New SSS Contributions Table, Philippines


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  1. Hi Rimmer, sayang hindi mo inasikaso yong loan penalty condonation program. Nag-end siya last April. Hindi ko sure kung meron pa uling program at kung kelan. If you’re still young, i-pray mo na lang na magkaroon pa before ka mag-retire. If nearing retirement, dapat umpisahan mo nang magbayad, kasi ibabawas talaga nila yong loan mo from your pension. From month to month, walang matatanggap na pension habang ibinabayad pa yong pension sa loan.

  2. hi SSS officers goodday po ask lang po my loan kasi po ako matagal nang di nahuhulugan at pagkakaakala ko po nagbabayad ang mga egency ko dati sa loan ko.kaso po nun nag ask ako about sa loan meron akong laking penalty. kailan po kya magkakaroon ng yun mawawala yun penalty po yun lang loan kulang at interest lang babayadan ko nakita ako dating ganun kaso ignore ko now need ko pala sya .please help po SSS officers sa katanungan ko. salamat

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  4. ellow po nawawala po ang e4 nya ngyn wala po kmi pinanhhawakan n mga number nya ng work po siya ng local pero wala id number pano nyo po kmi matutulungan kapag ganito po ang sitwasyon

  5. Macclaim ko pa rin po ba yung SSS advance maternity pay (from employer) kahit na late na po ako nakapagsubmit ng requirements?

  6. pwede po bang mag advance ng payment? I already have 67 posted payments and I will be needing an extra cash. If I will make 5 advance payment I will have total of 72 and will be qualified for 2 month worth of loan.

  7. Nora, Is there other way to pay my contribution online? I am abroad and I have no bancnet account.

  8. Hi Aida, maraming companies usually ganyan nga na walang SSS contributions, kasi walang salaries during those 2 months. Ina-advance lang naman ng employer yong pera from SSS. Pero ang maternity leave pay ay kasama sa gross compensation sa list ng SSS in computing SSS deduction. Merong mga companies that are generous, and they pay their SSS share, if the employee requests for the payment of their SSS contributions.


  10. Hi Corazon, sorry hindi tinatanggap ng SSS ang late payments from individual payors. This month, you can still pay for Oct to Dec 2016, depende sa last digit ng SSS no. mo. Pag 1 or 2 ang last digit mo, puede ka pa up to Jan 10. Pag 3 or 4, puede ka pa up to Jan 15. Pag 5 or 6, puede pa up to Jan 20. Pag 7 or 8, puede pa up to Jan 25. Pag 9 or 0, puede pa up to Jan 31. Sa SSS ka na magbayad, kasi hindi na tatanggapin ng Bayad Center.

  11. mam,ask ko lang po ung loan nmin s sss ng asawa ko mtagal n po nming dna babayaran nag stop n po ako mag work ung hubby ko nman nag abroad gusto ko po syang byaran ng buo pra mag aplay ako ng self employed ano pong mgandang gawin.pag bnyaran ko po ng buo ang loan nmin mkadiscount po ba kmi?slamat po

  12. greetings! just wanna ask po how to pay a monthly amortization (monthly salary loan) as active voluntary member, do i need to pay both (monthly contribution and monthly amortization)?

  13. Hi Aipholz, try mo kayang lagyan ng 0 sa unahan; pag rejected, try mong ilagay ang 0 sa huli. If rejected pa rin, you can go to SSS, para makakuha na rin kayo ng form for restructuring. And then ask sa SSS paano mag-enroll pag 9 digits lang ang SSS number.

  14. Hi Reynard, yes, puede na siyang mag-file ng claim, ibabalik lang yong na-contribute niya plus interest. Docs: SSS Retirement Claim Application (RCA) form, SSS Member’s/Claimant’s Photo and Signature form, Certified true copy of Birth certificate duly registered with local registrar or NSO, SSS ID or 2 IDs. Hindi naman na siguro required yong cert of separation, kasi matagal nang hindi nag-contribute.

  15. Aipholz

    Thank you Ms. Nora ei pano po 9 digits SSS num ng tatay ko ei 10digits napo tayo kaya di po kami maka enroll online how we can check his contribution sa SSS online pano po naming malalaman total contribution nya and since may loan po sya ipasok po sana naming sa Restructuring program. Thank you advance.

  16. Hi Aipholz, kapag nakapag-contribute ka na dati as Employed SSS member (your employer remitted your contributions to SSS), puede ka nang magbayad as Voluntary kahit sa Bayad Center, SM Business Center o any SSS branch. After posting, automatic na mag-change na yong status mo from Employed to Voluntary. Babalik uli to Employed status kapag ma-employ ka uli at mag-remit ang employer mo.

  17. Hi ask ko lang po 9 digits lang po ang digits ng tatay and we can check his contribution sa SSS online pano po naming malalaman total contribution nya and since may loan po sya ipasok po sana naming sa Restructuring program. Thank you advance.

  18. My wife paid 24 months contribution after that their company stopped operation now my wife is already 63 years old can she claim some amount from SSS

  19. Hi acechi, sorry, pero according to law, hindi mo basta-basta palitan ang married surname mo. Kahit sa SSS, bago nila palitan ang married surname mo, you are required to present a Certificate of Finality of Annulment. Did you register your husband with SSS as your dependent/beneficiary? Required din yong annulment cert or legal separation cert. Check this SSS form: SSS Member Data Change Request. I think what you can do while waiting for your annulment (meron yatang proposal na babaan na yong cost of annulment) ay you write a normal, regular letter (postal mail) to your parents that you and your husband have separated, para meron silang documentary proof just in case they need it later on. I’ll write you, if I see something relevant.

  20. Hi nora, Please help me namn po, ano po gagawin ko, married po ako at ngayon hiwalay na po kmi gusto ko po sana ibalik ang apelyedo ng papa ko sa sss membership ko at dito po ako ngayon sa taiwan, pwede po ba yon? At ano po gagawin ko? Thank you so much po!

  21. Hi Jentris, were you an employed member before you became voluntary? I asked to make sure your contributions are valid. Yes, you can increase your monthly contribution to a higher level or to the maximum because you’re younger than 55. Pay Apr to Sep so you can avail. See SSS payment deadlines here. But for July to September payment, you should pay within the quarter. File your MAT1 on time.

  22. Hi my due on january 2017 and my last paymentaat sss is january 2015 as voluntary. Can i avail a maternity benefit?can i pay higher than my previous contribution? Thanku.

  23. Hi Nathalia, your payments for Jan to Mar will not be considered for your benefit. What will be considered are your 6 highest contributions from Jan to Dec 2015.

  24. Hi. My due date is april 13 2016
    Im already qualified for the maternity benefits.
    But i want to increase the amount that ill get.
    What if i pay my contribution for jan feb march 2016, would it be counted for my sss maternity benefits? Thank you

  25. Hi Ann, no, payments are not posted real time. I’m not sure if BDO now has an e-link to SSS system so that posting can be quick. It might be better paying at Bayad Center as they are e-linked to SSS. Usually payments at Bayad Center are posted the next day. In previous years when banks were so slow in remitting SSS payments to the SSS, members usually submit the branch office copy of the SBR to the SSS so that payments can be posted faster, but I think banks now remit faster, so you don’t need to submit the office copy. I hope you can comment again to tell us if BDO remitted to SSS quickly.

  26. hi after paying at bdo for the sss contribution, will it be ok? can we see it quickly via sss online our payment of contribution? what the bdo cashier gave me was COA’s copy contributions payment form and sss special bank receipt (payor’s copy and sss branch office copy). Is there a next step? thanks

  27. Hi Connie, your past contributions are with SSS. If you’ve accumulated 120 contributions or more, you can apply for your pension when you turn 60. If you have less than 120, it will be good if you continue paying as Voluntary. Are you sure your contributions were remitted? You can visit the nearest SSS with your ID and verify — fill up a verification slip. Then start paying again, if you decide so. If you already have 120, but you like to have a higher pension, you can continue paying — pay a monthly amount higher than your past contributions.

  28. Hello,Nora.My question is,I stopped paying my SSS contributions since 2004 up to present.What will happen to my contributions in the past?Please enlighten me. Thank you.



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  31. Hello po mam nora,paano po mag registered online inquiry sa SSS para makita ko ung contributions ko thanks po.

  32. Hi lolita, your friend is right. The minimum contribution now for OFWs is 550. Sad to say, there’s no discount for advance payments. Register to get your own online SSS account so you can track your payments.

  33. Hi mrs nora month of October I asked my friend to pay for the whole year of 2015. What I know about the contribution of ofws is 520 pesos a month but my friend said it’s now 550. has it increased? and is there a discount if I pay for the whole year? thanks po

  34. Hi zhelex, if your bank is BDO, here are the steps:
    1. Be ready with your old PIN and your new PIN.
    2. Enter your card at any BDO ATM
    3. Choose “Other Services”
    4. Choose “PIN Change”
    5. Enter your old PIN
    6. Enter your new PIN
    7. Re-enter your new PIN
    8. Wait for the message: “New PIN has been generated”
    9. Get your transaction receipt
    If another bank, choose “Change PIN”. If there is Type of Account option, choose “Savings account”. If there’s language option, choose “English”. If you don’t immediately see Change PIN, and there’s Special Services or Other Services, choose it.

  35. Gud day how can I change my PIN at the atm? The guard taught me how to change PIN. My spouse wants me to change my PIN because the security guard saw my PIN. And is my account number that I should use the one on deposit slip given to me? tnx po

  36. Hi jennyrose, yes, you can continue as Voluntary. You can pay your monthly amortization and contributions at Bayad Center or SM Business Center or at SSS. Write or check “Voluntary”. You can renew your loan as Voluntary, after you have paid at least half of your loan principal, and one year has passed since the date of your loan check. You should also have paid at least 6 contributions within the 12 months prior to your loan application.

  37. hello. im just asking h0w to pay my c0ntributi0n and l0an? i d0nt have already empl0yer. i d0nt have yet new j0b. can i apply as a v0luntary member? if i can? can stil applied rel0an even im v0luntary?

  38. Hi joseph, use Internet Explorer. If already using it and still not working, try loggin in at non-peak hours like dawn hours. The SSS server is unable to serve all during peak hours.

  39. Hi Allan, are you looking for the 6-digit no. needed to enroll in online SSS? If yes, choose any 6 digits from the transaction no. in your receipt. It can be REF or TN or SBR. Use a receipt referring to payment recently posted.

  40. Hi. I’m trying to get information about SSS ML-1 Form. How can I get the SBR number? All I see on the validation is the REF #. You might have been asked this question before, and so I apologize. I can’t seem to get the information I require.

    Thank you if you have any information with my inquiry.

  41. Hi Sally, does your niece still have her payslips or any document/IDs proving her past local employment? Is she here in the Philippines for a vacation? She can call her previous employer and ask them to remit her contributions. Or she can go to SSS Diliman and file her complaint, bringing with her documents that prove her past SSS contributions and employment.

  42. My niece was an OFW in Micronesia for 10 years and just discovered from SSS documents that her employer did not forward her monthly deduction to the SSS during the last two years of her employment. How should this be resolved?

  43. my employer deducted 490.50 pesos per month two month lang n hulog from april 2014 to present tenawagan ko wala pa cila action

  44. Hi Tess, yes, it’s based on actual monthly gross compensation. Yes, you have to compute every week/15th or 30th/month, depending on your payroll frequencies, and whether you deduct SSS every 30th/31st or 2x a month or every week (for weekly-paid workers). You can make your own formula on Excel, or other method to make your work easier. Even if you’re not an Excel expert, just fill up Excel with SSS employee data, then later on, you can see patterns.

  45. Hi is the monthly contribution based on actual monthly compensation (i.e. Based on actual worked days)? Does it mean that we have to recompute every month our employees’ contributions every single month? It’s very tedious and time-consuming. Thanks.

  46. Hi Arlyne, are you still paying 312? You should have started paying 330 since contributions were increased in Jan 2014. You can avail if you have paid at least 3 contributions within the 12 months prior to your semester of contingency. I don’t know what amount they will use if you paid the incorrect amount. If you paid 330 for 6 months within the required period, you should be able to claim 7,800 pesos.

  47. ask ko lng po employed po ako tapos po wala pa po ako natatanggap na benefits ko kase sabe po ng employer ko aantayin daw po nila na mabayaran sila ng sss bago po ibigay po sakin yun benefits ko..
    ano po ba pwede ko gawen?

  48. Hi mervin, sorry I don’t work for SSS, so I don’t have access to their records. You can go to the nearest branch and ask. Or register at so you can track your records online. Try during non-peak hours, like midnight.

  49. Hi, wanna ask something about my sss loaned year 2006 worth 7k then the previous years until 2014 haven’t contributing monthly ….I want to know the appx balance to pay for my loan which I believe already increased so much because of the interest.thank you in advance

  50. Hi Joey, your employer should be deducting only 581.30 once per month. If twice per month, the deduction should be 290.65 every 15 and 30, with a monthly total of 581.30 (290.65 x 2). It should be the employer that is paying a total of 1,208.70 for you monthly (1,178.70 for regular SSS and 30 pesos for EC). Ask your fellow employees if their SSS deduction is similar to yours, and if similar, go to your HR/accounting and ask.
    The SSS table of contribution is on a monthly basis, NOT on a semi-monthly basis. Whether the employee is earning 16k or 100k a month, the employee will pay 581.30 per month, and the employer will pay 1,208.70 per month for the employee.

  51. I would like to clarify regarding our SSS deduction because we are deducted semi monthly of 581.30 so in one month we are contributing 1162.6 example our Monthly Basic Salary is 32,000 and for the first cut off 1-15 basic salary will be 16,000 + OT 2000 we are having a salary gross of 18,000 and our SSS deduction for first cut off is 581.3 then in the second 16-30 cutoff basic salary will be 16,000 + OT 1000 we are having a salary gross of 17,000 again SSS deduction for second cut off is 581.3. Just to know if there computation is correct in deducting our SSS?

  52. Hi Maybelline, if the 2nd payment was made after the payment deadline for Dec 2014, then this 2nd payment will be credited automatically as payment for Jan 2015. If the 2nd payment was on time, and the total of the 2 payments were not more than 1,760, there’s a possibility that the 2 payments will be credited for Dec 2015. But check your online account from time to time. Later on, if you see that the error was not corrected, you can request SSS for correction of posting by writing a letter to SSS requesting the posting of your 2nd payment for Jan 2015. Attach a copy of your 2 payment receipts. You can submit this request to the nearest branch.

  53. Good pm! My husband’s SSS contribution/payment for Dec. 2014 was doubled. The second payment was for January 2015. What will happen? Should he pay for January? Or is it automatic that the system corrects it as payment for January 2015, since payment for last Dec 2014 was already paid? Thanks

  54. Hi Mae, if you paid at least 6 contributions within Apr 2013 to Mar 2014 (520 in 2013 and 550 in 2014), your benefit will be:
    5k x 6 months = 30k
    30k / 180 = 166.67
    166.67 x 78 days = 13k
    Your benefit is 13,000 pesos.

  55. I gave birth last Sept 11, 2014 in UAE. I am paying 550 pesos monthly contribution. I am employed for almost 4 years now. I had a caesarian section delivery. How much maternity benefit I can claim and can you provide me with the computation

  56. Hi Jerei, I assume you’re employed, and you’re in the maximum salary range, which is 16k and above. Am I correct? When are you giving birth? So I can estimate if you can get the maximum 32k for normal delivery.

  57. hi, I just wanna ask how much Maternity benefit can I get for my pregnancy. I only started my contribution Last may 2014, but my contribution for every month is P581.30.

  58. Hi danilo, I think you’re looking in the correct portion — top right usually, where the cash machine marks are usually printed. Choose 6 digits from the transaction no. and enter 6 digits. Or have you just paid? Wait for about 3 days to allow for posting. If your payment is not yet posted, your SBR# is not yet in the system.

  59. hi ms. may i know in which part of the rs5 can we see the sbr number needed to register online? I’ve tried many times registering online, but the system does not accept my sbr#. I’m self-employed

  60. Hi Ma. Rovelyn, your semester of contingency is July to Dec 2014, so SSS will look for your 6 highest contributions within July 2013 to June 2014. Write your 6 highest contributions or salary credits within Jul to Jun and I’ll compute.

  61. Good afternoon! May I ask how I should compute my maternity benefit if I was employed at the time of my conception and unemployed before giving birth. last day at work was may 3, 2014 and I gave birth december 15, 2014. But I paid last quarter this year from october to december ng 380? How much benefit will I get? Thanks

  62. Hi ica, yes, you need to pay Oct to Dec this Dec so you can increase your benefit. But increase your contribution only by 2 levels. You can pay higher or maximum but fill up the income portion of the RS5 form. Ask others too.

  63. hi, May 2 , 2015 is my due and for me to be eligible for reimbursement, do i need to pay oct to dec? last payment is may from may employer and its a minimum salary. If I pay as voluntary to cover may oct. to dec with max like 1700 per month, how much benefit would i get? I hesitate to pay max if it does not impact my benefit. or pay max for oct to nov based on the computation i saw. thank you

  64. Hi Nita, only SSS members who get sick or confined for at least 4 days can apply for SSS sickness benefit; not the beneficiaries.
    In Philhealth, yes, a beneficiary younger than 18 can use his/her parent’s Philhealth.

  65. good am maam, it’s been 13 years I’ve not contributed to my sss account, since I went abroad. How can I continue paying? I’m an OFW here in UAE; no day off. Thanks

  66. Hi Elenie, if you pay SSS from abroad and write OFW as your member category, then your status will change to OFW after posting of your payment. The advantages of OFW members are: your payment deadlines are more flexible and you can save with Flexi-Fund if you like. You can also email this OW-1 form to About contribution amount, you can increase/decrease your contribution from month to month by 1 or 2 levels only, unless you declare your income via SSS RS5 form. For OFWs, the minimum contribution is 550 pesos.

  67. Hi Nora! Just wanted to ask since I am staying overseas as housewife, I should consider paying as “OFW?” Can I remit different amounts every month? Or I can choose either 550 or 1760? My previous record is “employed” from 2002-2006. From 2007 to date I stopped paying when I was working abroad. Currently I am a housewife but might continue to work abroad.
    Do I need to change any status in the SSS branch or it will be automatically updated as OFW (if in case that is my payor type Ty Ann

  68. Hi Carlo, yes, you can pay as Voluntary, as long as your HR does not force you to pay through payroll — it’s their duty to collect and remit (The rule written on the salary loan form is this: The employer shall be responsible for the collection and remittance to the SSS of the amortization due on the member-borrower’s salary loan through payroll deduction). If you decide to pay on your own, you must commit to paying every month, with no miss and no excuses. I know some who decided to pay on their own, and then forgot to pay, accumulating penalties/interests and turning their 20k loans into 40k loans. You can pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center, then keep orig and xerox copies. Check your loan balance online from time to time. If you’re asked to fill up the RS5 payment form, leave the employer name and SSS no. blank. Only your name, SSS no. and address should be written. Some collectors use their own payment forms.

  69. hi, presently I am employed, then had an SSS salary loan and got the check. But I want to pay the loan as voluntary. I heard that my company is not updated in remitting loan payments and I was advised to pay the loan as voluntary. Is that allowed? Until now I haven’t given the voucher to HR and the payment should start this December. Can I pay my salary loan by myself or is payment through employer only? If allowed, how can I pay as voluntary even if I’m employed. thanks po and god bless

  70. Hi Chayette, if 1 year or more has passed since your previous loan check date, you can loan now. To be sure, register at so you can check your salary loan eligibility online. Check from time to time if the SSS website is not yet fully functioning. Make sure also that you have paid at least 6 contributions within the past 12 months.

  71. Hi Rachel, yes, you can update your member data there. Your 6 highest are three 1760 and three 1560. This means your 6 highest salary credits are three 15k and three 16k.
    Let’s add all your 6 highest salary credits, and we get 45k plus 48k = 93k
    93k / 180 days = 516.67 pesos per day
    516.67 pesos x 60 days (normal delivery) = 31k pesos
    Your maternity benefit is 31k pesos.

  72. thank you ms. nora. yes, i am in dubai. thanks for providing their contact here. can i then submit the requirements here? As for my monthly contributions, from April 2013, PHP1560 til Dec’13, from Jan.’14 til date, PHP1760.

  73. Hi Rachel, sorry I was replying to your comments when I got distracted, so I thought I replied to you already 🙂 In previous years, members can file under their maiden name even if already married. But recently, maternity claimants are being advised to update first their civil status before filing MAT2, since the child’s birth certificate shows the parents’ date and place of marriage. Are you in Dubai? You can update your member’s data at the SSS office there. Bring your marriage certificate (orig and xerox). Call for their SSS office hours and if their are long lines.
    Philippine Overseas Labor Office
    35 Beirut Street Extension 2, Al Qusais 3, Dubai
    Mobile No. (971) – 5621 – 23426
    Officer in Charge
    Lydia E. Cabagnot
    Email Address:
    If not, you can authorize someone in the Phils. (email authorization letter and a scan of your IDs so these can be printed) to file your Member’s data change form for you. But the difficulty here is that your representative should have your original marriage certificate. The representative should also bring his 2 valid IDs. And there are some officers who do not accept the member’s scanned IDs.
    Your maternity benefit depends on your contributions (your 6 highest contributions within April 2013 to March 2014). Write these 6 highest contributions here and I will compute. You can file for your maternity benefit within 10 years. But of course, it’s always better to file as soon as you can.

