Bloggers Who Plagiarize

It’s sad that a number of bloggers plagiarize. They just copy and paste. They steal the work of other bloggers.

Just today, I discovered that one of my new articles on another blog was stolen, copied and pasted. Eksakto.  Wala man lang iniba.  Right to the period. And I’m glad that it was not by a Filipino blogger.  It was a very relieving discovery for me… na hindi Pinoy.

I spend time writing my articles, especially those with facts and figures. Most of the time, I don’t rely on second-hand information. If I can, I go to the source.  I go to the official websites, to the websites of the persons, companies, government agencies or organizations. And I make effort to make my article unique, I put a different spin on it, even if I use the same statistics or data, kasi yon naman ang data — you can’t change it.  There’s significant time and effort exerted to research, analyze and write.  Pati yong HTML coding (for posts na kelangan ng special layout).  Tapos, kokopyahin lang.

Meron pa akong nakita, kinopya itong post ko about tuition fees. Eksakto. Ang haba ng article na ito, di ba? At work in progress talaga itong post na ito, kasi kung saan-saan ko kinukuha yong tuition fees — from schools’ websites (mostly), from calling schools, from students commenting here, from my own search for school for my daughter, from students’ forums, from my daughter’s friends… Tapos, kinopya lang, copied and pasted. Buti, yong blogger na nangopya is obviously bata pa, siguro hindi pa alam ang plagiarism, hindi pa alam ang mga Internet etiquette, so I just advised him.

What are really detestable are the PROFESSIONAL PLAGIARISTS — the online PIRATES.  Google has started penalizing sites with duplicates, so plagiarists and pirates, start changing your ways.  Now, your plagiarized posts are appearing on Google results, but they’re not on Page 1.  Soon, your plagiarized posts will appear no longer.

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