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Updated June 2014:

SSS monthly contributions have increased

Go to this page to see the new SSS CONTRIBUTION TABLE, effective January 2014.


The SSS contribution table below is valid only up to December 2013, after SSS announced through Circular 2013-010 the new contribution table effective January 2014.

This table is for the following SSS members:


Range of Actual Income      Salary Credit      SSS CONTRIBUTION
(Monthly) (Monthly) (Monthly)
1,000 – 1,249.99 1,000 104
1,250 – 1,749.99 1,500 158
1,750 – 2,249.99 2,000 208
2,250 – 2,749.99 2,500 260
2,750 – 3,249.99 3,000 312
3,250 – 3,749.99 3,500 364
3,750 – 4,249.99 4,000 416
4,250 – 4,749.99 4,500 468
4,750 – 5,249.99 5,000 520
5,250 – 5,749.99 5,500 572
5,750 – 6,249.99 6,000 624
6,250 – 6,749.99 6,500 676
6,750 – 7,249.99 7,000 728
7,250 – 7,749.99 7,500 780
7,750 – 8,249.99 8,000 832
8,250 – 8,749.99 8,500 884
8,750 – 9,249.99 9,000 936
9,250 – 9,749.99 9,500 988
9,750 – 10,249.99 10,000 1040
10,250 – 10,749.99 10,500 1092
10,750 – 11,249.99 11,000 1144
11,250 – 11,749.99 11,500 1196
11,750 – 12,249.99 12,000 1248
12,250 – 12,749.99 12,500 1300
12,750 – 13,249.99 13,000 1352
13,250 – 13,749.99 13,500 1404
13,750 – 14,249.99 14,000 1456
14,250 – 14,749.99 14,500 1508
14,750 – over 15,000 1560


To pay your SSS contribution, use the RS-5 CONTRIBUTIONS PAYMENT RETURN.
You can get this form at any SSS branch, and you can pay at SSS cashier counters, accredited banks, and other payment outlets, such as Bayad Center or SM Business Center.

Usually, Bayad Centers or SM Business Centers have RS5 forms available.
Bayad Centers and SM Business Centers have their e-payment systems linked to the SSS payment facility, so posting of contributions takes the same time as those paid at e-linked SSS cashiers.

This is how the RS5 Form looks like:

SSS RS-5 -- SSS Contributions Payment Form











This is the fixed amount nearest your actual monthly salary. Salary Credit is used in computing the amount of your salary loan and your benefits, namely, maternity, sickness, disability benefits, EC benefits and pensions.

Click this to see SSS Payment Deadlines.


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  1. Hi Sally, does your niece still have her payslips or any document/IDs proving her past local employment? Is she here in the Philippines for a vacation? She can call her previous employer and ask them to remit her contributions. Or she can go to SSS Diliman and file her complaint, bringing with her documents that prove her past SSS contributions and employment.

  2. Hi. I’m trying to get information about SSS ML-1 Form. How can I get the SBR number? All I see on the validation is the REF #. You might have been asked this question before, and so I apologize. I can’t seem to get the information I require.

    Thank you if you have any information with my inquiry.

  3. Hi Allan, are you looking for the 6-digit no. needed to enroll in online SSS? If yes, choose any 6 digits from the transaction no. in your receipt. It can be REF or TN or SBR. Use a receipt referring to payment recently posted.

  4. Hi joseph, use Internet Explorer. If already using it and still not working, try loggin in at non-peak hours like dawn hours. The SSS server is unable to serve all during peak hours.

  5. hello. im just asking h0w to pay my c0ntributi0n and l0an? i d0nt have already empl0yer. i d0nt have yet new j0b. can i apply as a v0luntary member? if i can? can stil applied rel0an even im v0luntary?

  6. Hi jennyrose, yes, you can continue as Voluntary. You can pay your monthly amortization and contributions at Bayad Center or SM Business Center or at SSS. Write or check “Voluntary”. You can renew your loan as Voluntary, after you have paid at least half of your loan principal, and one year has passed since the date of your loan check. You should also have paid at least 6 contributions within the 12 months prior to your loan application.

  7. Gud day how can I change my PIN at the atm? The guard taught me how to change PIN. My spouse wants me to change my PIN because the security guard saw my PIN. And is my account number that I should use the one on deposit slip given to me? tnx po

  8. Hi zhelex, if your bank is BDO, here are the steps:
    1. Be ready with your old PIN and your new PIN.
    2. Enter your card at any BDO ATM
    3. Choose “Other Services”
    4. Choose “PIN Change”
    5. Enter your old PIN
    6. Enter your new PIN
    7. Re-enter your new PIN
    8. Wait for the message: “New PIN has been generated”
    9. Get your transaction receipt
    If another bank, choose “Change PIN”. If there is Type of Account option, choose “Savings account”. If there’s language option, choose “English”. If you don’t immediately see Change PIN, and there’s Special Services or Other Services, choose it.

  9. Hi mrs nora month of October I asked my friend to pay for the whole year of 2015. What I know about the contribution of ofws is 520 pesos a month but my friend said it’s now 550. has it increased? and is there a discount if I pay for the whole year? thanks po

  10. Hi lolita, your friend is right. The minimum contribution now for OFWs is 550. Sad to say, there’s no discount for advance payments. Register to get your own online SSS account so you can track your payments.

  11. Hello po mam nora,paano po mag registered online inquiry sa SSS para makita ko ung contributions ko thanks po.

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  14. Hello,Nora.My question is,I stopped paying my SSS contributions since 2004 up to present.What will happen to my contributions in the past?Please enlighten me. Thank you.

  15. Hi Connie, your past contributions are with SSS. If you’ve accumulated 120 contributions or more, you can apply for your pension when you turn 60. If you have less than 120, it will be good if you continue paying as Voluntary. Are you sure your contributions were remitted? You can visit the nearest SSS with your ID and verify — fill up a verification slip. Then start paying again, if you decide so. If you already have 120, but you like to have a higher pension, you can continue paying — pay a monthly amount higher than your past contributions.

  16. hi after paying at bdo for the sss contribution, will it be ok? can we see it quickly via sss online our payment of contribution? what the bdo cashier gave me was COA’s copy contributions payment form and sss special bank receipt (payor’s copy and sss branch office copy). Is there a next step? thanks

  17. Hi Ann, no, payments are not posted real time. I’m not sure if BDO now has an e-link to SSS system so that posting can be quick. It might be better paying at Bayad Center as they are e-linked to SSS. Usually payments at Bayad Center are posted the next day. In previous years when banks were so slow in remitting SSS payments to the SSS, members usually submit the branch office copy of the SBR to the SSS so that payments can be posted faster, but I think banks now remit faster, so you don’t need to submit the office copy. I hope you can comment again to tell us if BDO remitted to SSS quickly.

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