Good Changes in SSS Salary Loan Program

Updated September 21, 2015:

We’re glad that the SSS has improved its salary loan program.  In January 2011, I wrote on this blog that SSS salary loans are not really low-cost, compared to some bank loans, such as the Credit-to-Cash of BPI Express Credit and the Easy Pay of BDO Credit Cards.

Now,  finally,  SSS has listened to members’ concerns,  and these are the changes:

1.  Maximum loan amount

You can now borrow up to 30,000 pesos. Previous maximum was 24,000 pesos.

2.  No more advance charging of interest.

In the past, you don’t get the whole amount of your loan because SSS deducts your first-year interest.  Previously,  if you’re given the maximum loan of 24,000,  you get only 21,360.  Now,  you will get a much bigger amount. No advance interest deduction.

The only deduction is the service fee, which is 1% of the loan amount.  If your loan amount is 30,000 pesos, your service fee will be 300 pesos.  If loan amount is 15,000 pesos, the service fee is 150 pesos.
3.  Earlier loan renewal date

You can now renew your loan after paying half of your loan and one year has passed since your loan check date. In the past, you have to wait for two years before you can borrow again, and your balance should have been down to 500 pesos or less.

4.  Members can write their preferred loan amount.

But your maximum loan amount  will still depend on the average of your latest 12 monthly salary credits that have been posted.

The following previous SSS salary loan terms are still being applied:

1.  Basis of Loan Amount
Your loan amount still depends on your average monthly salary credit (AMSC) for the 12-month period before your loan application date.

AMSC x 1 — if you have 36 monthly contributions but less than 72 contributions
AMSC x 2 — if you have 72 monthly contributions or more (maximum is 30,000)

2.  Term of Loan

Still two years.  You pay your loan from month to month over a period of 24 months. SSS will set the monthly amortization amount.

3.  Interest Rate

The annual interest rate is still 10%.  

4.  Eligibility for the SSS Salary Loan

Still the same.  You must have paid at least 36 monthly contributions before you can apply for an SSS salary loan.  And you must have paid at least 6 contributions within the 12-month period before loan application.



All changes had taken effect last December 1, 2012.

Source:  Member News,  SSS website

Chart of SSS Contributions, Philippines

SSS Payment Deadlines for SSS Contributions and Salary Loans


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  1. Rafael B. Pasion Jr.

    Nagloan po ako ng Php24000.00 noong October 2015. Kaya lng po naka 8m0nths lang po ako nahapaghulog kasi po nagresign po ako sa kumpanya. Monthly amortization ko po is Php1107.48 Tapos po tinuloy ko po ang hulog ko ito po ang mga araw na naghulog ako:
    October 25, 2017 Php1000.00
    May 29, 2018 Php3000.00
    July 3, 2018 Php3000.00

    Bago po ako naghulog noong October 2015 nagverify po muna ako kung magkano pa balance ko, ang sabi ay Php18,000.00 mahigit po noon po iyan simula ng nagresign ako.Nung wala napo ako sa kumpanya nagbayad po ako ng tatlo beses ung pong nakaindicate sa taas (October 2017, May 2018 at July 2018).Ngayon po Php 18,218.78 pa daw po ang balance ng loan ko samantalang nakapaghulog nako ng Php7000.00. Bakit hindi po nababawasan ang loan balance ko?

  2. I was recommended this website via my cousin. I’m not certain whether or not
    this submit is written by way of him as no one else understand such precise approximately my difficulty.

    You are amazing! Thank you!

  3. Hi joanne, puede mong tingnan ang loan details mo sa SSS online account mo. Click mo lang yong loan amount na merong underline. Tingnan mo kung naka-post yong Aug and Sep 2014 payments mo na tig-5k. Kung naka-post, ibig sabihin nakasali na sila sa na-compute when you applied for loan condonation in 2016, and yes, those payments were eaten up by penalties/interests.

  4. Good Morning!

    Before I resigned from my previous employer last 2010, I made a loan of 24K and thinking that when I transferred to another company it will be automatically deducted. My other employer advise me to pay in 5K per month last 8/2014 to 9/2014 but i was pirated in other company again and wasn’t able to deduct the monthly payment again. Right now I started paying it again last 11/2016 up to now under sss condonation and with a total charges of 31, 682. May I know, if the payment from 2014 was eaten up by penalties due to late payment or I can refund it after paying the monthly balance until december 2018? Kindly enlighten po.

    Many Thanks

  5. hi ask ko lang naka 34 contributions nako yung pang 35th and and 36th ko ay october and november na kinaltas na sa sahod ko pero di parin hinuhulog ng employer ko. possible na bayaran ko nalang ng advance yun sa sss para makapagloan nako.ang tagal ng process ng employer ko eh

  6. mag 2 years na po kasi ngayong last month ng oct yong loan ko wala pa ko nahulog pero 1 year na continues ung contribution ko pag na full payment ko po ba yong utang ko and penalties eligiible na po ba ko ulit mag loan

  7. Ask ko lang po kung may unpaid loan po ako,ibabawas po ba yun sa maternity benefits ko? Salamat po..

  8. Hi good afternoon!
    My husband check for his second loan just arrived, the problem is SSS deducted P2,078.03 which is equivalent of 6mons. amortization on his 1st loan.
    before he applied for loan renewal his outstanding loan balance was 4mons.
    meaning sept. 2017 is the maturity of his loan.
    By the way his 1st loan was P7,500 and P346.09 is the monthly amort.
    His 2nd loan is P8,500 monthly amort. will be P392.23
    from sept. 2015 up to May 2017 he paid his salary loan but ofcourse he still have a loan balance of P1,384.36
    i hope you atleast gave us an idea on how or what are the charges when you renew your loan in less than 2years of maturity date.
    thank you in advance i’ll wait for your reply!

  9. Hi jing, yes, puede na, kasi more than 12 months ka nang nagbabayad, at dapat nabayaran mo na yong more than 50% ng loan amount.

  10. hi may salary loan po ako pero matataposna na september 2017…pwdena poba ako makapag loan ulitngayo.

  11. Hello Ms Nora

    I want to confirm if ever i will loan a 30000 now, what will be my amortization amount? is it 1500 for 2 years?

  12. Hi Renato, it’s better that you see the accurate computation. Enroll in SSS online service, then check your loan. This is how to check your loan balance.

  13. March 29,2013 loan type 17,000 pesos how much the expected tatol amount of loan. and can i fully paid it now if passible

  14. Mrs Nora can you help me to find the total value of my loan, march 29,2013 i was get my first loan worth of PESOS 17,000 and now how much if i FULLY paid it all if possible,,,

  15. Hi Ms. Nors,
    Ask lang po ako, on my first loan last May 2014, i have not submitted my voucher to HR kasi I dont know na need pala submit yun. By the time after 10 hinulugan ko na sya and right now I have a balance of 11,500.

    1. If I paid it full, am i eligible for the 2nd loan? I have 74 total of contri..
    2 May possibilities po ba na di ma grant ung loan application ko kasi I have paid it voluntarily?
    3. If I paid directly sa SSS, how many days po bago magreflect sa online?
    4. And how many weeks bago ko makuha ung check?
    5. How much po ung makukuha ko if ever?

    Thanks po

  16. Hi Cleo, sorry no. You have to comply with both requirements: half the time and half the amount. That means after 1 year and after paying half of your loan principal. You can check your loan eligibility from time to time through your online SSS account. This is how to enroll to get your online SSS account

  17. Hi Miss Nora Good Day To you I got my loan this month if ever I will pay the half of it in my own pocket will I will be able to reloan again even I dont wait the 1 year? Please reply thank you

  18. Hi Sar, did you apply for this loan while you were employed with this company? If your company has been complying with SSS rules, then HR/accounting will deduct your remaining SSS loan from your last pay. This is an SSS policy that obedient companies are complying with. You just hope that they forget, or they have a glitch so your loan balance won’t be deducted. You can also plead with the HR, but HR people are employees too and they enforce policies to protect their jobs.

  19. Hello, I would like to inquire if there are other ways so that my remaining SSS loan will not be deducted from my last pay. It’s insufficient, as I resigned unexpectedly. I wish the HR no longer deducts my remaining loan. Thanks

  20. Nagpasa na ako ng resignation and nagrerender nalang ako hanggang Feb.14 2016 sa pinagtatrabahuan ko. Pero nag-apply ako ng loan for SSS ng January 21. Makukuha ko kaya yung ni-loan ko?

  21. Hi madz, sorry, you will pay all the penalties and interests. Even if they launch a penalty condonation program (don’t know when, or if they will launch again), not all penalties or interests are removed. Only a portion is removed.

  22. Hi, last 2008 I loaned and until now I have not paid it. Is it possible that when I pay it, there will be no interest or penalty? For sure the penalties and interests have swelled.

  23. Abegail Lainez Manalo

    thank you po…

  24. Hi Abegail, if your new loan is approved before SSS sees your 2 unposted payments, your 2 unposted payments will be deducted from the new loan. Continue tracking the posting of your loan payments and your outstanding balances.

  25. Abegail Lainez Manalo

    Hi Ms Nors, I’m applying for an SSS loan, but there are 2 unposted monthly payments. If I apply, how will the 2 unposted payments be deducted? from present loan?

  26. Good day! Am I eligible to renew my loan this August, is this already implemented — the Salary Loan Release through bank program to any bank whether savings or cash card account? thanks

  27. Hi alyana, if you already have at least 36 posted contributions, yes, you can apply for an SSS loan through your new employer. But I think it’s best to wait for a week or more so you can at least know first your new office mates.

  28. Good day mrs nora. i’m planning to resign po this august to move to another company, so my contribution payments will be continuous. i just wanna ask po if I can apply for a loan through my new employer?

  29. Hi Lia, SSS requires that you have 36 posted contributions in your SSS records. You need to wait for your 36th contribution to get posted.

  30. hi ms.nora, having 35 months contributions, currently employed. Is there any way i could loan now? i can’t wait for another month to pass. thanks god bless

  31. Hi hazel, I saw a recent SSS circular which now allows those who are younger than 55 to choose any contribution amount they want. Choose from here: If for example you pay monthly from July to Dec, you can apply for your loan in Jan 2016, after all your 6 payments are posted in your account.

  32. Hi mrs nora. thanks a lot for the response. greatly appreciated. do u happen to know the amount per month that I should pay? Whats the maximum or minimum po?

  33. Hi hazel, begin again paying your contributions, and pay for at least 6 months, so you can apply for a loan after these 6 contributions are posted.

  34. Hi po. im unemployed for almost 2 years but prior to that i have contribution for almost 5 years and i already filed a loan before and it got paid when i resigned. my question po is can i file a loan now and what are the requirements? Thanks po.

  35. Hi Alotte, you are paying by yourself so write your name, your SSS no. and your own address only. Even if you’re currently employed, do not write your employer’s name, no. or address, so your payment will be posted immediately to your account.

  36. Hi ms.nora. I got an sss salary loan through my previous company. When I resigned, my loan was not totally paid. Now I want to pay my loan balance. I’m confused about what address I should write, my first employer or my latest employer? thanks.

  37. Hi Francis, yes, pay at the nearest SSS branch so you can fill up the Contributions Payment form (3 copies, get 1 copy after payment). Bayad Centers/SM do not have this form. Fill up the Declaration of Earnings portion of the form (bottom). If you choose 495 (not 500), your monthly income should be 4,500. If 550, your monthly income should be 5,500. If your 36 contributions are already posted, you can apply for your salary loan.

  38. Hi mrs nors i have just resigned from my work last july 3 and my sss monthly salary credit range is over 15k. Right now i want to continue my contribution. But can i lower my monthly contribution to 500 pesos which is from 5k bracket? That is the most i can only pay. if yes do i need to provide supporting documents? Also i already have 36 posted contributions i want to have a loan as voluntary member, is this possible?

  39. good day ms nors, I already have 27 contributions. Can I pay in advance to complete 36 months so I can avail of a loan?

  40. Hi Lyanne, sad to say, you cannot demand that your balance not be deducted from your last salary. It’s an SSS policy that employers need to comply with. But there are employers that do not deduct. Just hope they forget and do not deduct.

  41. hi! great info you have here ms. nora. I need an advise hope u can share me some ideas about my situation. recently my loan with sss was approved. I plan to resign and use the fund while I’m out of work in addition to my back pay if there is any. can I demand to my employer not to pay the full balance since paying it voluntarily is my option if I will be successful to get a job homebase(give the voucher to my new employer but my priority is home base). are there any document I can give to my employer so for them not to deduct the full balance loan. It will be better for me to pay it in a long term since I’ll be using the fund while I’m out of work. and the rule of 12months/50% loan payment before loan renewal. so much better that they grant me to pay it with a different option but not the full amount right away. thanks for your time.

  42. Hi sexyfire, yes, you can do that, as long as your new employer does not require you to submit a copy of your loan status. But most employers do not require it. Although you can pay twice a month, I think it’s better if you save your first 500 and then pay 1k once a month to simplify posting of payments. You must commit to your loan payment plan to avoid penalties/interests for delinquency later on.

  43. Hi Ms. Nora, can I pay my monthly amortization per cut-off? Example: monthly amortization is 500 so it’s 250/payday. Can I make it 500/payday which will be 1K per month? So meaning instead of paying my loan for 2 years I’ll pay it over 1 year only. I’m resigned already but I prefer to pay my loan instead of my new employer. Is it possible? Thank you.

