to be done in the Philippines , I nearly travel to London to open one lucky i decided to ring the bank first (wrong info:) )

  40. Hi Ederiza, you can go to their London branch or you can mail the documents required. Plz see the address and list of requirements above in the post. You will open a London-based account where you can deposit your money in GBP. Then ask help from the London branch in opening a peso checking account in a Philippine-based BPI bank. Ask them also if it’s possible for your Philippine-based BPI bank to later on mail to you in London your peso checking account booklet. After you have opened your 2 accounts, you can use your London-based GBP account to transfer money to your peso checking account through BPI online banking.
    Another option is to ask your realtor if you can buy without using checks — you will just send money to the developer’s bank account. Whether you use check or cash, make sure you are paying money to the developer’s company, not to a name of a person, and google the developer and the project.

  41. Hi I would like to buy condo property in the philippines, ive bene told that i must apply checking accts at ur bpi branck london. How can I do that?

  42. Hi Nora, can you please tell me what size I D photo do i have to provide when opening an account with BPI Europe in London. thank you

  43. Hi Barry, BPI Europe’s remittance fee for sending 20k to 50k pounds (maximum per transaction) is 15 pounds if sent via BPI online banking to a BPI or BPI Family account. An inward remittance fee of around 200 pesos could be charged by BPI Philippines. Sorry I don’t know their daily or monthly maximum remittance amount.
    If you have a BPI Europe account and you use BPI’s online banking to send money to your BPI Philippines account, the system will display the exchange rate, remittance amount and remittance fee before you are asked to confirm and proceed to send. Your money should appear in your BPI Phil account within minutes.
    For complete info on how to send, scroll down to letter G of their FAQ page: https://www.bpieuropeplc.com/faqs About sending 1 million pounds, you need to ask BPI Europe. Surely they will require additional docs.


  45. Hi Greeny, sorry I’m not sure. Most likely not…because BPI Europe’s Star account is in pound sterling.

  46. Hi Nora, do you have any idea if I can deposit an Australian cheque if I open an account in BPI Europe?

  47. According to their website, only the Earl’s Court branch is open on Sundays. Business hours for Sundays at Earl’s Court is from 10am to 4pm, so I guess appointment is not required. But you can call first if you like — Earl’s Court phone no.: 0207 835 0088. Both the Earl’s Court and Threadneedle branches are closed on Saturdays.

  48. Hi Nora, Do i have to make an appointment to go to BPI Europe on a Sunday, and after having an application accepted for an account there, how long before it becomes acctivated, live so that i can deposit some money ?

  49. Hi Janette, sorry BPI Europe offers only savings accounts (no atm, no passbook, only quarterly statement and online banking system). What you can do is to go to the London branch with the required account opening documents and ask for assistance in opening a checking account with a BPI branch in the Philippines. I know they’re giving assistance in opening a savings account, but I’m not sure about checking accounts. You can also call their London phone: 0207 835 0088

  50. Hi I wanted to know if I can open a checking account in BPI london branch. I am investing a property in the Phils and 1 of the requirement is to issue post dated check. It would be great if you can assist me. Thank you and more power.

  51. Hi David James, yes, you’re right, you can open a BPI Europe account in London and have your pension paid into it. Yes, you can transfer online anytime from your BPI Europe account to your BPI Philippines account (with remittance fee) through your BPI online account. BPI’s online downtime for maintenance is usually about 15 to 30 mins around 10pm.
    Your BPI Europe account is in pounds, so the amount you’ll transfer will be changed into pesos when you transfer to your Phil account. If you like, you can also open your BPI Europe account while you’re here: email bpinoy@bpieuropeplc.com (inform them it’s for receiving your UK pension and that you have a BPI account here), or you can visit your BPI branch and ask how you can open a BPI Europe account for receiving your UK pension. Thanks for commenting here.

