Philhealth Maternity Benefits

Updated December 2014:

Philhealth started implementing its Case Rates Payment system for maternity cases and other medical/surgical cases in September 1, 2011.

For Normal Spontaneous Delivery (NSD) in Level 1 hospitals and in lying-in facilities, maternity clinics, RHUs and birthing facilities, the total Philhealth benefit consists of 8,000 pesos (6,500 for the facility and health professional and 1,500 for prenatal care).

For NSD in Levels 2 to 4 hospitals, the total Philhealth payment consists of 6,500 pesos (5,000 for the facility and health professional and 1,500 for prenatal care).  Prenatal care ORs must be submitted to the hospital.

For Delivery by Caesarian Section (CS) in accredited Levels 2 to 4 hospitals and performed by accredited health professionals, Philhealth’s coverage is 19,000 pesos. 11,400 pesos is for hospital costs and 7,600 pesos is for the doctors. CS is not covered in level 1 hospitals or maternity clinics. There’s no prenatal care benefit for CS cases.

The Newborn Care Package (NCP) is worth 1,750 pesos. NCP includes physical examination, eye prophylaxis, Vitamin K administration, BCG vaccination, first dose of Hepatitis B immunization, newborn screening tests, and breastfeeding advice.

Based on recent Philhealth circulars and advisories, here are some bits of info about Philhealth maternity benefits:

Q: How much is the total maternity benefit for normal deliveries?
The total benefit is 6,500 pesos at Level 1 hospitals and in lying-in and maternity clinics.
It is 5,000 pesos at Levels 2 to 4 hospitals.

There’s an additional benefit of 1,500 pesos if you submit ORs of prenatal care services. Philhealth will refund this prenatal benefit. It will not be reflected or deducted from the hospital bill.

Many lying-in and maternity clinics require that prenatal care services are performed by them.

Q: Can I receive this maternity benefit for all my normal deliveries?
There was a plan to cover all normal deliveries. But as of now, only the first 4 births are covered under the normal delivery package.  Ask the hospital or clinic where you are giving birth.

Q: Can I automatically receive the total benefit of 6,500 pesos or 8,000 pesos for my normal delivery?

You do not always get the total benefit. The benefit of 8,000 pesos pays for the following:
– hospital costs
– for the attending doctor
– 1,500 pesos for prenatal care

For lying-in clinics or midwife-managed facilities:
6,500 pesos for midwife and facility services
1,500 pesos for prenatal care

For level 2 to 4 hospitals:
3,000 pesos for hospital costs
2,000 pesos for the doctor
1,500 pesos for prenatal care

So if you didn’t submit prenatal care receipts, you get only 5,000 pesos or 6,500 pesos. Your prenatal care refund amount also depends on the amount of ORs you submit.

Q: If I’m 1 month to 8 months pregnant now, can I apply for Philhealth membership so I can avail of the maternity benefits when I give birth?

Yes and No.
Yes, if you’re still within the deadline to be able to pay for 3 months within 6 months prior to delivery.

No, if it’s already too late to pay for 3 months prior to delivery.
But if you can accept possible denial, you can go to the nearest Philhealth and ask if you can avail if you pay for 1 year in advance. The rule about this has not yet been made very clear.

Yes, if you’re an OFW or an OFW dependent. You can avail of the benefit as long as your delivery date is within the validity dates written on your premium receipt.

The same condition for Sponsored Members. They also have validity dates, as reflected in their Sponsored ID cards.

For Employed Members, payment for 3 months of the 6 months prior to delivery are required.

Q. If the hospital or clinic is Philhealth-accredited, can I be sure that I get the maternity benefit?

No. You have to make sure that your doctor is also Philhealth-accredited.

Q: How do I get my pre-natal care benefit?
Keep your official receipts for paid prenatal consultation and care, and then submit them to your accredited hospital/clinic/lying-in/maternity facility, so the receipts will be included in the Philhealth claim. You will get your refund from Philhealth. The refund check will be in your name and will be sent to your address.  Many lying-in or maternity clinics require that your prenatal care services are done by them.

Q: When should I file my claims?

BEFORE discharge from the hospital or clinic.  Upon admission or during admission, ask the hospital about their Philhealth policies, so you have time to remedy if there are problems.

Direct filing by patients with Philhealth is no longer allowed, so submit your documents to your accredited health facility before discharge so that your maternity and newborn test cost benefits will be deducted from your hospital/clinic bill.

Now, only certain direct filing cases are allowed, such as filing for refund by overseas Filipinos giving birth abroad, by employees who are admitted and discharged during weekdays or holidays, and by patients who are asked by their government hospitals to buy medicines and supplies from pharmacies outside the hospitals.

Q. What are the documents needed to enjoy maternity benefits?

1. Updated Philhealth Member Data Record (MDR). Get this from any Philhealth branch. If you’re a dependent, your name should be written in the MDR form as a dependent.
2. Philhealth premium payment receipts.

If you’re Individual Payor, OFW or dependent, bring original and xerox copies.

If you’re employed, ask for a Certificate of Philhealth premium payments from your employer.

3. Philhealth Claim Form 1. You can ask for this form from your employer, the hospital or from any Philhealth branch. Ask for two copies, the other is for your baby’s newborn care package.

4. If you’re a dependent of your husband, bring your marriage certificate, in case the hospital asks.

6. If you have pre-natal care receipts, bring them to the hospital/clinic and attach them to the claim forms. Pre-natal care benefit is 1,500 pesos, if your ORs sum up to 1,500 pesos or more.

3. Philhealth ID or any valid photo ID, in case the hospital asks for identification.

Q. Are there other reasons why I can’t avail of Philhealth’s maternity benefits?

You CAN NOT avail of complicated maternity care in non-hospital facilities such as lying-in and maternity clinics. Avail of complicated maternity services in hospitals.

Here are exclusions (both hospital and non-hospital facilities):

– fifth normal delivery and subsequent deliveries
– normal delivery after 1 breech delivery and 3 normal deliveries
– normal delivery after 1 cesarean delivery and 3 normal deliveries
– normal delivery after 1 preterm delivery and 3 normal deliveries
– normal delivery after 1 stillbirth and 3 normal deliveries
– normal delivery after 1 normal delivery, 1 abortion and 3 normal deliveries
– normal delivery after 3 abortions and 4 normal deliveries

Exclusions in non-hospital facilities: (You should go to a hospital)
– you’re younger than 19
– you’re already 35 years old or older and this is your first time to give birth
– multiple pregnancy
– uterine or ovarian abnormalities, such as ovarian cysts and myoma uteri
– placental abnormality, such as placenta previa
– abnormal fetal presentation, such as breech
– history of 3 or more miscarriages or abortion
– history of 1 stillbirth
– history of cesarean section (CS), or uterine myomectomy, or other major gynecologic or obstetric operation

– history of hypertension, eclampsia, pre-eclampsia, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, epilepsy, bleeding disorders, renal diseases, thyroid disorder and morbid obesity

– risky conditions that may arise during pregnancy such as vaginal bleeding and premature contractions

CS will NOT be covered by Philhealth if it’s performed at a Level 1 hospital or maternity clinic.

Above exclusions are sourced from: Philhealth Circular signed by Philhealth President Rey Aquino on November 10, 2008.

Q: If my child is delivered via Cesarean Section (CS), will Philhealth cover my expenses?

Yes, as long as it is Indicated CS. Under the Philhealth Case Rate program, the coverage for CS is 19,000 pesos. This 19k is allocated as 11,400 pesos for hospital costs and 7,600 pesos for professional fees.

CS is covered only at Level 2 to 4 hospitals.

Q: What is the Newborn Care Benefit?

This is a Philhealth benefit worth 1,750 pesos for your newborn baby:
– 500 pesos for umbilical cord care, eye prophylaxis, thermal care, Vitamin K, BCG vaccine administration, and newborn resuscitation, 1st dose of hepatitis immunization

– 550 pesos for the newborn screening test
– 200 pesos for the newborn hearing screening test
– 500 pesos for the pediatrician

– Available for all normal deliveries, even for fifth and succeeding deliveries, and for CS deliveries.

Ask your doctor about it beforehand because the newborn tests must be performed within a certain number of hours after the baby’s birth in order for the tests to be paid by Philhealth. The pediatrician must be Philhealth-accredited.

Q: What’s the best way to get the maximum Philhealth maternity benefits?

Find an obstetrics-gynecologist who is Philhealth-accredited, who works in a Philhealth-accredited hospital, and who is willing to help you get the maximum benefit starting from prenatal care up to newborn care.

Or find a midwife’s clinic or a lying-in clinic which is Philhealth accredited and willing to help you get the maximum benefit starting from prenatal care, antenal care, maternity care and newborn care. Make sure that your midwife is also Philhealth-accredited.

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Updated: January 4, 2017 — 3:32 pm


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  1. Hi tanong ko lang po pareho pong updated philhealth naming magasawa,at manganganak po ako, pwede ba namin magamit pareho philhealth benefits namin? Yung akin sa akin po gagamitin at yung sa kanya dun naman sa anak namin. Thanks

  2. Hi pwede ba akong magreimburse sa philhealth Kung pang apat na normal delivery na at may Isa na akong miscarriage? Nagpasa Kasi ako ng papers ko sa hospital for reimbursement Wala pa din hanggnag ngayon akong nakukuha

  3. Edward Christopher torrecarion

    Pano po kaka add ko lng sa wife ko as dependent and I just from my job? Can we still use the Phil health benifits????

  4. Nova Christine Ogato

    Itatanong ko po sana kung may makukuha pa po ba ako sa contribution ko last year sept. 2018 (2,400pesos) kase sabi po 1yr daw po un eh wala pa pong 1yr. Meron po ba para dagdagan ko na lang po kung sakali para sa panganganak ko this year, sept.2019edd ko po or covered pa din po ba to sa last year contribution ko po? Naguluhan po ako bigla haha. Salamat!

  5. Hi po makakavail pa po ba pag pang lima delivery na pero now palang gagamitin ang philhealth?

  6. Hello po. Magagamit din po ba ang indigent philhealth sa lying in?

  7. Hi po I am currently voluntary member but previously employee member. I am now in Uk as immigrant and I am now 2 months pregnant and il give birth here in NHS Uk Can I claim reimbursement in the future after giving birth? And how? Thanks

  8. Hi po I am currently voluntary member but previously employee member. I am now in Uk as immigrant and I am now 2 months pregnant. Can I claim reimbursement in the future after giving birth? And how? Thanks

  9. Itatanong ko lang po, ang nanay ko po ay self paying member ng Philhealth at yung kapatid ko naman ay 17years old pregnant at naka add as dependent, sya po ba ay ma eligible for maternity benefits under Philhealth? Ano po ang inclusions at exclusions? Thank you.

  10. Antonette Castillo

    Hello po . Nanganak po ako nung March 23,2018 . Nakarecieve po ako ng Benefit Payment Notice . ano po ba pwede kong gawin ? may babayaran po ba ?

  11. Hello. 18 years old po yung girlfriend ko and 8months preggy na po sya ngayon. Sa lying-in po sya manganganak. May philhealth po yung mama nya pero hindi po yata updated. Ano po ang magandang gawin sa ganitong case?

  12. Good day po miss Nor’s.nanganak po ako year 2015 sa first baby ko and nakapag hulog pa po ako hanggang March 2016 den naistop na po ngaun po I’m 7mos. Preggy and gustoq pong ituloy Sana Yung contribution ko is it possible na magamit ko po sya dis coming June/July pag nahulugan ko po Ang 1 whole year(2019)?thank you and Godbless.

  13. Hello po… New member po ako at sa online po ako nag pa registered.. ask ko lang po sa last week na ng MAY ang duedate ko sa panganganak,, pwede ko po bang hulugan para magamit ko po ang Phil health ko??? Salamat po

  14. Hi theresa, it’s good you have paid Oct to Dec 2018 and the whole year of 2019. Yes, qualified ka na to use Philhealth in June or July.

  15. good eve po, tanong ko lang po,member po ako sa philhealth self-employed po ako,kaso napatigil po ang paghuhulog ko,nag-start po uli ako maghulog nung last quarter (oct. to dec. 2018)last year,kasi nalaman ko po na preggy ako..tapos hinulugan ko nadin po ang whole quarter ngayong 2019 (buong taon na po)..due date ko po sa july 8,2019, magagamit ko po ba ang philhealth ko?salamat po

  16. Hi Dang, first time member ka ba? Kasi kung new member ka, puede mo nang gamitin this March. Pero kung meron kang records noon sa Philhealth, sa 9th month of payment ka pa puedeng gumamit ng Philhealth

  17. May benefits po ba akong makukuha sa philhealth kasi kakahulog ko lang po ngayon ng simula jan-march tapos babayaran ko rin po yung next april-june

  18. Good day po ask lang po manganganak po ako sa fabella hospital these march 2019 at balak ko pong mag philhealth ward may babayaran po ba ako sa room.nila?Thank you po

  19. if mapaaga ako sa panganganak magagamit ko pa rin ba yung philhealth ko?nabayaran ko lang is July 2018 to June 2019. Due ko this March.Nung unang ngbayad kasi ako sabi pasok pa daw kahit 6 months lang daw. Tapos nung kumuha ako ng MDR dpat daw 9mos na. Sinabihan kasi kami na baka mapaaga ako manganak ng doktor.Thank you po.

  20. Hi Jodi, pumunta ka sa clinic o hospital kung saan ka manganganak at tanungin mo yong Women about to give birth program nila, para ma-advise ka kung ano pa ang gagawin mo. Ipakita mo yong receipts na nabayaran mo na.

  21. Hi!

    Ma aavail ko po ba ang binayaran ko ngayong wholeyear ? Kasi manganganak ako ngayong march isa lang nabayaran sa philhealth ko last year, or kelangan ko pa magbayad in advance kahit isang quarter? di kasi hinuhulog ang benefits namin sa previous na employer namin kahit my bawas sa sweldo. Thank you.

  22. Good eve po..pwd p po ba sku mgfile sa philheath ng reimburse kz 5yrs regular payor aku peru dku nagamit phihealth ko nung manganak aku last july2017,hindi kz credited ng philhealth yung pinanganakan ko pati prenatal.

  23. Hi maam nor, ask ko lng po pwede koba magamit ang philhealth ko pero status doon married, pero now iba po amg ama ng dinadala ko???pwede ko pa rin ba magamit ang philhealth ko?

  24. good day! Pwde po ba ma-reimburse yung gatos sa gamot sa philhealth. CS sya nung nanganak.. thanks po more power and god bless

  25. good day! Pwde po ba ma-reimburse yung gatos sa gamot sa philhealth. CD po sya nung nanganak.. thanks po more power and god bless

  26. Hi Mitch, pumunta ka sa hospital o clinic kung saan ka manganganak at magtanong ka ng Philhealth for Women About to give birth program para ma-advise ka nila kung anong months ang babayaran mo.

  27. Hi! Tatanong ko lang po kung magagamit ko pa po maternity benefits ko? Yung hulog ko po sa PhilHealth hanggang July 2017 to February 2018 lang dahil nagresign na po ako sa trabaho. Hindi na po ako nakapaghulog ulit,simula pa March hanggang ngayon. Due date ko po manganak sa Jan. 27 2019. Kung hindi na po, pwede po ba akong humabol mag bayad? Para magamit ko po maternity benefits ko sa panganganak ko?

  28. Hi Frelly, meron bang sinabi sa inyo ng hospital kung puede pang humabol sa filing pagdating ng father ng baby mo? Kasi merong rule na dapat mag-file ng claim sa Philhealth within 60 days. At merong ospital na ayaw nang mag-file sa Philhealth once nadischarge na ang patient. Puedeng magpatanong ka sa ospital kung puede pang mag-file sa Philhealth once ma-submit nio yong birth cert plus Philhealth papers

  29. Hello po , tanong ko Lang po, kakapanganak ko Lang po cesarian section, and my philhealth po ako kaya Lang required po ang live birth Ng bata e Kasi po epapa late register Kasi namin nasa ibang bansa po ang father, at December pa Ang uwi, Ang ginawa namin binayaran nalang namin Ng full amount ang hospital para maka uwi na kami, tanong ko Lang po, pwede ko pa bang makuha Ang benipisyo later po pagkatapos ma IPA register ang bata, pwede pa po bang o process sa hospital Kung saan ako nanganak para magamit ko ang philhealth ko? Please po paki sagot …salamat

  30. Hi Elaine, yes, i-submit mo lang sa hospital para maisama nila sa claim mo for prenatal benefit yong prenatal receipts. Bring your cert of premium payments from your employer (9 monthly payments within Dec 2017 to Nov 2018) plus your employer-signed claim form 1 for you and another claim form 1 for your baby

  31. Hi Nora,

    This November 2018 na po due date ko. Dto po ako sa taguig nagpapacheck up pero sa probinsya po0 namin ako manganganak. Ung sa pinagpapacheck up’an ko po kasi hnd po nagbibigay ng receipt, ung receipt lang ng for cbc. And mga resibo lang po sa mga binili naming gamot na nirereseta sakin galing sa mercury drug ang meron ako at meron din po akong receipt na galing sa ultrasound ko from hospital sa probinsya namin pero one time lang po dun. Pwede ko po ba isama un sa pag avail? And ung mdr ko po wala ung original, copy lang po and. Employed po pala ako.

  32. Hi po. Currently employed po ko and kabuwanan ko na ng Oct 2018. Nagearly leave ako ng Sep. So ang kelangang contributions ko po ay Feb to Oct? Tama po ba? Makakarequest po ba ko ng cert of contributions sa hr namen kahit di pa nakakabayad ang employer ko para sa oct? Or pwedeng ako nlng po magbayad ng para sa sep and Oct. Thank you po.

  33. Hi nors, tanong ko lang po sana, 15k ang package ng Normal Delivery sa hospital na napuntahan ko, nasa magkano po kaya ang madededuct sa hospital bill ko. Kung palagay na 15k ang package nila? Salamat po.

  34. Hi Rina, ngayon ka lang nag-register sa Philhealth ever since? I think it’s best na pumunta ka doon sa hospital o clinic kung saan ka manganganak at tanungin mo kung eligible ka for Philhealth kahit ang bayaran mo lang is Sep Oct Nov (3 months) kasi new member ka pa lang so hindi pa applicable yong bagong rule na 9 monthly payments. Starting Oct 1 kasi, 9 monthly payments na ang required. Kung hindi puede, ask about the “Women about to give birth” program — yong magbabayad ka ng 2,400 (12 months).

  35. Hi miss nora. Ask ko lang po if magagamit ko po maternity benefits kung maghuhulog po ako ngayon. Sa november po due date ko sa panganganak. Ilang months po huhulugan ko? Wala po po hulog philhealth ko. New member po ako. thanks po. Please reply godbless

  36. Hello Po.

    My wife gave birth to our first child in December 2008 (9 yrs ago). At that time, philhealth member na kami. We were too young so we are not aware sa mga karapatan at benefits namin. Question is, can we still file maternity reimbursement? Can you email me answer please? Thanks in advance.

  37. Hi josie, yes, puede, magbayad ka ng for one-year, pero ask mo muna yong hospital o clinic where you will give birth para sure na they know about the Philhealth eligibility program for pregnant women na hindi complete ang payments

  38. hello po ,ask ko lang po nanganak po ako last april 2017 at nagamit ko na po yung philhealth ko, den buntis po ako ulit ngaun at after june 2017 hanggang ngaun diko na nahulugan philhealth ko.ano po pede gawin para magamit ko ulit un ..babayaran ko po ba ung mga 1 year halos o ngaun nlng.thanks po godbless

  39. kung public hosp, may makkuha akong benefit?

  40. Hi Dennis, yes, puede mong dependent ang wife mo kapag unemployed na siya. In September, or after her resignation, go to Philhealth with a xerox copy of your marriage cert and your wife’s resignation letter or separation document (baka lang hanapin) and fill up registration form. Check FOR UPDATING, then write your wife as your dependent. Puede ring wife mo ang mag-process in your behalf. Starting Oct 1, payment of 9 months within the past 12 months na ang requirement, so dapat tuluy-tuloy ang payments, kaya gawin mo na siyang dependent mo.

  41. Ms nora ask ko lng po kc mgreresign n po ang wife ko sa august 30 from her compny and due date po nia is feb 2019.nag start po cia s work nia ng july 2016 at ends in aug 2018 covered prin b cia ng maternity benefits ng philhelth. .o kung hindi pede ba n ako n mgdependents s knya sa philhelth ko

  42. Hi po., tanong q lang po sana., jan.6,2018… napasa na po lahat nang papers pero hanggang ngayon wala pa pong refund na natanggap or walang notification galing philhealth o sa paanakan po.

  43. Hi ma’am, 4years po sa dating work nya ang husband ko, kalilipat siya ng trabaho last march, so wala pong contribution yung april,may, june and july. Manganganak po ako ngayong august. Pwede pa po ba kami maghulog for the last months para magamit namin sa panganganak ko?

  44. hi po…tanong ko lang po ko if magregister po ako ng philhealth now tapos babayaran ko po yung 1 year na fee…pwede ko po ba syang magamit agad ngauyong month na to…8 months pregnant na po kc ako at sa hospital po ako manganganak…

  45. Hi Love, pay asap July to Sep (puede ring July to Dec) para magamit mo ang Philhealth this August, basta meron kang at least one month na nabayaran within March to May. Sa August, 3 within 6 months pa rin ang requirement, so maka-avail ka pa. Starting Oct 1, nine within 12 months na ang required.

  46. Hi po gd day po Ms Nors. ask q lg po aq kc po d q nbyaran ung June 2018 contribution q dhil nkalimutan q po,khapon q lg naalala na d q pa nbyaran pla.. i have 45 months na po sa contribution q and im pregnant po this August na po ung due date q.. pwd ko pa kaya byaran ung June until December? Magagamit q po ba ung maternity benefits q sa oras na mnganak aq sa August? Salamat po for helping.

  47. rea jane casanova

    hi po ako po c reajane ask ko lang po kong panu po kumuha ng refund para sa maternity benefits nanganak poq nung july,09 2018 ngaun lang poq nainform na may refund na nakukuha sa philhealth after manganak.

  48. Hi Karah, register ka asap at any Philhealth branch with your ID. Pay for April May June at isama mo na rin ang July to Sep (1,200 pesos for 6 months). Keep your receipt and your Member Data Registration form (MDR).

  49. Hi.,ask ko lang po kung pwede pa ba ako mg apply or mg register ng philhealth ngayon 7 months pregnant po ako.,wala po ako work.,foriegner po asawa ko,.,sayang din po kasi ma less kung my philhealth ako.,ano po requirements?.,at ano po dapat ko gawin salamat sa reply.,

  50. Hi Geraldine, yes, you can use it again kasi iba at hindi pareho ang eclampsia treatment sa delivery of baby via CS.

  51. Hi I am Geraldine na confined po ako dahil sa eclampsia sa aking pagbubuntis ng 8months pa lang ang baby sa tiyan ko at nagamit ko ang philhealth, sa aking panganganak via ceasarian sa susunod na buwan ay pwede ko pa bang magamit ulit ang philhealth ? Salamat

  52. hi just want to ask po if I can still claim my maternity benefit ? I gave birth last March 2 (normal delivery) sa accredited clinic po ako nanganak.

  53. Hi jude, sorry hindi mo puedeng dependent ang wife mo kasi walang marriage certificate. Ang pag-file ng Philhealth claim is done by the hospital (meron lang few exceptions) at dapat within 60 days after discharge from hospital at ang pag-submit ng Philhealth papers to the hospital is before discharge para madeduct na sa bill ang Philhealth benefit.

  54. hi po,member po ako ng philhealth, nanganak po ang wife ko noong 2015 sa jp rizal hospital sa calamba laguna,cs po ang panganganak nya at hindi pa po kami kasal at sa apelyido ko nkapangalan saanak namin,pwedi po ba mka claim kami ng refund?and f pwedi ano po requirements,salamat po…

  55. Hi darren, yes, you can avail in June kasi meron kang April May June payment (3 months within 6 months). Tuluy-tuloy lanh ang payment kasi starting Oct 1, nine within 12 na ang requirement.

  56. Hello mam nora,ask ko lng my hulog ako ng april to dec 2018 s june 2018ang due date ko mkkpg avail b ko ng maternity benefits

  57. Hi Clariss, I searched online kung required na ngayon yong birth cert sa maternity benefit, wala naman akong makitang new circular or news about it. Sa newborn care package, ito yong merong requirement na birth cert pero puede na yong form na ina-accomplish ng hospital, yong kahit wala pang pirma ng local civil registrar, so hindi na kelangan na meron kang ibibigay sa kanila. Ask others too. If I see something na merong new requirement, I’ll email you.

  58. Hi.

    Ask ko lang po. Nung confined ako sa hospital after normal delivery nagpasa ako ng lahat ng philhealth requirements and dineduct nila yun philhealth benefit sa bill ko. 1 month after tinawagan ako ng philhealth officer ng hospital at sinabi na kailangan ko daw magpasa ng birth cert ng baby ko para mafile yun claim or else magbabayad ako nung dineduct nila na philhealth benefit. Di ako nakapagpasa on time kasi tsaka ko lang naasikaso birth cert ni baby after nila ko mainform. Ngayon gusto nila ko magbayad ng 6200 na philhealth benefit ko sa hospital in cash kasi di daw nila nafile claims sa philhealth dahil sa lacking documents ko. Tama ba toh? Kasi dati di naman ako hinihingan ng birth cert ng anak ko para makapagclaim ng philhealth benefit. Thank you sa sasagot

  59. Hi Carla, kelangan ng Philhealth ang pre-natal receipts. About newborn care, yes, tanungin mo ang BCG at iba pang newborn care para alam mo kung anong newborn care ang wala sa clinic.

  60. Carla carmela mac lee

    Paano po kung walang resibo na binibigay kada check up? Marerefund po ba yung sa prenatal care services? Sa fisrst baby center na po sya nabigyan ng bcg vaccines hindi po dun sa lying in na pinag paanakan ko. Ngayon po aa second baby ko, kailangan ko po ba itanong about dun sa bcg vaccines?thank you!

  61. Hi Ann, yes, qualified ka for Philhealth coverage in May or June. Kung maternity clinic ka, dapat magpa-checkup ka doon sa clinic na yon kasi required para magamit mo ang Philhealth. Tanungin mo kung 4 times pa rin na checkup ang required. Ituluy-tuloy mo na ang pagbabayad sa Philhealth kasi starting Oct 1, nine previous monthly premiums na ang required.

  62. Hi!ask q lng po…katapusan po kc ng May or first week of June ang duedate q sa aking first baby..I am a voluntary payer po…at bka manganak po aq sa isang Maternity clinic o bka sa Hospital..ang tanong q po magagamit q po ba ang full benefits ng Philheath kng nag start aq magbayad ng Jan-Mar then magbabayad po aq this April para nman sa April-June???thank you.

  63. Hi Jeda, yes, covered uli ang CS mo. Ang alam ko tinanggal na yong limit na 4 deliveries only.

  64. Hi, CS delivery po kasi ako sa 1st baby ko. ask ko lang poh kung cover pa din ng philhealth kung sa second baby ko ay expected CS delivery din. I am looking forward on your soonest response. Thanks!

  65. Hi Mcquintoshe, kulang ang payment mo ng 1 month. Baka hindi tanggapin ang payment mo for Feb kasi late na (considered monthly payment pag Feb lang ang bayaran mo, or kung Feb or March lang). Kung buong quarter ang bayaran mo (Jan to March), tatanggapin this March. So ang bayaran mo na lang are March and April. Ang requirement is payment of 3 months within the past 6 months (Nov to Apr), so Jan Mar Apr ang pang-qualify mo. Puede ring Nov Jan Mar, pero bayaran mo pa rin ang April para mas sure. Starting Oct 1, nine months na ang required. Ask others too

  66. Hi, good evening po.. Tanong ko lang po.. employed po ako for 5yrs now kaso naging risky ang pregnancy ko so on and off po ako sa trabaho.. I will give birth by april. Nakita ko po na wala akong contribution ng feb and march 2018.. tsaka po dec 2017. Kailangan ko pa po ba bayaran ung feb and march 2018 para makapag avail ng full maternity benefit from philhealth? Thanks

  67. Hi blessed, palagay ko wala nang refund, kasi nag-deduct na sila ng Philhealth, so ibig sabihin yong share ng hospital lang talaga ang dinededuct nila. Ang 19k kasi na bigay ng Philhealth, yong 11400 for hospital at yong 7600 para sa doc and staff. Maraming comments dito na ganyan ang experiences. Puede ka pa ring magtanong sa hospital kung makakarefund ka once dumating na yong notice mo from Philhealth.

