You Can Avail of Philhealth if You’ve Paid 9 Months Within Past 12 Months

Updated July 24, 2018

Starting October 1, 2018, requirement na ang nine months of premium payment para maka-avail ng Philhealth.
Itong Philhealth eligibility rule na ito ay para sa mga Employed, Self-Employed, Voluntary and Seaman Members.

Hindi na kasya yong 3 months lang.

Ibig sabihin, kapag na-admit ka sa hospital ngayong buwan, para maka-avail ka ng Philhealth, dapat nabayaran mo ang at least 9 months within the past 12 months. Pag magbilang ka ng 12 months pabalik, isama mo sa bilang ngayong month.


Para sa mga OFWs:

Walang pagbabago. Ganon pa rin ang eligibility nio na dapat ang hospitalization dates nio ay within the validity dates na nasa inyong Philhealth premium payment receipt. Halimbawa, kung ang receipt nio ay July 31, 2018 to July 30, 2019, dapat ang hospitalization dates nio ay within these dates.


Philhealth Circular No. 2017-0021:
Application of Sufficient Regularity of Payment of Premium Contributions to the Required Qualifying Contributions for Eligibility to Philhealth Benefits.


Hindi na valid ang mga notes below, kasi nag-iba na ang requirement ng Philhealth.

Now, you need only to make 3 monthly payments! 

This is for Individual Payors, Employees and Seafarers.

The nine-month payment requirement has been reduced to 3 monthly premium payments.

To avail of Philhealth coverage, you must pay for at least 3 of the 6 months prior to your hospitalization or treatment.

Kasama sa 6-month counting yong current month.

Read this for updated instructions on Philhealth requirements for Individual Payors.


Para sa mga OFWs:

You can use your Philhealth within the Validity Dates on your premium payment receipt.

Para sa mga Sponsored Members, at Indigent Members:

You can use your Philhealth within the Validity Dates on your Philhealth card.

HINDI NA VALID ang SINASABI sa BABA.  Statements below are no longer valid. 

Updated Feb 14, 2013:

In September 2010, Philhealth announced that starting July 2011, Employed Members and Individually Paying or Voluntary Members will have the same eligibility requirement — the 9 over 12 requirement — for all types of confinements or treatments.

9 over 12 means that: A member should have paid at least 9 of the 12 months immediately prior to hospitalization, in order to qualify for coverage.

But this order was reversed before July 2011.

As of February 14, 2013, the eligibility requirement is as follows:

Employed Member: 3 over 6 — Member should have paid at least 3 of the 6 months immediately before confinement, for all types of hospitalization.

Individually Paying Member or Voluntary Member:
3 over 6, for non-surgery cases and non-maternity cases
9 over 12, for maternity and surgery cases. Member should have paid at least 9 of the 12 months immediately before surgery or delivery.

Now, Philhealth has launched a new program, the Individually Paying Contract (IPC). I’m still gathering information about it. But if you lack eligibility and you need coverage for maternity or surgery, visit Philhealth and ask. You might become eligible if you commit to pay 1 year, 2 years or 3 years in advance.

September 2010 Circular:
Philhealth Circular No. 25, s. 2010,signed by Philhealth President and CEO, Dr. Rey B. Aquino on September 8, 2010, as published on

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  1. Hi claribel, sad to say, hindi ka eligible kung wala kang 9 monthly payments within the past 12 months prior to date of admission. Sa counting of 12 months, kasama yong month of admission.

  2. hi po paano po kung naka bayad ng 27 months tas nahinto po then it happened kailangan ang pilhealth sa hospital , di na pwedeng gamitin ang eligibility ng isang informal economy member?

  3. Hi. Im jennifer i would like to inquire because i was confuse regarding on paying my philhealth contribution as per personnel from philhealth regarding on my case on availment of maternity benefits i am going to pay for the 9 mos. back which was started from the month that my employer didn’t pay my contribution because i was resigned starting from March until now October 2018 i did not yet pay for my remittance. When i went to the bank to pay for my 9 mos. remittance the personnel from the bank told me that i am going to pay only the 3 mos. present which is only for the month of october until december.i’m going to give birth for my first baby this December 2018. Please help for my concern. Thanks.

  4. Hi Michelle, meron bang expiration date diyan sa card or ID mo? Kung wala at malapit ka sa hospital where you will give birth, puede kang magpa-check doon sa Philhealth portal nila kung andon ka pa sa list. Puede rin sa Philhealth office kung malapit sa iyo. Puede rin sa DSWD office diyan sa inyo para ma-check mo kung kasama ka pa sa list. Puede rin magtanong ka muna doon sa official na nagbigay ng ID sa yo noon.

