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  1. Hi kimberly, yes, your boyfriend or you or anyone can deposit into his account over the counter at BDO. His aunt should send from abroad to his account at least once every 12 months so his account does not require a maintaining balance of 10k

  2. Hi Gerresa, do you mean apply for a Kabayan account online? Sorry you cannot apply for a Kabayan account online. You can visit these BDO remittance partners in Japan and ask if they’re offering Kabayan account opening. Many BDO partners abroad offer Kabayan account opening.

  3. My husband works in jubail, saudi arabia.. after he sent a his remittance to us, how many hours should we wait to claim money using BDO kabayan account?

  4. Hi. How many hours shall pass before I can claim my remittance from my husband who works in jubail using BDO kabayan savings atm. Thanks

  5. Hi ana, it depends on the remittance company that your husband used. Moneygram is fast but expensive. Check via your atm card today, but most likely, your money will be available tomorrow.

  6. How can we claim back what my sister deposited from abroad? She deposited to acct no written on my usd passbook. starts with 00. correct number and name. but when i checked online it starts with 10 and no remittance was entered to my account, which is a regular usd savings acct. thanks

  7. Hi charry, go to your branch and ask for your remittance status. Tell them that you gave your sender the account no. written on your passbook, and ask them to correct the remittance because they were the ones who committed a mistake in writing 00 on your passbook. Bring your passbook, IDs and the remittance reference no.
    If BDO is not able to correct it, tell your sister to go to the remittance company where she sent the money and request to amend her remittance (she should bring her receipt and IDs). She can request to change her remittance from account deposit to cash pickup by you at BDO over the counter.

  8. Hi ericha, did you change your atm PIN when you were in the Philippines? If yes, you can try making a balance inquiry at an atm machine with Mastercard logo. Balance inquiry charge is 1 US dollar. But there are times the Mastercard-BDO connection is off.

  9. I received a computer generated letter dated October 31, 2014 that my OFW savings account shall be automatically converted into regular savings account.But it was written there that i can still reactivate it if i will make remittance not later than Dec 1, 2014. Do you mean that if I will make a remittance or any amount of deposits before December 1, 2014 I can still enjoy my OFW savings account benefit?And i can continue using it as OFW savings account?

  10. How to apply for kabayan savings account?and how to send my money to my kabayan savings account and transfer money from my kabayan savings account to my family savings account thru internet online?tnx

  11. Hi Roldan, I’m not sure. Was there a date for the conversion of the account? But most likely, it’s yes, your Kabayan account remains Kabayan if you remit before Dec 1. I say it because it did not say that you must remit at least 10k — the maintaining balance for a regular passbook account.

  12. Hi james, go to BDO with your IDs, proof of being OFW or foreign remittance receipt and open your Kabayan account. You can also open an atm-only savings account for your family, or they can open a Kabayan or an atm savings account with your remittance receipt. Enroll your account online. They also enroll theirs. Or you can enroll both if you own the 2 accounts. Activate your enrollment while here in the Phils. Activation is through a BDO atm machine. Then connect the 2 accounts. When you’re abroad, send to your own Kabayan, and then when already credited, transfer online some amount to your family’s account.

  13. hi how can I check my kabayan savings through online. I have not registered in pinas online. What’s another way to check my account? thanks

  14. hi im dalma. I opened a bdo kabayan savings account. It’s been almost 1 year I haven’t deposited. Is my account already closed? I need your advice about my account. thanks

  15. Hi ann, it depends on the remittance company your husband used. It can be within the hour, the same day, next day, up to 3 days.

  16. How can I know if my BDO account has already received the money I sent from here ksa, I’ve registered online but I don’t know where to check the money I’ve sent. Please help thanks

  17. Hi Bernadette, after you log in, you can immediately see your account data, such as account no. and balance. You can hover your mouse over icons to your left and right top, and you will read “My Transactions” “Home” etc. You can also check your remittance using the BDO Remit Status Inquiry: https://www.bdocashcard.com/rts/remitinquire.asp

  18. Hi im maribel…..i have the kabayan saving accnt of my husband and his atm as well…but the problem is the cash was debited by the atm machine..but his not here in the philippines,,his working abroad…how can i fix it…

  19. Hi Maribel, go to your husband’s BDO branch with your IDs and marriage certificate and your withdrawal slip, if there is, and inform them that your atm card was debited. Meanwhile, ask your husband now to email BDO and request BDO to credit what was debited. He should provide complete info: date and time, location, amount, was there a withdrawal slip, what appeared on the screen, etc. When you talk with the BDO officer, inform them that your husband has already emailed BDO.