  74. hi ms. nora, i hope you can give time for my query posted on 23rd Oct:

    Rachel October 23, 2014 at 2:01 pm
    hi ms. nora. i am an sss member with updated premiums. i gave birth here in uae in July 31,2014. I have submitted online my MAT-1 before i gave birth. i have seen the requirements to avail maternity benefits from your link above:
    I have few concerns: 1) because I’ve been here abroad for 7 years, i have not changed my status yet to married. My sss file still shows my maiden status. even my sss id still shows my maiden name. and i heard that the sss id now is different) all my maternity documents here are in my married name. What should I do? Do i need to change my status first? How can i change my status especially i am here abroad? 2) How much maternity benefit can i avail? 3) what’s the deadline for submission of documents?


  75. Hi jen, there are SSS payment deadlines. This month, you can pay for Oct to Dec 2014 and months after. You can still pay for July to Sep if the last digit of your SSS no. is 7 to 9 or 0 (for Jul to Sep payment, pay at SSS).

  76. hi good pm may i ask. Previously, I have been paying then I stopped. Can I pay for january up to october? or annual payment?

  77. hi ms. nora. i am an sss member with updated premiums. i gave birth here in uae in July 31,2014. I have submitted online my MAT-1 before i gave birth. i have seen the requirements to avail maternity benefits from your link above:
    I have few concerns: 1) because I’ve been here abroad for 7 years, i have not changed my status yet to married. My sss file still shows my maiden status. even my sss id still shows my maiden name. and i heard that the sss id now is different) all my maternity documents here are in my married name. What should I do? Do i need to change my status first? How can i change my status especially i am here abroad? 2) How much maternity benefit can i avail? 3) what’s the deadline for submission of documents?

  78. I’m 54 yrs old and I avail of company’s early retirement last 2003.
    My total contribution was 239 months(Almost 20yrs).
    My contributions are in maximum bracket base on
    SSS contribution table year 2003 which is PHP1410 with MSC of 15000.
    Here’s the problem, Base on the SSS contribution table for 2014 the PHP1410 made last 2003 will fall on MSC of 13500.

    I stopped paying my SSS contribution last September 2003.
    When I reach the age of 60, which MSC will be the basis for calculation ?

    Based of 2003 Contribution Table: P300 +(20% of 15000)+(2% of 15000 for 10 years)= P6275
    Based on 2014 Contribution Table: P300 +(20% of 13500)+(2% of 13500 for 10 years)= P5677.5

  79. Hi gelai, did you register as self-employed? Do you have a Date of Coverage? If yes, you can continue paying as Voluntary if you like Voluntary. It’s true that you just pay as Voluntary using RS5 form (check Voluntary) and your status will change after posting. There are no differences in benefits between self-employed and voluntary. All member types get the same benefits. Benefits vary only because of differences in amounts and years of contributions. Contribution amounts are the same. Here’s the sss contributions table.

  80. Hi do i need to change my status as self employed if i want to pay as voluntary in paying my sss? They said just fill up the rs5 form and pay and automatically the status will change. What’s the advantage? and how much is voluntary payment? thanks

  81. Hi Mr. Johann, yes, continue paying to increase your pension amount. If you have excess years (more than 10 years), there’s this addition to the pension formula (PLUS 0.2% of average salary credit x no. of excess years). But pay only if you’re able to pay the higher contributions so you can preserve your higher average salary credit. Take note also of the contribution increase rule. It’s here in the lower portion of the SSS RS5 contribution payment form

  82. Good Day What if I have completed the 120 Month contributions and I’m not yet 60 years old,SHOULD I continue my contributions until I reach the age of 60?

  83. Hi Marivic, the proper process is that your employer should have advanced to you your benefit, then it will be to their bank account that SSS will deposit your benefit, to reimburse them. Did you take a maternity leave? Ask your employer if they already have the SSS-approved SMB PB form, so you can file your MAT2. Your employer can also check their SSS online account if their SMB PB is already approved. They should help you claim, as they did not advance your benefit. For miscarriage cases, the histopathology or D&C report is important, do you have it?

  84. Hi! ask ko lang po sana nag submit po yong office namin ng maternity reimbursement facility thru bank and then the bank said sila na po mg submit sa SSS ng form. Ano po dapat kong gawin?di ko pa ma forward yong form MAT 2 ko kasi hinahanapan po ako ng SSS personnel ng thru Bank facility.Nag ka miscarriage pop ako last May 2014 po e pwede pa po ba ma claim yong benefits ko I started paying my SSS 2003 pa makukuha pa po ba ako?thank you

  85. Hi caresma, yes you can continue as Voluntary. You can no longer pay for past years. This Sep, you can pay for July to Sep. Pay at SSS branch using RS5 form, then after 3 to 5 days to allow for posting, register at so you can track your records. You need your RS5 transaction no. to register. SSS payment deadlines.

  86. hi may i ask if i can continue paying my sss? paid june 2010- march 2011 as employed. want to pay aprl 2011 – sept 2014 as voluntary. is that allowed? thanks a lot

  87. Hi Apple, I’m sorry, you should have asked this question months before. If your due date is November, then your semester of contingency is July to Dec 2014, and SSS will look for 3 monthly payments within July 2013 to June 2014. You are no longer allowed to pay for those past months. Ask others too.

  88. Hi may ask if can avail of sss maternity benefits. my last contributions were in 2012 and then i stopped because i continued my studies, and now 2014, am 7 mos pregnant. by november is my due. is it possible for me to qualify if i pay as voluntary/self employed this month? Thanks hope you can resolve my problem.

  89. Hi may-ann, this last week of August, you can pay for July if the last digit of your SSS no. is 9 or 0.

  90. Hello Good Day! I had been employed for a year and a month.. I had checked my contribution and I had found out I had 13 mos. of contributions.. i just want to ask if i can avail of my maternity benefits.. i’m currently unemployed.. hope you could help me with this. thank you and more power

  91. hi good afternoon, can I pay my contributions as voluntary for the 4 months I did not work. I worked until march 2014 and started another work aug. 2014. thanks

  92. Hi ana, yes, employees’ contributions can vary, depending on gross monthly income. Your employer’s accountant will compute.

  93. Hi geena, sad to say, you might not qualify. Your semester of contingency is Apr to Sep 2014 and the prior 12-month period within which you should have at least 3 contributions is Apr 2013 to Mar 2014. Ask others too

  94. Hi ask ko lang mo if mag change ba ang sss contribution of employed member earning minimum wage of 466/day. Kasi po mag iiba iba ang monthly salary based on the no of days? Thanks

  95. Helo po, more than 10 years na po ako member ng SSS, last payment ko po ng SSS March of 2012 po kasi nag resign po ako, buntis po ako ngayon due ko po next month Sept., makakapag avail pa po kaya ako ng maternity benefits?
    Thank you po.

  96. Hi alona, pay for July Aug and Sep so you can avail. After your payments have been posted (register at so you can check), file your MAT1. Your benefit amount will depend on your Jul to Sep contributions.

  97. Helo po, ask ko lng po.if I can still avail maternity benefits khit last 2007 pa ako ngbayad ng contributions ko due po ako ng february 2015. Meron po ako 16 contribution. If meron how much nmn kaya ang pede ma claim.salamat po.God bless

  98. Hi po need help

    Ask ko lng po kng pwede pa po ba ihabol ung march 2014 hanggang july 2014. Kc voluntary c nanay tapos ngstart xa maghulog ng 330.00 nung january 2014 hanggang feb2014 lng po. Pwede po b ihabol salamat . At pwede rin po ba na dagdagan ang contribution nya. Salamat po. Pwede po ako pa email para po mabasa ko po salamat..

  99. good day po ask ko lang kung eligible po ako mag avail for maternity benefit. nag resign na po kasi ako. my contributions are the following while im still employed:

    june to december = 728 monthly
    january to march = 770 monthly

    due date ko po ng january 2015.
    at nahinto rin po pala ako sa pagcocontribute mula noong april hanggang ngayon. okay lang po ba yon?
    please help po..

  100. Hi Cookie, I think there’s no effect, and you can avail, since this is your 3rd child, and you’re still within the maximum limit of 4 normal deliveries.

  101. Hi Ms Nora

    Ask ko lng po this year po nakuha ko ung maternity benefit ko nung nanganak ak ng NOV 2007 and now i am 6 months pregnant for my 3rd child continous po ang hulog ko sa SSS since January 2014 if mg file po ulit ak ng MAT 1 sa sss will it affect my current benefit since kaka issue lng nila skin nung cheke this year for my maternity last 2007??

    Thanks so much for you reply..

  102. Hi Nita, only children and spouse are accepted as beneficiaries in the E4 form, as birth and marriage certs are required. But try writing your grandchild as your dependent because there’s this statement about beneficiaries in the SSS law “In the absence of the all the foregoing, any other person designated by the member as his/her secondary beneficiary.”

  103. Hi puede bang idagdag sa dependent ko ang apo ko o kailangan anak lang salamat pasensya n madami na akong tanong sa iyo pero salamat sa mga sagot mo laking tulong sa akin God Bless!

  104. Hi Nenita, the member’s children who are younger than 21 years old can claim their pensions, if the member has contributed at least 36 contributions. The separated spouse can also file his/her claim, but if SSS comes to know that he/she has been separated for a long time, it might hold or disapprove the pension. To claim the pension, the spouse must be a dependent spouse.

  105. Hi tanong ko lang po kung puede po mag apply ng sickness kung na operahan ng tyrhoidectomy noong 2012 salamat po God Bless!

  106. Hi tanong ko lang kung seperated ba ang member for 15 years eh may rights pa ba ang asawa n mag claim ng pension ?puede ba ang anak nya ang benefficiary kahit over 18 na? salamat

  107. Hi connie, there’s no discount if you pay in advance. If you can, pay more months so your pension later on will be higher.

  108. mam nora,kulang pa po ako ng 9 months na contribution sa sss para ma bou ko ang 120 months,pwede ko po bang bayaran ng bou ang 9 monts.may discount po ba sa talagang monthly ko?kung meron ilang percent po ba?thank you and more power.

  109. Hi lorena, you should ask your HR because your company should be advancing your sickness benefit through your payroll atm, and then SSS will reimburse the company. Yes, it’s true that you should use your company sick leaves first. But the approval of your claim will depend on the details written on the sickness claim. File your partial disability claim after your sickness leave. Talk with your HR

  110. Hi maryann, that requirement is not actually in the list of documents required for retirement filing, based on the SSS website. Maybe the SSS wants to see your church’s own records so they can confirm what they have at SSS. Can’t the church manually list all the contributions paid from the beginning (applicable month, date paid, OR no., amount paid)? Isn’t the church keeping payment receipts?

  111. Hi Nita, yes, you can, but many Bayad Centers no longer use the RS5 form, so you cannot write different months and amounts. Pay at SSS. Or try SM Business Center. Yes, you can pay several months in advance. God bless too

  112. gud eve mam nora,

    c lorena po ito, gusto ko lang po mag verify kc ang tagal ng processing sa sickness claim ko, i was operated ng TAHLSO last May 3, nacheck-up ako ng sss physician last june 2, until now wala pa na encode sa website sa sss ang sickness claim ko, also when can I claim d disability? yong HR liason officer kc nag process ng papers ko? matagal pa kaya yon mam? mag 2 mos kc na wala akong salary from my employer?

    meron din akong concern, how true na policy sa sss na e-exhaust muna ang sick leave sa employee bago nla bigyan ng approval? kc i have 9 remaining days for the current year< hindi ibbigay sa employer ko kc nagamit ko na raw but d date of the approval was may 2 to july 2, 2014..di ko naman nagamit ang sick leave ko…
    salamat po.

  113. Hi pahabol po ang ibig ko po sabihin eh puede ko po ba bayaran sa bayad center ngayon bago mag June 15 ang anim n buwan pero iba iba ang amount simula june 1155 july 1265 august 1375 hanggang 6 months salamat po ang huling bayad ko po ay 1144 last December 2013 salamat ulit God Bless

  114. Hi salamat ulit sa pag reply nyo tanong ko lang po puede po bang mag bayad sa bayad center ng 1 or 2 level kaya kung sa 2 nd level bale bayaran k po ngayong bago mag 15 ng June eh 1155 tapos July 1265 at August 1375 and so on . At puede po ba akong magbayad hanggang November2014 . Ang huling bayad ko po ay last December 2013 salamat po ulit God Bless!

  115. Hello Ms. Nora, gusto ko lang po malaman kasi iyong husband ko is a pastor in our local church and they are contributing to the SSS. Now he is already 60 and the church said they will have to stop his SSS contribution, apply for his monthly pension. nOw sss is asking us to submit our record of his contributions which are computerized based on your recent record. Wala hong nakakaalam non dahil 4 na members lang sila.

  116. Hi Gina, yes, you can pay in advance. But I’m curious why you want to pay up to 3 1/2 years in advance! To save on remittance fees? So you will not spend your SSS money on useless stuff? So you don’t have to worry about SSS for the next 3 1/2 years? We hope SSS will not again increase rates in the next few years so you don’t have to make adjustments.

  117. Maam,

    Good morning! I just want to know if pwede po bang bayaran ko ang 2015- 2017 kahit 2014 pa ngayon kasi self employed kasi ako.

    Thank you.

  118. Hi Nita, yes, you can continue paying at Bayad Center. Increase by one level at a time. You said your last payment was 1144 (was this before Jan 2014 when the increase became effective?), then this June, pay 1155; July, 1210; August, 1265, and so on, until you reach 1760.
    Check if you paid in 2014 using old rates. If you did, pay for your underpayments at SSS branch. Use RS5 form.

  119. Hi salamat po sa reply nyo puede po bang ituloy ko pa ang hulog ko kasi 57 pa lang po ako at puede po b ako mag bayad sa bayad center monthly at puede po ba taasan k yung bayad ko ? Ang huli ko pong binabayaran ay 1144 puede po ba ako mag maximum n 1760 ? Paano po gagawin ko para ma rich ko yung maximum payment n 1760 salamat po and God Bless!

  120. Hi robert, sorry I cannot estimate. It depends on the documents required and current workload of SSS.

  121. Hi Nita, yes, gaps are allowed, and you’re already qualified for pension when you turn 60. Have you registered at So you can track your records. Do you have a Date of Coverage? This date is important. God bless too.

  122. Hi robert, it should be your father transacting with SSS in person because that involves personal info. But you can try helping your father. You can ask your father to write an authorization letter authorizing you to transact with SSS to correct his SSS records (include the 2 names and SSS nos.) Bring his ID, birth certificate and your ID. He might be required later on to submit certificates of all SSS contributions from his previous and current employers and an affidavit of two disinterested persons stating that the 2 names are one and the same person.

  123. Hi gusto ko. Po itanong kung yung 120 months po eh puede may gap kasi po 3 years naghulog po ako tapos gap ng 1 year tapos nag hulog po ulit akong 5 years tapos natigil ulit ng 2 years tapos naghulog ulit sa ngayon po ay nk 129. Months n total puede po b ako mag pension pag 60 n po ako salamat po God Bless

  124. Maam nora tanong kulang po yun papa
    Ko po kc dalawa pangalan sa sss ngaun gusto nya po pag-isahin pero d nya po maasikaso dahil po sa trabaho nya
    Paano po yun maaayos anu po kailangan gawin

  125. Hi irene, were you previously employed? If yes, you don’t need to go to SSS. You can pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. After paying (wait for 3 to 5 days for posting), register at so you can check your records. Check if you have a Date of Coverage — this is important.

  126. Elow po’ mam Nora’,.. ask ko lng po sana.gsto ko po ipagpagpatuloy ang hulog ko sa sss..kylangan pa po ba’.. na pumunta pa ako as branch.. or’ pwede ko po’ba ihulog nlng derect sa sss# ko..tnx po”’.

  127. Hi Khito, ask your father to talk with their HR dept and ask about early retirement policies of the company, and the effect of resignation on benefits, kasi iba-iba rin ang benefit policies ng mga companies, although merong mga basic benefits based on labor law. About SSS: He can apply for his SSS pension only after he turns 60, kahit meron na siyang 200 contributions.

  128. Hi Ms Nora,

    May tanong lang po ako tungkol sa balak ng aking ama na mag file ng early retirement. Ang edad nya po ay 58 at gusto na nyang mag retiro dahil sa problema ng kanyang pandinig. Siya po ay may 200 contribution sa SSS, pwede na po ba syang makatanggap ng pension? Sa anong edad sya mag umpisang tatanggap ng pension,.Kung hinde po tatanggapin ng company na pinagtrabahoan nya ang kanyang pina-file na early retirement at mag resign po sya, obligado ba ang company na magbigay ng separation pay sa kanya? 27 years na po sya sa companyang ito.Sana’y maliwanagan nyo po ako.. Maraming Salamat po.

  129. Hi anne, yes, kelangan ang cert of separation from last employer, kasi younger than 65 years old ang father mo. Sa age 60 to 64.99 years old, bawal ang mag-pension kung merong work, kaya gusto ng SSS na siguraduhin na hindi na working ang father mo. Pag 65 years old or more, puedeng magpension kahit merong work. Kung merong valid reason (closed na ang company), puedeng mag-submit ng Affidavit — ito ang SSS form:

  130. Hi arnlfo, sori first time ko dito maka-encounter ng medical benefit check. Kung kagaya rin ang processing time sa maternity benefit check, within 10 days to 1 month ang delivery after nag-apir na ang check no. and amount sa online account. Check your online account; if not yet enrolled, enroll at

  131. hi. i just wanna ask lang po about sa pension ng tatay ko, he is now 62 years old, requirement po ba talaga ang certificate of separation of last employer nya if 5 years ago na po mula nung nagresign siya dun? and if in case wala po siyang ganung certificate, meron bang alternative na pwede nya gamitin na requirement or pwede bang wala na nun? hoping for your reply soon. thank you

  132. my approved 75 days medical benefit was last April 29, 2014 per info from HR. until now, i have not got the check yet. kelan po kaya yun?

  133. Gud day po..
    Maam hingi ho sana ng help may employee kasi akong nireregister online it keeps giving me “sss amount is out of bracket” everytime sinasubmit ko na yung r3 online ang nabayaran ko kadi 516.88 tapos pagcheck ko 495 lang pala

  134. Thank u mis nora …nasagot mo ung mga question ko atleast may idea nako thanks u ulit

  135. Hi Famela, June ba ang delivery mo? Yes, puede na yong 1st quarter payment mo, pero bayaran mo na rin ang 2nd quarter.

  136. Yes po ms nora nakapag pasa nako ng mat1 ko nung february pa… Thx po sa reply nag alalala talga ko dhil sa isang di nabayaran … Bali ung dati kong hulog ung cocomputin ng sss ? May isa din po ako question baka sakali po masagot niyo din po about po sa philhealth ko nag voluntary din po ako binayaran ko nadin po ung 1st quarter ng 2014 at dati din ako me contribute sa philhealth since feb 2013 to august 2013 ok na po bah un para ma avail ko ung discount sa philhealth pag nanganak po ako ? Thx po

  137. Hi Famela, kung June ang due mo, eligible ka for maternity benefit. Have you filed your MAT1? Check Voluntary. Hindi makaka-affect yong non-payment mo ng March. Ang ico-compute ng SSS ay yong 6 highest salary credits mo from Feb to Aug 2013.

  138. Hi po ms nora ask ko lng po ung maternity benefits ko kasi po employed po ako last feb 2013 to august 2013 after nun di po ako nakapag work and nung january 2014 nag punta po ako ng sss para ausin ma avail ko po maternity ko and sabi po makeclaim ko daw mag voluntary daw ako at mag pasa ng mat 1 binyaran ko po ung jan 2014 at feb 2014 at nag pasa nadin ako ng mat 1 nung feb 2014 kaso po nung march ndi po naibayad ng brother ko ung payment ko nlaman ko lng po nung nagbayad ako nitong april 28 2014 di na daw pwde bayaran un march kea po nag kalaktaw po ako ng isang month … Ang binayaran ko nlng po ung april to june … Ang duedate ko po is june 26 … Makakaapekto po bah sa benefits ko ung isang month ng march na di ko nabayaran? Makakaavail pa po bah ako? Ng maternty ko nag aalala po kasi ako na ung mga nahulog ko eh di ko din magamit

  139. Hi Daughter2014, you pay 1 contribution so you can get a receipt with a transaction no. Puede sa SSS, Bayad Center or SM Business Center. Enter 6 digits only. If the transaction no. is more than 6 digits, remove letters and some zeros or numbers sa huli. Wait for 2 to 3 days before enrolling para ma-sure na nakapost na sa SSS yong payment mo.

  140. Hi Melanie, is this temporary partial disability and the same disability? It would depend on your new SSS medical evaluation.
    If different type of disability or different part of the body, you can file another claim.

