Danvil Plans — Claiming Your Maturity Benefits


NOTICE to ALL DANVIL Planholders:


 If you were not able to file before this deadline because you did not know there was a deadline, you can still file, as long as your name is in the Danvil masterlist.  Sorry I don’t have a copy of this masterlist. The wisest thing to do is to file as soon as you’ve read this.  

Info for filing is here: Notice from Danvil Plans


Finally, after 10 years, I’m filing my claim for my Danvil Plans maturity benefits, which are due on October 4 this year. I visited the SM Southmall branch, and saw that Danvil has moved from the second floor to the lower ground floor (basement) — to cut costs, presumably. For me, this is good. The firm can survive and grow more if it’s lean.

The sign on the outside was also already PPLIC, short for Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co.  PPLIC and Danvil have been partners since PPLIC bought Danvil’s insurance portfolio in 2007, and probably before 2007, so whatever relationship they have now is not surprising. When you ask reps about the Danvil-PPLIC thing, you get different answers, so it’s enough for me that they’re processing Danvil claims while selling PPLIC plans.

Danvil Plans is strict about IDs — which is good, baka may mag-claim na iba, so prepare your IDs. If you lack IDs, get a postal ID or a TIN digitized ID now.

These are the requirements in filing your claim for maturity benefits:

  1. Original copy of Policy Face Page (the separate one-page summary that contains details about the planholder, beneficiaries and amount)
  2. Original copy of Certificate of Full Payment
  3. Original copy of Contract Provision
  4. Photocopy of Cedula or Community Tax Certificate (Current Year)
  5. Photocopy of two primary IDs  or  one primary ID and two secondary IDs

Valid Primary IDs:

  • Passport
  • SSS Digitized ID
  • Company ID (current)
  • Driver’s License
  • PRC ID
  • School ID (current)

Valid Secondary IDs:

  • Postal ID
  • TIN Digitized ID
  • Senior Citizen ID

The processing of claims takes 45 to 60 days, so file your claims about two to three months before your maturity date.  When claiming your check, bring the originals of the photocopies you submitted. Bring the required IDs and your cedula.

For planholders abroad or OFWs who are not able to file and claim in person:

— Choose a representative who is of legal age.

— Go to the Philippine Consulate in the country where you are, and obtain a Special Power of Attorney (SPA).  Danvil Plans specifies your SPA to be consularized.  The SPA should state that you are:

  • authorizing the representative to transact and process the maturity benefit claim in your behalf
  • authorizing the representative to claim the maturity benefit check and sign the release, waiver and quitclaim form in your behalf.

Your representative should present:

  1. two primary IDs, or one primary ID and two secondary IDs
  2. cedula (current year)
  3. photocopy of the IDs and the cedula

You can request Danvil Plans for the check to be made payable to your representative, so he/she can encash it for you, or deposit in his/her account for subsequent wiring to your foreign account. But make sure your representative is a person of integrity. Remember, cash can disappear like magic. If you choose this option, include this request also in your SPA.  Check that you’re writing the correct name/spelling of your representative in your SPA.




Update as of August 15, 2010:

I filed my claim this afternoon. As described by others who filed last year and this year, the process was easy. Ganon pa rin… na ang unang step is to sign a small sheet of paper stating your purpose for visiting the office. Then you are ushered inside.

The time I was there, marami pa ring kinakausap. Makikita mo pa rin yong usual na nakikita noong Family First pa —  yong mga katatapos lang nag-grocery, kasi may mga SM grocery bags under the tables, mga spouses/bfs/gfs/children waiting, at yong walang kamatayang Iced Tea! Pero, in fairness, okay naman yong Iced Tea nila compared sa Max’s. The rep and I nagtsika konti, tapos kinuha at tsinek niya documents, then binigay sa akin one copy of the checklist/receipt for the claim filing.

Before I left, I asked the rep why the sign outside the office was already PPLIC, and no longer Danvil Plans. It seemed that this rep was more informed than the others because he was more confident in his answers. He said that Danvil Plans is still an existing firm, separate from PPLIC, and that PPLIC has not acquired Danvil. He explained that Danvil is no longer selling Danvil plans; it’s only servicing existing planholders. He said that Danvil and PPLIC have a special partnership, helping each other in the processing of claims and in the marketing of PPLIC plans.

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  1. Irena E. valentini

    Hello Nora ,

    Iam one of the Danvil Planholder .Like many others whose seeking helped to find some informations on how to claim their maturity benefits from Danvil. Has been paid in full & issued this certification on JUNE 19,2012 . My maturity date due on AUGUST 15,2021 .Have you in any way has an idea if they still have concerned or even not late in submiting all the documents.I`m living aboroad & coming home on October 15,2018.Thank you so much..GOD BLESS .

  2. Hi Marie jenifer, ang alam ko, puede pa, basta meron kang documents. Punta ka lang don sa address dito: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  3. Marie jenifer labao

    Hanggang ngayon po ba Ms. Nora pwede pang magclaim?

  4. Magandang araw sa lahat. Sa mga di pa nakakapag file ng claims sa Danvil…Nagfile po ako ng claim noong Dec 1, 2017 at tinanggap pa po. Sabi ng attending officer tatanggap pa rin sila ng claims hanggat di pinapatigil ng Insurance Commission. Same address pa rin po…2nd Floor PPSTA BLDG., Quezon Ave. cor Banawe St. QC.

  5. Hi Nora,
    I have my maturity date October last year, I only knew this fiasco 2 days ago, I am based here in UK. How can I claim? I don’t know what to do. Please point me to the right direction. All my documents are with me. Thank you in advanced.

  6. Hi Nora,
    I have my maturity date October last year, I only knew this fiasco 2 days ago, I am based here in UK. How can claim? I don’t know what to do. Please point me to the right direction. All my documents are with me. Thank you in advanced.

  7. Can you please send the complete address where i can claim ?

  8. Remelita N. Villorente

    I am Remelita N. Villorente, can you please send my your present address because I am going to claim my plan benefits which mature on August 17, 2017 and handling my Full Payment Certificate, thank you and waiting for your reply may the Lord Bless you all.

  9. Hi po. Ask ko lang po sana kung san po office ng danvil po. Or do u have any office number? Yung tinatawagan ko po kasi busy line lang po.

  10. Hi Ethel, yes, it makes us sad and angry. Think of a document you have that can prove your card was active from Jan 2011 to May 2011 and documents that prove your payments from the beginning. You’re right that it was just 5 months and you would have paid off the whole plan. I don’t know if the result will be successful, but try to present documents to prove your payments.

