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  1. Is there no maintaining balance for ofw saving? And if I have savings and I don’t withdraw it, is there interest? How much is the interest? Is the interest monthly or yearly? Thanks

  2. Hi Lourdes, there’s no maintaining balance requirement for BDO Kabayan, but you are required to remit to your account from abroad at least once every 12 months. If not able to remit once every 12 months, deposit 10k or more and don’t withdraw it. Yes, your savings will earn interest, but very little only — 0.25% a year. Your purpose is not really to earn interest, but to save. You can earn more with Pag-ibig MP2 or SSS Flexi-Fund or PESO savings programs, but you can get these savings after 5 years.

  3. Can we use baranggay id and nso birth certificate or nbi clearance to apply for a kabayan savings account. These are the only IDs I have.

  4. Hi Cyn, BDO requires a digitized ID with photo and signature. Since Kabayan is an OFW account, you need to present 1 or 2 recent receipts of remittance to you from abroad. It can also be your sender’s OEC and your birth or marriage certificate (proof of relationship to the OFW). Postal IDs now are digitized; you might want to apply for it. Another option: You can bring the IDs that you have and present to the BDO accounts officer and ask if they’re enough.

  5. I am planning to open a kabayan savings account because my friend in US want to send me money..so my question is can he send the money to kabayan saving account?

  6. I am planning to open a kabayan savings account because my friend in US want to send me money..so can he transfer the money on that account?

  7. Hi Kathy, yes, your friend can send money to your Kabayan account. Kabayan was designed for OFWs so bring a receipt of remittance from abroad or other proofs when applying for the account.

  8. hi can my wife open a kabayan account? i’m here in korea. what are the requirements she needs to bring. hoping you reply tnx

  9. Hi mark, yes. she brings 2 valid ids, 2 id pictures, and 1 or 2 receipts of remittance to her from abroad. the receipts will prove she will receive foreign remittances, as kabayan account is for ofws and their dependents

  10. Good day! Can I send an authorization letter to my mom in pinas so she can withdraw from my kabayan savings which is in dollar account? I’m currently in Vietnam now and they will visit me again next month. Is it possible for her to withdraw? Thanks!

  11. Hi Maricris, does your mom has your passbook? If she has it, then you can ask your mom to go to BDO and check their withdrawal slip. If the withdrawal slip has a portion there which says “I authorize ___ to withdraw the amount of __ …”, then she can send you the form so you can sign. Don’t write yet your name and account no. for security purposes. Ask her also to ask BDO if she needs to show your ID when withdrawing and using the authorization portion.

  12. hi just wanna ask, coz i already have my kabayan account,.but i stop sending a money on it..is it going to expired or not?coz i want to used it agian..its almost a year since i send a money on my account..i think its still have 500 peso onside..im hoping for your reply on my email..tanx

  13. hello. can I activate my account at bdo even if I’ve been here in Taiwan for 2 years? I wish to use it for deposit. I have my passbook and atm with me.

  14. Can I withdraw here in UAE from my bdo kabayan savings account? I have used it to withdraw in Pinas. I opened my account in Pinas.

  15. Hi maricel, if you opened your account with a little amount and never remitted to your account for 2 years, I think your account was closed in the 13th or 14th month after opening. You can try opening a new one at any of these BDO remittance partners in Taiwan

  16. Hi Car, yes, if your atm card has a Mastercard logo. The maximum is 10,000 pesos per atm withdrawal, up to a total of 50,000 pesos per day. Convert it to the currency where you are. Consider also the maximum limits of the bank you are using.

  17. can i withdraw from my kabayan peso savings account here in kuwait? or should i activate first the account in philippines before i can withdraw?

  18. Does all the digits on the front side of the atm card (Bdo kabayan savings) make up the account number? There are also four digits below the cardholder’s name. Thank you

  19. Hi Edz, do you mean a BDO atm card with a Mastercard logo and an atm abroad with Mastercard logo? Yes, if you have changed your PIN at a BDO atm machine in the Phils. The BDO limit per withdrawal is 10k pesos per withdrawal and 50k per day.

  20. Hi anjielie, no, that’s your atm card no. Your account no. is inside your passbook, the number above or below your name. It’s 12 digits if with 00; 10 digits without 00. An example of a BDO account no. is 007221135058. I think the 4 digits below the name on the front side of the card is the branch code.

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