  5. Indigent po aq paano ko po malalaman kung magagamit ko ang aking philhealth kung manganganak na aq sa april 2019…last 2016 pa ung update ko po….

  6. Hi Janine, yes, you can help register your mother at any Philhealth branch. Bring any ID or barangay certificate. Pay for April May June at puede nang gamitin starting June. In June, pay for July Aug Sep. In October, after mag-60 na siya, kumuha na siya ng senior citizen ID niya at mag-request na rin siya ng help to get her lifetime-free senior-citizen Philhealth ID doon mismo sa senior citizens’ office.

  7. Hi po. Ung Mother ko po mag 60 n siya this oct. Pwede p po ba kame magbayad kahit magadvance payment n lng. If yes po, ilang months po kaya ang pwede nmin i-advance payment. Thanks.

  8. Hi Gwendolyn, sorry, 9 monthly payments na ang requirement nila. Pero kung delivery of child ang confinement mo, puedeng kahit 3 months of payments lang, based sa “Women about to give birth” policy nila. Tanungin mo na lang tomorrow yong hospital kung saan ka maco-confine para sure — baka lang merong change sa policy.

  9. I updated my Philhealth membership as voluntary. I paid the last quarter (Oct to Dec) of 2017 and the first quarter (Jan to Mar) of 2018. Does it makes me Eligible for claims if i would be confined in February 2018?

  10. Magagamit po ba ang philhealth kung kakabayad lng ng july 2017 hanggang dec. 2017?

  11. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

  12. Hi anne, if you give birth in December or Jan, you can use Philhealth in Dec or Jan if you pay ASAP. Pag Nov, sorry hindi mo pa puedeng gamitin. Go to the nearest Philhealth ASAP with your ID and register and get your MDR and receipt. Pay for Oct to Dec (600 pesos) — you can use this receipt for Dec. You can pay for the next quarter in Jan, or you can pay for Oct to March (1,200)

  13. pwede pa po ba ako mag apply ng philhealth kahit 8 months na po ako,pero maghuhulog po ako ng pang 1 year?

  14. Good day ! This is Riezel B. Ladisla may tanong lang po sana ako related sa maternity benefits ! almost one year ko na po kasi hindi nahuhulugan ang philhealth ko ngayon nalaman ko po na buntis aq 4 months na po tiyan ko ! ask ko lang po sana kung paano po dapat ang gagawin ko para maka avail ako ng maternity benefit ! sa march po due date ko ! sana mapansin po ang message ko !

    salamat po !!1

  15. Hi po. Magagamit ko ba yung maternity benifits ko kung yung contribution ko Nag start ng july2015 until march2016 manganganak na ako this feb.2016. Thank you sa sagot..

  16. Hi po.magagamit ko po ba yung maternity benefits ko?kung yung updated contribution ko is from july 2015 til march 2016 ng panganganak ko!?

  17. Hi Yanee, you’re eligible for Philhealth. Get your cert of premium payments and your signed claim form 1 from your employer. About the 6,500 minus 5,000 equals 1,500, no, you won’t get the 1,500. What you can ask is the newborn care for your baby.

  18. Due date this Dec.18,2015, but there’s a possibility I give birth by 3rd or last week of november. I worked until Nov.1 2015. My philhealth with my employer is updated while I was working but now I’m on leave, and they won’t pay my philhealth. Do I need to pay philhealth to be sure of my benefit? I’ll be giving birth at a lying in, and the charge is p5,000 if without philhealth. If p6,500 po is the benefit for normal delivery, can I reimburse p1,500 aside from prenatal care?

  19. Hi Maricar, did the letter clearly instruct you to go to PHIC and claim 5000? Usually, when there’s a refund, the check is mailed. 5000 is the amount of benefit for normal delivery. For CS, the benefit amount is 19k. If you did not pay the hospital, or if 19k was deducted from your bill, then you already enjoyed your Philhealth benefit. I’m puzzled though that the amount is 5000 when you had CS.

  20. halu po, I gave birth last march 2015 via CS. yes I have availed of philhealth maternity with my husband philhealth as I’m his beneficiary. This June we received a letter from PHIC saying there’s 5000 we can get from PHIC. Can we claim that after 3 months of giving birth to my child?

  21. Hi jah, go to Philhealth ASAP with your ID, update your registration, and pay for Apr May and June. Get your receipt, MDR and card.

  22. Hi good day. I have contribution from sept 2013- may 2014, afterwhich I left work. Ive been unemployed til january 2015 but i resigned immediately so I paid only 1 month this year. I got married this May, and my due date will be in June. my hubby’s philhealth payment is also not consistent, and his last payment wast last year, so we want to know what to do to avail of the benefit. Thanks in advance.

