Send Money from Qatar to the Philippines thru BDO Remittance

Updated March 31, 2016

Here’s a list of remittance partners of BDO in Qatar.

You can send money to the Philippines from Qatar through these remittance companies.

You can also ask if they’re offering assistance in opening your BDO Kabayan savings account.

Gulf Exchange
PO Box 4847
Doha, Qatar


Al Dar for Exchange Works
PO Box 24048
Doha, Qatar

Al Fardan Exchange
PO Box 339
Doha, Qatar

Al Mana Exchange
124 Airport Road
PO Box 5600
Doha, Qatar

Al Zaman Exchange
Souq Najada
PO Box 23497
Doha, Qatar

Al Jazeera Exchange
14 Al Sadd St.
PO Box 24413
Doha, Qatar

Arabian Exchange
PO Box 3535
Doha, Qatar

City Exchange Co. WLL.
PO Box 16081 Souq Najada
Near Arab Bank Roudabout
Doha, Qatar

Doha Exchnage Co.
Souq Wafik
PO Box 936
Doha, Qatar

Gulf Exchange Co.
PO Box 4847
Doha, Qatar

Habib Qatar
PO Box 1188 Mushirib St.
Doha, Qatar

Islamic Exchange
PO Box 17349
Doha, Qatar

There are no BDO correspondent banks in Qatar, so send money through the remittance partners listed above.

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  1. Hi Kenneth, icheck kung tama ang account number and account name. Or wait lang, up to about 5 days, lalo kung weekend napadala.

  2. Hello sir Bakit matagal Pumasok ang padala

  3. Hi May, yes, puede sa BDO kasi partner ng Al Dar Exchange ang BDO. Ibinigay na sa iyo ang reference number? Kung malaki ang padala, hahanapan ka ng additional ID. Kumuha ka ng barangay certificate, yong merong photo (kukuhanan ka ng photo using their webcam). Later on, mag-apply ka ng postal ID (digitized plastic card) para meron kang magamit next time.

  4. Helo po mis nora..ngpasend po ako ng pera sa account ko sa bdo nung dec.3 evening dto sa qatar to my Trust Exchange Co.WLL.pinachek ko sa kapatid ko tuesday morning sbi wla p daw..ngaun lng kc na ngkaganun ung atm. advice nmn po ako dtu..

  5. kung may housing loan ka at gusto mo na mag retire at age 60 pababayaran ba lahat balance mo,. at kung ica cash mo na lahat ng payment di ba nila babawasan ang interest rate?

  6. Ask lang po kng pwde mag pdala sa BDO via Aldar exchange??ano po ba ang kailangan n requiremnts??

  7. Hi Judy, hindi kasi correspondent bank ng BDO ang CBQ. Walang BDO correspondent bank sa Qatar. Kaya delayed. Wait pa maybe up to 7 days then call BDO. International Access Code-800-8-6318000 or 00-800-8-631-8000 or 00-632 631 8000
    Merong mga BDO remittance partners in Qatar.

  8. Good pm po! How long does it usually take para mareceive yung wire transfer ko? From cbq to bdo. Until now di pa din po dumadating sa bdo ko. 3rd day na po ngayon. Pls advise.

  9. Hi Ziebhar, yes, ang BDO debit card account ay puedeng tumanggap ng pera from Qatar, from any country. Basta active ang iyong account.

  10. magandang hapon! magtatanong lang po ako kung tumatanggap ng pera galing dito sa qatar ang BDO debit card account?

    hoping for your prompt feedback.

  11. Good day po paano ba mag-open ng bdo account here at doha yung may passbook savings account. Thanks

  12. we regularly send money through Aldar exchange, it takes less than an hour for it to be reflected in our BDO account. Timing is important, money should be sent before cut off time for the day, ( 8pm I think) otherwise, it will be credited the following day.

  13. Hello po. Tanong ko lang po kung paano mag send dito sa qatar ng money online sa family ko sa pinas using my bdo dollar account. Please help me. Thank you very much. Godbless

  14. Hi alex, usually the next business day ay dapat andiyan na sa account mo.

  15. hello po ask ko lang po gano po ba gano po ba katagal dumating ung pinadala ng mama ko from qatar. thru Bdo 24 hrs pa po ba yun bago dumating dto sa pinas? wala paren kase laman ung atm e

  16. Hi Lorelyn, check again tomorrow. I checked BDO’s list of partners in Qatar and they’re all exchanges like Habib Exchange, etc. (there’s no bank), so it means your bank used an intermediary to transfer your money, hence the longer time. As long as your account name and account no. were correctly entered, then your money will be transferred.



  18. Thank you Ms nora…

  19. Hi Fidel, maybe your account was locked because you logged in 3 or more times but you were not able to enter the OTP. If it’s not expensive to call, call BDO toll free if you use landline there: International Access Code-800-8-6318000 to request for unlocking. If unlocked, later on, don’t use OTP, click the Challenge Question. This is enough if you want to check your balance only.