  44. Hi Weej, if an employee resigns, many companies deduct the SSS loan balance from the last pay. If the pay is not enough, they collect the amount available and remit it to SSS. There are however accountants/HR that don’t know this rule, or simply forget or ignore this rule, and do not deduct — that’s why there are employees who have resigned with their last pay intact even if they have SSS loan balances. Yes, you can pay your loan as Voluntary member. If you get employed later, you can either continue to pay your loan voluntarily, or submit your loan voucher or a printout of your online loan statement to your new employer and request for monthly deduction for remittance to SSS. Whatever occurs related to your SSS loan, track your payments, remittance to SSS and their posting.

  45. Hi Ms. Nora i’m kind of confused here so I hope you can help me out on this.. I am planning to apply fr an sss loan but will be resigning in two months time. How does this work?

    Some articles I read and also according to SSS policies, if there is remaining balance from the loan upon resignstion, the employee will have to deduct it from my final salary.. If it really is true, what if my final salary is not adequate enough to pay the remaining loan balance? I know the employee will report to SSS that my salary was not enough to pay for the remaining balance. How would I be able to pay that? Could i pay it voluntarily or will that incur interest due to late payments until I pass it to another employer?

    I’m confused here because I thought I could pay it voluntarily when I resign and then pass it to my new employer so they will continue to deduct it from my salary.. So should I just apply for a loan after I resign? I have read that some people resigned with unpaid loans which were carried over to the next company they worked for.. Can zi have further explanation on this?

    thanks in advance 🙂

  46. Hi Anagee, sorry, if you pay by installments, the interest and penalties will continue to be applied. Penalties are only reduced if there’s a loan condonation program, but I don’t know when the next program is offered, or if there’s one program within the next few years. The best option is to make large installments, so you can pay off your loan over a shorter period of time.

  47. hi ms. nora, I have my overdue salary loan and not settled. June 2012 was my 1st loan amounting to 15000. total amount paid is only 3,937.44. last payment done in January 2013. as of today my loan balance is 14,499.22. how can i settle it through monthly payments without interest and/or penalties. thanks in advance.

  48. Hi po. Gusto ko po sana mag renew ng loan sa sss. Whenever I check my loan eligibility, it doesnt show how much i still owe or how much I should pay so I can have at least 50% payment out of my loan amount. Ang nakalagay lang po eh 50% of the loan term has not lapsed. 50% renew date is on 08/01/2015. Ibig po sabhin, di ba ako pwedeng mag loan? Pano kung mbyaran ko na ung half ng loan amount ko? Di pa rin ako mkakapag loan ult? Saka, wla pa akong 72mos na contributions, so ibig po sbhn di pa ko eligible for a two month loan? First loan ko amounted to 14000 so gnun pa din ung pde kong irenew? Tpos madedecut ung kalahati ng balance ko since di pa ko tapos magbayad dun eh? I need some clarification. Hope you can help. Thanks

  49. Hi sugar, you can pay 6k to reduce your loan, and then after several days, check your loan eligibility if you’re already eligible. Your salary loan amount is based on the average of your salary credits for the past 12 months. You should also have 6 contributions or more within the past 12 months. Your old loan balance will also be deducted from your new salary loan amount.

  50. Hello Nora, I still have an exiting loan (2nd loan) with SSS. 2nd loan before was 24k way back 2012. I was able to pay at least 10k of it with my previous employer until December 2013. After that I resigned and moved to another company. I moved to different companies over this year of 2014 so and did not let my employers deduct my salary to pay off my SSS loan. Now I checked my SSS online account, I have a balance of 16k, I am willing to pay now at least 5k of it so that my balance will become 11k. And base to SSS new re-loan policy, a member can now re-loan once they paid at least half of it. My question is, what if I do this and file a re-loan, will I be getting a 15k salary loan or 30k salary loan even my contributions from 2013-2014 are not continuous?

  51. Hi Savvy, no, your new employer will not know you have an existing loan, unless you tell them, because you did not apply for that loan through them. After maybe 1 month or 2 months of working with them, you can print your loan details from your online account, and then ask your accounting/HR to make deductions every month to pay off your SSS loan.

  52. Hi Ms. Nora. After I resigned from my previous work, I had an existing loan which I havent paid for more than 2 years. I will start working again after 2 years and I have a new employer. Will my new employer deduct the whole outstanding balance amount from my salary? Thanks!

  53. Hi ia, yes, if one year has passed since your first loan check date, and if you have at least 6 contributions within the past 12 months. Register online so you can check your loan eligibility.

  54. Hi, Good day! I just would like to ask. I resigned last July 2014 and i have paid my previous salary loan already.can i still apply for sss loan even if I’m unemployed until now?Thanks

  55. It’s highly recommended that you have an SSS online account so you can make faster transactions like inquiring about your existing loan. Here’s a step-by-step guide to check your SSS loan status online:

  56. thank you so much Ms. Nora.

  57. Hi frensie, you can file your salary loan form only after your latest contributions are posted and your total no. of posted contributions is at least 36. You can loan even if there are payment gaps, as long as you have accumulated at least 36 posted contributions. Since you’re employed, you must file your loan through your employer. If your employer is enrolled with online SSS, then you can also register at so you can check your loan eligibility online and file your loan online (your employer will endorse your loan online).
    The SSS website is not yet fully functioning, so this could be the reason your latest payments are not yet appearing, or your employer has not yet remitted your contributions to SSS.

  58. Hi Ms. Nora, I inquired at sss here in catanduanes. I have 33 mos contribution, and last posted was february 2014, when I resigned from my previous work. For 5 mos I didn’t pay sss but since july i have new employer and they deducted for sss 4 times already but we can’t see these payments in the system at sss here. With 33 mos plus 4 times deducted by new employer equal to 37 mos of contributions, can I file for a salary loan through my employer in Legaspi City so it will be processed there? Is that possible? Can I loan even if I had gaps in payments from march to june 2014? Hope you reply. Thanks. God Bless You.

  59. Hi Marjorie, I hope I’m correct that the SSS website system is still having glitches, so your loan eligibility response is not updated. The website has been on an updating mode since months ago. Yes, there’s a rule that if your current employer is delinquent, you cannot apply for a loan. But the delinquent employer is no longer your employer, so your application should be accepted. Is your new employer already posted in your online account as your employer? Do you already have a contribution remitted by your new employer and already posted online? Wait a while before applying; check from time to time if the website is already fully functioning and your loan eligibility response is already okay.

  60. Hi Ms. Nora, from being an sss member under employed sector from 2001 to 2003, I continued my contribution as a voluntary member from 2003 up until March 2013. In between those years I was able to obtain a loan of P5,000 and eventually paid the amortization in full for less than 2 years. In April 2013, I am once again an sss member under employed sector. Upon going online to see if I could loan again, it says there that I am ineligible for the following reason:
    *Employer delinquent in payment of Loan remittances: 06-01-2010
    Total amount of delinquencies P5,031.12
    My concern is how come I cannot loan, when during that given date I was a voluntary member, religiously paying my monthly contributions and my previous loan? I was not yet an employee of my present employer during that time. I think it is unfair as I’m updated in my contributions and I have paid in full my first loan and the delinquency is that of my employer way back in 2010 and I should not be part of it. Is that really an SSS policy before the approve a loan? That the employer is not delinquent? Thank you so much!

  61. Hi cessy, ask your HR if your company is enrolled online so you can file your application online and so they can certify and endorse it, as soon as you see your last payments are posted online. Or ask if it’s better filing over the counter at SSS. Approval is usually within a few days, but the check delivery takes about a month now, based on comments online.

  62. Hi Ms. Nors,

    id like to ask a question re my loan renewal. i was advised by our HR Dept that i am eligible for a renewal but we have to wait for Oct until SSS had posted my last payment. Normally, how long does it take to process the renewal and get the check after i filled up the application form ? cause il be needing the money for my son’s 1st bday by nov. 2, i hope u can help me.
    or can i fill out the form earlier while waiting for SSS to post the payment?

    thank you in advance!

  63. Hi VMD, have you just filed your loan application? And was accepted? Because if your renewal date is Nov 1 2015, then your loan application must have been filed Sep 1 2014. Based on SSS policy, the monthly deduction starts on the second month after loan check issuance. Now if you have not filed any loan application, there’s something very wrong, and you should go to your SSS branch asap to inquire and complain.

  64. Hi, It’s my first time to apply a loan from SSS after working and contributing for almost 8 years. When I checked my loan status on their website, I got this message:
    “Application ineligible for the following reason/s:
    * 50% of the Loan Term has not lapsed. 50% Renew Date is on :11-01-2015”
    How come? Thanks!

  65. Hi Emman, our answer for your question would be long, so we decided to make a post about ML-1:
    You can also pay at Bayad Center:

  66. Thank you for answering my question. Shall I go ahead and proceed to the nearest SSS branch in my place and ask for ML1 form and advise them that I only need to pay php 50? I check the form that you’re pertaining with and I’m a little bit confuse because its only asking for my employer’s information and not my information. I also don’t know where to put the amount that i want to pay. Sorry for being such an ignorant. =)

  67. Hi Emman, you can pay 50 pesos using ML1 form anytime this quarter to cover the 30.37 excess. Observe through your online SSS account how fast your monthly payments are posted. Employers usually submit the collection list after every quarter.

  68. Hi Ma’am Nora,
    I’m planning to renew my salary loan in November. My existing balance is 8,914.71 and I’m aware that I can only renew my loan once I paid for the half of the total amount of the loan which is 7500. I’m paying my loan every month through payroll for the amount of 692.17. My question is, in November my loan balance will be 7530.37 but the requirements to have a loan in my situation is to have less than or equal to 7500 loan balance. Is there any case that I can please SSS to have a loan even there is a 30.37 excess? Just badly needed in November. Can’t wait for December. Many thanks in advance. =)

  69. Hi lady, it means that 1 year has not passed since the date of your last loan check. The SSS salary loan term is 2 years; loan renewal requires the passage of 50% or one-half — that means 1 year.

  70. Hi Nora:)

    Asked ko lng poh. ano poh ibig sabihin ni SSS dito

    ***Application ineligible for the following reason/s:
    * 50% of the Loan Term has not lapsed. 50% Renew Date is on :10-01-2014?
    Eto po kc ang lalabas once open ko yung loan status update ko

    Salamat poh

  71. Hi leah, I think the passage of 1 year since date of loan check is still required, but I’m not sure now, so after your payment has been posted and your loan updated to zero balance, check your loan eligibility in your online SSS account.

  72. Ask ko lang if naremit na ng company mo ang buong outstanding balance mo sa sss dahil nagresign ka pwede na ba maloan ulit agad? Tutal wala na ng utang di ba.

  73. Hi Emman, posting might take 1 week and balance updating might take 3 weeks. But don’t rely on my answer, as SSS processing time varies for everyone. Ask others too.

  74. Thank you for your post. Yes, 1 year has passed since I applied for a loan. I thought that I can renew but i’m not aware that you need to pay 50% of your total loan is another prerequisite. Do you have any idea how long it will take to show on sss website if i paid for my existing loan? I need to renew ASAP. badly needed for some reason. Thanks again.

  75. Hi Emman, has 1 year passed since the date of your loan check? Another requirement is 50% of loan term should have passed. Yes, you can pay as Individual, using ML1 form (DO NOT write your employer’s SSS no., name and address; write only your SSS no. name and address), but posting of payments and updating of balances takes a much longer time now. So I suggest, you wait, since your loan net amount might not be that much in comparison to what you’ll pay in advance.

  76. Hello Sir/Ma’am my name is Emman and I have an existing loan with SSS. I’m currently employed and SSS deducting my salary every month. I wanted to renew my loan but I havent yet paid the 50% of the total loan. Is there anyway that i can pay the remaining 50% of my loan so that I can renew earlier? e.g. My loan is Php 15,000, my outstanding balance is Php 10,100 and I’m going to pay the php 2600 in order to complete the 50% of my loan as one of the requirement to renew? Many thanks in advance.

  77. Hi shereen, you continue paying your contribution as OFW. Minimum is 550 pesos. Many remittance businesses at Lucky Plaza collect SSS contributions and payments. For your loan payment, you can continue paying the same monthly amortization, since you’re still within the 2-year window of paying off your loan. But try to pay the equivalent of 2 or more months so you can cover your missed months. Register at so you can track your SSS contribution and loan payments.

  78. ms.nora

    mam ask ko lng po,nagloan kc ako sss last year 2013 sa pilipinas sa dati qng work dun..nd ko na po nbyaran ng ilang months kasi nandito na ako singapore nagwork..gusto ko sanang ipagpatoloy parin ang sss ko…kelangan ko bang magchange as self employed at pano po ung payment para sa loan ko.?thanks po

  79. Hi Jamie, check your online account and verify if there are really loan payments that are not posted. If these are recent payments, wait for posting; SSS takes a longer time now to post payments. If there are unposted payments in the past years and the first quarter of 2014, print the page, and then submit a letter to your SSS branch requesting them to post “these unposted loan payments below:” List applicable dates, dates paid, OR nos and amounts paid, together with xerox of your payment ORs.

  80. Ms. Nora,

    I’d like to ask lang regarding unposted loan contribution. Coz it came to our knowledge that there were months na without postings. What is the procedure to settle this issue? We have the necessary files stamped by SSS already to present for proof of payment and reporting. Do we need to submit anything to SSS?

    Thank you.

  81. Hi cris, if you already have your school statement of account, or payment receipt, and other docs, then you can submit your application. But sad to say, your application will be placed in a waiting list. Or they might tell you to postpone your application and wait for good news about funding. The funding for this program has all been allocated, meaning naubos na for the first applicants (about 56,000 students). Nagkakaroon lang ng new slot kapag merong nagba-backout.