  11. I asked my sister to go to the office ng Danvil to file my claim, but I was shocked and disappointed sa response. Terminated na daw ang policy ko dahil di daw ako nakabayad. Paano nangyari yun na automatic kinakaltas nila sa card ko. Nag expire na daw ang card ko ng 01/01/2011 pero sa record ng card ko.. 01/03/2011 nagbayad pa ang card ko sa danvil.. and for the record hanggang ngayon continue pa rin ang card ko na active. I think sila mismo ang nag stop sa card ko para ma porfeit ang policy ko. Mag end ang bayaran ko 05/2011 sa danvil.. ilang buwan na lang sana. I am living abroad kaya late ko nalaman ang pangyayari sa danvil. It’s hard dahil pinaghirapan ko yung pinagbayad ko sa kanila tapos as in mawala lang yun lahat.

  12. Hi Evelyn, yes, file your claim ASAP. File photocopies, submit the originals when you claim your cheque

  13. I just found out today about Davil plan can I still file to claim my money? Thanks

  14. Hi Nora, Where I can find the list of Danvil plan policy holder? Thanks, Evelyn

  15. Hi Rosalinda, tingnan mo yong date na nasa taas ng list mo, merong date — ito yong date na puede mong i-claim yong cheque mo. Yong sa isang batch, iba-ibang araw yong schedule.

  16. Rosalinda V. Escalona

    I saw my name in the list of Insurance Commission 3rd batch of Danvil plans, is ny check ready to be claimed

  17. Gudday po ma’am/sir tnung ko skli pong mga 9months o 10months npo na hndi ko npo nhhulugan ang atm ko na kabayan master card na bdo i koclose npo b agd ng bdo ung atm ko po kc po blak ko pong hulugan na ulit ung atm ko po salmat po sa issgot nio godbless po

  18. may i know when can i follow-up the claims or the check. i submitted the required docs on may 2 2016 at Banawe cor Q Ave. i’m calling them to the # given to me but they do not reply instead they cut the connection,also the land line no longer exist. they told me to call or follow up this June 2,2016. I want to know the status of the claims.

  19. Hi Lorie, I hope someone in the first batch replies to you. Atty. Togonon’s office suggested that you may file xerox copies first, and then submit the originals when claiming your cheque.

  20. I am asking those in the first batch who had claimed a cheque from Danvil. Did Danvil give your Full payment? Did you file original copy documents or xerox copies and then give them the originals when claiming the cheque? It’s only now that I’m applying thru representative since I live abroad. Please help po.Thank you

  21. Hi Sharimah, ask your sender to go back to where he sent the money, and change his remittance receiving mode from account deposit to cash pickup over the counter.

  22. Sharimah Guinar Sultan

    hi po. my card was blocked. I forgot the code. The problem is I don’t own the card. The owner is abroad. Can I get the remittance over the counter?

  23. ang KIKITID naman NG MGA UTAK ninyo… my Goodness! how can you spread news na hindi naman talgaa tama! please please… THINK before you POST! how can u tell people na u were being deceived by these people in PPLIC? why did allow yourself to sign for their authority to debit and charge waiver kung hindi ka naman talgaa interesado and hindi mo nman nkita how important the policy is?


    Dear Nora, It’s all right if my e-mail address will not be published. I just want a reply WHEN to claim my check from DANVIL. Thank you

  25. Hi Gemma Ruth, I hope you’ve already filed your claim, as the deadline is July 30, 2015. Sorry I can’t know if you’ll get back what you paid in full. It’s most likely that you won’t, but we of course hope that you will. I think what they will do is divide proportionately the trust fund amount among claimants based on each claimant’s maturity value or termination value and other factors. If your 3 other plans lapsed, sorry it’s most likely you won’t get back what you paid. But read your plan’s rules on reinstatement and forfeiture and see if you can file your 3 other plans as additional claims before July 30, 2015.

  26. Gemma Ruth Malonzo Galang

    Hello Ms. Nora, I just want to confirm if I can get the full contract price of my fully paid plan. Another thing is, what to do with my 3 other plans which I stopped paying because I find it suspicious that DANVIL is going to close. I felt so afraid back then and decided to not pay the remaining balance for the fear of not getting the money I have entrusted to this institution. I hope you could help me with my queries. Please advise Sincerely, GEMMA RUTH

  27. i just wanna know kung kailan nyo ibibigay ang certificate of full payment ko sa inyo & pg claims ko ng plans ko s office nyo kc ng start akong mg bayad sa inyo dated July 6, 2007 to July 2014 7 yrs to pay po ito & here my berkley plan FPN 271432 sa sm megamall po ang office nyo dati asahan ko ang inyong mabilis n tugon… Thnx

  28. Hi Jem, thanks for appreciating my efforts, although I don’t feel very good replying to Danvil and pre-need inquiries because of what happened to these many pre-need firms that failed. I tend to get stressed because of the pain I feel for planholders who sacrificed for years to save, only to find out that these sacrifices have been made useless by these failed pre-need firms. Thanks again, and God bless you and your family too. http://www.workingpinoy.com/pre-need/danvil-plans/

  29. Hi Nora I just want to appreciate your effort for helping all those that are currently out of the loop with regards to Family First/Danvil insurance issue. I, myself, is a planholder and now living abroad. I have been trying to search about this then I found your blog which is indeed very informational and helpful.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with this issue and for your unselfish gesture on answering our queries. Mabuhay ka at Pagpalain ka ng ating Panginoong Diyos!

  30. Hi Nina, Danvil has stopped selling since 2010. Their SM branches closed in maybe 2011 or 2012, taken over by Philippine Prudential Life. Their remaining office, in Alabang, closed 1 or 2 months ago. http://www.workingpinoy.com/pre-need/danvil-plans/

  31. Dear Nora, I have read so many stories about DANVIL. Is it true that they’re closing? How about their clients? Are their SM Megamall branches already closed? I haven’t gone there for a long time. please reply.thank you.Nina

  32. Hi Mary ann, what’s happening with failed pre-need firms is really horrible. Please see updates here: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  33. Hi policy holder po ako ng danvils na dating family first malaki ang plan ko dahil almost 800k ang binayaran ko sa kanila ang maturity noon is sa year 2018 now I’m getting freak sa mga balita at comments na nababasa ko dito I want to get my money back return asap cause I need it very badly…saan ko sila pwede makontak? Please give me an advice thanks

  34. Hi Cindy, email Eleazer Francisco (Customer Service Department) at mypolicy@danvil.com.ph

  35. Gud am plan holder din po ako ng danvil paano po ba makakakuha ng certificate of full payment fully paid na din po yung plan ko..salamat po.

