Licensed Pre-Need Firms in 2015 and 2016

Updated July 2, 2016

Compared to the August 2015 list below, one is no longer licensed — Paz Memorial Services.

Here are the 15 pre-need firms licensed to do business in 2016:

1.      AMA Plans, lnc.
2.      Ayala Plans, lnc.
3.      Caritas Financial Plans, lnc.
4.      CityPlans lnc.
5.      CocoPlans, !nc.*
6.      Eternal Plans, lnc.
7.      First Union Plans, lnc.
8.      Himlayang Pilipino Plans, lnc.
9.      Manulife Financial Plans, lnc.
10.    Mercantile Care Plans, lnc.*
11.    PhilPlans First, !nc.
12.    St. Peter Life Plan, lnc.
13.    Sunlife Financial Plans, lnc.
14.    Transnational Plans, lnc.
15.    Trusteeship Plans, lnc.
*CocoPlans and Mercantile Care Plans are licensed only to service their existing clients.

Posted August 2015

From nearly 100 pre-need companies in the late 1980s to 51 firms whose supervision was transferred from the SEC to the Insurance Commission in 2010, there are now only 16 pre-need firms that were licensed to operate in 2015. Two of these will just be servicing companies — CocoPlans Inc. and Mercantile Care Plans, lnc.

1.   AMA Plans, lnc.
Pension Plans

2.   Ayala Plans, lnc.
Educational and Pension Plans

3.   Caritas Financial Plans, lnc.
Pension Plans

4.   CityPlans lnc.
Pension Plans

5.   CocoPlans, lnc.*
Servicing Company

6.   Eternal Plans, lnc.
Educational, Life and Pension Plans

7.   First Union Plans, lnc.
Pension Plans

8.   Himlayang Pilipino Plans, lnc.
Educational and Life Plans

9.   Manulife Financial Plans, lnc.
Pension Plans

10.   Mercantile Care Plans, lnc.
Servicing Company

11.   Paz Memorial Services, lnc.
Life Plans

12.   PhilPlans First, lnc.
Educational, Life and Pension Plans

13.   St. Peter Life Plan, lnc.
Life Plans

14.   Sunlife Financial Plans, lnc.
Educational and Pension Plans

15.   Transnational Plans, lnc.
Educational and Pension Plans

16.   Trusteeship Plans, lnc.
Life and Pension Plans

*Based on CocoPlans Inc.’s Facebook account, the new location of their Corporate Business Center is:
Ground Floor, Cocolife Building, 6807 Ayala Ave., Makati City

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  1. Hi George, ang credit card mo ba is RCBC or RCBC Bankard? Call YGC Customer Service at (02) 894-2890 or 1-800-10-942-3700 (toll free) for provincial line. Based sa research ko, Scholar Protect is a product offered by RCBC Bankard, although it is underwritten by Malayan, so call RCBC Bankard or the YGC number. Kung meron itong statement na ito sa policy mo –> “The product will cover up to 4 children with ages 3-21 years; single; and still studying at the time of claim”, sana when your child turned 21 and one day (or depende sa kung paano sila mag-determine ng age), napa-stop na itong charging.

  2. 062118 sir.madam, please help me locate malayan scholar protect.Util today I am charge on my credit card monthly premium thru my credit card when in fact there is no more insurable interest being my son has graduated already.
    I am george minoza Icanbe contacted at 09055474993 . thank you

  3. How stable is eternal Plans, Ok ba yong paid-up nila at trust fund because they are selling life, pension and educational.

    pls. give us information.

    Thank you,

  4. Danvil Plans, Inc. stopped paying the amount due me after my plan matured on June 30, 2011. They still owed me P90,000. The Conservator assigned was Atty. Teresita L. Caalim who also stopped responding to my inquiries. I am Lilian L. Castro, 71 yrs. old, widowed in 2005. I need information on the exact status of Danvil. Can the Insurance Commission help me recover the balance Danvil owes me? I need this amount badly to help me buy medicines I need for my hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis. Help me, pls!

  5. Hi Joel, Pru Life UK (Phil) is not a pre-need firm; it’s an insurance company. It’s a licensed Philippine subsidiary of Pru Life UK. It’s No. 8 among 32 Phil insurance firms based on net worth and No. 10 based on capital as of 2014.

  6. hi po! Is Pru Life Uk included? My wife got a plan from them last year. TIA!

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