Free from Credit Cards, At Last!

Last Monday, February 15,  I became free from the bondage of credit cards. And I pray I’ll never become a slave again.

credit card freedom, free from credit cards

Amid the pain of selling something meaningful to us, my husband and I sold the lot we bought in the 1990s just so I can be free.   Over the past few years I became a slave to lenders, as I accumulated more than 200,000 pesos in credit card debts.

Even with a higher-than-average salary, I couldn’t make a dent on the principal balances even if all my payroll money goes to paying the monthly card bills.  I had to work overtime everyday, even on Sundays.  I couldn’t even visit my aging parents in the province because there’s nothing to set aside for fares.

There’d been a lot of pain… and other awful things too embarrassing to describe here. It’s enough that now I’m free.

(by bluesemotion, photobucket)

(by bluesemotion, photobucket)

And I thank God that amid my many grave financial mistakes, there’s one good  investment that I did when I was younger — that is to buy a lot in a good location and pay the amortization faithfully through the years no matter how hard.  And now, it was the one that saved me.
Credit cards are not evil per se. They can help. They have helped me when people I love had to be hospitalized and when tuition needed to be paid.

Credit Card Freedom

BUT credit cards are like knives — they can kill if not handled carefully.

There are many important things I have to tell my children.  But there’s one  thing they don’t have to hear about — the consequences of credit card use. They’ve seen how I suffered and almost got drowned in torment.

Credit cards in the Philippines


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