Save Money with Modified Pag-ibig 2, Get Higher Earnings

Updated February 12, 2018

You want to save and grow your money?  Modified Pag-ibig 2 or MP2 is a great savings plan.  It has advantages over regular savings accounts, time deposits, or pre-need plans. Any Pag-ibig 1 member can save with MP2.


What are the advantages of Modified Pag-ibig 2?

1.  Guaranteed by the Philippine government.

Your savings will not be lost. Your savings are guaranteed by the Philippine government.  Pag-ibig Fund will not vanish like the pre-need firms mismanaged by families who never returned what the planholders sacrificed to pay over many years.

2.  The interest rate is much higher.

In 2016, Pag-ibig declared the highest dividend rate ever for Pag-ibig 1. It was 6.93%!
And since MP2 dividend rates are always bigger, the dividend rate for MP2 for the year 2016 must be around 7%!
In 2010 and 2015, it was 5.5% and 5.33%, respectively. For the other years, it ranged from 4.58% to 4.68%

See here Pag-ibig dividend rates over the years.

MP2 earnings are not taxed. Interests on savings accounts are taxed.

If you look at time deposits, rates range from only 1.75% for deposits of at least 10,000 pesos to 2.75% for at least 5 million pesos.
There’s a 5% interest rate, but this is only given to time deposits of at least 1 million pesos and should not be withdrawn within 5 years.

Another thing, time deposits are accessible — you can ask to withdraw them anytime, even if it’s not yet your due date or renewal date.

Savings accounts also have maintaining balance requirements, and if you are not able to comply, instead of saving money,  you lose 300 pesos to 500 pesos or more for each month you fall below the maintaining balance.

The MP2 interest rate can go up, if the Pag-ibig board sees that Pag-ibig earned much more for a certain year.

Look at this Sample Table of Expected Earnings from Pag-ibig Fund; 6%  was used as annual interest rate:

Monthly Savings Total Savings After 5 Years (at 6%)
500 pesos 34,922 pesos
1,000 69,844
1,500 104,765
2,000 139,687
5,000 349,218

New Sample Computation from Pag-ibig Fund

Monthly Savings Total Savings After 5 Years (at 5.5%)
500 34,484.17
1,000 68,968.33
1,500 103,452.50
2,000 137,936.66
3,000 206,905.00
4,000 275,873.32
5,000 344,841.65


3.  Interest earnings for MP2 are tax-free.  No tax deductions.

For time deposits,  there’s a 20% withholding tax on the interest income, except for 5-year tax-free time deposit products. The same with savings accounts, there’s also 20% withholding tax on the few pesos earned as interest.

4.  Low monthly minimum savings amount, which is 500 pesos per month. Affordable.

You can increase your monthly MP2 savings anytime to any amount.

5.  All your savings are still yours, even if you missed paying for some months, or if you’re unable to continue contributing to the program.

If there are gaps in your contributions, you are not penalized. You get back all what you’ve saved, plus your dividend earnings.

With pre-need plans or investment/insurance plans, your 50k, 100k, 150k savings or more are forfeited (mawawala sa iyo parang bula) if you’re not able to complete your plan. You signed the contract, and the forfeiture policy is in that contract. If you pre-terminate early, you get nothing back. If you pre-terminate after 3 or more years, you get only a little of what you’ve paid.

6.  You CANNOT withdraw your Pag-ibig savings anytime.  This is great, in the sense that you cannot just withdraw to buy a useless gadget on sale.  Your friend or relative cannot also force you to withdraw so they can borrow —  “Ay sori talaga, nasa Pag-ibig kasi savings namin eh, hindi puede iwidro.”

7. You CANNOT borrow it.  There’s no loan program for MP2 savings.  The short-term loan program is only for the mandatory Pag-ibig I program.  Again this is good — your savings remain untouched.

8. Available for withdrawal after 5 years. Oh ayan, puede nang iwidro! For tuition, or for a house and lot down payment, or outright property purchase, or business capital.

If you like to save more, you can keep on adding to your MP2 by renewing it for another 5 years. Or in case renewal is no longer allowed, you can withdraw it, and then invest all of it under another MP2 account number.

Who can save with Modified Pag-ibig 2?

Anyone who is already a member of Pag-ibig I.  You should first become a Pag-ibig I member, as Pag-ibig I is mandatory. Pag-ibig II is voluntary.  You can be an MP2 member whether you’re a land-based OFW, seaman, employee, self-employed or business owner.

How do we start saving with Modified Pag-ibig 2?
Enroll and get your MP2 account number.
You have 2 enrollment options: Online and at a Pag-ibig branch

1. Online
Have with you your Pag-ibig MID No.
Go to Pag-ibig Fund‘s website.
Click “e-services”
Click “MP2 Enrollment System”
Fill-up online MP2 enrollment form and submit
You will see an MP2 page showing your MP2 Account no.
Print the page
Go to your branch, and present your MP2 enrollment page
You can start making your payments.

2. Pag-ibig branch
Have your Pag-ibig MID No.
Bring your valid ID
Fill-up a Modified Pag-ibig 2 Registration Form (MP2RF)
Submit. You can start with 500 pesos, or go ahead with 5,000 pesos.
If you’ve reached your MP2’s 5-year term, and you want to renew it, contact or visit your Pag-ibig branch and renew it, or reinvest it under a new MP2 account number; otherwise, your 5-year MP2 savings total will, after the 5-year period, get the Pag-ibig 1 dividend rate, which is lower than than the MP2 dividend rate.
Saving Money with Modified Pag-ibig 2


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  1. Hello Reyson,

    Bago ka makapagsimulang maghulog sa MP2 kailangan muna ng MP2 account no.
    Ipapakita mo yun sa marketing dept. ng Pag-Ibig Office bago ka papuntahin sa cashier bago magbayad. Nagveverify muna ng records sa marketing dept.

  2. Reyson Mariano Cabuling

    Nag register po ako pero nd ko na kuha ung MP2 account number anu po gagawin ko pano ko makakapag hulog?

  3. Hello Everybody,

    PARA SA KAALAMAN NG LAHAT, ito po ang nakaraang DIVIDEND RATE ng Pag-Ibig MP2 Savings sa nakalipas na 3 yrs. Nailathala ito sa Nov. 5 issue ng PhilStar:

    For 2017 – 8.11% per annum
    For 2016 – 7.43% per annum
    For 2015 – 5.34% per annum

  4. Hello Marvin,

    Kung kailan mo nasimulan mahulugan ang MP2 yun na ang START DATE/YEAR nya at dun ka rin magsisimulang magbilang para sa 5 years maturity kung hinahabol mo ang earliest maturity period.

  5. Hello MM,

    Sa kaso mo kung nasimulan mo makapaghulog sa MP2 ng January 2018, yun na ang STARTING DATE/YEAR ng MP2. Ang TERM DATE ng MP2 ay 5 years so ang magiging MATURITY DATE nito ay January 2023.

    Kung 1k/month ang deduction for MP2 dapat nga na every quarter (3 mos) 3K ang papasok sa kanilang MP2 Savings. Naka-indicate din sa Pag-Ibig receipt ang APPLICABLE MONTH/YEAR ng MP2 contribution

  6. pwede ko ba hulugan yung pang buong taon ko na hulog sa mp2 at contribution sa pag ibig this coming december for this whole year of 2018? hindi ko kasi naasikaso e ofw po ako.sayang naman yung isang taon na itatakbo niya para mareach ko agad yung 5 years, maraming salamat po.

  7. Hello po. Nasa HR po ako, ask ko lang kung anong possible maging effect if since quarterly ako nag reremit ng MP2 for our employees, 2 lang kasi sila. Ang advice sakin sa Pag-Ibig branch, hindi daw pwede delayed payment so instead daw for 1 month lang yung bayad. For example, 1k per month yung deduct ko sa employee for Oct-December 2017, so ibinayad ko sya ng January, ang pinalagay nila sa akin 3k for January 2018 yung payment. May effect po ba yun sa magiging maturity ng savings nila? Thank you po.

  8. Hello Karl,

    YES it’s possible to make arrangements with your employer thru HR for them to deduct a certain amount from your salary for your MP2 savings. MP2 is VOLUNTARY and is separate from Pag-ibig 1 which is MANDATORY. However, if you don’t want to bother your HR with the added work that this will entail, you can also enroll and make payments on your own.

    As to whether this is deducted before or after income tax, I’M NOT QUITE SURE. In my case I make contributions on my own and never bother my HR about it.

  9. very informative post.

    is it possible for my employer to deduct a set amount from my salary and remit it to my MP2 account? like what they do for pag-ibig 1 contributions

    if yes, is the amount deducted before application of income tax?

    Thanks in advance

  10. Hello Jenn,

    Pwede dagdagan ang monthly savings mo, not necessarily pare-pareho buwan-buwan basta hindi bababa sa 500 monthly. Mas malaki ang ihulog mo, mas malaki rin ang interest earnings na makukuha mo sa savings mo.

  11. Hello. Pwede ko bang increase and savings ko? let’s say 1000 for the first year tapos 2000 sa 2nd year depending on the available fund? Or need na pare pareho if i chose to save 1000 per month on the first year, ganun na hanggang matapos ang 5 years?

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Hello Ms. Nora,

    GREAT NEWS INDEED! Good thing Pag-Ibig came up with these MP2 enhancements. Funny thing is wala pa sa kanilang website when I checked last night. Mas mabilis ata sumagap ng balita ang PhilStar. I checked this info with Pag-Ibig Cubao MSB this morning. Sabi ng marketing officer nila this June lang daw nag take effect. Meron daw requirement for former Pag-Ibig members to join MP2. Dapat daw meron sila CONTRIBUTION PAYMENT FOR 2 YRS. prior to retirement or period of contingency.
    Yun nga meron na din option to get your yearly dividends END OF YEAR upon declaration of dividend payout. Para ito sa mga nagmamadali kunin ang kanilang dividend earnings.

  13. Hi jun, this is great news! Ngayon ko lang nalaman na puede na pala sa retirees or pensioners. Forever grateful to you for all your help.

  14. UPDATES on Modified Pag-Ibig2 MP2 Savings Upgrade Program as announced by Pag-Ibig Fund in the July 29, 2018 issue of PhilStar.

    > OPTION for Annual Dividend Payment
    > NOW OPEN to Former Pag-Ibig members (Retirees or Pensioners)
    > AVERAGE dividend rate of 6.03% in the last 5 years.

    Sa mga nag-iisip ng paraan para mapalago ang kanilang ipon, ISA NA ITO SA PINAKAMAHUSAY AT SAFE INVESTMENTS KASI GARANTISADO NG PHIL. GOVERNMENT. Samantalahin na natin ang pagkakataon. Makakatulong na sa ibang tao ang ating pondo at the same time kikita pa tayo.

  15. Hi Joe, yes, it can help. It means you have a steady source of income. But final approval will depend on whether you have submitted all required documents, on whether your income/employment is stable and enough to cover monthly payments, and on whether the Pag-ibig-appraised value of the property is able to cover the applied loan amount.

  16. Is your mp2 account can help you with the approval of your desired housing loan at Pag-IBIG, Ms. Nora?

  17. Hi Jan, it is best that you make your first payment at the Pag-ibig branch nearest where you live or work. And make your subsequent payments there. If you have GCash, read how to pay MP2 here. Scroll down to 3 then A. Make sure to enter your MP2 account number, not your MID.
    The Pag-ibig online payment system does not accept credit card payments online for MP2, only for mandatory savings.

  18. Hi Esperanza, did you mean you want to enroll in MP2 or you want to claim your Mp2? If enroll: hindi mo pa ba nakuha yong Pag-ibig 1 savings mo? At active ka pang nagko-contribute sa Pag-ibig 1? If hindi mo pa nakuha at active member ka, yes, puede kang mag-enroll sa MP2. Puede mong hingin yong MID number mo sa nearest Pag-ibig branch (bring your IDs) at doon ka na rin mag-enroll ng MP2 at magsimulang magbayad. If claim MP2: Just go to the nearest Pag-ibig branch with your IDs and file your claim.

  19. Esperanza O. Tobias

    Good morning i want to avail on your pagibig MP2 Proram. Am a retired employee since 2013 my mid id no was lost it was washed out by typhoon yolanda. How can i avail?

  20. Hi Ms. Nors! I signed up thru their online services. already had my account number. do I still need to submit this to nearest pag-ibig branch? Then for the remittance of contribution, can it be made online also using credit card?

    Thank you.

  21. Hi Rosita, okay lang kung meron kang missed payments, kasi ang basis naman is 5-year term. Make-claim mo ang savings mo 5 years after your first payment, kahit merong months that you were not able to pay

  22. Good day po. meron po akong lapse ng 4 months sa MPII ko, pwede ko ba yung bayaran ng lumpsum or mag extend pa ako ng another 4 months before makuha yung savings ko. Thank you

  23. Hi Rodolfo, yes, puede. Maganda kung sa Pag-ibig ka na mismo magbayad, at sabihin mo one-time payment.

  24. Good day, Mrs Nora pwede ba mag one time payment or one time deposite sa PAGIBG II bali hindi na ako mag papa deduct sa company?

  25. Hi Via, I think there’s no MP1. M stands for Modified. The first time you become a Pag-ibig member, you are under the regular Pag-ibig program, sometimes called Pag-ibig, Pag-ibig 1 or P1. It’s okay if you have no Pag-ibig ID card; many members don’t have one. But you should have your Pag-ibig MID number. If you don’t know your Pag-ibig MID, you can email, and ask. Include your complete name, date of birth, birth place and names of father and mother. If you know your MID number, yes, you can register for MP2 online

  26. Hi, Miss Nors!

    Is MP1 different from being a Pag Ibig member?

    Sorry, just have to clarify this

    Also, I currently have no ID. I’m just a pag ibig member for 2 years now, will that be okay to enroll already for MP2?


  27. Hello lei,

    MP2 is a Savings Upgrade Program of Pag-Ibig Fund. As I know it, you must first be a member and have an MP1 account before you can avail of it and get an MP2 account number. The interest your savings earn from MP2 is a little bit higher compared to MP1. The MINIMUM MONTHLY contribution for MP2 is 500 pesos. Walang nakaindicate na maximum. Ang alam ko meron nagpapasok dito ng lump sum. HOLDING PERIOD is 5 years for MP2 and you cannot touch or borrow from it within that time except in certain situations like permanent disability, death, etc.

  28. If im already have mp2 member can i go back to mp1 without informing or need to cancel my mp2 and go back to mp1?
    And if im mp2 and paying maximum amount can i pay the minimum amount for example 2016 5000 then 2017 500 is it ok?

  29. Hi Erald, yes, you can claim your MP2 savings after 5 years, counting from the date of your first MP2 payment. Not before maturity date. On the day you’ll claim, you can ask if you can reinvest your first MP2 savings as a one-time payment investment with MP2 for another 5 years.

