Death — Prepare for Yourself and Those You’ll Leave Behind

Remember, man, that you are dust and unto dust you shall return.

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The sad realities of life, such as deaths and illnesses, have struck our family, so I did not have time to make updates on this blog.

Thank you to all those who made comments on this blog while I was away.

There are lessons learned that I can share here:

1. Make your last instructions now, so your family will know what to do in case the Lord calls you to heaven.

Put your last instructions in a safe place that they can access — your personal drawer or your family safe.

List all insurance or investment plans that they can claim. Tell them where they can find your documents. List the requirements needed to make a claim.

Instruct them to cut your credit cards immediately. Tell them about what they will do regarding your balances.

Tell them about your current debts (such as debts owed to persons) and what you have paid and instruct them about what to do.

Similarly, list the persons who still owe you money and the amounts owed and compile documents or proofs if available. Better yet, collect them now, or put the loans into writing, especially for large amounts.

2. If there are still properties that need to be divided with your brothers and sisters, divide them now, so that your children do not have to do the negotiations with their cousins or uncles and aunts. Transfer the titles directly to your children to save on transfer costs.

3. Show more appreciation to you parents, husband and children. Say thank you more often. Tell them you love them.

Lastly, the most important of all, make sure you are going to heaven. This is not about doing good all the time, or never sinning. This is not possible for anyone.

What is possible now at this moment is to accept you are a sinner, accept Jesus Christ as your only Savior, ask forgiveness from Him and believe you are now saved.

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