  52. Hello Nora, i live most of the time in the Philippines and already have a BPI account here. Can i open a BPI Europe account when i am back in the U K later this year, so that in 2017 i can have my U K pension paid directly into it. If so then can i also transfer online to my account in the Philippines whenever i need it ? Will the the money be changed into Peso in the U K account or when i transfer it to my account here ?I know that there will be some bank charges involved in the transaction also .
    Thank you, David

  53. Hi Lorna, sorry for my delayed response. I’ll email you

  54. Halo, Good Day, i just wanna know if possible to open accout on line,Im from Philppines, but i live in Nederland. Please let me know. thank u. Greetins, Respefully, Lorna

  55. Hi jennifer, I think BPI Europe has no atm. Sorry your Transfer to Anyone feature should be activated at a BPI atm in the Philippines. Try enrolling that other BPI account using postal mail — enroll it online, print the webpage, sign it and then send it to BPI, and wait for BPI’s email advice:
    BPI Fulfillment Banking Department
    9th Floor BPI Card Center
    8753 Paseo de Roxas Makati City 1200

  56. hi. does the bpi branch in london have an atm machine where i can activate the “transfer to anyone” feature on my bpi express online?

  57. Hi Ines, yes, some UK expats have asked the assistance of a BPI branch here to open their BPI Europe accounts. I think the BPI branch here will be sending account opening documents to London so you’ll be paying for a courier fee. I’m not sure if this is still their SOP, or changes have been made after the RCBC money laundering scandal. What I know also is withdrawal from BPI Europe is only over the counter at their Earl’s Court, London branch and not via atm.

  58. Hi Nora! We’re based in the Philippines but my daughter is starting school in London this October. Is it possible for her to open a BPI Europe account in a BPI branch in the Philippines, to facilitate wire transfers for when I send her GBP for living expenses? Thank you.

  59. Hi Emma, if you open a BPI Europe account, you can enroll it in BPI online banking, and then enroll your cousin’s account into your account so you can send money online. See BPI remittance rates here. Your cousin can send you money, not online, but over the counter via wire transfer — minimum basic fee is 600 pesos. You can ask BPI Europe to help you open a Philippine-based BPI account (I hope they’re still offering this service) so that your cousin can transfer money online to your Philippine account anytime without charge . You can enroll also your Phil account into your Europe account so you can track your balance and other transactions.

  60. Hi, I would like to inquire about your banking system, just recently I have invested some money to a family business in the Philippines. My cousin have already an account with bpi in the Philippines. My question is, if I open an account with bpi here in London would it be possible for my cousin to transfer some money to my account or vice versa and how much the charge per transactions and if we can transfer money or view statements through online banking…thank you.

  61. Hi Tin, yes, there’s no atm card. You can withdraw over the counter in London, or you can enroll your BPI Europe account in BPI online banking or add it to your current BPI online banking then transfer online your money from your Europe account to your Philippine account, with remittance charges to be applied.

  62. Yes, that’s right.
    However, you don’t have ATM for this?

  63. Hi Tin, BPI Europe PLC is a UK-registered/authorized bank so if you live in the Philippines, your BPI Europe account is an offshore account. If they require a high-street bank, I don’t think BPI Europe is a high-street bank as it’s not as big as the other UK big banks. BPI Europe has only 2 branches in the UK.
    Do you mean the UK parent company of your Philippine company will deposit your salary (for work done in the UK) into your UK account so it won’t be taxed here in the Philippines?

  64. Hi. Is this considered an offshore account?
    I was told that for payroll, I need to open an offshore accoubt with uk high street bank or banks wgich offer this so that I can benefit from tax exemption/aid for overseas workers. Hence is this cobsidered as an offshore/expat account?

  65. Hi Aj, no, because what you have is a passbook, which can be used only over the counter at certain BPI branches in the Philippines, preferably at your branch. I’m not sure if BPI now issues atm cards for GBP accounts, as currently, the atm option is offered only for US dollar accounts.

  66. Hi Nora, I opened a GBP passbook account in BPI Philippines, can I withdraw from this account in UK? Also, is it possible to apply for a debit card using the same account so I can withdraw from ATMs? Thanks!

  67. Hi.
    If I open an account and money is paid into it in Euro’s, does the money stay in Euro’s or does the money automatically get changed into Peso’s? and if so how much does that cost?