  36. Hi jeanette, yes, it’s really frustrating, horrible and painful. The money is the result of our sacrifices. Sorry jeanette, I don’t know what to advise because I don’t know what will happen. I’m not sure if it’s better for you to file for termination (please read the termination portion of your plan and the termination value), and if you’ll be able to get your termination money on schedule. See updates here: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/ and type Danvil Plans Facebook on Google to see other planholders’ comments.

  37. Hi Nora,
    We started our plan under family first then danvil..I am deeply saddened about all the comments i just read.We already fully paid our plan and it will mature on 2017.If the situation like this how can we make sure that we can able to claim our money when the maturity time comes?This is too bad for an OFW like us because we trusted our money to this plan for the future however it seems its going to be in vain.please reply and advise us if what is the good action to be done.

  38. Hi Ms. Nora,

    Policy holder po ako and na complete ko payment ng May 2008, I was advised then to pay my last amortization directly sa SM office ng Family First. The problem is they did not gave me the receipt so until now wala pa din po yung certificate of full payment ko, and since directly charged sa card ko yung monthly premium and dahil na rin nag transfer ako ng bahay di kumnpleto receipt ko, how will I be able to get my full payment certificate, is there a way for you to check it in your system? thanks

  39. Jessica Timblique

    Hi Ms. Nora,good morning po,policy holder din po kami ng Mr. ko since 2005 pa,nabayaran na po namin ung insurance namin nung 2010 pa,mayroon na rin po kaming certificate of full payment,gusto ko lang pong malaman kung may aasahan pa kami,pinaghirapan po namin ang pinambayad dun,may makukuha pa po ba kami sa danvil?Wala po kasi kaming balita sa mga nangyayari dahil dito na rin po kami ng family ko nakatira sa ibang bansa,paki advice na lang po kami kung ano po dapat naming gawin para makakuha ng claim at kung pwede ko po itong ipakuha sa sister in law ko.Thank you po.

  40. Hi Jun, I wished you got your money in 2010 because you would have claimed all your money. Now Danvil is under IC conservatorship, and the payout of claims is still suspended. But there’s hope they’ll restart again this July. File your claim asap at their only office in Alabang, so you’ll put your claim in their current list. You can read updates here: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  41. Hi Nora,

    My BERKLEY/ Family First insurance policy has matured last 2010 . I almost forgot it. Luckily, I came across your blog. Can I still get my claim after 4 years? Where? under Danvil plans? Thanks a lot you are a blessing!

  42. hi Joan, indeed what happened to pre-need firms really makes us angry. There are updates here: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  43. Hi I’m Joan, working abroad..like the rest I look a plan to Berkeley family first then was transferred to danvil . I’m due for my claim this month. I authorised my to sister to sort out my claim for me. Managed to claim 50% of my insurance plan and the remaining 50% is payeable every year for five years. When my sister went to the office last year and had my claim … She made a comment to one of the staff and say ‘ will you still be here next year!’ Well, what a coincidence, wala na nga sila!!! My sister tried all the contact number and can’t get hold of anybody! Now, who is responsible for this.. I know a lot of people are worried sick with this.. Especially the OFW! We’re working so hard to make sure that will have a brighter future. But happened now!!! I’m just trying to be calm! I hope that somebody will sort this out! Who should we contact about this, and who took over the company! Please your reply is much appreciated, many thanks!

  44. Hi Cee, anger and frustration are natural reactions to the way Danvil and other failed preneed firms have treated their planholders, and the fact that the IC and SEC were too weak and too poor to carry out their functions. And I’m sad that I can’t give any concrete help, other than to suggest to all planholders to write PNoy, newspapers, Congress, etc.

  45. Just thought that the deleted message was not uploaded properly. Sorry.

  46. well, just re-posting my comment about Danvil which was deleted. The topics here are mostly about how to claim, the requirements, the contact details…etc..blah..blah…
    But when I posted a feedback about claim IT WAS DELETED! I have filed my claim to Danvil with the complete requirements (with full payment certificate from them ‘Danvil”,..etc) last December 2013 and it is now 5 months and unable to claim any cent from them. Danvil gave the direct number to contact Insurance Commission to help them follow-up (it’s not our job to do that anyway…and why we need to beg to claim our hard-earned money that we have trusted to them?). Anyway, Insurance Commision has one answer everytime you contact them… “they are still auditing”! What a lame excuse for this long process!!!!

  47. Hi Cee, you can call the Insurance Commission 404-1758 / 5238461 to 70 local 127 or 103 and ask if ganon nga na under audit ang Danvil kaya hindi mabigay ang mga claims.

  48. Would just like to comment about Danvil Plan. I already filed my claim with all the required documents (with full payment cert. from them)to Danvil last Dec.2013 and up to now wala silang maibigay na kahit na magkano. It’s been 5 months now at ang lagi nilang reason ay nag-o-audit pa sila (Insurance Commission. Kailangan na naming yung pera pero kahit na araw-araw- na magfollow-up ay iisa lang sagot nila. 🙁

  49. Hi gloria, paki-check na lang dito yong mga nag-comment: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  50. gloria m. taniuchi

    Hi! I am also a plan holder of Danvil Plans with Protector PNCB. When I arrived last week, I noticed that the original receipts issued stopped last year, March 2013. Then, I checked my statement of account of checks issued to Prudential. It was not debited from April 2013 up to this April this year. I am suppose to claim my PNCB this coming May 15. So, I called prudential and went to see them last Friday, April 25. The customer lady explained to me the details, what happened, etc. Bottom line, I agreed with their goodwill offer of 30% of the premiums paid from January 2010 to March 2013. Lumipad na yung aking mga previous payments from 2002 up to last year. Yesterday, I received the goodwill offer of 18,801.80 pesos.
    Now, I would like to file an early termination of my base plan, kasi sa 2017 pa ang maturity nito eh Baka wala na akong makuha by then. I kept calling them, nobody answers.
    As I read the contract, nakita ko na meron tayong group insurance certificate, Hindi kaya dun nila ulit I base yung amount Kung magkano ang I babalik nila sa atin if we terminate the contract? Lumalabas na Hindi Ito individual insurance Kung Hindi group insurance. so, Hindi kaya I base nila sa gross contract price ang amount na I babalik nila at 30% Lang nito?please if somebody out there has terminated the plans, paki respond naman. if you read the contract, meron pang age limit sa pag terminate nito???.
    This is what is stated at the termination values: While this contract is in force before the maturity date, you may surrender this contract and you will be entitled to the termination value as stated in the attached schedule of termination values. After the termination values are paid to you, we shall discharged from any liability or obligation in this contract.” Now, when I received this, there is no attachment of the schedule of termination values.