  68. hello, ask ko lang po dec.2017 aq na CS sa isang provencial hospital, i pay my docotor for the amount of 18,000.00 for the procedure and i have a total hospital bill of morethan 17,000.00 and 2,000.00 for my baby’s bill. i dont pay for my babby’s hospital bill for it was deducted by philhealth but for mine only 11,100 was deducted so i pay the morethan 6,000.00 amount from the hospital.marereimbursed ba yun mga na cash out ko?
    i mean yun sobra sa 19,000.00?

  69. Pero almost 4500 lang lumalabas na bill po sakin? Almost same sa scenario ni Mrs. Jean. Kami rin gumastos ng gamit at gamot which almost cost 20k. Dahil nagtrial pa yung hospital na inormal delivery ako. Pero it ended up via emergemcy CS. Si baby naging covered ko po. Parang under beneficiary. Kasi naconfine pa si baby ng 10days kaya po ganun kalaki bill niya. Nag antibiotics po kasi si baby. Nung irerelease na kami pinaiwan si baby. Kasi they found out na nanilaw daw baby ko and she had fever that time. Halos kami rin po gumastos ng gamot. Kaya naincubator pa si baby and we stayed additional 7days. Kasi naadmit ako oct 9 then nanganak ako oct 10. For discharge kami ng oct 13 kaso that day they found out may sinat si baby kaya that day kinonfine sya. Pero billed out na ko nun. Nadischarge and bill out si baby nung oct 20. Kasi they run some random blood test kay baby. Which we paid every time they request a bloodtest.

  70. Hi Armelyn, ang rule ng Philhealth is dahil wala kang binayaran sa hospital for your CS, wala nang marefund sa iyo. Yong excess sa bayad ng Philhealth ay mapupunta sa hospital at mga doctors nila. Sorry hindi ko alam kung bakit kelangan nilang magsabi ng batch. Baka batch ng para sa refund sa payment mo for your baby’s care. Yong sa baby mo kasi, merong newborn care benefit na 1,750 lang. Hindi ko alam kung yong iba pang care or treatment na ginawa sa baby mo ay merong coverage from Philhealth.

  71. Hi? I have the same issue with mrs Jean. Almost 4500 bill ko sa hospital. Pero since philhealth accredited wala ako binayaran. I just got my BPN kanina lang. And based sa BPN philhealth paid the hospital 19k. However nung bumalik ako sa hospital batch V-03 daw ako? Any clarifications po sa batch system? And by the way under my philhealth number sakin din nacharge si baby it almost cost 12700? Mejo naguguluhan lang po ako sa refund process. I kept all my receipts kasi kami rin gumastos ng mga gamot and gamit. Hope to get a response thanks!

  72. Hi? Kakakuha ko lang ng BPN ko. CS delivery ako which cost 19k based s BPN. Am I still able to received any refunds?

  73. Hi santi, puede. Maghanap ka ng lying-in na doctor ang nagpapaanak, usually yong doctor ang owner ng lying-in. Ask mo na rin magkano ang Philhealth package nila. Dapat doon ka nagpapa-prenatal check-up.

  74. gusto ko doktor magpaanak sa akin sa lying in pwede po ba

  75. Hi Enilyn, yes, puedeng ID lang.

  76. Pwede po ba kahit walang birthcertificate pg nag apply. Pwede bang i.d nalang? Please replat.

  77. Hi Jean, itago nio pa rin yong mga receipts. Pag dumating yong benefit payment notice nio from Philhealth, yon ang ipakita nio sa hospital para makakuha ng refund. Photocopy the notice for your copy. 11,400 ang benefit for hospital use and 7,600 for doctors, so kung mag-refund sila, it will be 11,400 minus 4k plus.

  78. Hi! Ask ko lang po, philhealth member po aq, nanganak ako dec31,2017 via emergency cs. Kame po bumili ng mga gamit and gamot almost 15k, yung naging bill namin is 4k plus pero wla na kme binayaran since philhealth member po ako. Then i learned 19k yung coverage ng benefit if via cs, may makukuha po ba kaming refund since hnd nmn na maximize yung benefit? By the way nka file na kme sa hospital for refund pero hnd na nila kinuha yung mga resibo, may makukuha pa rin po ba kme? Thanks po in advance..

  79. Hi Sherry Ann, nag-change na naman ang policy ng Philhealth. 9 monthly contributions within the past 12 months na ngayon ang required, pero meron silang program for women about to give birth. Kelangan lang bayaran ang one year in advance. Para mas sure, tanungin mo na lang yong hospital o clinic, kasi sila naman ang mag-eevaluate ng Philhealth receipts mo.

  80. Hello po mrs Nora may hulog po ako ng oct-dec 2017 then mag huhulog ulet AQ this jan-march 2018 magagamit ko po ba sya kc due date ko po sa panganganak sa march thank you po sa pag sagot

  81. Hi Edelyn, yes, puede ka pang dependent ng mother mo kasi 19 ka pa lang. Pero mas maganda kung meron kang sariling Philhealth para covered din ang baby mo. Maging dependent mo siya. Hindi siya puedeng dependent ng mother mo. Hindi puedeng dependent ang apo.

  82. Hi.. Magagamit po b ang philhealth ng magulang ko as dependent nya khit may sarili n akong philhealth .? Im pregnant po kasi 19 plang po ako at covered p ko ng philhealth nya at seasonal employee po kasi ako

  83. Mary Cristine L. Reyes

    gud day po,ask ko lang kung magagamit ko pa po ba ung philhealth ko pang 4 na baby ko po yung nasa sinapupunan ko ngayon,pero last year po nakunan ako,yung lying in po kasi kung saan ako nanganganak sinabihan po ako na hindi ko dw po magagamit yung philhealth ko. bakit po ganun??..isang beses ko pa lang nagamit yung philhealth ko dun sa pangalawang baby ko pls response po.

    thank you in advance

  84. Hi po ask ko lang sana if covered pa din po kaya ako ng benefits if icocontinue ko ung pagbabayad simula this month pero due date ko May 4..

  85. good day po ask ko lang po sna kung magkano covered ng philhealth in case of miscarriage.

  86. Ask ko lang if nadischarge n sa hospital at nabayaran na yung bill then after a month tumawag yung hospital at sinisingal yung patient kasi dineny daw ng philhealth in claim. dapat ba bayaran nun patient yun? hindi once na nabawas na yun sa bill eh ok na yun sa philhealth?

  87. Hi mam.. Isa poh aqung sponsored ng indigency ng philhealth.. Nanganak poh aquh october 27, 2017.. Ask quh sana poh kung marerefund ba ung mga nagastos namin sa mga gamot nung manganak ako kz pinabili samin ng ospital eh..

  88. Hi po mam nora. Ask ko lng po. Regarding sa benefit ng asawa ko at baby ko. Ung wife ko po kasi na dischage na. Pero ung baby ko is maiiwan pa dahil may infection sa dugo at iadmit sya for 1 week. Ang tanung ko lng po maga2mit ko pa po ba ulet ung philhealth pra sa baby? Kht nadischarge na ung asawa ko? Thanks po

  89. Pwede magtanung..hi Miss Nora…last payment ng philhealth ko is marcch 2017 din yong new employer ko ngstart nitong august so april to july wala akong hulog..manganganak ako january 2018..mka avail po ba ako ng benefits sa philhealth??tapos sa health center lng po ako ngprenatal kaso po miss Nora sa province ako manganak mgleave lng ako from work maavail ko po ba benefits ko?confuse lng po ako..salamat po sa sagot miss Nora..God Bless.

  90. Hi po good eve. Manganganak po ako this november. And nahinto po kc ako ng hulog last april 2017 magagammit ko po b philhealth ko or need pa mgbayaad and ilan months pa po bbabayaran ko. Thanks po

  91. hello po i’m giving birth next month.My question is okay lang po ba na hindi na iupdate ang status ko from single to married.Ang nkaregister po kasi sa phihealth ko single pa.Thank you

  92. Nomeriano samson

    Hello po matanong ko lng po kung totoo po ba ung sinasabi ng ka trabaho ko n lahat ng gastos muh sa hospital ay makukuha muh basta may resibo ka at ie apply muh sa philhealth? Meron po bang ganun?

  93. Thank u so much Ms. Nors. God bless..

  94. Hi Pax, yes, she can avail. We can avail of Philhealth until old age. Meron lang rule na if first pregnancy at age 35 or older, dapat sa hospital manganak para covered. Note that maternity benefit for normal delivery is only 5k if hospital (3k for hospital and 2k for ob) and 6,500 to 8k if lying-in. God bless too

  95. hi.. my common law wife is already 37 yo now.. and she is 7w2d pregnant.. since di pa kami kasal voluntarily member siya ng philhealth.. and updated kami maghulog.. we already have 11 yo daughter so di ito first time pregnancy.. mejo na-confused lang ako sa age limit ni philhealth.. is she can avail the said benefit kahit 37 na siya? please broaden my understanding.. thank you very much.. God bless.

  96. Hi Meg, okay yang ob mo. Can I get her name and the hospital where she works? Para ma-mention at ma-appreciate natin dito sa blog natin. Yes, pay ASAP this June for April May June, get your receipt and your MDR so you can use Philhealth in July.

  97. Manganganak po ako this july,according sa due date, and inadvice sa akin ng ob ko na kumuha ng philhealth para malessen ang expenses. Since hindi po pwedeng bayaran ang previous months, ilang months po ang dapat ko bayaran para magkabenefit? Kung magbabayad ako para sa ngayong quarter, sakop po nun ang April, May, June hndi ba? Salamat po

  98. Hi Tin, di ba pasyente naman ang pumipili ng doctor? Except lang kung sa charity dept ka ng government hospital. Mas maigi kung yong nagche-chekup sa yo, yon din ang magde-deliver ng baby mo, para alam na niya ang medical history mo. 5k lang ang coverage ng normal delivery (3k sa hospital a 2k sa doctor; minsan hindi pa ibinibigay yong 2k), so analyze mo kung ano ang better na situation.

  99. Hello po . Tanong ko lang pede po ba lumipat ako ng ibang doctor . Kasi po ung doctor na bngay sakin ng hospital hnd accredited ng philhealth . Or pede po kaya ung sakanya padin ako magpapacheck up pero iba po ang magpapaanak sakin para lang po makuha ko ung maximum benifits ng philhealth . Salamat po.

  100. Hi Loida, that means higher ang singil nila kesa sa Philhealth benefit. Marami rin kasing lying-ins na hindi kasya yong 8,000 sa kanila. So maghanda ka na lang ng additional kasi mahirap nang magtransfer pa sa ibang lying-in.

  101. Gud pm po. Philhealth member po aq. Mangnganak po aq sa lying in clinic this june 12.. Philhealth accredited po sila..pero they advised me na mag handa pa rin daw po ng 2k to 3k for additional payment..

  102. Hi ma’am. Im pregnant for 6 months na po. kung mag-register ako now sa philhealth, magagamit ko po ba pag nanganak ako. Thank you.

  103. Hi Bernie, nagamit ba ng wife mo yong Philhealth niya? Sa panganganak niya and for the baby? If yes, hindi mo na mai-a-apply ang Philhealth mo. Iisang Philhealth lang ang magagamit for each confinement. At saka pareho lang naman ang coverage amount kahit yong sa kanya ang magamit or yong sa iyo. Pag CS, dapat 19k ang coverage. Sa newborn care, 1,750. Kung meron pang treatment na ginawa sa baby, merong fixed na coverage amount yon, at pareho lang ang amount, ke sa iyo ang nagamit, or kung sa wife mo. Sad to say, fixed na ang mga coverage amounts, ke malaki or maliit ang hospital bill.
    Employed ba ang wife mo? Kasi kung employed, hindi mo siya puedeng dependent kasi meron siyang sariling Philhealth. Hindi puedeng doble ang status — hindi puedeng member and at the same time, dependent. Kung hindi siya employed, icancel na niya ang Philhealth niya, sayang din yong 2,400 a year, and then register her as your dependent (with marriage cert).
    Another thing, sabi mo last OEC mo was Jan 11, 2015, kung 2400 yong binayaran mo sa Philhealth, one year lang yon, so it expired on Jan 10, 2016. I’ve read na hindi na kasama ang Philhealth sa OEC, at hindi na rin required ang OEC for returning OFWs basta mag-register sa Balik Manggagawa database, so kung employed ang wife mo, puede ka niyang dependent, iregister ka dapat niya as dependent niya sa Philhealth, para hindi mo na kelangang magbayad sa Philhealth.

  104. Good Day po!!

    Isa po akong ofw magtatanong lang po ako kasi nanganak po ung asawa nitong last april 02, nagkataon po na cs sia meron po siang philhealth n kanya, pero sia po ung dependant ko at kasal po kami medyo malaki po ung naging bill nilang dalawa ng anak ko pwede ko pa rin po bang magamit at magfile ako s philhealth kasi uuwi po this month refundable po ba un ung last oec ko po is last january 11, 2015, mam pakiadvice naman po para alam ko ung gagawin ko once n nakarating ako sa pinas kasi po ung last time na nagatanong ung asawa ko sa mismong philheath office hnd daw pinala alam un kaya ung sa kanya po ung nagamit.. salamat po

  105. Hi Angela, your Jan to March receipt is enough to cover your April delivery. Maa-avail mo ang Philhealth coverage mo this April. Prepare your MDR.

  106. Gud Eve. buntis po ko. Ngayong april po kabuwanan ko, nahulugan ko lang po yung philhealth ko nung march for january to march. 3months palang po may hulog. Ask ko lg po kung pwede papong habulin yung past 6 month na di ko nahulugan para maavail ko yung maternity benefits. Salamat po.

  107. Hi Honeylou, okay ang lying-in na yan. Kung nagpa-checkup ka ng prenatal ng at least 4 times sa kanila, at meron kang receipts na at least worth 1,500 pesos (puedeng isama ang prenatal receipts sa ibang clinic), puedeng mag-file ng prenatal benefit na 1,500. Tanungin mo yong lying-in. Puedeng matanong kung anong name ng lying-in na yan at saan?

  108. Good evening po kapanganak ko lang lang this march 11 infact 200 pesos lang ang binayaran ko before kami madischarge sa lying kasi ginamit yung philhealth ko pero for hearing test nrefer ako sa isang prvate hospital and I pay 420 pesos sabi sakin sa lying in bigay ko daw sa knila yung receipt for refund just wanna know kung ano pa po yung marefund ko since normal naman po ang panganak ko

  109. Hi Jeremiah, dahil hindi kayo kasal, kelangang mag-register ang misis mo to get her own Philhealth. Kung mag-member at makabayad siya ngayon ng for Jan to March, puede niyang magamit this March, Apr May or June. Puedeng gamitin this March (starting the day after payment date) kahit kababayad pa lang kasi nasa last month of the quarter ang March. Magtanong ng Philhealth package sa OB or sa clinic kasi maliit lang ang discount sa childbirth (for normal delivery ay 5k lang sa ospital at 6500 sa clinic)

  110. Good evening po !!

    pano po kung kaka-member lang po sa at di pa po nakakapaghulog may benefits po ba syang pedeng makuha .gaya ng maternity benefits ?

  111. Good evening po !!

    Tanong ko lang po kung magagamit ko po ba yung benefits ko para sa panganganak ng misis ko. Di po kami kasal at ako lang po yung kahit papano nakapaghulog na. Nag start pong mahulogan yun last November 2016 lang possible po kayang makadiscount kami. hope po masagot or makahingi ng payo .Thank you.

  112. Hi Rhea, normal delivery ka? Sad to say, maliit nga lang ang coverage for normal delivery. Assistance lang daw, kasi hindi raw illness ang birth. Pag normal, benefit is only 3k for hospital and 2k for doctor. Usually pa, hindi na ibinibigay yong 2k, kundi idinadagdag sa PF ng doctor. Ano yong description na nakuha mong 1,500? For prenatal benefit? You can go back to the hospital and ask why your refund is only 1,500. Tell them you should get 5k plus 1,750 for newborn care (if you filed another claim form 1 for your baby, and they perform all newborn care services).

  113. Hello po, nanganak ako sept 2016. Almost 60k ang expenses ko sa hospital at sa doctor…before leaving the hospital, we paid all the charges…sabi kc need ko muna i update ung MDR ko, so i went to philhealth asked for updated MDR. This january 2017, ang natanggap ko lang is 1,500 refund via cheque… Updated po ako sa payment since january-december 2016. I submitted the receipts etc. sa philhealth at sa hospital. Un lang po b dapat kong makuhang refund? Parang sobrang konte naman po…

  114. Hi Iya, sad to say, ganyan talaga ang nangyayari sa mga government hospitals. Kulang sa gamit, gamot at supplies. Pasyente ang bumibili ng mga gagamitin. Hingi ka ng receipts in your name para puede mong i-refund later on sa hospital after makuha nila yong payment from Philhealth. 3k pesos lang ang coverage sa hospital, supplies and medicines. Plus 2k para sa mga doctors.


    sponsored/indigent member po ako ng philhealth. Ang sabi po wala na kong babayaran sa accredited hospital. Manganganak na ko this april 2017. Pero ako po bibili ng mga gamot, pano po un. ibig sabhin gagastos prin ako? Akala ko po kasi libre. First time ko po ito. Thank u po

  116. Hi Liza, go to Philhealth with your ID and update your records from Employed to Informal Economy (Individual payor) and then pay for Apr May June — puede itong receipt na ito for your August delivery. Puede ring pay for Mar Apr May June para continuous ang coverage mo. Get your updated MDR.

  117. Good day po ask ko lang po , kasi resigned na po ako nung feb 24. Then deducted pa sya sa salary ko for the month of feb .
    Ang question ko po is mag vvoluntary n po b ako ng bayad for march ? Due date ko po kasi is august. Medyo confused po kasi ako.
    Thank you.

  118. Good day Miss Nora…. gusto ko lang po sna magtanong nagbyad po ako s philheath ngyon ng 600 pang jan feb march dw yun so nxt month for april may june 600 ulit and then july augs sept may bbyd ulit ako ng 600 pro this coming sept 2017 ako manganganak mbibiggyan p rin b ako chnce ng philheath n bgyan ng discount s ospital???


    sponsored/indigent member po ako ng philhealth. Ang sabi po wala na kong babayaran sa accredited hospital. Manganganak na ko this april 2017. Pero ako po bibili ng mga gamot, pano po un. ibig sabhin gagastos prin ako? Akala ko po kasi libre. First time ko po ito. Thank u

  120. Hello po maam Nora .. mgtatanong sana ako if pwde po ba ako mka avail sa maternity benefits mg.eenroll pa lng po ako .. im 7 months preggy and this april aku manganganak . Magkano po ba ang mababayaran ko?
    Salamat po

  121. Hi jackelyn, yes, puede mo nang gamitin ang Philhealth this March. Tanungin mo na rin yong hospital or clinic kung saan ka manganganak. Kapag clinic, meron required na prenatal checkups mismo sa kanila para magamit ang Philhealth

  122. Hi mrs nora ask ko lng po due ko na po this month of march eh ang nbyaran ko lng po as informal sector sa phil health is Jan-march 2017 (600) makaka avail po ba ako sa phil health maternity benefits pg nanganak ako? salamat po

  123. Hi merille, yes, nasa MDR ka ng husband mo as dependent so magagamit mo ang Philhealth niya. Make sure na valid pa ang card when you give birth. Check the expiry or validity date. Kapag lying-in, dapat na doon ka nagpapa-chekup para magamit mo ang Philhealth. Kung no-balance billing ang ginagamit ng Fabella, yes, wala ka na dapat babayaran pa, basta hindi ka na mamili ng ob or room. I hope doon ka na nagpapacheckup sa Fabella para makapagtanong ka na.

  124. Hi Ms. Nora

    Gusto ko lang po malaman kung paano naman po kapag dependent ako ng Sponsored/Indigent Member? Totoo po bang covered 100% ung hospital bills kapag sa accredited public hospital nanganak?
    Paano po kapag sa accredited lying in naman?
    May prenatal reimbursement din po ba sa dependent ng sponsored members?
    Sponsored/indigent member po kasi ung asawa ko at nakalagay po sa MDR niya na dependent ako.

    Pasensya na po madaming tanong. Manganganak na po kasi ako next month as Fabella at gagamitin ko po philhealth ng asawa ko

  125. Hi Annalyn, 19k ang coverage for CS (11400 for hospital and 7600 for doctors). Sabi mo, you paid 1500 sa hospital so, 8,500+ lang ang binawas sa hospital costs mo, meaning meron ka pa dapat na deduction na 2,900+ (11400 minus 8500+). Itong 2900 na ito, puede mong i-request to refund after you receive the benefit payment notice from Philhealth. Present this notice plus receipts of meds bought outside the hospital and hospital statements and receipts. Yong 7600 na coverage for PF, usually hindi na yon nare-refund. Dagdag na sa PF nila yon. But you can ask about it.

  126. Hi po mam nora ask kolang po kung magkano babayaran sa philhealth pag kumuha ako ng 7 month pag buntis mag aaply palang po sana ako 5 months palang po tyan ko 7 months napo ako kukuha sa june 2017 po ako manganganak salamat po pls reply

  127. Good morning po ask ko lang po if may marerecieve pa ko na refund if hospital bill namin is 10k+ private ung mga doctor ko so wala sila receipt kaya discounted lang din bayad sa kanila kc me philhealth..1500 po binayaran namin sa hospital then total of 27k sa doctors kc cs… Ung mga receipt ng gamot na kmi bumili pinasubmit ng philhealth but ung receipt ng mga private doctors d po… Ask ko sana bukod po sa discount sa hospital me refund pa po ba kmi matatanggap last july 2016 po ako nanganak then 7hund + contribution ko sa philhealth

  128. Hello pO.ask ko lANGg po kung kasama po sa refund ng philtheath yung mga gamot ng binili sa labas ng hospital n merong OR.?at kung ilang buwan po ang hihintayin PRA makuha yung refund?april22,2016 po ako nanganak.thanks po.

  129. Hi relly, yes, totoo, requirement ng Philhealth na dapat nagpa-prenatal checkups ka sa lying-in clinic to avail of Philhealth there. Kung hindi pa na-change ang rules, I think at least 4 checkups in the first months of pregnancy.

  130. Hi po totoo po ba na pag wala kang check up sa isang lying in clinic di ka makapag avail ng philhealth kahit doon ka nanganak yun po sabi ng docor sa misis ko.salama po

  131. hi mam.ask q LNG Po pagkatapos q Po nanganak my nafil up Po AQ cf1 form voluntary member Po AQ.para saan Po sang cf1??sa lying in Po AQ nanganak?

  132. Hi ms. Nora, Nagwork po ako simula sept2015 to december 2016. Nagresign napo ako and start nang january di na ako nagwork. Ang duedate ko po is APRIL 2017. Maavail ko po ba ung maternity discount sa philhealth kahit hindi po ako magbyad ng january, feb and march? Pero bayad naman po ng employer ko yung whole year ng 2016. Medyo naguguluhan po kasi ako.

    Or kung hindi po pwede magbayad nalang ako as voluntary ng jan. Feb and march 2017?

    Hoping for your answer mam. Wala po kasi ako mapagtanungan. Thank you very much.

  133. Hi po. Nanganak ako last Nov 16, 2016. Ang total bill ko ay 34k at ang covered lang ng philhealth ko ay 10,500. Hindi kinover ang doctor’s fee which cost 24k. Btw, c-section po ako.

    Papano po ba ang dapat gawin para makakuha ng reimbursement sa philhealth for doctors fee?

    Wala pa ako natatanggap na sulat galing sa philhealth.

  134. Hi Alex, sad to say na ganyan ang practice ng maraming hospitals, at ewan bakit hindi nila sinusunod ang Philhealth. Yong 19k kasi na Philhealth coverage ay divided into 11,400 for hospital costs and 7600 for doctor’s fee. Yong 7600 ay idinadagdag nila sa PF ng doctor o sa mga nag-assist. If you decide so, ask the hospital bakit hindi nila ibinawas yong buong 19k.

  135. Hi po question ko lang nanganak po ako via CS then ang philhealth na nakuha lang is 12k sabi po kasi dapat 19k pag cs may marerefund pa po ba ko sa Philhealth gayun di naman po buong 19k yung nabawas sa Philhealth ko?

  136. And ilang months po ang babayaran ko para ma avail ung benefits ko. Thank you po

  137. Hello po. Nag bayad po ako sa philheatlth ng 2400 for the whole year ng 2015.. nanganak po ako ng june 2015. And 2016, hindi po ako nag bayad the whole year. And i am 8 months pregnant now. Due date ko po is jan 28- feb 9 2017. Magkano po babayaran ko po sa philhealth? To avail the benefits?

  138. 3 years po sya sa trabaho, nung June 2016, nabuntis po sya. Ang nangyari po hindi na sya nakapagfile ng resignation dahil pinauwi po sya ng mama nya sa probinsya sa madaling sabi na AWOL po sya, mula po nung June 2016 hindi na po nahulugan yung philhealth magagamit pa po ba yun??

  139. ang gusto ko po bayaran nalang mismo SA philhealth yung 7 months nya Na Hindi nahulugan pwede po ba yon? Salamat

  140. Plss help lang po, 7 months Na po Hindi nahuhulugan yung philhealth ng girlfriend ko, malapit Na po sya manganak magagamit PA po ba yun? Salamat

  141. hi Nora..
    Gud day to you..
    1 month preggy ako now..pwede ba ako makahabol sa philhealth para mag hulog para ma avail ko ang benefits??CS po kasi ako
    may philhealth ako pero dko na nahulugan baka 8yrs ago na haha…
    salamat po

  142. Hi Beth, dapat ibinigay mo ang mga Philhealth claim docs sa hospital bago ka nadischarge. Kasi sila ang nagfa-file sa Philhealth. Kung na-confine ka sa abroad, puedeng mairemburse basta complete documents. Documents for Confinement Overseas

  143. hi naconfine po ako after ng delivery ko mairerefund ko po ba ung mga gamot ko?

  144. Hi Kristy, I sent you an email yesterday

  145. HI Kristy, dapat magbayad ka ngayong Dec 31, 2016 sa Bayad Center sa mall. Pay for Oct to Dec. Ngayong araw dapat. Ngayon. Sa Jan 2017, hindi na tatanggapin ang bayad mo for Oct to Dec 2016. Dapat ngayong araw.

  146. Pwde pa ba ako maka pay this January 5 for last oct.-Dec I will give birth this February what month do I need to pay to avail my maternity?pls I need an answer mam..

  147. Hi…good pm…can I ask…I will give birth this february..maka avail po ba ako xa philhealth maternity?

  148. what if po kapapanganak ko lang last feb 2016 and nagamit ko ung philhealth ko. pagkatapos po nabuntis po ulit ako and due po ng baby is April 2017, magagamit ko pa po ba ung philhealth ko? nagbayad na po kasi ako ng June 2016 to July 2017.

  149. hi po employed po ako then bago ako nanganak inayos ko na lahat akala ko ok na ang binigay lang na receipt skin at cert of contribution ng employer ko ay hanggang july 2016 lng.. nakapanganak na po nong dec. 2 at di tinanggap ng lying in ung philhealth ko kc hanggang july lng pero ang kaltas skin ng employer hanggang nov 2016.. pinuntahan ng asawa ko agency pero ang reason nila di maihulog true online abonohan muna nmin ng 600 pesos.. wla n kaming pang abono non kaya sabi ng lying in di na daw marerefund at magagamit philhealth ko..:( antagal ko nagwork tas di ko magagamit s panganak ko

  150. ask q lng po .. last july kumuha po ng phlhealth kapatid q .. chineck q po ung contribution wala pong hulog, sabe nya hnd pa daw nahuhulugan ng dating employer nya kc daw d pa dw po sya under benefits nila,, this december manganganak n po sya ee.. pwd q po ba hulugan ung phlhealth nya ngaun para magamt nya prn??

  151. Hi Zel, yes, payment of 3 months within 6 months (past 5 months and current month) na lang ngayon ang requirement. Pero if you like, para continuous ang coverage mo, you can pay for Oct to Mar or Oct to Sep.

  152. Tnx so much po mam 4 d info..
    So ibig sbhn po e pang 4rt quarter lng ang dpt qng byaran,not 1yr?d po aq ofw.

  153. Hi Zel, yes, pay ASAP for Oct to Dec if you’re Voluntary. You can use this for your December delivery.
    If you’re OFW, pay ASAP for 12 months — you’ll be covered in Dec.