  82. hi ms nors good evening po. ask ko lang po hanggang kelan po kaya pwd mag file ng sss educational assistance?.. kc po kaka enrol ko lng po nung may 26 204 sa school gagamitin ko po ang educational assistance ng sss,. hnd ko pa po naisusubmit sa sss ang form na na fill up-an ng school., may dead line po kaya ang pag submit ng form?.. tnx po

  83. Thank you Ms. Nora! 🙂

  84. Hi Jamie, sorry that I’m unable to go into how SSS arrived at those penalty figures. In my opinion, I think that SSS should not impose penalty if the employee regularly pays his monthly amortization and his employer remits regularly his payment.
    SSS says that it’s now using the diminishing balance formula to compute SSS balances (so we see those current amount due, total amount due, etc). I think that the penalties we see on our loan accounts are the results of automated calculations, and not all employee payments are being considered in these automated calculations because of delays in the remittance and posting of payments.
    Assuming that Employee 1’s monthly loan amortization is 1145.24 (I used an online calculator, and the monthly amortization is 1153, so the figures are about the same), if this employee continues to pay 1145.24 every month for 24 months (or whatever amortization is written on his loan check voucher, and if you as his employer remits his payments to SSS on time, then this employee has nothing to worry about. He’ll be able to pay off his loan in 24 months, without paying those penalties appearing on his accounts. He could increase his amortization to maybe 1146 to cover any glitch. Please ask others too.

  85. Thank you so much!

    But di ko pa din makuha ang computation. Sorry. I’ll give you a very specific example.
    Here’s our case.
    We got billing statements for MARCH 31, 2014 and for APRIL 30, 2014.
    Employee 1 loaned 25k last June 27, 2013. It says on MARCH 31 Billing Statement:
    Current – 1145.28
    Prin + Int – 8227.13
    Penalty – 320.87
    So the total amount due is 9693.28

    On the APRIL 30 Billing Statement naman, umabot na ang Amount Due ni Employee ng:
    Current – 1145.20
    Prin + Int – 9372.41
    Penalty – 411.90
    Total Amount Due is 10929.51

    Hindi ko makuha yung additional 1%. Parang ang laki ng nadagdag sa one month na tinakbo. Sorry po. Gusto ko lang magcome-up sa amount na nakaindicate sa bill. And thank you again!

  86. Hi Jamie, your statements in No. 2 are correct. Penalty for late payment or no payment for a certain month is 1% of amount due for that month. 1% is small (1% x 1000 = 10 pesos only for the month), pero kung malaki na yong amount due, halimbawa, full loan amount plus penalties and interests na ang due, 1% becomes bigger (1% x 25k = 250 pesos for the month), and will increase from month to month. Example of actual delinquent SSS loan: A 24k loan taken in 2006 became 55k in 2013.
    So kung delinquent na ang loan, the best is to pay as much as you can every month so you can wipe out the principal faster.

  87. Good afternoon! I need your help re:
    1. Computation of loan delinquency. Better if you could provide an example.
    2. Is it true na once you start paying for the said delinquency, Penalty muna ang first na ise-settle, then Interest, and last ang Principal? It seems na mas tatagal ang pagbubuo ng payment kasi tumatakbo every month ang penalty.

    Thank you so much! Hope you’ll reply asap.

  88. Hi Andrew, sorry di ko na sure ngayon; it might take 1 week or more for the loan balance to be updated, kahit posted na yong payment.

  89. I would like to ask if you have any idea kung gaano katagal ang processing ng request for correcting the crediting of my loan payments. The payment for my existing loan from March 2013 onwards was credited to my old/previous loan. Right now, eligible na ako but since ung payment was credited it always shows loan will be rejected due to balance is > 15K.

  90. Hi Nora, I recently applied for SSS salary loan. While going through the process of applying online, I noticed that my name on the SSS website is truncated (I have multiple first names). My “3rd” name is truncated. Instead of Francisco, what appears is Fra. I am worried that this is the name that would appear on the check. My IDs all show my complete name. Will this present an issue while trying to cash the check? Also, with the current process, is an SS ID required (i do not have one)? Thank you!

  91. Hi Robie anne, wait for your check to be delivered by registered mail to your address, or to your company (if employed). Dati, about 10 days delivered na; recently, inaabot na raw ng 3 weeks to 1 month.

  92. Hello, my loan was already approved and check generated na, can i claim it personally sa sss? Usually ilang days bago ko ito makuha? Thankyou

  93. salamat po ms nors salamat po ulit have a nice day god bless

  94. Hi Richard, nasagot ko na yong iba mong question. The formula for loan amount is: Add your salary credits for the last 12 months prior to loan application. Divide by 12. Multiply by 2 (if your total no. of contributions is 72 or more). Multiply by 1 lang if less than 72.

  95. Hi Richard, ang date of loan check ba is May 2013? If yes, tama ka that you need to wait for 12 months after date of loan check. Pakicheck na lang kung nilalagay pa rin nila sa online account (loan eligibility) kung kelan puedeng mag-renew ng loan. About loan amount, hindi pa siguro maximum loan, kasi since Jan 2014 pa lang yong salary credit na 16k. Pero kung 1560 ka per month in 2013 and 1760 since Jan, more than 30k ang ma-loan mo (assuming na 72 contributions or more na ang total no. of contributions mo)

  96. MAm Nors

    Mga mgkano po ba ang makukuha kapag 3rd loan na po sa sss? thanks po

  97. gud day po!

    ask ko lng po nung may 2013 ngloan po ako sa dti kong company pero umalis po ako ng june, and ngdecide po ako na bayaran po ng buo ung sss loan gamit ung backpay ko nakapost naman po sa online na paid na ung loan ko, mgaantay po ba ako ng May 2014 para mkapagloan ulet? kasi po hindi pa din ako pde mgloan sa online, magagamit ko po kaya ung max na loan sa May 2014? thanks po

  98. Hi Ms Nors

    Meron po akong loan sa previous company ko last May 2013 tapos umalis po ako ng company ng June 2014 and i decided na bayaran ung loan ko ng full ikakaltas sa backpay ko, naka post naman po sa sss website na paid ko na ung loan ko pro ndi pa dn po ako mkpagfile ng loan sa sss, kelangan ko pa po ba antayin ung May 2014 para makapagfile po ako ulit?? at makukuha ko po ba ung max na loan since paid na ako sa dati kong loan member po ako ng sss since 2007 thanks po sa reply

  99. thank u ms nora.. god bless po

  100. Hi cris, yes, qualified ka na because you paid at least 36 months. Pero dapat meron kang 6 contributions for the past 12 months. Have you registered in online SSS? If yes, puede kang mag-apply ng loan online. Click Transactions then Salary Loan Application.

  101. hello po ult ms nora,. itatanung ko n rin po kng makakaloan pu b aq kng hnd pu continues ang hulog q sa sss.. pero kng i-total po 37 months n pu aq nkahulog,. magloloan po sana aq ngayun pero wala po aq trabaho, maari pu b q mkaloan kht walang trabaho tska kht b hnd continues ang hulog sa sss?.. thank u po ult

  102. Hi cris, ang loan amount mo ay yong average ng salary credits mo for the past 12 months. I-total mo ang 12 salary credits then divide by 12. Compute only the salary credits for contributions na na-post na sa SSS. God bless din.

  103. hi good day po, ms nora magtatanung lng din po q bout my sss,. plano ko po magloan nka 37 months n pu aq sa pag hulog ko s sss,. magkanu pu kaya ang first loan ngaun?.. tnx po and god bless

  104. Hi Jane, puede naman basta meron nang 1 year na lumipas since the date of your first loan check; use ML1 form. Write your SSS no., your name and your address. Do not write employer’s name and SSS no. Pero these days, based on comments, ang posting ng individual payment ay inaabot na rin ng 2 weeks o more. Decide mo na lang kung mas okay to wait na ma-post ang payment mo through your employer.

  105. Hi i just want to ask kung pwede ba na ako nlng mag bayad ng remaining balance ko sa loan ko para ma reach ko na 50% kasi nag check ako online ang date is april 1, 2014 pwede nako mag renew ng loan pero cguro hindi pa na update ng employer ko yung contributions namin so ang lumalabas is hindi ko pa na reach yung 50% para eligible nko ulit to renew. will it be possible na ako nlng mag bayad in advance? Thanks

  106. Hi tim, you can renew now. In fact, you could have renewed a year before. The rule is: You can renew after paying half of your total loan and after 1 year has passed since the date of your loan check. God bless din.

  107. mam nora good day po.

    ask ko lang po sana kung ilang buwan/weeks ang aantayin ko para makapgloan ulit.
    tapos na po kasi akong magbayad ng loan ko balak ko po sana ulit magloan.
    maraming salamat po:)

    Godbless us all:)

  108. Hi Isel, yong sa 30k loan, 29,700 ba ang natanggap mo? Meaning 300 service charge lang ang nabawas? If yes, hindi kaya interest yong excess payments mo? 10% ang annual interest rate ng loan, at diminishing balance method ang ginagamit sa pag-compute ng loan balance. You check your online SSS account kung ano ang andon. If there’s really an excess, you write a letter SSS requesting a refund of your excess payment and submit to your SSS branch. Include your total loan, loan date, amount received, list of your payments, amounts, dates paid and OR nos.

  109. Hi Maam,

    Ask ko po what will happen to the excess payments made by my company? example: 30,000 yung loan tapos po nung ni-recompute ang Total na naibayd ng company is 33,200, what will happen to 3200 if ayaw ko ng mag loan sa sss?

    Thank you.

  110. Hi jane, they should give you the check because the check is in your name. But your employer is mandated by SSS to deduct your total outstanding SSS loan from your last pay. I’m not sure what the SSS rule is if they have already given you your last pay, and then your loan check arrives.

  111. Hi I was approved for a salary loan and the check was generated on February 13, 2014. If I get terminated before I get the chance to claim the check from our H.R., can they hold the check? Thank you

  112. Hi jiehn, yes, you need to pay that amount before you can borrow. It’s already overdue, so it must be paid first. Check the updated amount before you pay. God bless too

  113. Good day to you Ms. Nora,
    I have checked my Loan Legibility online and this is what it displayed:
    Earliest Retirement Date 02-17-2044
    Total Number of Posted Contributions 76

    Available Loans
    Salary Loan
    Loan application will be rejected due to the following reason(s):
    * Employer delinquent in payment of Loan Remittances : 08-01-2010
    Total Amount of Delinquencies : 323.85

    I am planning to apply a loan this month, does this mean I have to pay the the Total Amount of Delinquencies : 323.85 first before I can be legible to loan? Thank you and God bless

  114. Hi joji, baka hindi pa na-update yong outstanding loan balance mo, kahit na-post na ang loan payment mo. 7600 ba ang total ng loan, including penalties and interests? Check mo yong Loans (statement of account and loan payments).

  115. Hi ask lang po. May delinquent loan po ako na 7600 nun 2009 then pindeduct ko na po. bayad na po ako ng 4900. Sabi sa website hindi pa daw po ako pwede mag loan dahil hindi pa bayad yung 50%. Not eligible po ba ako dahil sa deliquent? Eh pag binayaran ko po yung balance pwede na po ba ako apply ng oras din na un? Updated po monthly contributions ko.

  116. Hi Roselle, nabasa ko sa FAQs nila na kapag nag-loan condonation, you can renew only 2 to 3 years after full payment, kahit nag-advance payment ka. Ang maganda kapag nag-full payment ka in advance ay mapabilis yong counting ng 2 or 3 years.

  117. there a way I can renew salary loan kahit na naka loan condonation ako? kase sabi online 2016 pa daw mattapos, may way ba para makapag renew ako agad? pwede ko bang byaran nlang personally ung dati kong loan para maapprove ako sa salary loan?

  118. Hi dianne, if you have paid half of your old loan principal and these payments are all posted and 1 year has passed since you got your old check, you’re qualified for renewal. So this might be just a glitch on your online account. I’m not sure though. Are you employed? Did you apply through your HR and your employer’s online account?
    You can inquire through the Facebook account of SSS. Calling SSS might not be an option because many say it’s always busy. Or you can go to the nearest branch and ask.

  119. hi.. i just applied for the early renewal of salary loan…i know that im a qualifed coz im regularly checking my account at the sss website..
    i filed my salary loan on the 19.. on the 20 of the nov i already saw the check no..
    but at the eligibility inquiry page…it says

    Salary Loan
    Loan application will be rejected due to the following reason(s):
    * Invalid LG/LMS Record. No corresponding LMS Record for Check Dated : 11-20-2013

    does this mean my loan is rejected?

  120. same happened to me ms.nors,the eligibity inquiry states ”
    Salary Loan
    Loan application will be rejected due to the following reason(s):
    * Invalid LG/LMS Record. No corresponding LMS Record for Check Dated : 11-20-2013

    im expecting to have my loan before xmas….where po kaya can i inquire online regarding the status of my loan..thanks po.

  121. Hi renlet, sori hindi ko sure, pero siguro automatic na kapag approved na ang loan application, magiging not eligible o invalid na ang Eligibility inquiry, kasi hindi ka na agad-agad maka-loan uli. Check mo uli from time to time kung mag-change. Dapat mag-change yan to “…due to the following reasons: Loan balance is greater than 50%…”

  122. Hi Ms. Nors, nag file ako ng loan and okay nmn when I check my loan staus online i see that check is generated but when I go to loan eligibility eto ung nkalagay Loan application will be rejected due to the following reason(s):
    * Invalid LG/LMS Record. No corresponding LMS Record for Check Dated : 11-20-2013
    Ano ibig sbihin nito, nareject b ung loan ko pero may check no pag sa loan status ako ngpunta may chek number na din,, nguguluhan ako

  123. Hi Boby, sori individual payors cannot make late SSS payments. Employer lang ang puedeng ma-late mag-submit pero meron silang penalty. Puede nang 2-month loan pag meron nang 72 posted contributions. Your loan amount is 2 x your average salary credit for the past 12 months.