  30. Hi Nora, how can I claim the MP2 savings after 5 years? Just registered last May 26, 2016. Meaning I can only withdraw my savings at exact of 5 years (May 26, 2021)? Or I need to do it before the maturity date? Thanks.


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  32. Hi Ms.Nora,
    Puede po bang i-lump sum na lang ang delayed monthly payment sa aking MP2?kasi iv signed a contract sa MP2 na monthly ko sya huhulugan pero i failed to do remittances for few months in a row.
    Thanks po.

  33. @Rose: I was able to pay online using PayPilipinas. You might want to have a look of the process. It takes time and patience but it gets the job done.

  34. Hi Ms. Nora I enrolled in MP2 online and I already have my account no. is there any way to pay it online?

  35. gud day maam nora.

    pano po ung modes of claiming? through cheques or sa branch na mismo ng pagibig iclaim. tnx po.

  36. Nasasagot po ba ang mga inquiry ng mga naunang nag comment? almost same din po ng nauna ang gusto kong malaman. Sana po na popost din ang reply ng PAG IBIG REPRESENTATIVE. Madali po bang makuha ang investment after ng maturity? ano po ang procedure?

  37. hi ms. Nora

    where can i registered the MP2 savings fund?
    where can i get Account no.?

  38. hi Mam Nora,

    pumunta na po ako sa website ng pero hindi po gumana yun system. Ask ko lang sana how to avail the MP2 savings program at paano ako kukuha ng MP2 account no. Please advice

  39. Hi Ms. Nora,
    Just want to ask if pwede ba yung one time deposit sa mp2 instead of paying monthly savings? Hassle kasi yung pumunta lagi since I’m working 6 days a week? Can I make my initial enrollment sa branch since ang hirap mag enroll through their website? Thanks for your reply

  40. Hello!

    After ko po mag register since locally employed ako naka diretso po sa company as salary deduction. Is there any options po na pwedeng individual po ang hulog? Thanks!

  41. Dear Ms. Nora,

    Additional query po, magkano po TAV ko kung nag save ako outright ng Php 1mil sa mp2 for one time investment, den di npo u ako maghulog ulit, after 5 years.

    Indi po questionin ng AMLC pag ganun kalaki ang save na money.

    Thanks po

  42. Dear Ms.Nora,

    Pwede po ba mag save sa mp2 ng one time investment say dec 2017, say Php 1 mil. Den di ko na po ulit hulugan hangang mag mature ng 5 years?

    Thanks po

  43. Ask lng poh kc gstu q ipagpatuloy hulog q s pag ibig dto poh aq s singapore ngaun mtagal n po aq nhulog yr 1996 t0 yr 1999…

  44. may katanungan lang po ako, kapag nakapag member napo ba ako sa pag-ibig eh pwede napo ba ako mag loan

  45. Hello Mam Nora. Ang tanong ko po ay pagdating ng 5 years maturity, pde ba magwithdraw ng partial amount lng and continue for another 2-3 years?

  46. hi nora!

    Tanung ko lng.. pwede po bang magsubmit online sa mp2? kasi nung ng-enrol ako data does not match eh ok nmn lahat eh.. tama nmn lahat nang data na nilagay ko. malayo kasi skn ung mga branch kya inisip ko bka pwede ko nmang iprocess online.

  47. Hi Mam Nora,

    Papaano ko po machechack online kung magkano na savings ko? diko kase makita sa website nila ang meron lang yata eh enrollment ng MP2.
    Pkishare namn po ang link kung meron kayo. Salamat po

  48. Hi Miss Nora tanong ko lang yun bang total savings after 5 years na 349,218 php ay included ba dun yung monthly savings mo or profit lang ng yun? Salamat..

  49. Hi miss nora, ask ko lang po if pwedeng hindi ideduct sa payroll at magbabayad nalang po ng voluntary. Thanks

  50. Mike Zaccahry Milca

    Hi Nora,

    I already enrolled in the program, I would like to ask if I can remit in any bayad centers?

  51. Mam ngonline enrolment po aq sa modified pagibig 2 just today dahil OFW po aq dito sa saudi, ang nilagay ko po na desired monthly contribution is 1000 ang tanong ko po ay ito:
    1. Papaano po ako mamakapag hulog dito sa saudi?
    2. Pwede po ba na kahit 1000 lng ang nilagay ko na monthly hulog eh kung may sobra po ako na pera ay ihulog ko din po like for example may 4000 sobra at ihhulog ko un dis month instead na 1000 lng? 69k p din po ba makukuha ko after 5 years?

    Salamat po Mam Nora..

  52. hi mam nora, ask ko lng po if i can lower my contrubution from 600 to 200 in P1 then i will upgrade my contribution in MP2?

  53. Hi Adrien, based on former BIR head Kim Henares’ memo in 2011, at hindi naman na-revoked, hindi deducted ang MP2 from gross income before tax is computed. Kasama siya sa taxable gross income. Ang reason daw is optional ang MP2 and it’s an investment. Yong mga mandated deductions lang daw ang deducted prior to computation of taxable gross income like P1 (up to 100 pesos only), regular Philhealth and regular SSS premiums.

  54. Hi ronald, nag-enroll ka ba online or sa branch for MP2? If yes, email Subject: MP2 Number. Mention your complete name and date of birth. Or call 724-4244

  55. hi mrs Nora bago palng po ako sa mp2 program pero diko po alam mp2 program no. ko so dipo ako makapag hulog saan kopo ba pede makita o malamn ang aking mp2 program no. salamat po

  56. Hi! I’m Adrien, I would like to ask if MP2 savings is also deductible from the gross income prior to computation of income tax return like Pag-big 1? thanks.

  57. Hi Renren, kapag ikaw ang kukuha ng savings plus dividends mo after 5 years, 2 valid IDs lang ang required. Few days to one week or maybe 2 weeks ang processing. Mas mabilis pa siguro if you have their discount card na Pag-ibig ID na rin. Ang maraming documents required ay yong kapag beneficiaries ang magke-claim kasi Pag-ibig needs proofs of relationship or being legal heirs at proof na wala nang ibang claimants. Yes, compound interest ang ina-apply.

  58. Hi! In claiming po di ba mahirap? Usually kase puro marameng papers ang hinihingi. Tsaka po pano ang interest po nya? Para po bang compound interest sya s 5years?

  59. Hi,

    This is good. Pero paano nyu po ba mamomonitor and earnings? Wala pa nga pong maayos na system ang Pag-ibig online para macheck ang contributions unlike sa SSS. At may option po ba to pay online din? Natanong ko because it will all be convenient para sa aming mga OFW’s.

    Lastly, as per experience gaano po ba kadali magclaim because I’ve read somewhere na Pag-ibig is so strict about this. In short, madugo raw ang magclaim!

    Please advise.

  60. Hi nizzel, ang husband mo ba ay employed member? Yes, you can be a Pag-ibig member as non-working spouse. First, get your Pag-ibig MID number online. Then go to the Pag-ibig branch nearest your residence with your marriage certificate, your IDs and a letter from your husband authorizing you to apply for Pag-ibig membership as a non-working spouse and one of his IDs.
    Sorry, Pag-ibig 2 pala yong tinatanong mo. Mag-member ka muna ng Pag-ibig 1 at mag-contribute ka ng isang month or more months, then mag-apply as Pag-ibig 2 member

  61. Isa lng akong unemployed spouse. Di po ako member ng pag ibig yong husband ko lang. maaari po b akong mg apply ngpag ibig II program kahit di ako member? Ano po dpat kung gawin

  62. Hi po Ms Nora,
    Pwede po ba mag save sa mp2 kahit ndi continous savings sa p1?

  63. Amador A. Galvez

    Gusto ko po magtanong regarding s mp2 ng pag ibig. example 500pesos monthly for 5 years at 6% annually interest tama po b n 82pesos monthly ang makukuha n kita s loob ng 5 years?

  64. MP2 ba is for 3 years contribution or saving then after 5 years ang maturity… So ibig sabihin kung 20,000 X 3 X 12 = 720,000 ,,, then paano ang computation ng interest rate . please explain

  65. Hi Mark, Pag-ibig declared a record rate of 6.93% for the year 2016. The rate for MP2 should be higher than that for P1 because that’s what Pag-ibig promised. It was not explained if 6.93% was for P1. We should know it from the next news items. Here’s a history of Pag-ibig dividend rates.

  66. How much is the interest rate now for MP2?

  67. Hi janeth, yes, magkaiba ang numbers ng P1 at MP2. Yong sa P1, it’s sometimes called Pag-ibig MID No. Yong sa MP2, it’s called MP2 account number.

  68. Hi Ms Nora
    Ask ko lang po kung magkaiba po ba ang account number ng P1 at MP2? As of now my contribution po ako sa MP2 through salary deduction. Thanks po.

  69. Hi Ms Nora,
    Tanong ko po, kung 240 months contribution na po ako at 45 years old n rin, pero ayaw kung kunin ung Pagibig money ko. Patuloy pa rin ba itong magkaroon ng interest? or hindi? kagaya ng MP2 n paghindi na withdraw after maturity at after 2 years ay di na magkaroon ng interest. balak ko kasi after 60 ko kunin lahat, thanks po.

  70. Hi Ms. Nora,

    Ask ko lng po employed po ako pwd ko po ba hindi ipa salary deduct ung hulog sa MP2 ? pwd po ba ako mismo ung magbabayad ng mp2 ko ? and what if nag stop na po ako sa paghulog pero ndi po sya umabot ng 5years pwd ko pa din po siya makuha ??

    Thank’s and Godbless,

  71. Thanks po Ms. Nora. Update ko po kayo kung payagan ako makapag mp2 kahit inactive ung original pagibig ko.

  72. Hi Ms. Nora,

    Thank you for this very informative article 🙂 I have a few questions though:
    – If my employer currently does not have arrangements with Pag-IBIG fund for MP2, can I apply separately through their branch? Pero pwede rin po ba eventually na sa employer (through salary deduction) na kapag may arrangements na sila with Pag-IBIG?
    – I’ve already generated an online application form but it requires me to submit it to our HRD but again, as I’ve said, wala pang arrangements between employer and Pag-IBIG.
    – Can I contribute more than the amount I stated in my application?

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  73. Hi merille, yes, yon ang requirement ng Pag-ibig noong una na pay P1 first, pero hindi na rin yata nila nama-monitor kasi I know an OFW who is saving with MP2 but not saving with P1. Sa una lang siguro. Get your MP2 account number at your Pag-ibig branch and then start paying.

  74. Hi Ms Nora, I’m interested about pagibig mp2 however I’d like to ask few things…Does it need to have the original pagibig to be active or updated?
    Hindi po ba mahuhulugan ang mp2 pag di active ung original na pagibig account?

  75. Hi miss nora! Ask q lng po kc ofw aq at gusto q sna mcheck ang mp2 contribution q. Is it possible ti check it online.thank you po

  76. Hi Ms. NORA,
    OfW po ako,panu ko po machicheck online ang savings ko sa MP2 program? Thank you

  77. hello po. I’m locally employed. Planning to open MP2. Pwede po bang di ko na padaanin sa employer ko (not salary deduction)? Ako na lang po on my own ang magbayad. Saan po ba pwedeng magbayad? Salamat.

  78. Hi ray floyd, you can email Pag-ibig to request them to send you your Pag-ibig MID no. Write Pag-ibig MID Inquiry as your Subject. Yong Pag-ibig 1 mo ang puede mong hulogan online using your Visa/Mastercard credit card or debit card. Credit card lang ang specified by Pag-ibig, pero basta merong 16-digit no., expiration date, at security code at merong laman yong Visa/Mastercard debit card mo, I think it will be accepted. Here’s the Pag-ibig online payment page.
    Yong sa MP2, you can send your payments through these accredited Pag-ibig remittance partners

  79. Hi,

    I need help… meron po akong MP2 account kaso nakalimutan kong bayaran nung nagbakayasyon ako last December 2016. Normally nagbabayad ako ng buong 1 year.. Last year ay bayad po ako ng buong taon… Ngayon sana balak kong bayaran din buong taon 2017.. kaso wala akong kopya ng account number ko ng MP2… Pati nga PAg-ibig account number ko nakalimutan ko din bayaran for whole year 2017… Saan kaya ako magtatanong online para malaman ko lang account number ko at pwede kayang magbayad through online? sino meron alam ng customer service na email ng pag-ibig??? thanks,

  80. Hello Ms. Nora! Happy New Year!

    I would like to have an update if ok na ba ang link for enrollment on MP2? Coz I’ve been trying to apply online for 2 weeks now but still it is not proceeding the complete application. I’ve already sent e-mail to the customer care and follow their advices but after so many trials di pa rin macomplete application ko and the customer care also stopped replying.

    I hope you can help me on this matter. I’m a long time member of Pag-Ibig and interested on investing in MP2. I’m an OFW and if you could suggest any other way of applying in MP2 aside on-line process will be much appreciated.

    Thanks and Best Regards!

  81. I just want to know if i can save in MP2 annually? Or could MP2 savings can be deducted directly to my payroll? I am a DepED employee.

  82. Hello,nag member po ako ng pag ibig 2 last 2011 at nkapaghulog for 1 year,dko po naituloy dahil lumipat po ako ng employer,5 years na po un..pwede ko pa po bang makuh ang money ko kahit dko nahulugan ng buo na 5years?

  83. ms. nora,
    Good Day po.Gusto k pong magsave din sa MP2.Kaso pwede po bang ang pagbayad nito ay sa sarili kong pera mangaling at hindi sa sa salary ko?if pwede paano po? tnx

  84. Hi miss nora,
    I just want to ask if mp1 and mp2 has the same mid # or not thank yoi.

  85. Hi Ms. Nora,

    I just enrolled to MP2, my question is how can I monitor my contributions? Is there an online portal for that? Thank you.

  86. Hi Ms Nora! Your blog is very informative. Halos nasagot yung mga questions ko regarding sa Pag-Ibig at SSS just by reading yung mga Q & A nyo ng mga readers. Keep it up! I recently started saving in MP2 and have increased my contributions dun sa Pag-Ibig 1. I was planning to invest in Mutual Funds sa isa sa mga insurance providers in the Philippines, but decided to just save in MP2 instead., Anyways, I know it’s off SSS/ Pag-Ibig topic, but can you start a discussion regarding VUL? Any feedback? Or do you by any chance have purchased an insurance with investment product offered by banks/ insurance company?

  87. Ask ko lng po how to verify if im pag ibig mp2 kasi i just started this year 5k po ang monthly ko,my kailangan pa po pag mag fill up ng mga papers to become one?tnx.