  154. Hello. Nanganak po ako tru CS last nov 2o14 at pinagbayad ako ng pang d whole yr kc kaaaply q lng dat month para makaavail ako,after d n aq nkapg hulog 4 d hul yr of 2o15 7mos q n po ngaun at dis coming dec ang duedate q 4 my 2nd child,ask po kung pwede pa po ako mkpgbyad para mgmit dis coming dec.?tnx po!

  155. Hi menchi, yes, maka-avail ka. Matagal nang na-reduced yong 9-month requirement. 3 months na lang ngayon. 3 months within the 6 months prior to hospitalization (kasama yong current month sa 6-month counting). So if you give birth in Jan2017, you will use yong Oct-Dec2016 receipt mo. I hope nakuha mo yong new MDR mo na Voluntary na yong status mo.

  156. Hi po! Dati po ako nghuhulog s philhealth kaso Na stop kasi nkapg abroad ako. Ngayong umuwi po ako nabuntis po ako. Continue KO LNG hulog KO as voluntary member. Nkapghulog ako nung july-september 2016 at ngayong oct- December 2016. Panu po yan mka avail pb aKO ng benefits kahit 6 months LNG hulog KO.ngayong january po due date KO. Tnx po

  157. Hi Shenon Rose, props to your OB for reminding you to pay your Philhealth. Yes, go asap to the nearest Philhealth with your ID and register. Check Informal Economy – No income. Pay for Oct to Dec (600 pesos) or Oct to March 2017 (1,200 pesos). Your Oct to Dec receipt will qualify you to avail of Philhealth in December.

  158. Shenon Rose M Sorreda

    Hi. Sa december po ako manganganak at pinapakuha ako ngayon ng ob ko ng philhealth. Unemployed ako at 8 months ng buntis. pwede pa ba ako kumuha ng philhealth para sa panganganak ko? Pwede po ba ako magadvance ng hulog?

  159. Hi Eve, you need to pay for Oct Nov and Dec so you can avail in Dec. Keep your receipt and your MDR

  160. Good morning po, nag start ako mag hulog September 2014 at ang huli kung hulog sa PHILHEALTH July 2016 and Due date ko na this coming December ma aavial ko po ba ung maternity benefits? Plz help me thanks

  161. Hi Trexie, sorry di ko lahat ma-gets. Ang benefit for normal delivery ay 5000 (2000 for doctor at 3000 for hospital). For newborn care, ito ay 1750 (merong mga detailed costing). Kung 9250 ang hospital, 9250 minus 3000 = 6250 ang balance na babayaran mo. Kung 2810 ang doctor, 2810 minus 2000 = 810 ang balance na babayaran mo. Kung 1825 ang newborn care, 1825 – 1750 = 75 ang balance na babayaran mo, pero puedeng mas mataas pa ang balance mo, kasi yong kuentada sa newborn care ay naka-detail din kung saan dapat gagamitin yong 1750. So ang babayaran mo is 6250 plus 810 plus newborn care. Mag-comment na lang uli kung I did not get your question correctly

  162. Hi!ms.nora ang case name po is maternal factors+NBS ang rate po nya is php9,250.00 din doctors’PF is 2,810 din phic benefit is 6,440.00 ang total hospital charges of my dependent is only 1,825.00 minus 6,440.00 nang phic benefit mayron pa pong 4,615.00..makukuha po ba nakin yan?Philhealth-accredited po yong pediatrician.

  163. Hi Beverly, i-ready mo lang yong Philhealth receipt at MDR mo, then i-file mo sa clinic/hospital upon admission. Sign 2 claim forms (one for you and another for your baby’s newborn care). Ask your OB or midwife her Philhealth package rate so you can prepare kung malaki pa ang kulang. Ask her kung kasama na newborn care sa package niya.

  164. Hi kakahulog ko lang ulit ng Philhealth ko this Quarter ng OCt to Dec for my Second Baby sa Feb ang Due date ko
    last ako nghulog nung sa Panganay kong anak tas d na ako nag hulog After nun,
    Paano maka avail ng Maternity at newborn care? Di ko masyadong maintindihan pupunta ba ako sa Philhealth for that package or automatic na naka avail na ko sa Package na yun dahil Member na ko ng Philhealth

  165. Philhealth-accredited po yong pediatrician.

  166. Hi!ms.nora ang case name po is maternal factors+NBS ang rate po nya is php9,250.00 din doctors’PF is 2,810 din phic benefit is 6,440.00 ang total hospital charges of my dependent is only 1,825.00 minus 6,440.00 nang phic benefit mayron pa pong 4,615.00..makukuha po ba nakin yan?

  167. Hi Trexie, maternity and newborn care ang alam kong sabay na member at dependent. Do you mean yong newborn care benefit na 1,750? Dapat na-file nio agad with the hospital para na-deduct. Ask nio na lang yong hospital. Kung hindi Philhealth-accredited yong pediatrician, hindi ma-avail ang newborn care benefit.

  168. Hello!po. What if po ang member is wala na syang allowable refund but her dependent is meron pong allowable refund makukuha po ba namin?

  169. Hi Rich, yong ibang hospital kasi hindi magkasya sa kanila yong 5000 (delivery) at 1750 (newborn care) na bigay ng Philhealth, kaya sinisingil pa nila ang patient. Meron kang bill? Nakasulat ba ron yong total expenses at yong Philhealth deduction? Kasi kung nadeduct na ron ang Philhealth, ibig sabihin na-avail mo na ang Philhealth benefit na 5000 at 1750 at wala ka nang marerefund pa.

  170. Hi ms.nora kalalabas kolang po ng hospital oct13 ak nanganak oct15 2016 po ak na discharge s hospital pang anim kopo anak…nagbayad po ak ng 1244.50 p po binayaran ko.. s baby 800…bkt po gnun may bbyran p kht may philhealth na…ano po ba claim benefits ang ggmitin ko pra mkpag claim skn at sa baby…ano po need requirements na ipasa…thank u po

  171. Hi anne, yes, fixed ang refund, the same as deliveries here. Pag normal delivery, 5k pesos ang refund at 19k pag CS. Here’s a list of documents required for overseas hospitalization

  172. Hi Ms. Nora, is there any maternity benefits for an ofw delivered outside the philippines? what are the requirements and procedure?

  173. Hi Rose Lyn, receipts of at least 1,500 worth or prenatal expenses. Yes, ultrasound, puede. Prenatal meds and consultation fees. Submit ORs to the hospital together with your claim forms. If lying-in manganganak, dapat doon din ang prenatal checkups para maka-claim ng prenatal benefit.

  174. hi ask ask ko lang po .. anu po ba ang cover ng pre natal benefits… and anu po need dun.. ung resibo po ba ng pagpapa ultra sound ko un po ba un… ??

  175. Hi Bheb, did you mean you did not file Philhealth papers sa lying-in? Philhealth accredited ba ang lying-in? Merong deadline ang pag-file sa Philhealth, dapat within 60 days after discharge, at saka dapat yong lying-in ang mag-file sa Philhealth, kaya dapat nai-submit ang papers sa Philhealth before discharge, kung accredited yong lying-in.

  176. Hi miss nora. Hi. Good evening. I want to ask lng about my meternity benefits. Ngwork ako for 1 yr then ngresign. Ngresign ako this month of may lng. Nangank po ako nung july29. Sa lying inn, then nconfine po baby ko 4 days s hsptal. Our bill is 10 k somethng but nsa 1k nlng bnyarn may benfits pba ako na mkkuha? Recently ko lng kasi nalaman ang about s phlhealth maternity benefits. My mcclaim po b ako? Two months old npo baby ko now.

  177. Hi Sheryll, nag-submit ka ba ng Philhealth papers mo sa kanila? 5500 ang Philhealth package nila? At 5500 ang binayaran mo? If yes, sorry, I think wala ka nang mare-refund pa. Kasi yon ang singil nila. Ewan ko ba kasi na hindi na lang nila sabihin na 12k ang singil nila pag without Philhealth, pero kapag merong Philhealth ay minus 6500, so 5500 na lang ang bayaran, para wala nang question, tutal nasa kanila naman ang magpresyo, kung magkano ang gusto nila. Ang feeling ko, ang mga clinics or hospitals, they prefer ALL CASH, na walang Philhealth ang patient, kasi maraming paperwork pag merong Philhealth, bukod sa matagal magbayad ang Philhealth, so they prefer ALL CASH. Tinatanggap lang nila ang Philhealth, kasi dagdag pasyente rin, at saka by-law na dapat tanggapin nila lahat ng patients. Sorry kung lalo kang naguluhan, but I hope it helped… 🙂

  178. naguguluhan po ako s ob ko. i ask them hoe much ang package if i gave birth sa clinic nila. nsa 8k daw po. pero kpg may philhealth 5500 including newborn screening. kung ang maternity package po is 6500. db dapat po 1500 lng ang bayaran ko. 8000 less 6500

  179. panu po kung nkabayad n ko ng ful s lying in clinic. panu ko po mareinburse mga benefits ko.

  180. Ahh okay now i know na po thanks for the info. Ms. Nora. Have a nice day 🙂

  181. Hi Michelle, so sad na hindi nila sinabi sa iyo about the prenatal benefit. If you like, puede mong i-text uli yong midwife kung puede mong makuha yong prenatal benefit na 1,500 kasi 8k naman ang ibinigay ng Philhealth sa kanila (just to check kung ano ang sagot nila). Meron pa nga dapat newborn care benefit na 1,750, pero hindi lahat ito naa-avail for various reasons. Sa 2nd pregnancy mo na lang tanungin about this sa lying-in. Just take comfort na lang that you and your baby are okay, and it could have been much costlier if you gave birth at a hospital. If hospital, usually 3k lang ang deduction nila, tapos malaki pa ang bill.

  182. Sad to say ms. Nora,No po. 1st timer motherhood po ako. And ako lang po lahat nag asikaso before ako manganak. And yes dun po ako mismo nagpa- prenatal check up from the start til makapanganak ako.

  183. Hi Michelle, yong 8k coverage ay 6500 for the lying-in at 1,500 for prenatal kung doon ka nagpa-prenatal checkup sa lying-in at nag-submit ka ng prenatal ORs. Sad to say na kung sinabi na nilang wala kang marerefund, wala na talaga, kasi dedepensahan nila yong kanila. Sasabihin nila na ang total bill mo ay 13,500, so minus 6,500 from Philhealth, ang balance ay 7k, that’s why 7k ang binayaran mo. Ang mga lying-in o hospitals naman, they can bill whatever amount they want. Wala bang bill na nabigay sa yo when you were discharged?

  184. Hi ms. Nora ask ko lang nanganak ako nung nakaraang taon sa 1st baby ko on sept. 20,2015 member po ako. Pinanganak ko sya sa lying in.Nagpunta po ako sa philhealth then nag ask ako if may makuha ba akong maternity reimbursement after. Nagbayad kasi ako nuon ng 7k. That’s my total bills kasi may philhealth ako. If I’m not mistaken po if wala pong philhealth aabot daw po sya ng 10k.ang sabi naman daw ng tinanungan ko na staff ng philhealth dapat daw wala na akong bayaran nun kasi coverage daw nila is 8k.Nagulat po ako if ganun nga.pero If total 10k ung bills sknila w/o philhealth den gamitin ko philhealth ko dapat 2k nalang bayaran q diba po? Ask din ng staff if may na receive daw po ba akong letter from philhealth. Eh wla naman po ako narereciv any documents from philhealth. Then binigyan ako ng papers na i think benefit payment. Tapos punta daw ako sa lying in na pinaganak ko. Nagtext naman po ako sa midwife ng lying in about this sabi nya po punta daw po ako dun at ipaliwanag nya pero nag mention po sya na wala na daw po akong marerefund. Sa tingin nyo po ba wla na po ba un marefund?thanks.

  185. Hi margerie, go to Philhealth with your ID asap this September (deadline Sep 30), register and pay for July-Aug-Sep quarter, so you can use it in November.

  186. manganganak po ako ng nov. 4th week .. pwede pa ba ko maghulog ng 6months contribution para ma avail ang benefits ng philhealth ?? thank you .

  187. Hello po, ask ko lang if magagamit ko philhealth ko, manganganak ako last week of nov. nag work ako kaso 3 months lang. May contri ako from may to july. Resigned na ako as of now. Nagamit ko un philhealth ko before sa 1st son ko, then got 2 consecutive miscarriages but used my husband’s philhealth wla kc ako work nun, then nanganak ulet ako last 2014 used again my husband’s philhealth. Now my question is, can i still use my philhealth mat benefit or my husband’s philhealth sa panganganak ko this november? Thanks po..

  188. Hi agnes, sad to say, 5k lang talaga ang coverage ng miscarriage. Matagal ng fixed ang mga coverages. Kahit normal delivery sa hospital, 5k lang. Pag D&C, 11k. Sana kung meron kang SSS at nakapag-contribute ka ng at least 3 months within April 2015 to March 2016, puede kang mag-file ng maternity benefit sa SSS.

  189. Hi Mrs Nora, OFW po ako dito sa Dubai at naconfine po ako dito due to miscarriage. Nagbayad po ako sa government hospital ng Dirhams 1,433.00/-. i file my reimbursement claim po sa Philhealth and i was only paid PHP 5,000.00/-. i did not undergo a D&C procedure here at binigyan lang po ako ng gamot but was confined for 3 nights & 4 days. can you please let me know if i can contest the amount of my reimbursement. thank you.

  190. Hi karen, yes, you can use it in October, even if you’re not able to pay for October. Ask your hospital, to be very sure.

  191. Hi Jhe, ibig sabihin ba ay hindi kayo naka-file sa hospital? at sa Philhealth kayo mismo nag-file? Kung 3,600 lang yong amount sa resibo na na-submit nio, 3,600 din lang ang ibibigay ng Philhealth. Kasi yon yong amount na nagasto nio. Ang tseke ay pinapadala through mail sa home address.
    Kung sa hospital kayo nag-file ng Philhealth, tingnan nio yong statement of account nio kung merong total bill tapos naka-deduct na yong 11,400 at ang balance ay 3,600, kaya 3,600 ang binayaran nio. Kung ganito nga, ibig sabihin nagamit nio na yong benefit, at wala na kayong mare-refund. Tanong ka na lang uli, kung iba yong pagkaintindi ko sa sinabi mo.

  192. Hi po magkano po ung makukuha kong refund sa philhealth?? Cs delivery po aq..3,600 po ung hospital bill ko..tsaka kelan ko po siya pwede makuha May pa po namen siya naifile..thanks po

  193. If I paid July to Sept can I use my Philhealth on October?or I still need to pay for the month of October?

  194. Hi Karen, have you paid for July to Sep? If not yet, pay July to Sep ASAP this month at Philhealth so you can update your data (Employed to Individual Payor-Informal Sector) and get an updated MDR. Bring your ID.

  195. Hi po..manganganak po ako sa October.Nagresign po ako sa work ko last March 2016.Magagamit ko pa din ba ung Philhealth ko?accredited nman ng Philhealth ung hospital kung san ako manganganak.Thank u.

  196. Hi luzvi, depende sa total bill mo sa lying-in. Siguro 11,500 ang total bill mo, so siningil ka pa ng 5k kasi 6,500 lang ang makukuha nila sa Philhealth. Wait mo na lang yong benefit payment notice mo from Philhealth. Tanungin mo yong total bill mo sa lying-in.

  197. Hi bemalu, yes, you can use your July-Sep payment in Dec. Pero it’s good to that you pay Oct-Dec para continuous ang coverage mo at ng iyong baby. Puedeng magbayad sa Western Union na merong Bayad Center at sa MLhuillier. Wala na sa list ang LBC at Cebuana at walang other pawnshop. Kapag wala ka pang MDR, dapat sa Philhealth ka magbayad para makuha mo ang MDR mo.

  198. hi po..manganganak po ako this coming december..then bago palang po ako naging member sa philheath mula juli to september po yung binayaran ko..magagamit ko po ba sa panganganak ko ngayong december? at saka po pwde po bah mag bayad nang philheath sa western,cebuana,lbc at any pawnshop po? thank you

  199. Hi joan, kasama na ang mga yan sa coverage ng delivery mo. If you’re paying 200 per month, kasama na. Pag prenatal, mag-submit ka lang ng prenatal ORs worth at least 1,500 (your benefit will be mailed to you by Philhealth). For newborn care, mag-file ka ng 2nd claim form (for your baby as dependent).

  200. pano no po magkaroon ng prenatal care and new born care ??? magbabayad po ba ako sa phil health s para magkaroon nito??

  201. hi ms nora marerefund q pa po ba ung 5k na siningil sakin ng lying in qng san aq nanganak,aq po ay philhealth member so alam q po na libre dapat ung panganganak q,gagamitin parin po nila ung philhealth q plus ung binayad q pa po,

  202. Hi herlynjoy, contact your husband’s Manila office and ask kung puede nilang ipadala ang accomplished Philhealth claim form 1 at cert of applicable Philhealth premium payments sa November, maybe 3 to 5 days before your delivery date. If puede, i-remind mo na lang uli sila pag malapit na. Yong MDR ng husband mo, kunin mo na lang sa Philhealth in your province. Bring your ID and your husband’s ID plus a copy of an emailed authorization letter from your husband.

  203. Hello po.ask ko lang po seaman po ang husband ko pregnant po ako 6months now ma aavail ko po ba ang philhealth ng Mister ko naman po ang due nais ko dob po malaman kung anu po ang need ko submit sa philhealth kc NASA manila pa po ang opisina ng company ng husband ko.thanks and more power!

  204. Ask ko lang, Nanganak nako nitong August 17, then yung hospital na pinaganakan ko walang NEWBORN SCREENING TEST. pwede ko pa bang ma avail yung Newborn Care Package sa other hospital para sa test? Then, ang bill ko sa hospital 1500, then hiningi nila yung receipts ko ng mga pinabili na gamot, dextrose, gamit na gagamitin sa delivery room worth 2k yun na ba yung pre-natal care? or iba pa yun? may mga ultrasounds, laboratory test receipts kasi ako.. worth 3k diba yun yung covered ng prenatal care..? pwede ko pa ba maireimburse yun kahit na discharge nako? Thanks

  205. Hi Cristine, yes, go to Philhealth with your ID and update your data. Pay for July to Sep. This is good for November availment. But it’s also good if in October, you pay for Oct to Dec, so your coverage is continuous.

  206. Hi Rachel, sad to say na ganon ang nangyayari sa maraming hospitals na yong PF coverage ay ginagawang additional PF ng doctor, hindi lang sa child birth kundi sa other ailments din. Sad to say, pag normal delivery, yong 3k na lang talaga ang ma-refund mo. Pag magreklamo ang patient, ang sasabihin nila, 17k ang PF ng doctor, 15k from you plus 2k from Philhealth. Kasi sa atin naman, walang limit ang PF ng doctor — kung anong amount ang gusto nila, puede, sad to say.

  207. Hello po, ask ko lng regarding refund after giving birth i paid all hospital bill kc ung papers nmin for philhealth na delay after a wek i file for refund sa philheath i was confuse ang liit nang refund 3k lng ung sa akin.. Nagtaka ako nung nagbayad ako ang doctors fee is 15k din nung nag file na nang refund naging 17k don napunta ung 2k supposed mkuha ko kc ung bpn ko is 5k… Hndi ko ba mkuha un nang buo ang 5k

  208. Hi Ms. Nora im 7 months pregnant,may last payment for philhealth is last Nov 2015,can i still avail maternity benefits? my due is Nov 2016. Ano month po dapat ko bayadan? thanks

  209. Hi Maris, when are you giving birth? If you’ll give birth in September, Oct or Nov, you should pay for July Aug Sep ASAP this August. Ang payment deadline ng quarterly payment ay yong last day ng quarter. so hindi na tatanggapin ang mga payments for past quarters. Bayaran mo na rin ang Oct to Dec so that you and your baby’s coverage is continuous.

  210. Hi! mrs Nora may makukuha parin ba akong benefit’s sa philhealth kong sakaling ma C.S? first baby po to. kailangan parin bang bayaran yung mga quarter na Hindi KO nahulogan? salamat……

  211. Hi Julie, sorry wala na, 19k lang ang total coverage for CS, kasama na dito ang 7,600 na PF coverage at 11,400 for hospital costs, total of 19,000.

  212. Hi po. Tanong ko lang po for clarification. I gave birth via CS last June 23 2016. Nakaltas po ung 19,000 sa bill ko. Ang question ko po aside dun sa nkaltas may ma rereceive pa po ba akong refund for doctors fee? Thank you po.

  213. Hi gabby, yes, covered. dati namang covered pa ang 4th. at saka I think wala nang limit sa birth coverage sa Philhealth since last year.

  214. Is my wife can still be covered by philhealth if its our 4th pregnancy??

  215. Hi Maris, yes, pay ASAP this month for July to Dec 2016, so you can use it in September.

  216. Hi po, tanong KO lang po kung pweding mabayaran July to December ,last year po yung huling bayad KO gagamitin KO sya sa September sa panganganak ko.

  217. Hi venice, pay asap this month for July to Sep so you can avail in Sep. Pay at Philhealth so you can fill up the registration form (check FOR UPDATING) and get your MDR and Philhealth card (if available). Bring your ID

  218. Hi Trina, will you give birth in Oct or Nov? Pay asap for July to Sep so you can use Philhealth when you give birth. Then in Oct, pay for Oct to Dec so your coverage is continuous. Bring your ID when you go to Philhealth.

  219. Hello po ask ko lang po if mag aaplay palang ako ng philhealth and im 6mos preggy na po.magagamit ko po ba ang philhealth? Thnaks po

  220. Hi. I resigned from work last March and my philhealth was paid until March too. I’m about to give birth on September 28. What month should I pay to avail Philhealth benefits?

  221. Hi roj, MDR and receipt (orig and xerox) of applicable premium payment and your ID. Two Claim forms (one for you and one for your baby’s newborn care — get from hospital or from Philhealth). Dapat ang OB mo at yong hospital/clinic ay Philhealth-accredited.

  222. Ano pong iprepresent ka sa ob ko para ma avail ko po yung benefits ? MDR lang po ba ng kailangan ? salamat po ms.nora sa pagsagot .

  223. Hi roj, yes, you can go asap to Philhealth with your ID or birth cert or barangay cert and 600 pesos to pay for July to Sep. Payment deadline is Sep 30, but it’s good to pay this month. You can use this payment to avail of Philhealth in November. Puede ring magdala ka ng 1,200 if you like to pay for July to Dec para continuous ang coverage mo at ng baby mo.

  224. Hi Phine, yes, you can avail kahit single mom, kasi ikaw ay member at updated ka sa payments. Take care

  225. Hi po, ask ko lang po if makaka avail pa prin po ako ng philhealth ? Gusto ko po kase sanang gumamit ng philhealth. due date ko po this november . Can i pay parin po ba for july to december kahit ngayong august pa po ako mag aaply ? What to do po ?

  226. Hello ms Nora, ask ko Lang Po, mkaka avail Po din ba Ng benefits sa philhealth Khit live-in or single mom ang manganganak? (Self-employed Po ako andUpdated Po ang payments ko sa philhealth

  227. Hi Dhes, yes, you can use it again, kasi your previous illness is different from giving birth. Ang 90-day rule ng Philhealth ay kapag the same illness within 90 days, isang confinement lang ang iko-cover.

  228. Hello. Gusto ko lang po malaman ku maari ko pa din ba gamitin ang Philhealth ng dalawang beses? Nagamit ko po kasi yun dahil naconfine ako ng isang araw sa private hospital. Magagamit ko pa rin ba yung Philhealth ko sa panganganak ko sa susunod na buwan? 9months pa lang po yung nabayaran ko.

  229. hi ms nora my due date is dec 1. if i only pay august to october covered po ba yun? or i have to pay august to december? september 2015 po nag member si hubby pero di po sya nakapag work so first time po namin magbabayad sa august, ok lang po ba yun?

  230. Hi po ask ko lang po if still i can use my philhealth benefits since 3years n po hndi ko nahuhulugan ung contribution ko,ano po dapat kung gawin sa oct.17,2016 n po kc duedate ko?tnx po

  231. HI ms Nora, kailangan pa poba talaga ng PMRF pag si ba ang nag bayad ng philhealth ko. Kase po sa 1st pregnancy ko nun Hindi na po ako nag fill up ng bagong form.

  232. Hello po ask ko lang po individual payer po ako ngaun sa Philhealth ko any nabyaran ko po Jan to march and April to June lang po due date ko po august 2 or end of July magagamit ko po ba philhealth ko? Or need ko pa po ba bayaran July to sept? Plz reply salamat po

  233. nag register po ako online sa philhealth,chineck ko po yun premium contribution ko po and nakalagay po dun un last employer ko. which is nung oct.2014 pa po ako resign.
    wala po dun un lastyear na nag hulog ako voluntary ng 1200 sa 1st pregnancy ko. bat po ganun? kailngan poba mag register po ako ng panibago?

  234. Hi again ms Nora, meron na poba online na pwede kumuha ng mdr? My nabasa po kase ako online na pwede na daw kumuha. Hindi ko Lang po maalala yung site. Balak po kase ng husband ko na mag bayad nalang sa mga bayad center tapos online nalang kame kuha ng mdr para hassle free.

    And about po sa tanung ko kahapon, Hindi na poba kailngan ng ultrasound result ko.?

  235. Hi Erika, bring your IDs and pen and 1,200 to pay for July to Dec

  236. Hi ms Nora, balak ko po mag hulog sa philhealth ko. Balak ko po bayaran na until December. Ano po mga requirements na kailngan ko dalin?

  237. Thanks po… God bless

  238. Hi mariz, yes, you can use it in July. You should pay for Jan to Mar 2017 or Jan to June 2017 in Dec 2016 or Jan 2017. If you’re OFW, pay before the expiration of your current receipt.

  239. Hi po… magagamit ko po ba sa panganganak ngayong july ang philhealth? Bayad po sya from april 6 2016 to december 2016. And kailan po dapat ung susunod na payment?

  240. Due date ko na po this july pero ang nahulugan lang is from november to devber 2016 , panu po kaya ko makaka avail ? ano po ung babayaran ko ?

  241. Hi lhyn, yes, you need to pay July 2016 to July 2017 (2,400 pesos). Pay asap because you need to pay BEFORE confinement. Ask if you can pay half or 6 months (1,200). Bring your passport or any OFW ID to show you’re OFW

  242. lhyn del rosario

    hi tanong ko lang po paano po ako makaavail ng maternity benefit?ofw po ako.ngaun po dito ako sa pinas at dto rin po ako manganganak.due date ko this coming 22.kailangan ko po ba hulugan philhealth for this year?

  243. Hi Sheryl, sorry Philhealth pays the coverage only if you gave birth at an accredited hospital or accredited clinic with the help of an accredited OB-gyne or midwife.

  244. Pwd po ba mag avail ng maternity benefits kahit sa bahay na nakaanak kasi di na makabot sa hospital.. Supposedly sa lying in ako manganak pero dahil tumaas bp ko one week bago ako nanganak kaya nirefer nila ako sa hospital.

  245. Hi Macrist, it has long been an SOP that hospitals/clinics accept a Certificate of Applicable Premium Payment from the employer as a supporting document to the MDR. The cert lists the months paid, amount paid and payment OR no. Your cert can list payments from Jan to June (if June is already paid). Ask your midwife if your employer’s cert with OR nos. is okay because Philhealth has not yet posted already-paid 2nd-quarter payments for employed members.

  246. Hi just wanted to ask , where can i get assistance regarding my philhealth MDR. Im about to give birth this July 15, i obtained a copy of my MDR tru our company’s HR , however it showed that the most recent contribution posted was only until March2016. My midwife said that she would need an MDR that is updated up until the June2016 so that i can avail my philhealth benefit. So how should i deal with this, my paystub shows that, contributions are being deducted every month, and theres no missed payment, but its the posting that is quite late.

    Please advise. Thank you so much

  247. Hi Jackie, yes, if you pay July to Sep. To be sure, ask your hospital or clinic when you go there for your next check-up

  248. Jackie Lynne Dimaano

    What if I gave birth on September, will I still be covered by the benefits?

  249. Hi Jackie Lynne, you should pay for July to Sep. Docs: MDR, premium payment receipt, claim form 1 and your ID

  250. Jackie Lynne Dimaano

    Hi. Good day Ms. Nora. I resigned in my previous work last April, they paid my contribution only until March. My due is on Oct.2, 2016. I just want to know what months should i pay to avail the maternity benefits? And what requirements will I be needing to present in the hospital? Thanks.

