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  1. Hi Jayr, if you’re sure you don’t need the life plan or can’t pay it regularly, I think it’s best if you don’t remit yet to your Kabayan account until you’re sure they have cancelled your agreement. Do you have a copy of your agreement? Is there a contact info there so you can email a cancellation letter. You should get an emailed response approving your cancellation request, otherwise they will deduct once you deposit money to your account. And you should email BDO first to inquire if indeed the agreement has been cancelled.

  2. good evening Mam Nora, about my bdo kabayan dollar savings account. when i checked my balance via atm, my balance has decreased to only $53. who should be sending? me or my parents. my first time aboard a ship

  3. Hi tony, was your original balance $100? If you never made any withdrawal, the missing $47 could have been deductions for below-MADB penalties. The penalty for below-MADB is $5 per month. Kabayan is a zero-maintaining-balance account but if you did not remit from abroad to this account at least once in 12 months, it was converted to a regular account requiring a $500 maintaining balance. The requirement is at least 1 remittance from your, from ABROAD within 12 months.
    What to do now? You can either deposit or remit $500 or more to the account, or withdraw your $53 to close your account.

  4. gud pm mam. I applied for a kabayan peso savings account. please explain use of passbook and atm. If I send my remittance to the bank account (passbook), what’s the use of the atm?thanks

  5. Hi there, I opened an account of BDO kabayan savings a day before I Left Philippines, that was October 16, 2013. For some reasons wasn’t able to make any transaction on that account and now it has been 11months. I tried to contact BDO thru phone/email but I can’t reach either of the two, so I decided to make a transaction thru western union today without knowing if my account still active. I tried to checked it online but I need to enroll and need verification that could take like days or weeks so I just decided to do transaction and the western said still in process. Any idea if my account still open? Or will they give me a refund if ever my account not existing anymore? PS: I only have the passbook wasn’t able to get the ATM. Thanks

  6. THANKS Ms. Nora for the info .. that’s lot of help for me .. and can i ask if i can use my kabayan savings to Shop online since it’s Debit Card (Mastercard) mention it.or i should apply for Credit cards? or can i apply a smart money card in BDO ? thanks again Ms. Nora .

  7. Hi nishina, you’re correct in your plan of sending to your account no. (written in the passbook). You use the atm card to check your balance or to withdraw your money through the atm machine. You use your passbook to record your remittances and withdrawals, so you will know how much you are saving or spending. But your transactions will be printed in your passbook only if you go to your branch and present your passbook for updating; maybe every 3 months or more. If you don’t go, your passbook will have no entries. Remit from abroad to your Kabayan at least once in 12 months so it will remain a zero-maintaining-balance account.

  8. Hi Vanny, based on their rule of at least 1 foreign remittance every 12 months, your Kabayan should still be Kabayan, a zero-maintaining-balance account. If you remitted the equivalent of at least 10k pesos, it’s better so that in case your account will be converted to a regular passbook account, which has a 10k-peso maintaining balance requirement, then your account is safe from below-MADB penalty. In case your account is closed, you can amend your remittance at the Western branch you used to “For cash pickup at BDO by your beneficiary” or you can refund from Western. You can use the Western Union tracking system and the BDO Remit Inquiry system on their respective websites.

  9. Thanks Nora for your fast response, I checked today my tracking number in western it said in there “This money’s been picked up at an agent location.” I’m confused with thats, is that mean it was deposited on my account kabayan saving account? Or somebody picked up the money? Coz that account is my personal nobody knows about it, until now I’m checking my account on BDO apps in my smartphone but until now it’s still pending. I have no idea if the money went through my account or what… What else can I possible do with this?

  10. Hi Vanny, indeed the response is confusing. There should be a “was sent to your designated bank account” option. Anyway, you sent to a bank account, so it cannot be released to a person. I think it’s required that you first enroll in BDO online banking before you can enroll and use smartphone banking. I think it’s worth waiting out the process of registering in online banking as you’re there abroad. Meanwhile, you can call BDO again, or ask if BDO allows balance inquiry here: BDO Contact Page, or call Western Union about their tracking response.