  68. Hi Fred, yes, you can. Open 2 accounts: a UK-based BPI account at BPI Europe in London and a BPI account in the Philippines (you can ask the BPI Europe branch in London for this account). Enroll them both in one BPI online banking account. Have your pension sent to your BPI UK account, and then transfer your money online from your UK account to your Philippine account. A remittance fee will be charged. You can also ask BPI UK to make the transfer automatic, if you prefer it.
    A direct deposit from the UK pensions office to a Philippine bank account is possible, but the transfer takes a longer time.

  69. Hi I am thinking of moving to the Philippines is it possible for me to open a Philippine bank account in London and have my pension paid into it, so that I can withdraw money from it when I’m out in the Philippines. Thank you.

  70. Hi Nelia, the phone no. is 0207 835 0088. Should be 35 not 53.

  71. I am trying to call the contact number 02078530088, to activate my account and to continue to deposit as saving. I forgot how I did the last time I started. Will call me or update your contact number. My contact number 07789770865. Thank you

  72. Hi iain, to see if there’s a benefit, you can compare the speed and cost of transfer between your current transfer process and transfer from a BPI Europe account to a BPI Phils account through BPI online banking. According to the BPI website, for transfers from BPI Europe account to your BPI account here in the Phils using bpiexpressonline.com (assuming the other account is already added to the account already enrolled in BPI online banking), the transfer will be just within minutes.
    Transfer fee for up to 1,000 pounds is 5 pounds.
    For 1,001 to 2,000 pounds, fee is 6 pounds.
    2,002 to 5,000, fee is 7 pounds
    5,001 to 10,000 pounds, fee is 8 pounds
    There could also be additional inward fee charged by BPI Philippines for foreign remittance: 160 pesos plus 0.30 pesos for every 200 pesos.
    Also, if you open a BPI Europe account here through a BPI branch here, you might also pay for the courier to send your documents to BPI Europe (sorry not sure if this is still the process).

  73. I have been in the Philippines for 5 years now ,I have a BPI account. My bank in UK is First Direct who I have been with for over 20 years . would it be beneficial for me to open a BPI europe account and have a certain amount transferred to that account and then put it into my BPI account over here. I look forward to your hopefully swift reply. Iain Deakin

  74. Hi henry, there’s no BPI-Philippines branch in the UK. What’s there is its subsidiary BPI Europe whose offices are in London. But what your girlfriend can do is to check if her atm card has a Cirrus logo on its back side, and then call BPI 89-100 a few days before she travels to the UK and notifies BPI that she’ll be using her atm card in the UK (look for atms with Cirrus logo). There’ll be charges ($3.50 per withdrawal $175 and less; 2% of withdrawn amount if more than $175).

  75. Can you please tell me if there is a bpi bank in Birmingham England. My girlfriend has bpi account in the Philippines and she wants to travel to me here in England she is wondering if she can withdrawal money from any bank here in England thank you

  76. 27 Meredith Road
    Worthing, West Sussex

  77. Hi Leah, email your request to bpinoy@bpieuropeplc.com

  78. Hi I’ve wondered if you could send me an account opening form please. ..

  79. Hi Di, yes, you can. Bring to the UK branch the documents listed above, and then ask to apply for a Philippine-based BPI account. Sorry I don’t know if they’ll require you to open a UK-based account first.

  80. Hi Just wondering if its possible for me to open a peso account here in BPI uk. I’m currently residing in the UK but want to have a BPI peso account. I would be very grateful if you can give me information on how to apply please. Thank you

  81. Hi Joey, yes, you can apply at the same time, but for the Philippine-based account, they’ll forward your application to the Philippine branch, so it might take 2 weeks to a month. To be sure, ask the BPI UK officer.

  82. Hi, would it be possible to open a bpi-uk account and a philippine-base bank account with atm card at the same time? If it is, how long will it take to receive the atm card and open the philippine account. I’m based in London. Many thanks.

  83. Hi Napoleon, it would be easier if you already have an online BPI banking account. Here’s BPI Trade info: https://www.bpitrade.com/misc/faqs.asp You can call BPI London about presenting your BPI Trade registration docs and IDs with them, and about opening a Philippine-based BPI account, if you don’t have yet a BPI savings account.