  251. Hi khym, yes, you can pay for one year. Every paying member gets the same benefit amount for the same illness or treatment, whether they paid for 6 months or one year. The rule is the member should have paid at least 3 months within the 6-month period PRIOR to confinement.

  252. Hi im two months pregnant i want to avail one year in philhealth do i get the same benefits

  253. thanks po :*

  254. Hi Nelly, did you give birth at a government hospital? Why was your Philhealth coverage not deducted from your bill before discharge? Did you have an agreement with the hospital that you will claim a refund from them? Or did you give birth abroad?

  255. Hi ysang, ask your husband to update his data at Philhealth so your name will be written as dependent on his new MDR. He brings his ID and your marriage certificate. If he is working, he can give you an authorization letter plus one of his IDs. Bring your ID.

  256. nelly rubin lipat

    Hi!po I gave birth just last may.29 and I submitted mdr,remittance and cf1. can I get a refund from philhealth? actually I’m dependent of my husband po

  257. hi po my husband is a member. Is it automatic that I’m dependent po? or do we need to update? thanks

  258. Hi Erika, you are no longer allowed to pay for April to June in July. Deadline is June 30. If you pay only for July to Sep, you will start to be covered only in Sep, and if you need coverage in July and August you will not yet be covered because you did not pay April to June. But if you pay also for Apr to June, you will be covered starting this June up to Sep. if you decide to pay only for July to Sep, you will be covered starting Sep up to Dec. Yes, benefits are the same. Newborn care is covered if the pediatrician is Philhealth-accredited.

  259. yes oct.8 po is my due. What about april-june? I can’t pay it next month? and do I get the same benefits if I pay only for 3 months for example? and is the newborn care package included?

  260. Hi Erika, will you give birth in October? If money is tight, you can pay for just one quarter — July Aug Sep (600 pesos) and you’ll be covered in Oct. But if you can, it’s good to pay July to Dec (1,200) for continued coverage for you and your baby.

  261. hi again mrs nora, do I need to pay 6 months again if ever I decide to pay Philhealth on july 30?

  262. Hi may I ask about my philhealth benefit from my last confinement, i had a 43k bill but i only got 6k less benefit from that the right amount to deduct from my bill…i had a threatenend miscarriage.

  263. Hi Jazz, for your Sept delivery, premium payment for June Jul Aug should be remitted to Philhealth, or any 3 months within April to Sep. Your husband will ask for a cert of applicable premium payment and claim form 1 from his employer just before your delivery

  264. Good day Mrs Nora. Im a dependent of my husband,his in the private sector.Up0n checking his c0ntributi0n at the ofFice of philhealth,The employer start paying his c0ntributi0n 0n Feb-Aprl,can we use his phlhealth?and my due is on Sept.Thank y0u!

  265. Yes. Thank you Ms. Nora

  266. Hi Glydel, yes, you can use your July to Sep payment for Philhealth coverage of your delivery. Bring your MDR, payment receipt and your ID/Philhealth card with photocopies.

  267. Yes I pay already from july to sep and I have my MDR. Can I use my philhealth for my delivery?

  268. HI Glydel, you should also pay for July to Sep so you can use Philhealth in Oct. Keep your receipt. Get your new MDR from Philhealth if you don’t have it yet. It’s good to have check-ups at the hospital or lying-in where you will deliver so you will come to know of their Philhealth filing rules.

  269. Hi po Ms. Nora. Can I use my philhealth for my delivery this oct. 2016? I started paying april 2016 until now.

  270. Hi aljean, sorry you cannot use Philhealth if the lying-in is not accredited. Find another lying-in that’s Philhealth-accredited. You should also have check-ups there in the lying-in so you can avail of Philhealth

  271. hi po, I plan to give birth at a lying in. but it’s not accredited by philhealth. what’s the process to use philhealth? thanks. aljean

  272. hi ms nora ask q lng po ok lng po b mgupdate ng dependents s philhealth mismo kc intay p dw po un sagot ng opis ng hubby q un s mismong philhealth if naadd n aq as dependent prA mgamit q po s july ang due q …or ok lng dn po n aq n lng mgupdate s mismong philhealth nya s mismong philhealth opis at anu2 ang nid po thankyou


  274. Hi Erika, ask your bf to get a Philhealth registration form or download here: Philhealth PMRF and print. Fill up the form, sign it, and then write an authorization letter authorizing your bf to process your registration. Give him your ID. He brings also his ID. Pay for Apr to Sep (6 months x 200 pesos = 1,200). You can also pay Apr to June now (600; payment deadline for this quarter is June 30) and then pay July to Sep in July (600). Have your checkups at the lying-in now because they have special rules about newborn and prenatal coverages.

  275. hi ms nora my EDD is oct.8 Can I pay so I can use Philhealth? What’s my deadline? I plan to give birth at a lying in accredited by philhealth. How can I avail of newborn care package? and also ms nora I’m on bedrest. can my bf pay my philhealth for me? what are the requirements? and how much to pay?

  276. Hi Trina, thanks and God bless too

  277. Thank you so much and God always Bless u mrs nora

  278. Hi Trina, yes, be ready with your MDR and premium receipt. You should have paid at least 3 of the 6 months prior to your delivery.

  279. I pay for 6 months can i avail my philhealth wen im cesarian

  280. Hi Jessa, yes, pay at Philhealth so you can get your MDR and card. Pay for Apr to June, or Apr to Sep. Bring your ID. Fill up the registration form. Check FOR UPDATING.

  281. Hi I just want to ask if I can still avail for maternity benefits, my due date is this coming july and my last contribution was 2014 .

  282. Hi Red, the benefit amount is still the same, whether single birth or twin birth. If normal, it’s 5k, and if CS, it’s 19k.

  283. Hello. Are there any differences regarding with the benefits if I am to deliver twins? Please reply. Thanks!

  284. Hi Abi, it’s okay. Fill up 2 claim forms, one for you and one for your baby (newborn care of up to 1,750 pesos, depending on available procedures). Attach also at least 1,500 pesos worth of prenatal care receipts in your name so Philhealth will refund you 1,500.

  285. Thanks so much Ms. Nora! apologies for the duplicate comment/inquiry.

  286. Hi Abi, I’ve replied to you in your other post. Anyway, if you pay, you’ll not be able to use it immediately, so ask your husband to update his Philhealth records by going to Philhealth asap with your marriage certificate (xerox and orig) and your letter asking Philhealth to cancel your Philhealth membership as you are now unemployed and to register you as dependent of your husband. Your husband will fill up the registration form (check FOR UPDATING). You should file your Philhealth papers upon admission or days before discharge. Coverage for normal delivery at a hospital is only 5k.

  287. Hi Ms. Nora! I have been unemployed since December 18 2015..i was not able to continue my philhealth as individual payor and my husband’s MDR has not yet been updated to list me as his dependent. Im due probably last week of April or firat week of May..if i pay for 2016 2nd qtr or my husband updates his record, can i still avail of the maternity benefits? If yes, how do i go about filing and claiming? Thank you!!

  288. Hi sherryann, yes, you can avail. Your name should be written in your husband’s MDR as dependent. It’s good if you also pay for Apr to June asap so your coverage is continuous.

  289. My husband’s contribution is Jan to March 2016and I’m 8months pregnant and I’m his dependant can we still avail in philhealth

  290. Hi Anna, wow, that’s nice. It’s always nice to hear something good about Philhealth. Thank you for taking the time to update us.

  291. Thank you Mrs Nora. Philhealth reissued the check under my mother’s name.

  292. Hi Anna, sorry I can’t think of any other sure way. I wish your mother lives in the province where she knows the rural bank manager, so the manager can remedy it. She can also ask around for a money changer or pawnshop or loan company that encashes government cheques. Your mother can also go to Philhealth and ask how you can request Philhealth to replace the check and issue it to your mother — is authorization enough? or will it be SPA?

  293. Hello po Mrs Nora! I’m an OFW and my mother in the Philippines received my maternity benefits check. I emailed her my authorization to encash it, she has my valid IDs but the 4 banks where she’d been to, refused to encash the check since it has a stamp “For Payees Account only”. My 2 bank accounts were closed recently. Is there any other way for my mother to encash my check?

  294. Hi Tifany, Philhealth’s rule is for the patient to file Philhealth with the hospital before discharge, and it’s the hospital that should file with Philhealth. You can file directly with Philhealth if they accept your reason for not filing with the hospital, like you were hospitalized abroad.

  295. Hello po! I’m an OFW and my mother in the Philippines received my maternity benefits check. I emailed her my authorization to encash it, she has my valid IDs but the 4 banks where she’d been to, refused to encash the check since it has a stamp “For Payees Account only”. My 2 bank accounts were closed recently. Is there any other way for my mother to encash my check?

  296. good day . i got hispitalized due to miscarriage at exactly 1week from now . can i file this to philhealth and have my refund ? tnx and hoping for the quick responce

  297. Good day maam.ask ko lng august 30 cs akoh pero d ako nacover ng philhealth kahit kompleto ang hulog ko from january 2011 to december 2011.khit kompleto daw hulog or advance kelangan 9 months daw.ganun poh ba un? Nagbayad ako sa hospital ng 29k.

  298. Good day! I’m 8months pregnant my duedate on May 4….. can I still avail the maternity benifits if I will pay the 1st quarter contribution on March31 and 2nd quarter on April 11……

  299. Hi Ghaille, yes, as long as your employer is remitting your Philhealth payments to Philhealth, you will be covered. Make sure that your April to June premiums are paid. Note also that the Philhealth coverage for normal delivery is only 5,000 (3k for hospital cost and 2k for PF), regardless of whether the hospital is affordable or expensive. About SSS, file your maternity notification asap. File through your employer. Here are the documents required for your maternity benefit claim

  300. Hi Nora, im four months pregnant now and my contibution in philhealth are from july2015 up to now since im still working. Am i eligible for this philhealth benefits? And do you also have an idea about the sss maternity benefits? Sorry for a lot of question . I just wanted to know the details. Thank you ????

  301. Hi Nora, im four months pregnant now and my contibution in philhealth are from july2015 up to now since im still working. Am i eligible for this philhealth benefits? And do you also have an idea about the sss maternity benefits? Sorry for a lot of question . I just wanted to know the details. Thank you ????

  302. Hi Nora, im four months pregnant now and my contibution in philhealth are from july2015 up to now since im still working. Am i eligible for this philhealth benefits? And do you also have an idea about the sss maternity benefits? Sorry for a lot of question . I just wanted to know the details. Thank you ????

  303. Hi Nora, im four months pregnant now and my contibution in philhealth are from july2015 up to now since im still working. Am i eligible for this philhealth benefits? And do you also have an idea about the sss maternity benefits? Sorry for a lot of question . I just wanted to know the details. Thank you ????

  304. Hi Jessica, if you have your own Philhealth, it’s easier to use your Philhealth to cover both your maternity and your baby’s newborn care. File 2 claim forms, for you and your baby.

  305. Hi! I was advised that the father of my child can use his philhealth for the baby, is it okay if the baby is under my name?

  306. Hi janeth, pay for Jan to June 2016 at Philhealth branch so you can get your MDR. If you pay Jan to June this month, you’re covered by Philhealth starting from the next day after payment till July or Aug. Bring your ID

  307. I wish to update my philhealth from single to married, Im six months pregnant. If I pay philhealth, how many months and when can I avail of maternity benefits?

  308. Hi Reuth, yes, she can avail of Philhealth as your dependent. Her name should be written in your MDR as your dependent. If not yet written, update your record at Philhealth with your ID and marriage certificate (orig and xerox).

  309. Can my wife use my philhealth to avail maternity discounts even she isn’t a member?

  310. Hi maricel, yes, you need to update your Philhealth record. The nearest Philhealth is at F.R. Estuar Bldg., 880 Quezon Avenue. Bring your ID and marriage certificate (orig and xerox). Fill up registration form. Check FOR UPDATING. Get your new MDR. Your premium payment receipt should also be in your new surname.

  311. can i update at another branch of philhealth? where is the nearest branch of philhealth branch here in commonwealth qc? tnx

  312. will there be a problem in availing of benefits of philhealth? At the lying-in, I used my husband’s surname. In my philhealth record, I used the surname of my late husband (widow to remarriage. Do I need to update my data with philhealth? my due is towards the end of the month.

  313. Hi katrina, yes, you can use your husband’s Philhealth as you’re now unemployed, but your husband needs to go to Philhealth with your marriage certificate and register you as his dependent. He also brings a letter from you requesting Philhealth to cancel your membership as you’re now unemployed. One cannot be a member and at the same time a dependent. But if you plan to work again soon, it might be easier for you to just pay in the meantime. You can pay for Jan Feb and March and use it this March or April. Payment for Dec 2015 is no longer accepted.

  314. or can I use my husband’s philhealth?

  315. Can I pay for december 2015 up to now? I wasn’t able to pay because I resigned from work. so I can avail of benefit

  316. Hi kat, yes, pay for Jan to Mar 2016 so you can avail in April. Ask for a new MDR if your old MDR is no longer a clear copy. You might want to pay Jan to June so your coverage is continuous. God bless too

  317. hi ms. nora my due is on april 21,2016 but I haven’t paid any contribution since jan.2016 and didn’t pay for the whole year 2015. my question po is, if I pay philhealth from jan-march2016, can I avail of maternity benefits on april w/c is my delivery month? pls reply. thank u and godbless

  318. Hi Yhan, it’s good you asked when you can still be eligible. Go to Philhealth ASAP with any ID or barangay clearance and 600 pesos. Fill up the registration form, get your MDR and pay for Jan to March 2015. Get also your Philhealth card if available. God bless too

  319. Hi po can I avail of philhealth? next month I’ll give birth. I’ll be a new member. what are requirements? thankyou godbless

  320. Hi Lhen, did you file in October? You should have received it already. You can follow up at the branch where you filed, or call 441-7442

  321. Hi Ms. Nora, i am an OFW and gave birth via CS last October. I had submitted all the documents and ORs to Philhealth.Usually, how long will i wait for my cheque? Thank you so much:-)

  322. Hi Ammie, talk with your eye doctor first because cataract surgery needs pre-approval from Philhealth. Their recent circular mentions only phacoemulsification and extracapsular cataract extraction as acceptable methods. In their Case Rate list, laser surgery is only for discission of secondary membranous cataract. Sorry I don’t know the difference. Ask your surgeon. Documents required: MDR and applicable premium payment receipt.

  323. Hi Ms Nora! I want to usel my husband’s Philhealth for my cataract laser operation. How can I avail or what are the requirements? Thank .u. My hospital is De La Salle university Med. Center, Dasma. Cavite.

  324. Hello Ms. Nora! I want to use my husband’s Philhealth for my cataract laser operation. What are the requirements or how can I avail? Thank u.

  325. Hi Jenice, your coverage was already deducted. Coverage for CS is only 19k. You can see how much Philhealth paid to the hospital when you receive your benefit payment notice from Philhealth through the mail. If Philhealth paid more than 19k to the hospital, you can refund that difference from the hospital.

  326. Hi.. I gave birth last November 2015, CS in a private hospital. We paid for around 70k for CS with VDL already. Almost 20k was deducted because of my Philhealth. Do i still get a refund from philhealth?

  327. Hi lisa, yes, you’re already eligible; you can avail of Philhealth when you deliver. But it’s also good to continue paying. You can pay for July to Sep in July or Aug or Sep.

  328. Hi ms.Nora , I already paid 2 quarters (JAN-JUNE 2016). And I’m pregnant now 30weeks. This coming May is my delivery. Is it okay for me not to paid another quarter?

  329. Hi Kym, yes, you are qualified for Philhealth coverage. But I don’t know if your illness is covered. What’s your diagnosis? Anyway, file your Philhealth MDR and claim form 1 asap. I’ll check the list for pregnancy-related cases…
    I checked the list and most likely your case will be covered. Some conditions in the list are:
    code 026.8 other specified pregnancy-related conditions
    code 026.9 unspecified pregnancy-related conditions
    code 099.8 other specified diseases and conditions complicating pregnancy
    Others are eclampsia in pregnancy, hemorrhage, excessive vomiting starting after 22 weeks, infection of kidney or urinary tract in pregnancy, diabetes in pregnancy, liver disorders in pregnancy.
    Coverage for any of these is: 6,800 (2,040 for PF; 4,760 for hospital cost) . Take care

  330. Hi i was hospitalized yesterday pregnancy related po, but my due is in april. I paid oct – dec 2015 then january to june 2016. Can I avail of deduction from philhealth upon discharge? Thank you po and godbless

  331. Hi Jayvie, have you received your benefit payment notice from Philhealth? Does the notice show that Philhealth paid 19k to the hospital? Coverage is 11,400 for meds and hospital and then 7,600 for PF. Did you give the PF directly to your OB and pedia? If yes, you might not be able to refund it. Usually, for public hospitals, the PF from Philhealth is added to the general PF pool to be shared by all doctors. But you can ask the hospital why the whole 19k coverage is not refunded.

  332. Jayvie velasco lacambra

    Hi po I had cesarian last year September 2015 at a public hospital. My ob is philhealth accredited. we paid pf to pedia and ob. our meds, bought outside, cost 15k. my husband was told by the hospital we will reimburse around 15k. they said the voucher is shared by 5 patients. can we reimburse the pf we paid to the doctors?

  333. Hi AnnE, sad to say, yes. The deduction is fixed, whether the bill is 10k or 150k. Some hospitals also deduct only 3,000 (hospital cost) as the 2,000 is added to the PF of the OB. Submit prenatal ORs so you get 1,500 from Philhealth later on.

  334. Hi Mrs Nora, Good Day, I just want to ask about the 6500 NSD package, if you get a private room in a hospital, all expenses will only be 6500? or 6500 is only covered by philhealth? i mean is that the only amount deducted from the bill? I’m hoping for your answer, thank you.

  335. Hi Gie, I replied to your question here: About prenatal coverage, this is only offered as part of normal delivery.

  336. hi ms.Nora. i am ofw defendent..nakunan ako at naraspa only 6600 lng deduction from philhealth for hospital bill sabi kasi sakin na bumisita ar nag interview na philhealth 11000 deduction 6600 hospital bills and 4400 dr’s fee.. hiningi sakin ng dr’s fee is 8000 cash.. pede ko bang reinburst yung 4400 at yung mga nagastos ko sa prenatal check up.. tnx and God bless..

  337. hi! na admud ako s hospital for miscariage i am ofw dependent only 6600 deduction from philhealth and dr’s fee is cash 8000.. sabi kc skin ng philhealth na nag visit s hospital 11000 ang deduction 6600 hospita bill and 4400 for the dr’s fee.. pede ko bang reinburst s philhealth yung 4400 at yung mga nagastos ko sa prenatal check up.. tnx po and God bless.

  338. hi ms. Nora.. i had a miscarriage and admitted to the hospital.Ofw dependent only 6600 lang deduction ng philhealth from the hospital and the dr’s fee cash na kinuha sakin na 8000.. sinabi kasi sakin nag interview sakin s loob ng hospital 11000 ang deduction 4400 for the dr’s fee..

  339. thanks for the info Miss Nora… God bless!

  340. Hi Sabrina, oh sorry, I mixed up the months and years! I thought you said Jan to March 2016! Too many things on my mind! Sorry! But anyway, pay Jan to March 2016 asap, so you can qualify in June. But it’s better that you pay Jan to June 2016 outright, or pay Jan to March 2016 now, then pay Apr to June 2016 in April. Please comment again so I’ll know you got the correct answer.

  341. thanks po Miss Nora… akala ko po, ipag papatuloy ko pa yung last payment ko nung 2015. ang laki na po ng babayaran ko kung skali. kya salamat po sa info… God bless.

  342. Hi Sabrina, if you paid Jan to March, yes, you can avail in June, but it’s better to also pay asap April to June, so you can surely avail of Philhealth and continue to be eligible.

  343. hi po gud am. can I avail of philhealth? i’m 5 months pregnant with my 2nd baby, last payment to philhealth was march 2015. due date this june 2016.

  344. Hi Jhenel, it depends on the hospital. You can call or go to the hospital for follow-up.

  345. Hi good day ! I had undergone CS last August , I already submitted my BPN and other required documents last December , how long will it take for the cheque to be given ?

  346. Hi clariz, are your ORs for consultation and medicines? Sorry but you can avail of Philhealth only if you’re admitted or hospitalized. It will be the hospital or clinic that will deduct the Philhealth coverage. There are only a few situations where out-patient expenses are paid, like hemodialysis and outpatient surgery. Ask others too

  347. Hi ms nora. I had miscarriage po aq 2weeks ago. since it was complete abortion po I didn’t need to have raspa and I was not admitted. Can I refund all my ORs? Thanks in advance po

  348. Hi Jessah, you can try including it in your ORs. The total of all ORs should be at least 1,500, but to be sure, have a total of maybe 2k or more.

  349. Good Day Miss Nora ? I would like to ask lang po if kasali po ba sa prenatal care benifits ang or ng ultrasound po ? Thank you so much.

  350. Hi Marvin, yes, your baby is your dependent so she/he will be covered. File again another Philhealth claim form 1 for your baby plus a copy of your receipt. You and the hospital will use the birth cert issued by the hospital (to prove dependency). Sorry I don’t know the baby’s diagnosis so I don’t know which illness to check on the Philhealth list. If it’s pulmonary complications in the newborn, coverage is 10,900 (3270 doctor, 7630 hospital). There are coverages for other newborn illnesses.

  351. Hi Ms. Nora inquire po. my wife was released but my baby needed to stay for 2-3 days because there’s problem with breathing. is my baby included to the benefits and how much should the hospital will deduct to our bill. we paid for her CS section; it’s the baby that we think about. thanks po. Level 2 hospital OFW premium Philhealth.

  352. Hi mary ann, yes, go back to the hospital. Bring your notice, your hospital bill and OR and ask for your 9k refund. Xerox your notice. The 19k coverage is divided as 11400 for hospital cost (meds and equipment) and 7600 for the doctor and assistants.

  353. Hi Eunice, wait for your benefit payment notice payment from Philhealth so you can see how much Philhealth paid to the hospital. Bring your notice, hospital bill, OR and OR of meds bought outside and ask for refund. You will not get the whole coverage if you spent less than the coverage; you’ll get a refund only up to the amount you spent. The coverage is also divided between hospital cost (meds, room, equipment) and PF.

  354. Hi mary rose, partly true. The total benefit is 5,000 (3k for hospital cost and 2k for PF). Ask the hospital if the 2k PF will be refunded to you later on, or if the doctor gets that as additional PF.

  355. hi ms nora I filed at the hospital for philhealth benefits and was told the coverage is only 3,000.00 for normal delivery. is this true?

  356. Hi po can I get my refund from philhealth? I gave birth dec.4 then my baby was admitted. total bill for my baby was 3350; coverage is 11700. we also bought meds outside. can I refund 8350 even if our expense for meds was less than this?

  357. Hi, can I get a refund? I gave birth at a hospital in guiguinto last june 20,2015. The midwife brought me to st.norbert as I needed to have cs. They told us the package was 30,000. We told them we didn’t have that amount. They asked if I have philhealth. I told them I have Pinoy philhealth. They accepted it and told us to to pay 20,000 as Philhealth will cover 10,000. We borrowed 20,000. We got benefit notice from philhealth yesterday. Philhealth paid 19,000. Can we refund the 9,000 from the 20,000 we paid? Thanks a lot. God bless.

  358. Good pm po. Ask ko lang po kung may marerefund pa po ako. Nanganak po ako ng cs package daw po 30k kasama na daw po lahat gamot at room at doctors fee. Sabi po nila mag cash out daw po ako ng 20k kasi 10k daw po ung sa philhealth. Dumating po ung benefit payment notice ko ngayon. Nakita ko po 19k po pala sa philhealth. Lumalabas po na 20k cash out ko at 19k sa philhealth. Bale 39k po nakuha nila lahat. Ma rerefund ko pa po ba un 9k. Sa 20k na binayad namen. Salamat po sa magrereply. God bless..

  359. Hi lexie, you can avail of Philhealth this March. You’re eligible.

  360. Hello po can I avail of philhealth? I’ve paid oct-dec and jan-march as voluntary.due this march.

  361. Pwd ko po bng mgmit ung philhealth q sa maternity due q na po this january 2016, last payment q is from jan.-june 2015

  362. hi po . im 8 months pregnant ! feb. 06 2016 po ung due date ko. ask ko lng kung makakakuha po ba ako sa philhealth last hulog ko po nung june 2015 .

  363. Good morning, do I still have my monthly salary we even I’m on maternity leave?
    What if I did not consume my 2 months maternity leave what will I gain?
    Thank you. Pls reply.

  364. Gud day Ms.Nora, due ko na on feb.2016 pero ung last contribution ko sa philheath is 2012 pa po, im married and im dependent of my husband ask ko po kng pde ko ma avail ang benefits nag start sya ng work ulit dis sept. 2015 up to present. Thanks for the answer.Godbless !

  365. Thank you ms.nora

  366. Hi maan, if this is the latest email, then it means they’re reviewing your ultrasound. CRL means crown rump length of the fetus. I hope your claim is already approved.

  367. Ah! Is that so. In the 2nd email po, the remarks is “CRL review is on going?)” So you think my application is denied po? Thanks po

  368. Hi maan, that means there’s a discrepancy in your application. What member status did you write in your MAT2 form? If you wrote Voluntary, your record with SSS should also be Voluntary. What about your civil status? Wait for your papers to be returned to you through the mail, then correct the discrepancy, and then file again. Enroll in online SSS, so you can track your SSS records.

  369. Hi maan, sorry, no. Payment of premium should be before hospitalization. Ask others too.

  370. About my application for SSS maternity benefit. I checked through email. In their 1st email, the remark was “wrong key encoding”. What’s the meaning? Thanks po

  371. Hi ms. Nora I gave birth last Oct.22. Can I still get my benefit? I lack 1 month-payment when I gave birth. My last payment was June. Someone told me I can claim if I pay Oct. Is that true? Thanks po

  372. Hi Christine, your husband requests for a copy of his ER2 from his current employer. If he can submit the ER2 immediately to Philhealth, they should process it immediately. Process asap so that if not successful, you still have time to pay your own as individual payor this December.

  373. Thank you Mrs Nora. My husband is fixing our papers so I can be his dependent. Philhealth is asking for ER2 because the one on record is still his previous company. Is ER2 a company record? Does this process takes long because if this takes a long time, I’ll use mine.

  374. Hi Christine, there’s no difference in the benefits for new and long-time members. Your expenses will depend on the hospital and your OB. The coverage for normal delivery at a hospital is only 5,000, so you will pay the balance, depending on how much your OB will charge, and how much the hospital will charge. Ask your OB for her package cost if with Philhealth.

  375. OK po mrs Nora. what’s the difference in the benefits for those who have been paying for a long time and new members. I’ve been paying for 3 years while my husband started just this Feb. If I use my husband’s Philhealth, do I have to pay anything? Thanks

  376. Hi Christine, your due is Feb 2016, so it’s not required that you pay for Sep. It’s okay even if you missed paying for Sep. What you do asap is to pay for Oct to Dec and in January, pay for Jan to Feb, or you can pay Oct 2015 to Feb 2016 in one payment asap. Pay as individual payor because you are on leave. 200 pesos per month.

  377. Good morning po mrs Nora. sorry po I checked my last contribution from my employer and it was aug 2015. Can I still pay for Sept to Dec? So I can use it? tnx po

  378. Hi Christine, if your due date is Feb 2016, you should pay for Dec 2015 and Jan to Feb 2016. But to be sure, pay Oct 2015 to Feb 2016. Pay as individual payor while on leave.
    You cannot be your husband’s dependent because you are an employed member. You can only be your husband’s dependent if you cancel your membership and be your husband’s dependent. But despite this restriction, your husband can try registering you as his dependent (bring marriage cert and your leave form) and explain to them your case. Yes, the change in status is applied immediately if your request is approved.

  379. I’m married. if ever I can’t use my philhealth, can I use my husband’s philhealth? He started paying Feb.2015 as employed. But we need to amend his Philhealth so I can be his dependent. how long does it take for philhealth to process the change? Will it be changed in time for my due date? tnx

  380. I’ve been employed since July 2013 until now. My employer pays my philhealth but as self employed. I already got my cert of contribution of payments from my employer from July 2013- Sept 2015. Can I use this on my due date on Feb.6 2016? My last payment was sept 2015.

