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  1. Hi Sylvia, sorry no. You can apply for your own credit card and then apply for a supplementary card for your relative. Another option is to help your relative apply for her starter credit card (secured credit card). She goes to BPI or BPI Family (maybe easier with BPI Family) with her IDs and at least 5k pesos (10k is better), and apply for a starter credit card. Her 5k or 10k will be her collateral.

  2. Hi jan, I saw these rates: for a remittance of about 750 QARs, the fees are 15, 19, 20, 23, 25, depending on the remittance company.

  3. Hi Nora! If I open a BDO account here in UAE, can I withdraw the money once I go vacation in the Philippines after one month? When i’LL be eligible to get ofw loan? Thanks!

  4. Hi MG, yes, you can withdraw it when you get back here. Activate your PIN first, or withdraw over the counter using your passbook. There are 2 kinds of Kabayan loans: secured and unsecured. If unsecured, you need to submit income documents like job contract, remittance receipts or bank statements. You should have been working continuously for at least 2 years (3 years for certain jobs). If secured, your deposit of at least 15,000 pesos will be held by BDO as collateral. Loan amount will be 90% of collateral.

  5. Hi. I just open my Kabayan Savings last month and already activated. Then just this March 7, 2016, my partner sent money from Saudi and until now it’s not yet credited to my account. How many days before the money becomes available? Thanks

  6. Hi Tiffany, it depends on the remittance company; remittances take from 1 hour to 7 days. Did your partner send to your account? or for cash pickup? Is he sure he wrote the correct name and account no.?

  7. Hi, I just want to know if how much is the maximum amount in peso does bdo debit card allowed in deposit? And how much is the maximum amount required for sending money from USA to my bdo kabayan debit card philippines? Thanks.

  8. Hi Joe, technically there’s no maximum limit to the amount that you can deposit to your BDO Kabayan savings account. You can deposit as much as you want. About remittance limits: The bank or the remittance company sets the maximum limits of remittance. If through Xoom, the maximum limit is $2,999 per remittance, and the maximum per month is $10,000, but Xoom will require you to give more personal info. If you need to send a big amount, use wire transfer through your bank.

  9. Hi deal, yes, Kabayan is offered in all BDO branches. BDO Remit cash card is offered abroad. Regular cash cards are offered in all branches. If you want Kabayan, bring a remittance receipt or any proof you’re OFW or OFW beneficiary.

  10. Hello mrs nora I’m in Riyadh know I have kabayan account ATM how can I check the balance of my account I want to sent money but I don’t know if my account is close now or not please help

  11. Hi mrs nora before I come here in Riyadh I have kabayan savings and I want to check my balance how can I check my balance please

  12. Hello, how much is the maximum widrawal per day and per month using kabayan savings account Phillipines?

  13. Hi Joan, the maximum atm withdrawal per day is 50,000 (10k per withdrawal). Maximum no. of atm withdrawals per day is 5 times. If you use only atm withdrawals, then you can withdraw up to 50k x 30 days per month or 1.5 million per month. If you have withdrawn 50k for the day, and you need more money, you can withdraw over the counter. Show your atm withdrawal slip so you won’t be charged 100 pesos. If you have a passbook, you can withdraw at your branch over the counter without charge. If at another branch, you pay 100 pesos.

  14. Hi Mae Ann, does your atm card have a Mastercard logo? Did you use your atm card in the Philippines? If yes, you can make a balance inquiry at an atm there with Mastercard logo. You can also call BDO 800-863-0011. Another way is to ask your family to deposit 100 pesos in your account. If the teller accepts the deposit, then it means your account is still active.

  15. Hi ms Nora would like to ask if possible to open an bdo passbook account here in riyadh? Any requirements needed. Thanks

  16. Hi Bryan hubert, yes. Find a BDO remittance partner in Riyadh and ask for assistance in opening a Kabayan account. Bring your iqama, other IDs and ID pictures. Your application will be forwarded to BDO Philippines. You’ll get your passbook and atm card maybe after a month. Your atm card can be activated only in the Philippines.

  17. Hello i want to open a kabayan account here in riyad …but when u go back to philipines u can use ur passbook f u dont want to use ur atm.tnx

  18. hi ms nora,good morning.can i continue the account of my partner by using it in the philippines?can i open a bdo kbayan savings account without remittance receipt?hoping for your reply.thank you.

  19. Hi maria rowena, it’s better that you open your own account so that in case you need to replace your atm card, or you need to correct something, you can do it because it’s your own account. Kabayan is an OFW remittance account — this is why BDO needs proof that you will receive money from abroad, so show any proof that you’ll be receiving money from abroad.

  20. Hello mrs nora I’m ofw po. If I’m not able to remit every month, will BDO deduct 300 from my BDO savings? We opened here with only 65 dollars. reply please

  21. Hi. I have a kabayan card and i need to open paypal account. how can i link it to paypal.. there is no option on MY ACCOUNT to add/edit bank account. The only option is add/edit card. Cannot add my kabayad card because it’s not a mastercard/visa. Is there any other way to link it?please help

  22. Hi lolita, you are not required to remit every month. You’re required to remit at least once in 12 months. If you can send to your account maybe every 2 or 3 months, that’s good for your savings and to comply with the requirement.

  23. hello ms.nora i have dollar savings account with atm. May I ask if i withdraw money in bdo atm machines would that be in dollar or in peso and is that free of charge? thank you so much! I’ve heard if you only want to check your balance particularly your dollar account in atm machines there would be charge is this true?

  24. hi po! I got my atm and pasbook then it was only after 5 months that I left for abroad. Is that ok? Is there an expiration for my account? its already activated. pls reply salamat god bless

  25. Hi Melodina, yes, there’s a requirement for you to remit to your account from abroad at least once every 12 months. So remit to your account this month, or before the 10th month from opening date, to be sure.

  26. Hi! If my sister in law has a bdo account here in pinas, can her account receive remittance from my husband who’s in kuwait? Can I have a list of BDO remittance partners in salmiya kuwait. Thanks

  27. Hi darren, usually the remittance is deposited the next business day, but it can take up to 3 to 5 days,depending on the remittance firm.

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