  23. Hi jenny, yes, you can avail in Apr or May. Now, payment of only 3 months of the 5 months prior to hospitalization is required. But for continued coverage, pay also for Apr to June.

  24. Hi, gud day I’m individual payor. I am ofw b4 6 years and I’m paying owwa which I thought owwa and philhealth is same. so I did not pay my contribution for 6 years. when I come Oct 2014 I start paying my contribution October 2014 to now march 2015. I have doubts can u pls answer me if I can still use maternity benefits my due date delivery is April 2015 that supposed to be on May 2015 Bcoz I am cs. pls

  25. Gud ev, i’m individual payor. am i eligible for philhealth? I paid Oct 2014-june 2015, and my due date is may 2015.

  26. Hi i’m individual payor. my due date is Feb 2015. payments to philhealth were July 2014-march 2015. can i avail of maternity benefits

  27. Hi jhie, yes, you’ll be eligible. Just make sure your employer is continuously remitting your premium payments. Requirement for employees: Payment of 3 premium payments within Oct 2014 to Mar 2015.

  28. Hi! I would like to ask if I would be able to claim Philhealth maternity benefits. I am an employee and started to pay my Philhealth contribution May 2014 and will give birth on April 2015. Am i eligible for Philhealth claims? Thank you so much.

  29. Hello. Im individually philhealth payer. I’m giving birth in march 2015. I’ve paid 1,200. Which is oct 2014-march 2015 applicable period. Can i use my maternity benefits? Thanks! 🙂

  30. Hi lena, go to Philhealth with your mother, and her birth certificate or ID and 600 pesos (July to Sep). Fill up a member registration form. Under Membership Category, check Informal Sector and No Income. Pay again in Oct for Oct to Dec.

  31. hello. My mother’s indigent membership was not funded. How can she continue as Voluntary?

  32. Hi nora, ask your husband if he updated his MDR.
    Was it Philhealth that removed your name?
    If you got re-employed, you must use your Philhealth as Employed.

  33. Why was I removed as beneficiary of my husband with Philhealth? Will deliver soon. My husband is an active member.

  34. Hi chayette, did you pay April to June or April to August? If yes, you can avail. Get your updated MDR from Philhealth.

  35. hi po..november2013 po separated ako s employer ko..tinuloy ko po pilhelt ko april 2014 as voluntary member..ngaun 7months pregnant po ako at duedate ko s september…makakaavail po ba ako sa maternity benefits?TNX PO

  36. hi Tess, I’m puzzled that your government employer isn’t paying your premiums. Pay Apr to Nov, or Apr to June initially, then pay for the next months later on. The new requirement is payment of 3 of the 6 months prior to hospitalization.

  37. Goodmorning! Can I pay for january to december 2014 so I can use it for my delivery this december? Thanks

  38. Hi zel, yes, you can avail in June. You’ve paid at least 3 monthly premiums immediately before June.

  39. hi im aizel,im individually philhealth payer oct 2013-june 2014 po ang nabayaran ko…due ko po june 2014 makakavail po ba ako ng maternity benifits?thank you.

  40. Hi anivid, you can no longer pay for Jan to Mar. Companies lang ang puedeng ma-late. Pay for Apr 2014 to Mar 2015 if you like to use it this month. Ask Philhealth if you can use your Oct to Dec 2013 premium payments for this April, kasi payment of 3 months within 6 months prior to use na rin ang eligibility ng Individual Payor-Informal Sector.

  41. Hi my employer should have paid my philhealt aug to dec.. I resigned last december, and when I went to Philhealth last january I found that my employer didn’t remit my payments. I complained and they remitted my payments from Aug to Dec. Can I use my Philhealth if I pay for jan to june?

  42. Hi dem, I think it’s better if you go to Philhealth, bringing your IPC with you so you can pay the correct rate. Kasi hindi ko fully ma-get yong chart nila about IPC. Parang puede ka sa 3 years na 1800 if you paid the full 3 years in advance in 2013, pero parang 2400 na if you pay in 2014.

  43. Good day! This is an inquiry regarding my IPC. I paid in full po last year (March 7.2013) amounting 1800php.So I already qualified the Policy Contract Period for 3years (2013-2015). I was able to pay po kasi this year Jan-March amounting 600php. Nakalimutan ko po kasi yung about sa IPC ko. Can I just add 1200 kasi nga nkabayad na ako ng 600 para po 1800 for the annual payment? Thank you po!

