U.S. Citizen Who Will be Philippine SSS Pensioner

QUESTIONS About SSS Pension in the Philippines from Olive:

My name is Olive and I moved to the US when I was 25 years old. I am now 58 years old. I was a scientist there in PI for 3 years. My employer made a total of 15 months contributions for me and in the past few years, I made voluntary contributions. Total accrued monthly contributions is 42 months. I am aware that, in order to retire with a pension, I need 120 months of contributions. Please enlighten me with answers to the following questions:

1. Can I make catch up contributions to SSS?

Scenario: Since I have 78 months to catch up to make 120 months, can I pay $1100 for the whole 26 months bi annually (every 6 months)? In short I will be able to pay my 78 months of contributions in only 1 and half years instead of 7 years. I will be able to finish my 120 months contribution before I turn 60 years old. However, I will not collect my pension until I am 65 years old.

2. Can I contribute the maximum amount after I finish my 120 months?

Scenario: I was told that the last 5 years of contribution will be the basis of the calculation for the retirement benefits. Please let me know if that is false. I would appreciate it if you could please show me how to calculate my benefits, if I retire at 65 years old, with the information I furnished. To clarify, I would have made 93 monthly payments of 1100 php and 60 monthly payments of 1760 php at age 65. My employer’s contributions are very small comparatively speaking.
I am really confused about this SSS pension calculation. I became aware that I have an SSS number in the Phil. only in the past few years . I was told that my first employer applied for an SSS number for me. I did not have a clue. I suppose that is different now. Anyways, thank you so much for taking the time to read and answer my post. I have to be very detailed as I need to have peace of mind regarding this matter.

Best regards, Olive


Hi Olive,

1a.  About continuation of payment of contributions:

Yes, you can catch up with the required 120 contributions to qualify for pension. But you’re not allowed to make payments for the needed 78 contributions in just 1 year and a half.  You can pay in advance, maybe up to a year in advance, but each of your advance monthly payments will be posted or applied as each month actually rolls in. This means you’ll be able to complete your 78 payments around 2021, when you’re about 64.

1b.  Why it’s not advisable to pay too far in advance:

There’s the possibility that monthly SSS contributions will be increased. Since underpaid and overpaid monthly contributions are not posted, but are put on hold, it is better to always pay the exact amount of monthly contributions.  It takes effort and time to file papers to correct underpayments or overpayments and to make follow-ups.

2a.  About the last 5 years of contributions

Yes, it is true that your last 60 monthly contributions immediately prior to your semester of retirement significantly affect your pension amount, so I suggest you start increasing your monthly contributions now by 1 salary level every month. See the instructions on this SSS RS5 form about increasing monthly contributions.  You have the option though to increase your contribution immediately to the maximum, as surely your monthly income is much more than the current maximum SSS monthly salary credit (16,000 pesos), and you have the document to prove your current income (in the rare case it will be questioned in the future).

Update as of Feb 2016:  SSS released new rules on increasing monthly contributions

2b.  About pension computation

I have written about how to estimate your pension here. Assuming that all these 3 following factors are true — that your last 60 contributions are all maximum (maximum salary credit is 16,000 pesos), that there’s no increase in monthly contributions, and that your total no. of credited years is 10, your pension will be 40% of 16,000 pesos = 6,400 pesos.

3.  About your SSS registration

I hope you were registered properly by your first employer, meaning you gave your employer your birth certificate and you signed the E1 form. I don’t know if registration was more lax in the past years, but you need to check your SSS no. and other SSS data items. You can register at sss.gov.ph so you can check your data.  Use Internet Explorer as your browser.

But the SSS website is soooo busy these past weeks, so check from time to time. Another thing is you need 6 digits from your transaction no. (contribution payment receipt) to be able to register.

Thanks a lot for reading our blogpost. Please comment again, if you have other questions.

Updated: January 2, 2017 — 12:54 pm


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  1. Hi Nora,

    Just want to ask if SSS Pension in Philippines will be reported/deducted from what i am about to receive in US SS Pension? Thank You-Louie

  2. Hello po, my grand mother is US Citizen, and she is 94 years old…. Pwede pa po ba maayos ung SSS pension nya sa US? May ilang years na din po kc sya di nakakatanggap ng SSS pension nya.

  3. Gud day , im mary joy . My grandmother is an american citizen sa u.s. po at nagpepension xa sa america … Ngaun nandito po sya s pinas , pde po kyang mkuha nya pension nya dto pinas itransfer po dto at paanu po kaya? Salamat po sa sasagot .

  4. Hi nora.my husband is a US citizen and i am a filipino.he died and no money for his funeral and burial.what should i do?

  5. Hi my name is rosa, ako po ay 42 years old at nasa USA na ngayon kung naka 120 months contributions na po ako sa Pilipinas sa akin SSS at the age of 60 mag pension po ba ako kahit na nagtratrabaho ako dito sa America at the age of 60….Thanks po…dual citizen po ako.

