Cash Cards for OFW Remittances to the Philippines

Updated May 31, 2016

Here are Cash Cards or Debit Cards designed for OFWs sending money to their families and other recipients in the Philippines.

You can apply for these cash cards at the overseas branches and remittance partners of these banks. Bring your passport or any valid ID.
1. BDO REMIT Cash Card from Banco de Oro

You can read about this in this BDO Remit Cash Card article.

2. Global Filipino Card from Philippine National Bank PNB

  • No deposit requirement
  • No maintaining balance
  • No application fee
  • No processing fee
  • No ATM withdrawal fee at PNB ATMs
  • You can use it to pay at stores with BancNet swipe terminals
  • Your recipients will get text alerts when you fund the card
  • You can check your balance online
  • Earn reward points for every remittance
  • You can buy a card for each of your beneficiaries; no limit
  • Buy the card from any PNB overseas or local branch by filling up a form and presenting one valid ID.
  • You can apply for a card while overseas for your beneficiaries
  • Dormancy fee is 100 pesos

3.  Metrobank World Cash Card from Metrobank

  • Get this card for free
  • You can get more than one card
  • Available at any Metrobank branch in the Philippines
  • Available abroad in certain Metrobank offices:

Osaka, Japan
Pusan, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, Korea

4. OFW Cash Card from LANDBANK

(This card is no longer offered by Landbank)

  • No opening deposit
  • No maintaining balance
  • No dormancy period
  • No interest
  • ATM daily withrawal limit is 30k
  • Card is free, but replacement card costs 120 pesos
  • and reactivation costs 120 pesos
  • Valid for two years, can be reactivated
  • You can request for a statement for a fee
  • Bring proof you’re an OFW or beneficiary

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  1. Hi po gusto ko po kumuha ng bank account dahil po para pag nag papadala po mga kamag Anak q abroad instead na remetance center direct na po sa account q ..ano pong bang account ang dapat kung kunin?

  2. Hi Sarah, you go to your branch with your IDs and ask why your card is blocked and replace it if it needs replacement. If you are abroad, call Metrobank 632-8700700, or wait till you get back here in the Philippines.

  3. how can i widraw my metro bank world cash card this is block and the information is loss

  4. Hi raunchy, yong company cash card mo na yon ay matagal nang closed. About opening a BDO account there, here’s a list of BDO remittance partners there in Saudi. Tingnan mo kung ano ang malapit sa iyo, bring your iqama, ID photo and some money, and ask is they can assist you in opening a BDO Kabayan account. 100 pesos lang ang opening deposit, pero merong fee yong assistance nila (sorry I don’t know how much). You will return to get your passbook and atm card after about a month. If you already have your passbook, you can then send remittance to your account (better if you send peso, mas favorable ang conversion rate diyan, if deposit to account). But you cannot yet use your atm card there. Kelangan munang ma-activate mo yang card dito sa BDO atm in the Philippines.
    This is how to enroll your Kabayan in BDO online banking. I hope you can share your experiences later on

  5. hi,, ask ko lang,,meron po ako dati cashcard sa BDO peo hinde pangalan ko ang nakalagay sa ATM, pangalang po ng Company bank rural ang nakalagay sa atm ko.ngayon hinnde ko na nagamt, 4yrs ko na hinde nagamit ung atm at hinde na rin nalagyan kc nag resign na po ako since 2013 of may. ngayun gusto ko po mag open nang bago account sa BDO with name ko, kaso, andto ako sa saudi ako ngayun , dko alam kon paano mag regsterd ulit sa BDO thru online. . pwde po buh ako makahinge ng idea. kong paano magregestred thru online..

