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  1. Gud day,I just want to ask assistance po if how can I inquire my husband allotment online? his a seaman, and this BDO Kabayan ATM I have here is under his name. our residence is far from the city, I need to commute almost an hour to go to the bank to inquire for the balance or if our allotment has arrived. It’s too much of a hustle everytime I check, and there’s no money yet. is there any way I can check online? I’m looking forward for your response.Thank you

  2. How can I check my husband allotment online? This BDO Kabayan ATM I have here is under his name.Thanks

  3. Hi laine, look for an atm machine that displays the same logo as the logo on your card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover Express, Cirrus, Maestro, etc)

  4. hi. me and my fiance opened BDO Kabayan Savings account. Now he’s in abroad. I just wanna ask if he can send me money through my BDO Kabayan Savings account (remittance). thanks

  5. Hi Cherilyn, yes, your fiance can send money from abroad to your Kabayan account. Your account number is the 12-digit or 10-digit number in your passbook, near your name.

  6. Hi I’m currently here in Oman. Would it be possible for me to withdraw from my account thru my BDO ATM card? It was July this year since I last withdrawn cash thru ATM in Philippines. My kabayan account is already been 5yrs with me but I haven’t done withdrawal abroad. Thank you.

  7. Hi Rish, if your atm card has a Mastercard logo, yes, you can withdraw there in Oman at a machine that diplays the Mastercard, Maestro or Cirrus logo. Charge is 3.50 US dollars per withdrawal and 1 dollar per balance inquiry. If there’s no logo on your atm card, request for a replacement card when you take your vacation in the Philippines.

  8. Hi po. May I ask if I can deposit to my bdo kabayan saving here in singapore. I opened my account there in pinas when I had my last vacation, so i want to I continue saving here in singapore. How can I save? Can my family deposit to my account even if my passbook is with me? Thanks po

  9. Hello. Good Evening!

    I have BDO Kabayan savings the last time I send money was Oct. 2014 is there any charge or closure of my account? How I will prevent the charges?

  10. Can people here in the Philippines send locally through this account? For example bacolod to iloilo?

  11. hi gud eve po! ask lng po ako if pwede bang mag open account ng BDO kabayan savings account here in qatar kasi hanggang ngaun wala pa kong atm para sa savings ko! tnx po! pls reply

  12. Hi Ma’am Nora,
    Nagtransfer po ako ng money thru SABBNET transfer services to my Kabayan BDO acct dated December 27, 2015 but until now I have not received or it was not yet credited in my BDO acct. Nag-follow up po ako sa SABB and they said na dapat nung 29 ko pa natanggap yung trinansfer ko. Upon checking it here thru BDO call center agent kung meron advice re my transfer money coming from overseas bank, they said wait ’til January 6, 2016 because di raw partner ng BDO ang SABB so it would take 3-5 banking days more! pano po ba ang counting ng banking days from December 27, 2015 to January 06, 2015? sobrang tagal naman…thanks po

  13. Hi. I just remit my money through enjaz and directed it to my bdo kabayan account. How many days before it appear to my online status?

  14. Hi mam nora, i have a bdo kabayan savings account, i send remitance to my is the exhcange rate same as in the world market or i depends on the selling and buying rate of dbo?? Sar to php tnx

  15. hello po. Is my kabayan savings account opened last jan 21 2015 still active? Since then I haven’t deposited to it. Now I want to deposit to it.

  16. hi i wanna ask because i have a kabayan saving account now..my fiance hes from switzerland and he always sending a money thru western union but he told me hes very expensive to him..that why he suggest to get me an open accout and he can’t go always to western union…how can he send money online from bank to my kabayan savings account…

  17. hi. if I open a OFW kabayan savings account how long It gonna take to get the ATM/ Passbook if I will stay 7 days in the Philippines.

  18. Hi Clara, you’ll get immediately your passbook. For the atm card, you’ll be asked to return after maybe 5 days. Ask the BDO officer if you can have a generic atm card (your name is not embossed on the card) so you can get it immediately. Open your account on your first day here, so you can enroll your account in online banking and activate it while here. Activation is through a BDO atm machine.

  19. Hi, ako po si Mark..
    Itatanong ko lang po sana kung paano makakapag open ng bank account na nakapangalan sakin kahit nandito ako sa Riyadh..
    Nagkataon po kasi na nakuha na ng mama ko yung cheke ng backpay ko sa dati kong trabaho sa Pinas..
    kaso po di nila maipalit dahil wala akong pirma sa cheke at authorization letter sa cheke dahil nandito na ako sa Riyadh..
    Paano po ba ang magandang gawin?
    Kung posible po ba na makapag-open ako ng account sa Pinas kahit wala ako dun..
    Salamat po..
    Paki message na lang po ako sa email ko..

