Top Banks in the Philippines Based on Alexa Ranking

Here are the top banks in the Philippines based on their Alexa rankings as of April 4, 2011.  In other words, they are the most searched banks online in the Philippines.

The banks’ high rankings are a good indication:

  • that their products and services are attracting strong interest from new and old customers and
  • that their Internet banking systems are being used by more banking clients.

Only 6 bank websites were able to rank within the Top 500 Websites in the Philippines as of April 4, 2011.

  1. of Union Bank of the Philippines —  Rank #  67
  2. of Bank of the Philippine Islands —  Rank # 69
  3. of Banco de Oro —  Rank # 154
  4. of Banco de Oro —  Rank # 223
  5. of HSBC —  Rank #255
  6. of Citibank —  Rank # 494

I looked for the rankings of the other biggest banks in the Philippines, and these are their rankings:

  • of Metrobank — Rank# 631
  • of East West Banking Corp. — Rank# 669
  • of China Bank — Rank# 883
  • of Philippine National Bank — Rank# 1,296
  • of Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. — Rank# 4,090
  • of Landbank — Rank# 13,857
  • of  Standard Chartered Bank — Rank#3,570 (global), ranking in the Philippines not posted
  • of Development Bank of the Philippines — Rank# 6,193,311 (global), ranking in the Philippines not posted
  • of Deutsche Bank — Rank# 15,798

Alexa:  Some say Alexa is not accurate because there are limits to its counting, but the other popular traffic estimator, Quantcast, also has limits, so Alexa can satisfy our purposes for the time being.

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