  6. Hi Glenny, puede namang ang remittance ay cash pickup sa bank kung wala ka pang bank account. Puede kang mag-open ng cash card basta meron kang valid IDs at ID picture plus mga 200 pesos. Sabihin mo gusto mo yong cash card na merong name mo para makatanggap ng up to 25k pesos. Ang BDO cash cards kasi merong limit ang perang mailagay. Yong walang name sa card, up to 10k pesos lang ang puedeng mailagay. Yong merong name, up to 25k pesos. Kapag gusto mong walang limit ang laman, mag-open ka ng regular account. Sa BDO yong regular atm account nila, kelangang meron doong 2k pesos doon na hindi mo winiwidro; maintaining balance niya yon. Ito yong list of remittance partners ng BDO sa Saudi Arabia. Kung BPI naman, ito: BPI Remittance partners in Saudi Arabia

  7. Ask q dn po anung magandang gamiting cashcard from jeddah to ph. . ung reliable po. Thanks

  8. Goodday husband is in jeddah. Makakapagopen p po b q ng cash card if ang expected remittance q e sa katapusan ng july. I dont have rimittance yet. Panu po magopen??

  9. Hi Ronald, I’m also puzzled as Metrobank is a partner of NCB so it should be fast and should arrive within the day or the next day. The reason can’t be the account no. and name as you already used the data previously, right? Is it a big amount that you exceeded the 150k monthly limit for Metrobank’s cash cards? I hope your money is in your sibling’s cash card already today.

  10. Hello Ms. Nora. I read all the concerns regarding sa World Cash Card ng Metrobank. In my case, first time ako nagpadala sa Cash Card a week ago. My concern is pumasok yung unang padala ko within 5 hours only which was good but itong pangalawang remit ko last 2 days di pa narereceived nung kapatid ko. Nagcomplaint ako sa remittance dito sa Saudi (NCB Quickpay) ang sabi nasa approval pa daw ng Metrobank. Nung pinacheck ko mismo sa bangko sa pinas sa metrobank wala naman nakapending na transaction. San po may problema sa ganitong case. Thanks in advance.

  11. Hi Genevieve, you said debit card, so it’s not a cash card, meaning this is an atm savings account. Yes, you can send money to your account and maintain it for your savings. By the way, when did you open your account? Did you maintain it? I asked because I want to be sure you won’t be penalized for not maintaining your account since you opened it. If this is a regular atm savings account (without passbook), the maintaining balance is 2k. If it’s an OFW atm account, there’s no maintaining balance, but you should send to it from abroad at least once every 12 months.

  12. Genevieve Loneza

    Hello po. This is about my Metrobank debit card. I’m here in Saudi. Can I remit to my account in pinas as my savings?

  13. Hi feb, there are banks that make their payroll accounts exclusive only for payroll deposits. So try depositing 100 or 200 pesos over the counter at Metrobank, and if accepted, yes, your mother-in-law can deposit to your account. Or call Metrobank 8700-700

  14. my mother in law will send money from riyadh , saudi. bank to bank. can we use my metrobank’s payroll atm?

  15. hi po..qsk ko lang kung san ko pede lagyqn ng lanan ung workd cash card ko dito sa cyprus…iniwan ko sa nanay ko ung card at until now di ko malagyan ng laman…kelanagan pa ba ng partner in bank para malagyan?

  16. hi gud pm poh I’m here in saudi. Is my cash card opened at Pidos in the Philippines already activated? I was told it will be active after one month. So I sent money to it, but it’s still zero balance. I sent 7:00pm saudi time. My sister waited all day at metro bank but it did not arrive. The account# is correct. What should I do? thankz

  17. Hi Lorrene May, yes, you can try claiming there in antipolo. Remittance claiming now are usually done at any branch

  18. Hi Lorrene May, you need to claim your remittance at the bank. Bring your ids and reference no. Know also the amount, and if possible the name of the sending bank or remittance company

  19. If the money was sent to metrobank branch makati, can i claim it at the antipolo branch of Metrobank? thank you

  20. hi gud day. My sister in saudi Riyadh sent money thru atm but almost 3 days it’s still zero balance. And why did she send a branch name and reference no.? What does that mean?
    thank you..I need ur answers please..

  21. Hi ariane, sorry, this blog is not affiliated with Metrobank. You can call Metrobank’s hotline 8700-700. Your mother should talk with her boss about the delay in the remittance. If the money was sent to Metrobank through a good remittance company, Metrobank should be able to receive the money and deposit it to your account.

