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  1. Hi Rhea, yes, you can apply for a BDO joint account as long as you have at least 2 valid photo IDs each and the minimum required deposit (2k for atm-account, 10k for passbook account, higher for other accounts).

  2. I have plan to vacation next month in Philippines because now I am here in Qatar, can I ask if I can open BDO kabayan savings for me and for my wife when I arrive in Philippines because until now I don’t have any ATM account.

  3. hi madam IM Christian I am her now in Qatar but next month I will go to Philippines for my vacation, can I ask if I can open BDO kabayan savings account when I arrived in Philippines for me and for my wife ?

  4. Hi, I got a 30k loan from bdo asenso kabayan last 2008. I was able to pay about half. then I stopped for 3 months due to emergency causes. When I wanted to continue paying, BDO no longer accepted my payment, saying a collection agent will call me. The agent told me to deposit to my account the amount he’s going to say, which I did. Sometimes 2k, one time 5k. When I’ve deposited more than 10k, he no longer called and no longer can contact him. I hope you can help me know where I can go to ask my balance. thanks and God bless

  5. Hi christian, yes, you can open a BDO Kabayan account when you take your vacation. Show your passport and remittance receipt to show you’re working abroad. Enroll your account in online banking and validate your enrollment here at a BDO atm so you can track your account abroad online.

  6. Hi Romeo, kudos to you for trying your best to pay your debt. Call BDO 631-8000 and ask if your Kabayan loan is already fully paid. If BDO says ask the collector, then I guess you’ve already paid your debts, since the collector no longer calls you. Most likely BDO sold your loan paper to the collector, and the collector has already got the amount he wanted from you.

  7. Hi, I am using a Kabayan Account of BDO, unfortunately no one send remittances coming from other country because my relative was already back here in the Philippines. What will happen to my account? Is BDO, is able to make some charge? Thank you and God bless.

  8. Hi Lyn, if 14 months have passed and no one remitted or deposited to your account, and it only has a balance of 300 or less, it’s most likely closed already. But if 12 months have not yet passed, and if you like to maintain this account, you need to deposit 10k pesos and maintain this amount, so it won’t close and it won’t incur a penalty of 300 pesos a month. A Kabayan without foreign remittance for 12 months is converted to a regular passbook account with a maintaining balance requirement of 10k pesos. Make a balance inquiry at a BDO atm so you can check its status.

  9. Hi elmer, find a BDO remittance partner, and ask if they’re offering Kabayan account opening. Write where you are so I can give you a link if there are BDO remittance partners there.

  10. I have a Kabayan Dollar Savings Account and has only 100$,will this be closed if no remittance for a period of months?

  11. Hi Kristine, after 12 months of no foreign remittance, your account will be converted to a regular passbook account, which then will require you to maintain $500 in your account. If less than $500 for 2 consecutive months, your account will be reduced by $5 at the last day of the 2nd month, and every month thereafter until you comply with the $500 balance, or until your $100 becomes zero or negative and your account closed. Remit to your account before the 12-month count is reached

  12. can i and my bf apply for joint account at bdo ..it is possible even im here in singapore and he is in the philippines?

  13. Hi melanie, sorry no. You have to be both physically present at the bank when you open your joint account.

  14. Hi, I have a kabayan account. I am in hongkong and I want to ask my mother to get remittance using passbook as she doesnt know how to use the atm. Can she get the remittance using my passbook?

  15. Hi olive, if the passbook is in your name, no, your mother cannot withdraw because the passbook is not her passbook. The easiest is door to door because she will just show her ID and sign the delivery slip. But this is also not safe if she’s alone in the house. Another option is to send her money for cash pickup at BDO. She fills up the Remittance form at BDO. She needs to write your remittance company, reference no., your name, address, phone no., her name, address and phone no., amount of remittance, ID no. and signature. She needs to bring a valid ID.

  16. Hello po, how do we activate our kabayan cash card? It’s been 3 months that our atm does not have any balance as my husband was on vacation for 4 months so there was no allotment deposited to our atm. When I checked our atm, my atm is already closed. What should I bring to the bdo branch to activate my atm card?

  17. Hi michelle, is that a Remit cash card? or a Kabayan atm card? Is the card in your name? If yes, bring your valid IDs and your atm card to your branch and inquire about the status of your atm card.

  18. Gud am why has our allotment not yet arrived? At other banks like bpi, the allotment has arrived. How many days should we wait?

