Two Planholders of Danvil Plans Who Have Already Collected Their Maturity Benefits



 If you were not able to file before this deadline because you’ve never heard about this information, you can still file, as long as your name is in the Danvil masterlist.  Sorry I don’t have a copy of this masterlist. The wisest thing to do is to file as soon as you’ve read this.  

Info for filing is here: Notice from Danvil Plans



These are comments from two planholders of Danvil Plans who have already filed their claims, got their checks and have encashed them.

From planholder Hill:

February 16

Planholder din ako ng Danvil Plans and in fact magma-mature na ang plan ko this March 2009. One last payment na lang sa March 1 ang kulang.

February 21

Originally, 5 years to pay and 10 years after ang maturity yung plan ko pero I had it changed to 10 years to pay. Kaya, March 1, 2009 ang last payment at sa March 25, 2009 naman yung maturity date nung plan ko. Kaya nga inaayos ko na ang mga requirements.

March 5

Bale galing ako kaninang umaga sa Danvil Plans office sa SM Megamall para i-submit mga requirements in claiming maturity benefit. Bale wait lang ng 10 working days para sa clearing ng PDC check issued for March. And then 20 working days pa para sa check naman ng benefit ko.

April 7

I was at SM Megamall last Thursday, April 2 with former coworkers. And since I am already there, I decided to follow up if the check for the maturity benefits of my policy with Danvil Plans is already there. Lo and behold, to my surprise. Nandun na nga. Kaya that same day nakuha ko na check. And of course I deposited it to my bank account the following day. Di ko in-expect na nandun na check that time, kasi sabi sa akin nun, mga April 13 pa available. I’m thankful at mas napaaga. Praise God. At kanina nga sa bank I follow up kung credited na ba. Nagulat ako at hindi pa. Pero sabi naman ng bank clerk ay bukas cleared na ito at credited na sa account ko.

April 26

Gusto ko lang i-inform na na-clear na yung check na in-issue ng Danvil Plans. Happy and relieved talaga ako. Praise GOD. Yun lang. GOD BLESS.

From planholder Jun

May 5

I’m a Danvil planholder and I chanced upon your site since I’m also worried about my plan like many of the planholders. After reading the blogs, my hopes got renewed as Danvil seems to be not in danger of closing shop. I visited Danvil’s website to check on my plan and the status indicates that it is fully paid although the maturity date is on May 21, 2009. I’ll come back here to share with you and other planholders if i’m able to collect. Wish me luck…

May 6

I just filed my claim today at the North Edsa branch and I was told to wait for 20 working days for the release of the check, so that’s about a month from now or around June 6. Before I went there, I already heard about the bad news on Danvil. So while I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to collect, I cannot help myself from getting nervous. I don’t know how the news would affect the operations of Danvil, though when I was there, business seemed as usual and there were even few announcements of new planholders. So maybe its not as bad as depicted in the news.

June 5

As promised, I’m back to share with you if I’m able to collect my maturity benefit. Well, yes I was able to collect. I filed my claim on May 6 and got the check on June 2 and deposited it the following day. When I checked my account today, the check has already cleared. Just to share with you, the check was issued by the Cash/Trust Dept. of Land Bank Head Office and not by officers of Danvil Plans. My guess is Danvil approves the claims and sends them to Land Bank for issuance of the check. So I think for as long as the trust account in Land Bank has money, all claims that come will be paid. Now the question is how much money does the trust account contain? We don’t know that because Danvil Plans is not announcing it unlike Cocoplans. For now, we’ll just take SEC’s word that all the pre-need companies with licenses can meet their obligations. So I hope my report would somehow help the other planholders in deciding whether or not to continue with their policies.

Thank you so much, Hill and Jun, for sharing your experiences. I hope other Danvil planholders out there who have filed claims and who have encashed their checks take the time to share their experiences here to reassure other planholders of Danvil Plans.

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