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  1. hi!
    me and my partner opened a joint account in bdo( remittance account )…
    we put our both name as our account name..
    suddenly my tita from france wanted to send me money, but the account name was too long…
    can I go to bdo branch where i opened our account to request to change the account name either my name only or my partner’s name only?….to make our account name shorten….

  2. Hi po! Ask ko lang kung pwede po ba ako mag open ng kabayan savings account dto sa pilipinas? Pinagbubukas po ako ng ate ko na nasa Jeddah. Gusto nia mgpadala pero sa bdo lng dw malpt sa location nia.. Pwde po ba ako mag apply ng kabayan kht po hndi ako yung mag aanroad? Wat are the requirements po? Thanks in advance

  3. Hello po. Currently I’m in the middle east. I have a kabayan savings account. I remitted to kabayan savings account using a local bank here in saudi. The local bank here already charged for my remittance, and upon getting credited to my kabayan savings account, they also charged me 85 pesos. Is there a fixed charge by bdo for remittance or does it depend on the amount remitted? And what are the corresponding amounts charged?

  4. Hi Ronel, sad to say, yes, banks charge for incoming remittance to bank accounts. It’s good you were charged only 85 pesos, as others complain about being charged for much more. The BDO website shows only fees for remittance from other countries; there’s no info for the Middle East. The fees range from 20 HK$ to 5 euros to 8 US$. BDO also says the fees depend on their partnership agreement with their remittance partners. For foreign currencies being converted to peso when credited, banks and their partners also use lower exchange rates.

  5. Wow, thanks a lot for the immediate response and info Ms Nora :) In online banking po, there’s the option “send money to un-enrolled bank accounts”. Can I send money to relatives and friends’ accounts with other banks?

  6. I purchased online through souq.com and i cancelled it, i used my kabayan savings to pay forr it since it wwas cancelled the souq. Com sent me email that my payment was refunded within 3-5 days , does my money will come back again in my account?

  7. Hi Anne, your refund should be credited to your account within 3-5 days, as they said. Check your balance after 3 to 5 days.

  8. Does the regular Cash card works the same as the Cash card remit? Can the regular Cash card received remittances via online banking? Thanks

  9. Hi rafa, if you have successfully remitted to Remit cash card through your online banking previously, then, yes, you can also remit to a regular cash card. The only difference is that the regular cash card can contain only up to 10k pesos (if there’s no name on the card) and 25k (if with name on the card) at a time. If you mean remittance through your foreign bank’s online banking that uses Swift code, it might not work, as cash cards do not have an account no.

  10. GooD Day Po. how can we open a joint account since we’re here in canada. Reply po ASAP and thanks.

  11. Hi po! I opened Kabayan savings (remittance). I wasn’t able to ask the one who assisted me because she was mean. I wanted to ask if my husband sends thru western union, will it go direct to my account (kabayan savings account)? or can I get it from western union?

  12. Hi Shiena, if your husband tells you that he sent money to your Kabayan account, then the money will be credited to your account, so withdraw from your account. Have you sent him your Kabayan account number? (The number in your passbook). But if he tells you to claim the money from Western Union, then he’ll send you the 10-digit Western Union Money Transfer Control No. or MTCN so you can claim from Western Union.

  13. Hi po. My fiancé ask me to open a bank account so I tried this kabayan saving account. If he will send thru western union, can I withdraw it thru the ATM or should i present the passbook first? I can’t ask the teller. She is so mean to me..

  14. Hi..good day! I try to clarify what does the bdo requirements if I will avail the housing loan, though I had kabayan saving only. Is it possible po ba? And what’s the requirements? I look forward for your response po. Thanks.

  15. Hi Reneth, if your fiance sends money to your account, you can make balance inquiry at a BDO atm machine using your atm card, so that you don’t have to wait in long lines at BDO counters. You can have your passbook updated by the teller after every 3 or 5 remittances.

  16. hello po! I don’t have yet an account with BDO. in case I open an account, will I be entitled to apply for an OFW loan? I’m in UAE now.

  17. Hi Joann, yes, deposit at least 15k pesos, and you can borrow up to 13,500. Your deposit will be your collateral (secured personal loan). If you want to borrow a higher amount, you try applying for the unsecured personal loan. You’ll submit income documents. Borrowing from BDO’s personal loan program is practical only if you can borrow a bigger amount, as the processing fee is 1,200 pesos.

  18. Hi victor, was it sent through the post office? or through a courier like FedEx? If courier, your sender should follow it up with the courier. If through the post office, and if it’s registered, your sender can follow it up at the post office where he sent the atm. If already sent from the Philippines, it will now depend on the Saudi post office to deliver your atm.

  19. Hi Abby, if abroad, your atm card should have a Mastercard or Visa logo. Check first with the mall store if they’re accepting foreign-issued Mastercard or Visa debit card. If in the Philippines, yes, as long as the store accepts debit/atm cards.

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