  88. Hi anna, sa written rules nila about MP2, wala talagang nakasulat na maximum monthly amount at walang rule na you cannot contribute lower than your past monthly contributions. Ang nakasulat lang doon is minimum monthly savings is 500 pesos. You can contribute any amount, no limit, and you can save an amount lower than your past monthly contributions, but not lower than 500. It’s great that you’re saving with MP2, as its interest rate is higher than banks’ time deposit rates

  89. hello Ms. Nora

    i started investing in Pag-ibig Fund 2 last January. akala ko ang maximum contribution is 5,000 peso only at hindi pwede mag lower ng 5,000 once you started investing 5,000 yun po sabi ni Manong guard . Siya po nag sabi sa akon about Fund 2 which i am really grateful. Ngayon po this month lng nag contribute ako at nagtanong sa cashier kung magkano ang maximum ang sabi nya kahit magkano daw kahit 100,000 monthly pa as long as di baba sa 500. Yong sabi nya oppositte sa sinabi ni Manong Guard before. Tanong ko lng po magkano ba talaga maximum contribution ng Pag-ibig Fund 2 gusto ko sana gawin pang mas malaki pag nagka extra income ako pang retirement ko balang araw.

    salamat po… sana matugonan mo ang mga katanungan ko.

  90. Good nun! Mam nora,tanung ko lng po ung asawa ko july 2016 namatay.. kasalukuyan po ako nan dto sa saudi.may ma claim po b ako..20 years po cxia sa cowpany..d po ba pwde ang anak ko mag salary loan po cxia stop po sa work nia october 2013 kc nag kasakit na cxia,,

  91. Hi Renato, oo merong problem ang website nila. Wala pa akong nabalitaan na pumalit sa CEO ng Pag-ibig. Mukhang merong impact sa management at naaapektuhan ang website. Ok naman before ang website nila. Try to register during office hours.

  92. Dear Ms. Nora, Pwede po bang ipaalam ninyo sa pamunuan ng Pag_IBIG na may problema sa website dahil maka ilang beses akong sumubok mag pa rehistro on line ay laging may problema sa website ang lumalabas na resulta. Nag email na din po ako sa EMAIL SUPPORT TEAM Pag-IBIG Fund Member Care subalit wala ring silbi kokontakin daw ako ng member relations officer subalit hangang ngayon ay wala pa ring aksyon.

  93. OFW here, I already have MP2 account… my question is… can i open another MP2 account? I want to withdraw the first one at maturity then i want to continue it afterwards. At the same time.i want to open another 1 for other purposes. Yung una kc my family knew about it the one i am planning to open is for myself alone and i want them separated from the other.

  94. Hi ms. Nora! Interested po ako mag open ng MP2. im an ofw here in singapore. do you have any information on how to pay for mp2 outside the philippines like online bank payment or transfers? Thank you!

  95. I’m really interested in availing this savings plan, however, my issue will be the hassle on paying it to a branch since I work 8am-5pm. Is there any other payment facility that accommodates payment of MP2? (bayad center, bank transfer, gcash, SM bills payment, etc). Thank you so much

  96. hi maam im jenalyn, gusto ko po mag apply ng mp2 pwede po ba i voluntary ko yong mp2 ko kahit employed ako..


  97. Hi Nora,

    ano po ang pinagkaiba ng MP2RF(REgistration form) sa MP2EF(Enrollment form)? Ginamit ko po kasi yung MP2EF, kakabayad ko lang last week for 1st enrollment sa MP2. Ang sabi po sa akin sa may PAG IBIG, tru online ako magkakaroon ng MP2 Account Number, nag register ako, pero errors lang lagi ang nakukuha ko sa system ng PAG IBIG (katulad nang, “Last name/First name” samantalang nailagay ko naman ng ayos ang mga detalyeng kailangan.

    maraming salamat.

  98. Hi Earl, do you mean you’re already paying MP2 through your employer? If already paying MP2 through employer, and you’re asking if you can pay additional MP2 directly to Pag-ibig, I think yes, because Pag-ibig encourages more savings. Pay directly to your Pag-ibig branch, and keep your receipts for double-checking purposes later on when you ask for a summary of your savings.

  99. Is it okay to pay MP2 on top of my monthly deductions from my salary/employer?

  100. Hi Mervin, sad to say, hindi pa nag-o-offer ng Pag-ibig ng system so that local members can see their savings online. OFWs lang ang puedeng makita nila ang savings nila online. You can visit your branch with your ID and ask your total amount of savings.

  101. Paano i check kung mg kno n po nhulog ko s pag ibig accnt saving ko online.thanks

  102. how to check your savings online? is there a way? please help! thanks!

  103. Hi Francis, sorry you are not allowed by BIR to include MP2 to reduce your taxable income because MP2 is an optional savings scheme. BIR allows only the mandatory deductions, namely 200 pesos for Pag-ibig, your SSS employee share based on the SSS contribution table and your Philhealth share. About your HR refusing to process your MP2 deduction: Sorry it’s their prerogative or right to deny you the service because MP2 is optional, so you have to pay your MP2 through GCash or directly to your Pag-ibig branch’s cashier. What you can do is study the employee/individual withholding tax table. See the effect of your OT income on your tax rate so you can control your OT, if OT in your company is within your control.
    The gaps between the basic tax amounts are wide, so if you can manipulate your OT, without affecting the income you want, and you can stay within the lower basic tax amount, then it’s good.
    For example, the tax amount for a single or married person without dependent is as follows:
    Taxable income for the month is 15,833 to 24,999.99 — withholding tax for the month is 1,875 plus 0.25 x (taxable amount – 15,833)
    Taxable income for the month is 25k to 45,832.99 — monthly withholding tax for the month is 4,166.76 plus 0.3 x (taxable amount – 25,000)

  104. Hi, I have recently enrolled to MP2 program but did not receive the MP2 Account # yet. I was told that they will send it to my current company who I am working with Right now. But when I asked our HR about it they said that they are not processing such benefit in our company. My question is how can I enjoy the benefit of lowering my taxable income via MP2 if my company would not compute for it in our payslips’ non-taxable income? Diba dapat eh kasama ang MP2 dun sa SSS, Philhealth, HDMF para maibawas din sya dun sa taxable income at para mas mababawa Withholding tax ko. Pa-advise naman po. Need ko clarification nung process ng pagpapasetup ng automatic deduction from my payroll to my MP2 account. I would really appreciate your information on this. TIA

  105. hi, i made a payment for MAY amounting of 1000, and skip for june then i made a payment for July 1500. Then i had noticed that for MAY payment it’s stated in the receipt MAY-JUNE payment and for July payment it’s stated JUly-September 1500. That’s why i wondering if do i need to say that my payment is good for 1month only? because my contribution is not fix, sometimes is pay 500,1000 or 1500. Is there any impact, if i pay again this august? baka kasi mag doble doble? diba any amount po pwede ihulog. ang ginawa kasi nila eh hinati nila ung hulog ko.

  106. Hi Ms Nora

    I would like to ask your advise. How will I know if my payments are posted to MP2 ? I got a print out of contributions and the Program code is listed as Pag-IBIG Overseas Program. Is that MP2? Thank you.

  107. Hi Niez, yes, you can continue paying your MP2 as voluntary. You should also continue to pay your P1 (minimum is 200). Pay your MP2 at your branch. There’s no penalty for late payments because late payments from voluntary members are not accepted. This July, you can pay for July and onwards.

  108. Nag start po ako ng MP2 last april 2015 thru salary deduction. This Jan. nag resigned na po ako sa companya, kaya from Feb until June hindi pa ako nakabayaran. Question, pwede ko po ba ipag-patuloy ang pagbayad at wala po bang penaltu for late payment?

  109. Hi Ms Nora,
    Can I also ask for the circular for MP2, I did get information that it is taxable but more of my research indicated it is not. Would be helpful to get a copy of the circular to save for future use, and hopefully, it indicates it is tax – free.

  110. Hi Maridelle, if you can write your MP2 number on the payment/remittance slip, then your MP2 payment will be posted to your MP2. You can later on check your payment via If you find out that your payment was credited to P1, you can email Pag-ibig I have an in-law who found out after more than a year of paying MP2 that her MP2 payments were posted to her P1, and after she complained at the Makati branch, Pag-ibig transferred her payments to MP2.

  111. Hi Ms. Nora, I’ve just enrolled online in MP2. I’m an OFW in Qatar. I like to know if the Pag Ibig registered exchange outlets in Qatar accept MP2 payments? My MP2 payment might just be credited to my P1 savings. Thank you

  112. Hi Dong, sorry for replying late. I had to find the relevant circular first. Emailed you.

  113. Hi, I am new to this MP2 program and I want to know how do you guys monitor your account? is there any online monitoring tool that I can access?

  114. Dear Nora, Just to ask an advise from you regarding my MP2 which is to be matured this coming June 2016. I’m planning to extend it for another 2 years in order to avail the same benefits as of now. Please help me, if what I will do about it. It’s my pleasure, if you could give me the requirements needed for the extension and esp. the e-mail of person or department in charge of it. Thank you very & more power to you.

  115. Hi hanbal, I think so, yes, if their policy has not changed, you can get your MP2 because you used your Pag-ibig 1 to apply for your housing loan

  116. good eve, my MP2 maturity is on 2017 can I withdraw it even I have a housing loan?

  117. good afternoon po. It’s my first time. Can I apply for mp2? Even if I don’t have yet a valid id. I wish to save even for about 5 years only. And can I also apply for my kids so they’ll have savings also and what are the requirements? Thanks

  118. Hi Andrea, if you’re paying MP2, pay at your Pag-ibig branch. If Pag-ibig 1, it’s better that you make your first payment at the branch nearest your permanent residence, so you’ll establish your Pag-ibig branch, and then pay your second and subsequent P1 payments at Bayad Center.

  119. Hi Ms. Nora,

    Would it be okay if I will pay my first in Bayad Center?

  120. trojan troy ocsona

    Hi ms Nora. Ask ko lang, ang p1 ba e nagtataas ng singil? Di kasi alam ng mother ko na nagbukas ako ng mp2 account. Then I work here in abroad. Bale sya na pinaghuhulog ko sa mp2 account ko. Nung minsan naghulog sya sa pag ibg branch e naipasok daw sa p1 ung 1500 pesos.(Ang alam ko kasi nasa 100-200 pesos lang per month ang p1) Imbis na sa mp2. Then I check ayun nasa p1 nga, may chance ba na mailipat pa yun sa mp2?

  121. Hi Herbert, yes, you can make additional MP2 payments at your Pag-ibig branch. Xerox and keep your receipts. About stopping employer-deduction some of the time: It depends on your employer’s patience, but usually employers do not like that kind of arrangement because it disrupts their routine. If you want flexibility, you can request your employer to stop your MP2 deductions, and just pay MP2 to Pag-ibig directly. However, this will inconvenience you and will not be helpful to your goal of saving more. About checking online: Sorry, Pag-ibig does not yet offer this service to local employees. You can ask for a copy of your MP2 savings or your MP2 total maybe every year at your Pag-ibig branch. Thanks a lot for appreciating my blog. Great to know you’re saving more.

  122. Hi Herbert, yes, pay at your Pag-ibig branch. The check should be payable to Pag-ibig Fund. Be prepared to write your name and MP2 account no. at the specific space allotted at the back of your check (instructions mostly at the cashier counter).

  123. Can I pay MP2 using check if yes please provide details? Thanks.

  124. Good Day Nora. Can I pay MP2 my self additional to my employer(salary deduction) whenever I have extra cash for bigger investment, also can I request to my employer to stop my MP2 deduction(just in case if I need funding for other stuffs)? Can I pay MP2 at any Pag-ibig Branch and can I check my payments online just to verify my savings with MP2, if not what other ways can I check my MP2 savings? By the way this forum is very informative, thanks Nora :-).

  125. Hi Wilson, pay MP2 at your Pag-ibig branch. I asked Bayad Center about MP2 and they don’t know MP2. They know only Pag-ibig 1. If you have GCash, you can pay via GCash.

  126. Hello there. Where We can pay via over the counter regarding payments for my MP2

  127. Hi Marites, yes, as long as you continue paying your Pag-ibig 1. To be a member of Pag-ibig 2, register at to get your MP2 account no.

  128. Hi Nora, May I know how much is the present annual interest earned in MPl and MP2?

  129. Can I be a member of pag ibig 2 program even if I’m no longer employed?

  130. Hi Charo, yes, you can save with MP2 separately from your company. For MP2, you have to pay at your Pag-ibig branch. And since you plan to make a one-time payment, it’s best that you pay at Pag-ibig. Yes, you can make a one-time payment for the year. Just write, for example, 60,000 — payment for March to Dec 2016 (6,000 x 10 months). Pag-ibig accepts MP2 payments through GCash, but I think it’s better that you pay at your Pag-ibig branch.

  131. Hello Miss Nora, pano po ma view yung contribution sa MP2 account website kc ng pag-ibig, OFW Member’s Contribution Verification lang ang option.gusto ko sana malaman kung na transfer na yung claim ko sa pag-ibig 1 proceeds to my MP2 account.

  132. Hello Ms Nora, I am planning to apply for my MP2 savings. Am I allowed to make my own payment for MP2 instead of salary deduction by my current employer? Can I make my monthly payments at the bank? What bank? Can I make my payment annually like 60K?

  133. Hi po, ofw po ako. gusto ko po malaman kung paano ba mag enroll sa mp2. pwede po ba ako mag enroll sa mp2. di ko na rin po nababayaran ang contribution ko kasi malayo dito sa akin ang lugar kung saan pwede mag bayad ng contribution. anu po ba dapat ko gawin? gusto ko sana ng mp2.

  134. Hi Sharon, it’s good you want to save more. Yes, Pag-ibig will receive your payments as long as you send through Pag-ibig’s remittance partners. Pag-ibig’s partners are IRemit and Ventaja and their overseas partners. Here are lists of IRemit remittance partners in Abu Dhabi. IRemit remittance partners in Dubai Comment again if you are in another UAE city and I’ll find remittance partners. By the way, are you paying also Pag-ibig 1? Pag-ibig requires that you pay both Pag-ibig 1 and MP2. I suggest that you pay first Pag-ibig 1 for the whole year (for example, 200 x 10 months (Mar to Dec 2016) = 2,000. Use your Pag-ibig MID No.). Then pay MP2; use your MP2 account no. On the remittance form, write the amount in peso, although you will pay in dinar.

  135. Hello po first time to apply mp2. registered through online po. I’m here in uae. If I pay here will they be able to receive it? first time to remit. the embassy is far from here.

  136. What happens if I enrolled through online and im working abroad, will they receive po if I pay here even if I registered online?

  137. Hi Penny, yes, your husband will be able to claim his savings and dividends; those belong to him. Your husband should be able to easily request and quickly get a list of his contributions from the customer officer or the one in-charge of printing contributions. I don’t know why they were not able to print the list for you when you claimed years before. Anyway, his savings should have earned more dividends because his money stayed with Pag-ibig for more years.

