A Response from Former Senator Rene Espina About Ideal Pension Plans

Updated Jan 16, 2018

Ideal Pension Plans Corp. filed for voluntary insolvency on December 29, 2010.
The court appointed Atty. Leonila Licuan as liquidator.

Contact info of Atty. Licuan:
3rd Floor Del Castillo Bldg.
Rizal St., Surigao City
Phone Nos.:
856-3545 Bing or Alma
0947-53337503 Bing Isidro


In the September 9, 2008 list of licensed pre-need firms released by the SEC, former Senator Rene G. Espina was listed as chairman of Ideal Pension Plans Corp. (IPPC).  In the  January 28, 2009 list, IPPC was no longer among the licensed pre-need firms.

From time to time, I get inquiries about Ideal Pension Plans, as  many of my blog posts are about another pre-need firm Danvil Plans.

Last week, I received from Juni, an Ideal agent in Mindanao, a copy of a Notice of Hearing from the Makati Regional Trial Court for the petition by Ideal Pension Plans for voluntary insolvency. The copy is posted here:

Ideal Pension Plans Corp. Planholders — Time to Unite

Juni said he wrote an email to former Senator Espina inquiring about the status of Ideal Pension Plans. In his email, Juni also wrote about how he has been following up on Ideal, how his wife and brother traveled to Manila just to check into what’s happening at Ideal.
With a lot of planholders Juni and his family have sold plans to, the weight of the Ideal collapse rests heavy and painful on his shoulders.  It’s a harrowing situation.

I myself sold two big CAP plans years ago, and this is something I want to erase from my mind.  I thank the Lord though because these CAP clients understood my situation and never took the CAP failure against me.  They’ve informed me last year that there’s hope they’re getting a portion of what they’ve paid.

Following is the response of former Senator Espina to Juni’s email:  (Juni said Senator Espina gave permission for the posting of this letter.)

Thank you very much for your high regard for me.  I regret very much that I was not able to protect the interests of the plan holders.

I lost my own investment in Ideal but that is the least.  What I regret the most is losing my own good reputation which I value more than money.  I do not and never did control IPPC.  I was just a minority shareholder and the majority stock of the Gabriel family-mother, daughter, sisters and their friends are the majority shareholders.

Said controlling stockholders have mismanaged the corporation by running it like a family corporation and issuing several checks signed by mother and daughter which until the present time I could not audit inspite of the fact that I hired the services of Valdez and Company CPAs. IPPC has filed voluntary bankruptcy proceedings at the Makati RTC.

I will further update you further about IPPC…

Best regards,

Rene Espina

For Ideal Pension planholders, the hearing for Ideal’s petition for voluntary insolvency is on October 5, 2010 at 8:30 am at the 12th floor of the Makati City Hall.

Comment ko lang:  What really is voluntary insolvency?  Is this just a very convenient way of using the court to hide from responsibilities to planholders?


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