You Can Avail of Philhealth if You’ve Paid 9 Months Within Past 12 Months

Updated July 24, 2018

Starting October 1, 2018, requirement na ang nine months of premium payment para maka-avail ng Philhealth.
Itong Philhealth eligibility rule na ito ay para sa mga Employed, Self-Employed, Voluntary and Seaman Members.

Hindi na kasya yong 3 months lang.

Ibig sabihin, kapag na-admit ka sa hospital ngayong buwan, para maka-avail ka ng Philhealth, dapat nabayaran mo ang at least 9 months within the past 12 months. Pag magbilang ka ng 12 months pabalik, isama mo sa bilang ngayong month.


Para sa mga OFWs:

Walang pagbabago. Ganon pa rin ang eligibility nio na dapat ang hospitalization dates nio ay within the validity dates na nasa inyong Philhealth premium payment receipt. Halimbawa, kung ang receipt nio ay July 31, 2018 to July 30, 2019, dapat ang hospitalization dates nio ay within these dates.


Philhealth Circular No. 2017-0021:
Application of Sufficient Regularity of Payment of Premium Contributions to the Required Qualifying Contributions for Eligibility to Philhealth Benefits.


Hindi na valid ang mga notes below, kasi nag-iba na ang requirement ng Philhealth.

Now, you need only to make 3 monthly payments! 

This is for Individual Payors, Employees and Seafarers.

The nine-month payment requirement has been reduced to 3 monthly premium payments.

To avail of Philhealth coverage, you must pay for at least 3 of the 6 months prior to your hospitalization or treatment.

Kasama sa 6-month counting yong current month.

Read this for updated instructions on Philhealth requirements for Individual Payors.


Para sa mga OFWs:

You can use your Philhealth within the Validity Dates on your premium payment receipt.

Para sa mga Sponsored Members, at Indigent Members:

You can use your Philhealth within the Validity Dates on your Philhealth card.

HINDI NA VALID ang SINASABI sa BABA.  Statements below are no longer valid. 

Updated Feb 14, 2013:

In September 2010, Philhealth announced that starting July 2011, Employed Members and Individually Paying or Voluntary Members will have the same eligibility requirement — the 9 over 12 requirement — for all types of confinements or treatments.

9 over 12 means that: A member should have paid at least 9 of the 12 months immediately prior to hospitalization, in order to qualify for coverage.

But this order was reversed before July 2011.

As of February 14, 2013, the eligibility requirement is as follows:

Employed Member: 3 over 6 — Member should have paid at least 3 of the 6 months immediately before confinement, for all types of hospitalization.

Individually Paying Member or Voluntary Member:
3 over 6, for non-surgery cases and non-maternity cases
9 over 12, for maternity and surgery cases. Member should have paid at least 9 of the 12 months immediately before surgery or delivery.

Now, Philhealth has launched a new program, the Individually Paying Contract (IPC). I’m still gathering information about it. But if you lack eligibility and you need coverage for maternity or surgery, visit Philhealth and ask. You might become eligible if you commit to pay 1 year, 2 years or 3 years in advance.

September 2010 Circular:
Philhealth Circular No. 25, s. 2010,signed by Philhealth President and CEO, Dr. Rey B. Aquino on September 8, 2010, as published on

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