  84. How to participate in BPI Stocks in Pilipinas while I’m here in UK, TY

  85. Hi david, I’ve read from britishexpats.com forum that you can do it by going to a BPI branch and ask for their assistance in opening your account with BPI Europe for UK pension remittance. You can bring your documents, as listed above. You’ll have to send your verified documents to BPI Europe through an express carrier like 2GO.

  86. I live in the Philippines as a UK retiree. I would like my monthly pensions in sterlin.g to be paid in BPI branch in London Can I do this from here in the Philippines. I have peso and dollar account in the philippines

  87. hi, I’ve read from your site that you can assist me in opening an account for a philippine based account. what are the requirements? is it the same as the UK ones? i am based in norway and would be coming over to london next week. thank you and i hope you can assist me with this.

  88. Hi John, yes, you can open an account at BPI in London, then enroll your account in BPI online banking and attach your girlfriend’s account to your account. Here are the remittance fees: https://www.bpieuropeplc.com/page/view/23

  89. My girlfriend has a BPI account in the Philippines and I am a UK citizen living in London. Can I open a BPI account here so I can transfer money to her account? Can you please tell me the transfer charges? Is it cheaper than Western Union to send money through BPI?

  90. Hi Raymond, while some bank managers are strict, there are others who are more open to foreigners’ accounts. Try opening at a BPI branch nearest where you usually go or live. You should have a Philippine address that you can write on the account opening forms, where you can get a BPI mail in case they send a mail — you can change this address later on if you move. If they refuse at the first branch you go to, try another branch. If they ask about your tourist visa, tell them you’ve lived here for __ months — and if this is the case — that you intend to stay here for a while, or travel to and fro from UK to Phils or that you plan to remit money here for business/personal purposes, and that you intend to open an account with their BPI London branch. If after 2 or 3 branch tries, you’re denied, just open your BPI account at the BPI London branch and then request them to open a Philippine-based BPI account for you. Hope you’re adjusting to life here 🙂

  91. Hello Nora, I am British and living in the Philippines, I have a ACR for 12 months, I was informed by the Metro bank in the Philippines that because my ACR states TOURIST and not permanent no bank in the Philippines will allow me to open an account! is this true?

    Also I am going back to London very soon for a few months, and want to open up a BDI account in London, so should I open up a BDI account now in the Philippines, before I go back to London, please advise.

    Regards from Raymond


  93. hi Nora , Can a US citizen open business accts in London same day , what are your formalities we will be in London shortly and would like to open an account in your Bank Please advise us.

    Thankyou so much

  94. hi im wondering if i can open an account although I reside in Sweden??

  95. Hi Charlene, yes, you can enroll your BPI Europe account in BPI online banking, and you can fund your COL Financial account indirectly through it. You will have to open a BPI or BPI Family Philippine-based account, which you can do through BPI UK, so you can remit online from your BPI Europe account to your BPI Phils account, and then fund your COL through your BPI Phils account. I checked my BPI online banking, and there’s COL Financial in the Bill Payment’s merchant list. See Others category.

  96. Hello. Gusto ko po sana mag-start mag-invest sa Philippine stock through COL Financial. To fund my COL account, plan ko po mag-open ng BPI Star Account dito sa UK. Pwede ko po ba i-enrol ung COL sa online banking ko if na-open ko na ung BPI Star account para ma-fund ko ung COL account ko regularly?
    Thanks in advance po.

  97. Hello John, the STAR Account-Current is a checking account.

  98. Hello. Can you tell me what the difference is between a STAR Account-Savings and a STAR Account-Current, apart from the difference in interest rates, please? The two are shown in the table here: https://www.bpieuropeplc.com/page/view/18 . Note that I’m not asking about a STAR PLUS Account, which is explained on a different page. Thank you.

  99. Hi Marm, that’s right, BPI Europe does not issue debit cards. Enroll in BPI online banking so you can track your balance, transfer funds to your other accounts or remit to your Phil accounts.

  100. Hi, I just want to know if you provide a debit card for BPI Europe Account? One of my friend told me that she had opened an account but only a sort code and account number but no debit card?

