Philhealth Contribution — 2,400 Pesos a Year for Individual Payors


Updated February 8, 2018

200 pesos per month pa rin hanggang ngayon ang monthly Philhealth contribution for Individual Payors like OFWs, Self-Employed and Voluntary members.

200 pesos per month

or 600 pesos per quarter

or 1,200 pesos per 6 months

or 2,400 pesos per year

Ang mga OFWs, required na magbayad per year (one-time payment of 2,400 pesos), kasi mas mahirap at mas mahal sa kanila ang magbayad from abroad. Puede rin silang mag-advance payment for up to 3 years.

For other Individual Payors, you can choose to pay monthly, or quarterly or annually.

Parang nag-increase ang Philhealth contribution?

Yes, nag-increase, pero para lang sa mga Employees and Employers.

Nag-change din daw ang Philhealth Eligibility?

Yes. Starting October 1, 2018, nine monthly contributions within the past 12 months na ang requirement para ma-qualify ka for coverage.

Halimbawa, na-confine ka this month, magbilang ka ng 12 months paurong (isama mo this month sa bilang). Dapat sa 12 months na yan, meron kang nabayaran na 9 months.


Okay lang ba sa inyo ang pagtaas ng monthly Philhealth contribution or Philhealth premium for Individually Paying members from 1,200 to 2,400 pesos a year and for OFW members from 900 to 2,400 pesos a year?

At magsisimula na ito next year, 2012, kung walang wave of opposition from the public and from government authorities higher than Philhealth.

Sa inilabas na Circular No. 22 s-2011 noong December 16, signed by Philhealth President and CEO Eduardo P. Banzon, ang annual Philhealth contributions ng lahat ng klase ng Philhealth members ay tataas effective next year, with certain increases effective January 2012, and others effective July 2012 and January 2013.

Sa Individually Paying Member, tataas ang annual Philhealth contribution from 1,200 to 2,400 pesos.

Sa OFW member, tataas from 900 to 2,400 pesos.

Sa Self-Employed Professionals with a family income of more than 25,000 pesos a month, tataas din from 2,400 pesos to 3,600 pesos a year (pero na-declare na ito sa isang circular last 2010.)
Sa Sponsored Members, premiums to be paid by sponsors, such as DSWD and LGUs, will also increase to 2,400 pesos.

Pero nagbigay sila ng pampadulas or a way to smooth the transition to higher rates — 1,200 pesos a year pa rin kung bayaran mo agad yong 1,200 pesos for 2012 or 2,400 pesos for 2012 and 2013 within January to June 2012.

Sa Employed Members, mag-increase from 2.5% to 3% of monthly salary base, at effective ito January 2013. Ang lowest monthly premium ay 210 pesos (105 from employee, 105 from employer) at ang highest ay 1,500 pesos (750 pesos from employee and 750 pesos from employer). The lowest salary base is 7K pesos and the highest salary base is 50K pesos. An employee earning 15,000 pesos a month would pay 225 pesos a month and his/her employer would pay 225 pesos a month.

Sa Lifetime Members, wala itong effect kasi libre na sila for the rest of their lives. Available itong Lifetime membership sa lahat ng Philhealth members na 60 years old and above at nakapagbayad ng at least 120 monthly Philhealth contributions (kasama ang monthly premiums noong Medicare pa).

Philip C. Tubeza reported on on December 21 that migrant rights groups including the Blas F. Ople Center, Kabalikat ng Migranteng Pilipino, Kalahi-Advocate for Overseas Filipinos and Filipino Migrant Workers’ Group are protesting the imposition of the Philhealth contribution increase without public consultations and that Philhealth has scheduled a meeting with the OFW advocates.

Paano kaya tayo na Individually Paying Members? Sinong advocates natin? Tayo-tayo rin. Mag-comment tayo sa OWP-Philhealth sa Facebook at sa comment sections ng news articles about Philhealth sa,,, at iba pang news networks.


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