  381. i have a cesarean delivery last sept. 26, 2015 my OB Charge me to 25,0000 for her professional fee how to claim my maternity benefits. Thanks and God bless,

  382. Tanong ko lng po sa public po kc ako n nnganak. So mababa lng ung byad sa hospital tpos ung gamot kmi po ang bumili.. so ano po makukuha ko sa philheath?? exact amount na 8000 or un lng bill nmin sa hospital?? Kc ung mga resibo po nsmin pa di po kinuha sa hospital..

  383. Hi jhelyn, yes, if the prenatal ORs are in your name. Include prenatal ORs when you present your Philhealth papers to the hospital.

  384. hello and good day, as for my prenatal consultation, im using my insurance that our company provided so my prenatal consultation is free and the receipts are kept by my doctors secretary, can I still get my pre-natal care benefit?

  385. Hi khaye, go to Philhealth with your ID and register as Individual Payor, Informal Economy. Fill up form. Pay Oct to Dec. Get your MDR and card. Yes, you can use your Oct to Dec payment for your Dec delivery.

  386. hi can I use my husband’s philhealth? But it was not paid for a long time. It’s my due this dec. I plan to pay the full contribution. Can I avail of benefits if my due is around last week of dec? thanks.

  387. Hi henjhun, ues, your wife can use her Philhealth in Dec. If not yet done, she should update her data at Philhealth with her ID so she can get her updated MDR.

  388. Hi good eve. My wife will give birth this december 2015 but we’re not married yet. So she will use her philhealth but after we inquired, we were told her previous company did not remit any payment. So we paid oct. To december 2015 in same account. Can we user her maternity benefit? Thank you..

  389. Hi Alfonso, if 180 days have not passed since her discharge from the hospital, she can file for refund. Her hospitalization dates should be within the validity dates of her Philhealth premium payment receipt. She can send you the documents and you file on her behalf. She should include operating room report indicating the performance of CS, so her refund will be CS coverage. Papers should be translated to English. Ask her to include an authorization letter and a copy of her ID. Does she have a bank account in the Phils? The check will be in her name. Here are the documents required:

  390. my daughter gave birth to a baby girl in the hospital in Riyadh Saudi Arabia by Caesarian Operation. Can she then claim for refund of expenses from Philhealth?

  391. Hi nez, if you’re giving birth in March, pay also for Jan to Mar 2016 in Jan 2016.

  392. hello po, I’m 5 months pregnant and have just paid Philhealth for 4th quarter Oct – dec. Will I be able to avail of benefits?

  393. Hi Jessica, do you mean you have paid for August 2015 to Nov 2015? If yes, you can use Philhealth in Nov. Did you get your new MDR from Philhealth? Keep your receipts.

  394. Hi can I use my Philhealth for my delivery? When I worked, my Philhealth was paid for by my company from Nov 2014 to March 2014 then I resigned and became self employed and paid from April 2015 to December 2015. my due date is this Nov 2015. tnx po

  395. Hi Lian, sorry, I think not yet. You can use Philhealth in Dec or Jan or Feb. But ask the hospital or others too.

  396. My last contribution as employed is April 2013. Then I continue to pay as voluntary this Oct 2015 (quarterly till Dec 2015). My question is can I avail of benefits if I will be confine this Nov 2015 due to miscarriage. Thank you.

  397. My last payment contribution as employed is April 2013. I decided to continue my contribution as voluntary this oct 2015 (already paid until dec 2015). My question is can I avail my benefit if I will be confined next week due to miscarriage. Thank you.

  398. Hi jillian, didn’t the hospital deduct your Philhealth coverage from your hospital bill? That’s Philhealth’s deduction policy. If there’s a valid reason that it was not deducted, and it was the hospital that filed with Philhealth, wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth, then present that notice, plus your OR and bill to the hospital and request for your refund.

  399. jillian lozano ruiz

    i want to check if i have my refund. i gave birth last sept.30, 2015 thru cs in casimiro ynares hospital. i’m having a hard time in contacting philhealth thru phone.

  400. Hi Leah, yes, only 3 recent contributions are needed. I hope you also have claim form 1 signed by the employer and your husband’s MDR where your name is written as dependent.

  401. Hi po I’m a dependent of my husband and scheduled for repeat CS on oct.23. What was given to me by his employer is certification that they paid his philhealth contribution for july-sept.2015. 3 months only in the certification. Can I avail of maternity benefits from philhealth? tnx po

  402. Hi neonita, did your daughter pay Philhealth for any 3 months within Apr to Sep 2015? If yes, then you can file for Philhealth for her. Documents to file at Philhealth: premium payment receipt, MDR (get from Philhealth), claim form 1 (your daughter downloads from and sign), hospital billing statement and OR and medical certificate. File within 180 days from hospital discharge. CS reimbursement is 19k pesos. About SSS, did she pay for at least 3 months within April 2014 to March 2015? If yes, your can file for maternity benefit claim. Did she file MAT1 form before giving birth? If not, she fills up MAT1 form, with attached letter explaining why she was not able to file MAT1 before delivery. Documents to file with SSS: MAT1 form, letter, MAT2 form, operating room statement, medical certificate, birth certificate, authorization for you to file with SSS in her behalf, plus photocopies of her SSS ID and main passport page or Canadian ID. Bring also your IDs when filing. God bless too. Just comment again if there are further questions

  403. Hello. may I ask about my daughter who gave birth in Canada thru cs. last july 2014 she arrived in canada, last sept 10 she gave birth. Active member for 10 yrs and 200/mo contribution. filipino(immigrant). spouse is permanent resident. what should be done and how much can she get from philheatlh and my daughter is also an SSS member. hear from you soon! it’s my pleasure if you can contact me at 09983314731. God bless!

  404. Hi jean, sori, tulad ng nasabi ko na, hindi na puedeng bayaran ang Sep. Lalo nang di na puedeng bayaran ang Apr to June. If you give birth in Nov, dapat sana nabayaran mo ang Sep Oct and Nov. Puede pang bayaran ang Oct and Nov, pero ewan ko kung tatanggapin pa ng Philhealth ang bayad mo for Sep. kasi ang deadline to pay for Sep was Sep 30. You can go to Philhealth and ask. Or ask Bayad Center. Take care

  405. hi ms nora. how about april-june? should I pay? should I change as self employed? Is it sure that I can use it if I pay

  406. Hi Elena, please scroll up to read my reply on Oct 7 at 5:45 pm.

  407. Hi jean, sad to say, you need to pay for Sep, but the payment deadline for Sep has passed. You need to pay for Sep Oct and Nov. Ask others too. Take care

  408. hi po. im 8mos pregnant and I want to avail of philhealth maternity benefits. But my payment is only january-march from my employer. so april till now I have not paid. due date is nov. 2, 2015. If I pay, can I avail? tnx.

  409. Hi again Ns. Nora.regarding my sss maternity benefit. what if my employer did not give me my maternity cash before I took my leave? What should I do?

  410. Hi Elena, Philhealth only pays 2k to the OB and 3k to the hospital. In many hospitals, 5k is not enough payment for the doctor and the hospital, so they charge the patients. Most likely you pay more this year or next year for your delivery as prices have increased. Talk with your OB about her Philhealth package.

  411. Hi Elena, did you file your MAT1 through your employer? If yes, did you ask your HR? Did you ask other employees if that’s the practice in your company? Ask your HR if their practice is to get the money from SSS and then give it to you. That’s not the SSS policy, but if it’s accepted there, then I think you just have to wait for your money from SSS after you give birth, and then consider finding a better company later on. Just make sure you get your benefit after SSS gives it to your company.

  412. Hi Elena, if you’re an employee, you should use your own Philhealth. Requirements: MDR, claim form 1, premium receipt or employer’s cert of premium payments. Bring your ID in case it’s required.

  413. Hi arcelie, was your 2014 card given to you for free? If yes, you were an sponsored member. This means an organization or a politician paid for your Philhealth premiums. If your 2014 card was given to you by your barangay, your premiums might have been paid for by your city hall. But this card is for one year only. It needs to be renewed. Sometimes the card is not renewed if the sponsor has no more money to pay the premiums. Sad to say that even if you pay 600 pesos for your Philhealth now as Voluntary member, you cannot use it this month. You can go to your barangay and ask about sponsored Philhealth cards.

  414. arcelie jane estorgio

    good am ms Nora, what’s the meaning of sponsored member of philhealth. How is this member different from other members? one time I went to Quezon ave. branch of philhealth to get my card, I was told to get the card from my baranggay as I am sponsored. They can’t explain it to me. My MDR is not updated, it was issued last 2014. how can I get the latest? I hope you can answer my question. I’m giving birth this month. thanks a lot Jane:)

  415. Hi again Ms. Nora.regarding my sss maternity benefit, what will I do if my employer did not give my maternity cash before I took my leave?

  416. Can i use my husband philhealth in giving birth even i have my own philhealth? If so,what is the requirements?

  417. Hi Ms. Nora, how much really is the professional fee of ob doctor if hospital and doctor are philhealth accredited? I paid 20k for my delivery last march 2013?

  418. Hi aye, yes, you can use his Philhealth. Yes, he should update his Philhealth data using your marriage certificate and get his new MDR where your name is written as his dependent.

  419. Hi annie, you are OFW, so January should be within your receipt’s validity dates. It’s better if you pay in advance your next one-year coverage (pay in Oct or Nov), so you won’t forget and so your January delivery will be covered.

  420. Hi ms.Nora I just want to by December my philhealth will expire.last month September my eldest son was admitted he used my due to deliver this coming January 2016.still I can used my philhealth?thank you

  421. Hi Ms. nora, me and my husband got married last sept 12, 2015. he is planning to update his philhealth and put me as one of his dependents this oct upon getting our marriage cert.i’m about to give birth by last week of november or first month of dec this year. Can i use his philhealth? He is a philhealth member for more than a year and an employee of a private company

  422. ang due date ko po is oct. Only sept. 2015 Ung hndi po nhulugn ng employeer ko kz po nkleave n ko sa work smula nung sept.11 2015…sa lying in po ako mangngnk.. maavail ko po ang philhealth maternity benefits ko ms. Nora…

  423. Gaano po katAgal kadalasan inaabot pagnagpareimburse for example po yung mga gmot na nabili sa labAs ng hospital??

  424. Hi Tina, did you file your Philhealth papers in 2008 and in 2013? Did the hospital deduct the Philhealth coverage from your bill? If your hospital bills were fully covered by Philhealth, then you have no more refunds. If you bought meds outside the hospital, you should have asked the hospital for refunds in 2008 or 2009 and in 2013 or 2014.

  425. Hi Ms.Nora, can i refund from philhealth? I had D&C last 2008 for my 5th pregnancy and 2013 for my 6th. I didn’t receive any BPN from philhealth. I had my D&Cs at a public hospital. Thanks po.

  426. Hi anne, if you pay for October only, you won’t qualify in Oct. If money is tight, pay for Jul to Sep (600 pesos) within Sep, up to Sep 30. Ask others too

  427. What if I won’t be able to pay the 3rd quarter and only Oct., can I use Philhealth?

  428. Hi anne, you should pay for July Aug Sep ASAP, this September (last day is Sep 30). Or if you can, pay for July to Oct.

  429. Good afternoon po, what if my last payment to Philhealth was last june 2015 as voluntary. I’ll give birth this Oct. Can I use Philhealth? Or should I pay for Oct? Or Sept? Can I pay at Bayad center for one month only? Tia po

  430. Hi thelma, pay for Jul to Sep or for Jul to Oct. Get your MDR and your receipt. Maternity and ligation are covered. Find an OB and clinic or hospital that are Philhealth-affiliated. If clinic, make sure it’s licensed by DOH to do ligation. You can just ask if your ligation will be covered (coverage is 4k). Coverage for normal delivery is 6500 (if clinic) and 5000 (if hospital)

  431. Hi miss Nora, i will give birth this coming oct. And i’m planning to have my ligation. What will i do po or wat are the requirements.? And is it covered by philhealth? And how much will cost me? I’m a philhealth member…

  432. Hi Kristin, yes, you can use Philhealth, because the maximum count of 4 (if this is still being applied), counts only births. Miscarriages are not counted.

  433. Am i still entitled for maternity benefit for my 5th pregnancy? 1st child nsd, 2nd miscarriage, 3rd cs, 4th miscarriage… hoping for your immediate response pls…

  434. Hi edzel, yes. make sure the name of your wife is in your MDR as your dependent. For continuous coverage, pay also Oct to Dec this month or next month.

  435. I was able to pay 3 months (july to september) and my wife will deliver on October, can I avail the maternity benefit for her in my philhealth?

  436. Hi JenT, you get 60 days of paid leave. Your OB should write 60 days on the medical certificate. Your daily rate: Total of your 6 highest salary credits within the 12-month period prior to your semester of miscarriage divided by 180.

  437. Hi Ms Nora. How much is the coverage for Miscarriage? Thanks

  438. Hello po. what should I do to avail of maternity benefit if I have not paid this year but I’m philhealth member. due this october.

  439. Hi Karen, submit your MDR, premium payment OR, Philhealth claim form 1 (from hospital or Philhealth, signed by employer, if employed; 2 copies-one for you and second for baby) plus ID in case required. Now, what’s required is payment of 3 months within 6 months prior to month of delivery.

  440. Hi Ms. Nora, I am a voluntary contributor, do you know what i need to submit in the hospital to avail my maternity benefits when i give birth this oct? i paid mine from january2015- march 2015 and july2015- dec 2015. And is it true that when you pay for 6 consecutive mnths you can still avail not 9? thank you.

  441. Hi Liezel, yes, you will be able to avail of benefits. Prepare your MDR and premium payment OR plus ID, in case they require any valid ID.

  442. Will I be able to avail of benefits? I’ve paid april to sept and will pay this sept for oct to dec. Sched for c.s this sept 26. Tia po

  443. Hi kevin, yes, she can avail by registering this month at Philhealth with her ID, fill up the registration form, pay for Sep to Dec, get her OR, MDR and card.

  444. hi ms. nora, my friend is giving birth to her 1st baby on January 2016. she’s planning to apply for philhealth. if she will enroll this month (september 2015), can she avail of the maternity and newborn packages ,even though she will give birth on 2016?

  445. Hi khim, exactly the same question with Jeffrey’s so the same answer. The deadline for paying for Sep is Sep 30. Yes, you can pay for Oct to Dec in Nov. Oct to Dec payment can be enough for availment, but ask your hospital/clinic, to be sure.

  446. same question po. what if I can’t pay sept. and last payment was july. give birth in dec. Can I avail of benefits? or can I pay all in nov.

  447. Hi jeffrey, pay for Sep this month (200 pesos, can be at Bayad Center). Payment deadline for Sep is Sep 30. Then pay Oct to Dec in Nov at Philhealth. But if you can, it’s better to pay all as early as possible.

  448. follow up question po. If we need to pay sept to dec. can we pay in nov. for all months?

  449. Hi jeffrey, yes, your wife needs to pay Sep to Dec. It’s 200 per month, so total is 800 pesos. Pay at Philhealth, fill up the registration form (For Updating) so she can get her MDR, card and OR.

  450. good day. My wife was an employee last march to August and paid her philhealth up to august 2015. then shes 6 months pregnant right now and will give birth dec. the question is how she can avail of philhealth benefits. does she need to pay sep to dec and how much?

  451. Hi Raquel or Kelly, the rules in 2004 were different. During those years, the requirement for individual payors was payment of 9 months within 12 months immediately before delivery. If you were employed in 2004, you should have been qualified. You should have obtained a signed claim form 1 from your employer.

  452. Hi I’m kelly, Why po ndi ko na-avail ung maternity ko last 2004, cesarean po ako, nghulog po ako noong jan -june 2004 wl po ngyari, I need an answer,

  453. I ask why I was not able to avail of maternity benefits from philhealth. It was a long time ago, last 2004. cs. I paid for January to June. I gave birth may 08 2004. Tnx po

  454. Ask ko lng po f pno kung nwala ung rs1 ko makakapag file pb ko ng mat2 ko ano po dapat kung gawin salamat

  455. Hi alvind, it’s the same amount of benefit for all types of members for the same medical treatment. Coverage for normal delivery at a hospital is 5000 pesos; 6500 at a clinic. Coverage for CS is 19k.

  456. Hello Ms Nora. if I’m going to have the maximum benefits, how much do I get from Philhealth if ever my wife will give birth?

  457. Yes, if you’re updated in paying, your daughter can avail. If her category is OFW, then her delivery date should be within her Philhealth validity dates. If her category is Individual Payor, then she should have paid at least 3 months within the 6 months immediately prior to her delivery date.
    Documents required: Philhealth claim form 1 for her, Philhealth claim form 1 for her baby, MDR, premium receipt payment. Sometimes required: any ID or Philhealth card.
    If prenatal care is claimed: bring ORs of prenatal care expenses worth at least 1,500. If hospital, coverage is 5000 (normal delivery). If clinic, coverage is 6,500.

  458. hi i’m pichit pascua. i’m the one paying the Philhealth contributions of my daughter who is now working in singapore. will she be entitled to claim maternity benefits: 6,500 for the facility and health professional and 1,500 for prenatal care? if yes, what are the requirements? please reply back and thank you in advance.

  459. Hi Marlene, when it’s time for your family to buy meds outside the hospital, instruct your family to ask the pharmacy outside the hospital to issue ORs in your complete name, so you can present these later on to the hospital for your refund request after you receive your benefit payment notice from Philhealth. Philhealth’s coverage for CS doctors (OB and anesthesiologist) is 7,600. But if you need to pay 4,500 because that district hospital is not fully staffed, then you just have to prepare for it. Have a safe and happy delivery.

  460. Hi, ms. Nora. I’m expected to give birth this nov.2015 for my second baby via cs. I have my check ups po at a district hospital. I have Philhealth po. Is the pf of the anesthesiologist not covered by ph? Somebody who has delivered there told me that it’s automatic to pay 4500 because the hospital does not have an anesthesiologist. And they instruct patients to buy meds because they don’t have enough supplies. Can we ask for refunds?

  461. Hi Shanne Mae, welcome. Just prepare some money because most public hospitals instruct their patients to buy meds and supplies outside the hospital, as their pharmacies do not have the needed meds and supplies

  462. Hi Cha, your partner cannot be your dependent because you’re not married to her. She can apply for her own membership by going to Philhealth with her ID and pay for July to Sep or July to Oct. She’ll fill up the PMRF form, pay and get her receipt, MDR and card. She can use Philhealth in Sep or Oct.

  463. Shanne Mae Ceballos

    Thank you, Ms. Nora. Hopefully, there’ll be no additional fee as I’m planning to give birth in a public hospital and would probably take the private room for our stay.

  464. Hi Mrs Nora! My partner is pregnant and the EDD would be this coming October but she’s not a philhealth member and we’re not legally married. My question is, can i used my philhealth card to avail the maternity benefits as my name will be reflected as a father of the child on whatever maternity related documents it may produced (e.g. hospital/clinic discharge docs, birth cert of child, etc)? And also, can she still avail the benefits if she will apply for philhealth membership this month?

  465. Hi Shanne Mae, the coverage for CS with tubal ligation is the same as the coverage for CS only, which is 19k. If this coverage is not enough for your OB or hospital, then you pay for the additional cost. About special leave, this depends on your company, meaning if your company is big and it gives its own maternity benefits in addition to the SSS maternity benefit. Most companies depend only on the SSS benefit, which pays for 78 leave days if CS, and nothing more.

  466. Hi Barbie, yes, go to Philhealth with your ID, fill up the PMRF form, pay for July to Sep, and get your MDR and card. Keep your OR. Yes, you use your Philhealth no. when you were employed.

  467. Hi, i worked until April 2015. That is also my last payment. 1. Am I eligible to claim even if I haven’t paid since then? I am due in October 2. Can I pay right away using my old number? How much is needed to qualify? Thanks

  468. gud day po. i was delivered my baby via ceasarian section last june 22, 2014, we processed our philhealth requirements at cuyo district hospital where I gave birth. we paid all the bills since we were told we needed philhealth confirmation. after a few months we got our philhealth confirnmation from philhealth, afterwhich we submitted to the hospital our confirmation letter hoping we’ll fix our philhealth but sad to say until now we have not received a refund for what we spent. it’s almost 1 year already. thanx po your reply are very much appreciated.

  469. Shanne Mae Ceballos

    Hello Ms. Nora, I’m scheduled for a CS-operation this Sept. 12 and would like to undergo tubal ligation as well. Should I still pay the 4K package? I have read from Philhealth’s Circular No. 16 series of 2008 that, ”No additional payment shall be given for voluntary surgical contraception procedures performed with other PhilHealth-covered surgeries (e.g., tubal ligations performed with vaginal delivery or cesarean sections, prostatectomy with vasectomy).” Another thing, can I avail of the Magna Carta of Women – Special Leave for this scenario? Thank you very much.

  470. Hi Christina, yes, you can avail of Philhealth again, whether CS or normal. Pay for July to Sep this quarter, and then pay Oct to Dec next quarter. It’s better if you initially pay at Philhealth with your ID so you can get your new MDR as Voluntary and card. Fill up the PMRF form before paying. You said the BPN showed Philhealth deduction, but I’m puzzled it shows only 1,400. Philhealth should have paid 19k to the hospital because it was CS. You can request the hospital for a refund of the cost of supplies you purchased outside if Philhealth has paid the hospital the 19k coverage. Show your receipts.

  471. Hello, Ms. Nora, I gave birth last March 1 via CS. We received the BPN, we didn’t pay anything to the hospital, there’s a deduction of 1,400 from philhealth. Can we refund because we bought all the supplies for my cs delivery. What’s the process? Now I’m pregnant again and might have CS again. I’m on leave po from work from feb to april 2015, and my last day po at work is this july 31. expected date of delivery is january 2016. Can I avail again of philhealth if I become voluntary starting August? Our hospital bill is 4,225. Can I refund from the 19k philhealth coverage? We didn’t pay anything even if the bill showed 4,225. We paid 500 for our ward stay po and for the baby.

  472. Hi 🙂 ask ko lang po , manganganak ako month of september.
    sa Lying-In na Philhealth accredited / hindi po ako aware dun sa pre-natal care benefits . lagi po akong nag papa check-up .. 300 pesos po kada check-up .. paano ko po ma aavail yung 1500 pesos na pre-natal benefits ? ee hindi naman po ako binibigyan ng OR ng lying-inn kung san ako nag papa check-up, dun din ako manganganak ..

  473. wala po kasi kami talaga binayaran po sa hospital kahit na may nakareflect na 4,225 na amount sa bill namin…mayu 500 po kami binayaran pero sa pagstay po sa ward un at para sa baby daw…

  474. Add ko lang po ms. nora.. 4,225 po bill namin sa hospital.. may marerefund po kaya ako dun sa 19k na ibibgay ng philhealth sa hospital..

  475. Hello, Ms. Nora, nanganak po ako last March 1 via CS. nareceive na po namin ung BPN, wla naman po kami binayaran sa hospital, may deduction nga na 1,400 po ang philhealth dun, may marerefund pa po ba kami kasi samin lahat ng supplies para sa cs delivery ko.. ano po ba process? tapos buntis po ulit ako ngayon, possible po na cs delivery po ulit.. nakaleave po ako sa work from feb to april 2015, tapos last day ko na po sa work ngayong july 31. expected date of delivery ko is january 2016.. makakaavail po ba ulit ako ng philhealth if magvoluntary ako starting August?

  476. Hi rose, yes, go to Philhealth with your ID and at least 600 pesos, fill up registration form, pay for July to Sep and get your MDR and card. In October, pay for Oct to Dec. Or you can pay July to Dec (1,200) when you register.

  477. Hi maureen, you can no longer claim because the 6,500 or 8,000 from Philhealth will go to the hospital or clinic.

  478. hello, if a patient was discharged from the hospital without paying anything, can you still claim the 6,500 or 8,000 for maternity package?

  479. hi ms. nora can I use my benefits if I apply for philhealth now and I’ll give birth in end of December. if yes what should I do. thank you po

  480. Hi apple, yes, you can avail of Philhealth. But to be sure, pay also for July to Sep. About SSS, the gap between March 2015 and Sep 1 is less than 6 months, it’s most likely that SSS will require you to submit documents from your former employer. It’s wise to request cert of separation and cert of non-advancement of maternity benefit plus L501 document earlier.

  481. hi mrs nora can I avail of maternity benefits? due date is sept. 1. employed frm feb.2014 to march 2015 but employer paid only feb.-november 2014. Paid as voluntary/invidualy payor for apr.-june 2015. even if I don’t pay july august sept.2015, can I avail?
    regarding sss I have filed maternity notice last may 2015. If I file sss mat 2, do I need supporting documents from my employer? thanks in advance.

  482. Hi khai, yes, you can avail. For newborn care, fill up 2 claim form 1 – one for you and one for your baby. Ask the pediatrician if you can use your Philhealth to help pay your newborn care costs.

  483. Paano po ba maavail ung Newborn care benefits? what are the docs. needed?Thanks po.

  484. hi Ms. Nora,am i eligible to avail of Philhealth maternity benefits if i paid last Apr-June 2015 and yesterday i paid for July-sept. my due is 2nd week of August? Thank you.

  485. Hi kris, if you give birth in September or Oct or Nov or Dec, pay Philhealth for July to Sep so you can avail. Pay also for Oct to Dec, if your due is after Dec. About SSS, were you employed before? If not, register with SSS using RS1 form. Present proof that you have source of income. You can avail of SSS maternity benefit if your RS1 is approved, your delivery date is next year, and you pay for July to Sep or July to Dec.

  486. hi can i apply sss and phil health to get a maternity benefits? is it not too late to apply? thanks how much ? can u sum it up please.. thanks

  487. Hi nova, this month, you can pay for July to Sep, but you can use it in Sept Oct Nov. You’re already late for paying for Apr May June. Ask others too.

  488. Hi im a philhealth member before and my contribution stops when I stop working.its been a now 9 months pregnant,can I still pay for 1 year so I can have benifits when I give birth?

  489. Hi jessalyn, yes, you can avail. Keep your receipt and your MDR.

  490. hi ms.Nora can I avail of philhealth. I last paid january 2012 . I paid as voluntary this july to december 2015. I’ll give birth in january 2016. thank you po

  491. Hi Joyce, sorry, your claim will not be accepted. There’s a deadline for filing Philhealth claims. It should be within 60 days after discharge.

  492. Hi ms. Nora, can I avail of my maternity benefit in 2012? I gave birth october 2012. I’m updated with my contributions.

  493. Hi roane, yes, it’s Philhealth’s policy that minors should give birth at a hospital if they want to use Philhealth. You can still go to East Avenue and explain your situation. It’s best if you go there to have your last checkups before giving birth.

  494. Ms Nora, we went to the clinic and the midwife told us that an 18-yr old cannot use philhealth at a clinic. Should be at a hospital. It’s there at the clinic where I had my checkups. We’re planning to go to east ave. Will east ave accept me as I did not have my checkups there, and can I avail of maternity benefit?

  495. thanks a lot Ms. Nora 🙂

  496. Hi roane, yes, you can avail in sept if you pay July to Sep or July to Dec

  497. Ms. Nora i registered today as voluntary but didn’t pay contribution. i didn’t know there’s a deadline. what if i pay contribution tom. july-dec, can i avail benefits if my due date is last week of sept?

  498. Hi roane, yes, you can be a member. Yes, you can avail in Sep if you pay for June to Sep. Go to Philhealth with your ID or barangay certificate or birth certificate. But it’s advisable if you pay for Apr to Sep, so you can be eligible even in June or July and up to Nov. If you want to pay for Apr to June, you need to apply on June 29 or 30. Payment deadline for a quarter (Apr to June, July to Sep, Oct to Dec) is the last day of the quarter.

  499. Hi deth, yes, pay asap. On June 29 or 30. You can pay for Apr to June only up to June 30. It’s better to go to Philhealth with your ID, fill up the PMRF form so you can get your MDR and card. You can pay for Jul to Aug or Jul to Sep in August. Or you can pay Apr to Aug or Apr to Sep this 29th or 30th.

  500. i’m 18 yrs old and 6mos pregnant. can I avail of maternity benefits if I apply for Philhealth membership tomorrow? and pay for june-sept. sept 29 is my due date.