  6. gud day ms nora..ask lang po..kung puede po ba magpamember sa pag ibig at mag apply ng mp2 ng sabay..at sabay din huhulugan

  7. gud day ms.nora.ask lang kung puede po ba na mag pa member sa pag ibig kahit member na ako ng sss…

  8. Hi Luchie, yes, he can apply for Direct Deposit of his pension at BPI, BDO, PNB or Metrobank. These banks have Direct Deposit accounts for US pensioners in the Philippines. He can apply when he arrives here in the Philippines, or if he is near a PNB office in the US, he can start applying there. Where does he live in the US so I can check if he is near a PNB office?

  9. My husband is a US citizen..and he is a pensoiner in there state..if ever he will apply for Recidency here in Philippines..can he still get his pension here in Phil?

  10. Hi Nora
    My mom is also a former Filipino (not natural born Filipino), can she claim death benefit as my dad has been an SSS pensioner?

  11. Hi Nora
    I’m a former Filipino (not natural born Filipino) who had contributed to SSS for 10 years and moved to Canada and is now a citizen of Canada, am I eligible to get SSS retirement benefit?

  12. I hope masagot mo PO ako mam.thanks..God bless PO.

  13. Hi Digna, if you live near San Francisco, SSS has a branch at the Philippine Consulate there, and you can file there. This is the address:
    Philippine Consulate General
    447 Sutter Street, 7th Floor, Suite 701
    San Francisco, California, USA 94108
    Email: marinmc@sss.gov.ph
    Representative: Marites C. Marin

    If you live far, you can authorize your trusted friend or relative in the Philippines to file your claim in your behalf. You send your representative an original and photocopies of Special Power of Attorney specifically granting him/her authority to file and process your SSS retirement pension claim. You also authorize him/her to sign in your behalf other documents required for processing your claim. You can download the required documents from the SSS website. If the form has two pages, print it back to back (not in 2 separate pieces of paper), legal size. Print in capital letters using black ink. SSS might also require the presentation of your original valid IDs to verify the photocopied IDs.
    You can also email SSS now ofw.relations@sss.gov.ph (Subject: Request for Visa debit card application form for pension) and request this form. Attach a scan or photo of your SSS ID or other valid IDs.

  14. Where can I file pension for my retirement in the philippines SSS I am here in USA

  15. I’m here in USA want to apply for my retirement pension here in USA to philippines SSS can give me help me file here in US and send to phil. I will be filling my pension to the SSS philopines Thanks

  16. Good pm. May grandfather passed away and is holding dual citizenship. Will there be any problem/s in filing of burial if the death certificate states his citizenship as american citizen since there is no option for dual citizen? Her wife is in the phil to process the needed documents.

  17. Hi Marites, puedeng meron, puede ring wala, depende sa kung naisama na sa pension computation ang 1985 to 1989 sa computation ng pension ng mother mo. Wait na lang. Sabi ng SSS, they’ll try to complete adjustments for all survivor pensioners this December.

  18. Hi mam/sir
    Good day!
    I wanna ask about the sss adjustments…My mom receive a monthly pension from my late father,he have 21 years on sss contributions from 1970,s to 1990s…is there any possibility that my mom can receive any adjustment?

  19. Hi Artemio, it’s the beneficiaries who will claim, and if they’re also abroad and can’t travel, they can file their claim at an SSS office in their area, or use a SPA to authorize a representative to file the claim in the Phils. The SPA should preferably be certified at a Philippine consulate. These are the SSS beneficiaries. Claim the funeral benefit first (claimant is the one who spent for the funeral as proven by ORs) before claiming the death benefit.

  20. Artemio Yamane II

    My aunt maintained her SSS contribution to date until her death last April 16, 2016. She is a US citizen. How do we claim for death benefits from SSS?

  21. I just to verify if i can continue my SSS contributions after i became a naturalized us citizen. I made 70 monthly ee/er contributions 10 yrs ago; do i need to apply for dual citizenship to continue my contributions and avail of the retirement benefits? Please advise.. i soo appreciate any and all help. Thank you so much in advance!

  22. Sorry, I received your reply to my previous comment after I have sent the last one.

  23. Hi Nora, would you be able to share to us the law stating that naturalized citizen of other country could continously receive the Philippine SSS pension.Thank you so much and God bless.

  24. Hi windy, yes, there’s a reference in the SSS law, but it’s a bit confusing. But there’s an article about a UK-naturalized Pinay who got her pension. I’ll give you the link after I make a post about this.

  25. Thank you Nora, is there any reference law available to that effect? Thanks

  26. Hi windy, yes, you will continue to receive your pension even after you have been naturalized as citizen of another country.

  27. Therefore, based on the above queries, a Philippine SSS pesioner will not lose his/her benefits when he/she becomes a naturalized US citizen?

    Thank you

  28. Hi mike, I emailed you.

  29. Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank “1998 PH RS-5” to fill out?

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