Philhealth Refund for Hospitalization Abroad

Here are the documents required to claim your Philhealth refund for hospitalization abroad:

1.   Philhealth Claim Form 1

Get this form from any Philhealth branch or download it from

2.  MDR or Member Data Record

Get this document from any Philhealth branch

3.   Official Receipt of Premium payment

4.  Official Receipt and/or Statement of Account from the Hospital

5.   Medical Certificate in English, with final diagnosis, treatment done and dates of confinement

File your claim with Philhealth within 180 days from discharge from the hospital.

Updated: January 2, 2017 — 1:05 pm


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  1. Hi,
    Nakaconfine po ako now dito sa china and tuberculosis daw po. How much can i reimburse po sa philhealth? But if if my company will pay for everything will I still get something when I go back to philippines?

  2. Hi Enzime, OFW ba siya? Ang nabayaran mo ba is from Jan 2018 to Dec 2018? If paid, yes, you can file for reimbursement kasi his confinement dates are within your Jan to Dec 2018 premium payment receipt.

  3. Hello po..tanong ko lang sana.yung husband ko naconfine last february and got discharge nung march2018 .nakalimutan ko bayaran yung philhealth nya last year nag expired na pala sya july 2017 ngayong january ko lang sya ulit nabayaran..qualified ba sya para sa reimburssement??

  4. Hi Mate, it’s an eye opener to know how expensive translations to Chinese are. It’s right that you’re trying to know if it’s worth it. I’ll email you a printscreen of the ectopic portion of the case rate list. I’m not sure which surgery applies to your case — you’re in a better position to identify which one.

  5. Hello madam Nora. is there a way to find out the allocated coverage of certain illness? In this way, we(ofw) would save time and money, whether it’s worth to apply for reimbursement or not.

    case in point,i had an ectopic pregnancy here in china and got one of my tubes removed. After surgery and hospitalization, i asked for all the documents needed for philhealth. 61 pages in chinese, I would spend 15k-20k pesos to have them translated and notarized.Should i go for it?

    thanks for any advice.

  6. Mary jane fornasidoro

    HI im maryjane naoperahan ako last january this year dito sa singapore gangrenous appendix pwede ko pa ba ma claim ang benefits na nagastos sa operation ko? Thanks

  7. Hi po. I gave birth in Canada, paid for my PhilHealth premiums hoping I can file reimbursement to PhilHealth. Would they still allow me file for reimbursement if my hospital bills were paid for by my medical insurance plan. The statement of account indicates zero charges. Please help

  8. Yes mic, yes, you still have time to file your claim. File within 180 days after your discharge. Yes, file for your CS and your son’s confinement. Make sure that your son’s diagnosis is clearly written and all docs in Arabic should be translated to English. If you can’t be home before the filing deadline, authorize your family to file your claim and to receive your check. I hope you have a Philippine account where your family can deposit your Philhealth check.

  9. hello good evening.. i had CS here in saudi arabia during the delivery of my son last dec 2016 can we still claim maternity benefits from philhealth? and my son was also hospitalized after the delivery the diagnosis for him was increased CRP can we also claim benefits for that?

  10. Hi Nora,

    Good Afternoon!

    Gusto ko sanang malaman if magkano marerefund sa akin if may minor surgery na mangyayari sa akin here sa Saudi like Tonsillectomy.


  11. Hi Ana, sorry hindi, kasi ang basis ng Philhealth ay yong date of confinement at yong premiums na nabayaran mo BEFORE confinement. Dapat qualified habang naka-confine, hindi AFTER.

  12. Faild to avail philhealth benefit dahil kulang ang hulog, next month pa ang pang 3months.. hinde nb pwedeng approved or ipasa ulit after 3months?

  13. Hi . Can we file reimbursement in uae? or it should only be in philippines? I undergo 2 surgery here in dubai. Varicocele and hernia. How much it will cost for reimbursement? thanks

  14. Hi johnalyn, ask someone to go to the branch where your documents were submitted and request to get back your original documents. Give her a letter of authorization with copies of your IDs. Write your reason for withdrawing your documents. Your representative should be able to answer questions: your name, date and time when documents were submitted, etc.

  15. Can I still get back all the documents I passed in Philhealth? I will not file anymore for claiming benefits when I get hospitalized here abroad, I only need my original documents for police report and Labour for my accident.

  16. Hi loverlose, do you mean your 2016 Philhealth receipt was up to Sep 2016? If yes, sorry, you cannot get a refund for your Nov 24 2016 operation kasi outside ng validity dates ng Philhealth receipt ang date ng surgery mo. Sa OFWs kasi, ang eligibility ng paggamit ng Philhealth ay within sa dates ng Philhealth premium receipt. Ask others too

  17. Hello po, ask q lng po. I was admitted here in jeddah last november 24,2016 for the operation of tympanoplasty. I paid 2,400 for d annual payment of philhealth b4 i workd abroad , and it was due last semptember 2016, i forgt to pay after that month. I paid again jst ds january 2017 (annual payment). Can i still get my reimbursement?

  18. Hi Lucy, sorry hindi mo ma-claim lahat. Merong fixed benefit. 9,800 lang ang lung tuberculosis. Wala akong makitang bone TB, pero yong extrapulmonary TB ay 11,900. Kung maraming confinements for the same illness within 90 days, isa lang ang ma-claim. If you’ve paid 3 SSS contributions within the 12 months prior to semester of sickness, puedeng mag-claim ng SSS sickness benefit

  19. I am working in singapore as helper and now am hospitalized.I have got lung TB and Bone TB. Can I claim all my medical expenses. Or can you advice how much can I get back ?

  20. Hi cosmo, Philhealth’s coverage for hemorrhagic stroke is 38k. If it’s stroke-infarction, coverage is 28k. There could be additional coverage if the OR or the medical certificate shows a procedure or illness that can be considered a second case rate.

  21. Hello my uncle was hospitalized for a month in Saudi Arabia due to cerebral infarction (stroke) during his period of confinement his Philhealth under OFW are still valid. Do you have just estimation how much we can reimburse based on this case Cheers!

  22. Hi Liza, the coverage for hemorrhoidectomy is 12,120 pesos (6,720 for PF and 5,400 for hospital cost)

  23. Hi im a OFW here in canada,i need to undergo hemorrhoidectomy,,how much is phihealth will cover for my hospital expences,im a member of philhealth since 2002,i didnt even use it even once.hoping for your response

  24. does this apply also for maternity benefits? i am a philhealth member and an ofw here in UAE. I gave birth here in UAE on July 31, 2014. can i avail of maternity benefits? how much will it be? (is it same as those who gave birth in phils?) what are the requirements and when is the deadline for submission? appreciate your reply on this. Thanks in advance.

  25. Hi Clarita, sorry, what I know is they’ll deny your claim. But you ask Philhealth. There might be one 1 or 2 reasons they’ll consider.

  26. can we request for reconsideration for refund after 180 days has passed?

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