  124. Hi Ms. Nors, Paano po pag may mag bakante o hindi nahulugan na buwan from last year and this year? Mahahabol pa po kaya yun? I’m on 66 contributions now, pag nahulugan po yung mga missing magiging 73 na po so pwede na po ako makapagloan ng 2 months 30k amount. thanks

  125. Hi bevs, enroll in online SSS so you can track your SSS data.

  126. thank you mam nors

  127. maam nors, I’m really not sure if I have 72 posted contributions or my average salary credit for the pasy 12mos. How can I find out?

  128. ok thanks maam nors… ilan po ba ma loan ko maam nors sa calamity loan?

  129. Hi jamir, you can apply for the house repair loan as long as you’re updated in paying your salary loan. Loan amount will depend on your current income, and your lot and house appraisal, up to 1 million. Some of the requirements are clean lot title (if mortgaged, it should be with the SSS), building plans, ITRs, and if self-employed, financial statements. Calamity loan is linked to the salary loan, meaning you can apply for a calamity loan even if your old loan is not yet 1 year old, but your salary loan balance will be deducted from your new loan, so maliit lang din. Ganon din sa Pag-ibig; they offer calamity loans, but they will also deduct your old salary loan balance from your new loan.

  130. Hi JUL, yes, you can apply for a calamity loan, kahit wala pang 1 year ang iyong salary loan, but your salary loan balance will be deducted from your new loan.

  131. Hi bevs, are you sure you already have at least 72 posted contributions? What is your average salary credit for the past 12 months?

  132. hi maam nors!! ask lang po ako pwde po ba mag loan ng CALAMITY LOAN dahil po sa lindol dito sa cebu state of calamity po kami.. ilan po ba ang ma loan ko? may salary loan pa po ako ok lng ba mag loan ng calamity loan?

  133. hi maam. Tanong lang po. Nagloan ako last 2011 ng salary loan, tapos 15k po yong amount. I already paid for it last May 2013. Now, I’m deciding to loan again, however the loanable amount that is showing on my SSS online which is th maximum that I can choose is still 15k. It has not changed. bakit po ganon? I’ve been with my employer for 6 years now. I was thinking my loanable amount for the second time will be doubled. please help me. thanks

  134. hi mam nors tanong ko lang po kung pwede ko mag calamity loan sa SSS ko kasi nadamage ang bahay namin last thypoon santi sinira yun bahay namin sa san miguel bulacan and under state of calamity po kami need ko sana ng pampagawa..kaso kakaloan ko lang po last July 2013 ng salary loan.. how much po kaya makukuha ko kung sakali makakuha ko at ano ano po mga requirements para dun ..Salamat! give info din po about pag ibig ..kailangan lang po namin..godbless

  135. Hi Che, yes, kapag binayaran ang loan niya in full, at na-post na ang payment at naging zero na ang loan balance, puede nang mag-renew ng loan. Usually 2 to 3 weeks ang loan updating. Or longer dependen sa SSS work load. Enroll in online SSS so you can track his data.

  136. Gud day po. Ask ko lang po mam, seafarer po yung asawa ko, at may existing loan po sya before mga year 2000 pa po cguro. Umabot napo ng 19k yung previos loan nya. Pag binayaran po ba nya eto lahat, mkakaloan po ba xa ulit? At ilang months po bago xa makapagloan? Since 1996 pa po yung contribution nya up to date. Thank you.

  137. Hi sheila, if you have your payslips, add all the deductions made to pay your SSS loan, including the 13500 backpay. Then check in your online SSS account if all these payments were credited as payments. If they were all remitted to SSS, then you have no problem, because if there’s an overpayment, you can use the overpayment as partial payment for your new loan. If some are not credited, then ask your former employer for a copy of their payments to SSS.
    Sometimes overpayments are automatically used by SSS to pay your new loan; sometimes you need to email them to request about using the overpayment for your new loan. Write OR nos. and amounts.

  138. yung unang loan ko po is 15000, yung second loan ko is 15000 din po at 10900 lang nakuha ko kasi kinaltas yung existing balance,yung contribution ko po quarterly nila pinopost eh d ko na po naantay na magpost kaya nirenew ko na, tataka po ako bakit 13500 na backpay ko napunta sa existing loan ko at sabi ng hr namin na may balance pa akong mga 3500, dapat nga po less than that nagresign na rin po kasi ako ng july after nung may renewal ko anu po magandang gawin kasi po pakiramdam ko sobra sobra

  139. I resigned july 2013, i applied for loan may 2013, sa tingin ko pa sumobra po yung kaltas since hindi pa naupdate yung latest contribution quarterly hindi ko na po naantay kaya nagrenew na po ako. Yung backpay ko which is P13500 eh napunta po sa loan ko 15000 lang po niloan ko sabi may 3500 po ako existing balance sobra sobra naman po, alam ko po may mali sa contribution ko panu ko po ito maayos

  140. hello mam tanong ko lang po naka avail po ako ng salary loan na release po siya last third week of july 2013 ang problema po nawala ko po yung voucher paano po ako kakaltasan sa accounting namin. thank u

  141. I am already registered to my SSS. Dun ko na po tinitignan from timr to time lahat ng payments ko po jung posted na. Mabilis lng po magpost ang premiums pero ang loan payments po ang matagal po… Kaya naoverlooked ko po at nagkaron ako ng overpayment pero di pa nagrereflect s system ng sss overpayment nakita lng sss employee ng ipakita ko ung mga RS-5 ko po.

  142. Hi Joyce, wait for all your payments to get posted and applied to your loan balance before filing your new loan application. If you have not enrolled in My.SSS, this is how to enroll in Online SSS From time to time, check your Loan Eligibility through your online account

  143. Thank you so much po! Sabi po kasi sa branch namin dto sa biñan, laguna, wala daw refund or di pwede magapply sa bago loan kapg overpayment kaya hindi ko po nagawa magrenew ng loan.. Di p kc nagpopost ung loan payment ko kaya pag check nila sabi may balance p daw ako sabi ko po, fully paid na. Pag inaaply ko daw yun, balewala na ung mga binayad ko tapos madeduct pa ung 1,067 na balance s loan. Pero pinakita ko n lahat ng RS-5 ko na fully paid n ko di nga pa lang po nagpopost agad sa system ng SSS.. Binayaran ko na yan balance tapos pag nirenew ko daw loan idededuct daw pi yan balance n yan kaya madodoble po ung payment ko at wala ako pwede refund.

  144. Hi Joyce, check letter J in the loan form
    Yong wrong payment of contributions nga ay puedeng pa-refund; write lang a letter of request.

  145. Hi mam! Thank you for your reply! Wala po kasi ako makita sa loan form about overpayment na pwede sya magamit as payment sa new loan, at ang sabi po ng SSS po wala daw po refund or hindi din daw pwede magamit as advance payment yung overpayment ko sa new loan ko. Paano po yun?

  146. Hi Joyce, your money management is good because you did not stopped paying your loan when you resigned. Yes, you can loan again as long as it’s one year or more since your first loan check date. SSS says on its loan form that any overpayment will be applied as payment for the new loan, so you don’t need to refund. Just check if your overpayment will be used as payment later on.

  147. Hi mam! Gusto ko lang po sana itanong kc plan ko magrenew ng loan ko. Nung mag loan ako employed po ako tapos nagresign po ako tapos tinuloy ko nalang po bayad ad voluntary. Gusto ko po sana magrenew ng loan kaya lang po nakita ko nagkaron ako bg overpayment. Pwede ko po ba yun i-file for refund sa SSS?

  148. Hi rowena, mag-enroll ka sa My.SSS. Tanungin mo sa former office mate mo ang SSS no. ng former employer mo para maka-enroll ka. Then punta ka sa Loans and print your statement of account. Use an email address na hindi nakakabit sa any company; use gmail, yahoo, aol or hotmail.

  149. hi im rowena ask q lng qng panu makakuha ng statement of accounnt d po kc q makapag sign in kc po resigne n po aq…bgo po aq nag resign nkapag loan po aq pnpakuha po kc q s bgo qng trbaho nun..dahol may naiwan po aqng loan..tnx

  150. Hi rhoan, just like you, I thought before that a delinquent SSS salary loan does not affect the maternity benefit. But I checked the rules at the back of the salary application loan, and I saw that SSS now deducts any delinquent salary loan from the maternity benefit. So tama yong nalaman mo. Is your loan balance higher than your expected maternity benefit? Ang asahan na lang is your maternity benefit is equal or higher than your loan balance, para mabayaran lahat ang loan mo. If your maternity benefit is able to pay in full your salary loan, then you can renew your loan after your full payment has been posted. You can check your salary loan eligibility online after your total loan payment has been posted.

  151. Hi! Ms.Nors,

    i wanted to know if there are any new changes this year about the salary loan program again..i tried to inquire earlier if i could get my maternity benefits in full without paying yet my existing loan. i was been told that my maternity benefits will pay off the balance from my existing that true?meaning i wont be able to receive any cheque after giving birth..why is that so?i planned to continue paying my existing loan once i get to find a new job since i’m voluntarily paying for my contribution..i just find it unfair since i’m jobless at the moment due to pregnancy..i even asked if ever my maternity benefits will pay off my existing loan balance, can i apply to renew my loan?but i was informed that i should make sure that everyhing will be paid off that the new program right now?i’ve been contributing for sss for 3yr and 3months being deducted from my salary and stop for 5months since i’ve resigned from work from my previous employer just last yr aug2012 and continued paying as voluntary from jan-dec2013 this year due to pregnancy and expecting that i would receive any maternity benefits after giving birth.
    Please let me understand what benefits i could get or if there are any benefits that i could still get even i have an existing loan that i’ve been paying when i was still working.Thank you!

  152. Hi ms. Nors,

    Actually po ms.Nors, naka online po xa and he can avail of the loan amounting of 27,000 but the address of the employer still appears in the check once he clicks it, Do he has to apply as voluntary so that the check will fall on his address? thanks po….

  153. Hi Difase, yes, usually the posting of payments and contributions through employers is delayed because the submission of collection lists is per quarter. You can renew your loan after you’ve paid at least half of your loan, and one year has passed since the date of your loan check. Yes, your old loan balance will be deducted from your new loan.

  154. in sss – i am showing
    Total Amount Due: 1,008.36
    Amount Not Yet Due: 5,625.00
    Total Amount of Obligation: 6,633.36
    —- i work in a big-time call center – but does this mean they send out my payments late? i’ve rechecked my payslips for my deductions – i show my SBR/TR DATE to be 08-15-2012 – but i think last deduction i had wAS july. i am still rechecking with our HR people about this…

    Another thing – how does re-loaning work? does my approve deduct the balance of my existing loan

  155. Hi Ms.Nors, this is so helpful may mga nabasa ako about sa situation ko. Meron kasi ako niloan dati sa SSS and now its paid last June pa and nagtanong ako sa HR kung ok na daw ok na rin daw nagbibigay din sila sa SSS ng certification of contribution now my problem is nagaaply ako ulit ng 2nd loan ko but unfortunately di ako makapagloan kasi yung posting ng SSS ay matagal magupdate last 2 months ago nagcheck ako ng online still ganon padin till now meron pa ako balance which is last january pa pero hindi sila naguupdate ng posting nila sa online. My question is meron bang ibang way para makapgloan ako sa SSS kahit hindi updated yung posting over sa NET kasi ang problema ay galing sa SSS. Marami ako siguro parehas na problema can you please help me papano po ako makakapagloan? Thank you so much.

  156. Hi Grace, nag-apply na ba ng SSS loan? Or kung naka-apply na ng SSS loan, nakuha na ba niya lahat ng salary/benefits niya from the company? Kasi kung meron pang last payout, ang utos ng SSS ay ibabawas ang salary loan sa last payout. At kelangang magpalipas ng 1 year from date of loan check bago maka-renew ng loan.
    Ooops, separated na pala. In this case, he can apply for a loan as Voluntary. But he must first contribute as Voluntary so his status will change to Voluntary. Check nio din na meron siyang 6 contributions for the past 12 months. Enroll in My.SSS so he can track his status and other data. How to Enroll in online SSS
    Yes, if he applies as Voluntary, the loan check will be delivered by registered mail to his address.

  157. Hello again Ms. Nors,

    thanks po for answering my question.. one more thing my father in law has just separated from his employer. Accdg. to online sss he can have his salary loan but the address of the check if ever is with his former employer, how can have salary loan as self employed?and automatically address it to his home? thanks po….. more power!

  158. Hi Grace, your father-in-law needs to wait until he turns 60 before he can apply for pension. He’s already qualified for pension, as he already has at least 120 contributions, but he needs to reach retirement age.

  159. Hi ms. Nors,

    My concern is about my father in law He is 58 now and reached the 129 contributions, my question is can he avail the early retirement pension in sss?
    Thank you po…..

  160. Hi your loan amount is = your average salary credit for the past 12 months. It’s double if you have contributed 72 contributions or more. Deduction is 1% of loan… for processing fee.

  161. Hi po..ask ko lang po kung magloan po ako this month magkano po kaya maloloan ko. How much is the deduction ? thanks

  162. thank you po 🙂

  163. Hi Marian, yes, that rule is written at the back of the SSS loan application form. See G.2. What you can do is go to SSS and ask if you can cancel your loan because you’re resigning, and if you can file another loan application after you have started paying as Voluntary.

  164. Hi rica, that would depend on your HR. If they deduct your loan from your separation pay, they’re just complying with SSS regulation. That rule is written at the back of the SSS loan application form. I checked it again, and it says the loan should be deducted even if the employee was separated involuntarily…sorry

  165. Hi ms.nors! Just want to ask if i am obliged to pay my sss loan since the company i am working with was sold to other company and will only be until 30 Sept. Because i just had my loan approved last June and the HR advised that all loans will be deducted in full amount during our separation payout. Can i just pay it myself instead of deducting the whole amount? Appreciate your help. Thank you!

