Danvil Plans Paid My Maturity Benefits as Promised

NOTICE to ALL DANVIL Planholders:


 If you were not able to file before this deadline because you did not know there was a deadline, you can still file, as long as your name is in the Danvil masterlist.  Sorry I don’t have a copy of this masterlist. The wisest thing to do is to file as soon as you’ve read this.  

Info for filing is here: Notice from Danvil Plans

This is a scan of the check I received from Danvil Plans last October, which cleared on third day after deposit. Danvil paid my benefits according to the contract, at the promised amount, on the promised date.

Why am I posting it?

Danvil Plans check

First, because I want to share some rays of sunshine to my fellow Danvil planholders who are still to claim their maturity benefits.  According to the PhilPrudentialife Insurance (PPLIC) officer who handed me my check (PPLIC has been processing Danvil’s claims as part of an agreement), the last maturity dates of Danvil plans will be in 2013 — those pre-need plans issued under the Berkley/Family Life partnership, later purchased by Danvil Plans.

I took his explanation to mean that those plans sold by Danvil and which are maturing after 2013 are PPLIC plans, which are insurance plans, since PPLIC is an insurance company.  (By the way, PPLIC has launched its new website. Type in danvil.com.ph and you’ll arrive at PPLIC’s website.)

Secondly, I posted the check to show that pre-need firms can fulfill their promises to their planholders if only they manage their firms well. All the pre-need firms in the Philippines suffered through the same global financial meltdown, but Danvil and the others have been able to survive. Why did the others collapse? Because they touched their trust funds, they invested in unsaleable memorial-lot and other real estate projects and they went overboard in their administrative expenses.

Sabi ng ibang pre-need firms, kasi global financial crisis, kasi bumaba ang interest rate, kasi…  Bakit?  Kung bumaba ba yong interest rate, bumababa rin ba yong principal?  Kung di ninyo gagalawin yong trust funds, andon pa rin sila, makakapag-antay sila ng time na tataas uli yong interest rate.  Hindi naman sila stocks.

Sabihin ng ibang pre-need firms, hindi ganong kasimple… Ganon? Ang mga simpleng tao na nagpakahirap para lang makaipon para may pambayad sa premiums (at hindi naman sana sila nagpakahirap na magbayad sa inyo kung hindi ninyo sila binola, in the first place),  ano na sila ngayon?  Yong iba nga, umaasa na sana makuha nila yong claims nila at pambili na lang ng gamot, o kaya pangtawid sa araw-araw kasi nawalan sila ng trabaho.

These past weeks, it’s been painful to read comments from Ideal Pension planholders as they ask me about how to pursue their claims. They live in Mindanao, in the Mountain Province, in the Visayas — how can they travel to Makati and attend the bankruptcy/insolvency hearing for Ideal Pension?  At para saan ang hearing na yan?  Paano na yong mga walang pamasahe at time para mag-submit ng claims?  Yong mga walang lawyers?  Sino ang tutulong sa kanila? At bakit bankruptcy?

That’s why I’m glad that it’s not Ideal Pension people that made bola to me years before, or the other failed pre-need firms, but Berkley/Family First/Danvil Plans.  At least, kahit overboard yong marketing nila noon, they fulfilled naman their promise to me, giving me the exact amount of maturity benefits promised, on the date promised. Danvil has been paying benefits since the first plans matured in 2008.

To Mr. Daniel Villanueva of Danvil Plans and the other Danvil officers, although it’s your legal  duty to pay our maturity benefits, and therefore there’s no need for thanks, in light of what happened in the pre-need industry, I thank you for:

1.  listening to advice and didn’t pursue the almost-done sale of Danvil Plans’ pre-need portfolio to Legacy.

2.  not touching the trust funds and not putting our money in uncertain investments (presumably, kasi natanggap naman namin ang mga checks namin at nag-clear.)

Businesspeople with INTEGRITY and MORAL VALUES,  sana dadami pa kayo.

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