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  1. Hi Nora, whats the best thing to do if I lost my BDO kabayan passbook? and how can I send money in the Philippines since I lost my passbook?

  2. Hi Arjulie, it’s only you who can have your passbook replaced, and it should be at your BDO branch. You can still deposit into your account, if you still have your atm card, but I think there’s a risk that somebody might be able to withdraw using your passbook (if they can duplicate your signature). Does your Kabayan has a balance? You need to report the loss to BDO if there’s a big balance. https://www.bdo.com.ph/contact-us or call 631-8000
    You can send money to your family through a BDO remittance partner there for Cash Pickup at any BDO branch here (no need for BDO account). Or you can ask your family to open their own BDO account so you can send to their account.

  3. Hi nora im here in saudi my passport and my atm with me..there’s no problem I can deposite my accnt here?

  4. Hi ailyn, yes, if you’re sure your account is active, you can remit to your account through a BDO remittance partner.

  5. Mam..just want to ask im currently in taiwan and i need to withdraw on my kabayan savings account..can i withdraw it here in taiwan?

  6. Hi anne, does your atm card have a Mastercard logo? Find an atm machine with Mastercard or Maestro logo and try making a balance inquiry. Balance inquiry fee is 1 US dollar; withdrawal fee is 3.5 US dollars. Sometimes though, the Mastercard-BDO link does not work.

  7. hi good day just want to ask im here in Saudi pero kelangan q ienroll ang account ko pwede q ba ienroll using the sabb or any bank here?

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