Philhealth Maternity Benefits

Updated December 2014:

Philhealth started implementing its Case Rates Payment system for maternity cases and other medical/surgical cases in September 1, 2011.

For Normal Spontaneous Delivery (NSD) in Level 1 hospitals and in lying-in facilities, maternity clinics, RHUs and birthing facilities, the total Philhealth benefit consists of 8,000 pesos (6,500 for the facility and health professional and 1,500 for prenatal care).

For NSD in Levels 2 to 4 hospitals, the total Philhealth payment consists of 6,500 pesos (5,000 for the facility and health professional and 1,500 for prenatal care).  Prenatal care ORs must be submitted to the hospital.

For Delivery by Caesarian Section (CS) in accredited Levels 2 to 4 hospitals and performed by accredited health professionals, Philhealth’s coverage is 19,000 pesos. 11,400 pesos is for hospital costs and 7,600 pesos is for the doctors. CS is not covered in level 1 hospitals or maternity clinics. There’s no prenatal care benefit for CS cases.

The Newborn Care Package (NCP) is worth 1,750 pesos. NCP includes physical examination, eye prophylaxis, Vitamin K administration, BCG vaccination, first dose of Hepatitis B immunization, newborn screening tests, and breastfeeding advice.


Based on recent Philhealth circulars and advisories, here are some bits of info about Philhealth maternity benefits:

Q: How much is the total maternity benefit for normal deliveries?
The total benefit is 6,500 pesos at Level 1 hospitals and in lying-in and maternity clinics.
It is 5,000 pesos at Levels 2 to 4 hospitals.

There’s an additional benefit of 1,500 pesos if you submit ORs of prenatal care services. Philhealth will refund this prenatal benefit. It will not be reflected or deducted from the hospital bill.

Many lying-in and maternity clinics require that prenatal care services are performed by them.

Q: Can I receive this maternity benefit for all my normal deliveries?
There was a plan to cover all normal deliveries. But as of now, only the first 4 births are covered under the normal delivery package.  Ask the hospital or clinic where you are giving birth.

Q: Can I automatically receive the total benefit of 6,500 pesos or 8,000 pesos for my normal delivery?

You do not always get the total benefit. The benefit of 8,000 pesos pays for the following:
– hospital costs
– for the attending doctor
– 1,500 pesos for prenatal care

For lying-in clinics or midwife-managed facilities:
6,500 pesos for midwife and facility services
1,500 pesos for prenatal care

For level 2 to 4 hospitals:
3,000 pesos for hospital costs
2,000 pesos for the doctor
1,500 pesos for prenatal care

So if you didn’t submit prenatal care receipts, you get only 5,000 pesos or 6,500 pesos. Your prenatal care refund amount also depends on the amount of ORs you submit.

Q: If I’m 1 month to 8 months pregnant now, can I apply for Philhealth membership so I can avail of the maternity benefits when I give birth?

Yes and No.
Yes, if you’re still within the deadline to be able to pay for 3 months within 6 months prior to delivery.

No, if it’s already too late to pay for 3 months prior to delivery.
But if you can accept possible denial, you can go to the nearest Philhealth and ask if you can avail if you pay for 1 year in advance. The rule about this has not yet been made very clear.

Yes, if you’re an OFW or an OFW dependent. You can avail of the benefit as long as your delivery date is within the validity dates written on your premium receipt.

The same condition for Sponsored Members. They also have validity dates, as reflected in their Sponsored ID cards.

For Employed Members, payment for 3 months of the 6 months prior to delivery are required.

Q. If the hospital or clinic is Philhealth-accredited, can I be sure that I get the maternity benefit?

No. You have to make sure that your doctor is also Philhealth-accredited.

Q: How do I get my pre-natal care benefit?
Keep your official receipts for paid prenatal consultation and care, and then submit them to your accredited hospital/clinic/lying-in/maternity facility, so the receipts will be included in the Philhealth claim. You will get your refund from Philhealth. The refund check will be in your name and will be sent to your address.  Many lying-in or maternity clinics require that your prenatal care services are done by them.

Q: When should I file my claims?