  501. hello i’m previously employed. my remittance to philhealth up to feb only. Can I pay as voluntary from march until august so I can avail of the benefit? tnx po

  502. Hi betty, yes, you can apply as individual payor when you get back here in Oct 2015. Apply at any Philhealth branch with your ID, pay for Oct to Dec 2015, or Oct 2015 to March 2016 (to lengthen your coverage), get your MDR and card. You can leave your Philhealth no. blank so they’ll give you a new no. Or you can write your old Philhealth no. but bring your Marriage certificate.
    If you want coverage now, you can authorize someone in the Phils to register and pay for you, scan your authorization letter and your IDs and email it to your representative, including your personal data (items asked in the Philhealth PMRF form).

  503. good evening po. I had PHILHEALTH NO. in the past. Have not paid for a long time. If I APPLY or register again, will I use the same Philhealth no.? I was single before and now I’m married. What should I do? Can I avail of the maternity benefit if I apply by october 2015 when I get back to PINAS? due date is jan 2016. (4 mos.before delivery ). thank you.

  504. Hi Jyc, yes. Go to Philhealth with your ID, fill up the PMRF form, pay for June to Sep, or June to Oct, or June to Dec, get your receipt, MDR and card.

  505. Im about to give birth by october, can i still apply for phil health membership, if paying the whole year can avail me

  506. makakakuha poh b nq benefits qnq individual poh aqnq naqhuhuloq at nun Jan lnq anqqanq jun AQ naqhuloq next month n poh q manqanqank at qnq skalinq maccs poh AQ uli

  507. odessa ann esparcia flores

    gud am tanong ko lang po kung magkno pa huhulugan ko sa philhealth sa pagkakaalam ko po 7 monts ko lng nahulugan dahil bgo lang akong member march 2014-oct 2014 ang hulog ko..tapis ngaun po 7 monts na kong bunts at manganganak po ako sa august 2015..mgkano pa po kya ang ihuhulog ko.

  508. Hi kai, yes. Go to Philhealth asap with your ID, register and pay for May to August. Get your MDR and your card. At the clinic or hospital, present your MDR and receipt upon admission or before discharge

  509. hi can I use my benefits if I apply for philhealth now and I’ll give birth in august. if yes what should I do. thanks.

  510. Hi Lyaine, sorry, there’s a deadline for filing — 60 days after discharge. And it should be the clinic that files the claim, not the patient. There are only few exceptions. Also, if the clinic is not accredited by Philhealth, then the clinic cannot file a claim.

  511. Hi yang, you should have received a payment notification from Philhealth so you can see how much Philhealth paid to the maternity clinic, so you have something to show to the clinic. Sorry I don’t really know what else to advise you, as this now depends on the clinic if they really filed the claim and received the 1,500 prenatal benefit.

  512. Hi anne, yes, you will get your Philhealth coverage. Will it be normal delivery or cesarean? Make sure you have paid your Philhealth for April or May to August.

  513. Hi rosalyn, did you get a bill or statement from the hospital? Philhealth coverage is 5k pesos (2,500 for PF and 2,500 for hospital costs). If the hospital bill is exactly 2,500, then you can no longer refund because your 2,500 coverage was already used up. If less than 2,500, then ask for a refund after you receive your bill payment notification from Philhealth.

  514. last sept. 2014 po i gave birth. Can I claim philhealth maternity from philhealth office because the lying in clinic where I gave birth did not deduct my philhealth benefit, so I was not able to enjoy my maternity benefit. I need money as of now po. thank you po for your reply.

  515. Hi. I have a problem with my pre-natal care reimbursement. This is the story, I gave birth last March 12, 2014 to a maternity lying-in clinic. I gave all the requirements to avail the Maternity Package including my pre-natal ORs, as per the clinic, I should submit it so I can reimburse the Php1,500 prenatal care. June 2014 came and I called the clinic, they said that there are info.that should be filled-up in the CF1 form, I went there and then filled it up.August came, November came, i followed it up again, they said that they will call me for the update.In short, I regularly call them so I can have an update. I became pissed with their promises that they will call Philhealth to follow-up the reimbursement. Then I called Philhealth, ask them the status of my claim, I was annoyed form what Philhealth said, they told me that the clinic already claimed the check (for the Mother and the Baby), so I called the clinic immediately and then ask them regarding my 1,500, they said that they will re-file it ( it was November then), I called again Philhealth last January 2015 and I found out that nobody re-filed my reimbursement. What to do, Please help me,its been more than a year now and I have not received the prenatal care reimbursement worth 1,500. thank you for your advices.

  516. Im 6 months pregnant. My baby is diagnose anencephalic. Shes alive in my womb but I was told she will not survive after delivery. will i still get my maternity benefits?

  517. Good day! Can I refund the money I spent for meds I bought outside the hospital? I have receipts. The receipts were not included in the hospital bill. I delivered last May 11,2015. I used philhealth so we did not pay anything to the hospital.

  518. Hi I am 5 months pregnant. I wanted to know how avail my maternal packages so that I can use it. Thank you.

  519. i paid my philhealth from april to sept. this year , can i use my ph , im about to give birth on june

  520. last ko pong hulog sa philhealth nubg march 2013 pa I’m 7months pregnant..pwede pa po kya ako mghulog kht sa July name ako manganganak? huhulugan ko po ung 6months PRA mkaavail reply po asap

  521. Hi ms. Nora dependent po aq ng philhealth ng asawa ko pwede ba aq mka avail ng refund for prenatal care package?

  522. Hi sarahjane, submit upon admission, or while preparing for delivery. Must be before discharge. Your benefit should be deducted from your bill.

  523. hi gud day po! when do we pass the requirements to avail of maternity benefits? before or after giving birth? thank you po.

  524. Hi jinky, sad to say that the long-form rule is true, as described here: Philhealth Claim Form Guidelines Yes, the clinic should have posted their Philhealth requirements in their billing or cashier window, or should have informed you directly beforehand. Based on comments on our blogs, many hospitals, clinics, OBs, and midwives are not very efficient or helpful with regards to Philhealth information, so I suggest you comply with their documentary requirements, even if they did not inform you properly, so you can get your refund. Then later on, after getting your refund, you can write Philhealth about your complaint, or write on the Facebook page of Philhealth. Thanks for appreciating my blog. God bless too.

  525. Hi Justine, check if your refund is here in this list: ttp://

  526. Hi Analyn, pay at least 3 of the 6 months prior to delivery. Yes, pay ASAP this May for April to June, so you can avail in June.

  527. Hi jennylyn, yes, pay ASAP for April May and June, so you can use Philhealth in June. Register and pay at Philhealth so you can get your MDR and card.

  528. I gave birth last year December 2014 with all my expenses. I filed my reimbursement on the first week of January 2015. But until now if I make follow up at the hospital, they say the refund is not yet with them. Can I still get my reimbursement or not and if the requirements were lacking, they should have contacted me. they have my mobile number and email address

  529. Hi. how many months do I need to pay to be able to avail of benefits from philhealth? And can i pay this may for april to june for my delivery in June?

  530. Gud day!i just wanna know what’s the best thing to do,,i gave birth last april 18 in a lying-in na philhealth accredted po,i gave birth earlier than expected but prior to that,i had asked for the requirements needed pra mcover ng ph,but the midwife provided me with no answer,so nun nanganak aq,di q nbgay agad req,not after 4 days pro nag deposit po q,i asked about the nbs,wala n raw sila kit,they will let mw know daw not more than 14 days from apriil 18,i have read that it should be given 24 to 72 hrs upon delivery,tas nacompleto q na mga req pro ayaw tangappin un cf1 form from my office kz it was printed in a short bond paper,i told them n sa pampanga p signatory nmen,but she’S insisting n dpat long,nowhwere in any forum nor philhealth’s site itself indicating that it should only be accomplished in a long copy,now they are refusing to give me my refund and even the newborn screening wasn’t done yet,tas bcg n hepa vaccine was not given aswell,i wanna file complaint bec of incompetence and inconvenience,,d nilacnsabi agad kun ano mga kailangan onset para smooth ang processo,,
    one more thing po,6k lng po un philhealth deduction sa knila,and they are charging me extra 1200 for the oxygen daw po and sa pag stitch,,i stayed there only for 9 hrs,d q na maxado natanong cuz i jst wanna go home that time dhil sobrang init dun,naawa aq sa baby q,anu po ba dpat ko gawin?sorry ang haba,,,i need ur response asap,,,badly&urgently needed po,,
    more power and don’t get tired on sharing ur expertice,godbless!

  531. gud day po. just read about your post a while ago. im preggy and expected delivery is june. If I pay 1st week of may, can I avail of maternity benefits? hope you can respond

  532. Hi dana, did the hospital accept your Philhealth papers? If they filed your papers with Philhealth, processing takes 2 to 5 months or more.

  533. Hi mariz, if you paid for April to June, and you got your receipt and MDR, you can avail in June.

  534. If it’s miscarriage, how long should I wait for my refund from the hospital? My agency was late in paying my Philhealth so I paid my hospital bill last feb 2015. I was told I’ll get a refund. how long?

  535. Hello! I just want to know if i will be covered by philhealth, i just enrolled yesterday. Im pregnant right now and im about to give birth this june.

  536. Hi reena, yes, the benefit for normal delivery at a hospital is only 5k

  537. Hi LYN, if you’ll give birth in Oct, or Nov or Dec, pay Philhealth for July to Sep. But to be sure, pay asap for Apr to June, then in July, pay for July to Sept, then in Oct, pay for Oct to Dec, so you are always covered.

  538. I gave birth jan2015 with 22 thousand bill. 5thou was deducted by phlhealth. is there no more refund

  539. hi .. i just resigned from my work last february 2015. I got married on March and I had just mg pregnancy test this April and it was positive. I would just want to know if i will be able to get my philhealth maternity benefits even if i have resigned from my work last february? what will be the steps if ever i may be able to enjoy my benefits? i have been working since 2011.thanks in advance..

  540. Hi ms. Nora, due date is august, can i still register for philhealth and use it immediately? How many months should i pay to avail materbity benefits? Thank you in advance, GodBless!

  541. Hi ms nora, due date is on april. Can i register in philhealth and use it immediately? How much should i pay or how many months should i pay to avail maternity benefits? Thank you in advance, GodBless!

  542. 3months n po aq umanak s batangas medical center…22,000 po ung bil q 5000 n least ng phlhealth my mga nbli dn gamot s labas ng osptal my marerefund p6 b aq!!!

    ung unang osptal n pinagdalhan skn prvrte 5,000 ung nagng bil wla naleast ang phlhealth kxe wla dw 24 hrs aq ngstay dun!!!

  543. Hi reez, sorry, no. You should have paid for Jan to Mar 2015, and you’re no longer allowed to pay for Jan to Mar 2015. Ask others too.

  544. good day!just want to ask if i can use my philhealth upon delivery this april 2015, my last payment was april 2014 when i still have a job. if i paid my philhealth for this whole year can i use it immediately? im not an ofw.

  545. Hi dethsky, yes, you can avail of your benefit, as CS is a different procedure/condition from dehydration. The single-period-of-confinement rule refers to the same condition/illness/treatment of the same member within 90 days. In May or June, it’s also good if you pay June to Aug.

  546. Can still avail of the 19k benefit for my cs section even if I used my philhealth when I was admitted last march because of dehydration? my due date is july last week or aug first week. Im paid up to may 2015. Hope to get your answer asap po thanks

  547. Hi jackielyn, yes, upon or after admission (or before discharge or at least 1 day before discharge), submit a clear photocopy of your MDR (bring original), your premium receipt, and claim form 1 (ask hospital). Bring your ID. Your benefit should be deducted from your bill

  548. hi ms nora, I registered as member a while ago and paid 2 quarters. How can I use my mdr and id when I give birth this April 22? Should I submit my MDR before admission to avail of maternity benefits of philhealth? I wish to clarify the full details

  549. Hi jackielyn, yes, register asap with your ID at Philhealth, on or before March 31, and pay for Jan to March or Jan to June.

  550. Hi aprille, pay for March to June asap so you can avail.

  551. hi ms nora, due date is april 22,2015. Can I register with philhealth and can I use it immediately for my maternity benefits this april 22,2015?

  552. good day! can I avail of maternity benefit? June is my due date. My last payment to Philhealth is feb-july 2014. Do I need to pay and how many months to avail of maternity benefits? thanks God bless!

  553. Hi joycee, yes, as you planned, pay for April to June next month, and then in July or Aug, pay for July to Sep, and you will be covered.
    But if you like, you can pay for Jan to Mar before the end of March so you can be covered this March to June.

  554. Hi Roseane, make sure you have 3 paid and posted premiums within Dec 2014 to May 2015. If not sure, pay March and April as voluntary (show Philhealth your maternity leave paper so you can pay as Voluntary).

  555. Hi Belle, you use the same number (should be 12 digits), and you write your member category as OFW. Yes, you can pay through accredited banks and collecting firms.

  556. Hi Ms. Nora I’ll start paying Philhealth 1st week of april. My due is on first week of september, can I use my philhealth by that time?

  557. Hi ms. Nora my employer gave my certification of 6mos. contributions last year. Will use it for my delivery this may. I took my leave February. If I have them update my contributions up to February, can I use it for my delivery this may?

  558. Hi ms nora, will my philhealth number change after I become OFW following my employment in Pinas for several years? or is it the same number? I’m OFW at present, i can pay through bank?

  559. Hi Ana, yes, pay Jan to March asap, on or before March 31. Then pay Apr to June in Apr, or pay Jan to June all at one time before end of March.

  560. Hi ms nora, im due april 2015, my last contribution was december 2014.Can i avail maternity benefits if i will pay jan-dec 2015 contribution? Thanks

  561. tnx a lot ms nor…

  562. Hi jennielyn, yes, you can use Philhealth in May. Pay also for Apr to June for continuous coverage.

  563. Hi maridel, what are important are your MDR and premium receipt. You can bring any ID. You can ask for cf1 at the hospital’s accounting/billing department or at Philhealth. If you can go to Philhealth, you can ask for your Philhealth card.

  564. jennielyn de leon

    eow po. Just applied jan 2015. Is it already active? My due is MAY2015. I paid 3mos jan-march2015. can I use it for my delivery in May. Will have cs. tnx po

  565. I don’t have philhealth id. where can I get cf1

  566. Hi maridel, yes, you can pay March to June or March to July 2015 so you can avail. pay with your ID at Philhealth so you can get your updated MDR and card

  567. hi ms nor. I’m unemployed. last payment to philhealth was last sept.2014. can I use it for my maternity. due date this july. can I avail if I pay jan-june as a voluntary?. tnx po

  568. Hi jenny, yes, you can avail. For continued coverage, pay also for Apr to June.

  569. Hello mrs Nora gud day po! I’m Ofw since 6 years ago and at that time I was not able to pay my contribution in philhealth because my husband is paying in owwa is same contribution in philhealth. Now I came home October 2014 and started again to pay my philhealth contribution from Oct 2014 to march 2015. Can I avail of maternity benefit, due date is on April end or May first week this is my 2nd baby.

  570. Hello Nora, I’m an OFW and just had delivered my 3rd baby here in Dubai. May I please know what are the requirements and forms to submit when claiming the maternity and newborn care package? My premium is updated by the way. Thank you very much.

  571. Hi lezur, yes, you can avail. Next quarter, pay also for Apr to June, for continued coverage.

  572. hi miss nora, im due this May 5, 2015 and i just pay jan-march 2015.. can i avail my maternity benefits? or if not can i still pay the previous quarter (oct-dec 2014) to avail my benefits? thank you

  573. Hi Mary Ann, yes, as OFW, your delivery date should be within your premium payment validity dates. When you arrive, ask the nearest OEC renewal desk if you can pay your Philhealth ahead of renewing your OEC (because you need your Philhealth eligibility) and you will just show your Philhealth receipt when you renew your OEC.

  574. Hi. I’m an ofw and will be going home by march. I’m planning to pay my oec by april so it will be valid till june (60 days). My due date is april 26. Am I eligible to use philhealth maternity?

  575. Hi danica, yes, you can use your Philhealth in Feb for your delivery

  576. Hello po, new member po ako ng phlhealth last nov at nkapg byad nku ng oct to dec , jan to mar. Sa feb na po kapanganakan ko, pwd ku na po b mgamit ang phlheath ko ?

  577. Hello, my due date is this feb. I registered with philhealth last nov. I paid for oct to dec and jan to mar. Can I use my phlhealth maternity benefits this Feb?

  578. Hi angeline, yes, you’re correct. It’s best to pay for Jan Mar asap, or before Feb 28. You can pay Apr to June in April. Or you can pay Jan to June all before Feb 28.

  579. Hi Aubrey, yes, pay asap for Jan Feb and Mar so you can avail in March. Yes, you can pay in Feb, but pay asap in Feb. It’s 200 pesos per month, so payment for Jan to March is 600 pesos.

  580. Hi I’m giving birth this April my last contribution is september 2013 and I’m unemployed since then, if I’m going to pay January to june this year 2015 will I be avail to use my philhealth this April thanks I need your response ASAP..ty

  581. Good morning ms, I was about to give birth this coming march. I am planning to use my husbands philhealth but he’s last contribution is september 2014, the midwife adviced me to voluntary contribute Jan-March 2015 so I can avail the benefits. My concern is I am not able to contribute this january, I’m planning it on february for I was expecting my money that month. is that okay? I don’t understand the 3 months within 6 months prior which is being said so I’m worried. And if ever how much will it cost for January to March? Thanks in advance

  582. thank you very much Ma’am Nora.. God bless you for being such a big help to us

  583. Hi claryz, you might be able to use your Philhealth. I emailed Philhealth and they said yes. About continuous paying, yes, keep paying from quarter to quarter to be always be eligible. Before age 60, payments for past years cannot be used for current confinements.

  584. Hi Ma’am Nora, i’m due this coming march, my last payment to philhealth was December 2013 since i got unemployed last year.. i’m due this coming march.. i only paid jan-mar this year.. am i eligible for maternity benefits?
    and one more thing, if i’ve already paid 120 contributions since 2004, do i have to keep paying to avail philhealth benefits? i understand i will only need 120 contributions to avail lifetime membership when i turn 60. thank you very much.

  585. Hi mylene, I checked and there are no Philhealth collectors there in Houston. You can ask someone here in the Phils to pay for you for Jan to June (1,200 pesos). Your name and PIN should be correct.

  586. I registered this january, I’m due in june 19 (C section). can I use philhealth? just filed for philhealth, have pin no. im based here in US (Houston), where can I pay?

  587. Hi Christine, sorry, I don’t know about Mandaluyong Annex, but you need to ask others about their experiences with the hospital and its policies. What I have observed is that in many government hospitals, when you use Philhealth, you’ll be treated under their pay program, and you will pay the doctor’s fee. And even if you’re a paying patient, you’re still required to buy supplies outside as usually they don’t have enough supplies. Ask the hospital how much you will spend if you use Philhealth and will they deduct or will you file directly with Philhealth, or if they offer No-Balance-Billing. God bless too

  588. Hi smile, if you’re giving birth this month, you should have paid for at least 3 months within Aug 2014 to Jan 2015.

  589. Hi, Ms. Nora, thank you for the reply from last time. I would like to ask something. I would give birth to my daughter on February 2015 at Mandaluyong Hospital Annex. They already gave me some list of things to be use for my delivery (medicines, tools, etc.) that I need to buy before I give birth. If I buy those, wouldn’t they be deducted from the Philhealth benefit that the hospital will get. I planned to use my Philhealth. I heard that the expenses for those things would be amounting to more than P1,000.00 and since it’s a government hospital, I don’t think that they will charge a fee with their patients especially those who will deliver normally. They only asked to buy those things. Thank you, and I hope that you can give an opinion regarding this. God Bless!

  590. hi , i’m a philhealth member but i was in AWOL status on my previous job .. i left my job before i got pregnant now i’m 37 weeks can i still use my philhealth maternity benefits ?,

  591. I see, thanks for a quick respond

  592. Hi kath, the newest Philhealth circular about eligibility did not say that. What it said was: the confinement month is included in the counting of the 6-month period, and payments made on the first day of confinement is not considered. You have paid Jan to March, so you should be qualified. But if your clinic is insistent about paying also for Apr to Dec 2015, even if they’re wrong, I think you better pay it, so you don’t need to argue with them. Anyway, you’ll be paying Apr to Dec later on, just the same.

  593. Hi Ms. Nora, my due date is Feb 02, i just got inform by the clinic, that there is a new policy that philhealth will ignore last year payments so i need to pay the whole year of 2015 not only january to march to get a refund.. i am confuse about this matter..will i get a refund even if i had only pay jan to march?

  594. Hi Joan, yes, you can use your Philhealth. See the requirements here:
    Pay also your Jan to Mar so your coverage is continuous.

  595. Hi Ms. Nora, Im due this jan or feb 15, 2015.. Am I qualified to use my philhealth id if i had only paid last years’ last quarter (oct 1 – dec 31, 2014)? Looking forward for the reply.Thank you

  596. Hi Ms. Nora, Im due this jan or feb 15, 2015.. Am I qualified to use my philhealth id if i had only paid last years’ last quarter (oct 1 – dec 31, 2014)? if ever i could use it, what are the benefits?and what requirements would i prepare before going to the hospital? Thank you very much. Looking forward for your reply.

  597. Hi Christine, yes, you’re already qualified. But pay also for Jan to Mar 2015 for continuous coverage.

  598. Hi Lovella, yes, you can authorize someone with your ID, and your rep’s ID. What you need to submit to the hospital are MDR from Philhealth, applicable premium payment OR and claim form 1.

  599. Hi, Ms. Nora, I’m due on February 2015. I’m currently employed and I have Philhealth payments since September 2014. Am I qualified for Philhealth Maternity Benefits? Thank You.

  600. Hi Ms. Nora. I would like to ask if its is okey to have a representative to get my certification of latest philhealth contribution? or should I get it for myself?

  601. Hi Alaiza, ask your parent to register you as dependent, so your name is written in the MDR. After giving birth, it’s good if you can register as member so you can register your baby as your dependent. See the benefits above.

  602. Hi. Im 17 yrs old (unemployed, not married) and my duedate is on jan29. I would like to ask if im still cover of my mom/dad when i give birth to my 1st baby? What are the benefits that can i receive from philhealth?

  603. Hi mylene, yes. Membership is open to Filipinos who are also citizens of other countries (dual citizens) or foreigners who live or work in the Philippines (have ACR).

  604. if i am a US resident can i apply for philhealth? or if i am a US citizen can i apply for philhealth?

  605. Hi Lovella, if your company paid for your Oct to Dec 2014 premiums, you can avail of your maternity benefit this quarter.

  606. Hi Ms. Nora, I have a Philhealth contribution since june 2007 and its stop july 2007 and I have been deducted again 2009-aug 2011 since I’m employeed in the new company.And it stop for 14 months, since the last company I’m applying for have no deduction since we don’t belong in minimum wage. and I’m employeed again last oct.2014 until today, Am I entitled to avail for Philhealth for maternity benefits?

  607. Hi janet, get 3 documents (2 claim forms–one for you and one for your baby and cert of premium payments) from your employer and get your MDR from Philhealth. You can get your docs from your employer within the week before you give birth.

  608. Hi Ms. Nora. What’s the correct process in preparing for philhealth benefit. Im 8 months preggy, are all the forms i need i should get from philhealth? or is there something i need to request from my employer? What are the docs needed for refund? I’m a first time mom so I don’t know yet the process. Thanks for enlightening us!

  609. Hi Richelle, if you give birth on Dec 31, sad to say you’ll not be able to use Philhealth. Philhealth uses the admission date as basis. About pf, based on comments on our blogs, many hospitals don’t deduct the 2k, as doctors like cash, but I hope though that your hospital deducts the 2k from 10k. If not deducted, ask them if you can get the 2k later on from them when Philhealth pays them. Make sure your Philhealth coverage is deducted from your bill, as Philhealth no longer allows direct filing from members.

  610. hello ms nora, i am 39 wks preg and i can only avail of my mat benefit with philhealth if i get confined in january 2015 because i just paid only last october ( good for 3 contributions). Now if just in case ill get confine in the middle between dec last week and jan. 1st week( say for example i get admiited dec31 and get discharged on jan2) can i still avail of the benefit? Is philhealth basing it upon admission date, or regardless as long as the dte falls during confinement.
    Also my ob asks for pf package of 10k for normal delivery. Should i asked her if 8k is good enough since she will have the 2k coming from philhealth? Or is it i pay her 10k full and ill get refund from philhealth for the 2k?

  611. Hi ryan, Philhealth does not require that, but if the clinic requires it, then submit it. Get your cedula from your city hall or barangay hall — maybe your city/town has rules about cedula for clinics and other businesses in your city/town.

  612. Hi ms.nora. our clinic needs community tax or sedula. is it necessary? my wife is giving birth this December. we are both philhealth members. thanks

  613. Hi erica, you can get your updated MDR at Philhealth maybe in an hour or two. Fill up the PMRF form, then present your ID and your form at the counter when your number is called. Bring your marriage cert or any other relevant doc if you’re also updating dependents.

  614. Hi ms.nora, i need to update my employment record in my Philhealth MDR, i’d like to know if it takes months for updating. My due date is on feb 7 2015. My previous employer is shown on my MDR. Needed for lying in. Thanks.

  615. Hi Franz, sorry I missed deleting that line about the new national health law — I have deleted the same line in my other posts. The long-standing rule of excluding the 5th and subsequent normal births from Philhealth benefits was removed from the New National Health Law of 2013, and it was also announced that they were going to cover all deliveries, but apparently, they went back on that, including special considerations for non-member pregnant women. I was searching for the news article where the Philhealth CEO talked about it, but can no longer find it.
    To be sure, you can ask the hospital/clinic where your wife will be giving birth.

  616. Hi Christina, about Mercury ORs, try asking if they can write ORs for your machine receipts. You can submit those 3 ultrasound ORs. But Philhealth will refund only up to 1500 pesos for prenatal care. About SSS: Sorry you might not qualify for SSS maternity benefit. Your semester of contingency is Oct 2014 to Mar 2015, so SSS will look for at least 3 contributions within Oct 2013 to Sep 2014. Ask others too.

  617. Good Day! I’m an employed Philhealth member. I have Mercury drug receipts for my prenatal vitamins,and U.T.I. medicines and I didn’t know that it is possible to reimburse them. Can I ask the Mercury Drug for written receipts when I show them my O.R. ? How many ultrasound receipts will be reimburse? I got three ultrasound tests and I’m due on February 2015.
    I have an SSS but the last payment I had before my current employer is September 2013. And I started with my current employer last September 2014. Am I still eligible for SSS Maternity Reimbursement?

  618. Good am ms Nors, my wife (as my dependent) is giving birth this dec and it is our 6th child, can i still avail NSD, NCP and prenatal care benefit? What does question: “Are there other reasons why I can’t avail of Philhealth’s Normal Maternity Care Package (NCP) of benefits?” means? the answer here seems like it no longer covers the 5th and above delivery, but other items says..”Q: Can I receive this maternity benefit for all my normal deliveries? Previously, only the first 4 births are covered under the normal delivery package. Now, under the new national health law, all births are covered.” THanks!

  619. Hi Aldrian, who is the Philhealth member? you or your fiancee? If you are the Philhealth member, your fiancee cannot use your Philhealth. If your fiancee is the Philhealth member, she can use her Philhealth whether she’s married or single. Maybe there’s another reason.

  620. Good morning can you help me because my fiancee will be giving birth early this coming week and the lying-in says that she cannot use her philhealth because we are not married yet. please reply.

    Thank you

  621. Hi Reno, if you’re referring to the prenatal care package worth 1500, yes, the ORs should be in your wife’s name. I’ve seen Mercury Drug giving written ORs to customers requesting beforehand. But if you’ve already accumulated other prenatal ORs in your wife’s name worth 1500 or more, then these will be enough to claim your wife’s prenatal care benefit. Submit them together with your Philhealth papers before discharge.

  622. Good morning Miss Nora, how about the O.Rs from mercury drug, it’s there where my wife and I bought meds including ferous sulfate, calcium lactate, and antibiotic for her U.T.I treatment. Can we reimburse these even if my wife’s name is not on the O.Rs from Mercury Drug?

  623. Hi Rubie, is the government hospital in your place offering only charity services? Maybe the 4-in-a-bed situation is under the charity program. Ask if they have a paying-patient program. But the Philhealth maternity benefit is only 3k for hospital costs and 2k for PF. If you choose the paying-patient option, prepare to pay the extra hospital cost and extra PF. In government hospitals, the PFs of doctors treating charity patients are free, but doctors of paying patients can ask for separate PF in addition to the regular PF. Ask also around if that government hospital usually asks patients to buy medicines outside the hospital. Note also that the Philhealth benefit should be deducted before discharge, and if you are asked to buy meds outside, the ORs should be in your name.