    Many Thanks


  101. Hi Kevin, are you calling during business hours? You can email BPI Europe at bpinoy@bpieuropeplc.com

  102. Hi, I am trying to contact you by phone. When I dial your number it gives the option 0 to speak to someone but the phone goes dead. How do you actually get to speak with someone there?

  103. Hi marie, the BPI Europe Star account is only in pounds and euro. You can open a pound Star account via mail, and then later on, when you have time to go to their Earl’s Court London office, ask their assistance for you to open your peso account with BPI Philippines. Or open those 2 accounts at the same time at their London office. However, it might take time for your Phil account to get active.
    You can also call GEM Remittance UK and ask about opening a Phil-based BDO kabayan peso account: http://www.gemremittance.com/ContactUs.html

  104. Hi! I am here in UK. I would like to open STAR peso account by submitting all the requirements thru post. Is that possible? or STAR account should be in pounds sterling only? I need the peso account for my Ayala Educational Plan proceeds in the Phils. Please help and many thanks!

  105. Hi Peter, yes, BPI Europe is UK-licensed, so you, as British citizen, can open an account with BPI Europe. If you’re a frequent traveler to the Philippines and you can provide a residential address where you frequently stay, you can open a BPI account here, with your Alien Cert of Registration and passport, so you can transfer funds online from your UK account to your Phil account (with a remittance fee). Or if you don’t want to open an account here, you can use your UK-issued atm card and withdraw from ATMs here, usually with a 200-to-250-peso charge per atm withdrawal (find an atm machine with high maximum withdrawal amounts). You can do the same with HSBC UK or Citibank UK, as there are also HSBC and Citibank banks here. The advantage of BPI here over HSBC and Citibank is the number of atm machines and branches.

  106. Hi I was wondering if I would be allowed to open an account with you. I am british but have a girlfriend and many friends in Cabanatuan city in the Philippines.

    Kind Regards


  107. Hello po just enquiring ive got a bpi account when i was in the philippines and now im in uk i would like to put some money of my account as my savings. So that when i go for holiday in philippines i can use the money.. How can i send or deposit money into the account? Can i do bank to bank as well? And can i be able to check the balance as well? Thanks…

  108. Hi ANTONIA, if you can go to the BPI office in London, then bring your passport, or UK driver’s license with photo, original copy of bill, or bank statement, or credit card statement to prove your address, one ID photo, initial cash deposit of 50 pounds. If you cannot go to London, email bpinoy@bpieuropeplc.com and request for a Customer Information Sheet. Send this information sheet through postal mail together with the other documents required (dahil hindi mo dapat i-send yong original passport mo, xerox your passport and then pa-authenticate mo sa bank mo or sa solicitor or sa doctor mo). I hope you can comment here later on kapag naka-open ka na.


  110. Hi Dahlia, bring your passport and 1 ID picture. They might ask for a second ID, so bring another valid photo ID. Sorry you cannot open a cash card via online BDO. But you can get a BDO Kabayan account from BDO remittance partners in UK like this one: http://www.gemremittance.com/BDOKSA.html Ask if they also offer BDO Remit cash card.

  111. Hi
    I am going to Philippines to visit my son. Will I be eligible to apply for ATM card cash. If yes, what is the requirements to do so? Can I apply through BDO on line rather than opening account when I get to the Philippines.

    Thank you

  112. Hi Allan, the fastest process is to visit the London branch with the required documents. But if you cannot go to the branch, email bpinoy@bpieuropeplc.com and ask for a Customer Information Sheet form. Then send this form plus the other required docs (see above list) to BPI Europe via postal mail:
    BPI Europe PlC
    26A and 27A Earl’s Court Gardens
    London, SW5 0SZ

  113. Hello, I have a complete requirement bank statement , photo I’d picture and others , pls ,,,, pls,, guide me how to get BPI account here in uk , and i have a BPI account in Philippine ,,’

  114. Hi fazal, you can open an account with BPI Europe, and your partner can open an account with BPI here in the Philippines. Enroll your account at bpiexpressonline.com, and after approval, enroll/add your partner’s Philippine account into your online account. You can then make online fund transfers from your online account to your partner’s account, with your pounds converted into pesos. The remittance fee will be shown before you confirm the fund transfer.