  138. A few years back (can’t remember how many) my husband received a notice of his fund2 contribution having matured. Unfortunately we were not able to provide one requirement, the list of contributions he made and was told to just collect when he turns 60. He’s only months away from it, can he still collect it? What if we can’t procure the contribution list requirement because we had difficulty before, the acctg personnel who used to handle it did not respond to our request. What can we do?

  139. Hi Francis, sad to say, there’s only the OFW Member’s Contribution Verification system for OFWs. For local members, we have to visit our branch to see our total contributions. You can also call 724-4244. The MP2 service on the website is for MP2 enrollment only. If you want to enter that system and you don’t have a Security Code, click “No Pag-ibig MID No.” even if you have a MID no. You will use your Tracking no.


    Good day! How to get a Security Code? Because in your website, there’s a MP2 Online Services for me to be able to check how much I already earned. Thank you.

  141. Hi Rodel, I think no. I haven’t read of a partial withdrawal like what you’ve described. What you can do is withdraw all, encash your cheque, get the amount you want, apply for another MP2 account no., then make a one-time payment MP2. The dividend rate varies from year to year; it’s computed based on Pag-ibig’s earnings for the year. Over the past years, Pag-ibig declares the dividend rate every March/April of the following year. Your advantage, if you reinvest your MP2 money is that you can earn much immediately on the first year, as compared to those with initial savings only.

  142. Hi Jaylord, no, there’s no limit. You can save as much as you want. It’s the SSS PESO that has a 100k-maximum limit per year. About paying twice in a month: I haven’t read of a specific rule on paying more than once every month, but I think it’s better that you pay once every month to prevent any confusion about your payments in the future. The TAV report lists payments per month. Save via your bank account, and then pay once per month.

  143. want to know after maturity date of 5 years can I withdraw only the incurred interest or dividends and retain the original savings of whatever amount I deposited in MP2? What could be the dividend rate applied to a 2nd timer investor like me for another 5 years? will it be the same 4.75%? thanks

  144. Hi mrs nora :D, is there a limit to the amount saved and frequency of saving with the MP2 program? for ex. saving 100k in one year? or if in one month, we make 2 payments? Is that allowed?

  145. Hi Christian, thank you very much for sharing important info. It’s only now I’ve learned they have stopped approving more than one MP2 accounts. I hope more members will write Pag-ibig requesting them to enable MP2 payment acceptance at Bayad Center/SM Business Center to help members far from Pag-ibig branches. Thanks again, Christian 🙂

  146. Fyi only pag ibig branches are allowed to collect Mp2 contributions. All the payment made via Bayad Center will go straight to your MP1 account. They dont allowed multiple MP2 accounts.

  147. Hi Jaylord, sorry, there’s no joint account with MP2. Get first your MP2 account no. at the Pag-ibig’s website: MP2 Enrrollment Then ask your employer if they can remit your payment for your MP2 every month. If they’re not willing, you can make your first payment at your Pag-ibig’s branch then at Bayad Center/SM Business Center for succeeding payments.

  148. Hi ms nora, can we have a joint account with MP2? which is better, apply at the nearest pag-ibig branch or with employer? thank you for the clear updates about MP2. very much appreciated 😀 more power

  149. Hi Lannie, if your loan has not been paid after the 24th month, Pag-ibig will use part of your savings to pay off your loan (they call it offsetting). Yes, you can save with MP2, you can register online to get an MP2 account no.. Scroll down to see MP2 Enrollment system. After getting your MP2 account no., you can start paying, but it’s better to make your first payment at your Pag-ibig branch, so you can set your records there in your branch.

  150. Hi,Ms.Nora!I Stopped working and make contribution for pag ibig for almost 4yrs now and i have an outstanding balance with my previous loan..can I Still avail this MP2 savings program?if YES,HOW?THANKS!I am a member for 12years.

  151. Hi Lux, it’s okay if your MP2 savings records will be stored in Makati because you work in Makati. I think your P1 will also be filed in Makati as your company files there in Makati. If later on, you work in another city, your P1 savings will be filed at the Pag-ibig branch where your new company is filing. If in the future, Pag-ibig is still not centralized, you can later consolidate your records in one Pag-ibig branch using this form: Transfer of Member’s Records.

  152. Hello Ms. Nora, I have applied for pag-ibig 1 in Urdaneta Pangasinan branch because I used to wok there, now I’ve decided to enroll to pag-ibig 2, and I’m currently working here in Makati. I asked our payroll officer to include my contribution to MP2 as a salary deduction, and as per her advise,she will forward my application to MAKATI branch. Is it still okay that my MP1 was in Urdaneta, and for MP2 here in Makati? or do I have to personally apply my application to Urdaneta Branch?
    If in case, I’ll be transferring to other company,say I’ll resign from my current work, will this post problems in my records? and what are the necessary steps to do.
    Hoping for your immediate response Ms. Nora
    Thank you for answering all our queries

  153. Hi Ayessa, yes, Pag-ibig says that we can have many MP2 accounts and maintain our original P1 account. In fact, MP2’s requirement is to maintain P1 while saving with MP2.

  154. Hi Ms.Nora, will it be possible to open multiple PAG IBIG II account and still retain the pag ibig I?

  155. Hi Daisy, yes, you’re right about your concern. Why is the total dividend only a little more than 6,000? In the sample on my blog, the dividend rate was 6% (rates were higher in past years). Even if the average dividend rate for the past 5 years was 4.2, your dividend total should have been higher. Call Pag-ibig or visit your branch and request for a recomputation of your dividends. Tell them that they have a sample on their website Sample Computation with 4.76 Dividend Rate — a monthly saving of 500 pesos for 5 years, and the total dividend is 3,845.94. From Pag-ibig’s statements, the average dividend rate from 2010 to 2015 was 4.2%. Even if 4.2 is a bit lower than 4.76 (the one used in the sample), your total dividend rate should not be just a little more than 6k. I hope you can update us again.

  156. Good afternoon po. My Pag ibig II had just matured last September 2015. I saved 2000 pesos monthly with the hope that after five years of saving faithfully I will be receiving 139,687 pesos as is posted here in your website. Along the way, I found out that one month saving was not deducted, thus I was able to save a total of 118, 000 pesos only. After more than one month of processing, I found out, to my dismay, that I will be receiving only a little more than 124, 000 pesos. There is a big difference on what is posted in this website.
    I wrote this letter to verify the correctness of the computation. Malaki po ang tiwala ko Pag ibig Fund.
    I look forward for your response. I hope that you will put the welfare of your members on top of your priority. Thank you very much po.

  157. Hi Drigo, your plan to save with MP2 is good. Sorry about my replies that you’ve read — maybe I failed to explain clearly, but that’s not what I meant. Dividends are not bigger if the payments are spread out within a year. The question that time was about one-time payment of a big amount to MP2. Pag-ibig does not have information about one-time payments, so I suggested to the person asking that she spreads out her big payment within the year, as anyway, the application of dividends is yearly, not monthly, not quarterly. The total savings within the year is computed for dividends; it does not matter in which months they were paid, as long as they were paid within the year.

    For example, if you want to put into MP2 a lump sum or one-time payment of 60k, I suggest that you pay the 60k, spread out as a monthly payment of 5,000 for 12 months (from Jan to Dec 2016). When the dividend rate is determined in March or April 2017, the dividend rate will be applied to 60k. If the dividend rate will be 4.5%, then your dividend for 2016 will be 2,700 (from 60k x 4.5% = 2,700). Your balance as of January 2017 will be 62,700. Calculations are estimated — I’m not sure about Pag-ibig’s formula.

    To be more accurate about my answers, I called Pag-ibig to ask about one-time payments, and the Pag-ibig officer said that this type of MP2 payment is allowed; you just need to inform the cashier that it’s a one-time payment with a term of 5 years.

  158. Hi Ms. Nora, I read on one of your replies that you earn more dividends when your contributions are spread out within a year rather than putting it in as a lump sum. Can you please share why this is so? I was planning to put lump sum 50k, and just wait for 5 years, not sure if it’s a good idea.

  159. Hi lanie, do you already have your Pag-ibig MID no.? Here’s the MP2 Registration form. Go to your Pag-ibig branch and enroll, get your MP2 account no. and then make your first payment there at your branch. You can make your succeeding payments at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. You can also enroll online:

  160. hello po Ms.Nora pano po magenroll dito sa Mp2?

  161. Hi mhee, it’s best to make your first MP2 payment at your Pag-ibig branch (branch where your Pag-ibig 1 records are based) so your next MP2 payments will be forwarded to that branch. You can make your second and succeeding payments at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. Based on Pag-ibig’s payment guidelines, credit card payments are not yet available for MP2.

  162. Hi ms nora good day i just registered my MP2 today but when i try to pay online using my new MP2 # tru credit card and metrobank online banking it failed so do i have to pay it on the nearest Pag-ibig branch?or payment centers!thank u for ur reply????

  163. Hi Mateth, yes, that’s okay. Make sure to save also with your Pag-ibig 1

  164. Is it OK IF I pay 500 for my PREVIOUS MONTHS then 1K NEXT MONTH THEN BAck to 500?

  165. Hi Cristinejoy, see the form Application for Provident Benefits (APB) Claim here: Requirements: APB form and 2 valid photo IDs. If your MP2 has not reached its 5-year term, submit medical certificate/clinical abstract

  166. Cristinejoy Sumbingco

    Mrs Nora, what form should I fill up if I withdraw my pag-ibig 2 on march 5,2016. based on the info by someone at the pag ibig calamba laguna branch. i resigned last july 2014 bec if my Physical disaBility. how many weeks before I can get it and is it cash? thanx and God bless.

  167. Hi Dian Carlo, as of now, Pag-ibig offers online tracking only to OFWs. For us here, we can visit our branch from time to time and verify our contributions. We can also call their hotline 724-4244 or email Keep your receipts. They don’t yet offer digitized IDs (I think because of the UMID thing). You can apply for the loyalty-discount card which is offered only to members.

  168. hi Ms. Nora, is there any proof that you avail the program, like ID or account no. etc. and how can we monitor our contribution. just registered today. thanks po

  169. Hi Ms Nora, need clarification po. I don’t have Pagibig 1 but i have been paying my MP2 for the past 4 years. Is there a problem in claiming my contribution (MP2) after 5 years?

    Thanks and regards,

  170. hello. just want to clarify on pag ibig 2, where can i pay? can i pay in bayad center or only in PAG IBIG branches.

  171. Good day Mam Nora, Good day! Can I possibly ask po, based on the sample above, how did savings arrive at total savings 349,218 ( at 6%) after 5 years if 5,000 po was the monthly savings? How is the computation. Thanks and advance merry christmas!

  172. Hi emz, yes, you can still pay for December. You can make your intended payments for the last quarter as your payment for the month of December.

  173. I just enroll for the pag-ibig MID 2, but its already December, can I still pay for the last quarter oct-dec or for dec only?

  174. Hi Jefferson, Pag-ibig’s dividends are annual. If you meant putting in 30k, without adding to it, your 30k becomes 46,589.08 after 10 years. I used 4.5% as dividend rate, as Pag-ibig’s dividend rate for the past years hovered around 4-point-something. You can use any free compound interest calculator online. Compound yearly.
    If you meant putting in 30k and then adding 30k every year (or 2,500 per month), your 30k every year for 10 years becomes 381,454. I used Bankrate’s compound savings calculator: Save more. God bless too.

  175. Ms. Nora, can you give me a rough estimate/computation of my money, lets say I put 30k in 2017, and it matures and wish to continue for another 5 years totaling 10 in 2017 and I wish to withdraw. thanks and god bless

  176. Hi Reynaldo, do you mean your MP2 savings? You can claim your savings only after 5 years (5 years from date of first payment). If you like, you can apply for a loan using your Pag-ibig 1 savings.

  177. Can I claim what I’ve saved for 2 years? I’m no longer able to continue saving.

  178. Hi Jennifer, I think you can no longer pay for September. I think you can pay for October if you pay for the whole quarter (Oct Nov Dec). To compensate for your missed September payment, you can increase your savings for Oct to Dec. Or if you choose to pay only for Nov, and then later on for Dec, you can increase your monthly savings for Nov and Dec.

  179. hi, Can I still pay my P2 savings for the months I missed paying? say today is november 2015, can I pay for September to October 2015?

  180. Hi Ray, yes, the bigger monthly savings, the better. MP2 does not have a maximum limit. It’s the SSS PESO savings scheme that has a maximum limit.
    You can even have another MP2 account if for example, you want another account to mature on a later year.

  181. Hi Ray, sorry, no, if the missed month is too far back. But I think, yes, you can, if you’re paying one whole quarter that includes the month you missed. For example, this month is November and you missed paying Oct — you can pay Oct to Dec 2015. But since Pag-ibig dividends are credited annually (your dividends will depend on your total savings as of every Dec 31), and your monthly payments need not be the same amount (you can increase or decrease), you can increase your payment for the current month to compensate for the month you missed.

  182. One thing more ms.nora, do they have a 3k or 4k monthly savings?

  183. Hi ms.nora. you,mentioned that its fine even if i missed a monthly payment. If ever i have my money to pay for it, can i still pay for the missed payment? Thank you

  184. Hi Kenneth, yes, but I think they’re compounding yearly. I looked at my past records, and the dividends were credited yearly, at the end of every year.

  185. Hi Ma Wilma, the fastest way will be to visit your Pag-ibig branch with your ID, fill up the MP2 registration form, and make your first payment there at the branch. If you are busy, you can register online to get your MP2 account no. Go to: Pag-ibig MP2 online registration page, scroll down. If you don’t have a security code, click “No Pag-ibig MID” even if you have this, so that what you will enter is your Registration Tracking No.

  186. i am a menber of pag ibig to join the MP2?

  187. Hi Ms Nora, sa annual interest rate na 5.5%, are we referring for a compounding interest?

  188. Hi Chris, sorry I’m not working with Pag-ibig. I just write about Pag-ibig. I don’t know if Pag-ibig is emailing list of contributions. What I know is you have to visit your Pag-ibig branch with your ID and request for a copy of your TAV (Total Accumulated Values). If you’re OFW, you can check your earnings online at Pag-ibig Fund and click OFW Member’s Contribution Verification. If your MP2 savings account has reached 5 years, you can claim it, and if not, renew it so it continues to earn at the MP2 dividend rate. You can also open another MP2 account. A member can have more than one MP2 accounts. Yes, you can pay in lump sum, but spread it out through the same year, to earn more dividends. For example, if you pay your lump sum this November, pay it as your payments for Oct, Nov and Dec 2015.

