Affordable Cataract Surgery with Philhealth

There’s a friendly place along Quirino Highway in Novaliches, Quezon City where your parents can have their cataracts on both eyes removed and replaced with intraocular lenses for just a few thousand pesos, plus your Philhealth papers or their own Philhealth papers or Lifetime IDs.

Affordable Cataract Surgery with Philhealth

Your total expenses will be lower or higher than what we spent, depending on factors such as:

.  need for blood pressure monitoring

.  need for B-Scan Ocular Ultrasound test

.  type of cataract surgery

.  type of intraocular lens

.  whether patient is a senior citizen (20% discount for meds and tests)



Novaliches General Hospital 

793 Quirino Highway, Gulod

Novaliches, Quezon City

(Near SM Novaliches and Channel 5)

Eye Center Phones:

418 2293 / 0919 991 1111

Hospital Phones:

9361817 / 9387890

novaliches general hospital
Private hospital. Philhealth-accredited. 100 beds. Level 2

The doctor who operated on my mother’s eyes was board-certified ophthalmologist, DR. MA. LORENA RUTH CAPINPIN.  She’s well-trained, skilled, and experienced. She has lots of patients. And she’s brave — my mother, before the surgery, looked very frail and very old, but she took on the task. She mentioned that aside from other obvious benefits, indeed it would be great for my mother to be able to see her grandchildren again and the food she’s eating.

cataract surgery

Dr. Capinpin specializes in eye diseases, laser and microsurgery of the eye, and vitreo-retinal surgery. She trained at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital and the Singapore National Eye Center. She’s also a senior consultant partner of the Novaliches Eye Center. She also runs the Novagen Eye Center in SM City Fairview.

At her Novaliches General Hospital and SM Fairview clinics, there are always lots of patients, with several coming from the provinces. Dr. Capinpin also sees patients at the UST Eye Center and St. Jude Hospital in Manila, and at the Zabarte EENT Clinic and Eyesite Clinic in Caloocan.

Dr. Capinpin’s assistants, Diane and Che are also compassionate and cheerful. The senior ophthalmic technician, Jesus Dumbrique, is also very kind and helpful.

Before my mother’s cataracts became worse, we had her scheduled for cataract surgery at another hospital. But the doctor there kept postponing the surgery. She was afraid that something will happen as my mother was taking diabetes and hypertension medicines. I realize now there might be reasons why my mother experienced not being able to see for some time. Indeed, that blind period in the recent past has been a time of deep reflections and prayers for her.


Expense details for 2 cataract surgeries (right eye and left eye), in pesos:

   400 first consultation (500 for non-senior citizens;
consultations are free within a month after surgery)
   580 3 lab tests (ECG, FBS, Chest X-Ray)
   800 Medical clearance from cardiologist
2,652 B-Scan Ocular Ultrasound and Biometry
4,000 Monitoring of local anesthesia
and high-blood pressure
(2,000 pesos per surgery)


Post-surgery care expenses:

1,623 Eye drop (Vigamox; 3 bottles at 541 each)
1,485 Eye drop (Tobradex; 3 bottles at 495 each)
   874 Eye ointment (Tobradex; 2 tubes at 437 each)
   165 Eye drop  (Hypersalt; 165 per bottle)
   118 Acetazolamide 250 mg tablets (6 tablets)
   100 Protective glass for the eyes



1.  Prices written above may change. More eye drop bottles may be needed. Note also that most of the prices were computed with 20% senior-citizen discounts.  You might also spend more for transpo and food.

2.  Arrive before consultation hours as there are always lots of patients.  List your name with the guard if the eye consultation room is not yet open.

3.  You can get off your vehicle or taxi right at the hospital door.

4.  Parking is available infront of the hospital, adjacent to Quirino Highway.

5.  Outpatient ECG and Chest x-rays are done during business hours while FBS is done around 7 am, so plan your trips to save on costs, specially if you have to hire a driver.

6.  B-Scan is done at Novagen in nearby SM Fairview.

7.  Note the schedules of the cardiologist who will give the medical clearance. He needs the results of your 3 lab tests.  Make copies of these results, one set for the cardiologist and another set for the eye center.

8.  Pay attention to the instructions before and after surgery.  Comply with the eye drop schedules, the restrictions on activities and the need to protect the eyes from infection.

9.  If both eyes need cataract removal, choose one eye first for the first surgery. You can have the second eye surgery after 3 to 4 weeks or a bit more.

10. If 60 or older, bring your senior citizen ID, your purchase booklet, and your prescription slip, if you buy your eyedrops at Mercury Drug.


Affordable Cataract Surgery at Our Lady of Peace Hospital, Coastal Road, Brgy. San Dionisio, Paranaque City

There’s another private hospital, Our Lady of Peace Hospital, along Coastal Road in Brgy. San Dionisio, Paranaque City, that offers affordable cataract surgery. It’s a 90-bed private hospital run by the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres.

As of February 2015, the charge is 3,000 pesos if you are an active Philhealth member.
Call 825-7653 first to confirm these consultation schedules below:
Free consultations: Tuesday and Friday mornings
Surgeries: Monday and Wednesday


There are other hospitals and eye centers that offer cataract removal surgery for just the Philhealth coverage or Philhealth plus a few thousand pesos. You just have to ask around and look for them.


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