  141. Hello! Good Day po!.

    Im seeking help para makapag-register online kaya lang he needs the Receipt No/OTC which he doesnt know kasi medyo matagal na siya nag stopped sa trabaho at now gusto niya e-check yong contribution niya.

    And now hindi ko po alam saan mahahanap ‘tong OTC or Receipt No. Wala siyang copy or whatever po.

    Please I need your help.

  142. Hi melanie, ah natapos na yong ibinigay na number of months for your permanent partial disability pension? Yes, puede ka na uling mag-file, kasi merong change sa metal sa binti mo. Sabi naman sa rule “If the member’s condition due to the same injury deteriorated, he is entitled to additional disability benefit”.

  143. Good evening Ms.Nors, ask ko lang po if pwede ko po i file ule yung partial permanent disability ko. May nagsabi lang po sakin na after 1 year pwede ule siya i file since permanent na po yung metal sa binti ko. Thanks.

  144. Hi Eina, nag-retire siya sa SSS o GSIS? Kung pensioner na siya, hindi na siya puedeng mag-contribute. Kapag first-time membership naman, ang maximum age for SSS registration ay 60.

  145. hi. yung father ko nagretire na sya sa age na 64? like niya magvoluntary ng contributions sa SSS? paano ko malalaman kung magkano ang ihuhulog nya?

  146. Hi rosalie, sori hindi puedeng irefund ang contributions. At age 60, kapag nakapagbayad ng 120 contributions, puede nang mag-apply ng Free Lifetime Philhealth membership card.

  147. makukuha po ba natin yung refund sa philhealth f ever hindi na natin itutuloy yung contribution?f ever po maam na palagi tayong nag huhulog sa philhealth at n minsan hindi natin ito nagagamit at umabot n po sa 120 contribute po makukuha poba natin yang ating nahuhulog maam?

  148. Hi gracia, ang basis ay gross pay, included lahat ng types of compensation. Your contribution is maximum, 1,760, kasi nasa maximum 16k-and-over salary credit ka. Your employer pays 1178.70 plus 30 to EC, and you pay 581.30.

  149. Sir Madam, Please release me from confusion.
    Alin po ba ang basis ng sss contribution ? Basic or Gross Pay
    Say Basic is Php 18,000.00 or Php 18,000.00 plus OT pay of 500? Many Thanks

  150. Hi Jaye, kung nagremit at nag-submit sila ng collection list, mapopost yon. Ang deadline of remittance is the following month (ang date depende sa employer’s no.). Ang deadline of submission of collection list ay the following quarter (every quarter ang collection list — dito nakasulat ang employee names). Puzzled ako na bakit merong April pero walang May and June (2nd quarter) at merong Sep pero walang July and Aug. Puede kang humingi ng copy of R5 and R1 covering May to Aug para ikaw na lang ang magpa-post sa SSS.

  151. Hi Ms. Nora,

    Yung employer ko may lapses sa contibutions ko last may until august 2013 sabi nila late posting lang daw pero 4 mos ang lapse ng payment nila tapos nagkaron ako ng contributions until dec 2013 pero blank ung may to august. anu bang pedeng gawin dun? ma popost pa ba yun ng SSS?

  152. Hi perlita, gumagamit ba siya ng R5 form to pay for her kasambahay? At nagsa-submit ba siya ng R1 collection list? meron na ba siyang employer SSS no.? Di ba merong personal SSS no. at employer SSS no.? Kahit ginagawa niya itong mga ito ay na-post pa rin sa kapatid mo ang mga contributions? Puedeng mag-request in writing to SSS para ma-transfer itong mga contributions (letter of request na merong list of months paid, date paid, transaction no., amount paid, plus xeroc copies of contributions pero matatagalan palagay ko ang processing. Kelangan na ba ng kasambahay ang SSS, like for maternity benefit? Baka puedeng i-refund na lang muna sa kanya ang mga contributions niya and then start all over again correctly. Pero siempre, nasa sa inyo pa rin ang decision.

  153. yung kapatid ko po may kasambahay.. hinuhulugan nya ng sss… pero ngayon nalaman nila na yung hinuhulog nya sa kanya pumapasok at di sa kasambahay nya.. anu gagawin po para maTransfer sa kasambahay nya yung mga contributions?? salamat

  154. Good day,

    May i ask if i can request for copy of receipt which i payed already.I accidentaly lost the permit is the contribution of our company employee(r5)

    ..thank you

  155. good day..

    ask lang po ako. posible po ba mawala yong benefits
    kapagka hinde nagprocess yong wife? bale ganito po yon.yong husband ang member tapos namatay na xa beneficiary naman yong mga anak at wife kaso hindi sila nagprocess. so mawawala na ba yon. if magprocess sila ngayon pwede pa ba? more than 1 yr na pong namatay yong member. plz answer. thanks..

  156. Hi Ms.Nors,

    How to compute partial disability benefits po ? may 52 contributions na po ako…May permanent metal implant na po ako sa binti. Thanks.

  157. Hi Liezl, your bf should ask his employer kung kanino yong SSS no. na hinulugan. Another employee ba? Or wrong SSS no. na walang may-ari? Kasi mas madaling i-correct kung walang may-ari sa SSS no. na nahulugan. Complete ba ang docs ng bf mo related to his former company? To prove to SSS that he was really employed by this company and that his SSS contributions were really deducted. Example: cert of employment or other proof of employment with this company, payslips showing his SSS deductions, cert of separation, or old ID.
    Kasi kung complete docs, puede siyang magreklamo sa SSS Diliman to force his former company to correct its errors. Pero bago gawin ito, tanungin niya muna sa former employer niya, malumanay lang pero sersoyo na pananalita, eye to eye, something like “alam nio po, matagal-tagal na rin na pabalik-balik ako, nagtitiis ako, kelangan bang magreport ako sa SSS o kay Tulfo o Mike o Susan Enriquez bago aksiyunan nio ito? Complete ang papers ko, including payslips and certs. Kelan ko puedeng balikan ang docs at ako na ang magdala sa SSS?”
    Ang dapat kasi na i-submit nila sa SSS ay letter of request for correction, explaining reason for error (using company letterhead) plus copies of ORs and collection list where your contributions were listed.
    To file your complaint sa SSS Diliman, submit your notarized Sinumpaang Salaysay, plus copies of your payslips, cert of employment and other proofs of employment and SSS deductions. Keep your own copies of everything.

  158. Hi, i was trying to search guide for my boyfriend’s problem. He was currently unemployed. Yung previous employer nya kasi mali yung sss no. na hinuhulugan. Nalaman lng nya un nung magloloan na sana sya. Nasabi na nya sa employer nya about dun. At ang palagi lang nilang sinasabi ay aayusin daw nila. Medyo mtagal narin at hanggang ngayon wala parin progress yung pagaayos ng dati nyang employer. Palagi nya finafollow up pero until now nd parin ayos yung contribution nya. Marami daw inaasikaso kaya nd maayos. Hindi ko alam kung pano sya matulungan eh. Ano po bang dapat nyang gawin?

  159. Hi Melanie, yes, pero para na lang sa mga naunang nag-apply at na-approve for initial loan, meaning yon na lang mga gagamit ng Subsequent Loan Application form. Naubos na raw yong funds. Yong natitira ay para na lang sa mga 2nd year to 4th year students na nakapag-1st-year with the loan. Pero ask others pa rin, baka lang meron akong na-miss na info.

  160. Hi Thel, yes, puede namang stop contributing temporarily muna until you get re-employed again. Pero if you’re married and it’s possible you will get pregnant, look at this eligibility chart so you can plan kung kelan ka mag-stop at kung kelan ka mag-continue as Voluntary:
    If you decrease by more than 2 brackets, pirmahan mo lang yong earnings declaration portion of the RS5 form, and keep this receipt.

  161. Hello po Ms. Nora! From employed to voluntary member po ako. 1560 po ang monthly contribution ko, quarterly po ako nagbabayad. Since tumaas po ang monthly contribution, ask ko lang po sana kung pwede na bumaba ako ng 3 bracket? Or pwede po kaya na mag stop muna ko maghulog ng contribution? Continue ko na lang po ulit pag may work na ko ulit? Ano po ba disadvantage non? Salamat po!

  162. Hi Arlyn, meron ka bang ibang payment within the past 6 months? Try mo yong SBR no. doon. Choose 6 digits; remove the letters. Kung wala kang makita, make a new payment, then check the sbr# bago ka umalis sa Bayad Center.

  163. Hi good day! My name is arlyn. i would like to check online sana my contributions. but my registration is not successful. the response is always your sbr # is not recorded in sss ..2012 pa nung huli akong naghulog, 2014 na ngayon at nung chinicheck ko ang rs-5 ko 2014. malabo ang SBR # na nakalagay. di ko tuloy malaman ung definite # na nakalagay dun. dahil natakpan ng word na amount. nagbayad ako sa bayad center. pano ko eto malalaman? hindi kasi ako makapag register sa online.

  164. Hi Theo, I hope you get it around Feb 14 or 17. But that’s being optimistic. SSS checks are For Payee’s Account only. But I’ve read from a 2013 blog post that you can encash your loan check at any PNB branch. Bring your SSS voucher and at least 2 valid photo IDs

  165. Ma’am Nora, changes ho to my previous comment above. I filed my Salary Loan last February 3, 2014 (this year) and not 2013. Thanks po!

  166. Hi Ma’am Nora! How long does it take for my SSS Salary Loan Check to be delivered to my office? I filed last February 3, 2014 (error from prevous post) and I checked online it was approved on the same day. My officemate received her check almost a month last December but I think the delay was due to the calamity loan volume applications after Bagyong Yolanda. I hope my check would take only shorter time. Also, can I have my check encashed immediately at the nearest accredited bank? Thanks and God bless!

  167. Hi Ma’am Nora! How long does it take for my SSS Salary Loan Check to be delivered to my office? I filed last February 3, 2013 and I checked online it was approved on the same day. My officemate received her check almost a month last December but I think the delay was due to the calamity loan volume applications after Bagyong Yolanda. I hope my check would take only shorter time. Also, can I have my check encashed immediately at the nearest accredited bank? Thanks and God bless!

  168. Hi Krissele, merong remedies kung hindi ma-credit. Register at so you can track how SSS will post your payments. Usually, what SSS does is to credit your double payments to one month if the total does not surpass the maximum, which is 1760. Pero kung sosobra na sa 1760, ike-credit ng SSS sa susunod na month. Keep your receipts. If some of your payments are not credited, write a letter to SSS explaining to them you inadvertently made double payments, and requesting them to post your Jan 2014 payment with OR no. __ as payment for the month of ___. Include a copy of your payment slips or RS5 forms.

  169. hi, mam. just want to ask po ano po pwede gawin? kasi po nagdouble payment po ako this january 2014. then nagbayad din po ako for the month of february pero mag-onboard na po ako this feb.10. ask ko din po wala po ba magiging problem un kasi nagdouble payment ako then ang company ko po baka magpay din pon ng month of feb ko.

  170. good maam nora, just want to know if allowances included in your salary are subject for sss contribution deduction, like transportation, meals, training etc,

  171. Hi maricar, kung nabasa mo na yong sagot ko kanina, for Pag-ibig loan yon. Sa SSS pala ang tanong mo: Yes, voluntary members can apply for a salary loan, basta meron nang at least 36 contributions in total, and merong 6 contributions paid within the past 12 months.

  172. Hi Sunshine, your father can continue paying his SSS contributions. For him to qualify for pension, he should have accumulated at least 120 monthly contributions at age 60. If his total is less than 120 at age 60, he can choose to continue paying until he reaches 120, or he can choose to get his lump sum (total savings plus dividends).
    First, ask your father how much he likes to pay monthly. This is the new SSS contribution table. If his monthly contributions before were low amounts, and if he decides to pay the maximum or near maximum now, it’s advisable for him to pay his first payment as OFW abroad. His payment from abroad explains his big sudden increase in contribution. Ask your father to keep this receipt of first payment as OFW. Later, you can pay for him in the Phils at Bayad Center or SSS branch. Ask for RS5 form and fill it up. Check Overseas Worker. After this local payment has been posted, you can enroll him at so you can check his SSS contributions and other data.

  173. hi po. my father is 57 years old. and hes an ofw. hes already an exisring sss member but he stopped paying ..pwede pa po ba xa mag continue ng bayad? and how much po ang maximum contribution per month para po xa maka avail ng pension when he gets 60.. thank u..

  174. Hi Melissa, yes, you can increase your pension by continuing, but only if you pay a monthly contribution higher than your highest monthly premium amount in the past. This way, you will increase your average salary credit, and not reduce it. The pension amount will be based on a formula that considers the average monthly salary credit. Increase by 2 levels at a time. Fill up the Declaration of Earnings in the RS5 form if you decide to increase by more than 2 levels.
    Sorry, there’s no savings program for non-OFWs aside from the regular SSS program. You can save with Pag-ibig 2 —

  175. hi ask ko lng po…ive been employed and an sss member for almost 18 years…ask ko lng kc may nkpgsabi sakin para daw mataas ang pension ko pagdating ng araw eh pwede ko pa daw dagdagan ang contributions ko aside dun sa monthly contributions true po? and ask ko din meron po ba kayong parang saving program for non-OFW? thanks

  176. Hi Memor, kung yong previous SSS contributions mo ay paid through your former employer, ang status mo kapag mag-continue ka to contribute is Voluntary. Use RS5 form. Puede namang hindi every month ka mag-contribute as Voluntary sa SSS. Ang alam ko walang effect ang SSS status mo sa Pag-ibig housing loan application mo, kasi different corporations sila. Ang important requirements sa Pag-ibig ay proof of monthly income and source of income. Papasok lang siguro ang SSS status kapag tanungin ng credit investigator about SSS.

  177. Dear Mam Nora,
    Help po, mam tanong ko lang po kung pwede ko pa ba i-continue ang SSS ko as self-employed. Nagstop po ako maghulog last year March 2013 kasi nawalan ng work.Kelan po ako pwede uli magbayad? Pwede po ba every 3 months? Ask ko rin po mam kasi may hinuhulugan po ako na house malapit ko na matapos yung Down Payment tapos pwede na iapply sa Pag-ibig. Kumpleto naman po yung 2 years contribution ko sa Pag-ibig. Apektado po ba yung hindi ko paghulog nang tuloy-tuloy sa SSS kung mag-apply ako ng housing loan sa Pag-ibig? Marami mong salamat Mam Nor.

  178. Hi Levi, yes, merong interest, puedeng 3 to 4% per annum, depende sa total SSS profits for the year. Pero magagamit lang ang interest rate na ito kung lump sum ang benefit mo. Kapag pension, ang pension amount ay depende sa average monthly salary credit at no. of credited years mo.

  179. hello Ma’am Nors, meron po bang earnings ang contributions namin sa SSS? How much po ang interest per annum?

  180. Hi Gilboy, dapat i-report ka nila as their employee at iremit lahat nila ang mga dinededuct sa iyo. Ask your HR kapag makita mong hindi naremit o na-post yong mga una mong contributions. Ang evidence na na-report ka correctly is meron kang Date of Coverage, which you will see later on through your online SSS account.

  181. Hi Gilboy, try registering online so you can check if you already have been reported to SSS. Dapat nireport ka within 30 days of your employment. Puede ring nareport ka na pero hindi pa nareremit o napopost yong mga contributions mo, pati na yong iba pa. Check from time to time. Ask your co-employees kung nachecheck nila ang contributions nila online.

  182. by the way mam, meron na po pala akong according to my pay slip,, hinuhulog na po nila ako nung nag start ako ng august 1 2013, tapos un nga po may nasav syang “HINDI PA ATA AKO NAREREPORT SA SSS”
    , pag hindi po ba naireport mababalewala ung mga hinulog nila mula nung 1st month ko? thank you po mam

  183. hi po mam ,

    mga 5 months palang ako sa company and gus2 ko po kac itry yung internet membership ng SSS para din ma check ko, nung mag register na ko need nya ng SS employer-ID , tapos nung hiningi ko sya sa company, bibigay naman nila , pero may nasabi sya saking “HINDI PA ATA AKO NAREREPORT SA SSS” anu po ba ibig savhn nun? at anu po mangyayari pag hindi ka naireport? first job ko po ito at medyo nangangapa pa ko sa mga dapat kung asikasuhin,, thank you po mam

  184. Hi Andres, sorry no. You can only enjoy what you mentioned starting at age 65 — age of compulsory retirement. Age 60 to 64.9 is age of optional retirement, so if you’re still employed during this period, you still need to continue contributing, and you cannot yet avail of your pension.
    If you like to enjoy your pension starting at age 60, you stop your employment at age 60, then claim your pension. You can resume your employment at age 65 if you like. It’s only at age 65 where you can start to enjoy your pension and still be employed if you like.

  185. can employee stop contributing to the SSS when he/she reach the age of 60 and avail of the retirement benefits and still work in the same company?

  186. Hi ruel, yes, you can pay your SSS loan in full. You don’t have to go to the embassy. Assuming you’re in KSA, you can pay thru Skyfreight, Landbank, Kapalmilya/Unilink, APEX Forwarders, ABS CBN E-money Plus, Citi Express. Keep your receipt and then check your online SSS account after a week or 2 weeks if your payment is already posted.

  187. paano ko babayadan ang previous loan ko? na di ko na kailangan pumunta sa embassy? wala po bang online? at pede ko ba sya bayadan ng buo? medyo malaki na kasi ang amortization…salamat

  188. Hi Nivek, puedeng late magremit ang Employer pero magbabayad ng penalties. Dapat naireport ka ng employer mo within 30 days of employment, pero kung ang problem ay wala ka pang SSS no., hindi ka nga maireport. Talk to your employer na gusto mo nang magmember at request them to pay your contributions as far back as SSS allows.

  189. willing naman po kasi yung boss ko bayaran yung mga supposedly contributions ko monthly from the start na maemploy po ako.. salamat!

  190. Hi, ask ko lang po. last april pa po ako employed pero di pa ako nagpapamember ng SSS until now dahil di ko naasikaso. gusto ko lang po malaman kung pwede pa ba hulugan ung mga months na di ko nahulugan noong di pa ako member pero employed na ko kapag nagpamember na ko ngayon? salamat po..

  191. Hi Melanie, hindi ko alam kung kelan uli mag-oofer ang SSS ng condonation program. Iwish nio na next year meron. In the meantime, mag-start na kayo magbayad ng 3 months, kasi yong sa last condonation, requirement na nakabayad ng at least 3 amortizations. And then save for future payments. Make sure na mabayaran nio itong loan na ito, kasi this will become very big after many years, and it can wipe out your husband’s pension.

  192. Good eve po Ms. Nors, yung husband ko po may loan sa sss amounting of 13k 12yrs ago pa po pero hindi niya po nahulugan yun kahit isa hanggang ngaun, gusto po sana namin malaman kung pwede siya i apply under condonation ? and when po ba nagkakaron ng ganun? Thanks.

  193. Hi Fredie, do you mean you paid up to Dec 2014 in advance? Did you use the new premium amounts for the year 2014? Kasi mag-i-increase ng premiums effective Jan 2014. Magiging underpayments ang contributions ng mother mo if you used the old premium table. So next year, kung matuloy ang premium increase at old premium ang nabayaran nio, go to SSS and ask about your advance payments na underpayments. To your question about filing, yes, your mother has to wait for the actual date that she will complete her 120 payments before she can file her claim. Kung ang 120th contribution niya ay sa Dec 2014 pa, kelangang antayin niya ang Dec 2014 na darating bago mag-file ng claim, kahit retirement age na siya.

  194. Magandang araw po Ms. Nors, gusto ko po sanang malaman kung kailangang talagang hintayin na matapos ang ika-120 month contribution ng isang member para mag file ng pension claim kahit na po over 60 yrs. old na sya at nai-advanced remit na nya ung remaining months para ma complete ung 120 contributions.What if kumpleto na po ang kanyang 120 contributions dahil na i advanced na ito ng ilang buwan before ng ika-120 month contribution nya.Ganito po kasi ang case ng nanay ko. she just turn 66 yrs old last Nov. 21 but hinihintay pa po naming ma reach ung ika-120 month by December 2014. Ano po ba ang nararapat naming gawin. Maraming salamat po.

  195. Hi jenelyn, hindi ba na-submit ang collection lists for these contributions? Kasi dapat na-post na sa mga employees kahit hindi pa employer SSS yong nagamit. Ganito sa case ng mga household employers na hindi pa nabibigyan ng employer SSS no. Pero I’m not sure about my answers kapag company employer SSS, kaya dapat magtanong sa SSS mismo. Tanungin kung mapo-post ba sa employees ang contributions for employees habang personal SSS pa ng employer ang nagamit? At sa employer SSS no. na yong mga susunod na contributions. Kung hindi puede, ang alam ko ang procedure is to request for transfer of payments from personal to employer SSS no. Dapat ang magtanong don sa SSS ay yong signatory sa R5 form, together with IDs.

