Jollibee Padala for OFWs and Other Filipinos in Italy

Update December 19, 2012:

Here’s a list of BDO Remit offices in Italy where you can make Jollibee orders, pay them, and have them delivered to your loved ones in the Philippines.  Go to Jollibee Padala Italy


OFWs or other Filipinos working or living in Italy can now surprise their families, relatives or friends with Jollibee Padala meal treats.  You can do this with RCBC Telemoney Europe SpA in Italy.

Visit any RCBC Telemoney office in Italy, and then choose from several meal packages to send. Your order will be processed just like a remittance.  The beneficiaries will be contacted and asked if they like to enjoy the packages in any Jollibee branch or if they like the meals to be delivered to their homes or offices.

You can find here a list of RCBC Telemoney offices in Italy.

RCBC Telemoney is available in the following countries:

Asia Pacific
Australia, Brunei, HongKong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan

Middle East
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Kuwait, Israel, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar

North AmericaUnited States and Canada
California, Illinois, Nevada, Hawaii, Guam, South Carolina, New Jersey, Florida, British Columbia and Ontario

Italy, Greece, Ireland, United Kingdom (Great Britain), and Switzerland

BDO or Banco de Oro also has a Jollibee Padalang Langhap-Sarap delivery service partnership with Jollibee.  This tie-up started in 2007.  Ask BDO remittance partners in Italy about this service if it’s still on-going.

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