Pre-need Companies in the Philippines Now under Insurance Commission

Pre-need companies in the Philippines are now under the supervision of the Insurance Commission.

The pre-need law was passed in December 2009 and the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) were signed in March 2010.

Visit the website of the Insurance Commission at, and you will see the pre-need code and the IRR already published on the site.

You will also see the list of the 23 pre-need firms under Directory of the IC  home page.  However, the list on the IC was still the list previously prepared by the SEC.

The list includes the 23 pre-need firms that were licensed to sell pre-need plans as of December 2009:

  1. Abundance Providers and Entrepreneurs Corporation (APEC) (formerly Pacific Plans)
  2. AMA Plans
  3. Ayala Plans
  4. Caritas Financial Plans
  5. CityPlans
  6. Cocoplans
  7. Danvil Plans (formerly Berkley International Plans)
  8. Destiny Financial Plans
  9. Eternal Plans
  10. First Country Plans
  11. First Union Plans
  12. Grayline Plans
  13. Himlayang Pilipino Plans
  14. Loyola Plans Consolidated
  15. Manulife Financial Plans
  16. Mercantile Careplans
  17. Paz Memorial Services
  18. Philplans First (formerly Philam Plans)
  19. Provident International Plans
  20. St. Peter Life Plan
  21. Sun Life Financial Plans
  22. Transnational Plans
  23. Trusteeship Plans

The only two changes from the May 2009 list are:

  • the addition of APEC to the list
  • change of name of Philam Plans to Philplans

For those who have complaints, inquiries or claims, you can address them to:

Public Assistance & Information Division

523-8461 to 70 local 102, 103, 105


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