  196. Hi tet, puede, kaya lang dapat na-file mo ang MAT1 before ka nanganak. Puede mong subukan, pero huwag masyadong gumasto sa documents kasi baka hindi ma-approve dahil sa hindi stamped ang MAT1 mo before ka nanganak. Kung i-decide ng SSS na valid ang reason mo bakit hindi mo na-file ang MAT1, ma-approve ang claim mo. Meron ka bang at least 3 contributions within the year before your semester of panganganak?

  197. Hi ma’am, panu po ba ang procedure para mailipat as an employer ung mga contributions dati pa, ang ginamit kasi yung personal sss po nung employer knowing na nakaregister po yun as an employer.,hindi pa po kasi nairereport, so panu po kaya ang dapat gawin para maiayos po at para maireport na sa mga employees yung contributions nila. Matulungan niyo po sana ako

    Thank you in advance ma’am..

  198. pwede papo ba mg apply ng maternity ben.after 2yrs po manganak.kasi po hindi kopo nakuha yung akin kasi hindi ko alam ng may ganun pala sa sss

  199. Hi alicia, sorry hindi ako makahanap ng copy of the 2005 sss contribution table online. You might have to go to the SSS library at the main branch or spend some more time googling.

  200. Hi katya, download the OW1 form from, fill it up, and then send by postal mail to the SSS address written on the form’s instructions. The advantages of the OFW category in SSS is the flexibility of payment deadlines and the SSS Flexi-Fund. Example, it’s already Nov, but OFWs can still pay Jan 2013; other members can no longer pay past quarters. Also, only OFWs can joint SSS Flexi-Fund. Here’s the New SSS contribution table God bless too

  201. Hello Ma’am or Sir,

    I am an OFW but I pay as voluntary member. How can I change to OFW? What are the benefits if OFW member? Same pa rin ba ang payments? I heard contributions will increase in 2014. Can I have the new SSS contribution table?

    Thank you in advance! God bless!

  202. Hi Melanie, immediate relative or beneficiary ka ba ng namatay? Notarized ba ang affidavit mo? Kasi binasa ko yong SSS guide at sinabing puede ang notarized affidavit of expenses kung immediate relative or beneficiary. Ang alam ko fixed na 20k ang funeral benefit. Effective Sep 2000. First time kong marinig na hindi 20k ang binigay. Nasa likod ng claim form at nasa SSS guidebook na 20k ang funeral benefit. Yes, puede mo pang ireklamo. Write a letter of complaint para formal; ixerox mo at pa-Received mo with signature. Yes, i-submit mo ang expense affidavit. I-xerox mo ang check at patatakan mo ng Received with signature para meron kang proof na ibinalik mo ang check. I hope you have time to update us here about your complaint.

  203. hi mam, gusto ko lang po sana itanong kung ang funeral benefit ba ay fix amount na 20K?kc nagfile po ako at pagdating ng check sa akin ay 14k plus lang. nung nagpasa po kc ako ng requirements ang funeral receipt ay 11800 plus, tapos ung mga binayaran sa munisipyo na 3250.yan lang po ang binayaran sa akin. nagpagawa po ako ng affidavit of funeral expenses na notarized pero tinanggal nila at binalik sa akin kc hindi daw po tinatanggap un. may mga kasabay po ako sa kabilang counter na meron din pero bakit tinaggap nila?may mga nakausap ako na tinaggap nila ung affidavit of funeral expenses na ipinasa nila…bakit po ganun?kakareceived ko p lng po ng check ngaung 11/14/13.di ko pa po dinideposit. baka kc pwede ko pa ireklamo/

  204. Hi Jomar, when is her due? If she gives birth in March, then she’s eligible. If she’s due in April, she needs to pay Oct to Dec 2013. She continues as Voluntary (not nonworking spouse) because she was employed before. Use RS5 form to pay. She can pay 2 brackets higher than her Jan contribution so she gets a higher benefit. A member can increase by 2 brackets every month without showing proof of income.

  205. Hi,ask ko lng po sana kung may maternity benefits po ba n makukuha ang mrs. ko…more than 5 yrs po sya nagwork as regular employee sa isang dept. store..nagresign po sya nung jan.,2013…4 months na po syang buntis ngaun… kung may benefits pa po syang matatanggap anu po ba ang mga kailangang requirements??? Gusto din daw po sana nyang ituloy ung contribution nya..anu po ang pwede nyang gawin at magkanu po ang minimum contribution for non working spouse…tnx..

  206. Hi Lea, if he is not employed, then he should register as self-employed using RS1 form with his ID and proof of source of income like commission receipt, or barangay cert of source of income, or sari-sari store license, etc. SSS will ask how much is his monthly income. Pag approve na ang RS1 form, puede na siyang mag-start to contribute using RS5 form.

  207. hello , this is about my brother in law ..he just got an SSS # last week , and he is asking how many months he should wait before he can give his first contribution?..thanks !please reply.

  208. Hi rizza, sad to say, you need 36 posted contributions before you can apply for a salary loan. Call your former company from time to time until all your contributions are posted.

  209. can i avail the salary loan kung may hulog ako nung june, july,august,october,november,december 2012 and up to present total of 13 contribution??dipa kasi napopoast ng previous employer ko yung 4 months contribution ko eh i need talaga kasi ng money.thanks po

  210. hi,ask ko lang po pasarado na po kasi yung pinasukan kong private company and june 2012 lang ako nasimulan kaltasan for sss and last day ko sa kanila nung oct 5 2013 nagyon nacheck ko po yung contribution ko simula june 2012 to oct 2013 eh bungi bungi po pero nakaltas na nila sakin yun,mahahabol ko pa kaya po yung mga nahulog ko dun??finofollow up ko sa kanila inupdate na daw nila pero wala padin naman.tnx po

  211. Hi Melanie, yes, you need that affidavit, and yes, you can use your July 2013 affidavit. Hope you get well very soon. By the way, I need to tell you that most comments about IDs on our blogs are mostly related to maternity benefits, so I’m not sure how they treat disability claims — if they’re more accepting of 2 valid non-SSS IDs in disability cases.

  212. Thank you Ms. Nors, as of now I can’t apply for replacement of my sss id because of my injury. By the way if i can already walk and will apply for replacement of sss id do i still need affidavit of loss? I have an affidavit of loss last July 2013, can i still use it?

  213. Hi Melanie, some SSS personnel accept 2 valid photo ID cards if you don’t have yet your ID, but many of them require your SSS ID or your E6 stub. So the best way is to apply for your replacement ID before filing your disability claim (350 pesos for ID) so you can get a new E6 stub.

  214. Good Am Ms.Nors, I already have disability form and one of the requirements is the sss id or E-6(acknowledgement stub), unfortunately i lost my sss id and i dont have the E-6 stub anymore, does it mean i am not qualified for disability claim? pero naitago ko po yung letter na pinadala sakin ng sss na kung saan naka attached yung sss id ko na nawala na. Meron dn po akong pinagawang affidavit of lost last july para sana lakarin ko po yung replacement ng sss id ko kaya lng hindi ko po nalakad na.Yun lang naman po yung problem ko kumpleto naman po ako sa medical records ko.
    Pwede pa rin po kaya ako magapply for diability claim kahit walang sss id or E-6 sub? kumpleto nman po yung hulog ko sa sss through our company. Hoping for quick response.Thank you.

  215. Hi mae, your average salary credit for the past 12 months is 12k, so your loan amount would be 12k. It’s only 12k (1-month loan) and not 24k (2-month loan) because you have not yet reached 72 contributions. Assuming your loan balance by Jan 2014 is 6k, then your new loan will be 12k – 6k = 6k.

  216. Hi mam, I want to renew my existing salary loan which amounted to 10,500 last October 2012. 50% renew date is on January 1,2014. I want to know how much will i get for my next loan. Below are details which I think would help:

    Total posted contribution: 46
    Monthly Premium: 1,248 for 12,000 salary credit
    Total amount of contribution: 51,688
    Last posted contribution: April 2013

    Thank you.

  217. Hi Migs, to continue as Voluntary payor, just pay your chosen contribution amount using RS5. After posting, your category will change to Voluntary. Individual payors are not allowed to pay late; only employers are allowed. You’re already late for 3rd quarter; what you can pay is for October. Bayad Center accepts payments for current month.

  218. Hi ella, hindi natin ma-compute kasi wala tayong data about the exact contributions. For SSS computations, pareho lang ang tinutumbok ng interest or dividend, meaning puede mong tawaging interest o dividend yong kinita ng contributions niya. Around 4% usually ang annual interest rate. Dapat mag-file na siya ng claim niya para ma-enjoy naman niya ang lumpsum niya.

  219. Good day Ms. Nors i would like to inquire about voluntary payment. I used to work before in a BPO company and they are the one who is in-charge of paying my contribution. Three months ago i resigned in my work. My question is, what is the 1st step or procedures that ill be doing if im going to shift to voluntary payer? My second question is, my last digit is 1 and the instruction that is provided in RS5 that the deadline of my payment is every 10th of the month, if ever i made a late payment for example on the 11th or 12th of the month, is there any penalty? and how much? My last question is, can i still pay my previous 2 months contribution that i missed to pay?

  220. ung lolo naman po kc ng kaibigan ko, 83 na xa, at last posted contributions nya is noong 1985 pa, naka 27 na hulog daw po,more or less po kaya mga magkano lumpsum makukuha nila?? ty!

  221. thank u po sa sagot nyo, clarify ko lang po, may nabasa po ako dito na all contributions plus interest ung pde maiwithdraw ng ibang retirees..ano po ba ang mas mataas ung sa interest or dividends, yearly po ba nag ddeclare ng dividends ang sss?? and sa magkano po ba interest nila per annum?? thank you…

  222. Hi. Good day po Mam Nors ask ko lang po kung magkano ang matatanggap na pension ng nanay ko kung 10 years siyang maghuhulog ng 520 monthly. Magpapa member pa lang po ang nanay ko na 50 years old. Balak niya 520 ang ihulog niya monthly kasi malaki naman po kinikita niya sa sari sari store niya. Nahihirapan po kasi akong mag compute.thanks you.

  223. Gud am po:-) ask k lng po kung how much po ang puedeng maloan if my contribution is 312.00 monthly and may 37months n po kng nbbayaran.tnx

  224. Hi joel, sori wala po akong access sa SSS database. Madali mo sanang makita ang data mo sa online SSS account mo kung maka-register ka online. Pero dahil hindi ka pa enrolled, pumunta ka sa SSS and then verify kung meron kang contributions in 2010. Bring your ID. Ask ka lang sa guard ng contribution verification slip. Pag meron kang contributions noon, puede ka na agad mag-continue using RS5 form (meron ito sa SSS or Bayad Center or SM Business Center). After paying as Voluntary, mag-register ka sa online SSS about 3 days after paying (you need your receipt’s transaction no.) para makita mo anytime online ang SSS account mo.

  225. Hi Melanie, yes, you can file the partial disability after using up the number of days for healing, as written by your doctor on the notification forms. Your doctor knows about SSS because he/she mentioned initial, intermediate and final filing; so you can ask him/her also about partial disability filing. Get copies of the disability claim forms so you can check data items, docs required and rules there.

  226. Hi Ella, ganon pa rin ang computation ng benefit since 1990s. Kapag lump sum, ang makukuha niya is total of 12 contributions plus dividends.

  227. hi im joel reyes verify q lng kung my hulog po yung sss q,nung 2010 po q huminto s aking trabaho,thankx po.

  228. ang tatay ko po eh 60 years old na this april, trabaho po nya is extra extra lang sa construction, pero sabi nya nakapag remit naman daw ung dati nyang company pinagtrabahuan for 1 year sa sss, 90s pa, may pagkakaiba ba ang computation ngayon compare sa computation nung early 90s, at kung naka 12 hulog lang xa, mga magkano po kaya un makukuha nyang lump sum-retirement? salamat

  229. Good day Po. I’ve met an accident and undergone an operation last Sept. 22, 2013 wherein stainless metal were implanted,I’ve informed my employer about it and filed it as sickness notification, it will take 2 months for healing process.My question is:After the said sickness notification(WHICH ACCORDING TO MY PHYSICIAN,WE NEED TO SUBMIT IT IN INITIAL,INTERMEDIATE AND FINAL) , can i still file PARTIAL DISABILITY?WHEN can i file it? Do i need to consume first the said sickness notification for 2months before filing partial disability? Thanks. Hoping for quick response.

  230. Hi rain, yes, about 2 years more. But she’ll start getting her pension only at age 60. She can continue paying even after 10 years so the amount of her pension will be higher. Does she have a Date of Coverage in her online account? If yes, then her registration is okay.

  231. hi mam, just want to ask regarding my mom’s contribution.i checked the online sss website and she has the total of 101 contributions as of september 2013.does that mean she has to pay for 2 years more for her to get her monthly pension?thank you!

  232. Hi Cathy, send an email to
    Subject: To International Affairs — Loan Payment Posting — SSS No. ___
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is Cathy Middle Name Surname with SSS No. __ and Philippine address __. Please correct the posting of my remittance to SSS through ___ on ___ with total amount of ____. The remittance teller here in __ was not a Filipino and he misunderstood my payment allocation.
    Please post my payment as follows:
    Contribution for the month of ___ 00.00
    Loan Payment for the month of ___ 00.00
    Thank you very much.

  233. Hi Jo Ann, pareho lang ang time of posting ng payment sa branch at sa Bayad Center o SM kasi naka-link ang systems nila sa SSS. 3 to 5 days usually naka-post na ang payment. Meron sigurong time na kapag marami ang nasa queue, aabutin ng more than 5 days. Yong updating naman ng loan balance ay matagal.

  234. Ask ko lang po if how many days would it take usually for the posting of salary loan payment?i paid po mismo sa SSS branch..would it be faster?thanks po.

  235. Good day mam.I have a question. I am working abroad and I am currently paying for my SSS loan.I paid my loan at a remittance center in Qatar but they added my loan payment in my monthly contribution.Maybe they did not understand its for loan payment(nonfilipino staff).How can I make SSS transfer the payment to my loan.I dont want to have penalty.thanks.

  236. Mam Good day! regarding maternity reimbursement ko for my 3rd child.I’m a voluntary member then naipasa ko napo lahat nang kailangan etc Mat-2.bkit po 1 month na nakalipas wla p din po dumadating sa akin tseke.

  237. Hi vince, gusto mong bayaran para hindi lumaki ang interest and penalty? I think, mas okay yong kulitin mo muna yong former employer mo to pay your loan balance para ma-pressure sila, at makita nila na UNPAID. Where did you file a complaint, sa SSS? Sa employer? sa DOLE?
    About paying the loan yourself, yes, you can pay: refund will be in the form of advance payment for a subsequent salary loan or refund upon request (read salary loan rules sa likod ng form: J. Other Conditions) Ask SSS too baka lang merong new rules.

  238. Mam I would to ask if ok lng po na bayaran ko yung salary loan na di ni remit ng dating employer ko 2009 pa ako nag file ng loan pero di nila tinuloy iyong pagbayad. Kung sakali ma reimburse ko po ba yun sakali na bayaran na nila kasi nag file na rin nman ako ng complaint…thanks.

  239. Hi cj, did you submit also an RS1 form, and was it approved and stamped? If not, you need to apply using RS1 form together with your ID and proof of source of income. Have this form approved and stamped before paying — the approved RS1 form is important.

  240. gudpm mam i only paid 4 months in my contribution wanna ask if im capable to avail maternity leave.tnx godbles

  241. Good day! 5 years ago I applied for an SSS number as a self employed individual. I’ve never submitted any contribution though. Now, I want to start my contribution, can you help me how to? Thanks!

  242. Hi arvin, yes, merong interest and penalty ang unpaid loan amortization. Buti hindi na-deduct ng employer and loan before you resigned, kasi yon ang rule ng SSS. Basta pag may work ka na, start paying para hindi lumaki ang loan.

  243. Hi mam i would like to ask, i have a sss loan po on june ko po nakuha yung check and encash po kaso nagresign po ko after. Until now po hindi pa po ko nakakaltasan kasi unemployed po ko, magkakaroon po ba ng interes yun or patong upon pagbabalik ko po sa work baka po kasi malaki ang interest. Thank you.

  244. good am, ms nors di pa din po ako maka register dun sa online inquiry. yung nasa receipt ko po kasi is P#,S#, acknowledgement receipt #,STR# ,TRM#, and TRX#,wala naman po na SBR # tulad ng hinihingi dun sa fini fill up an na form. sa sm po ako nagbayad.
    tnx po ms. nors

  245. Hi hilda, parang maiksi naman yang sbr no. na yan, pero try using 066723. Or old sbr ba ito? Use those of the past 6 months. Noon ba, nag-submit ka ng RS1 form sa SSS bago ka nagbayad ng first contribution mo? Meron kang copy nito? If you have this, submit a copy to SSS so they can input your Date of Coverage, para magka-ID ka. Ayusin mo ito, kasi sayang lang kapag wala kang Date of Coverage. Merong nang several na nag-comment dito that they started all over again kasi they did not register with SSS as self-employed properly. Kapag hindi kasi employee nagsimula with SSS, required na mag-register at magpa-approve as self-employed. Hindi puedeng Voluntary agad. God bless din.

  246. hi gud pm po mam,

    ask ko lang po. kung ano pong dpat gwin. para makakuha ng digital id pero matagal napo akong merong sss # old id po. d po ako pinayagan makakuha ng digital id. dahil wla po akong record ng employer. voluntary contribution po ako. simula po nung nagtrabaho po ako, wala pong sss ang mga napapasukan ko. 38 yrs old npo ako. gusto ko pong ipagpatuloy ang contribution ko para po sa pagdating ng panahon. at saka mam d po ako maka access sa registration e2 po ang sbr T#066723CF.

    maraming salamat po and god bless u…

  247. hi po ask ko lang po may loan po ko na hindi pa tapos bayaran as in isang hulog plang po. panu ko po ma continue ang pag hulog nun kapag nasa singapore na po ako. at pano ko din po malaman if hanggang kelan po ang pagbabayad.. salamat po

  248. Hi dimples, yes, you can pay one year in advance to save on remittance fees, but maybe you can wait till Nov or Dec to pay for 2014 because SSS has proposed to increase premiums, and let’s see if it gets approved, although there were many opponents to the proposal. If there’s an increase, your payments will be put on hold, as there would be overpayment/underpayment.

  249. Dear Madam,

    I am an OFW (abu dhabi based) and started paying my SSS on 2008 for some 9 months i suppose and again started paying 2011 for 2 months only. So just yesterday I paid again for my SSS for Jan 2013 to Dec. 2013 as I would like to get back on track and be a consistent payer this time.

    My question: Is it possible also to pay in advance for one full year for 2014?

    Please advise.

  250. Hi Lea, this is still the contribution schedule. SSS has not yet changed the schedule. It wants to increase contributions, but many sectors have been opposing the proposed increase.

  251. Hi Maica, if you were employed before, and your employer remitted your SSS before, it’s better if you continue contributing as Voluntary, so that you can increase your contributions to an amount that you prefer, and not be dependent on your husband’s contributions, as what is applied if you continue as non-working spouse. As Voluntary, you can increase your contributions by 2 brackets at a time. The same with your husband.
    As non-working wife, your contribution should be based on one-half of your husband’s most recent salary credit.

  252. ms. nors ngayong september nalang po ulit kc ako nakapag bayad since 2006.. dati po akong employed and now voluntary po.

  253. Ask ko lang. Tama po bang 312 binabayad ko? Before kasi may trabho ako. Pero now resigned na. I continue paying my SSS as non working spouse. At 520 sa husband ko as ofw? At magkano naman po yung pwede ko pa idag2 na hulog nmin. If we decided to higher our contribution? Thank you

  254. Hi samessar, 6 digits ang nilalagay mo? Choose 6 digits from the SBR no. Remove some zeros and letters. Subukan mo yong SBR na nabayaran mo last July, hindi yong recent lang, baka hindi pa na-post, although pag SM dapat na-post na within 3 to 5 days.

  255. Hi Chel, oo naman, dapat makuha ng father mo ang pension niya. How did you learn that the contributions for those 5 years were credited to the wrong SSS no.? Are you sure that the company remitted those contributions to the SSS? Do you know the wrong SSS no. to which the contributions were credited to? Anyway, you can write a letter to the SSS requesting them to credit those 5 years of contributions. Gagawa lang ako ng sample. Will be back.

  256. gud am ms. nors..

    di po kasi ako ma ka register sa online inquiry, lagi po na sbr number not in sss records sa sm payment bills po ako nagbayad. ano po ba pwede gawin? tnx po, and god bless..

  257. Hi Ms. Nors! I would like to ask about my father’s case. He is now 65 and planned to apply for his pension. He had been a member since 1981, as an OFW, and his previous assignments were always handled by local agencies here. He knows that he had about 100+ contributions til now, though his last payment was in 2003. However, when he checked with SSS, he found out that his previous employer in the 80’s had remitted his contributions to a wrong SSS number for 5 years! Which means he had lost around 60 contributions, thereby concluding that indeed, he will not be qualified for a pension! He still has the copies of his payslips indicating the deductions and found that indeed all those times, contributions were not credited to his SSS account but to the wrong ID. To make the situation worse, that previous Philippine agency he was with is now inexistent, so we have no idea on how to deal with this situation. I hope you can give us an advice because Im sure you would agree that my father deserves to have the benefit of his hardwork. Thank you in advance and more power!

