BPI and BDO Internet Banking — Free and Quick Ways to Send Your Children’s Allowance

Enroll your BPI savings or checking account in BPI Express Online or your BDO account in BDO Retail Internet Banking, so you can send money to your children while they’re studying in another place quickly, securely, easily at no cost. Enrollment is free. Sending money is also free.

Just go to bpiexpressonline.com or mybdo.com.ph, look for the Enroll Now tab, so you can fill up the enrollment form. Print this form and then bring it to your branch.

Enroll also your children’s accounts. If the accounts are in their names, you need to print your online enrollment and submit them to your branch. If the accounts to be used by your children are in your name, enrollment is purely online — no need to submit anything to your branch.

For many youngsters, the best type of bank accounts are non-maintaining accounts, as they tend to withdraw all what’s in their accounts. BPI Express Cash and BDO Cash Card are the best, as they can be purchased by only about 150 pesos, and BDO and BPI ATMs can be found in many places.

However, choosing another Internet banking system run by the bank operating an ATM in your child’s school is also a good decision.
Whenever your child needs money, just go online and transfer money. No need to fall in line in the bank to deposit money. For BDO, just login to your account, hover over My Financial Services and then click Fund Transfer or BDO Cash Card Reload. For BPI, login and hover over Funds Transfer or Payments & Reloading and then click your Transfer Funds Today or Reload Today.

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  1. ¿Qué dice al final, justo antes de los créditos, después de lo de Ruanda?

  2. Hi Mich, sorry no. For your baby, you need to open an In-Trust-For account, which you can do when you take your vacation here. According to some people there overseas, BDO has stopped issuing Kabayan accounts abroad, maybe because of the recent money laundering scandal. BPI did not offer account opening abroad, except in 5 countries, which it has also stopped.

  3. Hi Nora, i just would like to ask if I can open a savings account for my 6months old baby here abroad? Pls reply..thanks

  4. Hi. Im Cass. I would like to ask if it is possible for me to transfer funds from my BDO account to my BPI account online? how do i enroll my bpi account in my BDO online? or is it possible to do so?

  5. Hi tony, BPI does not yet offer this service online. The “Transfer to Anyone” feature on BPI Express Mobile app allows only transfer to any unenrolled BPI, BPI Family and BPI Direct account. It’s BDO and Union Bank’s EON account that offer this online service of transferring to any local bank account. Maybe BPI will offer this when the bancnetonline.com’s interbank transfer feature gets restored.

  6. how to trnasfer from bpi to bdo account

  7. Hi Dennis, it’s 11 pesos per atm withdrawal. Merry Christmas too!

  8. How much is the charge for withdrawing at an atm machine of bpi? Mine is BDO kabayan savings account. Tnx po, meri xmas.

  9. Hi judyanne, your sister must first activate her BPI online banking on her smartphone. Steps: Download the BPI app (see the BPI logo) from Google Play or Apple Store. Login, then click More, then Enable Transfer to Anyone. Fill up form. Submit. The only problem is activation because your sister is abroad. This must be activated through a BPI atm here in the Phils. She can choose Via Signed Form, wait for BPI’s email and send the form through postal mail, which might take a long time.

  10. Hello po why can’t my sister transfer money online in kuwait from bpi online to my bdo kabayan savings online.

  11. Hi Rowena, ask your sender to go back to where he/she sent the money and request for correction of name of receiver because they failed to write the first name.

  12. What if the remittance was not credited to the account because my sibling’s first name was not written by the teller. thanks.

  13. Hi khen, is this BDO online banking? Enroll the 3rd party — should be BDO account — following the normal process online. If you see a question or option like “do you have access to a BDO atm? Choose “No”. At the end of the enrollment process, you’ll get an acknowledgment page. The page may or may not contain a validation code. Print this page, sign it, and then send it to your BDO branch in the Phils by postal mail.
    If BPI online banking (3rd party should be BPI account), send your acknowledgment page to BPI Fulfillment Banking Group, 9/F BPI Card Center, 8753 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City 1200, Philippines

  14. hi! how do i process the enrollment of 3rd party if ofw. thanks.

  15. Hi Rebeca, you can send online through XOOM. Use your US bank account or credit card. Remittance fee starts at $4.99. My US employer is using Xoom to send my salary.

  16. Hi, I have a questions. How can I send money to BDO account online? I don’t have BDO account. I just wanna send money to My sister’s BDO account. And how much it cost?

  17. Gud pm. how do we transfer money to other bank accounts using express online banking.

  18. How can I facilitate the reactivation .Thanks.

  19. Hi Girlie, punta ka lang sa nearest BPI or BPI Family with your valid ID, 1 ID photo, and at least 250 pesos for card (50 pesos) and initial deposit of 200. Some branches ask for 2 valid IDs.

  20. paano po mag open ng account sa bpi for easy saver? thanks po Godbless! 😀

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