SSS Salary Loan Interest Rate Is Not As Low As You Think

Updated 2012:  

Finally, the SSS improved its salary loan program! Go to our article on the improved SSS salary loan program.


January 23, 2011:

The SSS salary loan interest rate is not as cheap as we think.

It’s important that we remember this so we don’t take our SSS loan lightly, and so that we don’t borrow just to buy things we don’t really need.

In my previous workplace, some of my co-workers borrow money from the SSS thinking the loan is a pure benefit. They spend it all to celebrate their birthdays or to buy fancy gadgets/appliances.

At first glance, the 10 percent annual interest rate is low, that it’s not even 1 percent a month. But if you actually compute the total cost of the SSS loan, the total interest taken from the borrower is higher than 10 percent.  And there’s still the 1 percent service fee to be considered.

Why? It’s because SSS does not give you the total amount of your loan, as posted in the Loan Amount box. SSS deducts immediately the total interests for the first 12 months.

For example, pag ang loan amount mo ay 20,000 pesos payable in 2 years, SSS doesn’t give you the whole 20,000. It deducts the first-year interest and the one-percent service fee, so you get only about 18,228 pesos. In reality, the total interest you pay would be nearly 4,000 pesos.

I-compare natin sa Credit-to-Cash loan ng BPI Classic Card. (I use BPI as an example, but there are others with similar or lower rates.)  If you borrow 20,000 pesos, you really get 20,000 pesos, and the total interest you would pay for 24 months is about 3,840 pesos.

What I’m really trying to say is:

Although the SSS salary loan interest rate is lower than many others such as pawnshop rates and other bank personal loan rates, hindi pa rin siya ganong kababa.

So, we should not take SSS loans lightly, thinking that they’re super low-cost loans.  We should use them for very important things.

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  1. Hi, what if I lost the voucher needed to be given to our hr department. Had no idea it should be given to hr. Didn’t read it. What’s the alternative that I can give to hr so they can deduct my loan payment through payroll. thanks!

  2. Hi tanung q lng poh about s loan balance q ang amortization q ai 461 bale nakahulog n poh aqo ng kalahati ndi q poh alamkng ilan nlng balance q nung nagresign aqo..last payment q sss loan q january 2013.ilan n poh interest nun

  3. Hi Ms. Nora,
    Good afternoon, ask ko lang kung anong computation ng monthly premiums na na skip ng 1 month di nabayaran? may penalty po ba ang monthly premiums?

  4. hello po, question po, my first time to get an sss loan:
    1. LOAN AMOUNT PhP 16,000.00
    a. Service Fee (1% of loan amount) PhP 160.00
    b. Balance of previous loan, if any PhP 0.00
    3. NEW PROCEEDS OF LOAN (items 1 less item 2) PhP 15,840.00

    Month Amortization Interest Principal Outstanding Principal Balance
    0 PhP 0.00 PhP 0.00 PhP 0.00 PhP 16,000.00
    1 0.00 0.00 0.00 16,000.00
    2 738.32 133.33 604.99 15,395.01
    3 738.32 128.29 610.03 14,784.99
    4 738.32 123.21 615.11 14,169.88
    5 738.32 118.08 620.24 13,549.64
    6 738.32 112.91 625.41 12,924.24
    7 738.32 107.70 630.62 12,293.62
    8 738.32 102.45 635.87 11,657.75
    9 738.32 97.15 641.17 11,016.58
    10 738.32 91.80 646.51 10,370.06
    11 738.32 86.42 651.90 9,718.16
    12 738.32 80.98 657.33 9,060.83
    13 738.32 75.51 662.81 8,398.01
    14 738.32 69.98 668.34 7,729.68
    15 738.32 64.41 673.90 7,055.77
    16 738.32 58.80 679.52 6,376.25
    17 738.32 53.14 685.18 5,691.07
    18 738.32 47.43 690.89 5,000.18
    19 738.32 41.67 696.65 4,303.53
    20 738.32 35.86 702.46 3,601.07
    21 738.32 30.01 708.31 2,892.76
    22 738.32 24.11 714.21 2,178.55
    23 738.32 18.15 720.16 1,458.38
    24 738.32 12.15 726.17 732.22
    25 PhP 738.32PhP 6.10PhP 732.22PhP 0.00
    I can’t understand what those on the left means, please help

  5. I loaned last year 15,700 something then after 2 months I paid 7k and after 4 months I paid 9k somthing. I thought it had no more interest as it was 24 months to pay but I paid in less than a year in 2 gives. When I came home, I checked my status and saw a balance of 5,699. I was told it was interest for the months I haven’t paid. How much was the monthly interest?