  20. hi Ms.nora opo yes I opened here in qatar. I want to do online banking to inquire about my balance but whenever I log in, it says my account is locked

  21. hi Ms. nora, just want to ask if diactivated or naging bank acct na yung kabayan savings ko na nai-open ko last year sa Fadre Faura A. Mabini Manila? September ko lang sya na open and I’m planning to put all my cash now, pero nasakin yung passbook at atm ko. And lastly, pwede ko ba tawagan ung contact numbers for verifying na pumasok na yung hulog ko sa acct ko? thanks, -Jon,Al Gharafa Qatar.

  22. Hi Fidel, do you mean your account is newly opened or opened abroad and you want to activate your atm card? Sorry you can activate/change your ATM card PIN no. only at a BDO atm in the Philippines. But your account is already active.

  23. How can i activate my account here in qatar

  24. Hi koda, should be within 2 to 3 business days, but it can reach 5 to 7 days in some cases. If it’s been 3 business days, call or visit your branch.

  25. How many days before I can receive the money sent from qatar to the philippines? Via deposit bank to bank. Thanks

  26. Hi Jhen, you can track here: (check “Allow pop-ups from bdo website”, if your PC/browser/phone does not allow pop-ups. Did you send to a BDO account? or did you send for cash pickup? The money might need to be picked up at the branch. Ask your recipient to ask at the branch or call BDO

  27. Hi, how can I track if the money I sent was remitted? I sent via AlDar Exchange – Parko Mall Mamoura branch to BDO Pinas on April 26, 2016. Until now, April 29, 2016, the money hasn’t been received yet. We checked all the details, all correct. Why is it that the money has not arrived? Thanks po.

  28. magandang gabi po.. ask lang po aq. Nagbukas po aq ng account ONB or One Network Bank Pantukan, ComVal Branch. Nandito po aq ngayon sa Qatar. Sabi po ng teller pwd q po daw mapadala ang pera q through BDO. kng mapadala q po yun sa BDO, pano po yun mapasok sa ONB ATM q? at pano q po mlaman na napasok na sa ONB ATM q yung pera?

  29. How does it takes money send fron cb of qatar to a bdo bank from thr phl?

  30. Hi Darwin, sad to say, there’s no BDO remittance partner there in Alkhor; they’re all in Doha. But check the list of partners above, and see if they have a branch in Alkhor, then ask. Bring your Qatar ID, or passport if you hold it, other IDs. Bring the Qatari riyal equivalent of 100 pesos or a bit more for opening.

  31. Gud evening can I open a bank account with bdo here in Qatar? Where can I open here in alkhor Qatar? Is there a payment for opening? What are the requirements?

  32. I need ur advice po ms nora tank u,

  33. Gudpm po mam ask ko lang po ang kapatid kupo nag padala nang pera thru aldar exchage pwedi kuba makukuha sa bdo??? At pwedi ba ung id ko tin id lang po???

  34. Hi Erwin, do you have a bank account in the Philippines? Your family can deposit your BDO cheque directly to your bank account here. I think Al Dar won’t accept your BDO cheque because it’s not encashable there in Qatar. If you don’t have an account, try opening a BDO Kabayan at a BDO remittance partner there, See list above. Processing will take about a month.

  35. Hi, I have a BDO cheque coming from Philippines. Apparently, only me can encash that, but I am here in Qatar. If the cheque will be sent to me here, can I remit it to Philippines via Al Dar?

  36. Ok lang po ba kahit hindi napalitan yung pin nung nasa pinas pa lang aq?

  37. Hi ed, yes, he’s the one who will transfer money, so he should enroll his account in BDO online banking while abroad, and then enroll your account to his account, so he can transfer money. I’m not sure about the approval of the addition of your account to his account if it’s still the old way — it might require him to print his online enrollment and send it to BDO through postal mail in order to get approval. Of course, you know, that all these are easier when done in the Philippines, as activation is done using the atm card at a BDO atm machine.

  38. good evening! my brother is in qatar and hes planning to transfer his savings to my acct through online banking. do we need activation of his account here in philippines before he can open his savings account online to transfer money?

  39. Hi emily, yes, Kabayan is a Philippine-based account, so anybody can deposit to your account in the Philippines

  40. thank you ms nora, can somebody in pilipinas deposit to a kabayan savings account opened abroad? I have a small business in pilipinas and I plan to open here abroad an account to which my partner can deposit my money.

  41. Hi emily, here’s a list of BDO remittance partners in Qatar. Ask if they’re offering Kabayan account opening. You’ll get your atm card and passbook after maybe a month. Make sure to remit to your account from abroad at least once a year to maintain it. You can use the BDO Remit Status Inquiry to track your remittance. Then when you get back here, enroll in BDO online banking and activate your enrollment while here in the Phils.

