Danvil Plans — File Your Claims Early

NOTICE to ALL DANVIL Planholders:


 If you were not able to file before this deadline because you did not know there was a deadline, you can still file, as long as your name is in the Danvil masterlist.  Sorry I don’t have a copy of this masterlist. The wisest thing to do is to file as soon as you’ve read this.  

Info for filing is here: Notice from Danvil Plans



If you’re a planholder of Danvil Plans,  and your plan is maturing in the coming months, prepare your papers now, and file early — 3 months before your maturity date.

According to a Danvil customer care staff, planholders should file their claims 2 months before maturity date because Danvil now takes 60 days to process claims. But there are some planholders who have made comments on this blog that they’ve filed their claims 3 months before. So, perhaps it’s better to file 3 months before your maturity date.

Thanks to Fides — who had filed her claim and had received her check– and Rolly — who asked Fides about the requirements in filing a claim, here are

the requirements in filing your claim:

1. Maturity Claim Processing Form (from Danvil)

2. Family First Future Provider Plan (Face Page)

3. Certificate of Full Payment

4. Policy Contract

5. Cedula

6. 2 valid IDs

The offices of Danvil Plans are still here, according to Danvil’s Customer Care:

1. 4th Floor, Equitable Bank Tower, Paseo de Roxas, Makati

2. SM Megamall

3. SM Southmall

4. SM Fairview

5. SM North

The telephone numbers are:


755 1591

You just have to be patient when calling because oftentimes, especially weekdays, it takes Danvil a long time to answer. Perhaps, just like other firms, it is cutting costs, so there are only a few customer staff.

Email address:


For those who like to use the web site of Danvil to check their payments and accounts, send an email to Danvil and request for a password.

If you have visited Danvil Plans offices, kindly balitaan ninyo naman kami dito. It would mean a lot to us.  Thanks a lot.

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