  51. Hi Nora,

    I tried emailing the email address given above but it seems this address no longer exist. How do I contact Danvil to inform them that I want to terminate and claim my insurance before the specified maturity date. I’m the holder of policy number FPN246418 which has been fully paid since 2010 and will only mature on 2018.


  52. Hi belinda, write Danvil again. Get the contact info and some updates here: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  53. belinda dela cruz

    Hi! I have a Future Provider plan which will mature in October 2015. I did not receive the ORs for the last 4 months of my installment (July-Oct 2007), also the certificate of full payment. I made several follow ups with Family First then, and was told to just wait as it was probably mailing problem. Unfortunately, we entered a family crisis in 2008, and this thing totally slipped my mind. It’s only now that I suddedly remembered to check my files. What should I do? PLEASE HELP… WE NEED THESE PROCEEDS BADLY….

  54. Hi cris, email Eleazer Francisco, Customer Service Asst. Manager at mypolicy@danvil.com.ph . For updates, see http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  55. Hi nianne, ask your mother to email and request for the certificate from the contact person here: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  56. Hello Ms. Nora,

    My plan maturity will be on May 2016. I just want to ask where can I get the Original copy of Certificate of Full Payment? Since we live abroad, I have no idea if it was sent to our home address there in the Philippines. What I have in me are Original copy of Policy Face Page (the separate one-page summary that contains details about the planholder, beneficiaries and amount) and Original copy of Contract Provision. Thank you in advance for your help and information.

  57. Hi Ms. Nora,

    Good day!

    May matured plan po kasi yung mother ko, and she’s an OFW. She just want to know how can she get her certificate of full payment to be able to file for her claim. Thank you very much.

  58. I have a plan which will mature in December 2015. I have my certificate of full payment with me. Will that be enough to claim my benefits? Is it necessary to apply for a claim now or just wait for its maturity? I was expecting that I could be able to get the maturity value then…are they doing legal actions on this? What happened to family first..berkley…danvil? I wasn’t aware of this.

  59. Hi Arsenio, merong contact info and updates dito: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  60. Arsenio M.Yaya Jr

    Hello po! Last 2009 pa tapos yong plan ko , pero wala po akong nareceived na certificate that I complete my payments. 2019 ang maturity date ng plan ko pero gusto kunang i pull out yong pera ko kase kaylangan. Makukuha ko ba ito completely? Saan ko po ito mai claim , nauwi lang ako dyan sa pinas every 6 months for only 15 to 20 days. please advice.

  61. Hi Susan, there are updates and contact nos. here http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  62. Hello there,

    My plan will mature on 2019, I would like to know how can I claim it, I will not wait my plan to mature. Could you please advise.


  63. Hi Fides, get contact info and some updates here: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  64. Fides Lailani R. Cruz

    My plan will mature on 2018… Where can i claim it if ever i will not wait for the time to mature… And telephone number where we can call a representative from your office thanks…

  65. Hi Marc, sorry I can’t tell. But we hope. Right now, based on the latest comments, the 50%-on-maturity-date-and-50%-over-5-years arrangement is still being applied, but the check release is being delayed by the audit process undertaken by the Insurance Commission.

  66. Hi Ms.Nora,

    Makakakuha pa ba ako ng educational plan benefits sa DANVIL Alabang dahil natapos ko nang bayaran at ang maturity date is on march 2017 pa. Baka kasi wala na silang pondo by 2017.

    Thank you.

    Just for info:

    List of distressed preneed firms
    September 18th, 2013

    Danvil planholders sue Philippine Prudential Life Insurance for cancelling benefit
    July 11, 2013

    February 14, 2012

  67. Hi Vanessa, I answered your question last Feb 10, on this same page. Just above your second comment.

  68. Hi Nora,

    This is the second time I post a comment but not sure if this website is still working. Kc yung unang na post ko ay nawala or di ko na makita. Any way I am also a plan holder of Danvil. But I am not yet fully paid I still have 20k balance for my contract price but I already paid 80k. I am willing to pay the remaining amount but I am very cautious to do it kc mag mature ang plan ko 2022 baka ma ubusan na me ng pera kaya plano ko to na i pre terminate ang policy to get the 50%.

    What do you think? I really need your insight.To help me decide with this matter. Salamat. I appreciate your reply.


  69. Hi vanessa, thanks for asking your question here. Pero same with you, I cannot know if Danvil will be able to fulfill its ongoing payout remedy over all the years to come. I was able to get my benefit in full because my maturity date was earlier, and I thought then that Danvil will be able to weather the pre-need industry crisis. It was paying out benefits in full when other pre-need firms had long betrayed their planholders. But 2012 came, and Danvil began to succumb to the crisis, announcing its 50-50 payout remedy starting May 2012: 50% on maturity date and the other 50% spread out to 5 yearly installments. I hope Danvil comes through for all planholders, but I cannot know what will happen. You can read updates here: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/ and then decide.

  70. Hi Nora,

    Im one of the plan holder with Danvil I got confused kung ano ang gagawin ko kung i pre terminate ko yung plan or aatanyin ko na mag mature kaso lang ang tagal pa nun kc sa 2022 pa yun baka kc wala na akong makuhang pera kc ubos na funds nila.

    By the way hindi ko pa tapos bayaran lahat may kulang pa me na around 20k fr the contract price pero ang nahulog ko ay mga nasa 80k na sayang din yung 40k kung may makukuha pa me pag e pre terminate ko, But I am willing to pay also the last remaining 20k kung may mas makukuha me na advantage doon.

    Please I need your insight so that I can give the best decision in this matter. Gaya ng iba it is not that easy to processed everything kasi nasa ibang bansa din me.

    I will wait for your reply.Thanks you so much.


