Philippine Banks, Please Help Parents, Cut Rates for Tuition Fee Loans

To Philippine banks issuing credit cards:

Please lower your interest rates for loans used to pay for college tuition fees.


If you can offer almost zero interest rates for balance transfers, you can also
offer similar rates to parents working very hard to save money for their children’s
tuition fees.

You will get these benefits if you lower interest rates for tuition fee loans:

  • You can use this as one of your major bank promotions or advertising strategies.
  • You will reap goodwill.
  • You will contribute to the education of children and young people in the country.
  • You will harvest good business karma arising from the gratefulness of parents you’re going to relieve from heavy-to-bear interest rates.
  • You’re helping those that are really in need. They’re the ones that will pay their loans in monthly installments. The rich ones are going to charge, but they will pay in full come statement time.
  • Your stockholders will support this move as it will increase their profits per share in other intangible ways.
  • You’ll get free Internet advertising because bloggers always blog about good things on their blogs, websites, article directories, and forums.

Come on, please, beat the competition. Enrollment time is weeks away.

From A Very Grateful Parent.

Photo credit: Photo of students reworked from a photo taken by Roberto Verzo (Wikimedia Commons)

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