  258. gud day ma’am and sir ask lang poh aq if i can cntinue my cntribution kht matagal n d nahulugan?gus2 q lang sna i2loy as self employed na..last hulog q kc nagwork p q s jbc way bck 2007 pa..kaso ngaun naman im pregnanant na!pwd poh humingi ng advice kung anu dpat ko gawin.thank u.

  259. Hi, Im SSS member self employed 3000 salary,,my wife recently apply for NWS but was told she cannot bcos my salary to what should be my minimum salary? to qualify her as NWS

  260. Hi Isabelle, yes he can increase immediately to 1560, but he must declare his income using RS5 form and keep this RS5 plus proof of income during that month, in case he will be questioned later on. If without declaration, you can increase his contribution one bracket (because he’s older than 55) at a time, from month to month until he reaches 1560: 624 this Aug, 676 in Sept, 728 in Oct, 780 in Nov and so on

  261. ms. nors, sorry for the typograhical error, my brother in law has been paying his contributions since year 2003. tnx.

  262. hi, Ms. nors, my brother-in-law, is an ofw, 59 years old and paid his sss contributions of 572/month last 2012. Can he increase his contributions to 1,560/mo. this 2013,and onwards till he reach 65 years old. I’m the one paying for him because hi is abroad. tnx.

  263. Hi claire, you can increase your contributions by 2 salary credit levels every month. Or if you like to increase immediately to maximum, you declare your income using the RS5 form and keep that SSS-stamped copy plus proof of your income in case you’ll be questioned in the future. Your mother can try applying for her ID again to check — it has been almost 2 years ago. You can also enroll her in My.SSS so you can see her records.

  264. Good day ma’am! I would like to inquire about the sss contribution bracket. Is it okay to jump to the maximum amount? im paying 416 now and is it possible to jump to its maximum? or do i need to increase the contribution monthly until i reach the maximum amount?
    I also want to inquire if where could i check online the confirmation of cancelled duplicate sss number of my mother? she cancelled it on september 2011 but when she went to sss here in our province last january and june 2013, the staff said no confirmation yet. that’s why she couldn’t get sss id. But she’s able to get a loan so does it mean that the other ss number is cancelled already?
    Thank you for your time!

  265. Hi mary rose, usually contributions are posted within 3 days of paying at Bayad Center because Bayad Center is linked to the SSS e-payment system. Check your RS5 form. Is your SSS no. correct? Are your payments exact payments, based on the SSS table of contributions? If everything is correct, you can write and submit a letter to SSS asking SSS to post your payments (list applicable month, amount, date of payment and SBR no.). Attach a copy of your RS5 form.

  266. gud afternoon mam. nagpaaproved po kasi ako ng mat1 dito s sss rosario branch. ask ko lang if pwede ba na sa ibang branch ko ipasa un mat2?
    or dapat same branch lng kung san pinasa yung mat1?

  267. Hi,

    How long does the it takes for Bayad Center to remit SSS contribution? I usually pay my sss thru bayad center along with my husband’s contribution. But when I check the SSS online system my husbands contribution is updated and mine is not. I paid my contribution and my husbands’s contribution the same date as mine? (It’s been a month since I paid it and it was a 4 months contribution) I had ask bayad center about this and they told me that their system doesn’t make any mistake. Is it true what happen if one of their teller’s got short and they corrected an sss contribution what will happen to my payment now.

  268. Hi cha, have you picked up your RS5/SBR from the bank? Chinabank might have a schedule for remitting to SSS; you can ask Chinabank. Or you can submit to SSS the SSS copy of the RS5 to speed up posting.

  269. Hi samessar, nag-register kaya ang mother mo properly as self-employed? You can visit SSS and verify your mother’s membership, para ma-sure. Kung hindi siya makasama, bring your mother’s ID and authorization letter and your ID. Or kung sure siya na nagregister siya noon at na-approve, puede na siyang mag-start paying using RS5 form. Puedeng any amount from 104 up. If higher than 500, mag-declare ng income sa lower portion of RS5 form. And then the same with you, enroll in My.SSS, so you can check her SSS data, and check if she has a Date of Coverage.

  270. Hi samessar, yes, okay na ang 364 monthly. Merong payment deadline, depende sa last digit ng SSS no. mo, pero para hindi ka na madelay, magbayad ka na lang sa month na binabayaran mo, example, ngayong August, you pay for August. Next Sep, you pay for Sep. Ito yong payment deadline, if you like to check.

  271. yung sa sss ko po ms. nors pano po ang hulugan ko nun? tuwing magiging kailan po ang bayadan ko nun? dun lang po ako sa 364 monthly, yun lang po ang afford ko kasi, thanks po ms. nors..

  272. ms. nors, regarding naman po sa sss ng nanay ko, 62 na po sya ngayon 1990 pa po yung last na hulog nya, gusto nya po na ituloy para magkaron po sya ng pension monthly, 80 pesos daw po yung monthly na hulog nya noon as elf employed, paano nya na po maitutuloy yun ngayon para magkaroon po sya ng pension buwan buwan, tnx po ms. nors..
    big help po kayo.. more power..

  273. gud pm ms. nors,,
    thanks po sa reply.. yes po, naihulog po ng employer ko dati yung sa sss ko. kahit magkano po ba ang ihulog ko monthly contribution ko dun sa table as voluntary?

  274. Hi Ms. Nors, the contribution i paid thru OTC at Chinabank last July 23 was not yet posted. Wala pa rin po nagreflect na 2013 contribution sa SSS online account ko. What should I do? I still cant file my Mat-1 kasi wala ko nagreflect na hulog. Thanks.

  275. Hi Alvin, enroll in My.SSS at so you can track your ML1 payments and other SSS data online. Use 6 digits from one of your latest RS5 receipts to enroll. About Philhealth, there’s no online way yet to check payments. Just pay at Bayad Center and other accredited collectors and keep your receipts. You can also check if you pass by Philhealth desks at Robinsons.

  276. hello..mam nors i have a question a bout my salary loan payment because i just started paying my ml-1 in bayad centers, im just wondering if there is a way to check my ml-1 payments?i mean how would i know if the payments are really been sent to the sss..And i more thing mam is there a link that i could check my philhealth premiums?thanks.again.

  277. Hi samessar, yon bang mga unang hulog mo ay na-remit through your employer? Tinatanong ko para malaman natin kung na-register ka nang tama. Kasi kung na-remit through your employer, that means naregister ka correctly. Kung ganito, madali lang magpatuloy. Magbayad ka lang sa SSS branch or Bayad Center (meron silang RS5 form). Check Voluntary. Choose your contribution from the table above. Puede kang mag-start this August. Pag nakabayad ka na, wait for about 3 days and then enroll in My.SSS sa para makita mo ang SSS records mo online. Sa “Enter SBR no.” choose 6 digits from the RS5 machine print. Pag enrolled ka na, check mo kung meron kang Date of Coverage — kung meron ito, it means properly registered ka.

  278. good afternoon ..
    ask ko lang po sana if pwede ko po ituloy ang hulog ko sa sss. 2006 pa po kasi yung last na hulog ko as contractual and ilang months lang po yun. housewife na lang po ako since then and wala po hulog yung mga nakaraang taon ko hanggang ngayon. pano po ang proseso na nun?
    sana po masagot nyo, thank you po and more power..

  279. Good Afernoon!
    what will i enter in online as receipt no. if the ref.# appear in RS-5 is C27011001890069. and everytime i entered this number the sss online system is not accepting this ref. #. pls. help me..thanks!

  280. Good Afternoon!
    I just wanna ask about SBR number. What will I enter in online as receipt number if the reference number appear in RS-5 is C27011001890069. every time I entered this number the sss online system is not accepting this reference number. it’s always appeared “sbr number not in sss records.
    pls. help me..thanks!

  281. Hi Maria, you continue as Voluntary starting this July to Sep quarter. You can no longer pay for the 2nd quarter and quarters prior. You can choose your contribution amount, but choose a higher one so that your average salary credit will not become low. Pension amount will be based on average salary credit and number of years paid. Every when? Depending on your remittance fee. Can be every quarter. If you have a Bancnet bank account, you can use it to pay your SSS. bancnetonline

  282. Hi. I’ve been employed and have been contributing to SSS for 15 years. I resigned a year ago and residing in US already. That stopped me from contributing for a year now. I want to continue to pay my SSS. Shall I pay for the year I wasn’t able to contribute or shall I just start paying as a voluntary one. How much is the minimum payment and every when shall I remit my contribution?



  283. Hi Alvin, mas correct na Voluntary, kasi ang self-employed dapat merong RS1 form na na-approve by SSS. Ang Voluntary ay dating employed, dating OFW, dating self-employed. Palagay ko kapag i-check mo na ang Voluntary sa RS5, mapapalitan na from OCW to Voluntary ang status mo. Later on, kapag magbayad ka uli as OFW, mapapalitan uli to OFW. Okay lang naman na OCW kasi yon ang status mo noon. Meron lang effect ang status sa payment deadlines, sa SSS Flexi-Fund kasi pang-OFW lang ang FlexiFund, at sa pag-file ng maternity benefit or sickness benefit (status in claim form must be the same as status in SSS database).
    Pero kung later on at hindi ka na talagang mag-OFW at meron ka nang work or business dito, change your status to Voluntary by paying as Voluntary.

  284. Hi!po mam Nors, yes po mam under SE Actual premiums nka post naman po ung binayaran ko..
    Eh. is that mean ok lng po na self employed ang ma check ko next tym?
    Mam about sa COVERAGE STATUS ko po ang nakalagay eh..OVERSEA CONTRACT WORKER..panu po kung hindi na ko umaalis i mean its almost 1 year na po ksi akong bakasyon.wala po kayang problema un?
    Thnx a lot..god bless po..

  285. Hi Ms. Nors. Yung payment for 2nd quarter po ang hinihintay kong mapost. It is the Apr-Jun contribution. Yan po yung binayaran ko sa Chinabank last July 23. That is why Istill cant file my Mat 1. I need to wait for it to be posted on my sss online account

  286. Hi cha, kung posted na ang 2nd quarter at within ito sa 12-month period before your sem of contingency, puede nang mag-file ng MAT1. You can check thru your online SSS account ang maternity eligibility mo. Puede na ring mag-file ng MAT1 online. Print acknowledgment page. I hope you can get your SBR receipt from Chinabank soon. Delayed talaga ang remittance by banks to SSS, merong schedule, baka every month or every 2 weeks. Paying thru Bayad Center is faster because this center is e-linked to SSS. Pero kahit bank, basta paid naman, okay lang kasi by the time na nanganak ka na, na-post na dapat yong Chinabank payment mo.

  287. Hi Alvin, yes, payment of your loan and contributions are separate. Pay your contribution using RS5 form and pay your loan using ML1 form. Next time, check Voluntary. Hindi naman problem, basta make sure na andon sa overall premiums sa online account mo yong mga binayaran mo under self-employed. Sa online account mo ba ay nakapost under self-employed yong mga binayaran mo as self-employed?

  288. Hi mam. My deadline for quarterly payment is july 31. But i have made my payment otc at chinabank last july 23. When i went to the bank to pay, lagpas na ko sa cut off time ng payment. Since dati akong may acount sa bank and i dont think so na lolokohin nila ko sa pera, i left my money with them and allowed na kinabukasan nalang daw dahil nga lagpas na ko sa cutoff, wala akong nakuhang sbr that rime masi di pa naman ako paid, they instructed me to pick up the sbr the next day which i wasnt able to do so coz my ob advised me for a bedrest. Until now, it doesnt reflect on my sss online. Gaano po ba katagal dapat pag bank? When i called the bank last july 29 and asked them if ok na sss ko, they said yes naman and my sbr is with them. Hinahabol ko po kasi para sa mat-1 ko. I need to pay 2nd and 3rd quarter of the year para makuha ko ang 6 months. 2010 pa po last payment ko sa sss bago itong latest. Magrereflect pa po kaya yung ginawa kong payment na 3900 sa chinabank? Thanks

  289. I have another question mam how will I pay my salary loan? Is the payment for contribution and loan separate?
    And Mam what will happen if Ive check the self employed not the voluntary in the RS-5?
    Will that be Problem?

  290. Hi Jeofrey, ang loan condonation program ay ino-offer ng SSS to encourage members to pay their delinquent loans. Babawasan ang total loan penalties. Nag-offer last year up to Sep. I don’t know if SSS will offer this year. Baka next year or the year after next. While you wait, start paying from time to time. Enroll in My.SSS so you can see your loan details. How much contribution did you pay? I hope you choose an exact monthly amount — check table of sss contributions — kasi hindi pino-post ang underpayment or overpayment, hino-hold muna.

  291. Thank you very much mam nor for the very well explained answer.It really solve my confusion.
    Thank you for your time answering our questions..

    I have another question mam how will I pay my salary loan? Is the payment for contribution and loan separate?

    And Mam what will happen if Ive check the self employed not the voluntary in the RS-5?
    Will that be Problem?

  292. Hi Alvin, whenever you pay SSS during your vacation, check Voluntary. Voluntary members are those who are formerly employed. Self-employed are those that started with SSS not through employers. You did right when you filled up the income declaration when you started paying 512. And you did right when you decreased by only 2 brackets. Yes, you can drop to 312. I’m happy you’re reading the rules. I suggest that you keep that RS5 form where you signed the income declaration in case you need it in the future. You can also photograph it and store it in your Google Drive. I’ve read some comments online that SSS are questioning their sudden increases in contributions. But I would say that your record as a seafarer will explain the changes in your contributions. It’s common knowledge that seafaring involves frequent vacations.
    By the way, are you enrolled in My.SSS? About your loan: if your loan check date is July 16, then your first payment would be in Sept (date would depend on your SSS no.) Your amortization amount is on the voucher that comes with the check; I hope even your first payment deadline (dati meron).

  293. Mam nors ano po ba ibigsabihin ng loan condonation? Para saan po ba yun?kasi po ngloan ako ng 11,000 last 2007 tpos po hinde ko binayaran hanggang ngyon? Pero nghuglog na po ako ng RS5 ng 1000 at ngayon lang din po natuloy contribution ko for july to Dec 2014..ako po ay voluntary na..kasi dko alm kung mgkano ang amortization ko.

  294. Mam nors for example july 16 2013 is the loan date or check date when should i pay the monthly Amortization?and how?thank you very much..

  295. Good Morning Mam Nors, My Question Is this I was a Seafarer and our company
    only remits to the SSS when we are on board if we are on vacation we are on our
    own, by december 2012 I’ve declare to the lower part of the RS-5 that my monthly
    earnings are 5000 so that I can payonly 520 instead of the 1560 that our company
    pays for us when we are on board..I pay Until this April 520 even without declaring
    my income..then in may and june I pay only 416 because of lack of the
    I am currently Inactive in our Company because the Last vessel I’ve dis embark with
    has been sold..Now I’m Planning to pay 312 by july..I Like TO ask u mam If Theres A
    problem or Is did I made something wrong??by the way I always check the Self-empl
    oyed box in the form..Pls..give me some advice or is there a violation that I’ve done?
    Thank you very Much..

  296. Hi angela, noon ba ay paid ang 3 of the 12 months before your semester of contingency? If yes, eligible ka noon. Puede pa sanang mag-file, kasi filing period is up to 10 years; ang problem lang is hindi ka naka-file ng MAT1 notification BEFORE delivery, which is one of the requirements. Puede mong tanungin ang nearest SSS branch. Or if you like to take the chance, puede kang mag-file ng claim; be ready ka lang to be disappointed kung hindi ma-approve.

  297. Hi Alvin, usually after the loan check is generated (loan date), it gets delivered to the borrower via registered mail in about 2 weeks. There are also those who have received their checks in just 8 days, so I would assume that you will get your check before your first payment date. Start paying on the 2nd month…on or before your payment deadline based on your SSS no.

  298. Man nors ask lang po ako about salary loan nag apply kc po ako thru online..then I’ve read about the salary loan rules..

    How long will it take the member to pay back the loan?
    The one-month or two-month salary loan shall be payable in 24 monthly installment to start on the 2nd month following the date of the loan, which is due on or before the payment deadline for loans per Circular No. 2011-003.

    i have a question about what it says about deadline of the says that 2nd month of the date of loan..My Question is when will it start when you recieve the loan or even if you do not have the loan?pls help..

  299. ask ko lang po. if member po ako ng sss. last 2006 di ko po nakuha un maternity ko.. di ko po ba puedeng iapply un kahit medyo matagal na.. almost 6yrs na rin ako naka panganak.. salamat po

  300. Hi angela, Employed member ka before, so you can continue as Voluntary. Punta ka lang sa Bayad Center, fill-up RS5 form, and pay. Choose your contribution amount from the table above. On the 3rd day na most likely na-post na ang payment mo, enroll in online SSS, so you can track your SSS data. You will use 6 digits from the transaction no. in your RS5 receipt.

  301. good day po.. gusto po sanang mag voluntary member na lang sa sss ko po.. kaso meron pa po akong balance sa contribution ko before ano po ang ang aking dapat gawin salamat po..

  302. Hi Carol, Settled means your check was generated. I hope you get your check on Monday. I’ve read somewhere that it takes up to 4 days for the check to move from SSS to the post office and then takes maybe 10 to 14 days for the check to navigate the public postal system into your hands. My friend got her first educational loan check in 13 days from check generation date; she got her 2nd check in only 9 days. I hope you get yours next week.

  303. Hi Cristina, it’s great that you have a Date of Coverage; I asked kasi marami nang nag-comment dito, sadly, that they don’t have a Date of Coverage because they didn’t register properly, so they can’t claim their benefits. About 118: Tama nga na sa October na kayo mag-file ng retirement claim so that when the evaluator looks at your record ay 120 na ang nakalagay diyan. If you file this month, your semester of contingency would be Apr to Sep 2013, so your payments for Apr and May won’t be counted…because what they count are only the months BEFORE semester of contingency. When you file in Oct, your semester of contingency will be July to Dec 2013, by then, your payments for Apr and May will be counted. Pero to be sure, ask others too about filing early.

  304. Hi Nors, I filed my maternity claim (Mat2) on May 27, 2013. I checked my maternity status online and the check was settled on July 5, 2013 (not pretty sure if it means that the check was released). Until now i didn’t received my check that suppose to be sent in my home address since i was separated from my company. I’m just curious which courier that SSS were using (e.g. LBC, Air21 or Postoffice) and shall I go straight to the courier to get my mail/check. Many thanks

  305. mam bkit po 118 eh naka 120 naman po akong hulog? mam sa date of coverage po ay nka lagay…
    date of coverage 01-1996
    eto pa po ung sa bandang ibaba.
    pls explain this figures..thank you po..

  306. Earliest Retirement Date 05-07-2008
    Total Number of Posted Contributions 120
    Total Number of Lumped Contributions 0
    Total Number of Deemed Paid Contributions 0
    Total Number of Contributions Prior to Semester of Contingency 118

  307. Hi Cristina, oh sorry I forgot to tell you to type in the date today sa Date of Contingency, check NO sa “Is this an EC Benefit Computation” and then click Submit. You’ll see your earliest retirement date and if you already have 120 or more sa Total Number of Contributions Prior to Semester of Contingency.
    By the way, I saw that you have a Reporting Date, 01-11-1996. Do you also have a Date of Coverage? (after clicking Online Inquiry)

  308. Hi Rheyjhen, suntok sa buwan, pero try typing 6 digits, maybe 256045 or 056045. If not valid, you need to ask someone in the Philippines to pay for your contribution using RS5 form for just one month, just so you can get a SBR no. Tell that someone to check Overseas Worker, and to pay early (halimbawa, pay for July this July, or pay for Aug this July) para hindi na tatanungin ang OFW proof. Pag sa Bayad Center or SSS cashier, the payment will be posted in 2 to 3 days, so enroll on the 3rd or 4th day after payment.

  309. Mam Nors eto po ang cnabi nung click ko ung DDR..

    To inquire computation for Member’s Benefits , Please enter the contingency date

    Date of Contingency : MM-DD-YYYY (e.g. 12-25-1970)
    Is this an E.C. Benefit Computation? Yes No

    Member Details
    Sex: Female
    Reporting Date: 01-11-1996
    Reporting ID: 03-6154427-6
    Latest ER ID: 00-0000000-0
    Latest ER Name:
    Final Claim Data: NO CLAIM :
    SS Number Status: SS NUMBER ACTIVE
    Transferred to (New SS Number):
    Coverage Status: SELF-EMPLOYED
    Self-Employed Status: NO STATUS CHANGE
    Date of Loan Disqualification:
    SS Number Withdrawal Reason:
    Record Location: QUEZON CITY

    Anu pong ibig sabihin nito?