  71. Hi Gina, have you paid all your premiums in full? Email mypolicy@danvil.com.ph to
    Eleazer Francisco
    Customer Service Asst. Manager
    Customer Relation Group
    Danvil Plans, Inc.
    and request a copy of your Certificate of Full Payment, to be mailed by postal mail to your Phil address. It’s important that you get this first, kasi sabi mo wala na kayong papel.
    After receiving this cert, obtain a notarized Affidavit of Loss and present this in person at the Danvil office in Alabang and request for a copy of your plan. You can do this while abroad thru your representative, but I think they will require you to obtain a SPA authorizing your representative.

  72. Good morning po, isa din po ako sa planholder i think since 1999 or year 2000. I forgot na po kc po nasunugan po kasi kami thats why lahat ng certificates ko sa Danvil nawala po. Can you please help me what is the best way thing to do. Nasa abroad din po kc ako. Thanks p

  73. Hi mgn, thanks for your inspiring comments. But some things on this post might no longer be true for new claimants. You can see updates here: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  74. thanks for this blog.helped me a lot of my questios,this is much quick and easy to understand than calling to their office.

  75. Hi Jocee, thank you very much for sharing this communication from Danvil. I will move your notes to this post: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/ because this post is more accessible to more people. I will redirect all my previous posts about Danvil to this post because this is the most frequently updated post. Thank you again.

  76. Jocee shared very helpful and updated info about early termination of Danvil plans: See here http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  77. Hi rhea, that’s great. Ikaw pa lang ang unang nag-comment dito na kukuha ng 1st year of the second 50%. I hope you’re able to get it on time. I hope you can share here again when you get your 1st-of-5-years money. Thanks again for commenting here. God bless din.

  78. HeLLo po sa inyong lahat,hi ate nors thank you pala dun sa info na binigay mo dati dun sa isang plan namin na protector ncb,nakuha naman namin yung goodwill benefit nila kahit konti lang..Ang itatry naman namin nyan maayos na makuha yung kalahati naman na 5yrs to pay nga,bali kukunin namin yung amount ng unang year sana maging ok..Thanks ulit. Goodluck and GODBLESS sa ating lahat..

  79. Hi Jeralyn, email or call Danvil http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/ para isend sa iyo ang Certificate of Full payment. Puede nang mag-file ng claim: http://www.workingpinoy.com/2010/08/danvil-plans-claiming-your-maturity-benefits/ Pero 50% lang muna ang makukuha.

  80. hello po.. husband ko po ang planholder..matured plan nia aug 9,2013 OR lang po ang pnadala wla p Cert full pyment. ano po ang dapat kong gawin.taga roxas city po ako

  81. hello po..im lyn husband ko po ang planholder..matured plan nia aug 9,2013 OR lang po ang pnadala wla p Cert full pyment. ano po ang dapat kong gawin.taga roxas city po ako

  82. hello po. ask ko lang po. naka full payment na po ako last July 2013. Paano po ba kumuha ng Certificate of full payment? ano po mga requirements?

  83. Hi all is there an email add ng danvil matured na yungbplan ko and didnt get a cert of full payment wherebdo i get start? I want to know kung under ng danvil pa yung plan I need help imb here in las vegas I just need to contact them to askthe details please help

  84. Im back again, Just a favor can somebody send me a copy of SPA that was approved by DANVIL Phils. Its hard to get SPA here need to go to Philippine embassy in person. the closest here in my place is Washington DC which is 6 hour drive so I want to make sure its the right one. Thanks a lot

  85. Thank you Nors for your quick reply. Thanks also for giving me options how to claim it.

  86. Hi Emmanuel, the claim requirements are still the same, listed in the post above, even if you’re already a US citizen. I wish you claimed your money back in 2010 because back then they were still paying out the full amounts. But I hope they will give the full amount to you since your plan matured in 2008. Their current payout policy is 50% payout 45 to 60 days after claim filing, with the other 50% paid out over the next 5 years. You can either authorize someone to file your claim now so you can claim your check when you get here, or you can file your claim yourself in person, and then authorize someone to claim your check later on, to be deposited in your bank account. http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  87. By the way Im a Family First Plan holder since 1998-2008. I read a lot of your cases. But can anyone tell me what should I do to claim what is due to me. Thanks/ emmanuel

  88. Hello,
    good morning po..Im here in the US im planning to go home this december2013 and claim my maturity benefits. 2008 pa po ang maturity ng plan ko. I just want to know ang mga requirements to claim my benefits since I am already a Us citizen . thanks/Emmanuel

  89. @grace: I got scanned copy of my plan and it’s a Future Provider Plan with insurance coverage Group Insurance Certificate from Philippines Prudential Life insurance company, inc.

  90. @grace thanks for your input. All my receipts are from DANVIL not pplic. I Believe mine is a provider. During the time na kumuha ako ng plan sa DANVIL wala pa yata ang pplic sa scene. All the receipts from danvil are with me. I’ll try to email Mr. Eleazar Francisco and inquire about the status of my plan and DANVIL as well. As of this moment can’t decide yet kung wait ko ang maturity nito. Wait ko muna sasabihin no Mr. Francisco. Let’s hope and pray andyan pa DANVIL till 2022. Thanks much and God bless.

  91. @pjrb:then its a provider plan u have.But since u paid so much,i think u might also have a protector plan.the best thing u can do is ring danvil office at alamin mo kung ano mga plans mo at ilan sila.like me,i have 2 provider plans,1 family shield plan,and 1 protector plan.they will be able to tell u kung ano mga plans na kinuha mo.number to ring is (632)828-0468,(632)828-1612,(632)828-1998.Tyaga lnag pagkontak kc minsan busy minsan naman ring lang ng ring tapos abroad kapa xempre malaki charge.yung mga resibo ba ng payment mo sa mother mo din pinapadala?kasi kung may resibo na from pplic,then may protector plan ka,dun tayo nagkakaproblema kasi they are not returning our premiums at tinerminate na nila yung plan.kung provider plan lang sayo<i guess kahit papano maswerte ka.kaso isipin mo mabuti kung willing ka mag antay for the maturity.kasi pag hindi,50% lang ng total na hinulog mo makukuha mo.pag naghintay ka naman u are taking the risk na maghintay and there is no assurance na nandyan pa ang danvil sa 2022.Nasa conservatorship na ang Danvil.Read http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/.I too have a plan na sa 2022 din magmamature,yung isa sa 2020.pinag iisipan ko kung kukunin ko na.good luck.