  166. Hi Ms. Nors,

    I filed for an SSS loan and the check is expected to be released next week. However, I’m planning to resign as soon as I get the check. Then the very following day, I plan to go to SSS to change my status to voluntary as to ensure them that I’ll play my loan and monthly contribution during the time that I still don’t have a new job. Our HR dept. insists that the total amount of loan would be deducted on my back pay as this is SSS ruling. Is it true? Because I think it’s unfair. Hope you can help me with this. Thanks.. 🙂

  167. Hi joey, do you mean your new employer started deducting your loan payments in Oct 2010 and that these payments started getting posted only in April 2013? And that your loan balance is still a big amount? If yes, you should ask your HR why your loan payments were not remitted. And if they failed to remit your payments since 2010, they should remit all what you paid in one lump sum immediately so your interests and penalties can be reduced. Yes, interests and penalties increase if the payments collected in 2010 to 2012 were not remitted.

  168. Hi Ms Nors

    Not sure if i should do the same thing with peachy ” write a letter of request for loan re computation” I had a delinquent account fr my previous employer for 3 yrs and started having them deducted again with my new employer in October 2010 and supposedly i should have paid my loan in 2012 of Oct, i was always checking SSS online to check my loan contribution and noticed that though my payslip show’s their deducting my loan repayment from my salary but it’s not showing when i check SSS’s online web site my previous loan balance when they started deducting loan payments fr may salary was 38,000 but i noticed only now that my loan payments have only been posted in 2013 of April, will it cause my interest amount to increase if there was a late posting of my loan repayment because of the shortcomings of our HR personnel?

    thank you

  169. Thank you so much Nors! I will do that.. Godbless

  170. Hi Mark, wait for some more time, hopefully just a few weeks more. I’ve observed that the posting of loan payments does not update the loan balance automatically. It’s good to know that in your case, you immediately saw online your previous balance as zero. Baka meron lang glitch sa loan eligibility, so just check your online account from time to time. You can also email SSS or visit the nearest branch.

  171. Hi Nors,

    I had an existing loan with SSS from my previous employer, binawas na nila sa final pay ko yung loan balance and nagrereflect na sa SSS Online, bale Zero na yung balance ko from previous loan, nag try ako mag inquire online ulit para magloan kaso eto yung lumalabas

    Loanable Month 2
    Average 12 Monthly Salary Credit 14,500.00
    (A) Loanable Amount 29,000.00
    (less) (B) Previous Loan Balances 20,115.62 (less) (C) Service Fee (1% of (A) Loanable Amount) 290.00
    Loan Proceeds (A) – (B) – (C) 8,594.38

    Bakit may lumalabas parin na Loan Balance? Yun Loan proceeds tuloy mababa. Hindi ko maclick yung submit kasi baka maliit lang loan proceeds na makuha ko. Hope you can help. Thanks!

  172. Hi Nancy, you can see your updated loan balance in your online SSS account. Yes, you can pay directly using ML1 form at any SSS branch or at Bayad Center. If paid at SSS or Bayad Center, payment is posted within 3 to 5 days. Updating of penalty and loan balance takes a longer time. You can double or triple your original monthly amortization as payment for 1 month; then after having paid around 8k or higher, check your loan eligibility. regards

  173. Hello,

    I filed for a loan last February 2011, supposedly, my first deduction could have been April 2011, but around this time, i also resigned. when i transferred to a different employer, i wasn’t able to find my voucher. when i did find it, i was employed for more than a year na. I did not have the courage to go to our HR to settle my loan, but felt this would be the best time to finally settle it.

    My questions are:
    a. how much is my expected interest, or at least, how is it calculated (loan amt is $15,000)
    b. can i pay in any sss branch? say can i pay it in 6-month period.
    c. how long is the payment posted online?
    d. if ever i will reloan, how long after the 6-month payment can i do it?

    I appreciate your assistance, Ms. Nors!

  174. Hi maryan, do you mean you availed of the loan condonation program last year? If yes, you can renew 2 years after full payment. If you finish paying your loan in 2014, you can renew your loan in 2016. To be sure, click your salary loan eligibility in your online SSS account, it says there when you can borrow again.

  175. maraming salamat ms. nhors. follow question din po pla nung 2012 po ng cash out po aq ng 2k pra sa loan ko noon kc d din updated ung online base dun sa pyslip nmn n deduction.upon checking po ulit ble naging excess po yung 2k n bnyaran ko. ask ko po if saan po mpupunta ung 2k n yun? maraming salamat po ulit.

  176. maryan malapad masik

    HI Ms Nors

    Godd day! I have a question that I need to clarify,.
    Because others say “no” and some say “yes”.

    Can I renew my loan after paying my loan in condonation for 24 months? I mean can I apply for my new loan as salary loan?

    Thank you very much!

  177. Hi Chrissy, yes you can pay directly using ML1 form. Write your SSS no, name and address. Leave blank the employer no. portion. You can go to your branch and ask for advice. I think they’ll tell you to pay any amount, and the higher the better. Nasa SSS loan form naman na diminishing principal balance na ang amortization method nila, so you can pay any amount, perhaps several amortization loan amounts, halimbawa 1430 noon ang monthly amortization mo, then pay 2860 or 4290 or 5720 for July. After posting of loan payments, perhaps 5 days or more, the loan penalties will not be updated immediately, pero you will see later on (check from time to time) that the penalties will change.

  178. Hi Sam, sorry you can not yet apply for an SSS loan. Wait until you have 36 posted contributions — could be after Feb 2014 when your 36th contribution has been posted.

  179. Hi maria, you can renew your SSS loan basta more than a year na ang loan at nabayaran mo na ang one-half of loan. Sa tanong mo na if you pay 13k you’ll get the full loan, yes, dapat you’ll get the full loan. Just to be sure, ask others too.
    Ang sa akin lang, basta qualified ka na for renewal (based on your online SSS account), pareho lang kung mag-renew ka without paying the 13k balance, kasi made-deduct din naman ang balance from the new loan. At kung deserve mo ang maximum loan, makukuha mo pa rin ang maximum loan minus 13k.

  180. Ms. Nors,

    Hi! I wasn’t able to inform my present employer about my existing SSS loan from previous company. which I’ve paid the first 4 months. It’s been almost a year now and I was careless not being able to instruct my present employer about it so what happened was my SSS loan incurred penalties and interest.

    What’s the best thing to do? I have a total of approx: P200,000 contribution over 11 years of being a member. My loan balance is P28,000.00 (including interest & penalties)

    ** >> since Im not entitled to apply for new loan (balance is more than 50%)
    Can I just pay directly to SSS Servicing branch re: my loan balance and request of 6 (six) months installment?

    Please advise. Thank you.

  181. Hi Ms.Nors, please enlighten me. I have a question:

    Can I avail an SSS loan if I only have 27 monthly contributions? 6 of the monthly contributions came from my previous employer last 2010 from January to June, and the 21 contributions came from my current employer from Sept.2011 to May 2013. So may lapse po from July 2010 to August 2011 as I was unemployed that time.

    If yes, will the computation be based on my last 12 months salary credit?

    From Jan 2010 to June 2010 = Php 7,592
    From Sept 2011 to May 2013 = Php 19, 068
    (the last 12 months of my contributions has a total of Php 11,856)

    Thnk you very much

  182. hi ms. nors, inquire lang po ako
    qualified na po ako sa early renewal
    ngyong aug. gusto ko po sna byaran
    yung bal na 13k. kpag binayaran ko po
    ba yun buo ung marenew ko? o
    kalahati pa din po? may 110 contribution na po ako. maraming salamat po

  183. hi ms. nors, inquire lang po aq qualified n po aq sa early renewal ngyong aug. gusto ko pi sna byaran ung bal na 13k. kpag binayaran ko po ba yun buo ung marenew ko? o kalahati pa din po? salamat po

  184. Hi lotz, if you also have paid half of your loan, yes, you can renew. Enroll in My.SSS so you can check there too.

  185. Hi Nors Can I renew my sss salary loan if i have remaining 9 months payment to complete my 1st salary loan?

  186. Hi Ria, sorry I have no personal experience or knowledge about paying an SSS loan BOTH as Employed and as Voluntary. If you like, you can take the chance. Please remember though that this is only my interpretation of the rules, so please ask your HR.
    The rules say that any excess payment amount shall be deducted from the loan principal. If ever you push through, pay at Bayad Center or SSS cashier, not through a bank (most banks have delayed remittance skeds).
    Wait for your payment to get posted in your online account and deducted, and check your loan eligibility before you renew your loan.

  187. Hi,

    Hope all is well.

    My online account says:
    Loan application will be rejected due to the following reason:
    * Loan balance is greater than 50% of the total Principal. Outstanding Loan balance : 13,000.00 should be less than or equal to 12,000.00.
    Total Amount of Payments 11,550.00 (Note: 50% of the Loan Term has lapsed. 50% Renew Date was on :07-01-2013)

    — My question is can I pay the Php450 directly to SSS even if I’m employed (BPO) then file a renewal the same day I pay the Php450? Or do I need to wait before SSS post my Php450 payment online? Reason is, our HR said that the next payment will be posted approximately by end of Aug. Don’t have that much time to wait for Php450 to be posted if it’s possible for me to pay it directly. Hoping for your immediate response. Thanks!

    By the way, most of my officemates got their renewal loans but mentioned that their old balance was not deducted from the new loan.

  188. Hi John 1. Yes, maraming processing delays sa SSS. 2. You write a letter of request asking SSS to post your loan payments and to update your loan records accordingly. Mention that the payments were deducted and remitted to SSS by your employer (write name and address) Include a list of unposted payments: amount, date paid, OR no. Attach ORs and paying member lists. Keep your copies. Bring your SSS ID. 3. I think it’s better if you file your request at Ortigas branch. SSS hotline is 920-6446 to 55

  189. Hi Marx, puzzled ako na bakit natanggal ang almost 3 years of contribution mo, na bakit ganon karami ang mali kung meron mang mali. 1. Palagay ko 1-month loan ka na lang kasi less than 72 na lang yong mabibilang. 2. Employed ka ba? At nagde-deduct sila for your loan payment. If yes, antayin mo na lang yong next payment na ma-post. If voluntary, yes, you can pay any amount to reduce your loan. 3. You can pay your contributions in advance, but SSS will count only paid months PRIOR to month of loan application. God bless too

  190. Hi,

    Ask ko po sana kc sa 1st company ko nakapag loan ako ng 15k at based sa sss online nagagawa naman ng company na i-remit every month until nung nag decide ako na mag resign at lumipat sa pangalawang company noong November 2011 though nagawa ko namang i-declare ung sss loan ko kaso sa sss online ng loan statement hindi parin sya fully paid from November 2011 until sa nag resign ako sa company na yon last December 2012 wala parin napopost sa sss online pero nabigyan naman nila ako ng mga documents to confirm na nireremit naman nila, ang sss lang talaga ang kylangan mag update..

    My question are..
    1. Is this a common problem in SSS?

    2. I have documents but how can I follow up on this?

    3. Pwede ko ba i-follow up to sa SSS main branch or kaylangan sa sss branch kung saan nka designated ung dati kong company? (SSS ortigas branch)

    4. May phone number po ba kyo ng SSS na pwede tawagan?

    Hope u can help me.. thank u

  191. Greetings,

    Nakapag loan na po ako before ng equivalent to 2months salary loan dahil more than 72 na contributions ko. Entitle na po ako sa early renewal dahil more thant a year na ako sa previous loan ko and almost half nalang po balance ko.Unfortunately biglang bumagsak sa 67 contribution ko dahil tinangal ng previous employer ko ung almost 3years ko na contribution dahil nagrecompute daw sila at sinubmit naman na nila after ko magsign ng form sa kanila. Almost 2months na po wala pa rin napopost. Tanong ko po ay:
    1.Makakapagloan pa din ba ako ng equivalent to 2months since may record na SSS.
    2.Pwede ko ba bayaran yung P165.00 pesos na sobra para maging exaktong P12,000.00 balance ko since iyun ang kalahati ng previous loan ko po.
    3.Pwede ko ba in advance yung kulang ko po na contribution para lang maging eligble ako for 2months equivalent.
    Pasenya na maám kung dito ako nag tatanong kasi never ako nakaconnect sa hotline ng sss at never ako nakakuha ng maayos na sagot sa email support nila.
    Thank you in advance.God bless po!

  192. thank you ms nors!ok i’ll wait. tnx po

  193. Hi chuck, sorry, I think you need to wait for 8 months more before you can renew your loan. Two requirements kasi: 50% payment and 50% of 2 year-term. You can click Loan Eligibility in your online SSS account to check if you can renew.

  194. hi ms nors
    nag loan po ako sa sss dec 2012, then ngresign po ako dun sa employer kun saan ko nfile yun loan May of this year. sabi po kasi ibabawas ung loan sa sss sa last pay ko. siguro po nsa 4months palang ako nkakabayad, pero kung yun last pay ko po is enough to pay my whole loan amount pwede na po ba ako mag loan ulit? and employed na ulit aq May of this year as well. i badly need it!. hihi thank you!

  195. Hi kath, if your loan will be paid in full by your last pay, then I think there would be no interest added. SSS says they use the diminishing balance method, so whatever is left unpaid, that would be the amount that will bear interest.

