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virtual assistant PhilippinesOne of my jobs now is that of a Virtual Assistant Philippines, meaning I now do administrative and secretarial tasks for a client company in Florida while I live here in the Philippines. These I do for about four hours around midnight.

The number of virtual assistants in the Philippines has been rising together with the rise of the Internet — the medium that has enabled developing countries such as ours to win lots of call center jobs.

The Internet has also given opportunities for lots of Pinoys to earn money from various online enterprises, such as writing for websites, designing websites, selling cell phone loads and various products from beauty creams to houses and used cars on websites like sulit, and selling to international buyers on eBay.

How did I get my job as a virtual assistant Philippines?

It started with my job as a freelance online writer and my hobby as a blogger. I worked for years in a U.S.-owned Makati firm summarizing published news items and magazine articles for U.S.-based clients, so when the firm decided to change its focus and dissolved our department, I gravitated towards writing online. And it was here online where I met this client who initially hired me to write articles for his and his wife’s company website.

How did I meet this husband-and-wife team?

I met them through Craigslist Manila. This is an international classified ads site where anyone can post ads for free. It provides a locally-focused classified ads site for each major city in the world.

If you haven’t seen this ads site, you can type craigslist manila on Google, and then explore the site, particularly the JOBS section.

However, because Craigslist is free for all posters, there are a lot of scams on the site. I have heard of writers not being paid. Analyze thoroughly the offer, follow your feelings or instinct, and decide what risks you can bear. Prayers can help, of course. Do your best, and God will do the rest, sabi nga natin. As I continue to get blessings from this client, such as bonuses and laptops, I thank God for leading me to go to Craigslist at the time this client advertised for a job, and apply for this client’s simple ad.

Does being a Virtual Assistant Philippines pay well? And what’s the downside of the job?

Yes, it pays well, if one gets a good client. And it also fits snugly with freelance writing, particularly if you’re also writing for your own blog or other blogs. You also stay at home, and you don’t have to suffer the daily travails of a commuting worker.

The only downside is the night schedule. For some like me, sometimes the abrupt change in sleeping hours causes terrible headaches, but I hope my body clock adjusts soon.

Virtual Assistant Philippines


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  1. Hi, how much is the coverage for skin grafting procedure?

  2. Tnong ko lng poh kapag poh ba ang case eh sa uti kelngn 4 days nkaconfine pra macovered ng philhealth??

  3. one of my friend post about it.but I ignore.and now I’m searching about BDO but it’s the one will apair.

  4. Hi Dante, visit craigslist manila from time to time. Check the jobs available there and the qualities required. The tasks are also described. Check those that you can do now, and then learn as you go. Research and train yourself. Pray that the Lord will give you a good employer.

  5. How could you help me become a Virtual Assistant like you?

  6. I live in the Phillippines and I’ve been doing virtual assistance contract work for a couple different clients through for almost two years. It’s a great way to make money!

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