  92. @grace sorry Di ko masabi exactly the type of plan kc nasa safekeeping ng mother ko lahat ng docs since fully paid na ito.

  93. @grace it’s a type of plan where in you need to pay a certain amount monthly for 5 years. Then you will get on its contract amount upon it’s maturity after 10 years which is on sep 2022. I think its a preneed plan. My policy # starts with FPN. My last email communication with mr Eleazar Francisco was on 1/17/2013 informing me my certificate of full payment was already available for pickup in other office in alabang. Thank you for your reply grace.

  94. @pjrb:ano ba plan kinuha mo provider plan or protector plan?also if u read some of my comments here,malalaman mo kaibahan nung 2 plan n yun.

  95. sino po ang mga group na nag demanda sa Danvil? I want to join… naawa ako sa sarili ko kasi i can’t do anything dahil ang layo ko (KSA). i have may mother sa pinas pero matanda na sya para sya ang hingian ko ng favor to work on my behalf…. may maibibigay po ba kayong enlightenment or advises… please.

  96. thanks for this blog. i appreciate it much as this englightens me about DANVIL plang. I am jsut quite concerned and worried with what had happened sa PPLIC. I too bought a plan at DANVIl in 2007 and completed 5 years payment last year. This january 17, 2013 i went to Danvil’s office in alabang to get my certificate of full payment and i am entitled to a maturity benefit on sep 1, 2022. now sa mga kaganapan nangyari sa PPLIC… will there be a chance for me to get my hard earned money na ni invest dito sa Danvil? I am an OFW from middle east and ony get to spend my vacation once a year. what do i do now? can you advise me @rhea? really worried cuz i for 5 years i had 600K+ full payment to Danvil. So help us God!

  97. Sorry jeff.30% i mean.

  98. Sa totoo lang, di na natin kailangang asahan ang judiaciary system ng pilipinas, medyo matagal talaga ang proseso dyan sa atin, medyo mahihirapan at matatagalan ang resulta, much more di mo alam kung favorable sa iyo ang magiging desisyon.

  99. Ms Grace 50% ba kala ko 30% lang makukuha pag accept yung goodwill offering?

  100. At cha: me laban daw but it will take years and therefore money.kung uumpisahan kelangan tapusin otherwise sayang lahat.yan nangyari sa group na unang nag sue.yung iba nung nkagastos na ng around 3k umayaw na and took the 50% goodwill offering.

  101. Ms Grace, ask ko lang po if may update kau from lawyer abt PPLIC scam

  102. San ka pa,ang tax natin tinakbo ni napoles at mga corrupt gov official.ang savings nman natin tinakbo ng insurance.grabe walang awa sa mga katulad natin.sunugin sana sa impyerno mga kaluluwa nila.i am asking my niece to consupt a lawyer in my behalf.ask ko advice kung me mapapala ako maghabol sa pplic.will update u.me fb kba?im grace hinolan.

  103. Oo kaya walang asenso pinas kahit ano kahit saan mga oportunista.kawawa mga mahihirap at mga tulad nating kayod marino sa ibang bansa.ang tax natin kay napoles at corrupt gov officials,ang savings natin tinakbo naman ng mga insurance.

  104. @grace.. ganun ba langya pala halos wala din pala hinulog natin prang sila lang pinagtrabaho natin all this time 🙁

  105. Imagine jeffrey ang nabayran ko sa protector n family shield mula 2005 is 225k.ang makukuha ko sa goodwill offering 15k!!!!!

  106. Oo jeffrey ganun nga.pinapunta ko pamangkin ko khapon sa pplic ofis sa ortigas para alamin kung totoo nga ang pagkaintindi ko kc nga di ko cla makontak.oo ganun nga.bale yung hulog natin from 2005 t0 2009 goodbye na.ang masakit nga sa akin may family shield din ako na kinuha din ng pplic from danvil.yung family shield wala silang irerefund.icheck mo yumg plan mo kasi usually magkasama yang family shield at protector plan na inoofer nuon ng family first.bale yung babayaran nila na goodwill offering eh yung 30% lng talaga ng protector plan from 2010 to 2013! O di ba mga hudas talaga!

  107. mali pala intindi ko.. 30% is yung payment natin from 2010-2013.. 2005-2009 di na nila babayaran… tapos yung sa family first ang 50% lang babayran kung teterminae at di na maantay ang maturity?

  108. so ibig sabihin pala nun … 30% lang ng from 2010-2013 ang babayaran nila 50% pa so yung payment from 2005-2009 wala na?

  109. @jeffrey:bale yung plan na kinuha mo sa family first yan na yung Provider plan na hawak na ng danvil ngayon.Yan yung magmamature sa 2018.May ganyan din ako,magmamature sa 2020.pag hindi natin naantay ang maturity date,50% lang ng hinulog natin ang makukuha natin dyan.Di pa ako makapagdecide kung kukunin ko sa akin.kasi ang danvil nasa conservatorship na,ibig sabihin hindi na sila allowed magbenta ng plans pero me funds pa rin cla na kontrolado ng insurance commission para di maubos atsaka para mabayaran nila yung mga magmamature na plans.I guess mahirap sa tulad natin na ang tagal pa ng maturity kasi we cannot be sure na nandyan pa sila that time.eto number ng danvil office,dito ko sila nakontak (02)8280468. Yung sa Phil Prudential Life Ins naman yung protector plan kasi nga binili nila yun sa danvil,Nag try ako tawagan sila pero walang sumasagot.ang number is 902 2300.Dito ko nanggagalaiti kasi according sa mga nabasa ko 30% lang ng naibayad natin from 2010 to 2013 ang ibabalik nila,I think pareho tayo nagsimula kasi 2015 din matatapos dapaT ako dito.bale 2005 ako nagsimula maghulog.mas malaki bayad dito sa protector di ba kesa sa provider.Kwinenta ko sa akin kung magkano makukuha ko,naku jeffrey out of 227k na nahulog ko 22k lang makukuha ko.kaya i will fight this one sa insurance commission.bahala na.kasi hindi naman nalugi pplic,ongoing pa rin sila.