  189. Hi mrs nora, how to pay mp2 savings of our employees? we use the system to remit their mandatory contributions, can we integrate the MP2 remittance in the existing system?

  190. hi ms. Nora, I would like to request for an email of the updated table(monthly contribution e.g. 500,1000 etc. with its corresponding earning). Can I pay it in a lump sum? Will the hdmf modify me if it is already 5 years and can get my money?

  191. Hi richard, the minimum monthly savings amount is 500 pesos. Glad you’re saving.

  192. hi ms. nora ask po the minimum monthly savings with mp2 tnx

  193. Hi Amycar, the dividend rate is per year. Your dividends for the year will be added to your total savings for the year every Dec 31.

  194. Ms Nora is the interest rate po of pag-ibig MP2 monthly or for the whole year? I just registered as member. thank u.

  195. Hi Jennifer, yes, write your name and Pag-ibig MP2 account number, and other personal and contact info required by the remittance center. Send through the remittance partners of PNB, Asia United Bank, I-Remit and Ventaja. Will post the link later

  196. Good evening poh…how to pay MP2 thru remittance center? Should i just present my MP2 number? Tnx in advance….

  197. Hi Ariel, I’m glad you want to save. MP2 is optional, so your employer is not mandated to collect and remit for you. If your employer gives this service as an additional benefit to employees, then it’s nice, but if not, then you yourself will have to make your payments at your branch. Register first at your branch to get your MP2 account no. and to make your first payment at your branch, and then you can make your succeeding payments at Bayad Center or through GCash.

  198. Im very interested po… Im a callcenter agent and would like to save up for a future project can the company pay for this for me or do i have to pay for this personally?

  199. Hi Lovell, you can get your MP2 savings after 5 years. You can claim the day after 5 years, or within the week after 5 years. If you like to save more, renew the term of your MP2 savings for another 5 years. For Pag-ibig 1 savings, you can claim this after accumulating 240 contributions (you should be 45 or older) or at age 60.

  200. Hi Ms.Nora, when will i get my TAV (total accumulated value), the month after the completing the 5th year or i will have to wait for another 5 years?

  201. Hi rei, I read your post, and it was great. Lots of info from your actual experience. I wanted to comment below your post, but I couldn’t see the comment box; what I see is an instruction that I needed to login, and of course, I can’t login into your own WordPress account. A year ago, one OFW commented about paypilipinas, and he recommended it; maybe the process changed. And maybe what you experienced is the major reason why paypilipinas is not growing as fast as it should. I’ll get back to you if I find something better.

  202. Im an OFW and tried using Paypilipinas to pay for MP2. (Using USD as currency for card transaction) They charge 4% and 50 Php for fees each time you transact to them. If Pagibig2 offers 5.5% gain then its almost nothing you gain since you have already been at lost for lower dollar conversion. Nagcompute ako I have to pay them total of 5,252.00 for 5000 MP2 savings and then I can have 5,275.00 back from pagibig2(if 5.5% profit. Since I was already at loss for lower dollar conversion rate so for me it does not make any sense. Anong opinyon nyo? By the way I have made a BLOG sharing my experience with My intent is to share to my fellow OFW who are looking for payment options online. Go to this link –

  203. Hi Ailyn Myr, sorry there’s no passbook. You can try checking here on OFW Contribution’s Verification. If MP2 is not included in this inquiry system, email or and ask about your payments.

  204. I have mp2 account po. I’m here in kuwait. I’ve been asking my sibling to make payments for me to my account. Is there no passbook? Can i check it online? I started po this year last march.

  205. Hi maris victoria, yes, you can invest in MP2, but it’s required that you continue contributing to your Pag-ibig 1 account while saving in MP2. When paying the 50k, tell the cashier, it’s for Oct to Dec 2015. This means you pay Pag-ibig 1 for Oct to Dec too. You can enroll in Pag-ibig 2 online.

  206. maris victoria erana

    Can I make one lump sum investment of p50, more monthly for 5 years.
    I am 60 and will retire and stop pagibig contribution.can i apply in mp2

  207. Hi Ruth, here’s the Pag-ibig MP2 claim form: Check “Modified Pag-ibig II (MP2).” Yes, you can open another MP2 account, even before you have withdrawn your first MP2. Here’s the form: To claim your MP2, you need to go to your branch or to the Makati branch with 2 photo IDs.

  208. Good Morning. It’s been 5 years. I wish to withdraw my PagIBIG 2. Is there a downloadable form to apply for withdrawal, and what are the required documents that need to be attached to the application for withdrawal of PagIbig2. Is there also a downloadable form if I want to continue PagIbig2 even though I will withdraw my 5-year savings right now? Thank you.

  209. Hi Juan, that’s so nice of you. Look forward to your feedback. Yes, your experience will surely help other OFWs. There are really a lot asking about these things. Thanks again, and your good comments mean a lot to me as a blogger.

  210. Juan Dela Cruz (OFW)

    Thanks Nora. i will check this service and shall get back to you with my feedback. i may as well share my experience to you to further help my fellow OFWs. cheers to your site!

  211. Hi Juan, you can use This is owned by Ventaja, a Pag-ibig-affiliated remittance firm. PayPilipinas is mentioned by Pag-ibig here. You register first, then fund your PayPilipinas account through your credit card or through your online banking (affiliated banks are Bancnet banks, BPI, ChinaBank, Metrobank, PNB and RCBC). After funding, you can now pay MP2 through PayPilipinas.

  212. Juan Dela Cruz (OFW)

    have you got any information on how to pay MP2 online? the current online services is for MP1 only.

  213. Hi erda, yes, this renewal instruction is in the Terms and Conditions section of the MP2 enrollment form. Thanks too

  214. so that means we’re not required to withdraw at maturity date, as long as we renew so it will earn more? thank you so much ms nora?

  215. Hi Erda, yes, you can leave MP2 with Pag-ibig to earn more. But you need to renew it at the end of the 5th year, so it will continue to enjoy the MP2 rate, which is higher than the regular Pag-ibig rate. If not renewed after 5 years and just left with Pag-ibig, it will get the regular Pag-ibig rate which is lower than MP2 rate. On your 5th year, you can email Pag-ibig about how to renew.

  216. Hi ms nora. After 5 yrs po ba do we have to withdraw our full saving and renew? Or we can leave it for more years so it can earn more dividends?

  217. Hi Pilo, check your latest 2015 real estate receipt — it lists your Tax Declaration No. and your Assessed Value. If these 2 items refer to the current Tax Declaration that you have, then it means that this is your latest/updated Tax Declaration. You can use this as your updated Tax Declaration.

  218. Hi Ms. Nora Im planning to take the full risk-based pricing model program, but one of the requirements is original/photocopy of updated tax declaration(land and bldg) where I could get this? I already have an updated real estate tax receipt, I already paid real estate tax, is this enough?

  219. Hi kix, your second option earns more interest because your bigger amount of savings will earn dividends every year for 5 years. (500 pesos per month for 5 years equal 30,000 pesos). As a second option, you can pay 5,000 each month for July to Dec 2015 for a total of 30,000 pesos, or you can pay the whole 30k payment as advance payment for July to Dec 2015. For the next months (in 2016 and onwards), you can miss, or you can save lower amounts, or even higher depending on your income.

  220. Hi mrs Nora. Im paying MP2 for more than a year now. May I ask if I pay 500 each month or the whole 5 years in 1 payment, will it incur the same interest or the latter is higher. tnx

  221. Hi Arlene, no, there’s no maximum limit. You can save as much as you want, whether with P1 or MP2. Of course, if you’re employed, you need to ask your HR to increase your P1 deduction, but if you’re Voluntary, or if you’re paying your MP2 but not through your employer, you can increase anytime. Pag-ibig’s advisory is here:

  222. Hi Mel, it was nice talking with you on the phone. You’re so nice. I’m glad that you’re serious in saving. I hope you can save a lot in 5 years, so you can invest in real estate or any other investment that you can manage. Thank you for the info that you shared. I hope you already have your MP2 account no. and I hope you can share again relevant info. Have another great day!

  223. Hi po. Can I add anytime to my MP2 account even if I already have monthly savings? Is there a limit to the amount I can save with MP2?

  224. HI Ms. nora, just finished applying for MP2 at pag-ibig makati ave. 2 steps lang napagdaanan ko but i’m quite confused with their info. yung first step is filling out the application form for mp2. I left blank yung mp2 # since wala pa pero nilagay ko rin dun yung MID no ko sa other field dahil required sya. then nung gagawan nako ng payment order form, yung PHP 1,000 ko na initial deposit for MP2 is dun sa MID account ko nakareflect. sabi ko bakit ganun? ang alam ko po kasi magkaiba ang # ng mp2 sa mid kaya tinanong ko sya. sabi sakin regardless daw po kung mp2 or MID ang babayaran ko eh isa lang daw yun..Thanks

  225. Hi Amycar, sorry I don’t know anyone who has claimed MP2, but if one is eligible to claim, he should be able to claim. I haven’t read any MP2 complaint online. I know someone who got his POP the same day that he claimed his POP years ago. This year, he got his P1 two weeks after filing.

  226. Is there someone who have claimed mp2 this year? if mp2 started 2010, there should be members who have already claimed this year. tnx

  227. Thank you Ms. Nora…

  228. Hi Amycar, say Pag-ibig contribution. Write your Pag-ibig MID no. There’s no charge. It’s free. But if you’re a new member, and you were never an employed Pag-ibig member before, make your first payment at the branch nearest your residence or work. Bring your ID and any proof of your source of income.

  229. Hi Amycar, Pag-ibig follows the law on heirs. If you’re married, your primary beneficiaries are your spouse and children. Your secondary beneficiaries are your parents. If you’re single, your primary beneficiaries are your parents, and your child/children, if you have. Your secondary beneficiaries are your siblings. Your heirs will be required to show birth certificates and marriage certificate to prove their relationship to you. You can see these in this Pag-ibig Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs form.

  230. Mrs Nora, if in case there’s an accident or the MP2 member passes away, to whom will the savings go? There’s no portion in the form for benefeciaries if ever in case something happens to the member. thank u

  231. I have pag ibig MID no., what will i say to bayad center or sm business center what kind of payment is this? is there any charge for the payment at bayad center or sm business center. thanks

  232. Hi Amycar, do you already have a Pag-ibig MID no.? If yes, register to get your MP2 account no. at For your first payment, pay at your Pag-ibig branch and then for subsequent payments, you can pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center.

  233. Hi Mam Nora , if i want to get MP2 how can i pay it ? do i need to go to pag ibig personally to apply for the first time? and for the first payment where can i deposit it? Thank u

  234. Hi Mel, yes, I have your mobile no. saved in my phone. I’m just puzzled that you texted me, but you did not ask anything. I though you wanted to ask a question that you don’t want others to read. I also have FB and Google+ used for my blogs:,,

  235. HI Ms Nora, ako po yung nag txt sa inyo.. Kindly save my number. Thanks po

  236. Hi Gee, Pag-ibig did not set a maximum amount, although the highest amount in the example on its website is 5,000 pesos. But I think you can save higher than 5k, as Pag-ibig says that you can open any number of MP2 accounts. The website also announced that we can increase our monthly savings (P1) any time, so it’s most likely the same with MP2. I’ll remove the maximum limit that I mentioned in the post.

  237. Hi zakkiya, it’s SSS Flexi-Fund (available only to OFWs) which has this one-time contribution payment program – it can be withdrawn after 3 to 20 years. About MP2, I’m not sure, so I have to call Pag-ibig first. Will be back to answer.

  238. hi…is it possible if members of mp2 can advance their contribution like we say 300,000.00 enough for 5 five years?

  239. Hi good day po. Regarding mp2, can we save every month more than 5k? How do we pay online? Thank you!

  240. Hi Erlinda, I think the OFW contributions that can be verified online are P1 contributions only, as MP2 has another no., different from your P1 or MID no. Try entering your MP2 account no. if it works, and if not, you can email public affairs again and ask if MP2 payments by OFWs can be verified through their website.

  241. Good day! i have an active pagibig 1 and then i am paying online po for my mp2 since december 2014. I asked public affairs about my contributions, p1 is ok but my mp2 since december is not reflected. Is paying online ok for mp2 contributions? Yes i kept my receipts too, how come they are not able to show my online contributions?

  242. Hi Louise, yes, you can enroll at the nearest branch. I don’t know if it’s the same in all branches, but in the Makati branch, they let you enroll through their computers. It’s better in the sense that you can ask for assistance and you can make your first payment immediately after enrollment. If you’re already a Pag-ibig 1 member, then your IDs will be enough. Have also your Pag-ibig MID no. or transaction no.

  243. Hi Marky, yes, you can remit to your MP2 in a single remittance. The application of dividends is yearly, so what will be significant is the total balance at the end of the year.

  244. A pleasant day to you Ms. Nora. I’m interested in applying for MP2 but I’m having a hard time enrolling online somehow I get stuck at some point. I just decided to enroll at my nearest branch (would it be better?). Just want to know what are the requirements/documents I have to bring to personally enroll at MP2. Also, do you need to enroll in MP2 online even if you want to register personally at the branch? Thanks for answering. God bless

  245. Hi po Ms. Nora, can I remit my savings for one whole year in a single remittance? Or does it need to be sent monthly? Thanks marky

  246. Hi JES, yes, POP is different. POP was the old program offered to OFWs in the past. I think they’re not offering this anymore, as there’s no more application form for this program. And it’s no longer mentioned in payment advisories. Apparently, they’re just completing the payoff for POP claims. They replaced this POP with the newer program MP2, which is now available also to local employees, and not only OFWs. You can have more than one MP2 accounts.

  247. Hi Ms. Nora,how is the process of registering to POP? Is this different to Pag-ibig 1 membership and MP2?How can OFW access for the registration? What is the benefit of registering to this PAg-ibig Overseas Program compared to regular Pag-ibig contribution and to MP2? What is the minimum and maximum contributions allowed? Please advise.
    Thank You!

  248. Hi Ms. NOra, Pls send me again your cp number on my email. Thanks

  249. Thank you for the reply Ms. Nora. Also I want to ask if I can make a 3K or 4K monthly savings because I didn’t see that amount on the above table. Or yun lang po ba ang pwede iremit on what is indicated? Thank you

  250. Hi Louise, MP2 is voluntary, so you’re not obliged to inform your employer. Get your MP2 account no. at and make your first payment at your branch. For subsequent payments, you can pay at Bayad or SM center. But you can ask your HR if they are doing MP2 remittance as service to employees

  251. Hi Ms. Nora, my question is do I have to inform my employer if I want to enroll in MP2? How/can we also check the contributions/payments that we made? Thank you

  252. Hello ma’am, One more thing po. Do Pag IBig have an internet portal where we can check the loan payments we have made? Kasi last time na iverify ng HRD nmin there are gaps in my payment which is unacceptable because we remit every month.