  624. Hi ms. Nors, may I ask if I can request for a solo bed at the government hospital here in our place. In one bed, 4 new mothers are using it. Only the babies are on the bed and the new mothers are seating. I wish to rest well. I’m an active philhealth member. Thanks

  625. Hi erma, did you file your Philhealth papers before discharge? Philhealth no longer allows direct filing by Philhealth. If the claim 1 form is the problem, late filing is allowed if you were admitted Friday and discharged on Sat or Sun or early Monday

  626. can I still claim my maternity benefit after giving birth If I am employed?

  627. Hi jenny, for Philhealth, you can no longer file your claim. For SSS maternity benefit, you can file if you have paid at least 3 SSS contributions within Oct 2012 to Sep 2013. Include a letter explaining why you did not file your MAT1 form before delivery (some are approved, some are not).

  628. Hi Ms. Nora, I gave birth last February 2014 thru CS delivery. I never avail my maternity thru PHILHEALTH and SSS,is it possbile that I can still FILE my claim?

  629. Hi kiray, yes, you’re eligible. Remember that the coverage is only 5k pesos (sometimes the deduction is only 3k because the 2k goes to the doctor too), so ask your hospital the total cost.

  630. Hi jo, if you submitted prenatal care ORs worth at least 1500, then you will get your 1,500 refund.

  631. good day. My due is dec. I’ve paid my contribution this year from july-dec (6mos). Am I entitled to maternity benefits of philhealth? I plan to deliver in a private hospital. thanks!

  632. Will I not get any refund from my delivery last May? The last time I gave birth I got a refund.

  633. Hi nessa, you should have submitted your prenatal receipts together with the maternity papers. Direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed. You can ask the hospital if they have not filed yet your forms so you can submit your prenatal receipts.

  634. Can I get my prenatal care benefit even if I was already discharged and my prenatal receipts were not included in the Philhealth forms. Thanks

  635. Hi Duday, the prenatal check is usually given by Philhealth to the member/patient. But since they filed receipts that are not in your name, the clinic might not give it to you. I’m puzzled you did not ask them about it.

  636. Hi Darr, yes, the deduction can increase if they write 2 cases (2 illnesses or treatments) in the claim. But the deduction are fixed for each type of illness or treatment. Ask for discounts from the doctors, and ask help from PCSO, if you decide so.

  637. hi Daryl, coverage for raspa or D&C is 11k. If you have paid for 3 of the past 6 months (3 months within May to Oct), yes, you’re eligible for Philhealth coverage.

  638. Morning, is there a chance I can’t get my prenatal package? Was not under my name, but under the name of the lying-in. I haven’t filed for prenatal; the receipts are with me. But when they asked me to sign, they filed for PP. Can I get the refund? Is there a chance?

  639. Hi ms. nora, how much is Philhealth coverage for miscarrage. My baby died in my womb. Hope you can help me please. I paid 6 months to philhealth. Is that enough?

  640. hi Nora, thank you. They also said that because of the high costs of medicines, the deduction can increase. thanks again. i’ll just ask if that’s possible.

  641. Hi darryl, the deduction is fixed. Not percentage. Ask the billing/accounting dept. You can ask financial assistance from PCSO before discharge. Ask the hospital’s PCSO desk about getting PCSO assistance.

  642. Hi clariz, the clinic should have Philhealth-accreditation on the date of your delivery. Philhealth will check the dates.

  643. My child is 7 months/CS, from Oct 18 until Nov14 can be discharged. Incubator until Nov11. Our bill is 480k. How’s the deduction? How it will be deducted? Is it based on percentage or they have Fixed decuction like CS? Thanks

  644. hi mam.can i avail a maternity benifits if i give birth at a lying in.but not acredited that time?or how if their going to be acredited by now?can i claim or avail my maternity benifits?

  645. Hi Anjo, sorry, no. Direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed. Also, to claim coverage, the facility and the midwife should also be Philhealth-accredited.

  646. Hi ma’am nors, can I avail of maternity benefits if I give birth at home because my lola is a midwife? and what are the documents needed to claim a refund from philhealth? Employed since feb 2013 up to now. Paying contributions. please help. What can I claim from philhealth just in case? thanks

  647. Hi joyce, if you are Employed, yes, you can file through the hospital. If not, get the documents from them, and you file directly with Philhealth. Tell them you’re employed. But I’m not sure if you’ll be approved. In Philhealth’s example, admission on a Friday and discharge on a Saturday or Sunday are the ones considered. You must prove to them that you were admitted at late night of Thursday.
    If voluntary, I think you can no longer file because you could have signed claim form 1 on that Sunday.

  648. I was confined night of oct 16 and was discharged oct 19 which is a sunday..i paid for my full hospital bill and nothing was deducted for philhealth..also, they did not tell me to return to them with my docs..its not yet more than 60days.. so can i still file through the hospital?

  649. Hi Anne, make further inquiries. CS coverage is 19k (11400 for hospital costs and 7600 for PF). If your OB is a paying-patient doctor, then she/he can quote her price. Ask about Philhealth deduction. There are also many cases in public hospitals that you first buy meds/supplies outside and then you refund them later on from the hospital. Keep prescriptions and ORs clear and in your name.

  650. Hi joyce, it depends on the hospital, as 5k or 6750 should have been deducted before discharge. Did they tell you to return and submit to them your Philhealth documents? Is there still time to file? Filing period is within 60 days after discharge. But you can no longer file directly with Philhealth. It should be the hospital that will make the filing.

  651. just want to ask how much is maternity benefit. I’ll have CS at a public hospital but they quoted 18k for my CS. Isn’t it that 19k is the coverage for cs?

  652. Hi ms.nora.. i wasnt able to get hold of my complete philhealth docs until i was discharged after giving birth (normal delivery). My current employer was only able to provide me cf1 because i started with them just this september. I was advised to coordinate with my former employer to get cert of contributions and mdr since my contributions for the first quarter of this year was paid through them. Can my case be considered an exemption so i can still file for refund.?

  653. Hi Rich, that someone is correct. Your 3-month payment should be BEFORE your month of delivery. You can avail if you give birth in January. If you give birth in December, your PRIOR payment is only 2 months (3 months is the requirement). Dec 2013 payment is not considered. The 3-month payment should be within the prior 6 months. Ask others too.

  654. Hi Nora, If my EDC is December, am I not qualified for mat benefit. Someone told me if I give birth in Dec. I’m not covered but if January, I’m covered. So I’m quite confused. I think my previous employer paid for december 2013 only. So for 2014 my only payments are for oct-nov-dec, last quarter. Hope you can help me. Thank you.

  655. Hi riyolyn, yes, you can avail of maternity benefit in Jan 2015 because you have paid 3 monthly premiums immediately prior to Jan.

  656. Hi Rhey, yes, you can avail if you pay Oct 2014 to Mar 2015. The 9-month requirement has been reduced to 3 of the prior 6 months.

  657. Gud pm. I’ll be giving birth jan 2015. I paid for jan-march to philhealth then the next months I missed paying, but I paid oct-dec. Can I avail of benefits when I give birth in Jan? thanks.

  658. Hi Ms. NORA I just need to clarify im a voluntary payor my edd is march 4 2015. My last payment to philhealth was sept 2013. Im planning to pay oct. 2014 till march 2015. Can i avail of benefits? Thanks i read that if voluntary, you should pay at least 9 months before u give birth. pls help me with this. thanks much

  659. Hi k-sel, yes you can avail. Xerox your premium receipts and MDR.

  660. Hi jsen, the deduction will only be 5k (3k for hospital cost and 2k for PF). File at least 1500 worth of prenatal ORs so Philhealth can refund you 1500 later on. You can also get 1750 refund for newborn care expenses if your pediatrician is Philhealth-accredited.

  661. Hi SANDY, yes, you can avail of Philhealth in January because you have paid 3 months immediately before January. Xerox your receipt and your MDR.
    About your SSS, sorry you paid only 1 contribution, so you cannot yet avail. You can still pay SSS for Oct to Dec but these months will not be counted for your maternity claim. But are you self-employed or voluntary? And do you have a date of coverage? And what is the last digit of your SSS no.? If 0 or 9, you can still pay for July to Sep at an SSS branch (until today only, Oct 31), so you can avail of SSS. If your payment is accepted and then posted, you can file your MAT1 asap. Register at so you can file online. If not online, file your MAT1 at the branch.

  662. Hi glorife, did you file your Philhealth docs with the hospital? And did they deduct your 3k Philhealth hospital-cost benefit? If not deducted, you can go to the hospital and ask for refund. Bring your OR and benefit payment notice from Philhealth, if you have received it already through the mail. If you did not file your Philhealth docs, sorry you can no longer file with Philhealth as it’s past the 60-day deadline and Philhealth no longer accepts direct claims from members.

  663. Gud day! Nanganak po ako april27,2014 cs po. Nadeduct sa philhealth 14000, yon sa baby 3000. Ng pmunta po ako sa philhealth may binigay sila na paper nakalagay 19000 binayad nila para sa bill ko, 10900 for the baby.. Ask ko lang po kung yon amount na binayad ng philhealth dapat ang maging deduction ng hosptal sa bill ko? 6500 po binayad ko para sa baby ko. Meron po ba ko marrefund? Thanks!

  664. Have a good day! Can I avail of philhealth this nov or dec for my delivery. I paid may-dec.2014. I became voluntary after I resigned. Thanks and god bless!

  665. Hi ms Nora. My edc is on Nov.29,14.i am a dependent under my husband’s philhealth.I already talk to my obygyne and planned to have my nsd at lorma medical center LA union. my obygyne said I need 30k plus for NSD. I just want to ask if how much is the deduction in our philhealth??so that I am ready. thank you ma’am. God bless

  666. hi. may i ask if i can avail of maternity benefits. im 18 yrs old. then my due is january. i paid for this quarter only since they said i can no longer pay for past quarter. can i avail? and about my SSS, i have not filed my Mat1; can i still file? and i’ve only 1 contribution. please help. thank u.

  667. can i reimburse my o.r for medicine and lab? 6 mos ago, i gave birth.most of my medicines and laboratories were done outside.thank you.

  668. Hi cath, sorry, Philhealth no longer accepts direct filing by members. Besides, when direct filing was still allowed, the filing period was within 60 days after discharge.

  669. hi, i gave birth through CS last april 22 this year… i just wanted to asked if i can still make a refund/reimburesment for the new born screen test done for my baby after 6 mos? if yes, what are the necessary docs i need to present and where? thank you!

  670. Hi lorvi, the coverage for ligation is 4,000 pesos

  671. Hi ms nors, I will be delivering normally, i want to have ligation after that. How much is the coverage for ligation? Thanks.

  672. Hi Rachel, thanks so much for coming back to thank us. God bless you too

  673. thanks a lot Ms. Nora. 🙂 I have learned so much from your blogs and i am sure a lot of people do too. God bless you and more power.

  674. Hi Rachel, you have 180 days from date of discharge to file. Maternity benefit is 5k pesos plus 1750 pesos if you submit proof of newborn care. Yes, the benefit amount is fixed and the same for overseas or local confinements. Documents: MDR, premium payment receipt, medical discharge papers and baby’s birth certificate (if claiming newborn benefit), claim form 1 for you and claim form 1 for your baby.

  675. hi ms. nora, i am a philhealth member and an ofw here in UAE. I gave birth here in UAE on July 31, 2014. can i avail of maternity benefits? how much will it be? (is it same as for those who gave birth in phils?) what are the requirements and when is the deadline for submission? appreciate your reply on this. Thanks in advance.

  676. Hi juliefer, no, that’s not true. For employees, there has been no change — it’s still payment of at least 3 months of the 6 months before confinement.

  677. hi! is it true that under updated regulations, an employed member should have nine months consecutive contributions to avail of the maternity benefits? thank you so much!

  678. Hi kat, if she paid for at least 3 months for the past 6 months, she can avail of the D&C coverage of 11k, if she had D&C (raspa). You must file papers before discharge.

  679. Hello Nora, my sister miscarried twice. The first one was ectopic pregnancy in 2012. this year, she miscarried at 5 months. She’s voluntary member of philhealth. is she covered? What are the requirements to avail ? She’s in PGH now. Really appreciate your reply. thank you

  680. Hi Clarisse, keep your premium receipt — that will be required by the hospital. Pay your next payment at Philhealth so you can get your MDR and Philhealth card. Bring a copy of your leave form; Philhealth might ask to see it. Employed members usually pay more than 200 pesos a month, so Philhealth sometimes ask for the leave form. You will sign your own claim form, as you’ll file as Individual Payor. Submit your Philhealth papers to the hospital while confined (before discharge) so you get the deduction. Direct filing with Philhealth is no longer allowed.

  681. Hello Nora, I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant but i’m on medical leave from work until delivery due to complication of my pregnancy. Question, since i won’t be earning anything from september to february 2015 (my due date), i want to pay as a voluntary member to ensure coverage by philhealth. Will the hospital (philhealth accredited, level 3) automatically deduct my philhealth benefits? Because I’m still employed. On the claim form cf1 that I will fill up, do I need to have it signed by my employer as I already paid as voluntary? where can i get the certificate of contribution now that i’m paying as a voluntary member but still technically employed by my company? do i still get it from my employer as I’m already the one paying as voluntary until feb next year? thanks.

  682. Hi Chayette, sorry, filing directly with Philhealth is no longer allowed. Ask others too

  683. Good day mam i gave birth at baguio gen hospital. i tried to file my prenatal receipts but they did not accept. can i file at philhealth Office?

  684. Hi marlyn, yes, you can refund your coverage. Your case as Employed member is listed as one of the exemptions. File with Philhealth asap.

  685. I had miscarriage and confine last saturday for D&C operation. I was discharge the next day (sunday) and was not able to use my philhealth since the required documents was not provided such as forms that need to be sign by our office and updated report of payment. Is it possible to still get my benefits even I paid my bill and check out of the hospital?

  686. Hi cykies, if you delivered Sep or Oct, you were eligible for Philhealth coverage, even if you didn’t pay for July to Dec. Besides, if you got a 5k deduction, that means you qualified. Was 5k pesos deducted from your bill? If you got a 5k deduction, then you already got your Philhealth benefit, and there’s nothing more to refund. At hospitals, the maternity benefit is only 5k.

  687. Hi Kasei, sorry I cannot determine if there can be a second case. Call 441-7442 to ask if hematoma evacuation can be considered second case. Philhealth usually pays only one case; it considers 2 cases only in certain situations.

  688. Hi Jannette, there was a plan before to extend the Philhealth benefit to all deliveries, but I think this plan was not followed up, because I can’t find a circular about it. You said 8 pregnancies — but how many deliveries? Are the 5 others miscarriages? If this is your 4th normal delivery, then you can avail. In SSS, its 4 pregnancies. With Philhealth, it’s 4 normal deliveries.

  689. Hi ms nora, I gave birth oct 5, complicated normal delivery, there was bleeding, my 1st case of SND. They also performed episiotomy, repair and evacuation of vulvular hematoma and blood transfusion of 2 units. 5k was total deduction from philhealth from my bill of 49k. Am I entitled for additional refunds(labs etc)/ benefits arising from my secondary and third cases? They said I wasn’t eligible for package for normal delivery because my case was complicated.Pls help me.

  690. hi ms nora, how much can i refund for my delivery and can i get a refund? I paid up to june to philhealth. My bill was 5000+ at a public hospital. My husband paid just 150 to the hospital. Then we gave the or to the hospital. But until now we haven’t received a bpn. They told us to get a notice of payment from Philhealth. Thanks. It’s 5 months past, will they give me a bpn? Even if I did not pay from july to dec?

  691. Jannette Hernandez

    Ms Nora,
    Im planning to give birth in a birthing home/lying in. This would be my 8th pregnancy but this would be the 4th alive. Normal delivery po ako, can i still avail of maternity package?

  692. hi ms nora, I’m OFW, married (but my philhealth status is not updated as married) and I’m pregnant with due date in April 2015. My last payment was march 2010. Can i avail of philhealth maternity benefit if I pay philhealth now? what are the requirements to update my record as ofw and married person. thanks.

  693. Hi rachel, check your hospital bill. It’s written there the amount of Philhealth benefit deducted from your bill. If 19k was deducted from your bill (or 11400 was deducted from your hospital expenses; 7600 is for doctors), then you cannot refund anything because you already got your benefit. If what was deducted from hospital expenses is less than 11400, then you can present to the hospital ORs of meds bought outside for refund. For example, if deduction was 10k, you can refund 1400 if you have ORs.

  694. hi mam nora, may i ask. i got my benefit payment notice and this is what’s written.
    Hospital charge P19,000.00
    x/ray lab others
    PF ob-gyne 0.00
    PF Anesth 0.00
    Can I get the 19 thou? or was that the amount deducted by philhealth from my bill? i lost my receipts. thank you

  695. Hi joana, yes, you must submit your Philhealth papers whilte confined or before discharge. Your benefit must be deducted from your bill. No more direct filing with Philhealth. Yes, your husband can ask for his signed claim form 1 and cert of premium payments with OR nos. from his employer the week before your delivery, so you are prepared. He should get his MDR this month or next month; you should be written on his MDR as his dependent.

  696. hi, mis nora i would like to ask,im about to give birth this coming december in my province. i’m a dependent of my husband. his employer in in cebu and im in leyte, is it really required that the requirements be submitted before discharge? is it okay for the claim form to be signed in advance by the employer? thanks

  697. Hi mayette, yes. if it’s in a clinic, ask your clinic if it’s also accredited for tubal ligation. Coverage is 5k for maternity (normal) and 4k for tubal ligation. If CS, tubal ligation does not have additional coverage. Coverage for Indicated CS with or without ligation is 19k.

  698. is ligation covered by philhealth at the same time of delivery?thank you

  699. Hi alona, yes, you can avail. Make sure your name is written as dependent in your husband’s MDR.

  700. Hi Ms. Nora

    I’m scheduled for CSon september 30 2014, Im a dependent of my husband we already paid for jan-dec..Can i avail the maternity benefit..

  701. Hi Ruby, yes, you can use your husband’s Philhealth. Make sure his employer pays for Oct Nov Dec 2014 and Jan 2015. When your husband gets his MDR from Philhealth, he should bring his ID and your marriage certificate (orig and xerox) so he can register you as his dependent in case you’re not yet written as his dependent.

  702. Hi Maam Nora. My husband is Employed, and I’m his dependent. His Philhealth since September this Year was paid for by his Employer. My due is next year, Feb. 2015, can we use maternity benefits of PH? Thanks in advance

  703. Hi Kath, you’ll be able to avail because you have your MDR, you’ve paid applicable premiums and you’ll pay for Oct to Dec. You don’t need to notify Philhealth about your due date. Ask your lying-in about their Philhealth policy and if you need to pay additional fees so you can prepare.

  704. Hi cris, is this a primary hospital? the benefit is 6500 (2600 for doctor’s fee and 3900 for hospital expense). Most probably, the 1470 you paid went to the doctor because the 2600 benefit was not enough to pay for the 4200. If I’m correct, then you can not refund. I think 9700 was paid to the hospital because they claimed for prenatal and newborn care costs. You can ask the hospital if you can refund your 1470.

  705. Hi Ms. Nora. I’ve been employed since July 21, 2013 to May 5, 2014. From May to July I wasn’t able to pay. I started as voluntary from July to Sept. I’ll pay for Oct. to Dec. I have my MDR, Certificate w/ OR numbers from my previous employer. What should I do next? Do I need to go to Philhealth to notify about my due in Dec 2014 or the lying-in will handle the next transaction? I have also my philhealth ID. I worry that I won’t be able to avail because I lack a document or failed to do something. Thank you!

  706. hi mam nora can i have additional refund from the hospital? i gave birth last jan.12 this year spontaneous actual charges stated in the bill was 3943.40 and doctor fee is 4200.philheath paid the hospital 9700. then i paid cash worth 1470. so please help. thank you

  707. Hi ms. nors i’m pregnant. my due date is january. i paid july to december 2014, can i avail?

  708. Hi Katty, sad to say, only one Philhealth membership can be used for 1 confinement.

  709. Hi Ms. Nora, my husband and I both have philhealth, can I use both our Philhealth for my delivery so the deduction from my hospital bill will be higher?

  710. Hi Nhel, there’s no effect. You can use your Philhealth this October.
    Under the 90-day-rule, the subsequent confinements are not covered if confined for the same medical reasons within 90 days, except dialysis, chemo, and cataract surgery.

  711. Hello! I just want to ask if my previous confinement, polypectomy- december last year, will affect my maternity benifits. I am due in October. I was able to refund eight thousand plus for that said surgery.

    Thank you. You have a very helpful site. God bless.

  712. Hi lisette, yes, you’re eligible. Request for a cert of premium payments with OR nos. (at least the past 4 months) from your employer. If they can give a copy of receipts, it would be great. Go to Philhealth, fill up member data (For Updating) and get your MDR and Philhealth card.

  713. .. hi ms. nora .. im lisette.. and im resining from work this oct 3. .. Can i avail my philhealth benefits already? im giving birth this november.. thanks

  714. Hi Gen, you’re right, you cannot use Philhealth if it’s breech delivery and you give birth at a lying-in or maternity clinic. If you want to use Philhealth, give birth at a hospital. Consider the costs and your condition.

  715. Hi Ms. Nora. Ask ko lng po if mka avail ako ng NCP if ever breech talaga yung baby ko. Im currently 32 weekd pregnant and as per recent ultrasound result , breech parin po ang baby ko. If that’s the case, kung hindi talaga ako mkka avail ng NCP, does that mean na wala akong mkkuhang PhilHealth Benefits? Thank you po

  716. Hi rachel, if you’re claiming your refund from the hospital, and if the hospital has already processed your refund, it would either be in cash or a check issued by the hospital, and that should not be stale. When I answered your question about stale check, I thought you’re holding a stale check from Philhealth. Bring your ID, your ORs, hospital bill and benefit payment notice (xerox and orig) if already received.

  717. Hi rachel, go to Philhealth with your ID and ask for check replacement. Include a letter to Philhealth asking for check replacement and explaining why you were not able to encash your check on time. Yes, you will wait for check replacement.

  718. Mam what should i bring to get the check for benefit claim? thank u

  719. Thank you. What if the check is already stale? Was issued 2012. Would I return it to philhealth and would I wait for check replacement? thank you so much

  720. Hi rachel, you should be able to get back the 5k that you paid the hospital, and the cost of the meds that you bought outside. Hospital cost benefit is 11,400, but your refund will not exceed what you actually spent.

  721. Hi Ms Nora. Ask ko lang po kung naayos ko po mga requirements before ako lumabas ng hospital mababawas po ba sa bill ko ung sa philhealth? after ko po manganak ngpasa po ako mga resibo ng mga gamot. Tumwag ako sa philhealth my cheke dw po ako nasa hospital na. Dec 2011 po ako nanganak 2012 pa nandun cheke ko. last week ko lang po kc natanung. Posible po kaya na ung 11thou plus po yun? or yung sa gamot lang po? CS po ako at sa jose reyes nanganak nasa pay ward po ako my bnayaran din ako sa hospital nasa 5thou kc ung ob ko at anes walang bayad dhil boss ko ung ob. tnx po

  722. Hi Ms Nora ! thank you so much for the info.
    god bless …

  723. Hi Joel, no, she cannot be your dependent. You need to present a marriage certificate. She can register as member.

  724. Hi,
    We are not married, can my live in partner use my philhealth by march?

  725. Hi kim, yes it’s true that Philhealth no longer allows direct filing by patients at Philhealth. If that’s the policy of the lying-in, that you pay an additional fee to the doctor, sadly, that is allowed, because all lying-ins can dictate their price. There are cheaper lying-ins, and there are more expensive lying-ins. There are doctors that charge less, and there are doctors that charge more. The Philhealth coverage for maternity at lying-ins is 6500. Submit prenatal care ORs worth 1500 or more to the lying-in so Philhealth will refund you 1500.

  726. Hi Kim, did you give the your prenatal ORs to your lying-in? Your prenatal check should be sent to your address by Philhealth.

  727. Hi Ms. Nora May i ask if it’s true that philhealth no longer refunds? It was what they said at the lying where I’m having my check ups. may i ask if the doctor’s fee is really separate? They said that pf is 6k if i choose a doctor to help me deliver. according to them, that’s in addition to what they get from philhealth. No other person to ask.
    Please help me.Thank you.

  728. Hi remy, your updated MDR, your premium payment receipt (cert of premium payment with OR nos., if employed) and employer-signed claim form 1 are more important. If you don’t have your Philhealth ID, present any valid ID.

  729. Hi Ma’am,

    Is it necessary ba talaga na Philhealth ID yung ipresent when claiming philhealth claims/ benifit? I don’ have philhealth ID but I do have MDR. I am employed naman po.

    Thank you.

  730. Hi Ms Nora ask ko lang po kung kanino po mapupunta yung prenatal care na 1500 sakin po ba o sa lying-in sila po kc daw mag aasikaso ng papers ko.Sabi po kc nila wala na daw po ako babayaran kung member daw po ako ng philhealth daw po kc covered nun.Thank you po.

  731. Hi nadine, you can still pay for July to Sep as Voluntary so you can avail without going back to your employer to get cert of premium payments plus copy of payment receipt. Besides, your employer might not have made your June payment, so pay as Voluntary at Philhealth to be sure, and then get your updated MDR and Philhealth card.

  732. Hi mam! may i Ask I got PH feb then I wasn’t able to pay. it’s only now that ipaid for month of jul-sept .. can i use it for my due date next month .. thanks need to know

  733. Hi mam! Ask ko po kumuha kc ako ng PH nung feb then hndi ko xa nhulugan ngaun lng ako nghulog for month of jul-sept .. Pwede ko n b xa mgmit duedate ko n kc nxtmonth .. Thnks po klangan ko tlga man

  734. Hi Jean, sorry the lying-in should be Philhealth accredited. If not accredited, you cannot use Philhealth. Ask others too

  735. Hi Ms. Nora, can i avail of maternal benefits even if the lying-in is not accredited? thanks

  736. hi ms nora can i get any maternity benefit if i already resigned from work this june and im going to give birth on oct?

  737. Hi Elaine, yes, you have time to update your husband’s MDR. Ask your husband to write an authorization letter. Go asap to Philhealth with your ID, his ID, marriage cert (orig and xerox) and letter and get your husband’s updated MDR.

  738. Hi ms. Nora, may i ask what i should do. i’m scheduled this november for cs for my 2nd baby. My husband is employed but i was not listed as his dependent. Do we have time to register myself as his dependent even if I’m giving birth this nov, my due date, or do i need to pay 1 year (2014) as self employed? i didn’t pay for 2014 because I thought i was already listed as my husband’s dependent. Thank you

  739. Thank you Ms. Nora

  740. Hi Yrresor, sorry you cannot get any Philhealth benefit if the lying-in is not Philhealth-accredited.

  741. Hi good afternoon Ms. Nora what if the lying in where I’m having my checkups is not philhealth accredited. Can’t I get any philhealth maternity benefit? thank you

  742. Hi Blaisey, do you have your OEC? Your Philhealth validity dates are there. Usually it’s 1 year from the date you paid your last OEC. You can go to Philhealth and verify your validity dates. Bring your passport and any proof of being OFW so you can pay your new premiums as OFW if your OEC validity dates are already past. Get your updated MDR.

  743. Hi Danelle, thank you very much for taking the time and effort to share your experience in registering with Philhealth online. The info you share will surely help others who want to register online. Might re-post your comments on another site where others can read it. Warmest regards too. Thanks again.

  744. Hello ms. Nora..I’m an ofw. I came home to give birth here. Can I use my Philhealth for my delivery? I don’t even know the date of my last payment. Where can I get info about last payment?

  745. Dear Ms. Nora,

    I would like to update you on my PhilHealth application inquiry.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to apply personally sa PhilHealth branch, so I tried their online service ( I scanned my NSO birth certificate and the certified true copy of my marriage certificate and uploaded it to my application form at the website. My marriage certificate was necessary to include my husband (who is not yet a member and a freelancer like me) as a dependent. After successfully sending my application form, I received an e-mail to confirm that I am not a spammer.

    A few days later, I received an e-mail from PhilHealth, with my member data record (MDR) attached as PDF. Yun nga lang, hindi nag-reflect si mister as dependent. So I e-mailed them agad to inform them na nilista ko asawa ko as dependednt and attached necessary documents. A few days later uli, they sent me another e-mail and an updated MDR.