  22. My mother’s boss remits money to Metropolitan bank and we’ve been receiving it immediately. Why now almost 2 weeks have passed. It’s our own money and we can’t get it. Thanks po, hope our question and concern are answered well

  23. yes it’s correct. It’s been 6 times she sent to my account. Why now we’re not able to receive the money. almost 10 days have passed. Can I have the exact address of metrobank where the world cash card was issued and so we can call. thanks po

  24. Hi ariane, did your mother already check if she correctly wrote your name and cash card no.? I’m not sure about Metrobank’s atm, but are you pressing the right account type? cash card? Is the company where your mother sent the money affiliated with Metrobank? or with any bank in the Philippines?

  25. Hi Kristine, World Cash Card is only for remittance from abroad. You’re not allowed to deposit over the counter or send money to the card from the Philippines.

  26. Gud am po, I checked balance at 7am; the money is not yet in my card. What should we do? We really need the money. We’ve been going back and forth to metrobank. thanks po

  27. Is it allowed to deposit money to your Metrobank world cash card from ph to ph? Or from abroad remittances only? Thanks.

  28. Hi ariane, I hope it’s already in your account at this moment. If not yet, ask your mother if she wrote your name, bank name and account no. correctly. If correct, go to Metrobank and ask. I’ll check if World Cash has a maximum balance limit.

  29. Gud morning po. Why has the money sent by mother last aug. 26 not yet in my account? The bank where she sent told her the money was already sent here. metrobank worldcash atm po. thanks good day

  30. Guys pano ggwn jan sa world cash card meron kasi ako debit card nkareg online d ako mkapag transfer ng funds enter valid account no.daw e tama naman nlalagay ko pa help po msg me in fb thnx

  31. Hi Iza, it depends on the remittance company. It should be in your cash card the same day, or the next day, or within 3 days.

  32. Hello, ask ko lang how long it usually takes before ma-credit sa Metrobank world cash card yung remittance?

  33. Hi Zelma, the card can be retrieved from the branch where the atm machine is located. It should be retrieved by the card owner with his/her IDs. If you want replacement, the request should be done by the cash card owner at the branch with his/her IDs.

  34. Zelma Lopez Guzman

    the card is with my family

  35. Zelma Lopez Guzman

    Good Day! how do we request for a new cash card from mbtc, as the card was captured by the machine.Thanks

  36. Hi barts, is this cash card new? Or has been inactive for 12 months? If inactive for 12 months and had no balance, it’s most likely cancelled already. If new, go to the Metrobank branch where your husband applied for the card, or if he applied for it abroad, go to the nearest Metrobank branch, and ask. If already cancelled, ask your child abroad to go back to where he made the remittance and change his remittance to “for Cash Pickup at Metrobank”.

  37. hello gud day po, why can’t we activate our metrobank world cash card remittance of my child. He/she sent remittance from riyadh but we can’t make balance inquiry. our PIN is correct . what appears onscreen is cannot process. please help us

  38. Hi gudmorning mam how to reactivate a pnb dormant account by an ofw na walang malapit pnb bank po? Pwede po ba direct deposit to the account mam for reactivation?

  39. Hi gud morning ms how to reactivate a pnb dormant account by an ofw as there’s no pnb bank here po? Can I send Fremont direct to the account to reactivate?

  40. Hi ailene, I think it’s still active. But to be sure, make a balance inquiry at a Metrobank atm machine. When you see “type of account”, check if there’s an option for “cash card” and choose “cash card”.

  41. Hi may i ask in my cash card is still active. last january i applied for it at metrobank and i have not deposited to it till now.

  42. Hi cresilda, sorry there’s no BDO remittance partner in Turkey. A 10,000-maximum-balance and 25,000-maximum-balance cash card can be opened at any BDO branch in the Phils with 2 valid IDs and about 200 pesos.