    Thank you!

  253. Hello Ms. Nora, Thank you for your prompt reply. I’ve been thinking of considering this option.

  254. Hi Katrina, it’s your additional Pag-ibig savings, but MP2 is a separate program, and you need to get your separate MP2 account no. at You’ll be the only one saving; your employer is not mandated to contribute. You’ll pay separately. Ask your employer if they can remit your payment for you, but if not, pay your MP2 by yourself.

  255. Hello po. I would like to ask if i opt for MP2, is it additional to the 100 monthly contribution? Thank you.

  256. Hi Francisco, try restarting your computer. Are you using a smartphone? Some commented here that they cannot enroll through smart phones, so use a desktop/laptop. Or maybe there’s a website glitch at that exact time you enrolled, so try again.

  257. why can’t I enroll online? Whatever I type does not show in the database?

  258. Hi Froi, yes, you can apply for a loan if you’re a Pag-ibig member. Ask also the apartment owner if he’s willing to give you a copy of the property title so you can show it to Pag-ibig for initial application.

  259. Hi Catherine, here’s how to get your Pag-ibig MID no. Later, I’ll give you a link to where you can pay Pag-ibig in Hong Kong

  260. Hi ms nora. Inquire if I can file a housing loan to buy the apartment unit that we are renting. Thanks and more power.

  261. Gud morning how can I pay pag-ibig fund? I’ve only been here in hongkong for 1 month and I don’t have my membership number. I know that it’s mandatory for ofws to be pag ibig members.

  262. Hi Mel, oh sorry, sent you my no. just now, subject is

  263. Hi ms. Nora, have you sent your contact # to my email address? what’s the subject? I can’t see it in my inbox. thank u

  264. thank u ms.nora

  265. Hi lyn, yes, you can apply for a housing loan, but you should submit proofs that you have a stable source of income and that you can pay your loan from month to month. Here are Pag-ibig housing loan requirements and forms.

  266. Thank you very much, Ms Nora for the information.

  267. hi ms Nora, im a member of pag.ibig1 since 2002 then I stopped in year 2007 cause i left my job. I continued my contribution 2012 as voluntary until present. Can I apply for a housing loan? and what are the requirements? Thank u

  268. Hi Elinor, Yes, anytime. Indeed it’s a smart thing to save there and then remit once or twice a year to save on remittance fees, as anyway, the annual dividend rate is applied to the total amount paid before Dec 31 of every year.

  269. Hi Ms Nora, Good day! I am a new MP2 member and OFW, can I pay my contributions one time, for example this 2015 can i pay it on June? Thank you and best regards.

  270. Hi Ms. Nora, Greetings! I do have my Pag-IBIG MID Number but I don’t have the Security Code to move forward because I don’t have the HDMF Transaction Card. I registered online and got my Pag-IBIG MID Number through text only without the Security Code. How can I get my Security Code or how can I register to Modified pag-IBIG II without my Security Code?
    Thank you in advance.

  271. Hi Mel, is your email address the one you wrote in your comment login?

  272. Thanks Ms.Nora. May I have your mobile number in case? I’ll give you my email address if it’s ok

  273. Hi Mel, it’s because you used the simple interest formula. We should use a compounding formula — this means that the interest earned will also earn interest. You use this free calculator: Put 0 as Initial Balance. In the past years, the average annual interest rate for Pag-ibig was around 4%.

  274. Hi Mel, yes, all your statements are correct. Yes, you can request for your TAV even if not OFW. Bring your ID. If you already have your Pag-ibig MID No., you can register to get your MP2 account no. online at so you already have your MP2 no. when you go to your branch, although the branch usually has a PC for online registration.

  275. Ms Nora, my computation seems wrong, please check: if P500 monthly x 12 months = 6,000 x 5 (5years placement) = P30,000. Then if 6% interest rate, it will be 34,922. How was that computed? What I did was 30,000 x .06 then the result was only 1,800. what’s on the table is if it’s 6% the interest is 4922

  276. Hi Ms. nora, if I apply in March for my MpII and pay 1,500 (500 for 3 months: Jan to Mar), this is ok, right? because what they compute are the amounts paid before the year ends, is this right? can i request for my total accumulated savings even if I’m not ofw?

  277. Hi, I am Zenaida, working here in Bahrain. I am an MP2 member but I do not know how to check my payments on my MP2 program. The embassy where I have given my payments has given my MP2 number, just want to know where to check my payments.

    Thanks ans awaiting your reply.


  278. Hi, Nora. For the maturity ng savings which is 5 years for example, ibig bang sabihin nun 5 years mula nung unang hulog even if may two or three na missed contribution or Total of 60 months deposit?

  279. Hi zenaida, check here: Use your Pag-ibig MID no.

  280. Good am, I already have an MP2 account but I don’t know how to check my contribution payments online. I also have P1, and have my ID. How can I access my MP2 plan. Please assist. Thanks

  281. Hi malyn, yes, it’s best to continue contributing to Pag-ibig because the dividend rate is much higher than the interest rate given by banks. Register at to get your Pag-ibig MID no. and then you can remit at least 200 pesos monthly. If you like to save also with MP2 (maturity is 5 years), register also to get your MP2 account no. Minimum for MP2 is 500 pesos.

  282. Good Pm. I’ve been a member since 1996, when I worked at Cebu Mepza, and I stopped only when I resigned in May 2010, as I went to Hongkong. I contributed for 13 years to pagibig. this month, I came to know from a friend that it’s good to continue paying. My question is if it has already matured. Is it ok to continue contributing until I reach 20 years?

  283. Hi kai, about paying P2 twice a month, I’m not sure, but I think it’s better that you pay once a month to prevent confusion in your records (questions might later arise about possible duplication of posting when in fact you made 2 payments). Yes, you can pay different amounts each month, but it should be more than 500 pesos, and it’s better if you maintain the amount, or increase it, but not decrease.

  284. Hi Ms. Nora, can I make my payment for monthly contributions for P2 twice a month and can it be different amounts each month? thank you 🙂

  285. Hi Dixi, yes, go to E-Services again. Click “Click to Register” then “View Registration Information”. Use your transaction no.

  286. Hello, i forgot my mp2 account number. I registered online. Can I retrieve it?

  287. Hi weng, are you updated in paying your Pag-ibig 1 contributions? If yes, I think you can, since you already have your MP2 account no. and you’re updated with your P1. But it’s advisable that you make your first MP2 payment at your Pag-ibig branch so your records will be in place.

  288. i already have mp2 no. by online and print out, do i still have to bring it to pag-ibig ofc for receiving in order for me to start paying? ty

  289. Hi weng, yes, you can apply for MP2 by yourself and pay by yourself, not through your employer. Get your MP2 account no. through About the maturity value of MP2 and retirement value of Pag-ibig 1, you claim them both by yourself and not through your company.

  290. hi, i’m a member of pagibig1. i want to apply for mp2, not through my employer. I’ll pay myself. when it matures after 5 yrs, will i be the one getting it or through my company? ty

  291. Hi grace, it worked when I clicked it. Some pages don’t work with smartphones, if you’re using a smartphone. Yes, if you can, you can go to your Pag-ibig branch, so you can start paying.

  292. hi ms nora, the link to “no pag ibig mid number” when I tried to register in mp2 is not working. Is it really possible to register online or do I need to pag ibig office? 🙁 thanks

  293. Hi ncb, this is our post on how to register to get an MP2 account:
    Your 1,500 is going to your Pag-ibig 1 (the one that you will get when you retire) since you did not yet have an MP2 account when you increased your contributions. You must indicate your MP2 account no. when paying/saving with MP2. We’re glad you’re saving a lot and want to save more.

  294. I am a government employee. Last year, I requested our agency to increase my Pag-Ibig contribution to Php1,500. Since then the amount of Php1.500 is being deducted from my salary monthly. I now wish to avail myself of MPII. I want to seek clarification whether my increased Pag-Ibig contribution of Php1,500 is already credited as MP II MP I?. I have not yet registered with MP II ay the time I requested our agency to increase my monthly Pag-Ibig contribution. Thanks.

  295. Hi Ruel, yes, you’re correct. Pag-ibig 1 is the one that employees/employers are mandated to pay. It’s good you’re planning to save with MP2 too. Happy saving!

  296. Hi mis Nora, what is pag-ibig 1 membership? is this the regular membership when you are employed? because i’m planning to enroll in mp2. Thanks!

  297. Hi john, based on the TAV printout I got from Pag-ibig, the dividend rate is applied every year, every Dec 31. So you can pay Pag-ibig before Dec 31. Pay earlier so your payment will be posted before Dec. 31.

  298. john christopher ramos

    Ms nora is the dividend rate for mp2 applied yearly or when is it applied? every last working day of december or certain month? What month?

  299. john christopher ramos

    Dear ms. may I ask if the dividends for mp2 are applied yearly or at one time for 5 years. This year 2014 for the months of june up to this month 7 months, I wasn’t able to pay. When is the deadline so I can get the dividend rate for 2014, thank you.

  300. Hi Mel, yes, you file at the end of the 5-year period. The rate is applied yearly and dividends added yearly. It’s more likely that a certain year’s interest rate will be different from another year’s interest rate.

  301. Hi, tanong lang.
    Kapag hindi kinuha o hindi mo ni-renew, ang magiging interest rate ng savings ay yong interest rate ng Pag-ibig 1, which is a bit lower.
    Paano naman kung nakaligtaan noong magmature after 5 yrs kaya di mo kinuha then on the 6th year tsaka ka nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na iwidro, pwede n aagad ma widro? OR baka naman gawin nilang as if part na ng Pag IBIG 1 pwede mo lang ma widro pagka retirement age na or 240 contributions ka na, WAG NAMAN SANA!

  302. Hi ms. nora, so if in case my default term is 5 years, do I need to file a claim every April or May except on the 5th year? Which rate would be used? Dividend rate before claiming or most recent for the 5 years? thanks

  303. Hi Miss Nora, can I make payments two (2) times in a month? For example, I’ll pay 1000 in the first week of november, then add 500 pesos at the end of the said month. Second question, is it allowed if my monthly payment amounts are not consistent? For example, I pay 1500 pesos in November then at the month of December I pay 1000.

  304. Hi Joan, Pag-ibig 2 is always open to Pag-ibig 1 members. If you’re already a Pag-ibig 1 member, you can go to and register with MP2. After getting your MP2 no., you can start contributing.

  305. How can I avail of pag ibig 2? If none, when will they offer it again?

  306. Please give me a computation mam/sir for an investment of 500,000php. How much interest will my money earn after 5 years? I’m not sure if my computation 5.5% =137500Php is correct. I need your urgent reply.

  307. Hi Mel, thanks too. I’ve observed that Pag-ibig has been declaring the dividend rate every April or May of the following year. For example, in April 2013, Pag-ibig declared the dividend rate for 2012 as 4.17% and last April, they declared the dividend rate for 2013 as 4.08%. I assume that if you file your claim before April or May, at a time when the dividend rate is not yet declared, either they’re going to delay processing after April or May or might use the most recent declared rate (and this is only my assumption 🙂 )
    About keeping track, you can visit your Pag-ibig branch and ask for a copy of your total accumulated savings (TAV).

  308. Hi ann, since MP2 is voluntary, I think you’re not required to pay immediately. If you pay through your employer, your monthly deadline is the same as that for the mandatory savings. Pag-ibig payment deadlines.
    If you’ll pay directly to Pag-ibig, your deadline is the last day of the month.

  309. Thanks Nora, so let’s say this year 5.4% is the dividend declared by pag-ibig board and then next year 5.1% and on my third year 5.5%, how about in my 5th yr, which of these dividend rates is used? if possible, can we keep track of how our money grow at least quarterly or yearly? thanks

  310. Upon application to MP2, is payment of 500.00 required already?
    For employed individuals, is their a particular deadline for remitting the said amount? Thanks.

  311. Hi dahlia, you can register online in MP2. Click E-Services, then MP2 Enrollment System (scroll down). If you do not have a security code, click “No Pag-ibig MID No.” even if you have a Pag-ibig MID No. You will use your tracking no.
    About not being able to update, try again some time, as they’re currently enhancing their website.

  312. hi maam! I would like to ask if my child can submit in pinas my Mp2 registration form together with my scanned IDs, not original IDs. And why is the website no longer open for pag ibig I contribution check. I see only the welcome message for my account and one more thing I tried to update my members data at e services but it does not update.

  313. Hi Erick, click the “No Pag-ibig MID No.” and you just need to enter your transaction no. You can request your HR/accounting to deduct and remit your MP2 contributions. If they refuse, which is their right since MP2 is optional, then you pay at your branch. If your SIM is Globe, you can get a GCash card and then pay through GCash.

  314. Good pm! Im a govt employee and an active P1 member. I want to enroll in MP2 but I don’t have a transaction card with security code required in registering to P2. what should i do? If I become a P2 member, can i pay through payroll or should i pay at the branch? Thanks!

  315. Hi Yumi, I suggest you email, with your Subject: MP2 Registration by OFW, and in the body write your Pag-ibig basic personal info and payment details. Based on comments, it’s apparent that Pag-ibig responds to OFWs faster. Send another email for Subject: Posting of OFW contributions for P1. I think posting of payments is still manual, so payments are on a long queue.

  316. Hello Nora, thanks for replying. Yes, I’m a P1 member and I enrolled and got my MP2 no. yesterday and I tried to pay again and got the same result. May I ask, if you have an idea, how long it takes for them to process and set up the membership?

    If I may also ask, is their website updated regularly? I paid for my P1 monthly contribution online 2 days ago and it’s still not reflected in my Membership Savings page.

  317. Hi Yumi, your MP2 no. was given to you just hours ago? Maybe your MP2 record has not been set up yet. Try again after several hours. Are you also an active Pag-ibig member? P1 membership is a requirement for MP2 membership.

  318. Hi Mel, yes, you can ask for a copy of your savings and dividends at your branch even before your 5th year. Yes, the dividend rate can go down, but not lower than bank rates.

  319. Hello, I’m an OFW and I just enrolled for a Modified Pag-IBIG 2 account. I tried paying online by credit card and it says “Record not found.”

  320. Mam can we get a report after 5 years to see how much dividends our investment earned? Can the 5.5% dividend rate go down next year since there’s no pre-stated or fixed amount?

  321. Hi Ludy, yes, you can request your employer’s HR or accounting dept to deduct your MP2 payments. But this is an optional program, so you cannot force your employer to remit your MP2 payments. If not yet registered with MP2, register first with Pag-ibig online to get your MP2 no.

  322. MAM Can my MP2 savings be remitted to Pag-ibig through SALARY DEDUCTION? And how is it done? THNX.

  323. Hi May, you can continue adding money to your MP2 account, but you should also continue adding to your P1 account. Whether you continue or not, your previous savings are there with Pag-ibig, and you can get all of them later on when you retire.