BEFORE discharge from the hospital or clinic.  Upon admission or during admission, ask the hospital about their Philhealth policies, so you have time to remedy if there are problems.

Direct filing by patients with Philhealth is no longer allowed, so submit your documents to your accredited health facility before discharge so that your maternity and newborn test cost benefits will be deducted from your hospital/clinic bill.

Now, only certain direct filing cases are allowed, such as filing for refund by overseas Filipinos giving birth abroad, by employees who are admitted and discharged during weekdays or holidays, and by patients who are asked by their government hospitals to buy medicines and supplies from pharmacies outside the hospitals.

Q. What are the documents needed to enjoy maternity benefits?

1. Updated Philhealth Member Data Record (MDR). Get this from any Philhealth branch. If you’re a dependent, your name should be written in the MDR form as a dependent.
2. Philhealth premium payment receipts.

If you’re Individual Payor, OFW or dependent, bring original and xerox copies.

If you’re employed, ask for a Certificate of Philhealth premium payments from your employer.

3. Philhealth Claim Form 1. You can ask for this form from your employer, the hospital or from any Philhealth branch. Ask for two copies, the other is for your baby’s newborn care package.

4. If you’re a dependent of your husband, bring your marriage certificate, in case the hospital asks.

6. If you have pre-natal care receipts, bring them to the hospital/clinic and attach them to the claim forms. Pre-natal care benefit is 1,500 pesos, if your ORs sum up to 1,500 pesos or more.

3. Philhealth ID or any valid photo ID, in case the hospital asks for identification.

Q. Are there other reasons why I can’t avail of Philhealth’s maternity benefits?

You CAN NOT avail of complicated maternity care in non-hospital facilities such as lying-in and maternity clinics. Avail of complicated maternity services in hospitals.

Here are exclusions (both hospital and non-hospital facilities):

– fifth normal delivery and subsequent deliveries
– normal delivery after 1 breech delivery and 3 normal deliveries
– normal delivery after 1 cesarean delivery and 3 normal deliveries
– normal delivery after 1 preterm delivery and 3 normal deliveries
– normal delivery after 1 stillbirth and 3 normal deliveries
– normal delivery after 1 normal delivery, 1 abortion and 3 normal deliveries
– normal delivery after 3 abortions and 4 normal deliveries

Exclusions in non-hospital facilities: (You should go to a hospital)
– you’re younger than 19
– you’re already 35 years old or older and this is your first time to give birth
– multiple pregnancy
– uterine or ovarian abnormalities, such as ovarian cysts and myoma uteri
– placental abnormality, such as placenta previa
– abnormal fetal presentation, such as breech
– history of 3 or more miscarriages or abortion
– history of 1 stillbirth
– history of cesarean section (CS), or uterine myomectomy, or other major gynecologic or obstetric operation

– history of hypertension, eclampsia, pre-eclampsia, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, epilepsy, bleeding disorders, renal diseases, thyroid disorder and morbid obesity

– risky conditions that may arise during pregnancy such as vaginal bleeding and premature contractions

CS will NOT be covered by Philhealth if it’s performed at a Level 1 hospital or maternity clinic.

Above exclusions are sourced from: Philhealth Circular signed by Philhealth President Rey Aquino on November 10, 2008.

Q: If my child is delivered via Cesarean Section (CS), will Philhealth cover my expenses?

Yes, as long as it is Indicated CS. Under the Philhealth Case Rate program, the coverage for CS is 19,000 pesos. This 19k is allocated as 11,400 pesos for hospital costs and 7,600 pesos for professional fees.

CS is covered only at Level 2 to 4 hospitals.

Q: What is the Newborn Care Benefit?

This is a Philhealth benefit worth 1,750 pesos for your newborn baby:
– 500 pesos for umbilical cord care, eye prophylaxis, thermal care, Vitamin K, BCG vaccine administration, and newborn resuscitation, 1st dose of hepatitis immunization

– 550 pesos for the newborn screening test
– 200 pesos for the newborn hearing screening test
– 500 pesos for the pediatrician

– Available for all normal deliveries, even for fifth and succeeding deliveries, and for CS deliveries.

