Pregnant Minors Should Become Philhealth Members


If your daughter is under 21 years old, unmarried and unemployed, she is qualified as your Philhealth dependent.  Your Philhealth membership can help cover her medical needs. She does not need to register for Philhealth membership.



But if she is pregnant, unmarried, and the father of her baby is not a Philhealth member, then you need to help her register to become a Philhealth member.

Why?  So that in case her baby needs special newborn care or additional medical treatment, her baby will be covered by her Philhealth membership.

Remember that your minor daughter can be your dependent, but her baby cannot be your dependent.
There have been parents commenting on our blogs regarding the cases of their dependent daughters whose newborn babies needed special medical care.  If the minor daughters were Philhealth members, then their babies would have been covered by Philhealth.


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