  20. hi. i have my kabayan savings passbook and atm my mom wants to deposit in my acc. where i can find my account no. ? i am really confused because the no. written on my atm and passbook is not the same. where i can fin my account no.? thanks! i need your reply asap

  21. Hi apple, your account no. is the no. in your passbook — the no. above or below your name in your passbook.

  22. Hi miss nora, last time I linked my atm card to my bdo account. After linking, I used a bdo machine to change PIN, but I made errors and exceeded allowed no. of tries. PIN change was not successful. What should I do? thanks

  23. Gud day. if friday morning in pune india a remittance was sent to my account and was deducted from his account at nighttime, is it possible that I can receive it saturday? Thank you

  24. Hi jeanne, if this is through wire transfer, you might get it Monday or Tuesday. But I hope you’ll get it earlier.

  25. Hello! I was expecting money remittance to come from the US. Sent last December 5, but until now has not reflected on the system. I’m here in Hongkong and have been emailing back and forth with the customer service and said that the problem has been endorsed to their Remittance Unit. My Kabayan ATM was left in my family in Manila. My passbook is with me here in Hongkong. I use it to send money to my family back home. It has been more than 10 days and I’m not sure what else to do to expedite process or find out what happened. Do you have any advice? Do you think the problem lies on the remitter’s end? Do I ask the remitter to send inquiry as well of the transaction to her bank as to know what happened? The remitter provided me details of the wire transfer and I also sent it to BDO to help with their investigation.

  26. Hi Jenifer, if the name and account no. on the wire transfer paper match your BDO account name and account no., then the reason could be the banks used. If your sender’s bank is not a BDO correspondent bank, it will use another bank (a BDO correspondent bank) to transfer the money, so the remittance takes more days. Yes, if the money has not yet arrived in 2 or 3 more days, then your sender should contact her bank.

  27. hi ,my cousin have her kabayan savings account. she left her atm to her family. she’s in abroad now (oman).the problem is,she forgot the password that she made in her atm. now her family can’t withdraw money from her atm. what should my cousin do to retrieve her password? please help.any suggestion will be helpful.thanks

  28. hi ms nora..im in ksa now, i just want to ask how to transfer money from my bank here (saudi holland bank) to my bdo kabayan account in pinas without withdrawing from atm and sending thru remitance centers? is it possible? thank u. Is holland bank a bdo partner? im planning to do it online if its possible. how much is the charge if ever? thanks in advance!

  29. i checked the holland website about online international money transfer but they are asking something like swift code or IBAN number of beneficiary bank. but i couldnt find iban number written in my atm or passbook.

  30. Hi gem, Saudi Holland is not a correspondent bank and not a remittance partner of BDO, so the charge will be higher and the remittance processing will take longer as Holland will use another bank to connect with BDO. It says on Saudi Holland’s website that their online international money transfer fee is 40 riyals plus 10 riyals for processing. The Swift code or BIC code for BDO Unibank is BNORPHMM . This code is for all branches of BDO. BDO might also charge 100 to 150 pesos. We have an article related to your inquiry: Saudi banks you can use to send money to the Philippines online

  31. Hi marygrace, your cousin really needs to remember her PIN because it is only she who can go to her BDO branch and replace her atm card. If PIN is forgotten, BDO personnel cannot retrieve the PIN because PINs are encrypted; what they do is to issue a new atm card, and they do this only upon the account owner’s request in person at the branch. If your cousin can’t remember, then she needs to send money to her family for CASH PICKUP at BDO (recipient needs to show IDs). To maintain her Kabayan as her savings account, she needs to send to it from abroad at least once in 12 months or maintain 10k pesos or more in her account.

  32. thank u so much…so its cheaper if i will deposit thru remittance centre…how much is the charge when i transfer money online from my bdo account to another bank in pinas? (i.e bdo to bpi bank)

  33. Hi gem, sorry, we cannot yet transfer money online from BDO to BPI or other banks. The only ones that offer interbank transfer in the Phils are Union Bank EON Visa cyber account (10 pesos by Union Bank plus charge of the recipient bank) and Bancnet-member-bank accounts (although Bancnet interbank transfer is still suspended temporarily as of today). Online money transfer from one BDO account to another BDO account or from one BPI/BPI Family account to another BPI account is free. CORRECTION Dec 21, 2014. We can now send money from our BDO account to another account in another bank through BDO online banking. The charge is 100 pesos.

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