  42. hello ms nora, I wish to open a kabayan savings here in qatar. I had kabayan savings in 2012 but wasn’t able to remit to it. I inquired when I got back there in 2014 but was told it was already closed. Can I open a new account? My previous atm is with me but the passbook is in the Philippines

  43. Mam magkano po ba bayad kng mag padala ng pera galing qatar.

  44. Hi Yan, since you have not deposited to it or withdrawn from it for more than 2 years, then your account has become dormant. If you had more than $500 in your account more than 2 years ago, then your money is intact. But if you had less than $500, it’s most likely that you were deducted by $5 each month for 24 or more months for below-maintaining-balance penalty, and $5 each month after 24 months of no deposit or withdrawal. To restore your account to active status, email BDO and ask how you can restore your dormant account to active status while you are abroad.

  45. Hi Ms Nora. How about my dollar account that I have not deposited to for more than 2 years. Have it become dormant? How can I claim it as I’m abroad?

  46. Magkanu po ang charge ng ph16000.00 pag nag padala ako sa pilipinas thanx

  47. Tanong ko lang po magkanu ang 1500qatar sa phil. Money?

  48. Hi ma elena, please just see the partner nearest where you are. There’s a remittance fee for bank to bank, or from remittance company to bank.

  49. Is there a remittance partner here in al dhakira al khor? Is there a charge if bank to bank? I have bdo kabayan ATM in the Philippines THANX

  50. Hi Joemar, yes, your customer abroad can send money to your account even if not Kabayan. All savings accounts in commercial/universal banks and in most savings banks in the Philippines can receive money from abroad.

  51. Joemar Daven Paular

    Hi, Just wanna ask. I’m from Philippines and I have my own Savings Account. I have a customer in Qatar. Can he send his payment to my Account (Savings Account) from Qatar even if the account is not kabayan account? Thank you sa response 🙂

  52. Hi. why again can’t I open at bdo online my banking acct with bdo? my account is again locked. Can’t see my remaining balance and if I remit to it again. like to see if it’s credited or not. tnx

  53. Hi adz, none. But BDO have remittance partners there. I have updated the list above.

  54. Is there a bdo Bank here in qatar?

  55. panu po malalaman kung may makukuhang retirement lump sum na walang id dahil lahat ng pinasukan ko po hindi ako nabigyan ng id number

  56. Hi Jeanie, did you change your ATM PIN when you were in the Phils? If yes, then you can try making a balance inquiry (1 US dollar charge) at an atm machine with Mastercard logo (check if your atm card has a Mastercard logo). If there’s no Mastercard or Visa logo, then use this BDO Contact Us page to inquire.

  57. Hi mam/ sir. I have a kabayan savings account and Im currently residing in Qatar, I wonder how can I check my account’s balance I brought with me the passbook at atm card. Another thing is it possible to use the atm card as a debit card here? Thank you .

  58. Hi sheena, try getting your remittance at BDO. Tell BDO the remittance is from Doha, Qatar and the remittance company is City Exchange. Bring your reference no. and IDs. Upon entering BDO, ask guard where the counter for remittance is.

  59. Hi, this is Sheena Nunez from Philippines, I just wanted to ask what remittance branch should I get a money transfer from muntazah Qatar, because my friend send me money worth 8,500.80php by al-sadd branch/ city exchange and I don’t know what branch is should I get the money, I tried in Western Union but they say its invalid number
    Pls help me where to remit the money. Thank you. Sheena Nunez.

  60. Hi bigboy, yes, you can send directly to your BDO account or your family’s BDO account. Make sure your account name and no. are correct.

  61. Qatar UAE safari branch pwede rin ba mag send sa BDO account

  62. Hi Nestor, what retirement pay is this?

  63. Gud pm, check k lng po kng my relis n po ako retirement pay k ngayon salamat?

  64. Hi fahima, yes, zero maintaining balance ang Kabayan, basta meron kang at least 1 remittance from abroad in 12 months. If 12 months pass without any foreign remittance, the account is converted into a regular passbook account, which requires a 10k maintaining balance. Pag meron kang balance, dagdagan mo para maging more than 10k.

  65. Gnon b kc dti yn pci bank tpos noon napalitan ng bdo kya sbi ng bdo ireplace dw zero maintanance balance kc refferal ng ofw ang pag open k.

  66. Hi fahima, based on BDO rules, hindi pa siya closed, pero hindi na siya Kabayan account. Regular passbook account na siya. Kung merong balance, dapat paabutin mo agad ng 10k or more ang balance para hindi ma-penalty for falling below the maintaining balance. Contact BDO:

  67. Hi ma’am/sir:
    Ask lng k lng po kng hnd pa nclose ang atm kna BDO kabayan savings kc last may 2013 k hinulogan pero hanggang ngaun hnd kna nahulogan ulit at nsa akin ngaun ang atm k dto po ak qatar ngaun.

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