Ask your doctor about it beforehand because the newborn tests must be performed within a certain number of hours after the baby’s birth in order for the tests to be paid by Philhealth. The pediatrician must be Philhealth-accredited.

Q: What’s the best way to get the maximum Philhealth maternity benefits?

Find an obstetrics-gynecologist who is Philhealth-accredited, who works in a Philhealth-accredited hospital, and who is willing to help you get the maximum benefit starting from prenatal care up to newborn care.

Or find a midwife’s clinic or a lying-in clinic which is Philhealth accredited and willing to help you get the maximum benefit starting from prenatal care, antenal care, maternity care and newborn care. Make sure that your midwife is also Philhealth-accredited.

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  1. Hi smile, if you’re giving birth this month, you should have paid for at least 3 months within Aug 2014 to Jan 2015.

  2. Hi Christine, sorry, I don’t know about Mandaluyong Annex, but you need to ask others about their experiences with the hospital and its policies. What I have observed is that in many government hospitals, when you use Philhealth, you’ll be treated under their pay program, and you will pay the doctor’s fee. And even if you’re a paying patient, you’re still required to buy supplies outside as usually they don’t have enough supplies. Ask the hospital how much you will spend if you use Philhealth and will they deduct or will you file directly with Philhealth, or if they offer No-Balance-Billing. God bless too

  3. I registered this january, I’m due in june 19 (C section). can I use philhealth? just filed for philhealth, have pin no. im based here in US (Houston), where can I pay?

  4. Hi mylene, I checked and there are no Philhealth collectors there in Houston. You can ask someone here in the Phils to pay for you for Jan to June (1,200 pesos). Your name and PIN should be correct.

  5. Hi Ma’am Nora, i’m due this coming march, my last payment to philhealth was December 2013 since i got unemployed last year.. i’m due this coming march.. i only paid jan-mar this year.. am i eligible for maternity benefits?
    and one more thing, if i’ve already paid 120 contributions since 2004, do i have to keep paying to avail philhealth benefits? i understand i will only need 120 contributions to avail lifetime membership when i turn 60. thank you very much.

  6. Hi claryz, you might be able to use your Philhealth. I emailed Philhealth and they said yes. About continuous paying, yes, keep paying from quarter to quarter to be always be eligible. Before age 60, payments for past years cannot be used for current confinements.

  7. Good morning ms, I was about to give birth this coming march. I am planning to use my husbands philhealth but he’s last contribution is september 2014, the midwife adviced me to voluntary contribute Jan-March 2015 so I can avail the benefits. My concern is I am not able to contribute this january, I’m planning it on february for I was expecting my money that month. is that okay? I don’t understand the 3 months within 6 months prior which is being said so I’m worried. And if ever how much will it cost for January to March? Thanks in advance

  8. Hi I’m giving birth this April my last contribution is september 2013 and I’m unemployed since then, if I’m going to pay January to june this year 2015 will I be avail to use my philhealth this April thanks I need your response ASAP..ty

  9. Hi Aubrey, yes, pay asap for Jan Feb and Mar so you can avail in March. Yes, you can pay in Feb, but pay asap in Feb. It’s 200 pesos per month, so payment for Jan to March is 600 pesos.

  10. Hi angeline, yes, you’re correct. It’s best to pay for Jan Mar asap, or before Feb 28. You can pay Apr to June in April. Or you can pay Jan to June all before Feb 28.

  11. Hello, my due date is this feb. I registered with philhealth last nov. I paid for oct to dec and jan to mar. Can I use my phlhealth maternity benefits this Feb?

  12. Hello po, new member po ako ng phlhealth last nov at nkapg byad nku ng oct to dec , jan to mar. Sa feb na po kapanganakan ko, pwd ku na po b mgamit ang phlheath ko ?

  13. Hi. I’m an ofw and will be going home by march. I’m planning to pay my oec by april so it will be valid till june (60 days). My due date is april 26. Am I eligible to use philhealth maternity?

