PLDT Had 39 Billion Income in 2011, Yet Customer Hotline Is a Cold Line

I called the PLDT Landline Plus hotline 101-328 to ask how to replace my extension SIM, and this 101-328 line was just a long interplay of music and this recording:

“Your call is important to us. Our service representatives are assisting other calls at the moment. Please stay on the line until our representative becomes available to take your call.”

pldt39.4 BILLION Core Income in 2011, and 31.7 BILLION Net Income attributable to PLDT equity holders, and yet there is “no representative that becomes available to take my call” for over an hour.  It could be hours, if I persisted.

I put down the phone, and dialed the regular PLDT hotline 171, and after hearing the same Your-call-is-important-to-us recording, you know what? The hotline staffer said “I will connect you to the Landline Plus hotline!!!” I told him I waited for over an hour via that hotline and that no one was answering, and he said they can not resolve my problem, as it’s under Landline Plus!

I gave up, and said Okay, and he connected me to 101-328… and the same replay of music and recording again…  I was wrong when I thought this perennial problem of PLDT has been resolved .
PLDT, do not be too greedy. Are you afraid of your investors? Are they too greedy too? Can’t you not get some from this 39 BILLION to pay some more hotline representatives to improve your Customer Care?  And give jobs to some people and help feed some more families in the process ?

I think sometimes this boils down to competition.  BDO, BPI, Metrobank and the other banks have Much Hotter HOTLINES.  They have to… there are a lot of banks around.  Or maybe they really are more mindful of the role of customers in their lives.

Today, I read that PLDT was honored as among the most profitable companies in Southeast Asia by Apha Southeast Asia, and that those who voted were “460 investors, pension funds, hedge funds, equity and fixed income brokers and analysts with investment interests in the region.” ALL INVESTORS.

If customers vote, what would be the rank of PLDT?

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