Savings Accounts for OFW Remittances

Here are savings accounts designed by Philippine banks for OFW remittances.

1.  BDO Kabayan Savings AccountBDO = Banco de Oro

You can read about this account in this BDO Kabayan article.

2.  Global Filipino Deposit Accounts PNB = Philippine National Bank

Both you and your recipient can open a savings account.
You can open:
—  Peso ATM
—  Peso passbook
—  Dollar passbook
No opening deposit
No maintaining balance
Earn interest for balances of at least 10,000 pesos or $500

3.  Abot-Pangarap Savings PlanRCBC and RSB

This is a helpful plan. It encourages you to save something every month.
You will be given 2 accounts: your recipient’s account and your own savings account
A portion of the remittance will be credited to your savings account.

No opening deposit
No maintaining balance
Minimum balance to earn interest is 10,000 pesos
You can request for a statement of account

4.  Overseas Kababayan Savings (OKS) AccountCHINABANK

No initial deposit
No maintaining balance
Minimum balance to earn interest is 1,000 pesos.
You can enroll this account in China Bank Online for free

5.  Remittance Savings AccountAllied Bank

Initial deposit of 100 pesos
Maintaining balance of 100 pesos
Choose between passbook and ATM card
Minimum balance to earn interest is 3,000 pesos for ATM and 10k for passbook

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  1. Hi Jennifer, itong RCBC account mo ba ay merong balance na more than your maintaining balance requirement? If yes, na-dormant lang ito at hindi pa na-closed. Go to your branch, present your IDs and ask to reactivate your account. Pero kung na-zero balance at na-closed na, hindi na practical na ire-open kasi babayaran mo ang mga penalties. Ang BDO at iba pang banks, once closed ang account, hindi na pinapa-reopen.

  2. Hi ma’am/sir may tanong lang po ako maam /sir x abroad ako puwde kupa ma open Yong account ko bago po ako naka alis ng kuwait mahigit 4years ako don tas ngayon dito na ako sa pinas tas ngaun ku lang na tandaan may bank account pala ako Ss RCBC….tanong kulang po puwde kupa ma open

  3. Hi Boyet, sorry hindi na puedeng ireopen kasi closed na. Wala ring BDO remittance partner sa Alberta. Try asking IRemit if they can help you open a Philippine-based bank account (maraming bank partners ang IRemit). Kung hindi sila nag-a-assist, ask about their own IRemit Visa Debit card (in partnership with Chinatrust Bank or Sterling Bank). Parang mas okay yong with Chinatrust Bank kasi Chinatrust din ang ginagamit usually ng mga SSS pensioners abroad. Address: IRemit Canada, 999 36 St NE, Calgary, AB T2A 7X6

  4. Pwede pa ba eactivate ulit yung bdo passbook account ng daughter ko sa pinas khit 2 yrs ago n syang close acount.salamat at kung hindi po pwede saan po kya pwede magopen ng account sa banko sa pinas kahit andito sa calgary canada.salamat po

  5. Pede ko po ba ipaactivate sa kapatid ko ang china bank overseas kabayan savings ko sa pinas,di kopo kc naactivate before na umalis ako salamat po

  6. Hi good day po ask ko lang po ung china bank overseas kabayan saving ko kung pede pa iactivate sa pinas ng kapatid ko di ko po kc naactivate before ako umalis?

  7. Good day. ask ko lng my bdo account is dormant for many years and if it is possible to re-activate it without having some problem of paying something? thanks in advance and God bless.

  8. hi po. ask ko lang po , pwede ba mag open ng kabayan saving account kung recipient kalang ng remmittance from abroad? thankyou for response

  9. ask lang po pano po malalaman na pumasok na sa atm ang savings account po bdo kababayan savings

  10. Hi john, yes, ask any of the BDO remittance partners in Riyadh. You will be given your passbook and atm after about a month. You can validate your atm card only at a BDO machine in the Philippines, so this means hindi mo pa magamit yong atm card mo diyan.

