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In every corner of the Internet, there’s a Make Money Online article.

You can really make money on the Internet.   After a time of persevering, you can even depend solely on the Internet as your monthly source of income.

Many Filipinos are already making a living on the Internet, and I’m happy to say I’m one of them.

As soon as I reach my earning goal on the Internet, I plan to resign from my day job and focus on increasing my Internet endeavors. Currently, I’m earning between $250 to $300 from the Internet every month — not yet enough for my family, so I haven’t resigned yet from my day job.

At the start, you’ll only earn cents, but later on, you’ll find that these cents add up.

As you become smarter, and as you increase your money-making gigs, you’ll see the dollars coming in.

Here are ways to make money online, and I classified them as:

  • Easy   —   Some money
  • More Effort Needed   —   More money
  • Much More Effort Needed   —   Much more money

I’ll try to shorten and simplify my explanations so you won’t get overwhelmed, and so you can start immediately.  I’ll write about specific strategies in my later posts.


Join Paid-to-Click (PTC) sites.

(WarningAs of May 2011, I’m no longer recommending PTCs. More and more PTCs are not paying. Three sites, where my daughter conscientiously clicked, even those recommended by clickers, are no longer paying.) Just please go to No. 2.

You just sign up, and view a number of ads at certain times of the day. But beware, there are a lot of scam sites. Some new sites really pay, but oftentimes they shut down without paying when they lose money. Those that pay very little are the ones that survive.

If interested, you can find nerbie on and ask what the legitimate sites are. I referred nerbie instead of the others on sulit because I find him very helpful to new bloggers. He’s earning about $1,000 a month from blogging, but he also participates in PTCs.


2.   Answer questions on WebAnswers.

Choose questions to answer. You’ll earn thru Google Adsense.


Sign-up for a WebAnswers account.

3.  Start a blog on Blogger and earn from Google Adsense.

Blogger is a free blogging platform, and it’s the best of the many free blogging sites on the Internet because it’s owned by Google.

Just go to, and create a blog. Just follow the instructions. Don’t worry about making a mistake. Every mistake can be corrected easily. You’ll learn.

What is a blog? A blog is just like a diary, a newsletter, a magazine, or a newspaper where you write something that your readers can read.

It can be about anything, but of course, it helps if you write things that are interesting to many people. And Google bans topics such as pornography, graphic sex, gambling, prescription drugs, malware, promotion of crimes, etc.

Think of topics that people are searching. Best resorts in the Philippines? Best investments? Makeup? Clothes? Gardening? Pets?


Choose topics:

  • that you know
  • that you enjoy writing about
  • that other people are interested in
  • that other people are researching on the Internet

As you blog and learn, you’ll come to know about keywords, keyword search, SEO, etc.

But the more important thing is you start now.

After you have written about 20 articles, and you have attracted some readers, apply for a Google Adsense account. If your application is approved, you can earn from clicks of Google ads on your blog.

Be warned that only legitimate clicks are paid, and you will be banned from Google forever if you click your own ads, or if your friends/family click on your ads. Google will know; it has sophisticated software to track online activities.

You can also earn from Amazon. I’ll write about Amazon soon. Meanwhile, build up your Blogger blog or site.  Sign up for a Blogger account.


4.   Write for free revenue sharing sites.

You write articles for these sites, and then earn Adsense revenues. Some also allow you to earn from Amazon, Chitika, Infolinks, and other affiliate sites. You get an income share of from 50% to 100%.

There are many of these sites, so since our time is limited, choose the best.


I recommend these sites:

WIZZLEY —    This site is fairly new, but it has grown fast! Articles are indexed by Google within a few hours. You’ll earn from 50 to 60% of Adsense impressions. You can also sell products marketed by Amazon, AllPosters and Zazzle and earn commissions.

HUBPAGES —   This is the most popular revenue sharing site today. It’s on the list of


Quantcast’s Top 100 Sites and Alexa’s Top 198 Sites.

6.   Create your own website hosted by a web hosting firm that you pay. is free, why would I pay to create a website or a blog?

Yes, you can earn from But there are advantages to owning your own site too:

  • You have more design options.
  • You’re free to choose the ads that you display on your site.
  • You can sell your website or your domain name if it becomes successful and popular.
  • can delete your website if you violate its terms.
  • You have an easier-to-remember domain name.


On, your domain name is domain, something like  If you own your site, your domain name would be

Today, however, Blogger allows you to buy a domain name to remove ‘blogspot’.  Just pay $10 per year.

Of course, you can have Blogger blogs and paid sites at the same time. is hosted by 1and1.  

My other sites are on Hostgator, which is one of the best webhosting companies.

Go to forums and you’ll find that many bloggers recommend it as a webhost.

7.   Become an affiliate marketer.

This is like being a sales agent of a company. You sell a product and you get a commission.  I have tried popular affiliate sites like Clickbank and Commission Junction, but I have not yet been successful on these sites. I have a day job, so I lack time to market products. The products need to be blogged about.  In addition, these sites have commission amounts that you need to reach before you can get your money and certain time limits.

My recommendations are Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction. You can sell Amazon products through your sites, including your Blogger blogs, and revenue sharing sites. Most importantly, Amazon is a trusted brand. It really pays.

Clickbank sells only digital products like ebooks and software, so it doesn’t have delivery problems.

8.   Become a freelance writer.

You can find a writing gig on Craigslist Manila. I have written a blogpost on my great experience getting a freelance writing job on Craigslist.  Be warned though that there are a lot of scams on Craigslist.

There are other sites where you can get writing jobs, like Odesk, etc., but I haven’t tried them.

As you surf, you’ll see a lot of  ads that say Become an instant millionaire, Earn thousands of dollars Overnight, or Watch your dollars grow as you sit.  Take a look to see for yourself.  All of them ask lots of US dollars from you first before you make money. Don’t get enticed, or else you’ll be throwing your money to swindlers.

9. Become a virtual assistant.

Lastly, if you don’t have yet a Paypal account, get a free Paypal account. Many online enterprises pay through Paypal.  If you don’t have a credit card to verify Paypal, visit the Union Bank website and read its advice on Paypal verification.

Google Adsense pays Philippine bloggers thru Western Union.

If your U.S.-based employer or client allows you to choose your payment company, suggest XOOM. With Xoom, you can get your payment in US dollars. You can then exchange your dollars at Czarina or other money changers that give higher exchange rates.

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