  196. Hi mam/sir, i am. just wonderinv magkano sisingilin sa akin ng SSS. I was granted salary loan last May 17 kaso i just resigned this July 1. supposedly Aug 17 pa magstart deductions ko but unfortunately need nila ibawas un balance ko sa last pay. tutubuan pa din ba un ng sss kahit wala pa 3 months since nagrant un loan ko? or prorated na? thanks.

  197. Thank you very much Ms Nors! Ayoko po talaga mag reloan its just that prang hopeless npo kc before. Di ko talaga alam noon kung saan pa pwede mgbayad. Sobrang hassle kc kapag sa mga sss branch. Malaking tulong po ang mga info na binibigay nyo. You are a blessing po! Thank you ulit!

  198. Mis Nors
    Thanks po sa mga information ,Nagcheck na po ako sa sss website may Check number na po ako,.at loan …yun office po namin ortigas at sa shaw po ako nag file …siguro mga days lang po hihintayin ko nho…tnx

  199. Hi jamir, estimated time is about 2 weeks. Longer if the workload is heavy. You’ll receive the check via registed mail.

  200. Hi Yeng, I suggest you don’t renew your loan because it seems you don’t need it. You can pay at Bayad Center. Meron silang ML1 form. Don’t forget to write your name and address at the box/space below your SSS no. E-linked ang Bayad Center sa SSS so your payment will be posted maybe in 5 days; longer if the workload is heavy.

  201. Mis Nors
    Nakapag file na po ako ng loan.kelan ko po marerecive ang checke nun .tnx

  202. Hello Ms Nors,
    I haven’t been able to pay my salary loan since February kasi po unemployed ako. I have an online account at nakita ko po kung mgkanu un kelangan kong bayarang interest. Ang problema ko po ay kung paano magbayad kasi po ayaw tanggapin ng bago kong pnapasukan na kumpanya un payment ko for the said loan. Where can I make my payments po and how long does it normally reflects on my online acct? Im considering na nga to re-loan nlng since I was able to pay the half amount of my loan.

    Thank you and more power!

  203. Hi Jupiter, ang check kasi pinapadala via registered mail. Yon ang SOP nila. Since you’re Employed, your check will be delivered to your employer’s office address. Malay mo baka on the 14th day, andiyan na.

  204. Hi Gerald, if you spent this loan sa “wants”and not “needs”, kaya you regret it, then it’s a good lesson to be learned.

  205. Hi ms nors,

    Thanks for anwering. Hmm im now regretting to rush applying this loan. Il talk to my hr then.

  206. Hi nors,
    Naka file na po ako ng loAn sa SSS nun lastweek.
    24,0000 po ang makukuha ko. Ang tanong ko po eh gaano po talaga katagal makukuha ang loaned cheque.
    Sabi po kasi don sa opis 2 to 3 weeks daw po.
    Pero gusto ko na lng po kunin dun sa main nh SSS if maaari.
    Kasi matagal ang process sa lugar namin gabay ng loan ko noong last two years ago. Salamat

  207. Hi jamir, the loan amount is the average of a member’s last 12 salary credits. Pag between 36 and 72 contributions pa lang, itong average salary credit lang ang ma-loan. Pag more than 72 na, double the average. Kaya 10,500 ang loan amount mo is because 1092 ang monthly contribution mo, at less than 72 contributions ka pa lang kaya hindi double. At ibabawas pa ang loan balance mo.

  208. Ang one-month loan amount mo ay 14,166.67
    Ito ang malo-loan mo kung wala ka pang 72 monthly contributions, but you already have at least 36 monthly contributions.

    Kung meron ka nang naipon na 72 monthly contributions, 2-month loan ang mahihiram mo:
    14,166.67 x 2 = 28,333.34

    The maximum loan amount is 30,000 pesos.

    Mis Nors ,nakita ko po to computation na to sa isa website ng SSS

  209. Thanks Mis Nors
    Sobrang maliit pa din po pala makukuha ko ,hindi kasya sa pag gagamitan ko..Salamat

  210. Hi jamir, yon na yong malo-loan mo — 5,790.88 pesos. One-month loan pa lang ang puede mong mahiram kasi wala ka pang 72 contributions.

  211. Hi Gerald, yes, the employer is mandated to deduct the total loan amount from the last benefit payable to you. This rule is written on the salary loan application form. The word used by SSS is “benefit” — I’m not sure if salary is considered a benefit. I would think that salary is salary and benefit refers to separation benefit, etc., but I’m not sure. Ask na lang your HR kung anong interpretation nila.

  212. eto po yun sa eligibility ko
    Available Loans
    Salary Loan
    Loanable Month 1
    Average 12 Monthly Salary Credit 10,500.00
    (A) Loanable Amount 10,500.00
    (less) (B) Previous Loan Balances 4,604.12
    (less) (C) Service Fee (1% of (A) Loanable Amount) 105.00
    Loan Proceeds (A) – (B) – (C) 5,790.88

  213. Hi Ms Nors,

    Last april 2012 po yun first loan ko 10k, gusto ko po sana magrenew ng loan ko ngayon dahil may mahalaga ko pag gagamitan, my question is my idea ba kayo kung magkano marerecive ko na loan, 56 na hulog pa lang po ako.,.thanks po

  214. Hi to all,

    I would like to inquire about my SSS salary loan. I filed it last June 11, and my first monthly payment will be this August. My problem is that due to a big opportunity working abroad. I filed for a resignation. As what I’ve read from the terms and condition, my employer has the right to deduct the total balance of my loan to my final payslip to them. Is it true? I’ve read that the employee can remit it in full to SSS? Can someone enlighten me on that one? Thanks

  215. Hi Grace, yes, your latest payment must first be posted so that your balance will become 50% or less of your loan principal. So wait before you file your loan application. At saka dapat 1 year na ang lumipas since your check date bago magrenew. Your loan amount is the average of your past 12 salary credits. Maximum ka (1560) and more than 76 contributions ka na, so your new loan amount would be 30k minus your loan balance.

  216. Hi Mam Nors. tanong ko lang po. kasi yung spouse ko po nag loan sa SSS:

    First Month Amortization : 02-01-2008
    Last Payment Considered :09-09-2009
    Principal: 5,308.97
    Interest: 1,891.99
    Penalty: 2,758.82
    Principal: 0.00
    Interest: 0.00

    Total Amount Due: 9,959.78

    Please give us advice what we should do with this loan.

    Is it ok just to wait for the Condonation of SSS?

    Na stop po kasi siya ng work kaya hindi na sya naka pag hulog.

    Thank you for your help. 🙂

  217. Hi maam nors. ask ko lang po. Kasi po yong kapatid ko may diperensya na sa pag-iisip. nag member po sya ng pag-ibig nong normal ang kanyang isip. Nagclose po yong dati nyang pinagtrabahu-an. Doon po nag start nama depress sya.Tapos nong malapit ng magsara ang kompanya, naudyokan po sya ng mga kasama nya sa trabaho na mag loan. Dahil nga di na normal ang kanyang isip ng mga panahon na yon, nagloan sya at nag grant ng SSS sa amount 12k,since 2006. Dahil nga po sa may diperensya na sya sa pag-iisip hindi na nya nahulogan ang loan nya.

    Anu po kaya ang dapat namin gawin? May magagawa po bang konsiderasyon ang SSS sa case ng kapatid ko?

    Maraming salamat po sa tulong nyo.

  218. Hello po, thanks po ma’am Nors… Yes, i’m employed but i paid my balance not thru my employer… i went directly to SSS office…Does it mean po i also have to wait for the contribution to post so that my paid balance salary loan will be posted also…Thank u very much! Your answers really enlighted me, bec. new rules esp. if it is not really well discussed by SSS is really confusing… Thank you, More power! One more thing how much will i get from my loan, my monthly contribution is 1580 it’s my 2nd year as employed. I already have 78 contributions… thanks….

  219. Hi Grace, yes, it means that once your balance is 6500 or less, you are eligible. Another requirement is that 1 year has passed since your loan check date. Are you employed? Posting takes longer if employed because employers don’t remit immediately to SSS; usually also, they pay through banks, and most banks also have their own remittance schedules. For voluntary and self-employed, posting is faster because they pay directly to SSS or to SSS e-linked collectors.

  220. Hi maam,

    Application ineligible for the following reason/s:
    * Loan balance is greater than 50% of the total Principal. Outstanding Loan balance : 6,632.94 should be less than or equal to 6,500.00…. Does it mean po once my bal. reach below 6,500… I can now avail of my salary loan po? and one thing ilang days po ang post ng paid balance kasi two weeks na po ago ako nagpay>>>> thanks po…..

  221. Hi Carla, you said your husband is an OFW. I’m curious that your husband’s employer abroad can deduct SSS payments from his salary. How is that? Is your husband working at the foreign branch of a Filipino company? Or is he a seaman?
    What I know is that a current employer is obliged by the SSS to deduct a member’s loan from the member’s last benefits if the member leaves the company.

  222. Hi,

    Id like to ask your kind advise. My Husband is an OFW. He has an outstanding SSS Loan balance 35k [2002 loan+ accumulated interest/penalty I assumed].He as well failed to apply for amnesty program last year. He now wishes to ask her current employer NOT to deduct any amount of that loan from his monthly pay-as he wants to do this voluntarily.Can he do that? I mean can he ask his employer not to do any loan deductions? Please help.


  223. Hi Joy, your loan amount depends on your average salary credit for the past 12 months. You add your last 12 monthly salary credits, then divide by 12, yan ang average salary credit mo, at yan na rin ang loan amount mo. Kapag naka-72 contributions ka na, ang loan amount mo ay madodoble.

  224. Hi Ms Nors,

    I don’t have SSS ID yet,but I can see my contribution through the SSS website, I have already 36 months contribution, but then I cannot see the loanable amount since I don’t have ID yet. Paano po ba calculation if ever po? I am trying to find time para malakad na ID ko since I am employed. Thank you 🙂

  225. Hi denise, sayang, the most recent penalty condonation program ended last Sep 2012. I don’t know when they will offer another program. What I know is that they don’t offer special settlements outside of the condonation program period, but of course you can always ask SSS. I hope you pay the highest monthly payment that you can afford, so that the penalties will not further balloon.

  226. tanong ko lng po kung pano, kc yung loan ko way back 2010 pa,nwala tlga sa isip ko na nakapagloan pla ako now,,from 14,500 its 20,500 na,,employed ako ngaun,pwede ba akong mkipagsettle sa ss ng payment for penalty ng pakonti konti tpos salary deduction na yung the rest? yung penalty kc is prang 6,000. thank you po.

  227. Hi mf. rowena, in the 2012 condonation program, those who availed of this program can renew their loan 3 years after full payment (if installment). I don’t know if there was a rule like this when you availed of the 2010-2011 condonation program. Are you enrolled in My.SSS? You can click Loan Eligibility in your account so you can see if you’re eligible to renew your loan. You will see the reason if not eligible. This is how to enroll in Online SSS.

  228. mf. rowena nabalitan

    hello mam nors,
    Inquire lang po ako mam,nagapply po ako ng condomnation,at almost 2 years na akong dinededuct
    ng company,kasi 2 years ang payment nito.ngayong july matapos na ang aking deductions.tanong ko ho pwede ba akong magrenew ng salary loan base sa bagong policy ng sss na kapag 50% nang nakabayad pwede nang magreloan?nagbabayad naman ako ng condomnation ko?please, bigyan nyo ako nang liwanag regarding dito.thank you mam nors,and god bless you always.

  229. Hi mj, your loan amount is the same if your total no. of posted contributions has not yet reached 72 contributions or 6 years, and your average salary credit has not increased.
    The amount of your loan is the average of your past 12 salary credits. If you’ve reached 72 contributions or more, the amount will be doubled.

  230. Hi I did asked for 2nd loan na but still the same yung amount ng loan ko from first and second. The first one niloan ko from previous company, now, ngchange na ko ng company. What will happen kung ibalik ko yung check tingin ko maling computation kasi e. Thanks!

  231. Hi Rain, there are conflicts in the automated messages. May konting bugs pa ang software. But check these rules: If your employer is not enrolled online, file your loan using the application form (on paper). You cannot apply for your loan online if your employer is not registered online. Second, the name and SSS no. of your employer in your online SSS account should be the same as the name and SSS no. of your employer in your application form.

  232. Hello Ms. Nors,

    It took my employer time to finally update there COLLECTION LIST, when SSS finally posted my contribution whom I believe would grant me the eligibility to loan, I got this message instead
    saying my loan will be rejected due to ff. reasons, what does it mean po?

    Not Employed by Certifying Employer : 33-6110564-1
    Latest Employer in Database : 03-9091060-6
    * Employer not in ER Database. (If Member applicant is Household Help, Application should be processed as SE or VM )

  233. Hi JUL, the SSS loan amount is based on the average salary credit for the past 12 months. The salary credit for 728 is 7k; you contributed 728 for the past 12 months, so your average salary credit is 7k. Kung less than 6 years ka pa lang as paying member, 1-month loan lang ang makuha mo. If more than 6 years na, ang loan amount mo is 2-month, meaning 7k x 2 = 14k.

  234. bat 7000k parin maam??? 7k ba pag 728 ang monthly contri ko? hw to calculate?

  235. ah ok maam thnks…. self -employed maam member na cya maam kahapon lng apprve na 520 amonth ang kanyang contrbution… about my loan maam nakita kuna ang amount na loan ko 36+ lng nakuha ko may balance kc ako ng 32+ bat 7OOO ang total ng 12 mothly cotri ko? dba 8736 dapat? kac 728 ang 12 mthly contri ko ito:
    728.00 728.00 728.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

    728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00

    728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00 728.00

  236. Hi JUL, even if your wife becomes an SSS member, she is still your SSS beneficiary along with your child. It is only with Philhealth that your wife cannot be your beneficiary if she’s an active Philhealth member. It’s different with SSS. If your wife is an SSS member, her beneficiary are yourself (husband) and your child. Is she registering as non-working wife or self-employed?