  14. Hi Mary Ann, yes, as OFW, your delivery date should be within your premium payment validity dates. When you arrive, ask the nearest OEC renewal desk if you can pay your Philhealth ahead of renewing your OEC (because you need your Philhealth eligibility) and you will just show your Philhealth receipt when you renew your OEC.

  15. hi miss nora, im due this May 5, 2015 and i just pay jan-march 2015.. can i avail my maternity benefits? or if not can i still pay the previous quarter (oct-dec 2014) to avail my benefits? thank you

  16. Hello Nora, I’m an OFW and just had delivered my 3rd baby here in Dubai. May I please know what are the requirements and forms to submit when claiming the maternity and newborn care package? My premium is updated by the way. Thank you very much.

  17. Hello mrs Nora gud day po! I’m Ofw since 6 years ago and at that time I was not able to pay my contribution in philhealth because my husband is paying in owwa is same contribution in philhealth. Now I came home October 2014 and started again to pay my philhealth contribution from Oct 2014 to march 2015. Can I avail of maternity benefit, due date is on April end or May first week this is my 2nd baby.

  18. hi ms nor. I’m unemployed. last payment to philhealth was last sept.2014. can I use it for my maternity. due date this july. can I avail if I pay jan-june as a voluntary?. tnx po

  19. Hi maridel, yes, you can pay March to June or March to July 2015 so you can avail. pay with your ID at Philhealth so you can get your updated MDR and card

  20. eow po. Just applied jan 2015. Is it already active? My due is MAY2015. I paid 3mos jan-march2015. can I use it for my delivery in May. Will have cs. tnx po

  21. Hi maridel, what are important are your MDR and premium receipt. You can bring any ID. You can ask for cf1 at the hospital’s accounting/billing department or at Philhealth. If you can go to Philhealth, you can ask for your Philhealth card.

  22. Hi jennielyn, yes, you can use Philhealth in May. Pay also for Apr to June for continuous coverage.

  23. Hi ms nora, im due april 2015, my last contribution was december 2014.Can i avail maternity benefits if i will pay jan-dec 2015 contribution? Thanks

  24. Hi Ana, yes, pay Jan to March asap, on or before March 31. Then pay Apr to June in Apr, or pay Jan to June all at one time before end of March.

  25. Hi ms nora, will my philhealth number change after I become OFW following my employment in Pinas for several years? or is it the same number? I’m OFW at present, i can pay through bank?

  26. Hi ms. Nora my employer gave my certification of 6mos. contributions last year. Will use it for my delivery this may. I took my leave February. If I have them update my contributions up to February, can I use it for my delivery this may?

  27. Hi Ms. Nora I’ll start paying Philhealth 1st week of april. My due is on first week of september, can I use my philhealth by that time?

  28. Hi Belle, you use the same number (should be 12 digits), and you write your member category as OFW. Yes, you can pay through accredited banks and collecting firms.

  29. Hi Roseane, make sure you have 3 paid and posted premiums within Dec 2014 to May 2015. If not sure, pay March and April as voluntary (show Philhealth your maternity leave paper so you can pay as Voluntary).

  30. Hi joycee, yes, as you planned, pay for April to June next month, and then in July or Aug, pay for July to Sep, and you will be covered.
    But if you like, you can pay for Jan to Mar before the end of March so you can be covered this March to June.

  31. good day! can I avail of maternity benefit? June is my due date. My last payment to Philhealth is feb-july 2014. Do I need to pay and how many months to avail of maternity benefits? thanks God bless!

  32. hi ms nora, due date is april 22,2015. Can I register with philhealth and can I use it immediately for my maternity benefits this april 22,2015?

  33. Hi jackielyn, yes, register asap with your ID at Philhealth, on or before March 31, and pay for Jan to March or Jan to June.

  34. hi maam nora,
    nkpag-pamember na po aq kanina at 2quarters po binayaran ko.concern ko lang po,paano po magagamit yung mdr at id ko kapag manganak ako itong April 22 ?bgo po ba ako magpa-admitt klangan ko na po bang ipasa ang mga iyon pra maavail ko ang maternity benefits ng philhealth ko? gusto ko lang po ma-clarify yung buong details..

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