Over Credit Limit Fee — BPI Classic and Metrobank MFree Credit Cards

Anong mas gusto ninyo kapag may situation na nagbabayad ka using your credit card pero over credit limit ka na pala?

Mas gusto mo bang isagot ng cashier ay DENIED at hindi matuloy ang transaction? Or mas gusto mong matuloy yong transaction and then later on, ma-charge ka ng 700 pesos over credit limit fee?

This happened to me, with my Metrobank MFree, but this time, hindi sa store o sa shop, kundi sa Internet. When I checked, malaki pa ang aking available credit limit, so I charged $10 to buy a domain name from GoDaddy. Later, when I got my statement, I was surprised to see an over-credit-limit fee of 700 pesos! Yong $10, mga 400 plus lang, pero ang penalty ko 700!

I checked my statement kasi bakit ako over credit limit, and I was further surprised to find a big posting — merong amount na hindi pala na-post na noong September pa dapat na-post. I checked din my old statements of account, baka nadoble ang posting, at hindi naman. Delayed by 3 months ang posting!
I thought about bakit in-approve ng Metrobank Card system yong online payment kung wala na pala akong credit, kasi ang ibang cards naman usually DENIED ang response kapag over the limit na. Siguro maraming cases na sa Metrobank na nagreklamo ang mga cardholders nila about failed business transactions dahil DENIED ang payments nila due to OVER CREDIT LIMIT.

Sa BPI Classic, walang over-the-limit fee because BPI denies purchases when the credit is used up. Sa statement of account ng BPI card ko, nakalagay na “BPI reserves the right to disappove any purchases or cash advance that exceeds your credit limit.”

Anyway, I called Metrobank Customer Service about it, and the customer officer was very nice. I will know next week if my 700 over credit limit fee was reversed. I think I have a good chance because it’s my first time to be charged with over limit fee, and that there was a much delayed big posting.

Update: It’s now the 3rd of March, I thought the over credit limit fee will no longer be reversed, as it has been months since I requested for a reversal. But lo and behold, my next statement came, and there it was — the reversal of the 700 pesos credit limit fee!

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