  237. gud day maam NORS ask lng ako kong magpa member ang asawa ko sa SSS dba hindi kuna cya beneficiaries? mag fill up paba ako ng form? or hindi na? kc cya at ang anak ko ang aking beneficiary…or automatic lng ba yun na hindi kuna cya beneficiary? thnks:)

  238. ok maam salamat po….god bless

  239. Hi Jul, first, you ask your HR why your contribution total is 728 and not 884. There might be a valid reason. Ask them to increase your total contributions. Ask other employees if they’re experiencing the same. If you like to file a complaint, you visit the SSS main branch in QC and fill up a complaint form and submit together with your letter of complaint, payslips and other documents that SSS requires. Magtanong din sa iba baka merong better way.

  240. ang company ba ang masunod or mag base ba sa sss contribution table ??? 8500 ang monthly salary ko for 1 1/2 yrs un til now so dapat 884 ang monthly contribution ko bda??? bat 728 parin managot ba ang company dito?

  241. 884 sana ang montly contri ko maam dba? but 728 pa rin?? 8500 ang monthly credit ko… may refund ba ako sa company? halos 1 1/2 na 728 parin ang contribution ko?ano dapat ko gawin maam laki sana ang ma renew ko ngayon…

  242. hi maam mors ask lng po ako about sa monthly cpntri namin ang rate ko is 327 since last year pa so ang monthly salary credit ko is 8500 so nasa 884 total contri sana ako maam but 728 da din ang monthly contribution ko until now what should i do maam? thanks…

  243. Hi Roy, yes, you can request and hope they will grant your request, but SSS has mandated them to deduct your whole balance from your last payout, so they might deny your request.

  244. Hi Anne, I suggest you wait for the most recent payment to get posted before you renew your loan. Your resignation is not yet effective, so you’re expected to apply as employed. Check your online account — I think your member type is still employed. There’s also a rule that the employer will deduct all your SSS balance from your last payout, so it might be better if you apply for renewal when you become voluntary. Loan amount is the average salary credit for the past 12 months. If you’ve contributed at least 36 contributions, you get a 1-month loan. If at least 72, you get a 2-month loan. Old loan balance is deducted from the new loan.

  245. hi! i am confused how come i am only eligible for a 14k loan when i have already paid, 56 contributions. i am still employed. though as per history, my company has yet remitted my contributions for MARCH and APRIL.
    please see details below of the details as reflected in my sss online account.

    per contributions history:
    (A) Total Number of Contributions Displayed 53
    (B) Total Number of Contributions not Displayed 0
    Total Number of Contributions Posted (A) + (B) 53
    Total Amount of Contributions 80,496.00

    per eligibility:
    Total Number of Posted Contributions 53

    Available Loans
    Salary Loan
    Loanable Month 1
    Average 12 Monthly Salary Credit 14,000.00
    (A) Loanable Amount 14,000.00
    (less) (B) Previous Loan Balances 0.00
    (less) (C) Service Fee (1% of (A) Loanable Amount) 140.00
    Loan Proceeds (A) – (B) – (C) 13,860.00

    now, im wondering how come i can only avail the 14K? when i have contributed more than 36months already with no previous loan availment. i was expecting around 30K…

    hope you can enlighten me po. thanks! =)

  246. Ms. Nors, ask ko lang po. may existing loan ako, ngayon april 2013 lang po dapat start ang deduction. now po i transferred to another company this april din. pwede ko ba i request sa previous employer ko na si new employer ang mag-continue ng monthly amortization ko sa SSS?
    thanks po!

  247. My first loan amout was 15k last feb 2012. Our comp started the deduction april.

  248. Salary Loan
    Loan application will be rejected due to the following reason(s):
    * Loan balance is greater than 50% of the total Principal. Outstanding Loan balance : 7,500.10 should be less than or equal to 7,500.00
    I think di pa updated ang payment. Pwede ba ko magbayad any amount coz it shows i have 10 cents para maging equal sa 7500. I just resigned sa work effective june 2. Im planning to file my loan tom may 6. Possible ba dun na din ako magbayad kasabay ng pagpasa ko ng loan application? How am i going to compute for my loanable amount? Tnx


  250. Hi Jul, yes, ang alam ko puedeng sabay, pero mas okay yata unahin mo muna yong educational loan. Pero feeling ko lang ito ha. Anyway, if your employer is enrolled online, you can renew your salary loan online later on. Puede ring unahin mo ang salary loan renewal, since sa June ka pa makakuha ng school assessment, which is needed in applying for the educational loan. Best wishes; keep pursuing your goals.

  251. MAAM nors pwde kuba isabay e apply ang salary at eductional loan?? kc almost half na kc ang nabayran ko sa salary loan para maka renew ulit..nkita kuna sa online ang balance ko and its updated…and i ask sa accntng namin almost 4k plus na daw ang nabayaran ko sa previous loan ko pero hindi pa na recieve ang mnth of JAN to April…

  252. THANKS maam NORS:)

  253. Hi JUL, register online so you can check if your recent loan payments are already posted. Yes, you can apply for educational loan even if you have a salary loan as long as your salary loan is updated. It should be for a vocational course that’s not less than 2 years or a degree course. Here’s info on this educational loan:

  254. nakalimutan ko pla mag ask maam nors, pwde po ba sabay mag loan ng salary at and educational loan maam? plan ko kc mag aral ng shorterm course while working ok lang ba yun?


  256. Hi Jul, you can renew your loan only after paying half of your old loan principal and after 1 year has passed. Wait until your loan balance becomes 3,500 or less. 7k ba yong first loan mo? Dapat mabayaran mo muna at least kalahati.

  257. kailan paba ako maka RENEW para sa second loan ko? naka 1 yr na kc ako nakabayd sa first loan ko PWDE naba ako maka renew??

  258. hi maam NORs ask lng po ako ano ibig sabihn nito?gusto ko sana mag RENEW loan pero pag inquire ko sa online ito ang naka lagay…
    Loan application will be rejected due to the following reason(s):
    * Loan balance is greater than 50% of the total Principal. Outstanding Loan balance : 4,083.50 should be less than or equal to 3,500.00

    may 49 total contrbution napo ako..

  259. Hi Dan, that should not be the case. I’m guessing that your employer imposed that rule for easier SSS paperwork — they have to do some paperwork if you got an SSS loan through them and you’re not regularized later on. You can ask them nicely why and if they can make an exception for you.

  260. Ms. Nors, I really appreciate you clarifying the things that I should do, btw I already forwarded my request to Payroll but my concern is that based on my supervisor advised I should be employed for 6 months by the company before they can accommodate my request for assistance to file a loan.How is that so if it is my own name and benefit to use? Does the company have the right to hold my application not until I reach the 6 months employment?

    Your immediate response will be much appreciated. more power to you

  261. Hi Dan, yes, because you’re Employed, you need to apply with your employer’s certification, either online or in the application form. If you apply online, your employer will be emailed by SSS to certify your online application — this means your employer needs to be enrolled online too. Since your employer is not registered online, yes, you need to have your application form signed by your employer. The form is usually available at your HR, and can be submitted to SSS by your HR, or personally by you to SSS (if their schedule to go to SSS is still days away).

  262. Hi Ms.nors
    Nagresign po ako January sa previous employer ko Jan 2013 nagchange employer po ako Feb 2013 pero tuloy tuloy naman po ang postings ng contribution ko
    Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May
    2013 1,560.00 572.00

    (A) Total Number of Contributions Displayed 40
    (B) Total Number of Contributions not Displayed 0
    Total Number of Contributions Posted (A) + (B) 40
    Total Amount of Contributions 59,020.00

    Kapag nagtry po ako na mag file ng loan application online ganito po ang lumalabas “Sorry. You cannot apply for a loan because your employer is not registered in the SSS Website.”

    Ibig sabihin po ba na dapat mag punta pa ako sa branch ng SSS to file loan application?- more power to you po and hoping for immediate response

  263. Hi Mike, perhaps you didn’t notice that the date of my blogpost was December 6, 2012. Your loan was granted in October 2012 — about 2 months before SSS announced the changes, which became effective immediately… in Dec 2012. I wrote on my 2nd paragraph “Now, finally, SSS has listened to members’ concerns, and these are the changes”.
    But anyway, thanks a lot for commenting.

  264. Hi Ms. Nors,

    I would like to comment on this item:
    2. No more advance charging of interest.

    In the past, you don’t get the whole amount of your loan because SSS deducts your first-year interest. Dati, yong sa maximum loan na 24k, ang nakukuha lang is 21,360. Now, no more. You will get a much bigger amount.

    They took a portion of the 25K loan amount already when they sent the check in. In other words, the amount I was able to get from SSS is already 21K. The loan grant was just October of last year (2012).

    Basing on that experience, I think your Item 2 may not be current.

  265. Hi Tina, enroll in My.SSS at so you can check your loan eligibility. If you have 2k, pay again, or make it 2500, then after these payments are posted, check again your loan eligibility. I hope you’re also updated with your contributions.

  266. may salary loan po ako 12k two years ago pero hindi po ako nakabayad. nagbayad lang po ako ng 4k last two weeks ago. magkano pa po ang dapat kong ibayad para makarenew ako ng loan.

  267. Hi Have, thanks for sharing the speed of your loan check delivery. That’s faster than others.

  268. thanks Ms. Nors, after i post here, i receive a call from our HR , said that they have my Check. it tooks 11 days for Check Generated.. thanks so much for the info 🙂

  269. Hi Have, that’s the common complaint of those expecting their checks — that it still takes time for the post office to process and deliver mails. For my friend’s educational loan check, it took 13 days from check generation to postal delivery to her home. Others on forums said it took longer for them.
    If you have time, you can check at the Makati Post Office if your registered mail is already there, or you can wait.

  270. Hi po Gud am,
    ask lang po sana, kasi upon checking of my SSS check it was already forwarded to Philpost last Friday, April 12, sabi po dun when i called up it will only take 2 days then forward na po nila sa Makati (dito po kasi address ng employer ko) pero sabi po ng HR namin wala pa rin po. san po ba ako pede mag verify if nasan na ung check ko? kasi po parang ang tgal nun, if last Friday pa po na forward sa philpost?

  271. Hi Sarah, if your loan amount is 30k, you will get 29,700 (deducted was 300 pesos for processing fee — 1% of loan amount). The annual rate is 10% using the diminishing balance formula. I used an online calculator and I got 1,385 as the monthly amortization for 24 months. I hope I’m correct.

  272. Hi Nors,i checked the SSS online inquiry and it says that as of date my available loanable amount is 30,000 (this would be my 2nd loan), may i ask how much will i get and how much would be my monthly amortization for 24 months? I just want to compare interest rates. Many many thanks!

  273. thanks so much Nors 🙂

  274. Hi Have, I think it won’t cause a delay. That could be their SOP.

  275. Hi francis, here’s the 24-hour hotline — 920-6446 to 55 — Call during non-peak hours; people are complaining the number’s busy.

  276. hi po, ask lang po kasi ngaun ko lang po na notice:
    Application filed at: MAIN OFFICE
    but my Employers’s address/ SSS branch is : Makati 2 Branch. (as they told me to submit my SALARY LOAN APPLICATION, if i on’t have an online account)
    ok lang po ba un? im worried po kasi that thi may cause of delay of check delivery.

  277. Hi Have, if you’re employed and you applied through your office, the check can be given to your office via your company messenger within a week or 10 days. But if you’re self-employed or voluntary, the check will be delivered to your home address via registered mail within 3 weeks to a month.

  278. can i have the sss hotline or any top person of sss who can assist my problem regarding the late posting of my name. there are a lot of people in our compay who is experiencing like this. thanks a lot..

  279. Hi Nors,
    just wanted to ask lang po, if how many days the check will be delivered? check generated since April 9,2013.

    thanks in advance 🙂

  280. Hi Francis, it’s so sad to know about your case. I’m also puzzled why your loan payments were not posted 18 or 17 months ago, and why the correction takes more than a month after the receipts were presented. There could be lots of cases like yours, and they’re being looked at manually, and your filings are in a queu. Have you called the SSS hotline? I’m sorry I can’t do anything other than to analyze and suggest.

  281. good day! i can’t remember the exact date but it’s more than a month since i gave the receipt and list of names of all the sss member in our company being paid on that date for 3 consecutive months to the person in charged in sss jp rizal branch. my loan is still unpaid every time i check and i’m 100% sure that i’m still ineligible for a loan. How much more time shall i wait until my mane will be clear and is it not possible for the sss jp rizal branch to clear my name since it’s been paid for 19 months ago and my receipt been given to the sss jp rizal branch for more than a month? badly needed for a new loan. thanks a lot..

  282. Hi Toto, when did you present the receipts to SSS? Did you leave a copy of the receipts to them?
    Are you enrolled in My.SSS or online SSS? Can you see there that your loan is still unpaid? That you’re still ineligible for a loan?

  283. good day!! my company deducted 3 consecutive months (oct-dec 2011) to be paid for my outstanding loan. i have a receipt of payments from my company and presented to SSS Makati 2 (JP Rizal Branch). But until now my name is still on delinquent list for not having paid my loan. Does it take this long for the SSS to clear my name? I needed other salary loan since school year is opening once again. Thanks a lot.

