Top Sources of OFW Remittances in 2014

Our OFWs are keeping us afloat!

OFWs sent us a total of 24.3 Billion US Dollars in 2014, based on data from the BSP.

This total includes only remittances that passed through the Philippines banking system.

It’s estimated that 2.62 Billion US Dollars were sent through personal or padala networks in 2014, bringing the overall total of OFW remittances in 2014 to 26.9 Billion US Dollars.

Country Total Remittance in US Dollars
1. United States 10.4 billion
2. Saudi Arabia 2.6 billion
3. United Arab Emirates 1.7 billion
4. United Kingdom 1.4 billion
5. Singapore 1.2 billion


6. Japan 981.9 million
7. Hong Kong 694.1 million
8. Canada 650.9 million
9. Germany 603.6 million
10. Australia 427.1 million
11. Qatar 426.9 million
12. Norway 363.9 million
13. Greece 335.4 million
14. Kuwait 297.5 million
15. Taiwan 213.5 million
16. Malaysia 198.1 million
17. South Korea 182.9 million
18. Bahrain 171.7 million
19. Netherlands 148.3 million
20. Italy 136.5 million
21. Oman 119.3 million


22. Switzerland 99.8 million
23. France 91.8 million
24. Guam 87.0 million
25. Denmark 62.3 million
26. Israel 52.4 million
27. New Zealand 51.7 million
28. Belgium 50.8 million
29. Spain 35.9 million
30. Cyprus 33.4 million
31. China 31.6 million
32. Panama 30.8 million
33. Russia 29.4 million
34. Lebanon 20.8 million
35. Brunei 17.1 million
36. Sweden 16.5 million
37. Indonesia 16.2 million
38. Austria 16.0 million
39. Thailand 14.0 million
40. Papua New Guinea 12.4 million
41. Ireland 11.6 million
42. Monaco 11.4 million
43. Virgin Islands 10.1 million

Updated: March 17, 2015 — 12:22 pm


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  1. Hello po..ask ko lang po madam..namatay po yong asawa ko last march 30 2017.. nahulog lang po siya ng 71 months? every month po 25 pesos yata nahuhulog nya simula 1996 t0 1993? hindi pa po ako nakaka pag file ng funeral claim at death claim..pwde po bang malaman kung magkano makukuha namin at kung magpepensyon po ako? salamat po..pls paki tulungan naman po ..reply po salamat po

  2. hi ms nora ask knlang po bket hindi kasqmq tatay kn my adjustment pabalik balik po kmi s sss pinalakad m ung 85-89 nakapsok po tapos sbi balik kmi ng lastwk rapoa pagbalok nmn asbhn d dw po naksma a my adjustment tatay k pno po kay un an po kmi pwed lumpit

  3. Hi Ms. Nora…SSS website just posted payments for April 2016 regular pension – nothing yet for adjustments. Since your adjustment was posted already, did they pay you already?

  4. Hi, I tried – SS DEATH PENSION – AND i was able to see the figures. I also checked my employment history and indeed there gaps from 1990-1992 that’s why there were no postings for this period. This explains it. but for 1984-1989 there was no record but I was employed then so – i should expect some adjustments,,,,Thanks a lot for the help Ms. Nora. More Power !!!

  5. Luis Maceda March 1, 2016 at 11:43 am
    Hi Ms. Nora, under benefits eligibility,”Retirement-Pension” does not appear in the available benefits (see below)- why is this so? is there a problem with my records? – or is it bec they’re doing the adjustment now?…thanks

    Benefits Eligibility

    SS Number 03-2483573-1 Member Name MACEDA, LUIS Z
    Date of Birth 12-14-1951 Date of Coverage 04-1972

    Member Info
    Premium Payments

    Earliest Retirement Date 12-14-2011
    Total Number of Posted Contributions 184
    Total Number of Lumped Contributions 84
    Total Number of Deemed Paid Contributions 0
    Total Number of Contributions Prior to Semester of Contingency 268

    Available Benefits
    List of Available Benefit

  6. Hi Luis, I wonder why you have only 84 as “contributions not shown” when you started contributing in 1972. Did you have gaps or did you miss paying for many months? Try checking your current CYS. How to check your estimated SSS pension

  7. Yes, up to 1992 only, then there’s another line which says “contributions not shown:84” I think that’s the period from 1972 when I first made a contribution up to 1991 where they need to make an adjustment…what do you think Ms. Nora?

  8. Hi Luis, I’m puzzled yours shows only up to 1992. I thought all long-time members have their records show backward up to 1990. Anyway, it’s just a thought.

  9. That’s good to know Ms. Nora. Mine still shows contributions up to 1992 only. Hoping to see the adjustments soon. Thanks for the info. Kind regards

  10. Hi Luis, I haven’t read of a formal announcement from SSS, just like what they did last year (with target month as Dec 2015). They were not able to complete the encoding/adjustment last Dec 2015, so they’re hoping to complete soon. My own online SSS account already shows the 1985 to 1989 contributions, so I hope they’ll complete postings for everyone this March, and then start recomputing/adjusting for pensioners.

  11. Hi, is it true that posting for the adjustment won’t be made until end of march, and payment will be made on april? thanks again for the update Ms. Nora

  12. Hi Luis, in the SSS advisory last year, they said that they will encode all the 1985-1989 records, make adjustments for all pensioners whether they requested or not, mail the notice vouchers and deposit the adjustments to pensioners’ accounts. Based on the SSS Facebook page, the adjustments have not been completed yet. Wait for your notice this month, and maybe visit SSS in March if you have not received anything

  13. Hi Ms. Nora, Thank you very much for the info you have been giving us – reaaly very helpful to us pensioners. Just wish to clarify if and when we get a notice of adjustment, will SSS deposit the amount to our ATMs immediately or do we still have to make a request for re-evalaution and request for payment again?.Appreciate very much the info.
    Kind regards.


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