  11. pede po ba magopen ng bdo savings account with atm/passbook dto sa riyadh..

  12. Hi eva, meron bang Mastercard o Visa logo ang atm card mo? At na-activate mo ba ang card mo sa Phils? Kung merong logo at na-activate mo dito, puedeng mag-balance inquiry dian to see if your remittance was credited. Puede ring magwidro diyan, pero merong charges: 3.50 US dollars per withdrawal at 1 dollar per balance inquiry. Huwag mo na lang ideposit lahat ang pera mo para you do not need to withdraw. Kung walang logo, you can use this to check your remittance: BDO Remit Status Inquiry

  13. Hi poh im eva poh .Ask ko lang.Po kung pwede poh vah.Mka deposit.Nang pera dto sa kuwait sa kabayan savings account ko ..Dala ko poh ung passbook ko at atm card .At paanu.Ko po malalaman na. pumasok na yong pera ko sa account ko.At kung sakali mag.Widraw ako pwede rin vah dto mka widraw sa kuwait.Atm machine?

  14. Hi Ronaliened, ito ba yong RCBC’s Abot Pangarap? Yes, you can withdraw, but in HK, you can only withdraw through an ATM if your ATM card is active and if it has Mastercard or Visa logo. Walang over-the-counter withdrawal diyan kasi walang RCBC branch diyan.

  15. Hi, can I withdraw a portion of my money in my pangarap account here in HongKong? Thanks.

  16. Hi Mharjie, here are 2 BDO remittance partners in Papua New Guinea. Ask them if they’re offering BDO account opening. Bring your IDs, ID pictures, and copy of your job contract, just in case they need this.

  17. Hi Ms. Nora, I’d like to check if BDO or BPI or any local banks has a remittance partner in Papua New Guinea. And how can I open an account? Thank you! Please advise.

  18. katherine casilla

    im here in can I update my passbook(global filipino) here? And where can I send or deposit to my account? Thanks.

  19. Hi Roderick, here’s a list of BDO remittance partners in Saudi Arabia. There’s not one in Alhasa in the list, but if you see a branch of Al Rajhi Banking or Bank Al Bilad there in your area, you can ask if they’re a BDO remittance partner and offering BDO Kabayan account opening.

  20. Ms. Nora, presently po I’m here in alhasa ksa. I wish to open a BDO ofw account here. Where here can I possibly open an account?

  21. Hi ricky, yes, if you activated or changed your PIN here in the Philippines, and if your atm card has a Mastercard or Visa logo. Find a machine with the same logo as your card. Balance inquiry charge is one US dollar. There might be times that the Mastercard-BDO link is not working.

  22. Can I make a balance inquiry using my BDO atm at an atm machine here in saudi?

  23. Hi tatang, you need to enroll in online banking so you can track your account online. This is how to enroll in BDO online banking while abroad. Enroll a Philippine mobile phone no. that has international roaming, or a foreign phone no. that can accept texts from the Philippines. BDO texts a one-time-password every time you login.

  24. Hi po.. i want to update my kabayan saving accnt BDO,can you help me how to update it in online? Thanks and godbles!

  25. Hi Jenni, sorry BDO has no specific remittance partner in Mozambique, but you can use these international money transfer companies which have partnered with BDO:
    Moneygram, Western Union, Xpress Money, Uniteller, UAE Exchange, Ria and Sigue Money Transfer.

  26. Hello, I just want to know if there are remittance partners of BDO here in Mozambique. Thank you

  27. hello,my name is christian acosta gagtan. I’m the one of your customer in BDO. how can i register by online banking? can u please help me?

  28. Hi marites, a dollar account is better if you are able to send money regularly because the exchange rate at BDO is lower than that of money changers like Czarina or Sanrys. But remember that if you’re not able to send to your Kabayan account at least once in 12 months, the maintaining balance requirement for a regular dollar passbook account is $500. If peso account, the required balance is 10k pesos.