  324. Hello po Ma’am Nora,
    last year po, May naghulog ako sa MP2, i can not remember kung naka 1000 nako or 500 lang. . . . after that, i stopped na. pano po yun, hindi na po ba pde ituloy yun? or just in case hindi ko na maituloy, ano po mangyayari sa naihulog ko? thanks po!

  325. Hi luche, P1 and P2 (or MP2) numbers are not the same, whether one is an OFW or an Employed member. P1 is usually called Pag-ibig MID no.

  326. Hi Ms. Nora,gusto ko lang po i-clarify kung ang magkaibang numbers for P1 and P2 ay applicable lang sa OFW’s. Kapag po ba empleyado ng private company, same ang P1 and P2 numbers? Maraming Salamat.

  327. gud day po ms. nora.pano po kapag nawalan ng trabaho while im enroll in mp2 program kelangan po ba na ituloy ko yong p1 contribution ko,magkano po yon monthly and pwede po ba na anually ang hulog sa p2,how much po minimum anually sa p2?thank you po.

  328. Good Evening!

    OFW ako, may P1 MID ako at kelan lang nag enroll ako sa MP2 program online. Gusto kong hulugan yung MP2 account na kung saan ibang number sa P1 account ko. KAya lang sa online payment hindi ma-verify yung MP2 account number “Record not found”, may kailangan pa ba akong gawin para direct na mahulugan ko yung MP2 account online or thru remittance center abroad? Tuloy pa rin akong naghuhulog sa P1 account ko at gusto ko ring mag save thru MP2 program. Please advice.

  329. Thank you for your help ms nora! I will do that asap. I feel a bit frustrated bec i waited in line for 2 hours only to be misinformed. thank you again for your advice!

  330. Hi layla, I’m surprised that officer at the branch did not know that Pag-ibig MID (P1) and MP2 are different nos. They should be different because MID savings can only be claimed after 240 contributions while MP2 savings can be claimed after 5 years. Enroll at Click MP2 Enrollment. You will use your MID or transaction no. to enroll. If you don’t have a security code, click “No Pag-ibig MID No.” so you will need only your transaction no.

  331. Hi mam, nag apply po ako ng mp2 sa makati. The person at the counter only gave me a payment order form for membership registration. Byaran ko daw sa cashier tpos ok na. HINDI po ako binigyan ng separate mp2 no. Tinanong ko kng same no lang b ng P1 ang ginagamit, at sbi nya oo. Pakita ko lang daw ung MID card ko at isang no lang daw. Ung application form ko po ay wala din mp2 no. Tama po b ung info na bnigay skin? i felt i was misinformed kaya d ko muna bnayaran. Is it better to just register again online? Bka madoble ung registration ko.

  332. hmm.. Okay, Salamat!

  333. Hi Darwin, I think it’s closed. There are only certain Saturdays when they are open. You can authorize someone to transact for you. Others can pay in your behalf.

  334. aah okay!salamat…
    Nga pala Ma’am bukas po ba ang opisina nyo pag Saturday (PAGIBIG Kamias Branch)? Monday to Friday kasi may pasok po ako eh!

  335. Hi Darwin, MP2 is optional, hence companies are not obliged to remit MP2 payments, so ask your HR about their MP2 remittance policy. One advantage of paying it at your Pagibig branch on your own is that you can keep your receipts and can easily make corrections with Pag-ibig later on in case there are discrepancies. If you’re a Globe and Bancnet client, you can pay through GCash but your receipt would be digital — perhaps you can print the digital confirmation through smart phone links.

  336. Ma,am Nora, ask ko lang po kung pwede magbayad sa MP2 through payroll sa company?

  337. Hi Sel, yes, you can increase your contribution for any month you have extra money. All contributions are posted to your MP2 account.

  338. Hi Ms. nors,

    Eto po ba if nag start ka na ng 500 pesos tuloy tuloy na 500 na lang.. What if po kasi at a certain time of the year like Pasko na may perang dumarating eh gawin mong 5,000 ang hulog for that particular month?

  339. Hi elvie, dapat puede, but the last time I asked at a branch in the South, they accept only Voluntary mandatory payments. The other branches might accept. If you’re a Globe user, get a GCash account so you can pay MP2 by phone (load at a Globe shop).

  340. hello po pwede na ba magbayad sa bayad center iyong mp2?

  341. Hi joy, sad to say, there’s no online tracking for MP2 yet, unless your category is OFW. Okay lang naman na hindi ka muna makapaghulog sa MP2 kung wala pa.

  342. hi, ask q lng po pano malalaman ung status ng monthy payment.macheck b online? a pano kung ngregister aq ng MP2 pero hndi q mahuhulog.

  343. Hi Jojo B, yes, the last time I asked Bayad Center, they’re accepting only Voluntary Pag-ibig payments. Only 2 banks are accepting Pag-ibig payments and only housing loan payments. If you’re a Globe mobile user, you can register with GCash and pay MP2 thru GCash: Pag-ibig payment through GCash

  344. Hi. maam,
    Nag-apply po kasi ako ng MPII kaso hindi pa po ata tinatanggap sa Bayad Center ang pagbabayad monthly. Meron pa rin po bang mga BANK na tumatanggap ng bayad sa MPII?



  345. Hi ruth, I’ve read na ang pag-credit ng dividends ay annually; so crediting must be at the end of the year, so lahat ng madeposit mo before the end of the year will be included in the computation. So palagay ko okay lang na mag-contribute ka sa MP2 every quarter. Pero baka magasto mo, so explore paying by Globe GCash
    Ask also Pag-ibig next time you go there if you can pay your MP2 at Bayad Center even if you will not write your member category (meron namang Pag-ibig MID no. and name), kasi Bayad Center accepts only payments from Voluntary members.
    Will answer your other questions later.

  346. Hi Maam!
    1) May kaibahan po ba sa magiging dividendo ko kung monthly ako maghulog ng MP2 sa kung one time lang ako maghulog para sa 12 months savings ko? Sinasadya ko pa po kasi sa pag ibig office monthly medyo malayo sa work place ko.
    2) May limit po sa sa bilang ng MP2 account na pwedeng buksan?
    3) Magkano po yung dividend rate ng MP2 ang idineklara para sa 2013 ?
    Maraming Salamat po!!!

  347. Hi darwin, that’s a good financial decision. No, there’s no deduction. But the dividend rate for that 1 year, the 6th year, will be the same as for Pag-ibig 1, which is a bit lower, based on circular 324.

  348. Hi Alexis, based on Pag-ibig TAV computations that I’ve seen, Pag-ibig credits dividends at the end of every year, and not compounded every month or quarter. They multiply the dividend rate for that year to the total accumulated values at the end of the year, which is Dec 31.
    If you pay 75k this March to MP2, and contribute 5k every month until Dec, then your total MP2 savings on Dec 31, 2014 is 75k plus 5k x 9 = 120k. If they declare 4.5% as the dividend rate for 2014, then total dividends would be 120k x 4.5% = 5400. Your total savings as of Jan 2015 would be 125,400. This is only an estimate, as I used a simple computation; they might have another formula. The dividends are still higher than that offered by bank time deposits; we put on time deposit 200k for 2 years and the total interest was 9,465.31 (and this was when interest rates were higher; now they’re down). And with Pag-ibig, you can easily add money every month. What you need to ask Pag-ibig is how fast you can get your total savings when you claim after 5 years. With time deposit, you can get it immediately. With Pag-ibig, you need to file and wait. So maybe you put some in time deposit.

  349. Hello po, nag enroll na po ako sa Pag ibig II just paying 500 a month, i want to ask lang po if halimbawa ay di ko i-withdraw ang pera ko after 5 years, then after 6 years ay nangailangan ako, is there any deductions from them?

  350. Hello Mam Nora, just want to have clarity po regarding sa MP2, Nagpunta na po ako sa HDMF center dito sa lugar namin pero di po kami nagkaintindihan ng representative regarding sa computation ng interest for MP2, let say naghulog po ako sa MP2 for 1st installment ng Php 75,000.00 tas right after a month nagcontinue ako ng 5K monthly until 5 years. Pano po kinukompute yong interest/dividends (example na lang pong 4.5% ang rate through out 5 years)? Correct me if I’m wrong, ang pagkakaintindi ko po currently, the more na mataas ang hulog sa initial years, mas malaki po ang interest na pwedeng kitain kasi base sa sample computation sa top ng page na ito, “future value of an ordinary annuity/ annuity due” ang ginagamit sa pagcompute ng interest. Yong initial na Php 75K ay outright contribution ko po sya (hindi po advance), tas magmomonthly installment pa akong Php 5K. Thank you po.

  351. Hi Cristine, okay na ang online registration mo kasi OFW ka naman. You can check later on your data if your Philippine address has been changed. About your payments, you can check them online kung saan na-post. Check from time to time kung hindi pa na-post. About your payment error, you can try emailing Pag-ibig and write Attention: International Operations Group on the Subject line para alam nila na it’s from an OFW. On the email body, write your transfer request. Write complete details, your name, P1 and MP2 nos, transaction nos., dates paid, amounts paid, name of remittance company and location where paid. Depending on their policies, they might or might not grant your request — your consolation is that the funds you paid are still yours.

  352. follo on to my previous comment. I am working abroad. also, i have paid my 2014 contributions online then i paid a certiana mount for a period of 3 months for my MP2 account but i paid it agian to my pag ibig membership 1 account. can i request to transfer the fund to my MP2 account since i have already paid for my pag ibig membership 1 account?

  353. Ask ko lang po sana kung may dapat pa ba akong gawin after ko mag apply ng pag ibig membership 1 and mp2 ko online? do i need to register sa branch sa pinas or automatic na mguupdate sa system kung saan ako nakatira sa pilipinas? I have my MID # and account number for both. please advise. Thank you.

  354. Hi Ken, yes, puede. Pero you need to update your contributions para active member ka. And you also need to show documents showing your regular source of income, such as bank statement or passbook, remittance receipts for the past 12 months, or audited business documents or sales commission vouchers. Check these Pag-ibig forms so you can see the required documents:

  355. Hi.maam nora, dati po akong ofw at nakapaghulog na ako ng almost 3yrs na sa P1 po.ngayon nais ko pong kumuha ng housing loan at voluntary payment ang gagwin ko. pwede po ba yon? Thanks in advance & have a nice day!!!

  356. Hi Caloy, puedeng SSS or GSIS ID, company ID, voter’s ID, driver’s license or passport. Active member ka ng Pag-ibig 1? Kumuha ka na ng P1 at MP2 number mo sa Have a nice day rin.

  357. Mam nora ask ko lang po.. anu-ano po bang valid id ang kailangan i-submit para makapag apply for MP2. kasi im worried na hanapin sakin ung Unified Multipupose – id ko kasi nawala ung wallet ko kasama ng Unified Multipurpose – id ko.. thank you and have a nice day! 🙂

  358. Hi Jayvee, okay lang kung meron kang missed month. After 5 years at hindi mo na-renew, ang magiging interest rate niya ay yong sa Pag-ibig 1 (a little lower rate). Hindi siya ma-expired o mawala. Bumaba lang ang interest rate. At the beginning of the 5th year, if you’re abroad, email Pag-ibig and ask if you can renew your Pag-ibig through email.
    Ang renewal term ay 5 years pa rin, not lower. If you like, you claim your P2 savings after 5 years and then put in into bank time deposit, so you can withdraw your money when you need it.

  359. Hello! Required ka ba mag deposit for each and every month? Pano kung may na miss ka. At totoo ba na ang maturity date nya which is 5 years will serve as its expiration na rin? Pano if gusto mo pang magpatuloy. In connection with the latter — sa renewal mo(kung meron man) posible bang mag request ng term shorter than 5 years na default? Thanks!

  360. Hi yam, kung Voluntary member ka, puede kang magbayad sa Bayad Center. Isulat mo lang yong MP2 MID no. mo. Puede rin thru GCash. Magdeposit ka lang sa GCash center at mag-text sa Pag-ibig. Pero kelangang you register first with Gcash:
    Sa Landbank and Metrobank, housing loan payments lang ang tinatanggap. God bless din.

  361. What are other options in paying mp2? Dun lang po ba sa pagibig? Malayo po sa amin. Sana pede sa bayaran sa banko. Thanks and God Bless po

  362. Hi po, would like to inquire if i can deposit a lump sum sa P2 or should i deposit on a monthly basis po? And would like to confirm if I can withdraw earlier the maturity, in case i need the money/emergency? Thanks po and more power…

  363. Hi Ella, yes, you have that option to pay your MP2 directly, pero I think you can pay only at your Pag-ibig branch (bring your MP2 no.) because Bayad Center accepts only Voluntary payments. SM Business Center accepts only housing loan payments.

  364. Hi! nag enroll po me sa MP2 pero ayoko po ideduct ito sa sahod ko, ok lng po b na ako na ang maghuhulog neto monthly? ano pong payment ang gagamitin ko upon payment? thanks

  365. Hi Cherry, in the MP2 registration form, there’s a portion where the employee authorizes his employer to deduct and remit MP2 contributions. In the Pag-ibig law, there’s a section there where it says that employers are mandated to collect and remit contributions from their employees; so I think if an employee decides to course his optional MP2 contributions through payroll deductions, then the employer must provide the service, which is to collect and remit MP2, in addition to the mandated P1.

  366. Hi,

    yung client namin is asking if this can be done through payroll or through automatic salary deduction and if this is mandated, meaning should the employee enrolls for the MP2 the company is required to process through payroll.

    Hope to get a response from you.


  367. Thanks Mam Nora and God bless.

  368. Hi lyndon, yes, merong dividends for every year, including 2013. Hindi pa yata na-determine at na-release kung ano ang dividend rate for 2013, kaya wala pang na-credit sa members’ records. Wait na lang.

  369. thanks mam nors.i have another question regarding pag-ibig 1,recently my employer give us the updated summary transaction from pag-ibig.for the past 17 years consistently every i earned dividend which is added to my savings, but in 2013 i have no dividend
    recieved.Mayroon ba tayong devidend in 2013?

  370. Hi Lyndon, MP2 is renewable for another 5 years. If you decide to withdraw after 5 years, and then begin again, wala akong nabasang specific rule about this, pero I assume na puede, as long as you have not withdrawn your mandatory Pag-ibig (P1). Will get back if I see something.

  371. Hi Mam, may i ask if i reached the maturity period of five years, then i decided to withdraw my saving, can i continue my the mp2 saving for the next five years or ten years.Or i enroll again for another terms.