  310. Good evening ate nors. I just want to ask how to register online in sss without sbr no. Because i paid my contribution in banco de oro remittance and ive got rs-5 without sbr and a banco de oro remittance reciept with a reference no. EM020000056045. Please help thanks in advance. im here in macau

  311. Hi cristina, ang processing kasi depende sa kung ayos ba ang records nio or merong mga missing premiums or merong mga underpayments or overpayments. Enrolled ba kayo sa My.SSS? Complete naman yong contributions nio? Yong mga premium payments nio ay eksakto ang amounts, based sa table of contributions at the time you paid those premiums? If you click Eligibility and DDR, what does it say?

  312. Naku marami pong salamat Mam Nors, paki na lang po if ever na may changes sa rule pls kindly post it or email it to me.thank you so much for the help..pero one question pa po if i file my retirement claim for example by October when will the pension starts?

  313. Hi cristina, please click this to see the list of requirements: Documents for claiming SSS retirement benefit Disregard na yong Number 3 kasi 65 na kayo. Based sa rules on semester of retirement, dapat sa late Sept or early October pa kayo puedeng mag-file kasi kaka-120th contribution lang kayo last May 2013. Although ang pension nio ay mag-start dapat from June 2013. So merong maiipon na pension. Meron kasing tinatawag na semester of retirement. Pero ipunin nio na po itong mga requirements habang you wait for Sept or October. Puede ring you visit SSS and ask kung puede na kayong mag-file; may mga nababasa kasi ako online na pinapaantay ang mga claimants ng specific month bago sila payagang mag-file, samantalang noon, ini-encourage nila ang early filing. Will email you po if I see updated info.

  314. Hi Paolo, yes, without going to SSS, you can start paying your contribution as Voluntary at a Bayad Center using an RS5 form. After your Voluntary payment is posted, your coverage status will automatically be changed from Employed to Voluntary.
    But since you said you are not able to enroll at My.SSS because of a possible data error, I think it’s best if you visit the nearest SSS branch to verify your name, SSS no. and contributions to check if there’s something with your personal data that needs to be corrected. Bring your SSS ID or 2 valid IDs.
    Or if you don’t have time yet to go to a SSS branch, you can pay first at Bayad Center, wait for about 3 days for posting, then try enrolling again online, hoping that it was just a glitch the first time.

  315. mam nors patulong nmn po ako ay nka 120 na hulog na nung nkaraang may 2013 at ako po ay 65 na po at marami nang karamdaman..gusto ko lamang ay maka kuha nang pension buwan buwan pra may pang tustos sa aking mga gamot..kailan po ba ako pwedeng mag file nang retirement pension..ako po ay self employed mula pa noong nag simula akong mag byad sa SSS..sana po ay masagot nio po ako agad..marami pong salamat..god bless.

  316. Hello!

    First, I tried to register on SSS’s online facility but was unsuccessful. I kept on receiving a ‘Discrepancy’ error message regarding my name. It didn’t explain whether I was typing it wrong or there’s already a registered member with the same name. If it’s the latter, I don’t recall signing previously.

    Second, my last full time, private employment was back in May 2011. After that, my work were project-based ones where I was not deducted with anything (including SSS contributions) other than the tax as required by law. Now, I want to continue my SSS contributions under the Voluntary category. My questions are: Do I still need to go to an SSS office to have my category/status changed? Or could I just fill out an RS-5 form and pay through any of the SSS-accredited Bayad Centers? If so, How do I check if my voluntary contributions are credited? Thank you so much! 🙂

  317. Hi Jun, yes, you can pay it at Bayad Center or at SSS counter. Use ML1 form. Remember to write your name and address below your SSS number. Do not write your employer SSS number. Keep your receipt. You can renew your loan only after 1 year from date of your old loan kahit fully paid mo na.
    Two requirements for renewal: 50% payment and 50% of 2-year term. Enroll in My.SSS so you can track your loan payment and other data.

  318. HI mam. march ako huling ngbayad sa SS cu,then i employed to diff company..tapus di acu dinideduct dun sa loan cu may balance pa cu na 6k pa ata un.. pede cu ba personally byaran ng buo un..then kung manghihiram acu ulit ilan weeks un pagitan na pde ulit manghiram after mafully paid..? tnx mam

  319. Hi Sam, I wished you took advantage of the loan penalty condonation program last year. I hope there’d be another program this year or next year. Your father’s total loan balance is surely inflated by now…if that 10,800 loan was taken in 1985.
    About pension, he can have it if he has accumulated 120 contributions, and if his loan gets paid before retirement. When he retires and his loan is still unpaid, his pension will be used to pay for his loan month after month until the loan is completely paid. You can pay 1 contribution, so you can enroll in My.SSS, and so you can check his SSS records.

  320. Hi Samantha, hindi ka pa tapos, especially if you’re employed. Sayang naman yong share ng employer mo. Besides, employers are mandated to collect SSS contributions from their employees. If you’re self-employed or voluntary, nasa iyo na ang decision. But beneficial ang magtuloy lalo na if there are chances you might file a maternity claim or sickness claim, educational loan, salary loan. Yong 26 na hulog mo, hindi mawawala yon, that’s counted. One of the 3 formulas used by SSS to compute pension is this: 300 pesos plus 20% of the average monthly salary credit plus 2 per cent of the average monthly salary credit for each year in excess of 10 years. So merong dagdag sa pension kapag more than 10 years ang contributions (2% of average salary credit x no. of years na sobra sa 10)

  321. hello po…my total no.of cobtributions is already does it mean na tpos na po ako mghulog?I started contributing from 1990 til now..what will happen po don sa 26 na hulog ko?tnx po

  322. Good Day po Mam, I would like to ask po regarding to my father’s sss . He had a contribution before , 1975-1985 when he was working in a company, then he had a loan, and after a loan he stopped working in a company and do his own business /labor job. But sadly that time he stop paying his monthly premium from 1985, it means po Na he did not able to pay his loan amount even once. And again 2007 he went to sss Cebu city branch and update his status as a volunteer , but he just payed 2 monthly contribution and again stopped again for some reasons. My question is what happened to the loan amount that he did by this time?, is the loan amount reached a big interest? His loan amount that time is 10,800, he’s concerned, he think interest is that big this time now and he have to pay the loan with big interest . He would like to start paying again his premium this month for his retirement , his 57 years old now . And also, he would like to know if possible po ba Na mapakinabangan Nya pa po ba ung 10 years premium he had before in his retirement time ?. Thanks po.

  323. Good Day
    Asko ko lang po d ako makacontinue sa registration dahil sa SBR na yan. Can you help me please. Ito po yun Ref. sa RS-5 ko. C06029802170022. thank you.

  324. Hi celsoazur, I’m not sure if the SSS offices in Saudi are linked to the SSS online system, so they can verify your SSS no. Puede ring you authorize your family or friend in the Philippines to go to SSS and verify your SSS no. Bring: your authorization letter, copy of your ID, representative’s ID, copy of your birth certificate.

  325. Hi simonette, you can see your combined contributions (Employed and Voluntary) sa “Actual Premiums”. Kung wala ang “Employed” contributions mo, go to the nearest SSS and verify your contributions as Employed. Kung wala talagang na-remit ng employer, print your “Actual Premiums” page, and bring it to your former employer, and ask for a copy of all receipts and collection lists that contain your contributions, so you can go to SSS with your letter of request for posting. Keep copies for yourself, para meron kang kopya, for future uses, just in case.

  326. Hi Rey, I’m happy for you that you’re planning to save through Flexi-Fund. Are you enrolled in My.SSS? So you can see your Coverage Status? Is it already OFW? If you email your OW1 form now, we hope that by August when you start saving into your Flexi-Fund, SSS has already encoded your Flexi-Fund enrollment. In your online SSS account, you can check your Flexi-fund status by clicking Online Inquiry, then Premium Payments and then Flexi-Fund. Any amount of your contribution payment na sosobra sa 1560, pero dapat at least 200 pesos ang sobra, ay make-credit sa Flexi-Fund.

  327. Goodday po..I just want to inquire abt my sss total cobtributions.I was employed before and changed my status to voluntary.but when I checked my total cobtributions,it only sum up my voluntary cobtributions.the employed status is separated from my voluntary..why is like that?why it wasn’t sum up both?that’s went o was thinking bka dI sinali ung employes status ko…
    Thank u very much and I’ll be waiting for ur respond.

  328. hi madam i want to ask how can i start contribute in sss now i work in saudi arabia i have already no. but i lost it how can i get it to start contribute a gain thank you and im waiting for your responds

  329. Good Day Mam, Gusto ko po sana mag apply sa flexi fund ng sss, ang hulog ko po nung mga nakaraang buwan ay 1040, ngayon pong july eh balak ko gawin 1560, para maka qualified ako sa flexifund, tama po ba ang gagawin ko, at kung sakali ilang days ko po ba malalaman kung member na ako, ngayon po akoy nasa ibang bansa, eemail ko lang po ang application ko OW-1. maraming salamat po.

  330. Hi merlinda, kung hindi pa puede sa online, puede kang mag-verify ng contributions sa nearest SSS branch. I-send ko sa iyo yong instructions ng pag-enroll sa online SSS. Make sure na yong gagamitin mo na email address ay active, nagagamit mo at kabisado mo ang password. Ang 6 digit na gagamitin mo ay yong nasa RS5 form (SBR no.). Mamili ka ng last 6 digits or first 6 digits; choose numbers, not letters).

  331. hi ms nor….ask q lng po zna qng paanu q po ma inquire ung hulog q sa sss q guz2 q lng maka sure kc sa bayad center aq nagbabayad voluntary n kc aq pag nag reregister aq sa online registration laging field help po plz thanks again….

  332. Hi Jas, underpayment at overpayment kasi ang 1 reason why contributions are put on hold and not posted. Opinion ko lang: Kung wala ka namang current claim na nakasalalay sa contribution na ito, mas maganda siguro na you write a letter to SSS asking for a refund of the 500 because it’s an underpayment. Write amount, applicable month, date of payment, OR no., your name and address and SSS no. Attach a xerox of your receipt. Matagal ang refund nito, kasi maraming requests sa SSS. Pero at least meron kang inaantay. Then make sure, magbayad ka na ng correct amount ng contributions.

  333. Hi Madam,

    Ask ko lang po ulit yung about sa contrib ko na P500 lng. di pa rin po xa posted online. Is that means na nadisregard na yun ng sss? Thanks po!

  334. Hi Mam Nors.

    Meron po kasi si mama hawak na birth certificate nya from LCR (Name: Florserpida which is MALI din yan) at WALA din po nakalagay na REGISTRY NO..

    Last year po nag request siya ng birth certificate from NSO (we use Florserpida when we request) ang na receive po niya ay NEGATIVE CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH.

    Here are the discrepancies in all her certificates:
    1. BIRTHcert – Florserpida
    2. MARRIAGECert – Flocerpida
    3. BAPTISMALcert – Floserpida

    This is her real name FLOCERFIDA.

    Those certificates are important said the SSS.

    Thanks po.

  335. Hi JaS, yes, all contributions must be posted/added to your mother’s records so they can be included in the computation. About SSS branch, yes, you file your claim at the branch nearest your residence.

  336. Hi JaS, the affidavit is for late registration of birth. Does this mean your mom has no birth certificate? I thought your problem is about her name. If this is the problem, then the affidavit should mention that Name1 and Name2 are one and the same person.

  337. Hi! We are encouraging our household help to get sss for her benefit. However, she does not want. What will be the implications? Is it right to make a waiver since she doesnT want our offer?

  338. I pay P520 every month voluntary and I am not totally aware of benefits. Can you enlighten me? I am paying my premiums because my mother told me that it is important. Thank u.

  339. I am sorry mam for sending you the details of the affidavit my mom has. She requested that Affidavit last Sept 2012. Is this a valid affidavit to attest that she is using the name she has in all her IDs not in her certificates?

    Please advice.

    Thank you.

  340. cont…
    4. That we are executing this Joint Affidavit voluntarily and w/o promise gains nor we are related to the subject child or his / her family so that we have no reason to state the foregoing falsely;

    5. That we are further executing this Joint Affidavit in order to attest to the true circumstance of birth of ________ and for applying for Late Registration.

  341. cont…
    1. That we know personally one, ______ a legitimate/illegitimate child of the spouses ________ and _________ both residents of ________.

    2. That according to our knowledge and recollection, subject child was born on _______ at ________ at ______.

    3. That we have full knowledge of his/her birth, because aside from being neighbors, we are closely acquainted with her family.

  342. Please check the Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons we have.

    We, ______________and _____________ both of legal age, Filipino citizens, single/married/widowed respectively, and with residence and postal address at ___________, ________, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law hereby depose and say:

  343. Thank you mam nors. Maam, we went to SSS Diliman. One of the government employee there said that we have to wait for the clearance and posting of all of my mom’s contribution. I cannot really understand the purpose of this. Would it be ok po if you can explain this to me po? They said after 1 month we have to follow up for the status of the clearance and posting, and if it is already posted, my mother can now apply for retirement. Is it ok if we are not going to wait for the posting? Can we just apply here in the nearest SSS branch?

  344. Hi JaS, I wonder that in the list of requirements for SSS retirement claim, the member’s birth certificate is not listed outright; only the birth certificates of minor children, pero nakalagay sa claim form na kelangan ang support documents, so kelangan ang birth certificate. Basta kapag merong hindi parehong personal info sa mga documents, puedeng magpagawa ng notarized Joint Affidavit by Two Disinterested Persons (not immediate family) para patunayan na yon ay pareho. Joint Affidavit by Two Disinterested Persons to explain the discrepancies in your mother’s name and date in their marriage certificate, and your father’s lack of birth certificate. Will send you email

  345. Hi Jas, your check will be delivered to your home address via registered mail in about 2 weeks. Delivered to company address if employed.

  346. Re: my father. Would you please give us advice what is the first step we should do in filling retirement claim. He doesn’t have birth certificate, there was a discrepancy in the date of marriage in his marriage certificate. This is the only ID my father has Senior Citizens, voters id.

    I have already fill out retirement application form for my father and my mother.

    Please reply. . . 🙂 Thank you for extending your to us.

  347. Hi mam. Good day. would like to check please if you have a flow / steps on how to apply for retirement claim/pension for my parents. Re: my mom sss, her name in sss is the name she is using in all her documents like: sss id, senior citizens id, voters id, postal id. Does she still need her birth certificate when she files for retirement claim? because in her birth certificate, marriage certificate, baptismal certificate is wrong spelling. Do we need to make an affidavit to attest that she is using the name in her ID’s not in her certificate’s. If so, what kind of affidavit we should accomplish? Your help mam, will be very much appreciated. Thank you!

  348. Hi Madam, ask ko lang po, kc nagfile po ako ng loan online.And as of now pagcheck ko sa online ng loan status ko, nakalagay po, check generated na. Sa main office po ung nklagay na branch. sa binigay kong mailing address po ba ipapadala ung check o kelangan ako mismo ang kumuha nung check sa main SSS office? Sana po mareplayan nyo po ako. Thanks a lot!

  349. Hi nely ann, puede kang mag-print ng Affidavit of Income and then pa-notarize mo, find a notary public na 50 to 100 pesos lang. Since aunt mo ang nagbibigay ng pera mo, siya ang source of income mo, puedeng gawin mong personal assistant ang work mo. Or meron ka bang ibang ginagawa like tutoring or e-loading? Will give you a link to an affidavit example later….

  350. san po ako pwdeng kumuha ng affidavit of income para sa requirements ng educ. Loan sa sss..salamat po

  351. hi po ate Nors.
    ask ko lang po regarding sa educational loan sa sss. Naka pag loan na po ako nung una ng educational loan pero may trabaho po kasi ako nun kiya may na ipresent ako na payslip from my emloyer pero ngayon po na nag aaral na ako wala na po akong maipa pakitang proof of income like payslip. Voluntary nalang akong maghuhulog para makapag loan padin ako ang kaso po kaylangan ng affidavit of income san po ba ako nun kukuha at paano po yun wala naman ako trabaho nakatira lang po ako sa tita ko at siya ang mag bibigay sakin ng pamasahe ko araw araw sa school..sana po bigyang kasagutan niyo ang tanong ko..salamat

  352. Hi,

    Yes 500 pesos lang po binayad ko. So yun po ba ang reason kung bakit hindi napost ung contribution ko sa online? And another question po, nagbayad po kc ako ng contrib last May at ang month na binayaran ko is for the month of April. Ok lng po ba yun? Every 20th of the month po kc ang deadline ko. Then kahapon po ang binayaran ko naman eh for the month of May. Pano po yung underpayment ko? Will SSS still post my contribution pa po? Thanks!

  353. Hi Jun, you have the option not to submit the other copy to SSS. Sinabi ng BPI yon kasi it takes time for them to remit to SSS; they follow their own schedules. Pero mapo-post din yon. Bayad Center accepts SSS payments — contributions are posted online on the 2nd or 3rd day because they are linked to the SSS e-payment system.

  354. Hi Mam Nors,
    Dati po ako nagbabayad ng sss voluntary contributions ko quarterly sa SM. Pero itong 2nd quarter of 2013 dina daw sila tumatanggap ng SSS payments. So sa BPI po ako nagbayad. Usually po pag sa SM kinukuha nila 2copies at isa sa akin. Pero sa BPI isa lang copy kinuha nila at 2copies ang ibinigay sa akin na rs-5 with the receipts. Sabi sa bank yung isang copy isubmit ko daw sa SSS. Tama po ba yun? Para kasing mas naging hassle pa. Thanks

  355. Hi arnel, yes, if you were Employed before in the Philippines, and your employer remitted your SSS, after you pay there abroad without submitting an Overseas Worker form, your status will be changed to Voluntary. If you like your payment deadlines to be more flexible and you like to join SSS Flexi-Fund later on, file your OW1 form, either sa SSS desk sa Philippine consulate diyan, or mail to SSS, SSS Building East Avenue, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines

  356. Hi,

    ask ko lng po im currently working here in doha qatar and since 2007 hindi kopa nahuhulugan yung sss ko. may nkapagsabi kc skn na kapag hinulugan ko yung sss ko dito, automatic na sya na magging voluntary. totoo po ba?

  357. Hi Jas, usually delayed ang posting pag nagbayad sa banks kasi merong mga schedules ang banks to remit to government agencies. It’s better to pay at SSS offices, or Bayad Centers or SM Business Centers. Puede ring dahil underpayment or overpayment ka. Did you pay 500? You should have paid 520 or 468

  358. Hi,

    Ask ko lng po kc nagremit ako sa BDO ng contribution ko last May pra sa April contrib ko. I remitted 500 pesos. Pero until now hindi pa po nagrereflect sa sss online contrib ko. Kya di pa rin nagrereflect ung status ko as Voluntary member. Pag nagpunta po ba ako sa SSS offices, makikita na nila sa record nila ung contrib ko kahit di pa napost sa online? Thanks!

  359. Hi Ronnel, yes, once you pay as Voluntary using RS5 form, and once it’s posted, your status automatically changes from Employed to Voluntary. No need to formally file a notice. You can check this in your online account. Okay lang na merong gaps. But try to contribute kasi kelangang active ang member for certain claims like salary loans/educational/sickness etc. Check your online account if you have a Date of Coverage — this is important. Pag wala, call or visit SSS and ask why. Click Online Inquiry.

  360. Good Day!

    Just want to inquire on how will I continue my SSS contribution? I’m a contractual worker right now and no benefits like SSS but I’m an SSS member because my previous employer made the contribution but after i resign i made a voluntary contribution but not on monthly basis there are lapses for almost a year. Do I have to go SSS office to change my record details because i switch to from employed to voluntary or it will automatically change to voluntary because i already paid as voluntary member? Please note that when I check my contribution it is updated from my latest voluntary payment. thanks

  361. Hi Angelo, your Bayad Center payment is posted on the 2nd day or 3rd day. About loan amount, yes, nabawasan ng konti, kasi ang loan amount is the average of your last 12 salary credits (loan amount = 2 x average salary credit kapag 72 or more contributions na).

  362. Hello po. Nag checked po ako online and eligible na daw ako sa loan. Nagpunta ako sa SSS and told me na kailangan ko daw ng pirma ng employer. Since unemployed ako nag change ako ng status from employed to voluntary. Nagbayad po ako same day sa Bayad Center. Ilang days po bago mag reflect sa online acct ko? As of now wala pa din po.
    sa online 1560 contribution ko every month pero nung nag voluntary ako para bayaran yung june 312 lng binayad ko. mababawasan po ba ung amount na pede ko iloan?
    thanks po sa sasagot

  363. Hi ina, here’s how SSS pension is computed. (link to be changed) Yes, you can increase your contribution so that your pension will increase. You can increase by 2 salary brackets at a time; if you want to increase by more than 2 brackets immediately, fill up the Declaration of Earnings portion of the RS5 form.

  364. hi. just want to ask if im qualified for the maternity benifits?i am 2 months pregnant. i had already 26 contributions since i became a member (voluntary member) but i stopped paying since last 2 years. I just started paying again last february 2013. with this info i gave, am i qualified to file for maternity benifits?

    thank you!

  365. Hi. I want to ask how is the monthly pension computed?

    In my case, I have been paying 360 a month for 4 years now. How much would be my monthly pension at age 65. Can I increase my monthly pension?