  44. Hi charisse, visit Philhealth and ask if they’re now implementing the new requirement for individual payors, which is only 3 monthly payments within 6 months prior to confinement

  45. Hi po! ask ko lng po. im due for giving birth this dec. haven’t paid my contribution July-sept. can I pay my contribution in advance for oct-dec? just to make sure I am eligible? Thank you!

  46. Hi Rowelene, kelan ba itong 5 months na nabayaran mo? Basta nabayaran mo ang 9 sa 12 months BEFORE April or May 2014, kahit merong laktaw, eligible ka.


  48. Hi kath, hospital ang mag-accomplish ng cf2, at usually meron na silang cf2 form. Yong cf1 ang 2 sheets, for your maternity and for newborn care

  49. Hi po ulet. Last question nlng po,pra saan po yung cf2?and kelangan pa po ba un tsaka ng philhealth i.d?meron na po akong mdr and certification,OR nos.from my employee. Thanks po.

  50. Hi kath, if you’ll give birth this Sep, puede nang hindi, because you have paid for 3 of the past 6 months. Get cert of premium payment with OR nos from your employer for Apr to June or from Mar to June. Ask others too

  51. Hi po. I am expecting to give birth next week. I am on my maternity leave since july under private company. Ask ko lang po if kelangan ko pa pong magbayad from july-september para po ma avail yung benefit? Bale 10 months contribution po ang nabayaran ng employer ko. Thanks!

  52. Hi Kanneth, ang payment deadline ng Philhealth for a certain quarter ay last day of the quarter. Ngayong September, puede mong bayaran ang 3rd quarter (July Aug Sep). Hindi na puedeng bayaran ang 2nd quarter and quarters before that.

  53. Hi po. Ask ko po sana if how to compute the penalty or interest if month of May2013 ay nakalimutan bayaran. At this month lang po babayaran. Thank you!

  54. Hi febie, do you mean unemployed ka na? If voluntary ka na, dapat nabayaran ang 9 of the 12 months before your delivery month (Aug 2012 to Jul 2013)

  55. Hi can I avail my phil health benefits even my contribution is not updated? Last payment of my employer is on sept, 2012 , my due date of giving birth is on aug.28, 2013

  56. Hello jhen, if you’re currently Employed and your employer paid for June, Jul and Aug, then you’re eligible. If not employed, even if you did not pay Marc to May, but if you paid 9 of the 12 months BEFORE Sep, you’re also qualified as an Individual Payor. If not eligible as Employed or individual payor, then write Philhealth to cancel your membership and to register you as your husband’s dependent. Your husband presents this letter together with your marriage cert, ID and member registration updating form. Eligibility — Individual Payor Please ask others too

  57. Hi lailani, in case ma-confine ang father ninyo, isa lang sa inyo ang puedeng mag-cover sa kanya, meaning isang membership lang ang magamit, isang set of benefits lang ang magamit, isang claim lang at hindi x 4.

  58. hello! good evening.. i will be giving birth this sept. last week …I’d like to be a dependent of my husband because my payments are not updated. They said there should be 9 monthly philhealth premiums to avail of maternity benefits.. I stopped paying last march-may because i resigned; I’ve paid last june until now..when I started working again, am I qualified for maternity benefit? or do I need to deactivate my membership to become a dependent? pls. answer, thanks

  59. Hi len, indeed there might be some conflict; but it should be allowed because your Voluntary payments are not enough. Just explain to them. Bring also marriage certificate and your IDs. Your husband signs the member data form for updating.

  60. lailani v.hernandez


  61. thank you ms nors. last question na lang po. ok lang kaya ipacancel membership kahit my payment ako until dec 2013? thank you po super helpful ng blog nyo.

  62. Hi len, yes, maco-cover ka as dependent. For employed, payment of 3 of the 6 months BEFORE month of delivery ang required. If you were a Philhealth member before, write Philhealth to cancel your membership because you’re now unemployed and a dependent of your husband. Puedeng i-submit ito pag kukuha na ng MDR.

  63. thanks. Is it possible for me to be a dependent of my husband for my maternity coverage since he’s working? thank so much

  64. Hi len, kulang yata ng 1 month. Apr to Oct is only 7 months; with Nov 2012 = 8 months. You need 9 months. Please check my counting.

  65. hi,
    i paid nov 2012 and april-dec 2013 premium. I am now a voluntary member. Can I avail maternity benefit? My due date is last week of nov 2013. Thank you

  66. hi! i will be giving birth this month (june 2013) however my previous company was able to pay may 2012 to november 2012 which is 6 months total.. can i use my philheath with my delivery as per the revised 3 to 6 months rule? thankyou!

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