  372. Hi Robert, sorry hindi ko alam kung meron silang amnesty program for defaulting housing borrowers. Wala akong nababasa. Nasa list of qualifications nila kasi yong “never had a Pag-ibig housing loan that defaulted, foreclosed, canceled, or was bought back, or subjected to dacion en pago.” Dapat na lang merong legal agreement between you and your brod-in-law about your arrangement to protect you or your heirs in case of unexpected events. You can also call Pag-ibig.

  373. Hi,na-bought back po ung niloan ko noon na housing unit(Year 2005)dahil nakapag-default ako ng 3 months due to financial issues (2 months ako nstop sa pagpasok sa work due to knee injury,since wlang pumapasok na monthly income nagfile ung mga debts ko).After kong makarecover from my injury,nagpunta ako sa Pag ibig main office para makiusap na masalba ung unit ko,pero ang sabi sken pumunta ako sa developer ko pra dun makipag negotiate.Pero wlang nangyari sa plead ko,inshort pina-assume ng developer ko sa ibang buyer ung unit namin,at inofferan na lng ako na kumuha ng row house unit (sa same subdivision) using different pag ibig account.So ang kumuha ng unit ung bayaw ko na lang,pero ako din ung nagbabayad ng monthly until now.Ang tanong ko po,meron po bang paraan para matanggal ung pangalan ko sa pagkaka-blacklist?Gusto ko po sanang mag avail ng housing loan ulet using my own account.Meron po bang amnesty program ang pag ibig para matanggal sa pagkaka blacklist ang sinuman na na-buy back ung unit noon?
    Hoping to be enlightened on this matter.

  374. Hello Mam Nors,

    Happy New year to you and to your family. 🙂

    Thank you po sa pag confirm sa MP2 na compounded ang interest, tanong ko lang po dun sa table example nyo sa taas kung fixed na 6% per year po un interest and compounded sya in 5yrs. parang hindi po sya compounded ng 6% percent as per checking po sa compounded calculator na nakita parang 3% lang po un lumalabas per year un interest pag nacompute sya manually, paki correct nyo po ako if wrong po na un compound interest is the interest earned will be added to the principal after a certain unit of time, balak ko po nextweek mag apply for MP2 just to be sure lang po.

    ito po un link sa Compound Interest Calculation:

    Thank you and more power!

  375. Hi jhozeph, yes, compounded ang interest sa Pag-ibig. Yes, yong mandatory na Pag-ibig deduction sa payroll ay Pag-ibig 1. Ang Pag-ibig 2 or MP2 ay optional (Request your HR to make MP2 deductions if you like, but get first your MP2 no. online). Mas mataas ang interest rate ng P2 kesa P1. At ang P1 makukuha lang at age 45 kung meron nang 240 contributions and at age 60 kapag less than 240. P2 savings can be claimed after 5 years.

  376. Hi Maam Nors,

    Tama po ba un undestanding ko sa table ex. sa taas na compounded un interest na ginamit after 5yrs. for 6% anually? balak ko po kasi magstart ng investment sa mutual fund at hindi sigurado sa mga mutual fund company, good thing po na nakita un site nyo at interested po ako dito para sa future savings, working po ako sa private company un Pag-ibig1 po ba un monthly na dinededuct sakin every payroll na nasa payslip? kung tama po un pagkakaintindi ko, Thank you very much po 🙂 Godbless

  377. Hi jayrald, ulitin mo na lang uli ang MP2 registration, kasi ibibigay din ang the same MP2 no. sa iyo.

  378. ask ko lng po….nkargstr po ako sa MP2 tru online..san ko po makikita yung MP2 number?nkalimutan ko po kasi ma copy..tnx

  379. Hi BREN, you must first be a Pag-ibig 1 member. If already a P1 member, register for Pag-ibig 2 online at (E-Services, MP2 Enrollment) to get your MP2 no. If you don’t have a security code, click “No Pag-ibig MID” and then use your transaction no. God bless too!

  380. GOOD DAY! i am interested about this savings, may i ask what are things to bring or how to register on Pag-ibig II? thank you… God bless!

  381. Hi kayla, clarify with your employer or HR if your contribution was paid for P1 or MP2. P1 is mandatory so your employer should be paying his/her share for your P1, and so your monthly 500 might have been posted as P1. Employer’s contribution is only up to 100 pesos even if the employee increases her/his contribution.

  382. Hi. I’m a new member of Pag-ibig starting August of this year. I applied MP2 program from the said month without going through MP1. I wasn’t informed by the pag-ibig officer that MP2 program is for MP1 members only. My employer deducted and remitted P500.00 from my salary every month (due to my application). How should I correct this thing?

  383. Hi leila, yes, you can continue paying your contributions. First, you register at so you can get your Pag-ibig MID no.
    If you already have a Pag-ibig MID no. before but you don’t know, don’t worry because Pag-ibig will give you the same MID no. as long as your basic personal data are the same (name, birth date, birth place). Then you can start paying your contributions through Iremit, Ventaja, Landbank, PNB and their remittance partners. You can also pay through Visa/Mastercard/GCash.
    To avail of Pag-ibig housing loan, you don’t need to pay those 10 years. If you already have 24 contributions before, you qualify, you just need to update your membership and pay for this month or for some months. If you’ll buy a condo through a Pag-ibig accredited developer, the developer will help you apply for a loan. Make sure to deal with a reputable builder and agent. If the developer asks you to pay the downpayment without interest for 12 months or 18 months, ask them if you need to pay something for the period after the 12-month or 18-month is over, and the downpayment is completed, but the Pag-ibig loan is not yet ready.

  384. hello po!pag-ibig member kami ng aking asawa nung nasa pinas pa kmi at ngayon ay nsa abroad na kmi ay naputol ang hulog nmin sa pag-ibig 10 yrs.from now dahil ala pa kmi knowledge nun about pag-ibig.ngayon gusto nmin ituloy dahil plano nmin kumuha ng condo..ano po dapat gawin nmin?need po ba na bayaran yung 10 natigil kami sa paghuhulog?dba mawawala ang mga past contributions nmin kung halimbawa mag start all over again sa paghulog?o pwede po ba na ilagay yung mg dating contributions nmin sa MP2?

  385. Hi Lyndon, yes, the MP2 program did not state any maximum limit for monthly contribution, so you can contribute monthly any amount higher than 500 pesos. In their sample calculations, the highest monthly contribution is 5k, but since there’s no limit, you can contribute more.

  386. Good Mam/Sir, I just want to validate the information that there is no maximum limit in MP2 program as per GMA pagibig branch.

  387. Hi cherry, that’s great that your POP matures next year. I think yong MP2 is for saving from month to month, and not for one-time deposit. Pero you ask pa rin Pag-ibig kung merong nang change. Ang SSS Flexi-Fund for OFWs ang merong one-time big deposit.

  388. good morning po ulit! bat hindi nman po dollar-demoninated ang POP na binabayd namin, in peso din po ang binabayad ko sa pagibig branch namin sa probinsya..anyway 5 years na po nxt yr ang POP ng husband ko pde po bang withdrawhin at ilipat sa MP2 ang buong amount na mawiwidraw namin? salamat po

  389. Hi cherry, ibig sabihin pala matagal nang OFW ang mister mo kasi nakaumpisa pa siya sa dollar-denominated na POP. Yes, puede pa siya sa MP2, mas maganda na ito kesa time deposit. Ang advantage lang ng time deposit is makukuha mo siya agad kung kelangan nang madalian. Yong P1, nag-increase na rin ang contributions, puede nang dagdagan if you like to increase your retirement money. Congrats for having lots of savings…ideal OFW wife 🙂

  390. maraming salamat po naiintindihan ko na…meron din pong P1 ang mister ko yong 200 per month nya na contribution and voluntary lang po nyang inopen ang POP bale dalawa po ang hinuhulogan ko sa pag ibig name nya…since meron nman na po syang POP maganda po ba na mag open din sya ng MP2? magiging 3 na po account ng mister ko sa pag ibig P1, POP at MP2. salamat

  391. Hi cherry, ang Pag-ibig Overseas Program (POP) ay ang unang savings program launched by Pag-ibig noon solely for OFWs; in US dollars siya, at hindi siya mandatory.
    In 2009, naging mandatory ang Pag-ibig sa mga OFWs, kaya itinigil ang new membership for POP, pero yong mga dating enrolled sa POP ay puede pang magpatuloy sa POP nila, or puede na ring kunin after 5 years or more, at bukod sa POP, dapat mag-member din sila sa mandatory Pag-ibig or Pag-ibig 1 (200 pesos and up every month). Itong P1 or mandatory Pag-ibig ay nakukuha lang at retirement age, at ito rin yong ginagamit sa pag-apply ng housing loan.
    Yong MP2 ay bagong optional na additional savings program open to both OFWs and non-OFWs. Higher ng konti ang interest rate nito kesa sa P1 at makukuha after 5 years or more.
    Kung newly opened nio itong POP na sinasabi mo, at in pesos ang contributions nio, palagay ko ito yong P1… na natawag lang na POP din dahil nasa overseas nga. Keep your receipts for cross-checking in the future.

  392. good morning… ano po ba ang pagkakaiba ng POP at MP2? kac naghuhulog po ako sa pag ibig tagum branch in behalf of my husband na nasa taiwan savings nya sa pag ibig at sa POP po un maliban pa sa monthly contribution nya…parehas lang po ba ito ng MP2? nalilito po ako…..

  393. Hi ellen, you can continue as Voluntary. Go to the nearest Pag-ibig with your ID and any document of your separation (in case they ask) and apply for MP2. But you’re required to pay P1 first before MP2. Recently, puede na ring dagdagan ang P1 contributions; puede nang more than 200 per month.

  394. pwede po kaya akong magapply dito sa MPII ng pagibig? may pagibig number po ako kaso ng mahinto na po ako magtrabaho wala na rin po akong contributions. for active members lang po ba ito?

  395. Hi Robino, yes, your wife can submit your registration form and pay for you. I’m just not sure now about where, because Pag-ibig records are not centralized, so I think she should register at the branch where your P1 records are. Or if she’s near Makati, the Pag-ibig international branch is in the Makati branch. She can use other payment options later on after registration and first payment. Tell her your Pag-ibig MID and transaction no. Send her also your authorization letter plus a copy of your passport or ID. She brings also her ID and your marriage certificate. She can ask there about payments.
    Yes, you can change your monthly payments, but your wife needs to go to payment assessment first before she goes to the cashier. But to be very sure, baka may na-miss ako, and so she does not waste time and effort, she should call 724-4244

  396. Good Day! I already enrolled sa MP2 thru online and I have it print to my wife which is in the Philippines because Im working here In Abu Dhabi. I just want to know if my wife can pay in behalf of me in the Philippines? And where can we start paying MP2? And is it required na fix every month ang hulog sa MP2 for example if we start at 2,000 pesos meaning all throughout in 5 years 2,000? Thanks and hoping for your reply in my email as soon as possible.

  397. Tnx 4ur least it made me decided to really open one..

  398. Hi Florelyn, your proof of savings will be your receipts. OFWs can also check their payments online. For local members, they can go to their Pag-ibig branches and request for a copy of their contributions. Only you can claim your savings by appearing in person and presenting IDs and legal documents, or through your representative with SPA.
    Your concern about fraudulent claims is valid — how can Pag-ibig make sure that IDs or passports or signatures are not fraudulent? You can email Pag-ibig about your concern —

  399. Gud day! I waited 4 this govt.program kc gus2 q mginvest tlga on mutual funds and i believe those frm govt.are secured ones..but i wantd 2 mke sure prn po if wlang sinuman may acess s savingS namin w/pagibig.esp those w/big accounts..also whats our proof of savings? Receipts,passbook?tnx po.

  400. Hi Janine, I checked online MP2 registration and it’s working now. If you don’t have a security code, click “No Pag-ibig MID No.” kahit meron ka nang Pag-ibig MID. Be ready with your tracking no. When you already have your MP2 no., ask your HR to deduct MP2 from your salary — they may ask you to fill up some form.

  401. Janine Mae Samson

    Hi Ma’am,
    I would like to apply for MP2 program online but the site is not working. Also I want my contribution for MP2 to be directly deducted in my salary/payroll which I think is better since it was stated that PAGIBIG contributions are not included in tax computations. How can I enroll for MP2 and what should be done to have it deucted in my salary. Thank you.

  402. hi maam gud pm, I just want to ask how much exactly per anum for 5 years time deposit,tama ba yong understanding ko na 5.5% per anum? I need an exact amount of interest in MP2, because im just worried if I go for it with 5.5% interest per anum then if it’s time of due date to claim baka baguhin po much lower than what you expect, theres a contract ba to sign for this as formal agreement & besides po pwede po ba kami maglagay ng beneficiary names incase if theres something happen cla po ang pweding magclaim? parang sa SSS may mga benificiaries na ilalagay,d2 po ba ganon rin kc po maam we don’t know what will happen sa 5 years waiting, if the depositor still alive po ma’am, that’s my concern din po.

  403. Hi Lea, sorry I’m not sure yet if Bayad Centers or SM Business Centers are collecting MP2 now…because the last time I asked they’re accepting only Pag-ibig housing loan payments. But I checked and saw that they’re now accepting Pag-ibig contributions, so I think if you have your MP2 no., you can pay. Monthly MP2 payment is at least 500 pesos.

  404. Hi, I already enrolled at Modified Pag-ibig 2.I just want to ask if I can also pay my MP2 contribution at supported banks, bayad centers or online? What documents/forms do I need to bring? Thanks.

  405. Hi cherry, register at so you can get your Pag-ibig MID no. If you already have a Pag-ibig MID no. but forgot it, the same number will be given to you after registration. How to get your Pag-ibig MID no.

  406. Hi, isa po akong OFW pano po ako makakapag avail ng program nyo and nastop po ung hulog ko sa Pag ibig ko last September 2012 pano ko po mababayaran un lalo na po di ko matandaan ung Pag ibig number ko. thanks po.

  407. Hi Adel, employers do not contribute to their employees’ P2. P2 is purely voluntary. You can request your employer to remit also your P2. Or you can pay directly to Pag-ibig. You’ll have a different MP2 no.

  408. Hi,
    so pag nkaenrol ba sa pag-ibig 2, may counterpart po ba ang employer dito o ako mismo ung mag remit ng monthly contributions ko?

  409. Hi owie, there’s no maximum limit for monthly contributions for Pag-ibig 1 and 2. For Pag-ibig 1, there’s a maximum limit for the employer’s share — it’s 100 pesos.

  410. I mean may maximum limit (amount to be save) per month ang pwd lang I savings sa PAG_IBIG II?

  411. May maximum limit ba ang monthly deposit sa PAG-IBIG II?

  412. Hi monette, have you registered? Do you have your Pag-ibig MID no.? Pay first at Pag-ibig, then later on you can pay at Landbank and Metrobank. Soon… members can pay at Bayad and SM business centers.

  413. San pwd mghulog ng pera?

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