    Because I finally have a PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN), I can now pay my premiums. I paid my premium sa Bayad Center.

    I also called-up the PhilHealth hotline and inquired if I can avail of member benefits when I deliver on Feb. next year. Sabi nila, pde naman daw as long as I pay the premiums for 3rd Quarter (July-Sep 2014) and 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec2014). Actually, tinanong ko lang kung pde ako magbayad ng premium for August lang then the next month. Sabi ng agent na naka-usap ko ay puwede naman daw na buuin ang quarter kahit na kaka-register ko lang ng August. Anyways, I will call them up again to confirm uli (hehe… kahit na nakabayad na ako).

    When I find time, I will get my PhilHealth ID. Next year, ipapa-update ko kay hubby ang MDR ko to reflect payments.

    Well, I hope my e-registration sa philhealth can help others out there. Oh, by the way, PhilHealth updated their page for Benefit Availment Conditions for Individually Paying members.

    Maraming salamat po uli sa site ninyo, Ms. Nora!

    Warmest regards,

  746. hi ms. nora. Can philhealth cover my delivery this sept. 2014? I paid for january 2014 up to september 2014. Will give birth at fabella as a pay ward patient. thanks.

  747. Hi Jeanne, that 4-prenatal-check-ups rule is applied only to non-hospital medical facilities like lying-in or maternity clinics. For hospitals, that rule is not applied. You ask the hospital to deduct the maternity coverage.

  748. Good afternoon..just want to ask..My sister in law gave birth. The hospital said she can’t use her husband’s Philhealth — only her baby can — because she did not have her prenatal checkups at this hospital. The doctor said she should have had 4 checkups at the hospital. Is there a rule like that? Kindly enlighten us. Thanks much!

  749. Hi Sherryll, yes, submit your prenatal ORs together with your Philhealth documents. But prenatal care coverage is only 1,500 and it’s for normal delivery only.

  750. Hi Ms. Nora,

    As an OFW, I have my monthly check-ups done outside PH but I will be giving birth in PH. Can I submit my prenatal care receipts from my clinic abroad to be able to claim my pre-natal care benefit?


  751. Hi Joenha, yes, you can avail in Nov by registering asap at Philhealth. Pay July to Oct.

  752. Hi,

    I’m newly wed and pregnant. Ang edd ko is by end of oct. or 1st week ng November 2014. Magapply pa lang sana kami ng Philhealth [Individual paying] yung husband ko na lang para ako yung magiging beneficiary niya, makakaavail pa po ba kami ng benefits? Possible po kaya yung magbayad kami ng for 1 year tapos magamit namin sa panganganak ko? Thank you.

  753. Hi chayette, tell the midwife that the eligibility rule has changed. Is the lying-in really Philhealth-accredited? Why don’t they know the new rule? Ask the midwife if they make Philhealth deduction if you present a cert of eligibility from Philhealth. If yes, request this cert from Philhealth.

  754. hi po ms nora…septmber po ang edd ko..ngaun po sa lying in po ako manganganak..pero ang sabi po nung midwife na pinagtanungan ko hindi dw po ako eligible s maternity benefits dahil april dw po ako nag start ng payment as voluntary na dapat dw po january ako nag start na nagbayad…bayad na po ako hanggang september.
    nagtanong na din po ako s pilhelt office sabi eligible na dw po ako.
    ano po ang gagawin ko pag nanganak na ako at pinagpilitan nung midwife na d ako eligible for maternity benefits?
    help me po ms nora…ano po ang dapat kong gawin?salamat po

  755. Hi cookie, sad to say, you can no longer pay for June. If you like, you can go to Philhealth and ask if you can avail if you pay for 1 year in advance.

  756. Hi Ms. Nora,

    I am currently 33 weeks pregnant the last time po na ng pachekup ak with my OB my DD would be is oct 5…Pero galing lng po ak dun yesterday and doctoc advise me na my due date may fall from sept 27-30 now i have paid my philhealth contributions from july to sept kc i was expecting na the duw date will be Oct now i am not sure po if i can pay retro payments for the month of june of this year para po mavocer ung sept..Please enlighten me what to do thanks po..

  757. Hi Ms. Nora.
    If hindi ko po nabayaran yung 2nd quarter ko sa philhealth which is (april-June) pede ko pa po ba sya bayaran ngayon?
    Thankyou and Godbless!

  758. Hi marjorie, update your member data and ask for your new MDR. Pay Jul to Sep asap so you can avail in Oct. Did you mean Medical Center Muntinlupa? Philhealth deduction should be 5k (3k for hospital and 2k for PF), but in many cases, they deduct only 3k.

  759. Hi ms Nora, my edd is Oct 12 and I’m planning to pay my philhealth this month, I’m an individually payor since 2010 but I wasn’t able to pay it til now, would I still be able to pay the 3mos and avail the benefits of philhealth if ever bayaran ko yun or should I apply again for another MDR then pay. Thanks .. and 45 to 50k ang sabi ng doc ko for normal delivery sa mcm.. how much Lang dun any mkkaltas ng philhealth

  760. Hi Abby, yes, you can use your husband’s Philhealth. The 9-month requirement has been reduced to 3 months. April to July is 4 months, so you’re eligible in Sept.

  761. Thank you po ms. Nora! Ok po. I’ll personally go to Philhealth to ask for possible solution para maka-avail po ako ng philhealth benefits. By Sept18 po kasi ang due date ko. Salamat po ng marami! 🙂 God bless!

  762. Hello po.. Ask ko po sana, magagamit po ba ng husband ko yung philhealth niya sakin kasi manganganak po ako ngayon end of august kaya lang binayaran lang po niya is april to september. Kaya lang my OB said dapat 9months before ng due date ang bayad para magamit ang philhealth..
    Thank you po..

  763. Hi Joannmae, this August, you can pay July and Aug, not enough for the 3-month payment requirement. You can no longer pay for past quarters. If you like, go to Philhealth and ask if you can avail in Sep if you pay for 1 year in advance. At lying-in facilities, you can avail of Philhealth only if you had at least 4 prenatal care visits with them. God bless too

  764. Hi, ms. Nora. Ask ko lng po. Last 2 years pa po kasi ung hulog ko s philhealth. At since then, ndi npo ako nakapaghulog dhl unemployed po ako. And I’m giving birth this Sept2014 na po. Ask ko lng po pede pa po ba or qualified pa po b ako for philhealth benefit? Panu pa po kaya ako makakahabol para sa payment to avail the benefit? Nag-aacept po b sila ng payment for past months?
    Tska my nagsabi po kasi na I cant avail the Prenatal care benefit if less than 4times lng ung visit/check up ko sa panganganakan ko?
    Pls, also reply to my email add: or
    Para mabasa ko po reply niu po. You can also send me pm sa fb. Pa-search nlng po Joannmae Sarah Tesiorna

  765. Hi Chayette, yes, submit your prenatal ORs together with your Philhealth documents 1 day before discharge.

  766. Hi Aisliin, go to Philhealth and get your MDR so you can check the payments made by your employer. If they paid only July and Aug, you will not qualify. They should remit June payment. The rule is payment of 3 of the 6 months before confinement. About CS, you should be in a hospital, not a lying-in. If initially, you’re in a lying-in, you’ll be transferred (you’ll pay the lying-in and you’ll use Philhealth at the hospital. About lying-in, both midwife and lying-in should be Philhealth-accredited. About excess coverage, no, you’ll not get the excess.

  767. hi po ulit…incase nmn po na macaesarian ako makukuha ko po ba ung buong 19 k benefits,,ko po at estimated na hulog sa kin ng employer ko 12 months kasma August 2014. kso late posted nga lng po cla,, tnx po

  768. Hi…po September po ung due date ko if sa lying in po ako manganganak..philhealth accrideted nmn po ung midwife,,dun db po php 6,500 ung ibabayad ng philheatlh sa knila…e php 5,000 lng po ung bayad sa kanila kapg walang philhealth,,san kanila din po ba ung php 1,500 na excess…at tanong ko n rin po kung makukuha ko po ba ng buong php 6,500 benefits ko if july 2014 lng ang mapost ng employer ko..almost 2 years n po ako sa employer ko..tnx po

  769. hi po uli ms question po me uli….ospital na po b bahala magprocess sa lahat ng pilhelt reinbursment ko?ibibigay ko po ba s knila lahat ng mga resibo na nasakin including prenatal chek ups ko bago ako madischarge?
    maraming salamat po ms nora…very imformative po itong site nu…it really helps po sa amin….god bless po ms nora and more power …

  770. Hi Danelle, Philhealth should update that page. The 9-monthly-premium requirement for individual payors has been reduced to 3-monthly premium (payment of 3 of the 6 months before hospitalization), whether for maternity, surgery or other illnesses.

  771. Thanks for the quick reply, Ms. Nora.

    May sentence dito sa Philhealth website:
    “Payment of at least three monthly premiums within the immediate six months prior to the month of confinement. For pregnancy-related cases, dialysis (except those undergoing emergency dialysis service during confinement), chemotherapy, radiotherapy and selected surgical procedures, payment of nine (9) monthly premium contributions within the last 12 months shall be required except for those enrolled under the KASAPI program.”

    Does that mean napapasok ako sa 9 over 12 months?

  772. Hi Danelle, thanks for appreciating my blog. Yes, register at any Philhealth branch with your ID/birth certificate and pay for August to Jan 2015, and you’ll be able to use Philhealth in Feb 2015. That’s more than the payment requirement for individual payors, which is payment for 3 of the 6 months before delivery. Thanks again and wish you and your family the best

  773. Hello po, Ms. Nora!

    So far I have tried the Philhealth website and other sites on maternity benefits of individually paying members, but this one has been the most informative and updated that I came across. Thank you so much for your patient responses sa comment section.

    I’m a freelancer and not yet a Philhealth member (di po kasi ako naoospital kaya hindi ko na rin naisip magpa-member). But now am 13 weeks along and will deliver Feb 2015. I’ve been having my pre-natal check-ups at Quezon City Gen Hospital. I’d like to ask whether I can avail of philhealth benefits when I deliver if I pay at least one year contribution agad pag-nag-apply ako as individually paying member?

    I hope you can also help me on this. Medyo vague nga po ang nakalagay sa website ng philhealth. Though I haven’t tried calling their hotline. Susubukan ko rin po tumawag at mag-inquire sa hospital.

    Thank you in advance po at more power to you and your family!


  774. Hi Michelle, sorry but it should be both. Both your ob-gyne and your hospital should be Philhealth-accredited. The alternative is to find a Philhealth-accredited ob-gyne in the same hospital. But weigh your options, specially if your ob-gyne is the best for you.

  775. Hi chayette, yes, you can include your ultrasound OR in your prenatal care OR submission.

  776. hi ms nora… is ultrasound covered under prenatal care?…thanks

  777. Tanks for the reply ms nora… Very very helpful.
    Another question, is there any other way i can still claim my maternity benefits if my obgyne is not a philhealth certified doctor but my hospital is?

  778. Hi Michelle, yes, you’re eligible, but to be sure, pay also July to Sep. About prenatal ORs, accumulate monthly receipts worth at least 1500.

  779. Follow up lang po ms nora… Enough na po ba ung april may june 2014 ko for my due date this coming oct 2014? Pasok po ba sya sa at least 3mos within 6 mos? Thanks!

  780. Hi nora… Just would like to ask… I recently resigned from a private sector company last nov 2013… And since then i havent paid my voluntary philhealth contributions… From oct 2013 (which isthe last company credit to my contribution) , the nxt payment i made was just this april may june 2014 and my edd is on oct 25, 2014… Will this payment/contribution be enough to cover my maximum maternity benefits?

    Another, what are these pre natal care receipts? Are these the monthly receipts from my obgyne everytime i have my check up? Will medicine like vitamins and supplemets cover this or just the consultation?
    Thank you so much.. Hoping for your reply!!! 🙂

  781. Thank you Maam Nora! Godbless!

  782. Hi Che, if your MDR copy looks old, you need to get a new MDR, to be sure, and then xerox it.

  783. Hi Maam Nora. Ask ko lang po, year 2011 po ako nag apply sa philhealth as Individual paying-self employed. May MDR po bngay skn..and ngayon ko lang po nahulugan ang philhealth ko, jan-dec 2014, and sept 2014 po ang EdC ko. Do I need to get another copy of MDR? Or ok na po ang nsa akin ngayon? Thanks po for the reply.

  784. thank you so much po mam nora…marami po kau natutulungan na mga kagaya ko..kip up the gud work po….god bless

  785. Hi Chayette, Urdaneta District Hospital (formerly Perez) is Level 1. Submit 2 claim form 1 (one for your maternity claim, and the other for your newborn care coverage). Use the birth certificate issued by the hospital to support your newborn care claim. Prepare money because many government hospitals ask you to buy meds or supplies outside, as they don’t have enough meds or supplies. Keep your ORs; they should be in your name.

  786. Hi po uli mam Nora….mangAngAnak po ako s government hospital dito po sa urdaneta city pangasinan ( Don Amadeo J. Perez Sr. Memorial Hospital ) ano po ang level ng ospital na to?Ito po b ang tinatawag na level 1? at pag nagrequest po b ako s hospital ng newborn screening wala po b ako babYaran? Mrming slamat po.godless

  787. Hi joann09, you should have paid June July Aug (3 months prior to delivery). You can no longer pay for June; payment deadline has passed. If you like, go to Philhealth and ask if you can pay 1 year in advance to avail.

  788. hi Ms. Nora. ask ko lng po. previously employed po ako. but ang huling hulog ko po is dec 2012 pa po. after that until now, ndi ko npo nahulugan philhealth ko kasi 2years na din po ako walang work. bale magkano or ilang months po kaya ang kailangan kong ihulog sa philhealth to avail the benefit? by sept 2014 po ang expected date ng delivery ko po. pls. reply po. SALAMAT 🙂

  789. Hi chayette, did you pay April May June? Yes, you’re covered. Pay also July and August to be sure.

  790. hi po..april 2014 po ako nag start ng bayad as voluntary member.binayaran ko po 1st quarter..ngaun po 7months pregnant ako at manganganak po sa september..coverd pa po b ako sa maternity benefits ng pilhelt?salamat po

  791. Hi maja, if it’s ovarian cystectomy (code 58925), the coverage is 23,300 pesos (12,600 for pf and 10,700 for hospital expense). Ask your surgeon about cost and Philhealth deduction, so you can prepare.

  792. ask ko lang po. pano kung ovarian cyst removal sa level 3 na ospital? ano po makukuha na benefit ng individual paying na member ng philhealt.. ? salamat po

  793. Hi Ginalyn, ask the hospital. Or tell me the name of the hospital you’re interested in and I’ll research its level.

  794. Hi Jainey, yes, you’re already eligible. But if you can, pay July and Aug (400 pesos). Or ask your hospital/clinic to be sure.

  795. Hi cj, if you’re not sure your employer is able to pay, make sure to pay July Aug Sep this July, as Employed or Individual Payor. Get your updated MDR from Philhealth.

  796. ..good day.! I’m ghen nga po pala., ask ku lang po sana kung panu po malalaman yung level ng hospital.?? hindi ku po masyadong naintindihan yong dun sa mga unang reply nyo po sa ibang nagtatanong din ng ganito..tnx po

  797. Hi Ms. Nora,i recently paid april-june 2014 as voluntary member and my expected delivery is on Sept 7, 2014. If ever hindi ko mabayaran ung July-Sept payment, coverred pa rin ba ko ng Philealth maternity benefits pag nanganak ako ng Sept 7? Medyo tambak na kze ang gastusin ko. TIA! God Bless po.

  798. hi po good day, ask ko lang po kasi ngaung july palang po ako maghuhulog sa philhealth, employer ko po maghuhulog, ask ko lang kasi by oct last wik or first wik of nov ako manganganak kung magagamit ko po ba philhealth ko kht 3 months lang mahuhulugan pa? salamat po

  799. Hi Jennifer, if you mean May 2014 to May 2015, yes, you can avail. Make sure your ob and hospital are Philhealth-accredited.

  800. Hi judy, you cannot avail if you deliver at a maternity clinic or primary hospital. To avail, go to a bigger hospital (level 2 to 4), but consider also the cost.

  801. Hi ms.Nora!
    Iccs po ako this july 21 and yung husband ko po is nasa saudi yung philhealth nya po is nakapremium payment may 13-2014 to may 12-2014 maaavail ko po kaya ung maternity benefits as ofw dependent?thank you in advance

  802. hi ms.nora..ask ku lng po if maka2avail p po b ku ng phil maternity benifits??ectopic po. ku.phil health lng po ng aswa ku ang ngamit s hospital ng madischarged po ku.thanks po..pwede po b s facebook ku nlng po kau mgrply.thankz po uli.

  803. Good day! Just wanna ask po if I can still avail this s my 5th pregnancy 1 normal delivery, 1 Cs and 2 mscariage then this will my last coz plan ko po mg pa ligate. Doc told me na cs din DAw ako. Husband’s dependent Lang po ako sa philhealth. I’m not sure if I can avail. Pls advice me.

  804. Helo po ask ko lng po sana if totoo yung sinasabi ng friend ko na pag 35 yrs old kna at first baby mo pa lang pinanganak mo di ka raw makakapag-avail ng maternity benefits?

  805. Hi Joy, yes, because you paid Apr May June (3 months before your delivery).

  806. Pwede ko ba ma avail yung philhealth ko since may anim akung buwan na Hindi nababayaran,.ngpa member po ako last sept. 2013..Bali po July -sept.2013 ang na bayaran ko tapos oct-March Hindi ako nkabayad then nag bayad po ako uli April-dec 2014,.my due date kasi sa panganganak ko is sept..pwede ko na ba magamit..tnx po

  807. What if last week ng july po ako manganak? Like july 29? Makaka-avail pa din ba ko?

  808. Hi Joy, yes, you can avail. Show your payment receipt. If you lost your receipt, ask Philhealth for a certification of eligibility for your delivery in August

  809. Kailangan po ba yung resibo nung hulog ko nung april-july? Pano po pag na-misplace?

  810. Hi mam. Matagal na po akong nagpamember sa philhealth, siguro mga 2012 pa. Pero this last april 2014 ko lang hinulugan at kinuha yung i.d ko. So bale ang hinulugan ko is april-july, quarterly ata yun. May due date is august 9, 2014. Makaka-avail po ba ako? Kung hindi, pwede pa po ba maghulog ngayon para maka-avail before my due date? Kelan po ko pwede maghulog ulit? Thanks.

  811. Hi sid, did your friend pay Apr May June July? If yes, you friend can avail this month.

  812. hi mam..nagvoluntary member yong friend ko last may 21, 2014 lang,,,nagbayad na siya ng good for 4 months lang…makaka avail naba siya ng benefits?

  813. please mgreply nmn po kau

  814. hello po mam nora ask ko lang po kasi naguguluhan po talaga ako nkapag apply na po ako ng philhealth bali pang apat na anak ko na po ngaun tong pinagbubuntis ko ngaun sa september pa po ang anak ko my nagsabi po kasi sakin na hindi ko daw magagamit ang philhealth ko kasi pang apat na panganganak ko na po ito pero ngaun pa lang po ako gagamit ng philhealth..anu po ba hindi ko po kasi alam kung sinu papaniwalaan ko

  815. Hi Eliza, if you were not able to pay May June July, I think you cannot yet avail. The requirement is payment of 3 of 6 months before delivery. No, you cannot file your claim 3 months after delivery. Ask Philhealth if you can avail if you pay 1 year in advance

  816. gud am po ask ko lang po kung pwede ko na ma-avail ung maternity benefits gayong last july 7 lang po ako nagfile ng membership sa philhealth. sa Auhust 31 po ang due date ng delivery ko pwede ko na po ba maavail un? and kung hindi pa po pwede iavail un after delivery ko, pwede ko pa rin ba maavail un after 3 months of delivery saka ko lang po iaapply sa philhealth ang maternity benifits ko? at gaano po katagal dapat makuha ung benifits upon delivery.

  817. Hi Duday, I emailed you the lists of health facilities. L = level

  818. Hi , ask ko LNG po ule, panu malalaman Kung anung level nung hospital ? Kung kasama b xa s level 1 o 2-4 ? Thanks po

  819. Thanks po .

  820. Hi Duday, maternity coverage is 6500 — this should be deducted from hospital bill. Prenatal coverage is 1500, and will be refunded by Philhealth by mail to member if member submits prenatal care ORs worth at least 1500 to the hospital. NBP coverage is 1750 if pediatrician is Philhealth-accredited. You will submit 2 claim form 1 (one for you and one for your baby). You are the mother so your baby can use your Philhealth. The hospital’s birth certificate will be used. No need for the father to file (but if the hospital insists that it should be the father, then the father should submit his Philhealth papers before discharge). You can refund later on your expenses for meds bought outside if your Philhealth deduction is lower than 6500. 1750 NBP should also be deducted from your newborn care bill. Submit your Philhealth papers upon admission.

  821. Hi ms.Nora, I’m confused po kasi regarding sa maternity benefit, 8k po kasama na prenatal expenses, Yung about sa newborn package po na 1750 di pa po b kasama yun sa 8k na mkukuha?
    Sa novaliches district hospital po kasi, Yung gamit sa panganganak na gamot s labas ipapabili , then ung new born package(NBP) di kasama Sknla. Sa Tatay dw po n philhealth macre2dit Yung NBP, Yung s nanay ng bata gastos LNG s ospital.
    Question po Yung mga nagastos s pagbili ng gamot s labas pra s delivery at Yung NBP Pwede po b mrefund yun? And hiwalay po b ang pg bayad s NBP?

    Thank you.
    More power !

  822. Hi Gene, yes, every end of the month, or last day of the quarter (for those paying quarterly). Thanks for planning to share helpful info

  823. Thanks for the your reply mam nora..

    I will follow up on this and will post the result here to help the readers as well..

    Also when is the cut off date for philhealth contributions?? is it every end of the month

    More power po mam nora..

  824. Hi Gene, if she delivers in Oct, she can pay July to Sep so she can avail. If she delivers in Sep, ask Philhealth if she can avail if she pays 1 year in advance. Or your wife can use your Philhealth, if you’re an active Philhealth member.

  825. Hi mam nora ask ko lng my wife is currently 7 months pregnant wala po xa hulog sa philhealth this year since maselan po ang pgbubuntis pnatigil xa sa work ng doctor how much po kaya ang months na dapt bayaran pr mkclaim ng maternity benefits?? Thanks po sa response mam nora more power po

  826. Hi ria, sorry this is not Philhealth’s website. Really frustrating, but processing really takes many months.

  827. Hi Earl, ask the hospital if they can file your claim for you…because there’s no more direct filing with Philhealth, and you need some docs from the hospital. If the hospital refuses to file, you can try filing or making an appeal with Philhealth.

  828. hi po.ilang buwan ba para makuha yung refund ko sa panganganak ko?palagi n kasi akung tumatawag sa inyo.sabi nyo kasi 2-3 months lang makuha na.peru 4months na.wala paring dumating na refund.tsaka kailan ba talaga? nung last na tumatawag ako sa inyo sabi nyo mag antay ako mga last week of june meron na.peru july na kasi wala parin .ano ba talaga?kailangan ko kasi pam pa inject ko sa baby ko..

  829. Hi, my wife just gave birth last week, june 25. And was discharged last June 28. We weren’t able to avail the philhealth during our stay in the hospital because we were not informed ahead. Can we still avail the benefit since all documents are already completed? Where can we file it? In the hospital? Or directly to philhealth? Thanks!

  830. Hi nicole, yes, you’re eligible. But in case your hospital’s policy is not yet updated, tell them that Philhealth’s requirement for Individual Payors has been reduced to payment of 3 months within 6 months immediately prior to delivery.

  831. Hi po! I just want to ask, I’m about to give birth this 1st week of august and nagapply po ako ng philhealth ng june 30. Ang binayaran kopo is april-dec 2014. Will philhealth cover my maternity? Sabi kasi ng ob ko malaki possibility na ma CS ako. Thank you so much!

  832. Hi sandy, pay for July Aug Sep as Individual Payor, and avail as Individual Payor. Ask your former employer a cert of premium payment from Feb to Apr 2014 or Jan to Apr 2014.

  833. What if member po ako since aug of 2013 then nagresign po ako sa company ko nung april 2014, then paglipat ko ng company ngayong june eh hindi naman sila naghuhulog sa philhealth. i’ll be giving birth on september. so how can i avail my maternity benefits? thanks

  834. Ok po madam i will ask them. Thank you!

  835. Hi Ethel, no, you cannot get the extra coverage for normal delivery — it will go to the clinic. Ask the clinic if the newborn care coverage of 1750 will be deducted from your newborn care bill.

  836. Hi larra, if your 17k expense is only for newborn care, Philhealth deduction is only 1,750. Was it not deducted from your baby’s bill? If the 17k is to treat a baby’s illness, then there should be a coverage for it. Did you file Philhealth for your baby? The hospital can use their own birth certificate to prove dependency.

  837. Gud am po Mam, my nbawas n po 19k s bill ko CS po me, tnong ko po about sa baby n dependent skin my mkukuha rin po back s philhealth kc almost 17k po ngastos sa paglabas ng baby magkahiwalay n bayad po , may mkukuha po kaya me n refund s nagastos s baby? Tnx po

  838. Hi mam Nora 🙂 without philhealth pa po ung p5500. And yes credited po ung hospital. 5500 is only for delivery, delivery room and doctor’s fee.. For new born care ako na mag shoulder, like new born screening, vitK, ung 5500 ko di na un magamit kc may philhealth ako dba..Mag refund ba ung hospital sa subra na money na di na use? Thanks po! 🙂

  839. Hi Ethel, is their 5,500 package with or without Philhealth? Is the hospital Philhealth-accredited? If their package is 5,500 only, is the extra 2,500 for newborn care? If the hospital is accredited, and if the 5,500 package is without Philhealth, then you can refund your money.

  840. Mam nora. Package po ako normal delivery nila is 5,500..every check-up p500 at iipunin un until manganak. Now 8k na Pad ko next month due na ko. Ready na rin ung Philhealth ko. May matanggap ba ako na refund ng hospital kc may maternity benifit pa ako ng philhealth dba?

  841. Good day po Ms Nora,

    Ask ko lang po panu magclaim ng maternity benefits OFW po ako. Ano form ang gagamitin, Claim form 2 or 3 po ba? Panu po magclaim.. Manually po ba isubmit un documents o pwede on behalf magsubmit para sa akin?

  842. Hi Gee, yes, as long as the validity dates on your husband’s Philhealth premium receipt covers your date of delivery, and he’s able to update his MDR before your delivery. There are hospitals that accept marriage certificates as proof of dependency, but there are others that require dependents’ names to be written on the MDR.

  843. Good day Ms. Nora,
    Ofw din po asawa ko and he paid for his philhealth. Were planning to get married before my december delivery. Possible po ba na once iupdate nia philhealth niya and ilagay nia ko as beneficiary, mcocover po kayo non panganganak ko? Or magagamit na po ba namin agad un?

  844. I already applied po kanina! Thanks po and more power sainyo. It really helped me po, Godbless!!

  845. Hi clarise, if you give birth in July or later, you can register this June and pay Apr May June, so you can avail. Apply asap this June.

  846. Hi Miss Nora! Kung ngayong buwan (June 2014) pa lang po ba ko mag aapply ng Philhealth, pwede ko po bang bayaran yun annual contribution pero ang start po ay April 2014? Para po maavail ko yun maternity benefits. Thanks po!

  847. Hi anianmedina, yes, you can qualify in October even if you did not pay the first quarter, as long as you pay July to Sep. You already paid Apr to Sep, so that’s better.

  848. ms.nora i’m about to give birth on october 2014 diba?can i pay n next 2 quarters which are oct-dec and jan-mar so i will have no problem because im worried if i can avail the philhealth benefit because i wasn’t able to pay the first quarter…thank you again for your reply….

  849. hi ms nora,am i qualified for philhealth maternity benefit eventhough i wasnt able to pay the first quarter of 2014?

  850. Hi anianmedina, yes, you can use that MDR. Many hospitals accept MDR printed within the prior 6 months. Yes, you can use Apr to Sep receipt for your Oct availment. Submit your prenatal ORs worth at least 1500 together with your Philhealth documents to the hospital. Philhealth will send you the prenatal check.

  851. can i also pay the oct-dec 2014 payment of philhealth this month?so that i don’t have burden…hoping for your immediate reply to my messages.thank you