Documents to Claim Philhealth Maternity Benefit — Individual Payor

If you are an Individual Payor, either Self-Employed or Voluntary,  here are the documents that you need to submit to claim your Philhealth maternity benefit:

Submit Documents to the Hospital before Discharge to get Immediate Deduction:

1.  Updated MDR or Member Data Record  (Get this from Philhealth)

2.  Copy of Receipts of Premium Payments  (Bring Original Copies)

3.  Philhealth Claim Form 1  (for your maternity benefit claim)

4.  Philhealth Claim form 1  (for your newborn care package claim)

5.  Just in case the hospital requires an ID, bring your Philhealth ID, if you have.  Bring another ID if you don’t have a Philhealth ID.

Direct Filing at the nearest Philhealth Branch

If you were not able to submit documents to the hospital, file at the nearest Philhealth branch within 60 days after your date of discharge.  File the following documents:

—  The same documents in the list above

—  PhilHealth Claim Form 2  (Filled up by the hospital and attending physicians)

—  Official receipts issued by the hospital  (or waiver by the hospital and doctors)

—  Operative record (if surgical procedures were performed)


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