  43. Good day. can my husband open a cash card for ofw? do you have a branch here in turkey.thanks.

  44. thank you so much ms.nora…i will tell to my parents before i send money

  45. Hi Vilma, to be sure, ask first your family to make a balance inquiry at a Metrobank atm machine. If it responds with a balance, even 0.00, then your card is active, and you can remit money to your card.

  46. good day po..pwede ko n po b hulugan ung remittance card ng metrobank n iniwan ko sa pinas..activate n po kya xa kc before po aq umalis n change pin ko nmn po sya.. ok n po yun pag ganun activate n po b yun? thank you po

  47. Hi johan, sorry I’m not sure, but does your atm cash card have a Maestro or Mastercard logo? If yes, you can try making a balance inquiry at a machine with Maestro or Mastercard logo. Balance inquiry will cost at least 1 USD and withdrawal will cost at least 3.50 USD.

  48. Gud day po ask ko lng po f pwede ko gamitin o mgwidrw ng pera ang metrobank world cash card through ATM machine D2 sa Taiwan ?

  49. Hi willie, masyadong delayed na nga yan. You can go to the branch where you got your card or call 8700-700 and ask para makita kung saan ang glitch.

  50. .gud day!!!azk ko lng poh..bkit until now zero balance parin ung atm world cash card ko..samantalang nuong april 13 2014 pinadala ung pera bkit zero balance parin????tama nmn poh ang rem.number…pakiayos nmn poh sa mdaling panahon dahil lahat tau nid ng money….pag wala parin nangyari lalapit nko sa tulfo brothers…salamat poh!!!!

  51. Hi sonny, yes, I’m addressing primarily OFWs. And second, OFW beneficiaries. Some BDO remittance partners abroad offer BDO Remit cash card opening in your name or your daughter’s name and have BDO send it to your daughter’s address. I don’t know if BDO’s partners there in Tokyo offers this service.
    Your daughter herself can open her own BDO cash card account with her school ID and ID photo (10k maximum balance limit or 25k limit). If she has a receipt of any remittance from you, she can use this to open a Kabayan passbook savings account — no maintaining balance and no max balance limit).

  52. Are you referring to me here as the person who is sending money from abroad? if you are then the cards that i will buying here should be under my name?in that case i will be sending from tokyo to my own account then? i used to remit from pnb tokyo to my daughter which use to own a pnb ofw card.and it was under here name then? i would appreciate your prompt and favorable reply thank you so much!

  53. Hi Erlyn, punta ka lang sa PNB, Metrobank or Landbank na gusto mo, and ask about their OFW cash cards. Bring 2 valid IDs, xerox of IDs and 1 ID picture. Kung meron kang receipt ng remittance from abroad, dalhin mo na rin. Yong sa BDO, plain cash card ang meron sila. Yong BDO Remit cash card nila ay dapat ino-open ng nasa abroad. Pero merong BDO Kabayan savings account for OFW ang BDO.

  54. hello, ask ko lang po kung available na yung ofw cash card ninyo dito sa san pablo laguna?

  55. Hi Katherine, meron na bang 5 days? Kung meron nang 5 days, puedeng merong error sa account name or cash card no. or another reason. Visit your branch and ask kung merong naka-hold, or you can call Metrobank. Kung merong error, your aunt can correct her remittance info doon sa kung saan siya nagpadala.

  56. Hi gud day, ask lng po tungkol sa metrobank world cash card kasi nag padala ang auntie ko fron abudhabi tapos until now hindi ko parin nakuha ang pera kasi everytime mag inquire ako zero balance, ano po ang gagawin ko? Until ngayon di ko pa nkuha ang pera

  57. sir/mam

    ask ko lang sana kung yung bang world cash card ng metro bank eh kelangan pa i activate??meron kasi binigay husband ko na atm cash card and try ko xa i balance kahit alam ko na wala pa sya alam para sure ko kung ok sya before mag padala husband ko..kaso naka tatlo na ko machine and always cannot process ang nalabas..ganun ba talga un dahil wala pa laman?o my problem sa account?

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