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  1. Even though I haven’t remitted. If I make an initial deposit, can i prevent it from being inactive? And if the money arrives, will it activate the card?

  2. We were told by the one who checked the card that it’s an unathorized invalid card. Can it be reactivated if a remittance is sent? It’s really needed by koney. And if ever what can I do to fix it?

  3. Hi Glenn, I suggest you ask someone to check if the account is active, as maybe only the atm card was deactivated due to a certain reason. Ask your family to deposit 100 pesos to your account over the counter using a deposit slip. If your account is active, the deposit will be accepted. If no longer active or already closed, the deposit won’t be accepted. If your account is already closed, send your remittance for CASH PICKUP. If you send to a closed account, your remittance will be rejected and be put on hold and you’ll spend some time and money to amend your remittance from deposit-to-account to cash-pickup.

  4. Hi mrs nora,
    I just wanna ask if i can used my kabayan card to purchased apps like in apple store or itunes?
    Hope will hear from you soon have a good day

  5. Hi Leah, there’s no expiration date. But if your Kabayan account is closed, then your atm card will not work.

  6. I have not remitted to my kabayan atm card since august 2014. Most likely it’s closed. How can I reactivate it? I brought my card with me here in Saudi. Thank you. Waiting for your reply

  7. Hi nora! If an ofw deposits from saudi to an account at bdo kabayan savings, can the deposit be withdrawn immediately or is there a clearing? Thanks

  8. Hi kristine, if through usual remittance companies, usually the deposit is credited to the account the next day, or after 24 to 48 hours, based on my experience. If sent for Cash Pickup through Western Union or Moneygram, the money can be claimed immediately over the counter.

  9. Hi Rhea, it’s only been 6 or 7 months since Aug 2014 (their rule is at least 1 remittance within 12 months), so I think your Kabayan is still active, and you can remit money to it. But to be sure, you can make your inquiry here before sending money to it: BDO Contact Page

  10. Hi. Is my kabayan account still active? Last deposit was dec 2013. Balance was 700php and if no longer active, can I reactivate it?

  11. Hi angel, I think your account is already closed and I think BDO does not allow reactivation in this case. But you can open a new Kabayan account.

  12. Ms, Good day. Is there any branch at saudi arabia, khobar? i want to open a savings account or is there any way to open savings account? I’m on now at Saudi Arabia. Thanks.

  13. Hello good afternoon. In the past, I can withdraw from my savings here in bahrain and use it to buy here at the shopping mall. Why now I can’t use it? I remitted last on february 7,2015 100 bahrain dinar through western union. Thanks

  14. Hi i done deposit to my ofw acount savings..how could i check my balance inquiry…i register also to bdo.com.ph just want to make sure my money was there in acount

  15. Hi ms. Nora… I have kabayan savings account… but I didnt deposit since july 2014.. do you think its still active???

  16. Hi cheska, that’s good you have around 20k. That means even if your account is converted to a regular passbook account, which requires a 10k maintaining balance, your account is still compliant and active. A Kabayan is converted if it does not receive a remittance from abroad at least once within 12 months. Make sure you make at least 1 deposit or withdrawal within 24 months so that it does not become dormant.

  17. Hi ma’am, just want to ask,. Is the Bdo kabayan account only made for OFW’s?? Can a family member open an account simply because the OFW will send remittance through bdo!? I mean, can i open an account even tho im not the OFW!?

  18. Hi jane, yes, you can open a Kabayan account even if you’re not an OFW, as long as you’re receiving remittances from abroad regularly. Bring one or 2 receipts of foreign remittances as proofs.

  19. Hi Ms. Nora, a relative of mine sent money thru Western Union to deposit said money to my bdo account in London last Feb 28, 2015 London Time. Upon inquiry to my BDO bank account here in the philippines i found out that said money was still not deposited to my account. May i ask how many days does it took for me to receive the money? Your immediate response is highly appreciated. Thank you

  20. Hi ms.Nora, I’m actually an ESL teacher teaching Koreans. I have bdo kabayan card and I would just like to know if my students can send money through my bdo kabayan account?I actually suggested it but they are a bit worried about the tax rate or the remittance fee. Is it okay to know how much is the fee from Korea to my account?thank you.
    Need your answer ASAP.God bless you..

