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  1. Hi Rhea, yes, you can apply for a BDO joint account as long as you have at least 2 valid photo IDs each and the minimum required deposit (2k for atm-account, 10k for passbook account, higher for other accounts).

  2. I have plan to vacation next month in Philippines because now I am here in Qatar, can I ask if I can open BDO kabayan savings for me and for my wife when I arrive in Philippines because until now I don’t have any ATM account.

  3. hi madam IM Christian I am her now in Qatar but next month I will go to Philippines for my vacation, can I ask if I can open BDO kabayan savings account when I arrived in Philippines for me and for my wife ?

  4. Hi, I got a 30k loan from bdo asenso kabayan last 2008. I was able to pay about half. then I stopped for 3 months due to emergency causes. When I wanted to continue paying, BDO no longer accepted my payment, saying a collection agent will call me. The agent told me to deposit to my account the amount he’s going to say, which I did. Sometimes 2k, one time 5k. When I’ve deposited more than 10k, he no longer called and no longer can contact him. I hope you can help me know where I can go to ask my balance. thanks and God bless

  5. Hi christian, yes, you can open a BDO Kabayan account when you take your vacation. Show your passport and remittance receipt to show you’re working abroad. Enroll your account in online banking and validate your enrollment here at a BDO atm so you can track your account abroad online.

  6. Hi Romeo, kudos to you for trying your best to pay your debt. Call BDO 631-8000 and ask if your Kabayan loan is already fully paid. If BDO says ask the collector, then I guess you’ve already paid your debts, since the collector no longer calls you. Most likely BDO sold your loan paper to the collector, and the collector has already got the amount he wanted from you.

  7. Hi, I am using a Kabayan Account of BDO, unfortunately no one send remittances coming from other country because my relative was already back here in the Philippines. What will happen to my account? Is BDO, is able to make some charge? Thank you and God bless.

  8. Hi Lyn, if 14 months have passed and no one remitted or deposited to your account, and it only has a balance of 300 or less, it’s most likely closed already. But if 12 months have not yet passed, and if you like to maintain this account, you need to deposit 10k pesos and maintain this amount, so it won’t close and it won’t incur a penalty of 300 pesos a month. A Kabayan without foreign remittance for 12 months is converted to a regular passbook account with a maintaining balance requirement of 10k pesos. Make a balance inquiry at a BDO atm so you can check its status.

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