is about things I hope can help fellow working Pinoys.


Hi, I’m Nora, thank you very much for visiting my blog.

I’m married, a mother of one, and working at home, sometimes nighttime, sometimes daytime, as a virtual admin assistant for a company in Florida. I also manage several sites and blogs.

Here I write about things I’ve learned through the years that I hope can help fellow Pinoys.

Like many others, sometimes I hesitate to write about my credentials. But according to respected bloggers on the web world, bloggers need to tell where they’re coming from in order to build trust and connections with readers.  So here it is…

In 1982, I graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology, and started working as an industrial engineer in a paper conversion company in Mandaluyong.


After almost 4 years in this firm, I resigned to go to an idyllic place in Morong, Bataan, on a mountain with a stream and a hanging bridge, near the sea, and taught survival English and Math to Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian teenagers, who each had to stay at the 365-hectare Philippine Refugee Processing Center (now a tourism and retirement park called Bataan Technology Park) for at least six months, as part of their preparation for their eventual immigration to the U.S.

After nearly seven years on this idyllic place, I got married in my rustic, lovely hometown in La Union, and had my only child about a year later.  In Quezon City, my sister and I tried garment contracting, but unfortunately, we failed.  For the next several years, I worked as a data analyst and abstractor in Makati while my husband worked abroad. I also tried operating a foodcart franchise at a mall in Manila, and for the second time, my incursion in small business failed.  Since 2009, I’ve been working at home as a virtual admin assistant for a company in Florida.

Through the years, there were failures and there were successes.

Lessons learned, blessings received, pleasant surprises, useful info… these are the things that I’m going to write about.  And I do hope that we can learn from them. Facebook



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