  20. Hi Ren, there’s no BDO branch in Japan. Here’s a list of BDO remittance partners in Japan. If your plan is to open a BDO account while in Japan, you can ask them if they’re offering assistance in opening a BDO Kabayan account. Note that you cannot use immediately your atm card in Japan. It can be activated only in the Philippines. But once your account is approved, you can start saving and remitting money to your account.

  21. Hello before i have i Have bdo kabayan account. after i go and stay in phil within 1 yr automatic my account off. how can i open it again also my no. and password i already forget

  22. Hi ellengie, BDO does not reopen closed accounts. Besides, you will pay past penalties if you’re allowed to reopen. It’s better if you open another account. Can be in the same branch or another branch. The maintaining balance for an atm-only account is 2,000 pesos

  23. Hi Nora, Someone from abroad deposited money to my account, and the problem is when we tried to use our ATM card to withdraw the money, the ATM machines response is UNAUTHORIZED ATM Account. I am worried that my account is already closed, the last transaction we made was last September 2015. and I believe the remaining balance that time was 500 pesos only.
    if my account is already closed why the remittance able to send money to my account? or maybe it is only my ATM Card, that machine cannot read.
    Please can you advice us?

  24. Hi John, try making a balance inquiry again at another machine. If still not successful, most likely your account is already closed. If your account is a regular account, your remaining balance must have been used up for below-maintaining-balance penalties, and when your account balance became zero or negative, your account automatically closed. A sender abroad can remit to a bank account in the Philippines even if it’s closed because remittance companies abroad do not know if the bank account is closed. Call BDO 631-8000 or visit your branch with your IDs.

  25. hi Ms. Nora, I opened my BDO Kabayan savings account December last year in pinas when I was on vacation. Now I’m here in Saudi. How can I deposit to my account and where can I deposit? Also, how can I update to see if my remittance was deposited? Thank you po.

  26. Hi marlon, you can deposit to your account by sending money to your account via BDO remittance partners in Saudi. Your account no. is in your passbook, near your name. Here’s a list of BDO remittance partners in Saudi. To track your remittance, use this BDO Remit Status Inquiry.
    You can also enroll in BDO online banking while abroad. Write your mobile phone no. that has international roaming or a foreign mobile no. that can accept texts from the Phils. Your one-time-password from BDO will be sent by BDO to your mobile phone no.

  27. Hi I opened a kabayan savings account last june 2015, wanted to know if I can still deposit money to it? thanks.

  28. Hi Anna, your Kabayan should still be active because BDO’s time frame for remittance is 12 months. Are you abroad? To be sure, you can call BDO from abroad or you can ask someone in the Phils to deposit maybe 50 pesos in your Kabayan account. If the deposit is accepted, then your account is active.

  29. I deposited po to my kabayan savings acct this jan.22, up to now po I’ve made a lot of balance inquiries, the money I sent is not yet in my account. I’m here in saudi. I’m sure my account is active because it’s not yet 1 year from my last transaction . what do you think is the problem?

  30. or maybe it’s already closed because the balance was only 17sr (200php more or less) after my withdrawal last september. if closed, what’s the remedy to reactivate it? thanks po.

  31. Hi po! how many working days does a remittance takes from enjaz bank saudi arabia to banco de oro kabayan savings account philippines? Reply asap po..

  32. Hi noel, before your Jan 22 remittance, when was your last remittance to your account from abroad? If it was more than 12 months ago, then your account is probably closed. Try using this: BDO Remit Status Inquiry. From Saudi you can call BDO: 800-863-0011 (toll-free if you use landline). If closed, sorry I think BDO does not reactivate closed accounts. You can ask when you call them. If closed, you can go back to your remitter and change your remittance to cash pickup at BDO over-the-counter by your family, or have your money returned to you there in Saudi (there will be charges).

  33. Hi yang, based on the World Bank remittance chart, it takes around 2 days. Ask your sender to double-check the account name and no. that she wrote.

  34. hello:) i have kabayan savings account for long time and its just for remittances:) but can i still open another bdo account under my name still? like BDO ATM-only SAVINGS ACCOUNT?

  35. Hi joe, yes, you can open an atm-only savings account because it’s of a different account type from your Kabayan account. :) Maintaining balance requirement for atm-only savings is 2,000.

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