Top 7 Reasons You Need to Enroll in Online SSS

Enroll in online SSS now. Why bother?

These are the Top 7 reasons why you need to enroll in the SSS online system called My.SSS:

Enroll in online SSS so you can check the following VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION:

1. Your contributions are being remitted to SSS by your employer.

Are you sure your employer is remitting your SSS contributions to the SSS? Make sure you are not among employees who discover too late that their employers have not been remitting their SSS payments.

2. All your contributions are being posted.

There are times when contributions are not being posted. It could be an error in your SSS no. or your name, or underpayment.

If you see in your online SSS account that there are gaps in your posted contributions, and you have RS5 receipts to prove you have paid these months, xerox these receipts, write a letter to SSS requesting them to post the missing contributions (list the months and year, amounts and applicable months and receipt nos.), and submit them to the nearest SSS branch.

Some SSS branches have a form and additional instructions for this type of problem.

If you are Employed, request your employer to make the necessary corrections with SSS.
3. Your loan payments are being remitted to SSS by your employer.

It’s so sad that there are many employers NOT remitting SSS loan payments to the SSS.

In our blogs, there are many commenting that they were shocked to discover their employers did not remit their payments. And it’s doubly frustrating for them because they discover this only after several years. In some cases, the employers already closed shop, and there are no more ways to contact these former employers. And we’re talking here of loan payments that range from 10,000 pesos to about 25,000 pesos.

If you see signs your employer is not remitting loan payments, ask your employer to no longer deduct SSS loan payments from your pay, so you can pay directly to the SSS. It is VERY IMPORTANT though that you do not fail to pay monthly your loan amortization to the SSS. Be determined. One month, 2 months, 3 months of postponing your payments will make your AMOUNT DUE bigger and bigger. And worse, you could fail to pay anything, making your unpaid total loan balloon to an amount that could reduce or wipe out your pension if the loan remains unpaid over the years.

4. You have a Date of Coverage.

Do you have a Date of Coverage? You can see it under your name, in your online account.
It is important that you have this Date; it’s one of the data used in computing your b
enefits. Without this Date, the formula cannot be applied and the benefits cannot be computed.

The most common reason some SSS members have no Date of Coverage is that they did not register with SSS properly. Often, this problem is faced by those who started paying to the SSS as Self-Employed, Overseas Worker, Non-Working Spouse or Household Helper. Some also pay their contributions as Voluntary, although they are Not Voluntary members. Voluntary Members are those who are former Employed, Self-Employed, Overseas Workers or Non-Working Spouse members.

All New Members should register in their category BEFORE paying. For employees, they do not have to do anything about this process; it’s their employers that report and register them as Employees.

New Self-employed members should register first BEFORE paying their contributions. They need to submit their accomplished RS1 form and proof of source of income.

Overseas Workers who have not been previously registered as Employed or Self-Employed should register as Overseas Workers using the OW1 form. They can register at the SSS desks of Philippine consulates or embassies, or they can send the accomplished form by mail to the SSS main office in Quezon City. If they register in the Philippines, they should prove they are overseas workers by showing an original and xerox copy of their job contract, visa, foreign ID or similar document.

5. You can check the status of your loan or benefit applications.

You can check if you’re eligible to apply for SSS salary loan or for other SSS benefits.

You can also see if SSS has already received your application for a certain benefit, or if it has already encoded it into the SSS system, or if it has already processed it.

6. You already have 120 monthly contributions.

You can see whether you already have accumulated 120 monthly contributions. This is the minimum number of contributions for you to qualify for pension starting age 60. (120 monthly contributions BEFORE the semester of retirement)

The minimum number of contributions for primary beneficiaries is 36 (36 monthly contributions BEFORE the semester of death).

7. You can check other information, such as your personal information.

In short, you can check your SSS data ON TIME…while THERE IS STILL TIME to correct any error or any employer delinquency.


If you are Employed, you need your employer’s 10-digit SSS no. If you don’t know the branch code, input 000

If you are Self-Employed, Voluntary Member, Non-Working Spouse, Overseas Contract Worker, or Househelp, you need 6 digits from your SBR Receipt. Use the newer receipts which you think are already encoded.

If you are a pensioner, you need your pension savings account no. or a recent pension check no.

For those paying via ADA, input 000000

These are other details you need to input during registration:

Your SSS No.
Full Name
Date of Birth
Mother’s Maiden Name
Postal Code
Contact No.
Email Address
User ID (You create this, between 8-20 characters)
Password (You create this)

After accomplishing the online form, click Submit and wait for an email from SSS.


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