  29. Hi po! Ms Nora, which is better when I open account kabayan savings here abroad. peso or dollar? can you give me a good idea? thank you.

  30. Hi jhell, try if you see UAE Exchange there and ask if they’re still remittance partners of BDO. They were partners before, but in the current list, UAE is no longer in the list. You can also try Moneygram. It’s Metrobank that has branches there:

  31. Hello po. I’m here in china. my mother has a bdo kabayan savings account. At which bank can I remit here in china? Hope you can reply immediately. Thanks po

  32. Hi Bams, you can ask any of these banks or exchange centers: BDO remittance partners in Saudi Arabia

  33. hi where can I open account here in riyadh, passbook and atm?

  34. Hi Jean, if your card has a Mastercard or Visa logo and you have changed your PIN here in the Philippines, you can withdraw there at a machine with Mastercard or Visa. The charge could be 3.5 US$.

  35. I got an ofw account at metrobank. Can I withdraw here in taiwan using my card?

  36. Hi Rey, you can ask Gulf Exchange or any of these BDO remittance partners in Qatar if they’re offering Kabayan account opening. Bring your IDs

  37. How can I open bdo savings account? I am here now in qatar.i need passbook only.thanks.

  38. I opened my kabayan account but my sibling not yet applied for her card, how can I transfer my savings? how much she will pay if she will open, how long it will takes?and is it ok if ill just save save and after 3 months I will start to transfer with her? is there any deductions from my saving or not?


  39. Hi Larrnie, it should still be active, as BDO’s requirement is at least 1 remittance from abroad within 12 months. To be sure, ask here:

  40. Hi po Is my overseas kabayan savings ATM account still active if I have not remitted to it for 8 months?

  41. Hi Marisa, I saw on Metrobank’s website that there’s an inactivity fee of 100 pesos per month for a World cash card that has been inactive for 1 year. This means you should deposit to it asap, before March 31, 2015 so it remains active.

  42. Since I got my metrobank world cash card April 2014, I have not deposited to it, as In zero balance. is it still active?

  43. Hi Dianne, it should still be active based on BDO’s 12-month rule. But to be sure, ask BDO:

  44. I opened a bdo kabayan savings in pinas last march 2014. I’m in taiwan now. I have not remitted to it, not even once. Is it closed?

  45. Hi rodelio, if you’ve activated your atm card in the Phils and if it has a Mastercard or Visa logo, you can check at an atm machine there with the same logo. When you take your vacation in the Phils, enroll in your bank’s online banking and activate it in the Phils so you can check your account online. For BDO, you can write your request here: BDO Contact Page

  46. How can i check if the money I’m sending is being credited to my account?

  47. hello mam good day!! paano po yung pag open ng account sa bdo kung andto ako sa riyadh saudi arabia

  48. Hi reymund, ask the Al Rajhi Banking branch in Jubail if they’re offering BDO Kabayan account opening. Al Rajhi is a remittance partner of BDO. Make sure to remit to this account from abroad at least once in 12 months so your account remains Kabayan, a zero-maintaining-balance account. If not, the maintaining balance of a regular passbook account is 10k.

  49. may i ask if i can open a bdo savings account here in jubail saudi arabia

  50. Hi Lorelie, there’s only one BDO branch abroad, and that’s in HK. This is BDO’s remittance partner in Cyprus: Masari Payment Services Ltd, Windsor Business Center, 53 Spyrou Kyprianou, Mesa Geitonia, Limassol
    Check if there are these BDO’s global remittance partners there: MoneyGram, Ria, Xpress Money, Trans-Fast

  51. Hello, po mam,ask ko lang kung my branch kau ng bdo dito sa cyprus…thanks….

  52. Hi sherlyn, are you in Taiwan? Find a BPI accredited remittance company in Taiwan so your remittance fee will be cheaper.

  53. Saan ako pwede magpadala ng remmitance sa aking BPI international ATM?

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