  366. Hi Faith, your status will be Voluntary…because you’ve been an Employed member before. Are you enrolled in My.SSS? Check if you have a Date of Coverage. After paying your first Voluntary payment using RS5 form, your status will show “From Employed to Voluntary”.

  367. Hi aira908, no, the 120 contributions needed for pension starting at age 60 need not be continuous. They can have gaps. Enroll in My.SSS so you can see your total no. of contributions. The rule is that if a member has less than 120 contributions at age 60, he can decide either to get his lump sum, or to complete the 120 contributions first if only a few years more are needed to qualify for a pension. A member cannot claim both types of retirement, or both lump sum and pension; one can have only one type, either lump sum or pension, depending on number of contributions at retirement age.

  368. Hi! I just resigned from work because I’m giving birth on September. I want to continue my monthly contributions and pay it online. Now, from being employed, I’m confused with my new status, if I would be a SELF-EMPLOYED or VOLUNTARY member. I’m doing some sideline jobs and this is not on a regular basis. Please help me. 🙂

  369. Hi Ms.Nors, good morning! ask ko lang po.. i’ve been a member for 4 years as employee till 2011 then 2012 hindi po ako nkapagbayad ng contribution kasi nag migrate po ako, 2013 my sister paid for my contribution as ofw, sabi po sa office ng sss, i need to pay 10 more years starting 2013 to claim pension upon retirement then the first 4 years that i’ve paid will be claimed as lump sum.. totoo po ba ito.. yung po bang requirement na 120 contributions to claim pension kelangan po ba continuous? thank you po..

  370. Hi Jayrrah, the same as computation for employed. You must have paid at least 36 contributions, and you must have paid SSS for 6 of the past 12 months. Your loan amount is the average of your last 12 salary credits. Divide your last 12 monthly salary credits by 12. When you’ve paid 72 contributions, your loan would be double your average salary credit.

  371. hi po! tanong lang po kung paano po mag compute ng 1st loan pag po voluntary po? maraming salamat po!

  372. Hi Nick, if you mean salary loan, you need to pay half of your loan principal before you can renew your loan. So if you’ve paid only 3 amortizations, you’re not yet qualified to renew your salary loan. About maternity benefit, this is a benefit and it is not a loan. If you’re due is Oct 2013, you are qualified for this benefit even if you have not paid your salary loan… because you’ve paid Jan to Mar 2013 contributions. Pay also April to June — 312 per month para higher ang benefit mo. You can even pay higher so you’ll have a higher benefit, but you need to fill up Declaration of Earnings in the lower portion of the RS5 form. You also need to have proof of income just in case SSS will question the abrupt increase. Or if you have higher contributions from July to Dec 2012, then SSS will consider these contributions. how much is my maternity benefit?

  373. Hi Angeli, the SSS guide says enter 6 digits only. Maybe your payment was not yet posted when you registered. Try again. Try 197786 or 119778. Try registering during non-peak times such as after midnight or very early morning.

  374. Hello,
    I have existing loan of 20k last 2011. I just pay my salary loan & monthly contribution this year (March.2013) i paid Jan-March. 2013.
    But due to unexpected thngs happened, i learned that i was pregnant & my due is Oct. 2013.
    Am i qualified to get a maternity loan? For my sss monthly contribution from P 1.040/per month i only pay 208 x 3mos=P624 & for my loan i pay php 800 x 3month =p 2,400.
    Hope I was qualified to have maternity loan..But base on what i have read i must pay half of my principal loan. I wish you can help me to enlighten my mind…
    Need your reply asap.. My sss # 0x97xxx452x2

  375. Hi Ms. Nors! First, I already went to SSS to change my type of payor last Wednesday (May 29, 2013) to OFW and I already paid it. Upon registering, I’ll be needing a RECEIPT NO./OTC. I saw on my receipt the Pay Ref # which is I think the right number but when I enter it, the machine say’s SBR Number not in SSS records. When I checked online and search for it, others have this 8 digits and 10 digits. I tried re-entering both 6, 8 and 10 digits of my receipt and I’m still getting the same answer! I already tried removing the zeros. When I went to SSS Pampanga, and just asked for a print out of my contribution list, they say I’ll just go online! But until now, I still don’t have it because of this receipt! Please help me! My pay ref #: B01010907070086 Thank you so much!

  376. Hi Jorelym, madaling ibigay ang funeral benefit kasi fixed ang amount na 20k. If documents are complete, you should get 20k within 2 or 3 weeks or more, depende sa current workload ng SSS. Mas matagal yong lump sum kasi they will collate and check data first. Ang lump sum (considered secondary beneficiaries na, if all children are older than 21) ay 36 times the computed monthly pension amount.

  377. mga ilang days kya mkukuha yung burial claim ng mother in law ko,,sa monday pa isend ng hubby ko yung mga papers needed.ano pa po ba ang pwede namin mkukuha sa sss? namatay na rin kc papa ng asawa ko..ngayon sya na ang pinapaprocess ng mga kapatid my idea poba kayo kung mgkano kya yung mkukuha sa death claim pg halimbawa 30yrs na ghuhulog yung mother in law with 13k basic salary with the same company?thanks in advance po..

  378. Hi Aaron, maybe your payment was not yet posted. Try again. Or call SSS during non-peak hours. Or post in the Facebook page of SSS.

  379. Hi, like other members applying for online member registration, i also can’t complete the registration because there is difficulty in filling-up Receipt No./OTC, telling me that SBR No. not in SSS Record. I have exhausted all means as suggested, like entering only 6-digit numbers in the Payment reference No., but to no avail. Please help us make the online member registration member-friendly. Thank you.

  380. Hi Sheila, sorry not yet. You should have at least 36 contributions before you can apply for an SSS loan.

  381. Hello Nors, i’d like to ask if i can have a loan even i only have 9 contributions but not continuous contributions? and how? thank u..

  382. Ganun na nga po Maam Nors? Paano po yun? bagsak ko talaga e sa Voluntary po ba? )Voluntary is different — it is only for those who were previously Employed, OFW or self-employed.) ??? thanks Maam.

  383. Hi pat1213, yes, you’re right, the period in which they will check if you have paid at least 3 months (3 months for eligibility; 6 months for computation) is the 12-month period immediately before your semester of contingency. You’re right too that you will qualify even if you did not pay anything within the semester of contingency.
    What is semester of contingency?

  384. Hi kimmy, I’m not sure if you can be considered as self-employed because you’re Employed. What would be your proof of source of income? If you can get a certificate or payment receipt that shows you’re earning income but not employee salary (such as contractor payment or professional fee), then you can apply as SSS self-employed member. Apply using the RS1 form.

  385. Hi miss nors, itatanong ko lang po kung ok lang na hindi po ako nakahulog sa semester of contingency? pero yung requirement po na 12 months backward starting from the month immediately before the semester of contigency ,naka 6 mos naman po yung hulog ko doon.may makukuha po ba ako kahit po ganun?I believe na ang kinoconsider po nila ay yung 1 year backward. tama po ba yung pagkaintindi ko? Please help. Salamat po.

  386. bale emergency hiree lang po ako, kaya po wala po akong SSS, bale dun na po ako sa Self Employed? confirm ko lang po gets ko na po yung iba. Salamat po Maam Nors 🙂 Godbless po.

  387. Hi kimmy, what do you mean voluntary pero meron kang sueldo? Are you working online, so your employer is abroad? If this is your first time to pay to SSS, you should apply as Self-Employed. Voluntary is different — it is only for those who were previously Employed, OFW or self-employed. To apply as self-employed, bring proof of your source of income, such as Western Union or Xoom receipt plus ID or notarized affidavit of your source of income. You asked how much. It would depend on how much you declare as your monthly and annual earnings. Check the table of contributions, and then decide how much you can pay every month. If you declare 16k as your monthly income or 192,000 as annual income, then you pay 1560 to SSS every month. Adjust your declared earnings if you’re not able to pay 1560 a month.

  388. Hello Maam Nors, Magaaply pa lang po ako bale ang bagsak ko po e Voluntary – 16k monthly sweldo ko ibig po ba sabihin niyo kapag umabot ako ngayon June yun na din po start ko or pwedeng ngayong May makakaabot pa po ako para makapagstart na? 1560 monthly? ito na po yung year na babayadan? around 200php lang po sa akin monthly? (guess lang) tama po ba? thanks po.

  389. Hi Katherine, yes, you got it perfectly. I just have some reservations about April’s payment. If a bank accepts it but SSS will consider it late and post it forward, then your April and May payments become payments for May and June. What I’m sure about is you’re still on time for May’s payment. Thanks again for your appreciation. You write very well, best regards

  390. Thank you for the fast reply!

    You are correct that my salary credit is at the max already. So for June if I pay even the minimum it will still exceed 1560.

    The last digit of my SSS is 4 so my deadline for April already passed. For you suggestion to pay only April and May, I may fill out April and May on my RS-5 and let my employer do the contributions for June. I will just check with some bayad centers and banks if they will accept my payments.

    Did I summarize it correctly?

    Thank you once again! Your site is a big help!

  391. Hi Katherine, for your prospective double payment in June, it will be okay if the total of the 2 contributions does not exceed the maximum monthly contribution, which is 1560. For example, 728 and 780 = 1508 is okay. But I’m guessing your salary credit is high, so I suggest you do not pay for June. For May, you still have time to pay as Voluntary, and even for April, if your last digit is 5 to 9 or 0. Pay at SSS, or PNB or because some Bayad Centers, I’ve heard, do not apply the deadline phrase “of the following month”. I don’t know yet about SM Business Centers if they’re applying the real deadlines. Thanks also for appreciating my post.

  392. Hello! First, good job on this informative page. I hope you can help me with my question.

    This is the situation. I resigned from my work last March 2013 so I decided to pay voluntarily for April and May. Unfortunately I missed the monthly deadline but I found that I can make quarterly payments. I was planning to pay for April – June. But now that I have work, my new company will be making contributions for me starting June.

    There lies the question, I will be making a voluntary contribution for June (just to complete the quarterly payment) and my company will also start making contributions. How will this situation affect my SSS?

    Hope to hear from you! Thanks!

  393. Hi Jovan1013, you are not yet late in paying for the month of May. You can still pay for May. Your deadline is the 15th of the FOLLOWING month. For May, your deadline is April 15. But you can pay for May within this month so you won’t forget.

  394. hello mam ,i wasnt paid my contribution as a voluntary member of my sss yesterday, month of may 15th and my last digit number is 3,but i already paid the month of april 15th,what should i do to pay my late payments for this may 15th mam?is there any answer that my payments can be paid for quarterly for (april, may and june 15th,so that i can coupe up my contribution of my reamaining 2 months (may and june )to pay for quarterly?can u give me some advice for this mam or for the late payments is it havaing a penalty ?.thanks

  395. Hi Lyn, yes, without updating anything on your records, you can jump up by only 2 brackets at a time. But you can jump up immediately by as many brackets as you want by filling up and signing the Declaration of Earnings in the lower portion of the RS5 form; make sure your earnings fall within the bracket or contribution amount you want.
    If you don’t want to fill up the Declaration of Earnings portion, you can increase by 2 brackets from month to month — 520 last month, 624 this May, 728 in June, 832 in July and so on. Source of info that we can increase monthly: page 21 and 22 of the SSS Guidebook 2010 Web Site Edition

  396. Hi, I’m a voluntary SSS member and have been paying PHP520/month. I wanted to increase my contribution. Is it true that I can only jump 2 brackets at a time? If yes, how long should I maintaned the new amount to be able to jump to the next 2 brackets? Thanks in advance.

  397. Hi raex, sorry I missed this question. It’s my first time to encounter this question. I suggest you advise your friend to give in to the deductions. It might hurt your friend’s final earnings, but later on, he will appreciate the deductions. These deductions are important for future uses and benefits. He should consider them as his savings. Why will he refuse the counterpart contributions from his employer? Sayang naman. Additional benefits nga itong mga ito.

  398. Hi Mica, what’s the last digit of your SSS no.? If it is not 1 or 2, you can still pay on or before the 15th (if your last digit is 3 or 4) and later for other last digits. Yes, some Bayad Center tellers do not know the deadlines, or they do not apply the word “month following the applicable month”. Or maybe they got different instructions from SSS or from their bosses. Try to pay at SM Business Center; they might be better there. Or if you have a Bancnet account, you can pay via

  399. Good day Ms. Nors, I just would like to ask if I can still pay yung month wala akong contribution, which is April 2013.

    Here’s what happened:

    I’ve been voluntarily paying my contribution every month since last year because I stopped working.

    Last April 2013, I asked my sister to pay my April 2013 contribution sa Bayad Center. May mga form na kasi ako sa bahay so, she just submitted it to the payment center. I clearly indicated sa form na for April 2013 yun payment. Hindi ko din po kasi nacheck that month yun contribution ko sa sss online, kaya hindi ko agad nakita na walang napost ng april.

    Then yesterday, I asked again my sister to pay for my May 2013 contribution naman. Sabi sa kanya ng tiga Bayad Center, bayad na daw yun contribution ko for May, so hindi na puwede dun iapply, for June nalang daw inapply. So ang pinagawa sa kanya nun tiga bayad center, pinapalitan sa kanya yun form na finill-up ko na, and pinagawang for June 2013 contribution.

    I immediately checked sa sss online pagdating ng sister ko. And dun nga nakita ko, blank yun conribution ko for April 2013, pero may nakapost for May 2013,which is yun dapat yun binayad ko for April (na tama naman kasi chineck ko ulit kanina yun form ko na binyaran nun april, april 2013 yun inindicate ko na month).

    Sorry if this is too long Ms. Nors, ayaw ko sana magka-gap yun contributions ko, but because of the error sa pagpost ng tiga bayad center, nagka-gap tuloy, nawala yun contribution ko for April.

    Puwede ko pa kaya yun bayaran para complete yun contributions ko?

    Thanks po for your time 🙂

  400. Hi arvin, I think your loan application was not yet encoded, so your online account says Null. If it was rejected, it should say “Denied because …..” Check from time to time. About your question regarding resigning with existing SSS loan, the SSS rule is for the employer to deduct all the SSS loan balance from the last salaries of the resigning employee.

  401. mam ask ko lang po nakalagaay po sa loan status ko is null what is the meaming of that po ba? rejected po yung loan ko pero may stub po ko at may tatak na recieved na. 2nd question po paano po if nagresgin ako tapos may loan pa ako utang automaticaaly ba na sa next emplyer ko ma deduct nila yun or need ko pa sila advise thanks.

  402. good day!

    need ko po sana help nyo. newly hired lang po ang friend ko sa isang surveying firm at sa field siya at project-based lang po. AYaw po sana niyang magpakaltas ng sss, philhealth at pag-ibig kasi mababawasan lang ang sahod niya. puwede po ba yun? gagawa na lang ng waiver para hindi rin magkaproblema ang employer nya?

    thank you po.

  403. hi! i am confused how come i am only eligible for a 14k loan when i have already paid, 56 contributions. i am still employed. though as per history, my company has yet remitted my contributions for MARCH and APRIL.
    please see details below of the details as reflected in my sss online account.
    per contributions history:
    (A) Total Number of Contributions Displayed 53
    (B) Total Number of Contributions not Displayed 0
    Total Number of Contributions Posted (A) + (B) 53
    Total Amount of Contributions 80,496.00
    per eligibility:
    Total Number of Posted Contributions 53
    Available Loans
    Salary Loan
    Loanable Month 1
    Average 12 Monthly Salary Credit 14,000.00
    (A) Loanable Amount 14,000.00
    (less) (B) Previous Loan Balances 0.00
    (less) (C) Service Fee (1% of (A) Loanable Amount) 140.00
    Loan Proceeds (A) – (B) – (C) 13,860.00
    now, im wondering how come i can only avail the 14K? when i have contributed more than 36months already with no previous loan availment. i was expecting around 30K…
    hope you can enlighten me po. thanks! =)

  404. hi po.. im currently on my 7th week of pregnancy and is due on dec 2013.. patulong Lang po ko pag.compute ng maternity benefits ko come after my delivery. so far po july -dec 2013 may contributions nmn po ako as i was employed that time but unfortunately d po ko nakapagbayac voluntarily for jan-mar2013 but i plan on paying for april-dec2013.. please enlighten me lng po.. will the amount of contribution affect the amount i will be getting as my maternity benefit? please pm me po..thank so confused lng po talaga..thanx

  405. Hi gina, your friend can continue paying even without her card, as long as she knows her SSS no. Was your friend employed before? If yes, you can just pay at Bayad Center, SSS cashier or SM Business Center using the RS5 form, available at these centers, and check Voluntary. If she forgot her SSS no., she should write an authorization letter including her birth date, place of birth, Philippine address, and names of parents, and include a scan of her ID, so you can inquire at SSS in her behalf. Bring your IDs too. After paying, she can enroll in online SSS to track her records. Enroll in My.SSS

  406. gud pm po,nasa u.s. p ang kumare ko at gusto nya ituloy ang paghuhulog sa sss,kya lng ponawala n ungcard nya?pano po kya gagawin ko?tnx po

  407. Hi Emman, did you apply online? Or did you apply over the counter? I think in this case, Null means None. I think your loan application has not yet reached the database input process. Maybe there are thousands of applications these days. Check again from time to time. I think if your application is rejected, the response should be Denied because…. Hope your loan gets approved asap.

  408. Hi Mam Nors. I just applied for a second salary loan. But when I checked my loan status online, it says “null”? I believe null means void or invalid. I believe that I passed all the requirements and I’m eligible for the loan. Please help.

  409. Hi whena838, yes, you can pay 468 this month, and then 572 in May, then 676 in June and so on. You can increase from 364 by more than 2 salary brackets immediately by filling out the Declaration of Earnings in the lower portion of the RS5 form.

  410. Hi nanette, your loan amount is the average of your last 12 monthly salary credits. You add your last 12 salary credits and then divide by 12. You can loan only a 1-month loan because you don’t have yet 72 contributions. Your loan amount is between 1k and 1500 pesos.

  411. hi, i am paying 364 monthly,gusto ko po pataasin ang aking contribution what is the right amount po.. kc po may nabasa ako na 2 step lng po ang dapat na increase..I am a voluntary member po.

  412. hi good afternoon…im a voluntary member of sss since monthly contribution is 104 and sometimes 156 monthly. I’d like to file for a loan since its my first time to apply. how much will i get for my first loan? thank you…

  413. Hi Marie, yes, you can renew your loan, even now, since you’re past half of the loan term and half of the principal. But as you said, you’ll get only a 1-month loan, and the old loan balance will be deducted from the new loan proceeds. If you have no immediate need of a loan, I suggest you wait for that time you accumulate 72 posted contributions, so you can loan a 2-month loan. If you need money for tuition, you can check this if you’re qualified — SSS Educational Loan

  414. Hi Ms. Nors, I will finish to pay my fist salary loan in Oct 2013. I have a monthly deduction from my employer regarding with this loan. In Oct, I will have a total of 62 months of contribution. Can I apply immediately for a second loan or else shall i need to wait until i will have a 72 months of contribution to get a 2 month salary loan? Many thanks

  415. im haydee gusto ko lang po malaman kung pwede pong mag file ng educational loan ang mister ko at ano po ang mga requirments thank you

  416. Hi Josephine, sorry, you can no longer pay for the past year. The deadline for OFWs and other members in paying for the 4th quarter of 2012 was Jan 2013. For OFWs, they can pay any month or months of the year anytime, pero dapat during the current year. For example, December 2013 na, pede pang bayaran ang Jan 2013 to Dec 2013.

  417. Hi Sheryle, sorry, your father cannot encash your check because it is in your name. He should deposit it in your bank account. If you don’t have a bank account, check if they’re offering Kabayan account opening at CBN London here If it’s not expensive to have a SPA there, then this could also work, but ask your father to ask the bank if they accept SPA and what items should be written on the SPA.

  418. Hi Mam,

    OFW po ako, ask ko lang po kung pwede pa akong magbayad ng Jan-Dec 2012 contribution? Thank you

  419. Hi mam,
    Im an ofw and my father got my loan check. Is he eligible to in cash it on my behalf since im currently out of the country? Thank you

  420. Hi Bettina, wait for your recent loan payments to get posted to your records. Companies usually submit the collection list quarterly, so posting for employees’ contributions and payments get delayed. Some SSS-collecting banks also have schedules in remitting collections to the SSS.

  421. Hi Love, yes, you’re right. Obviously, you’ve been researching well. And apply for an SSS ID if you don’t have yet an SSS ID, so you can show the ID application stub later on together with your other photo IDs, if they ask for your SSS ID.

  422. Hi again Ms. Nors,

    I’m done filing my maternity notification through online. I was able to get a transaction number with status online – accepted. Now, it means that all I have to do is print the acknowledgement page which serves as my MAT1 right? And whenever I’m ready to claim my reimbursement I’ll just submit it together with my MAT2 form and documents. I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing about MAT1 before I give birth. Thank you.