  21. Hi pixie, yes, your students can remit/deposit to your Kabayan account. But it’s true that the total remittance fee is costly, as BDO also charges its own remittance fee here even if the sender has already paid a remittance fee in Korea. Recently, my in-law in Korea sent to my Kabayan account 25k pesos, and BDO deducted 653 pesos. My sender said she already has paid the remittance fee there in Korea. Before this, the 10k sent to my account was deducted with 200 pesos, and my sender said she paid more or less 300 pesos for remittance (I think she used Moneygram).
    I’m curious what your students are currently using to pay you. If they can pay you through Moneygram for cash pickup, then it will be good for you, as you won’t pay anything if you claim your money over the counter at BDO.

  22. hello po can I withdraw here in hong kong using my kabayan savings passbook. I forgot my atm PIN, what should I do? thanks po!

  23. Hi Ms. Nora..ask ko lang po kung mgkano charge fee kung mgpapadala ko using my BDO Kabayan. Nakaregister na ako sa bdo online banking. Pag ginamit ko yung “pick up anywhere” ng BDO magkano kya mgging charge fee nun? salamat po.

  24. Hi aruma, sorry you cannot withdraw there using your passbook. About your PIN, you can replace your atm card when you take your vacation in the Phils.

  25. hello po. I wish to open a kabayan savings account. One of my friends in US was sending me money using western union and I need to pay her/him back. How can I open a kabayan savings account? and how much should I deposit here in the Philippines so she/he can receive there in the us after I transfer money to her account. thank you po

  26. Hi Jolebeth, what I know is that BDO does wire transfers only from dollar accounts and through online only. So I think it’s better if you open an account with BPI Family or other banks, so later on you can send money to your friend’s bank account in the US through BPI Family’s wire transfer. Or if you really like BDO, you can go there and ask if you can make a wire transfer to the U.S. using a peso account (there might have been a change). To open a bank account, bring 2 valid IDs and 2 ID pictures. If BDO Kabayan, bring receipts of latest remittance from abroad. If you have a Meralco or water or credit card bill, bring them too in case they need proof of address.

  27. Hello, i deposit in my kabayan yesterday. I am here in jeddah and my atm is with me. I check online today for my balance. Why the money i deposited not yet entered in my account? What happened? My account still active..coz i can check it online..

  28. Hi Aileen, I hope today you already see your remittance credited to your account. Many foreign remittances to my BDO account were credited the next day.

  29. Good morning, Hello po, can I withdraw today at bdo? Yesterday, my husband remitted me money.

  30. good morning, I just want to ask if how much is the maximum can I deposit to my kabayan savings? or is there a limitation? hoping for your response. thanks?

  31. Hi myniel, I think so. If your husband used a BDO remittance partner, the money should be available within the day or the day after remittance. Try after lunch.

  32. Hi Assej, there’s no limit to the amount you can deposit to your Kabayan account. There might be a maximum limit for outward remittances in the country where you are, but as long as you earned your money legally, there’s nothing to worry about. Usually your remittance company tells you if there’s a maximum limit.

  33. hello mam nora i wanna ask if i can still use my kababayan saving account if my last transaction made was last feb.2014? is it still active and can still deposit?

  34. hi just want to ask, my husband asked his boss to remit on his behalf, and the boss made a mistake in writing my account no. Will that be rejected? One digit was incorrect.

  35. Hi dezza, yes, it will be rejected. Account name and no. should exactly match that of the record with BDO or any bank. If it was his boss who signed the remittance, it must be his boss who should go back to the remittance center and correct the account no. Or his boss can authorize your husband, if authorization is allowed by the remittance center there. There might be a charge for correction. You can also call BDO 631-8000

  36. Hi just want to ask if what happen to a kabayan savings acct if didn’t receive any remitance for a year and if it happens that it will be converted to a regular savings acct with a 10k maintaning balance and what if the maintaining balance was withdrawn and the balance become zero, what was probably happen to the acct? Thank u so much

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