  110. sad to think lang na yung learnings na natutunan nating lahat bout sa insurance companies sa atin need natin mgkamali munabefore matuto… anyway.. siguro mamaya tawag na ako sa office ng prudential and inquire bout the goodwill offering dahil wala pa silang reply sa akin till now

  111. dati kasi me kinuha ako sa family first pa yun dati then while paying the premiums… nagalok naman sila ng protector shield daw… so yun yung 2 items na kinuha ko yung sa family first maturity year ko 2018 then yung sa protector is 2015 … siguro yung goodwill offering i avail ko pero yung sa family first na kinha ko dati yung na lang antayin ko saparalan na yun me makuha o wala

  112. @grace… nakontak mo na ba sila? ung sa goodwill offering so di mo avail yung offer?

  113. At jeffrey: ano ba kinuha mo provider plan or protector plan?

  114. Jeffrey 50% lng ng binayad mo ang ibabalik nila pag hindi mo naantay yung maturity date.yan yung sa provider plan ng danvil.

  115. Di pa sila nagemail back sa akin so wala pa akong update, di ko alam kung wala pang pasok sa Manila dahil sa bagyo or madami silang email na need sagutin? Tumawag yung mrs ko sabi sa kanya ako daw need mgsend ng email dahil di daw i disclose sa kaniya yung offer? I will wait till Wednesday kung hindi mgreply tatawag na lang ako ng long distance to know the details of it

  116. @grace yung 50% of premiums ba… ibig sabihin nun makukuha ko pa din yung full amount nang binayad ko

  117. at jeffrey can u tell me the e mail of pplic.nag reply na ba sayo.im pursuing my case to insurance commission.im not looking for the full benefit but just to have my money back,the whole lot.PPLIC is still operational,how come they wouldnt refund us our money??!

  118. so for all the danvil planholders,it is the protector plan that is now under PPLIC.The provider plan is still with danvil.

  119. Hello.i was able to contact danvil plans today and was speaking to a certain anna who’s nice enough.She said danvil is still operating altho is now under conservatorship of IC.I have 2 provider plans which i finished paying last yr and will be both maturing on 2020.I have 2 options,if i terminate them before the maturity date i will only get 50% of my premiums.or wait for the maturity and get all the premiums with its benefits.Thats the decision i have to make.Also,i have one protector plan which has been subsequently transferred to pplic and was terminated last march(without informing me),i started that in 2005 and will e finishing on 2015 supposedly.That is the plan that pplic will only give 30% of BUT its not the 30% of all the premiums u paid.it is 30% of what you paid from 2010 t0 2013 ONLY!

  120. @Nelle: 828 1998,828 161
    I tried ringing it just now.wala nman sumasagot.

  121. Would u know their contact number in Alabang? TIA.

  122. Jeffrey please read the thread under danvil plans and other pre need companies.

  123. I really want to fight jeffrey to give back 100% of our premium,o cge maski 80% na lang pero wag naman 30%.para namang namalimos tayo sa sarili nating pera.thats why the last few days ive been busy surfing internet.im looking for the group who filed a complaint against pplic.i believe in unity there is strength although i cannot blame those who have availed of the goodwill kuno offering.unfortunately hindi ko sila malocate.nag message ako sa interaksyon who covered the news about the group and danvil kaso di naman nagreply.nag email din ako sa mga planholders na nagcomment sa article na yun,wala din nagreply.

  124. @grace so i avail nyo po ba ung goodwill offering? nag send na po kc ako ng email sa kanila kaso unfortunately me bagyo po sa atin so i assume di pa po sila ng resume for work di pa nila nabasa ung email ng mga plan holders that will be availing the offer

  125. @ jeffrey: mas ok nga stock kc u know there are risks.e itong insurance kya nga tinawag na insurance u want to insure your future.naniniguro ka.ok lng sana kung ibinalik hinulog natin eh kaso itinakbo.to think ang kukulit nila nuon.tama ka, kaya di na umasenso kawawang bayan natin dahil puro corrupt.

  126. Maam grace, yun na nga eh, hard to earn money tapos sila lang nakinabang, pinagantay lang tayo sa wala… di lang sa wala kung hindi natalo pa dahil ni hindi kayang ibalik yung capital na invest natin 🙁 sad to say, ganito pala talaga sa pinas…..lesson learned na yan sa ating lahat… insurance para din palang stocks yan ng fluctuate thru the years…

  127. Sir jeffrey thank u for the reply.nakakagigil nman yan,grabe.thats it,goodbye to the 70% hard earned money.asan n kya yung 100+ danvil planholders na magdedemanda? I want to join their group.sana me way n mkontak cla kagaya ng prudential warriors…

  128. Ms grace based on the other news i got Prudential will pay 30% of the total so called premiums we have paid over the years

  129. Ms Cynthia
    Please enlighten me,is the goodwill offering only for the PNCB? If so,could u tell me what percentage is it? Whatever will happen to our premiums? Thanks.

  130. jeffrey im in the same situation as u.so if we are not able to sort this out by september does that mean goodbye to our hard earned money??

  131. Ms Cynthia
    Ilang percent po ang binigay sa goodwill offering ? Inquire po sana para me idea ako kung ilang percent na lang makukuha sa goodwill offering. Im left po with 1 year and 9 months na lang for the completion nung payment. Nag try po tumawag asawa ko pero sa akin lang daw po i disclose yung amount kung magkano so pwede nyo po ba i share ilang percent ang sinoli ng prudential for their goodwill offering? thanks po ng marami

  132. Hi Ms rhea
    Anu-ano po ba ang requirements na hiningi nila for Goodwill Offering? Need po ba na personal na plan holder ang magpunta dun to settle the claims? Kasi po nasa ibang bansa po ako at mas malamang na asawa ko na lang ang magasikaso ng claims. Unfortunately tatanggap lang sila ng application ng claims till Sept 2013 lang. Me mga same cases po ba dito ng kagay ng sa aking case?

  133. Hello tama po si Cynthia.Nag call na sa hubby ko ang PPLI at na explain na nila lahat.,at no choice nga talaga kundi i accept na lang yung goodwill benefit nila,inaayos na lang po namin mga requirements.. Thanks ate Nors..Godbless to all..

