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  1. Hi Jayr, if you’re sure you don’t need the life plan or can’t pay it regularly, I think it’s best if you don’t remit yet to your Kabayan account until you’re sure they have cancelled your agreement. Do you have a copy of your agreement? Is there a contact info there so you can email a cancellation letter. You should get an emailed response approving your cancellation request, otherwise they will deduct once you deposit money to your account. And you should email BDO first to inquire if indeed the agreement has been cancelled.

  2. good evening Mam Nora, about my bdo kabayan dollar savings account. when i checked my balance via atm, my balance has decreased to only $53. who should be sending? me or my parents. my first time aboard a ship

  3. Hi tony, was your original balance $100? If you never made any withdrawal, the missing $47 could have been deductions for below-MADB penalties. The penalty for below-MADB is $5 per month. Kabayan is a zero-maintaining-balance account but if you did not remit from abroad to this account at least once in 12 months, it was converted to a regular account requiring a $500 maintaining balance. The requirement is at least 1 remittance from your, from ABROAD within 12 months.
    What to do now? You can either deposit or remit $500 or more to the account, or withdraw your $53 to close your account.

  4. gud pm mam. I applied for a kabayan peso savings account. please explain use of passbook and atm. If I send my remittance to the bank account (passbook), what’s the use of the atm?thanks

  5. Hi there, I opened an account of BDO kabayan savings a day before I Left Philippines, that was October 16, 2013. For some reasons wasn’t able to make any transaction on that account and now it has been 11months. I tried to contact BDO thru phone/email but I can’t reach either of the two, so I decided to make a transaction thru western union today without knowing if my account still active. I tried to checked it online but I need to enroll and need verification that could take like days or weeks so I just decided to do transaction and the western said still in process. Any idea if my account still open? Or will they give me a refund if ever my account not existing anymore? PS: I only have the passbook wasn’t able to get the ATM. Thanks

  6. THANKS Ms. Nora for the info .. that’s lot of help for me .. and can i ask if i can use my kabayan savings to Shop online since it’s Debit Card (Mastercard) mention it.or i should apply for Credit cards? or can i apply a smart money card in BDO ? thanks again Ms. Nora .

  7. Hi nishina, you’re correct in your plan of sending to your account no. (written in the passbook). You use the atm card to check your balance or to withdraw your money through the atm machine. You use your passbook to record your remittances and withdrawals, so you will know how much you are saving or spending. But your transactions will be printed in your passbook only if you go to your branch and present your passbook for updating; maybe every 3 months or more. If you don’t go, your passbook will have no entries. Remit from abroad to your Kabayan at least once in 12 months so it will remain a zero-maintaining-balance account.

  8. Hi Vanny, based on their rule of at least 1 foreign remittance every 12 months, your Kabayan should still be Kabayan, a zero-maintaining-balance account. If you remitted the equivalent of at least 10k pesos, it’s better so that in case your account will be converted to a regular passbook account, which has a 10k-peso maintaining balance requirement, then your account is safe from below-MADB penalty. In case your account is closed, you can amend your remittance at the Western branch you used to “For cash pickup at BDO by your beneficiary” or you can refund from Western. You can use the Western Union tracking system and the BDO Remit Inquiry system on their respective websites.

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