  6. Hi Im Jasmine Nanong i had my 3rd SSS Salary Loan last November 2014 amounting to 23,000 plus. Unfortunately i leave my previous company last June 2015 and got employed only last August 2015. My current company wont allow me to transfer my previous loan and deduct it through my salary can you help me what to do also how much is the total penalty i already have.

  7. Hi Ms Nora, the last time ive checked, here’s the details of my existing unpaid 24k loan:
    Principal : 17,000.00
    Interest : 5,950.12
    Penalty : 8,626.71
    Total Amount Due : 31,576.83
    …and when I check the loan eligibility tab online, it shows:
    * Loan balance is greater than 50% of the total Principal. Outstanding Loan balance : 17,000.00 should be less than or equal to 12,000.00…
    —does this mean I can pay 5,000 so I can renew my loan? Or do I need to also pay the interest and penalty? Can they not deduct the interest and penalties from my total accumulated values/contributions? Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi Jasmine, you can pay your loan by yourself. You can pay at Bayad Center. Any amount, but it’s better if you pay much more than the monthly amortization. Write your name, SSS (Biller), SSS no. and address. Check “Short Term Loan” and write Salary Loan on “Loan Type”. You can also pay at SSS — fill up the ML1 form (do not write on “Employer ID Number. Write your SSS no. Write your name and address on “Employer’s Registered Name & Address”. Write E over R so it will read “Employee’s). Check your loan balance on your online SSS account from time to time to see your outstanding balance.

  9. my sister availed of an SSS loan in 2005 for 24k. today, upon inquiry, it rose to 55k. may i just ask if offsetting is available for sss? in offsetting, i mean, can her loan balance be deducted from her total contributions now? so as to stop incurring any charges and penalties?

  10. Hi charon, sorry but SSS does not do offsetting. SSS is not like Pag-ibig where the final benefit is the total of contributions and dividends. SSS does not add up total contributions to compute pension. It uses a formula based on the average monthly salary credit and no. of years that the member contributed.
    Your sister has to start paying her loan because if she does not, her retirement lump sum or retirement pension later on will be used to pay for her loan.

  11. Hi, Good Morning! Thank you for further explaining. I manually calculated the interest amount using basic math (interest rate/number of months) multiple by the amount left unpaid per month. sa 20,000 within 2 years almost 4,500 pesos din. malaki at mabigat din yan.

  12. Hi Ulysses, yes, you’re right, and thanks for commenting. Compared to major credit card cash loans which add only 0.56 or 0.7 or 0.99% interest per month, that 4,500-peso interest for 2 years is for a loan of 39,000 if through BPI’s Balance Transfer. What’s also making life hard for many members is the interest for unpaid loans. We understand that SSS needs to earn money for members, but we also feel so bad about members failing to pay their loans when they lose their jobs, then find out later that their loans have ballooned to super big amounts.

  13. Hi po, I got an 8k loan oan from SSS and my monthly is 369.16. I failed to pay for 1 year. How much is the interest if ever I pay it in full? thanks po

  14. hi ms.nora, i’m rachel asis. May I ask regarding my sss loan. my first time to loan. I registered online and upon checking, my salary loan is 16k. Will this 16k not change? second question: if 16k is my first loan, how much is the monthly deduction? thnx

  15. Hi rachel, yes, 16k is the maximum loan for members who have paid less than 72 contributions (6 years). Your loanable amount will increase after you have accumulated 72 contributions. I’m not sure, but your monthly amortization for 16k could be 738. I used an online calculator. If you have time later on, would you please comment again and inform us how much is your monthly amortization?

  16. Hi ms. Nora. I got an SSS loan of 10k in 2012 before I left my job. How much is the interest for the 4yrs I haven’t paid? Thanks po

  17. Hi po can I renew my loan? I have a 10k loan po with my previous agency, and I have not paid it but I continued to pay contributions. 40 monthly contributions have been added since last march 2012 when I got my loan.

  18. Hi good morning ms. Nora,
    can we have sample computation of unpaid salary loan with interest?

    thank you.

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