  423. Hi mam,

    I just wanted to find out pano po ba mag-deduct ang SSS?kasi im planning to file for a re-loan since naka-half na po ako nung first loan ko,kaya lang when i logged in to my SSS online,kung ano po ung balance ko nung last month e ganon pa rin po ngayon,dapat po below 7,500 na sya kasi yun po yung lumalabas na balance sa payslip ko pero sa SSS ko po e above 8k pa din.hindi po tuloy ako makapag-reloan.

  424. Hi Jane, sorry, no. You must accumulate at least 120 monthly contributions to have pension at age 60 or older.

  425. hi maam, kasali ba na magpepension yong three years lang na nakapaghulog ng monthly contribution?

  426. Hi Donna, yes, you can, as long as you already have 36 or more monthly contributions. Are you enrolled in My.SSS so you can check your loan eligibility? Ask your new employer if you can apply for an SSS loan through them so your loan check will be delivered faster.

  427. Hi. my last contribution was on Feb 2013. went awol on the same month. I am now with a new employer but my sss is still with my old company. can i still avail of the salary loan?

  428. Hi Lhai, it’s so sad to come to know about your father’s case. Sad to say too that there were others who commented here whose benefits were wiped out by their loans left unpaid for over many years.
    By the way, I’m not an employee of SSS; I’m a blogger that writes about SSS.
    I don’t know what the SSS officers in Marinduque told you, but I think they should have explained to you all your options back in April 2012, when the loan condonation program was still on-going. You said they told you can apply for loan condonation? Even if it’s past Sep 2012, which was the deadline for that condonation program? If it’s okay, then analyze if it’s worth it for you. You will still be required to pay off the loan, with 50% of the penalties removed. You can go back to SSS and ask what happens if you return the 500 pesos, apply for the condonation, so that 50% of the penalties are removed and that your father’s pension will be used to pay off the loan. You said your father contributed for 17 years, so he deserves a pension. But the question is — this option is not okay if your father’s pension is low. For example, if your father’s monthly pension is 1,200; it will take about 20 months to pay off a 24k loan (if the 30k loan is, for example only, reduced to 24k). I’m sorry that SSS does not cancel loans. What I can say is that you write well and you have the ability to rise above present challenges to be able to earn money or continue earning money and help your father. best regards

  429. Hi Nors, my Dad is 60 years old and he’s only a farmer. I believe that he have had 17 years of contribution in SSS. In his time (1980’s) he borrowed a calamity loan and salary loan in SSS but he failed to pay it due to financial crisis until he need to apply for a pension as a senior citizen. We knew about the late loan interest. We went to SSS branch in Marinduque (april 2012) and some of your colleague in helpdesk informed my dad that he can apply for a condonation program which is he don’t need to pay the interest but he need to pay the exact amount of the loan. Your colleague advised my dad that they will deduct the loan in his lump sum. We agreed with the process but it’s so disappointing because my dad received his lump sum (500 php) and they took the loan and the interest as well. My dad supposed to receive a lump sum for the amount of 30 thousand Php to support his medicine,food,daily needs or to establish a small business but unfortunately, because of the big interest we lost everything. We went again to sss and they advised to apply again for a condonation program to reimburse the interest. I’m hopeless regarding with this. This is actually my dad’s compensation for his 17 years of hard work. Hope sir/ma’am you can advise me about this. Many thanks

  430. Hi norris. Yes only the ss number was wrong. but the names and addresses of all rs5 forms were under my name. She gave me all rs5 forms from 2010 until this year only. She missed all rs5 forms of my 2009 contributions.

  431. Hi Tons, yes, you can continue to pay the maximum as a voluntary member.
    If the time comes that you like to reduce it, reduce it by 2 brackets at a time, or declare your earnings so you can reduce it abruptly.

  432. Hi!I just want to ask if i can pay also P1,560 monthly contribution as Voluntary SSS member starting this March 2013, same amount when i was Employed member last Feb 2013?
    Thank you!

  433. Hello moderator, my wife got pregnant last Sept 2012. She already applied for SSS maternity benefits. She leave her company last Nov 2012 and I believe that she had have 32 months of contribution in SSS. We’re just curious if it is possible that to make a payment for the months that she failed to pay (Dec-Present) so that we can attain the 36 months contribution (minimum req for salary loan) and apply for Salary loan as a non working spouse. many thanks

  434. Hi Elson, was it only the SSS no. that was wrong? Did she write your name and address in all the RS5 forms? Can she give you these RS5 forms for all the 4 years that she paid? Did she sign the RS5 forms in her name? I need to know the answers before I can write a sample letter.

  435. My cousin is the one who is paying for my SSS contribution as a self-employed. since 2009 but suddenly when i verified my contributions just this year 2013 I have no contributions at all. Until i Found out that the SSS number was different. the SS number that she remitting for my SSS contribution for 4 years was her number. I would like to request for transfer contribution to my correct SSS number? Please give me a sample Letter of transfer contribution. Please help me.

  436. Hi Love, yes, you can file your maternity claim within 10 years, but you need to have your maternity notification submitted and stamped BEFORE giving birth. This SSS-stamped MAT1 is one of the documents required when filing the claim. Or you can file your maternity notification through your online SSS account. Print the acknowledgment page. If you haven’t enrolled online yet, These are the steps You can file your claim through your representative, using your authorization letter, or your SPA, with copies of your IDs. I’ll give the link to the required documents later. After your claim is processed for about 6 to 8 weeks, the check will be delivered to the Philippine address you wrote in the claim, so you need to have a bank account here where your family can deposit the check. God bless too.
    Here’s the list: Documents required for maternity claim

  437. Hi Ms Nors, I’d like to inquire on how can I avail for my maternity benefit. I’m living abroad,currently 4 months pregnant and due date is September this year. How can I file or claim it while I’m here. I am eligible and also tried to calculate the possible amount that I could avail. I’ve read somewhere that you can claim it up to 10 years upon giving birth. The details are vague and I need some clarifications and help. Thank you in advance for your reply. Godbless..

  438. Hi Odette, your employer will deduct your contribution from your monthly salary, and then will remit your payment together with the employer share to SSS. Once these payments are posted by SSS, your member status will be automatically changed to Employed. Later on, you can enroll in My.SSS so you can track your records: How to enroll in online SSS

  439. Good day po! Tanong ko lang po ang dapat gawin kasi yung contribution ko dati ay for non working spouse then hindi ko na po nahulugan. Ngayon po, kailangan ko po dahil may possible work po ako at requirement yung SSS. Inibigay ko po ba sa employer ko ang SSS number ko at paano po yung magiging contribution since maeemploy po ako? Salamat po.


  440. Hi Ma’am thank you for your response, incase my status didn’t changed to OFW do they accept filled OW1 thru email? I’ll just scan my filled OW1 form.

  441. Hi levi, it should take only 3 to 5 business days. There could be an overload of payments to be posted because of the Holy Week, so it might take more days this time. If your father checked Overseas Worker in the RS form, your status might be automatically changed to OFW. But if the system does not change the status, you might need to send a filled-out OW1 to SSS by postal mail — OFW Form

  442. hi im an ofw here in saudi, my father paid my sss contribution for the 1st quarter of 2103 last march 26, 2013 at SM business center. I checked my online account for SSS and up until now my contribution still not yet posted. How long will it takes to be posted? Is my status automatically changed to OFW as soon as they recieved my contribution?

  443. Hi leslie, yes, as long as his SSS membership is valid, meaning before he became voluntary, he was previously an employed member, or OFW or self-employed.

  444. Hi leslie, did your father receive the loan? Was he able to pay his loan in full? If there’s a loan balance, he should pay it, because his loan balance will be deducted from his pension or lump sum when he retires. If that loan was in 1978, that’s about 35 years ago, the interests would have grown so big — your father should go to SSS and inquire. Or you can inquire in his behalf; bring his ID, your IDs and an authorization letter.

  445. pag naka 120 contribution na pag dating ng 60 yrs old, voluntary member pwede na bang mag applyng pension?

  446. nagloan yung father ko sa sss nung 1978 pero biglang nagclosed yung company pinagtatrabahuhan nya. what happened to his loan? until now existing pa rin ba yung loan nya sa sss or automatic paid na yun dahil nagclose yung company?

  447. Hi leslie, yes, as long as your father has 120 contributions before his semester of retirement, he can get his pension. But his first monthly pensions will be used to pay his loan, and only after the loan is paid in full that he will start to receive his monthly pension. The 13th-month pension in December is not used for loan payment, so he will get this. I hope you have enrolled your father in online SSS, so you can track his records.

  448. Thanks for a quick response. Actually i notice that the SSS number listed on my payslip is the same to my PhilHealth number. Thanks again for your advise, I’ll keep you posted once the issue is resolve.

  449. gud day ask ko lang yung father ko meron pa sa di bayad na loan, nagclose yung company na pinagtrabahuhan nya nung inaplay nya yung loan na un.malapit na sya mag 120 contribution and he’s already 59 yrs old. makakapag pension ba sya kahit meron pang existing unpaid loan?

  450. Hi christian, it is not you who can correct the error; it should be your previous employer, because they’re the ones who remitted the payments. They’re the ones who have the receipt and the collection list. I suggest you print a copy of your online SSS contributions record (“Contributions — Actual Premiums”), showing that you don’t have contributions posted during the years you worked with your previous employer, and then go to this employer, and ask them to correct the error. Write 2 copies of your request and have them sign your copy, to prove that they have received your request and so that they will do their best to correct the error. Do you still have copies of some of your paylips? Check your SSS no. there if it’s correct — to show your previous employer that you gave your SSS no. correctly. Hope you can share later on how your problem was finally solved.

  451. Hi gud afternoon. I think my previous employer mistakenly remitted my sss contribution in a wrong sss number (i think they used my philhealth#). i worked there for 2 years and a month. How can i transfer all my contributions to the correct sss number? Thanks in advance.

  452. Hi Ching, I’m not sure because your certificate program is only for 1 year. The loan rules specify a degree course or a vocational/technical course of at least 2 years. Look at the application form, and see how you can fill it out, knowing that it will take you only 1 year: I suggest you go to SSS and ask. If okay, you can apply at the start of the sem using assessment of fees; loan approval to check delivery takes about 3 weeks to a month.

  453. Hi po..graduate na po ako ng 4-Year course pero gusto ko pong kumuha ng adtl units for education through a certification program in USeP (Obrero,Dvo City). The program actually is good for a year only. Can I avail the educational loan assistance po ng sss? If so pano po un? Shud I apply before the sem starts? Or pg papatapos n ang sem? Kasi nbsa q sa req na kelangan ng billing from the school..And gaano po ba ito katagal iprocess? Salamat po in advance.

  454. Hi SSS,
    I would like to know the status of my ID application because it’s already 8 months now from the date of application and it is not yet delivered to the assigned address.
    Thank you for your assistance.

  455. Hi Rowena, is your husband already a paying member before? If already a paying member, yes, you can pay for him using RS5 form. And then ask him to enroll in online SSS so he can track his SSS. If not yet, he needs to register first by applying at the SSS desk of the Philippine consulate where he is. Or he can download and print the OW1 form, fill it and then send to SSS QC (address on the form) and wait for SSS email (may take time).

  456. Hi Lene, yes, you can, specially if you’re abroad and you want to save on the remittance fees. But if you’re here in the Philippines, I think 6 months in advance is the better one. The only major concern about advance payments is possible increase in premiums.
    You’re self-employed — just want to ask if you registered as self-employed and your application was approved.

  457. Hi maam. 5 taon na po nasa abroad ang asawa ko, gusto niya pong maghulog hindi niya lang po maasikaso. Gusto niya po ako ang magbayad, pwede po ba iyon?

  458. Hi dexter, sorry, you can no longer pay for 2009. You mean you want the 2-month loan? yes, you need 2 more contributions, and pay them earlier so they get posted early… so that by May, they’re already posted.

  459. ms nors, is it possible for me to pay my 2009 contribution for the month of oct, nov, dec. i was unemployed that time. my total contribution as of now is 70. i want to apply for the 2nd loan. and i can’t wait for the month of may to file for 2nd loan. thank you,more powers.

  460. helo po, last 2005 i paid 5 months contributions sa sss as employed, then 2009 i paid 3 months as a volunter member, then this year 2013 i paid 6 months from jan-june, question is, can i still avail the maternity benefits? due date ko will be july 2013. thanks.!

  461. Hi Ester, I’m not sure now if one’s condition after myoma surgery or after gall bladder surgery can still qualify as disability. I know someone some years ago who underwent hysterectomy and was able to get a partial disability pension for 18 months. You and your cousin can try filing. Or call SSS 24-hour Mon to Fri hotline 920-6446 to 55

  462. Hi! I will undergo the removal of my ovary due to myoma. Is there any benefit that i can get since I have paid 18 years of contribution but my last payment was way back Oct 2005 pa. I am 47 year old only. And also my cousin got operated in gall bladder but her contribution was 2008 for 12 years. Same question is there any benefits that we are entitled of? Thanks

  463. hello po!,di ko sinasadya na na doble po ung hulog ko sa buwan nato anu pong mangyayari?,and gusto ko po sana n taasan ung hulog ko as self employed pati n rin ung sa father ko n voluntary po sya ngaun tapos po gusto nya po mag-transfer as OFW nasa saudi po sya ngaun, meron po bng requirements n kelangan?,

  464. Hi vina, you can find it in your RS5 receipt. If you don’t have an RS5 receipt, try entering 6 zeros. If the system does not accept, ask your family in the Phil to pay your next contribution using RS5 form, so they can give you the SBR no. They can pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center

  465. Hi angee, I think I’ve just answered a similar question in another post. Sorry you can no longer pay for 2012. Last January, puede pa sanang bayaran ang Oct to Dec. But it’s already March, hindi na puede. Kung the same year sana, puede pa, kasi for OFWs, they can pay any month of the year during the current year. You can ask others too. Yes, you can qualify for maternity benefit; submit your MAT1 BEFORE delivery. take care

  466. Hi Ms Nors, I am an OFW and 5 months pregnant po, due ko po sa JULY 19, may contribution po ako sa SSS whole 2013, 520 per month, makakaavail po ba ako ng mat benefits? and pede ko pa ba hulugan ung oct to dec 2012 ko khit nauna ko na bayaran ang 2013 ng mas malaki para un ang i-include nila sa 6 months computation? para mas malaki makuha ko?

  467. Hi jeason, yes, you can apply for an SSS ID after your first payment has been posted. Yes, you can apply for a salary loan as self-employed after you have paid 36 contributions. This is how to apply as self-employed: Before you get an affidavit of source of income, go first to your SSS branch and ask if affidavit of source of income and barangay certification are enough for registering as self-employed. Hope you can register. If you’re successful, I hope you can comment again and share about what you did…so you can help others.

  468. Hi Mae, your mother needs 120 paid months to be eligible for pension. Your mother lacks 80 months. That’s almost 7 years more. Sad to say, you cannot pay for the past years. If you like, you can continue to pay her premium until she’s 67. Or she can choose to get her lump sum (total premiums plus interest). God bless din.

  469. pwde rin ba mag loan ang isang self-employed sir/ mkakakuha rin ba ng SSS ID kahit self-employed ka basta monthly ka nagbabayad..please sana may somagot

  470. sir panO kung may SSS number kana tapos gusto mo tranfers by sef-employed pwde ba yun kasi mali binigay skin na form E-1 binigay..kasi wla po aqo work nagtitinda lang ako ng saging at fishball sa gabi…ndi pa naman aqo nagbayad..kya nag search ako kung panu mag bayad by self-employed..sana may sumagot

  471. Good day po.. Tanung ko lang po kng anung pwede naming gawin kasi po 59 going 60 this may na ang nanay ko 40 mos lang po ang contribution nya sa sss.. Pwede po ba naming bayaran yung kulang nun pra po maka kuha sya ng pension.. Anu po kya ang pwede naming gawin, tnx and godbless po…

  472. Hi Dhee, yes, there’s a table for SSS contribution. I’m surprised by that figure, 15%! That’s about 1/6 of your salary! They need to use the SSS table. If they prefer to use %, the correct % for employee share is 3.33% of monthly salary credit, and there’s a maximum — 15k. 3.33% of 15k = 500 pesos. Employer share is 7.07%. 7.07% of 15k is 1060. Employers also pay EC, which is 30 pesos for 15k.

  473. Hi janine, before remitting, you must first register as OFW. This is important, so you will get a Date of Coverage. With your IDs and E1, you can visit the SSS desk at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office, Villa 152 Blk 6, Nouman Bin Basher St. cor Damascus Rd. Faiha, Phone: (+965) 6589-8699 email:, and register. You can also download this form, print it and send it to SSS QC (look for address in the form) and wait for an email from SSS (may take a long time). To pay your contributions, look for IRemit, Ventaja or Skyfreight or BDO Remit partners that accept SSS payments.

  474. Good day po… Tanong ko lang po ung SSS contribution as I signed a contract on a company base here in makati and I was informed that they will deduct 15% on my salary for my contribution. My salary will be in USD and I’m under the impression that there is a table for maximum contribution. Please enlighten me regarding the correct calculation. Thanks!

  475. helow po,my sss#na po ako,, lng po ang hawak ko hndi pa po ako nka pg remit..gsto ko po sanang mka pg an OFW..panu po ba yun?anu po ba ang dapat kong gawin?san po ako pwedeng mka pg remit?..tanx po..godbless..

  476. Hi dexter, the advice given to you is viable. And yes, once you pay as voluntary (RS5 form; check Voluntary), your status will become voluntary, and if you do this, apply for the loan as voluntary. You’ll get the check thru registered mail.
    If you wait and loan thru your new employer, you’ll get the check thru your HR, and usually faster. Make sure that if you pay as voluntary, your voluntary payment plus your total payment under your new employer for the month of April will not exceed 1560.

  477. Ms Nors, Last day ko na po sa work sa March 26 2013, gusto ko rin sana mag avail ng 2nd loan, pero sa april pa yung pang 72 contribution ko. paano po ba ang gagawin ko. kasi ang sabi sa akin, bayaran ko na lang daw yung pang april na contribution sa 1st week ng april. tapos mag loan ako ng 2nd week. pwede po ba yun? ang magiging status ko na, voluntary. pero by 2nd week of april, may bago na din ako work.

  478. Hi carissa, for SSS, shifting from Employed to Voluntary is easier than with Pag-ibig. For SSS, just pay using RS5 form; check Voluntary. After posting, your status will be changed from Employed to Voluntary. You enroll in online SSS so you can check your records and check your loan eligibility: Yes, you can pay your balance in full as voluntary using ML1 form. Write your name, your SSS no. and address on the form. LEAVE BLANK employer ID no. For SSS, both you and your husband must have paid at least 6 of the past 12 months before you can loan. For Pag-ibig, you need to go to your Pag-ibig branch, and apply to become Voluntary. Bring IDs, certificate of separation (in case they ask) and Pag-ibig MID. How to get your Pag-ibig MID:

  479. Hi Cheng, yes, it’s allowed. But I suggest you pay in advance 2 quarters only. This is to avoid underpayment in case SSS increases the premiums. Just put your extra money into your savings.

  480. Hi Joan, where’s the wife of the deceased? I don’t think authorization letter is enough. If SSS allows this waiver of right to claim, it would be a notarized document with words like “I, __, legal age, residing…husband of deceased ___, waive my right to claim all the SSS benefits of my husband __ in favor of the parents of my husband, namely ___ … because….” But I’m not sure if SSS allows this. You need to go to SSS and ask first before they spend for the documents.
    About the funeral benefit: The parents can claim the funeral benefits, even without the signature of the wife, as long as the funeral receipts are in their names.

  481. Hi,
    I have some questions regarding SSS and Pagibig.I resigned last September 2012 from my previous company.

    1. How can I change my status as voluntary member because I don’t have plans of working and continue my online business.
    2. Can I pay my loan balance in full so I can apply for a renewal once I change my status as as voluntary member? I don’t have contributions for SSS (6 months) and Pagibig (1 year).
    3. My husband didn’t work for almost 4 years but he said that he only lacks 3 months for SSS and 2 months for Pagibig contributions when he was working so he can apply for a loan.What does he need to do as voluntary member and can he pay the remaining months so he can avail the loan?

    Thank you very much!!! I’ll be expecting your response. God bless !!!

  482. Hi, good afternoon ! I just want to know if it is allowed to pay for RS-5 for the whole year. I am paying Php936 per quarter.

  483. Good day po. Inquire ko lang po if may form po kayo ng authorization letter para ma claim ng magulang ung lum sum ng namatay ng anak na isa-sign ng asawa. If meron sang site po pede madownload. Thanks

  484. Hi faye, yes, you should pay only what you can afford to pay. Choose between 104, 156 or 208 a month. That would be 312, 468 or 624 per quarter. Were you an employed member before? Or did you register as self-employed before?

  485. Hi SSS,

    I would like to know the status of my ID application because it’s already 17 months now from the date of application and it is not yet delivered to the assigned address.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  486. Ma’am good day!
    Just want to ask Pwede po ba n magbayad ng amount na kaya lng namin bayaran? Kasi medyo mahal po ung contribution 1560 a month po
    Medyo mabigat kasi ang babayaran voluntary member kasi ako.for example I’ll just pay 500 quarterly?

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