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Reviews of beauty products, youth products, health products and beauty tips — these are the things that my college-age daughter are talking about in her blog

Nail art water decalI’m really happy that she inherited part of my passion for writing, although it manifested only now in her late teens. She’s indeed a late bloomer in many ways — even her understanding of Math came only later. I was frustrated during her primary school years, when she could not solve very simple Math problems. Now, Math is one of her fave subjects as she now excels in it.

It’s through my daughter’s search for various affordable but effective beauty products that I’m discovering products I didn’t know existed (you see, I only use Johnson’s baby powder on my face, nothing else).

Here are some beauty products I didn’t know existed, and that she has blogged about in her blog:

Double Eyelid Tape from The Face Shop

This beauty product instantly puts folds into smaller eyes, narrower eyes, or slit eyes. It’s also my first time to know that the terms double eyelids and mono eyelids are used to describe the lack or presence of folds on the eyelids.

Nail Art Water Decals

You can make your nails attractive and unique in minutes with these decals.

For more information about these products, just visit or click products above.


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