  11. Hi Maricel, yes, you can give it to the person/s that you trust. As you of course know, they can withdraw all that you remit to your account. If you still have time here in the Phils, you can also get a cash card. Register your Kabayan account in online banking, validate your registration through a BDO atm machine, then register your cash card to your online banking account, and validate it again at a BDO atm machine. While abroad, you can send to your Kabayan account (with remittance fee), and then transfer some money from your Kabayan to your family’s cash card anytime online (free online transfer). This way, you can save money every month.

  12. I’m trying call the free toll to inquire but I can’t reach them, I’m in US and I really have no idea how to check my balance. I already enroll online banking so I could use their apps but until now still pending. I put the correct bank account number but still my tracking number said it was pick up at an agent. I could not refund the money if somebody took it. I’m so screw with this…

  13. Hi Vanny, you remitted to a bank account, so I still think that you have a valid claim from Western Union in case they released your money to a person. I hope you’ve finally connected with BDO.

  14. Hi there! I need help please I’m tying to enroll my kabayan savings online but just wondering I’ve got 10 digits account number only and they’re asking for 12 digits..wasn’t able to register online did it many times already..:(

  15. where in tainan is a bdo atm machine? is there a charge for withdrawal? how much is the charge?

  16. Hi kathlyn, there’s no BDO atm machine in Tainan. Does your atm card have a Mastercard logo? Find an atm machine with Mastercard logo. Withdrawal charge is usually equivalent to 3.5 US dollars.

  17. Hi ms. Nora
    I saw some threads about BDO kabayan, But I have no time to browse it one by one. anyway I also have a BDO kabayan account, I already deposited money to that account but unfortunately I found out that I can not access my card here in Jeddah, KSA. I saw some comments that maybe its not activated like that. Can I still deposit money to my BDO kabayan savings account even it’s not yet activated? I have the passbook and ATM card here in jeddah, k.s.a How can i enrol thru mobile banking if there no jeddah, k.s.a in the place for outside enrolment? How can I know if im receiving all the remittance? Thanks alot! more power

  18. Hi frances, your account is active even if your atm card was not activated, as long as you made at least 1 foreign remittance every 12 months; or if you failed to remit every 12 months, as long as your balance is 10k pesos or more. Yes, you need to enroll in online banking before you can activate mobile banking. Try registering online while there in Saudi: http://www.banksphilippines.com/2012/03/can-i-enroll-in-bdo-internet-banking.html About your most recent remittance, try using BDO Remit Status Inquiry

  19. Hi ms.nora..i applied for kabayan savings in phil..and deposit money also…i never checkor try my atm here at UAE..can i wthdraw it here in dubai….because i deposited also money in my account through remittnce center but not checking it now in my at.

  20. Hi Charlene, if you entered your own PIN before in the Phils and if your atm card has a Mastercard logo, then you can try withdrawing at a Mastercard-linked atm machine there. The charge might be 3.50 US dollars. If you’re remitting using a BDO remittance partner, you can use the BDO Remit Inquiry at bdo.com.ph to check your remittance.

  21. hi good evening ma’am nora. my boyfriend and I plan to open a kabayan account. he’s in california and i plan to open an account for us; is that possible? it’s been a long time he’s sending money through western union. What requirements should I bring? thank you in advance.

  22. Hi jade, you can open a Kabayan account in your name. Bring 2 valid IDs and at least 1 Western Union receipt (proof you’re receiving foreign remittance). Since he’s sending in dollars, if you like, you can open a US dollar Kabayan account. Bring at least 100 dollars for initial deposit. Suggest to your boyfriend to try XOOM. You can send him this link: http://goo.gl/OdNOMj so he can explore XOOM. I’ve been receiving my salary in dollars from my US employer via XOOM since 2010. If he has a Wells Fargo bank account, he can also send through Wells Fargo. These are cheaper than Western Union.