  284. Hi, thank you so much for the help:-)

  285. wow that’s good, many thanks for the prompt reply.. God Bless 🙂

  286. Hi Have, you’re right, you’ll receive 9900. The interest will be included in the monthly amortization.

  287. Hi Nors, just wanted to ask, regarding the SSS Policy for the Salary Loan, if avail loan for 10k, and the service fee is 100.00, should the check amount is 9900.00 or SSS will deducted the 10% advance interest? or for the 10k amount of loan what is the expected amount should i receive?? thanks in advance

  288. Hi criselda, there’s a rule on the SSS loan application form saying that the borrower must be updated in his payments. But since the loan system is already automated, I think the system will allow you to renew after paying 1500. You can pay and then check your loan eligibility. Anyway, you won’t lose anything; you need to pay your balance anyway (the penalties and interests add up if you postpone paying).

  289. Hi Irish, if your company is paying through a bank not linked to the SSS e-payment system, it takes longer for the payments to get posted. I hope your payments are already in the queu.

  290. hi Sir/Mam, nag inquire po ako online its says: “Loan balance is greater than 50% of the total Principal. Outstanding Loan balance : 5,608.41 should be less than or equal to 4,500.00..” My question is, is it true i can renew na if i pay at least 1500? so less than 4500 na lang balance ko considering over due/delinquent na po loan ko? Thank you.

  291. Hello Ms. Nors, Thanks for your reply, I do not understand his message either,but now that I am confident that my understanding of the new guidelines is correct, i think it would be better for me to personally submit my application and ask them questions. Yes, i have my sss online account which shows that my loan payments for the last quarter of 2012 up to last month has not been posted yet, would it be possible for them to update the payment posting so i could qualify for the loan?

  292. Hi Irish, the loan policy changes are already being implemented, so I would guess that your recent loan payments have not yet been posted. Are you enrolled in online SSS? You can check in your online account if your payments for the last months of 2012 and for Jan 2013 are already posted. You can also check online your loan eligibility. I’m puzzled about that last line of your LO’s text: per SSS Manila ang IRR nila is eff 12/12 lang — can your LO explain that further to you? best regards

  293. Hello, just want to double check my eligibility for a salary loan. Having heard of the new SSS loan guidelines (that allow members to file for renewal if at least 50% of the principal loan amount has already been paid and at least half of the two-year loan term has lapsed), I immediately filed for a loan renewal at SSS Manila, last March 22, thru our company L.O, but this morning he texted me informing that my application was declined and that i am not qualified under the new guidelines. I have an existing loan granted on December 2011 (max of 24k), w/ loan payments eff. Feb. 2012 at 1,050.00/monthly, my employer is updated w/ monthly contributions and loan payments…this is the exact text msg. of our L.O: “HELLO IRISH MAY OUTSTANDING LOAN KA PALA DAPAT MAG-END ANG PAYMENT FEB. 2014, SO…DI PA PWEDE MAGLOAN, PER SSS MANILA ANG IRR NILA IS EFF 12/12 LANG”. I would very much appreciate your advice since I need adt’l fund for my ongoing house improvement. Thanks in advance.

  294. Hi Boy, did you apply through your employer? meaning it was your employer that filed the application? If yes, usually, SSS sends the check to the company’s messenger, so it should be your HR giving you the check. Maybe in 1 to 2 weeks. But if you applied directly with SSS, the loan check will be sent to your home address. It may take 3 weeks or more from date of check generation.
    But your employer said the check will be mailed, maybe that’s the SOP now.

  295. Hi, I applied for a salary loan last March 2013. Checking on-line status, it was approved and a check had been generated? My employer says SSS will be mailing the check. How long before I can receive it? Will it be delivered to home or to company?

  296. Hi Mhace, yes, that means you can already renew your loan.

  297. Hi! When I checked on my eligibility,

    Available Loans Salary Loan
    Loanable Month 2
    Average 12 Monthly Salary Credit 15,000.00 (A) Loanable Amount 30,000.00
    (less) (B) Previous Loan Balances 4,894.30
    (less) (C) Service Fee (1% of (A) Loanable Amount) 300.00
    Loan Proceeds (A) – (B) – (C) 24,805.70

    Does it mean i can renew my salary Loan?

  298. Hi precym, is the total of your payments equal to 50% of your loan amount? If yes, you can renew. Check your loan eligibility in your online SSS account – it will tell you if you’re already eligible. You can also check online if your loan renewal is approved within days

  299. Hi, this march 2013 is my 12th month of my loan, if i’m going to renew such loan, will it be approved at once this April 2013?

  300. Hi leanne, did your employer pay all your balance using your back pay? If yes, you should not pay your loan balance because you’ll have double payment or overpayment. I suggest you check your separation papers to see the amount paid by your former employer to SSS. Yes, you can renew even with a one-month gap in contribution — the rule for loan eligibility is payment of contributions for 6 of the past 12 months.
    If your old loan balance was not paid by your employer, yes, your old loan balance will be deducted from your new loan proceeds. Yes, you can pay your old loan balance and wait for it to be posted before renewing your loan.

  301. hi! i resigned last Dec 2012 and had my new employer just this Jan 2013. Upon checking my online records in SSS, there is no Dec 2012 contribution posted by my previous employer and also took 2 months for me to see if they’ve already paid my remaining loan balance using my backpay (as per company policy). When I checked on my eligibility,
    Loanable Amount 14,500
    Average 12 Monthly Salary Credit 14,500
    Loan Balance 5,5+ Service Fee 145.00
    Loan Proceeds 8,7+

    I’m confused. Does that mean I can file a loan but since I have 5,5+ balance, that will be deducted to my next loan? Can I pay for it first so that I can get the whole amount? And since I had one month lapse on my contribution, can I renew as early as now?

    Thank you!

  302. Hi Michael, ask your bank if it has an Auto-Debit Arrangement (ADA) with SSS, so you can apply.
    If your bank is a Bancnet member, you can pay SSS contributions online via; it’s not yet accepting loan payments.

  303. Hi gerah, I cannot estimate the time period for your online loan records to get updated, but they will be updated. When your first Payment Due for your new loan appears, the 4k plus balance should have already been cleared.

  304. Hi cathy, I think it might be better if you just wait for May…because I’m not sure if SSS can correct immediately the counting if you write a request letter for correction about the dates. Yes, your old loan balance will be deducted from your new loan amount.

  305. Good morning, I applied and was approved for a salary loan worth 15k last January. But due to some circumstances I needed to resign mid-February resulting to my previous company not able to deduct my monthly contribution worth P692.17. I am now self-supporting, do you have suggestions how I can pay my balance which started this March? Are their online options that I can use to make the payments easier with me not needing to personally go to a bank or bayad center? Hoping for your quick response. Thanks.

  306. Hi Nors, this is Cathy, the one at “cathy on March 19th, 2013 9:58 pm” note. Yes, the check was dated February 2012. The system tagged May 2012 because that was the first time I was collected payment due to my company not informing me that a check has already been released on my name. I was able to convert the check to cash around late March already. And another question, if I apply for the loan, is it automatic that my first loan balance will be deducted to my new one? Thanks again.

  307. Good am. I filed for loan renewal in the amt of 30k but i have a remaining balance from previous loan of 4k plus, which is below 50% of the previous loan of 15k amt. When i logged on to sss website, it shows that a check has been generated already yesterday for 25k plus for my new loan. Earlier before i filed the loan application, it’s telling me that the existing balance will be deducted from the new loan amount. i just want to know when the payment for the previous loan be posted? Should i wait for a first month payment on the new loan or will it be automatically cleared when i get the check? thanks in advance

  308. Hi cathy, can you check the date of your loan in your online account if it is Feb 2012? Because based on the system’s response, your loan check date must be May 2012. Renewal requires BOTH 50% of payment and 50% of term, so even if you’ve paid half of the loan but half of the term has not yet passed, the loan will not be renewed.

  309. Hi, I’m planning to renew my sss loan but online it says – 50% of the Loan Term has not lapsed. 50% Renew Date is on :05-01-2013. Can I pay the loan on the amount that would make up for the 50%? My cheque date is Feb 2012 so it’s already been a year since the cheque was generated. Please advise and more power.

  310. Hi Ronald, if you’re employed, your HR can give the loan check to you within a week. If voluntary, you can receive it via the postman in 2 to 3 weeks. You can see if your loan application is approved at your online SSS account:

  311. How many days of processing and approval and releasing of checks the day appliaction submit to sss office..

  312. how many days po ba ang processing and approval po nang Salary loan ty

  313. Hi Vinmel, the loan amount is the average of your salary credits for the 12 months before loan application. So you should contribute 1560 every month for 12 months, so you can have a 15k loan after after 12 months. Enroll in online SSS so you can monitor your records.

  314. Dear Sir,

    I would like to inquire regarding the Salary Loan from SSS. I contributed 36mos. for 832php from my previous local employer and plan to upgrade my contribution to 1500(maximum) as I am currently working as OFW and plan to get a loan the time I go home. If I contributed 1500(maximum) 6mos. post dated is that possible that I can loan worth 15k?

  315. Hi ann, yes, you need to wait until July before you can file your loan application. The salary credit for 520 is 5k; so your loan is 5k. SSS says that the loan amount is the average salary credit for the last 12 months posted. If you had contributed at least 72 months, the loan amount is double — in your case, it would be 10k, if you had 72 payments. The loan check is usually delivered by the postman after 3 to 4 weeks.

  316. Hi Ms. Nors, I would like to ask If I can file a salary loan now I already have 42 months of contribution (2001-2009) plus this whole year January- December. As an OFW i was able to pay the pass month january and feb of this year…should I have to wait for the month of June or JULY to count 6 months to file a salary loan? & if ever How much will I get for a 520 contribution per month? and how long will it take to process a salary loan?


  317. Hi Mac, 1. Yes, if your former company did not deduct your remaining balance from your last pay, your new firm will make the deductions after you notify this new firm, which you did.
    2. I think your excess loan payment cannot be used to pay for your premiums unless you write a written request. I think a better request would be to apply the excess loan payment to your new loan. On second thought, I think what should happen is that upon loan renewal, SSS should add the overpayment to your new loan proceeds. But the loan amortization must be computed before the overpayment is added to loan proceeds.
    3. The SSS message means that 1 year from date of your first loan has not passed yet (50% of loan term which is 2 years), so you wait for April 1 before you can loan again. If your average salary credit for the past 12 months is 15k and you have paid SSS for at least 6 years, your new loan would be 30k minus 300 service fee (1%)…. plus your overpayment (I hope so).
    Hope you can write again about what happened to the overpayment. thanks and best regards

  318. Hi Millivanilla, your loan amount is 2x the average of your salary credit for the past 12 months. Your average must be 14,500 — that’s why your online account said you can loan up to 29k.

  319. Hi Nors. I have a couple of questions that I need to verify since I’m not understanding some policies that apply regarding SSS loans.

    1. If I transfer company and I have a balance due with my SSS loan, will the my next employer continue the payment? I have also read that you mentioned a company can deduct the remaining balance from our back pay.

    2. With my new employer, I agreed and authorized them to make deductions based on my loan payment requirement. I checked my SSS online and payment already reflected and it shows that I’m overpaid. This can’t be refunded right? If so, this overpaid amount can be carry over with my monthly remittance/payment so that I won’t have to pay the next few months?

    3. I received this message “Loan application will be rejected due to the following reason(s):
    * 50% of the Loan Term has not lapsed. 50% Renew Date is on: 04-01-2013”.
    Does it mean I can only renew my salary for only 50%? If yes, then why I have this penalty if I paid the entire amount less then a year?

    Please advise, thank you.

  320. Hi, sss online said that i can loan up to 29k since i’ve been a member for 7yrs and and its my first time to apply for a salary loan. My basic pay is 15k, how much will i get if ever i pushed for a salary loan.

  321. Hi jay ar, as your online account advised, you can renew your loan after April 1 – the date when your old loan has passed 1 year. New loan amount? You add your monthly salary credits for the past 12 months. Then divide by 12. You get your average salary credit. Then multiply by 2 (you qualify for 2-month loan). Then deduct your old loan balance.

  322. Hi Peachy, you can go to the nearest SSS branch with your ID and ask for recomputation of your loan balance. They might ask you to write a letter of request for recomputation, so to be ready, write a letter addressed to SSS requesting them to recompute your loan balance. Include details such as name, SSS no., loan amount, date of loan check, dates of payments, name of employer that deducted your payments, etc.
    You can also check Eligibility in your online account, then click Loan, your balance might be different there.

  323. gd noon..ask lng po ako Ms. Nors ksi na check ko po ung SSS ko trough online at nakasulat dun na 50% of the Loan Term has not lapsed. 50% Renew Date is on :04-01-2013..pwede na po ba ako mag loan ulit?o antayin ko ung 2 years?at kng pwede magkano po ung pwede ko makuha?90 po ung Total Number of Posted Contributions ko.thank you

  324. Hi.. Ms. Nors ask ko lang about my loan of 10k last 1996 pa po, and SSS traced my loan na umabot na ng 43k last november 2011, and my employer decided to deduct my loan monthly in the amount of 1,980.00 for a period of 2 years, and last monday, nag online po ako sa sss and i’ve noticed that 40+k is already paid of mine, but my balance is still 9+k. how come the amount of 43k is going to 49k, very much higher the interest you gave. supposed to be my payment is end this last february 2013. hoping to clear this matter. thank you.

  325. Hi Rowena, I’m not sure if your loan is already delinquent since the 2-year paying period is past. Are you enrolled in online SSS? You can check online if you’re eligible for a loan. You’ll also see the reason if you’re not eligible. This is how to enroll: If you’re not delinquent and if you’ve paid half of your loan, you’re eligible.

  326. Hi there…I’m Rowena.I have a loan in SSS last February 2,2011 but I stopped paying since July,2012 due to change of employer. Can I apply for a loan and have my balance deducted from this latter loan if ever granted?. And Another concern is will I be allowed to have another loan despite of having a balance? Thank you for your immediate response.

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