  115. Hi Cathy, yes, those are enough. Include an ID picture. Email BPI Europe bpinoy@bpieuropeplc.com to request for a Customer Information Sheet. In your email, ask also if you can open a joint account. I think your partner can also open because BPI Europe is licensed by the British financial authorities.

  116. i would like to send money to the philippines monthly. I am British and i live in the UK, my partner is Filipino who lives in the Philippines. Is it possible to open a joint account?

  117. I have my passport,national insurance and bank statement addressed where i am living now..Are these papers enough for me to open an account with you?

    My partner also wanted us to have a joint account,he is a British citizen,is it possible too?If yes,what are the requirements needed?

    Can you please emeiled us costumers information sheets.

    Thank you,


  118. Hi paul, I don’t know if you can open a BPI Europe account while you’re in the Philippines, since you need to send these documents by postal mail to BPI Europe — see the required docs: https://www.bpieuropeplc.com/page/view/18 . Maybe you can open one when you visit UK again. Or you can call BPI 89100 and ask if a BPI branch in the Phils can assist you with opening a BPI Europe account while you’re here.
    When you already have a BPI Europe account and a BPI Philippines account, enroll one account first at bpiexpressonline.com, and then add the second account. When both accounts are already enrolled, you can make fund transfers online from your Europe account to your Phils account. Before the transfer is carried out, your remittance fee and exchange rate will be shown, and you will confirm.
    There’s a Direct Deposit program for US pensioners living abroad including the Phils, so there might be a Direct Deposit program for UK pensioners living abroad. I saw this one: https://www.gov.uk/state-pension-if-you-retire-abroad/how-to-claim Will get back if I see something relevant.

  119. I am British and living in the Philippines. I will be in reciept of a British Military pension March 2014. I would like to open a UK BPI bank account so my pension can be sent to that account monthly. I would be gratful if you can give me details on how to open a UK BPI account and also how I would be able to receive monies from that account here in the Philippines. Thank you.

  120. Hi louziella, ito ang remittance fees: https://www.bpieuropeplc.com/page/view/23 Or you can go to bpieuropeplc.com and then click Remittance. Email bpinoy@bpieuropeplc.com for further questions.

  121. I dont have a driver license,, but I have a bank statement with barclays bank acc. also woth the NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER.. THOSE ARE ALLOW ME TO OPEN A BPI ACC IN LONDON.. I LIVE IN 98 CONIFER WAY SWANLEY KENT UK

  122. hello,, Im louziela.. I have a Bpi account in ph.. i would like to open BPI account in london therefore I would transfer directly to my bpi acc in ph,, I would like to know if how much the charges.. however its same bank as well.

  123. Hi Joy, if your parents in the Philippines wants to send you money through BPI, they should have an account with BPI. Charge: 600 pesos plus documentary stamp of 30 cents per 200, plus fee of BPI bank in London. Your parents can also send you money through Western Union here for cash pickup at Western Union there. Fee starts at US$14. Fee is $37 if they send $500.

  124. Hi im joy i just want to ask if im going to open a savings account, and my parents want to send me money from philippines same bpi account, how much is the charges? Thank u

  125. Hi Sheila, yes, you can. Email bpinoy@bpieuropeplc.com and request for the Customer Information Sheet, and then mail it to BPI together with the required documents, as listed in the article above.

  126. Hi I just want to know if I can open a savings account i live in Birmingham and if I can do it by emails.
    Many thanks,

  127. Hi Eduardo, the BPI EUrope website is no longer issuing Customer Information Sheet. Email bpinoy@bpieuropeplc.com and request for the form.

  128. Sir / Madame,

    I can’t find the customer information sheet, I want to send money to the Phils. Kindly please email it to me.



  129. Hi MaryAnn, sorry, the BPI Star account is only for Filipino residents of UK, or for those with UK driver’s license and a UK address. Email back GSIS and ask if they’re still issuing GSIS Visa eCard, and if they have another Visa card for pensioners living abroad.

  130. Hi there may I know if I can open an account with you even tho I reside in Dublin.If yes will you please let me know how.It’s because I need to open an account for a GSIS money transfer.They are requiring me to open an account with you.
    thank you.Await your reply soon,
    from MaryAnn

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