  134. Hi cynthia, thanks for taking the time to share info. This will surely help others.

  135. to check po the mediation article google Danvil plans. btw, PPLI offer of “goodwill benefit” was posted in the following dailies: Philippine Daily Inquirer (July 9), People’s Journal (July 12), Manila Bulletin (July 15), Philippine Star (July 24) and Abante (July 29. I am still looking for copies of this dailies. PPLI said the offer is until September 2013 only. so for those with PROTECTOR Plan better visit the PPLI office po. thanks

  136. Info regarding Protector Plan from Family First which was recently terminated — PPLI is giving “goodwill benefit” in our case we got 30% of total payment from January 2010 to March 2013. My Prorector Plan was supposed to mature this month of August and we only found out na terminated na last july 20. according to PPLI they informed danvil na the protector plan will be terminated soon — apparently january 2013 may problema na pero they still collected dues till march 2013. according to PPLI customer service may 4 mediation sessions na ang mag plan holder w/ the insurance commission and PPLI unfortunately wala pong naging ending. for those who want to claim full amount kanya-kanya na daw file sa court. the reason for termination less than 75% na lang ang naiwan na planholders under the Protector PLan. masakit kasi 10 years kang nagbayad and did not claim w/ in the year so i can claim the whole amount and nawala lang. my family accepted the “goodwill benefit” na lang since the expense for court is much more expensive. my advice is to visit PPLI office at the back of Robinson Galleria in Ortigas, QC. (burgundy bldg, exact back of robinson just cross the street), 5th flr po monday to fridaY 8:30AM -5:30PM

  137. sino po ba ang may sampl ng letter of appeal para dun sa plan na protector ncb..,di po ako marunong gumawa e..,thanks po in advance..

  138. Thanks Ate Nors.,.Godbless..

  139. sayang naman 10 yrs ang huhulugan at matatapos na next year tapos wala daw kaming makukuha kahit singko kase terminated na daw yung plan.cyempre kung alam lang namin na mateterminate sana di na namin tinuloy hulugan ng malugi ang family first di po ba..

  140. Yung plan po pala namin PROTECTOR NCB.,pasensya na po sa mali at mali kong spelling..Bakit po sa philippine prudential napunta samantalang yung nauna naming plan sa danvil napunta..pwede po baNG MAGCOMPLAIN KAMI SA DANVIL ?

  141. Hi ate Nors.,hi po sa lahat..Ask ko lanfg opinion nyo sa isang plan namin ng husband ko..Yung isa oks naman nakuha namen yung kalahati at waiting na lang kami dun sa kalahati pa na maibibigay daw ng yearly sabi ng danvil..Ang problema po yung isang plan nga namin na matatapos next year.,bigla nahinto ang pagkaltas nila sa monthly payment namin kaya nagpunta kmi sa branch ng prudential sa SM PAMPANGA bigla sabi nila terminated na daw yung plan namin na PROTECTOR NBC at wala daw kaming makiclaim maski magkano..Ganun na lang po ba yun ate nors,.ano sa tingin nyo? any related sa inyo dyan na may plan kagaya ng sa amin na protector nbc paln na may nakalagay naman na with money back..saan pa kaya pwede pang magreklamo kase prudential ang nagkakaltas ng payment namin dati.,pwede po ba yun icomplain sa danvil or not?,related po ba ang may ari ng dalawang insurance?pls.po pakicomments po kayo thanks po…

  142. Hi lanie, thanks for appreciating my blog. But I wrote this post a long time ago when Danvil did its best to pay maturing policies in full, just like mine in 2010. I’m very sad and sorry that I’m not able to advise you whether to wait or to terminate now because I don’t know what will happen in the future. As of today, what Danvil is doing is giving 50% of maturity value for those whose plans have matured, with the other 50% divided by 5 and claimed every year over the next 5 years. I’m not sure about termination amounts — I would think that they’re following the termination values (% of total premiums paid) written in the policies, and giving them in full. You can visit their Alabang office: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  143. Hi mam.good day to you.I felt so blessed that I’ve found this site.i am a danvil planholder(berkley/family first before) planholder since 9-2003,I finished paying 9-2010,maturity date will be on 2018. Do you have any idea Mam to the value that I can claim if I choose to file it a claim any days now and opt not to wait for the maturity date.I am confused coz some say I can claim 50% of total payment, some says 50% of maturity value while I also have read that it is equivalent to the termination value stipulated in the policy. I am so happy to hear enlightenment from u. Thank you so much

  144. Hi jing, I think so.. from Mon to Fri. But I’m not sure though. But there was one here who just commented 1 or 2 days ago that she went to Danvil’s Alabang office and got her check.

  145. hi po..bukas po ba ang Danvil office ngayon? kasi tumatawag po ako, wala kasi pong sumasagot sa phone. We are going to get our claim kasi. Thanks po.

  146. Hi rhea, thanks for coming back to comment and to share info. I’m glad that you found danvil’s office easily. God bless din rhea.

  147. hello.,nakuha ko na po tseke ng hubby ko kso half nga lang oks narin kesa wala db..di naman po gno nahirapan mahanap address ng davil sa harap lang pala yung way nya sa alabang medical center..Thanks po Ate Nors,..GODBLESS at Gudluck sa lahat..

  148. Hi Rosa, kumusta rin. Good day. Merong updates dito: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  149. Kumusta po….please provide me with the new postal address of Danvil if its already in Alabang. You mean the office in Paseo de Roxas, Makati is no longer in existence? Please give me an update of your company via my email after a very long time that i have never received any form of updates from your company which giving me a very insecure feeling about my investment.
    What do i need to change beneficiary?
    Appreciate..thank you!

  150. Hi bea, sorry there’s now only one Danvil office. It’s in Alabang. http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  151. hi…please give us accurate contact numbers and address of all branches …much apreciated if near Manila or Quezon City…just want to update my policy and also planning for termination…maturity is on 2016…

  152. Hi Paulina, here are updates and the address: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/

  153. hi can you just tell me where’s the axact addrress of DANVIL PLANS? my plan will be mature on 2016 july after 10 years of waiting. but don’t know exactly which date and month, but deffinetely 2016. Will you pls. email me linabagalay@hotmail.com i need more information… thank you

  154. Hi Imelda, the required documents are here: http://www.workingpinoy.com/2010/08/danvil-plans-claiming-your-maturity-benefits/ The updates are here: http://www.workingpinoy.com/danvil-plans/ Check your policy and look for the “Termination” section; the percentage of what you should get is there. Take note that you will not be able to get your proceeds immediately — might take a month — so plan your travel.

  155. hi mag mamature ang policy ko sa 2016. tapos ko ng hulugan ito at ano ang dapat kung gawin o isubmit sa opisina ng danvil kung gusto ko ng kunin ang aking pera kahit hindi pa ito nagmature (2016) pls email me the requirements. thanks. at saan ang office na pwedeng puntahan since dito pa ako sa probinsya ng sorsogon manggagaling.

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