  19. Hi vanessa, is your husband a seaman? Call the office of your husband if your allotment has been sent. If the money is deposited here in the Philippines by your husband’s maritime office, your money should be available immediately.

  20. Hi Ms. Nora, what should my husband do to activate his BDO Kabayan? He was not able to activate because there was no more time; he flew to Saudi in a matter of hours. I also opened my own Kabayan, can I use mine? Because he was not able to activate his Kabayan? Please help po. Is there a process to activate my husband’s Kabayan?

  21. Hi hana, did you receive your atm cards? You can activate your husband’s account if you have his atm card. If not given, and you were instructed to go back to BDO and claim your atm cards, BDO won’t give your husband’s atm card to you. You can claim only your own atm card — activate your account by changing your PIN at a BDO atm machine. Your account will be active even if your husband can’t activate his atm card. Your account and your husband’s account are separate accounts. Your husband can activate his atm card only at a BDO machine in the Philippines. Did he receive his passbook? If yes, he can send to his account, but he can’t check yet his balance through atm. He can check through BDO Remit Status Inquiry.
    You can enroll your BDO Kabayan account in BDO online banking

  22. Hi, I would like to ask if I am able to withdraw here in Abu Dhabi using my Kabayan Savings ATM, If not, is it possible to ask my brother to withdraw in the Philippines using my passbook? Even I’m not there?
    Thank you.

  23. Hi Kayla, if your atm card has a Mastercard or Visa logo, and if you have changed your PIN at a BDO machine here in the Philippines when you were here, find an atm there with the same logo (Mastercard or Visa) and withdraw. Charge is 3.5 US dollars. Your brother can withdraw only if he can present your passbook and a BDO withdrawal slip which you have signed (you signed the Representative portion of the slip), and if the teller sees that your signature on the slip exactly matches your signature on their records. There are times also that they require your ID, in addition to your brother’s ID.

  24. Hi I just open an account in manila the kabayan savings account. Im from cadiz. Now here at saudi. The remittance here was asking about the bank branch of my account is it okay if I put here cadiz branch instead of manila branch? Because im from cadiz? Thank you

  25. Hi Kat, write Manila because that is where your BDO branch is. If you know the specific location in Manila, you can also write it. Anyway, you can withdraw through BDO atms and other atms in Cadiz. You can also use your passbook in the BDO Cadiz branch.

  26. Hi Marlon, do you mean transferring your Paypal money to your Kabayan bank account? Yes, you can. Add first your bank account to Paypal. Please comment again if you meant another.

  27. Hello, I’m here abroad. Can I deposit with out passbook? Or can I make balance inquire through my mobile Internet?

  28. Hi Sheila, yes, you can send money from abroad to your account. Write your bank name, account name and account number. Yes, you can make a balance inquiry through mobile banking, but enroll first in BDO online banking. After your online banking has been activated, go to Google Play using your smartphone and download the BDO Mobile Banking app

  29. hi i wanna ask about Kabayan saving account. Can I use it while I’m here in Australia like Withdraw money or send money in Australian bank? Can I use it for sending and receive get money in Philippines as well? Thanks

  30. Hi Margie, if your atm card has a Mastercard logo, and if you changed your PIN at a BDO machine in the Philippines, yes, you can use it to withdraw your Kabayan money at a Mastercard/Cirrus/Maestro-linked atm there. Yes, you can send money to your Kabayan account from your Australian bank through wire transfer, or its own international funds transfer service, if it has. Can also be via online banking, if your bank there in Australia allows international online funds transfer. There are BDO remittance partners in Australia.
    About receiving money: your account is based in the Philippines, so anyone in the Philippines can go to BDO and deposit money to your account.

  31. Hi Irene, it’s 3.50 US dollars. Balance inquiry is 1 US dollar. Your atm card should have a Mastercard or Visa logo.

  32. Hi, my girlfriend opened a kabayan account name after me since she has to work to singapore in 2012, since then we have no transaction or remittance at all until now 2015. is my bdo kabayan savings account still can be use? Thank you.

  33. Hi Benjamin, your account is already closed. Most likely, your account automatically closed 14 months after your opening date. You can try opening another account.

  34. Hi I would like to ask if ilang days po ba bago dadating ang padala thru BDO REMITTANCE? Is it Immediate ba or should I wait for couple of days? My momom sent the money thru BDO REMITTANCE from US

  35. Hi Ms. Nora. I have a BDO KABAYAN SAVINGS ACCOUNT. My sender is from Ontario, Canada. How can he send money thru my account? Thank you so much! More power. :)

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