Top Low Income Credit Cards in the Philippines

Top Low Income Credit Cards in the Philippines

A credit card can be quite convenient to have, especially when cash is low at the moment and there’s a purchase that just cannot wait. Good thing there are credit cards that cater to people with low income and give them more spending power while helping them better manage their expenses. Here are some of them.  

Chinabank Prime MasterCard

The China Bank Prime MasterCard provides you the flexibility when it comes to your spending needs and helps you manage your finances better while giving more value to your spending. With just P10,000 minimum monthly income, you can already qualify for this credit card.

It’s a good credit card to have for shopping, dining, and traveling. You can also use it to pay for your groceries and gas. Every P25 you spend entitles you to 1 reward point.

You are also guaranteed peace of mind because your China Bank Prime MasterCard contains enhanced protection against credit card fraud. It also comes with Paypass contactless payment technology for added convenience. You can use it anywhere in the world, and you can apply for unlimited supplementary cards as you please. Annual fee for the China Bank Prime MasterCard is at P1,440.


RCBC Landmark Anson’s Bankard

It’s a loyalty card, discount card, and credit card in one. Cardholders get exclusive deals and enjoy 5% rebates on purchases at Anson’s, Landmark Supermarket, and Landmark Department Store.

Every P50 you charge to your RCBC Landmark Anson’s Bankard, you earn 1 reward point. When you shop at other stores, dine, or gas up, every P83.33 earns you 1 reward point as well.

Your reward points don’t expire. Should you wish to redeem them, you also have the option of exchanging them for Landmark gift certificates or just have them credited to your RCBC Bankard account.

When you travel, you also get up to 100% credit limit increase, and you can travel in peace knowing you are covered by Travel Plus Lite and Purchase Protection. If you wish to apply for this credit card, a minimum monthly income of P13,333 is required.

EastWest Bank Practical Card

If you want a practical and no-nonsense credit card, the EastWest Bank Practical Card is just perfect. You only need to have a minimum monthly income of P10,000 to avail of this card, and you can already enjoy up to 20% discount all year-round when you shop at partner establishments. Monthly interest rates are at 3.25% for purchases on gas and groceries, and basic purchases in drug stores.  

AUB Easy MasterCard

The AUB Easy MasterCard provides you the convenience of choosing when and how much you pay for your credit card. You can choose from weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payments, and even assign a preferred date of payment. If that’s not convenient enough, you can also choose how much you want to pay on a given day.

You earn 1 reward point for every P20 you spend on shopping, dining, travel, and gas. Annual membership fee is also free for life. To qualify, you only need to have a minimum monthly income of P10,000.

BDO Forever 21 Card

The fashionista in you need not scrimp on your budget anymore when you have the BDO Forever 21 Card. For a minimum monthly income of P15,000, you can already have this credit card.

It’s a Forever 21 fan must-have because you get to enjoy all-year discounts at any Forever 21 store. You can also use it to shop at partner websites to get exclusive and special deals.

What’s more, every time you shop at Forever 21, you earn 3 reward points for every  P200 you charge. This also applies every time you use your BDO Forever 21 Card for entertainment, groceries, travel, or fuel.

Get priority access to special dressing room and payment lanes, and get 21% discount for a minimum purchase of P2,000 on your birthday month! When you use your card online, you are also entitled to exclusive deals, special discounts, and freebies.

Metrobank M Free / Lite MasterCard

The Metrobank M Free Lite / MasterCard is a convenient and hassle-free credit card that offers free annual fee for life. If you’re looking to manage your finances better and have protection against credit card fraud, this is a good credit card to have.

For just a minimum monthly income of P15,000, you can already have this credit card and use it to dine, shop, travel, and pay for utilities. Enjoy discounts and special deals, and receive free gifts when you use your Metrobank M Free / Lite MasterCard at partner establishments.

You can also avail of its 0% interest installment plans up to 24 months when you make your purchase at participating establishments. If you wish to apply for supplementary cards, you can apply for up to 3 cards and assign spending limits.

Rouselle Isla is a fan of reading and reviewing books on various topics. She is also an active contributor for iMoney Philippines where she writes about practical money savings tips and general investment advice.


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