  23. Good am Ms. Nora. If my partner open a kabayan account at riyadh, can i deposit money here in the philippines to his account in riyadh? and its a cheque named to him. Thanks.

  24. Hi good day nora i have kabayan savings account opened in phils. This year my friend deposited to my acct in phils and im here in dubai. How can i inquire my balance, my atm has mastercard logo. Some of my friends told me I cannot withdraw because the machine might just capture my atm card. thanks

  25. gud eve ms. nora. i would like to ask if my account which is more than a year with no remittance is still open other than the deposited amount upon opening it. if still open,what are the requirements? thanks a lot!

  26. Hi jho, yes, you can deposit his check to his kabayan account. Ask for his account no. (the no. in the passbook). By the way, his account is Philippine-based, although he opened it in Riyadh.

  27. Ma’am Nora I ask you something I’ve been 3 months in here Riyadh. where I can find the BDO bank in here, then how can I deposit by pesos?

  28. Ma’am I have kabayan account. I opened it in pinas. Can my family use it? Is it still active so I can remit to it? Or will I check its balance first because I haven’t remitted to it for 3 months? Where can I find a B.D.O here in Riyadh? Thanks

  29. Hi grace, do you mean your balance was the 50 or 100 pesos initial deposit? Or any amount less than 600 pesos? If yes, I think your account is already closed. Find a BDO remittance partner and ask if they are offering account opening. Write here where you are so I can post a link to a list of BDO partners there

  30. Hi Lesliejane, there’s no BDO branch in Saudi. Some banks there are BDO partners. Here’s a list: http://www.workingpinoy.com/2014/01/bdo-remittance-saudi-arabia/ With your iqama, you can bring your riyals or dollars and the bank will convert them to peso. You will fill up remittance forms. I think your Kabayan is still active. Use the account no. in the passbook. To be sure, ask your family to test the atm card. They make a balance inquiry at a BDO atm machine.

  31. Thank you Ms.Nora. Will the cheque in peso be converted in Riyadh currency? And if he remit to me using his kabayan account, how can i receive it? Thanks again.

  32. Hi Jho, a BDO Kabayan account can be in peso or dollar only. If he opened a peso account, you can deposit that peso check.
    Is the passbook or atm card with you? If you have the atm card, then you can withdraw at a BDO atm machine. You cannot withdraw if you have the passbook only because he needs to sign the withdrawal slip.
    If you don’t have the passbook or the atm card, then you cannot withdraw. He can send you money via cash pickup at any BDO branch, not through his Kabayan account.

  33. Hi Evelyn, have you seen an atm machine with mastercard logo? Is it inside a bank or infront of a bank? Inquire during longer banking hours. Before making an atm inquiry, ask the bank officer if in case your atm card is captured, can they can retrieve it immediately and give it back to you. Or you can email BDO if you can make balance inquiry through email. callcenter@bdo.com.ph

  34. So he need to convert his salary first into peso before he can deposit it to his kabayan account? He hadn’t open yet a kabayan account, so the atm and passbook will be with him.

    Or can i open a kabayan account for him here in the phil?

  35. Hi Jho, there’s no BDO branch in Saudi, but he can apply for a Kabayan account at a BDO-partner bank there. The partner-bank will forward his application to BDO here, and after processing, BDO will send the passbook and atm to the partner-bank in Saudi. This means the Kabayan account is based here in the Phils. When he wants to remit to his account, he can remit in riyals or dollars — it will be the remittance bank that will convert his riyals or dollars to peso.
    You cannot open an account for him, but you can open your own Kabayan account. Bring 2 valid IDs, 1 id picture and 1 receipt of remittance from abroad.

  36. Hi My daughters father which works in the US sends our remittance every 2 weeks for 8 years now he is sending it thru western union, can we transfer it to bdo,and second is are we qualified for a credit card already if we are receiving almost 28,000 a month. Pls reply, thank you very much.

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